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agree "@ryanchittum: the FT’s @Edgecliffe on the rise of corporate news: http://t.co/QhKrFmUCgE highly recommended
There are only so many kinds of black people, according to some people: http://t.co/lbmF2ArG7T@mathewi @DelRey @pkafka it's multimedia manInside Alibaba's Lavish IPO After-Party -- Video! Audio! Photos! Shrimp! http://t.co/EcdZK2FBsP via @DelRey
So @kenli729 took last two days off, right before Alibaba IPO and iPhone sale. Also oracle CEO stepping down. #finewithoutthebossYou Can Buy Shares of Alibaba Now http://t.co/MIoyFSchiO via @DelReyAt $88/share $BABA would be worth about $217 billion, bigger than $FB $AMZN $EBAY $YHOO, still smaller than $GOOG $AAPLMy $88.88 bet on the Alibaba share price is looking better and better
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The End of Ellison’s Epic Run as Oracle’s CEO / by @ahess247 / http://t.co/yajaPSLbar
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere’s Why Larry Ellison Was One of Silicon Valley’s Best Interviews (Video) / by @pkafka / http://t.co/WicaBSnHOg
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLarry Ellison will step down as CEO of Oracle http://t.co/mCZ3R9FChh via @ahess247Just in time for new TV season, Fb wants to show you more newsy posts...when they're newsy: http://t.co/Ix0FHRwjbothat spidey sense reporters sometimes get, I'm getting it. $twxCongrats to @sbg1. Now top Editor of @politico. http://t.co/5c9Y4IE213 http://t.co/0chaPvsJru
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@JBFlint @pkafka @peterlauria3 @BuzzFeedBiz alright Dennis quaid, done@pkafka @peterlauria3 @JBFlint @BuzzFeedBiz (getting very very insidery now, cont at you're own risk)@peterlauria3 @JBFlint @BuzzFeedBiz that's more like it@JBFlint @peterlauria3 more guys, please@fmanjoo because what we're really waiting for is when Apple votes for independence, because obvi.Sergey Brin has Google X, and it looks like Larry Page wants his own r&d lab, call it Google Y: https://t.co/GnGFjtur1D@BW Could you have found a sillier font? It's not like he's opening a diner.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@JohnPaczkowski @BW Cook likes long walks on the beach and likes to curl up with a good romance novel and a glass of chardonnay...
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here: http://t.co/nROXExcQf7Will the iPhone 6 Plus fit in *your* pocket? Check out our full reviews on Re/code! https://t.co/iPDpQ9RYre
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe iPhone 6 is, "the best smartphone on the market." --@WaltMossberg http://t.co/F5KKGMAu1cnot going to call this a reporter's vindication, but... http://t.co/y3ncUSfPw9 nice one....again, @Renee_DudleyGawker is "a guardian of independent media" says @nicknotned. Also, his sites sometimes post penis pics: http://t.co/XNzqgmBJGV via @pkafka"Can you imagine @hamiltonnolan putting up with that shit?"--@nicknotned http://t.co/33GojL6j9Q@SFNick @markmilian accurate@markmilian @SFNick also, has to ditch that cheery disposition@ericaCNNpr hey! thanks. just DMd you>@samgrobart used Alibaba to make 280 pairs of brightly colored pants (WATCH) http://t.co/VJjmGGHyHO (may actually not be enough)
Higgs' first paper theorizing the 'god particle,' was rejected: http://t.co/RQEgNVH3HYThe guy who will help Alibaba invest some of the $20B from Friday's IPO is a former Malone exec: http://t.co/BXaK4O6PIV (email within)Here's how you write a $2.5 billion press release, by @pkafka http://t.co/R3jetueJ0YNote to all startups, when someone buys you, PR it like this: https://t.co/vUKkvOrRmh
No guarantee Amazon-Hachette dispute won't hit other pubs, but story fails to note Random House (largest) is immune: http://t.co/vswdJ7goagThe Beastie Boys chasing Madonna on stage with squirt guns in 1985. This is a tremendous photo. (Image: Ron Galella) http://t.co/mRrYxT5dPA
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMott above Grand passed two pourover joints and a bike shop. Hipsters have invaded Chinatown folks.Suspect @rupertmurdoch torn on #ScotlandDecides. He knows 'No' makes better sense but heart strings probably pulling 'Yes'Also thanks to Des Barr of Sinclair Barr newsagents in Paisley for welcoming @rupertmurdoch this morning #scotland http://t.co/4W0w4AP2iC
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Apple's take from Apple Pay is 15 cents of a $100 purchase, according to @FT sources - a better deal than Google got http://t.co/DPD2AdF8ID
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJust realized my 9-yr-old's teachers for the last few years (and this year) are Millennials.
Once a year, Twitter should give us all the chance to delete someone else's tweet.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey media geeks, you can now grok @JillAbramson's entire #codemedia interview: (VIDEO) http://t.co/z656r8U5Ny via @pkafka
Oculus, Twitch, Minecraft sold (or will be) for billions. @heyheyesj breaks down who could be next: http://t.co/DIuWZVNOinSo, it looks like I work for the establishment: http://t.co/uqQpW5tU30 via @VanityFairApple Watch Battery Life -- "Charge Nightly" http://t.co/fjHR4ekBvv #codered http://t.co/GzQ1jjKsoO
Retweeted by Edmund LeeViacom finally closes deal with Sony for its still theoretical over the top TV service: http://t.co/O3XaZyzHPbTech industry uses Apple unveiling to bury its ugly news http://t.co/qo1xDJqAPK
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhy Apple will soon be collecting fees from big banks http://t.co/Ql34Oz1nrB via @EDexheimer @BloombergNews
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCongrats @nickrizzo: “Williamsburg upstart takes district leader race by storm” http://t.co/Yo1kM4BIdO
Retweeted by Edmund LeePage 3 again. Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes? Your opinions please.
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@robenfarzad @keachhagey @hblodget @MichaelWolffNYC don't think TIME could've have gotten even if wanted it. Also profit level unclearWith 90% in: Nick Rizzo 1708, Michael Brienza 849. #Booyakasha
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGame On! Why Microsoft's $2.5 Billion Minecraft Deal Could Be a Steal http://t.co/MZCEhIz4Xw via @heyheyesj>@LaurenGoode: "...my head did not explode when I first put it on. I know you are all relieved to read this." Yes. http://t.co/RS6xorVTvYMy wife (fashion buyer many years) on new Apple Watch: "It's uggo."The biggest tech news of the day: Microsoft is buying Minecraft for $2 billion. http://t.co/IQ2OAkjRcM HT @EvelynRusli
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhat We Still Don’t Know About the Apple Watch and Apple Pay / by @edmundlee / http://t.co/G5FXO6aGEz
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTalking to @NPR's @hereandnow about the expectations for today's Apple event: http://t.co/IwENpt6qyNeast coast HQ @Recode ready for Apple http://t.co/lLSiM50KzJ
So did everyone get their Apple walkups/curtain raisers up? How's your liveblog prep? That post-event redeall templated? #commonsaintdeadyetWhat's in the box? A quick clip of the mysterious white box at the location of tomorrow's Apple event https://t.co/UyQPXzhZMw
Retweeted by Edmund LeeReddit raising big funding round with help from @ycombinator contacts http://t.co/aC112Eh3Ep by @karaswisher @pkafka http://t.co/ldXOKhOoar
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https://t.co/qgJLFMMdVp... After 15 years at the WSJ, I'm heading for a new adventure
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWay to bury it @nytimes...WSJ's longtime media editor @mvpeers heads to @theinformation, congrats: http://t.co/zhgGlJFzLX(like I said, I'm no longer the media reporter at Bloomberg News) http://t.co/6gBoD7Xaua@BuzzFeedBen but concept of the bundle isn't derived from the newsroom. It's an effect, not an intent. Oped has no relation to newsgathering@BuzzFeedBen that said, you raise honest and fair questions about the implied conceits of newspapers, which, yes, presumes authority@BuzzFeedBen oped page is separate from news (which readers often fail to understand and not their fault) and never part of the "bundle"Telling readers "how to think" was never the conceit of news. But blogs, certainly, have excelled there @BuzzFeedBen: http://t.co/wlDgEIXS2T"@BuzzFeed is to journalism what Geraldo is to Walter Cronkite. It sucks. It is built on meanest of reader instincts" http://t.co/Btoz5BPx5r
Retweeted by Edmund Lee...to show at high noon in the dead center of the tents, sponsored by a cellphone and a bottled water." http://t.co/SmrlsRODTG
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At #EIJ14 Brian Stelter explains why he has an itch that ointment cannot fix. https://t.co/Fyw1OvdSZF
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@felixsalmon @m_delamerced league table, seriously
Hey Jeff Bezos, eat your heart out: http://t.co/54djFpVAthGuys, pitching stories is for the olds. Digital journalists *elevator pitch* that shit https://t.co/CzwhEvz2O6
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@m_delamerced @LesliePicker geeksDish Said to Discuss T-Mobile Deal With Deutsche Telekom http://t.co/iH5sfsrIom ...nice @sherman4949Friday scoop from @DelRey: Apple's mobile payments network expected to include CVS and Walgreens http://t.co/X4fAs5hMaU"I can't do the reporting for my reporters, which means I have to trust them. And I hate trusting anybody. Run that baby."Apple is preparing to unveil the iPhone 6 next week. Meet the crucial team of engineers tasked with detecting bugs: http://t.co/jnjE0I4NQT
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@moorehn just a guess but thanks@moorehn New Yorker>@karaswisher introducing #codemedia: "We're excited to have @MikeIsaac from old media here."
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@Recode #codemedia group selfie http://t.co/MATOXsPEx8
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGlad handing media reporters at @recode #codemedia @peterlauria3 @learmonth @davidfolkenflik also hiya @JillAbramsonWhite House names Google's Megan Smith as U.S. CTO...a job that traditionally has come w/limited power: http://t.co/uips7vfshl via @jtemple30 Rock more confusing than Bloomberg Tower. Still can't find my office.@joshsternberg great school, enjoy the time beforeFirst day of school ps321. anxious and shiny, like always http://t.co/VeyUjeEmwpReading @edmundlee ahead of @jillabramson interview I'm doing at #codemedia (digital only NYT isn't pretty scenario): http://t.co/5n3M73d3Vi
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@bankeranger 15x would be fairer, yes@MattZeitlin forgot he moved from wichita...pt is he's net worth is much lower than reported. Also, 12x is conservative. 15x much fairer@MattZeitlin actually, no, he would be. He should be 6th on Forbes list and 8th on the Bloomberg billionaires list@MattZeitlin add $5B more (cash plus assets, houses, planes, etc.)Bloomberg owns 88% of co. w/revs of $8.9B. Ebitda margin ~40%. Also still holds ~$5B in cash. You guys can do the math. (hint: 12X ebitda)Now that my feed is v keen on all things @MikeBloomberg, net worth should be better calculated. It's much higher than generally reported.Bloomberg returns...nice from @andrewrsorkin http://t.co/PFakbHS9dc
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