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BuzzFeed says its dress post proves it owns you. And it's right. http://t.co/11981YCncp via @edmundlee http://t.co/mqSqCM4Mug
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"Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy." RIP Spock. http://t.co/KQ4JBRmm1x via @pkafkaThe @FT which created the metered paywall is switching to a hard subscription model: http://t.co/qwOA1FjDsVThe Facebook Insights tab = what editors do now
WTF "@KOINNews: BREAKING: Llamas on the loose in Vancouver. More info to come@fmanjoo buzzfeed is TVFollow the money: Did men earn 5x what women made at @kpcb? http://t.co/gdCFU6WpTz by @NellieBowlesNet neutrality: What happened? What's different now? http://t.co/FIoYcMMNNt via @amy_schatz http://t.co/qTLuC2bybt
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJeff Bezos was pissed about how Amazon's fight with Hachette made them look. In comes Jay Carney: http://t.co/VrbD9yzszj by @DelReyhear that @rupertmurdoch? RT @joepompeo: Mort Zuckerman exploring sale of Daily News. Full memo here: http://t.co/sxT8kJHxXH
@JCMcCracken @EdHammondNY @sherman4949 deal price?@romenesko yeah, they used to include it all the time but hadn't in recent years. i guess we still don't know what they changed it back@romenesko not unusual since NYT releases AAM data twice a year.At #CodeMedia @pkafka and I grilled @NYTimes CEO Mark Thompson. Here's the full video: http://t.co/oBSQUojeISIf you have half as much fun reading @DelRey's take on @TweetMagicNow as I had editing it, you're in for a treat. http://t.co/uUQU51HToVHow an undocumented immigrant became a star at Goldman Sachs, stunning story from @maxabelson http://t.co/idklCYvR8blaughed the whole way through by @ftrain @page88 https://t.co/VMikdrPTr2
nice snapshot from @amychozick RT @nytimes: Hillary Clinton Sketches Campaign Messages in Silicon Valley http://t.co/XsaQy1q6i6.@hillaryclinton talks NSA, presidential aspirations with @KaraSwisher http://t.co/jpWyNmmP5b via @amy_schatzMy 10-yr-old on Mary: "Did god even ask her if that was OK? I mean, he made her pregnant."Two weeks ago, @karaswisher sat down with Obama. Today, @hillaryclinton. Here's the @recode liveblog: http://t.co/bZ5y6iWdlCComcast May Soon Have More Web Users Than Cable Subscribers http://t.co/0CBmmBFYuO via @businessmeanwhile, as the great Marty Scorcese says, "...dreaming is way of trivializing the process..." http://t.co/k3ZsA4kC7P“The quality of an idea is not determined by the polish of the writing,” @ev says, which says a lot about the Valley https://t.co/CiOoySMmSj@perlberg no like? on web, headlines are more like sentences anyway since space is less of a constraintSentence case for headlines...I'm leaning towards itNew New Yorker @TaylorSwift13 donated $50K to N.Y.C. public schools http://t.co/bYHyFKQcjxHow's the media industry these days? Confused. http://t.co/a7zvLACfLK by @waltmossberg
People who tweet the Oscars are more loyal than people who watch the Oscars: http://t.co/RMBL57rVes by @pkafka http://t.co/DHebMaS2iHIn yr when best pic noms made small BO $$, Oscar ratings hit 6-yr low. (someone do the R-squared on this) http://t.co/6ZgiB6z5Um by @Variety
Way to go @nytimes. Pui-wing is the best RT @MikeIsaac: stoked to have @puiwingtam as our new tech editor!
My wife on fashion week: "WWD doesn't give anyone a bad review. Why are you even asking?"The @nytimes' new board directors. Tellingly, one of them is Facebook head of consumer marketing Rebecca Van Dyck http://t.co/GFHljEr6qXThe @nytimes names 2 new board members -- Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Expedia; and Rebecca Van Dyck, a Facebook marketing executive.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@fucktyler telling the #codemedia audience to step up its fashion game http://t.co/DvZ3KWHZhN
Retweeted by Edmund LeeKing David: the legacy of David Carr, from @tanehisicoates http://t.co/1doDuBgu2u http://t.co/YB8QUnbNAj
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“some of the smartest minds in Silicon Valley appear to have stopped thinking critically" aka @hblodget recalls '90s http://t.co/fV456ZOt3h
The new @nytmag http://t.co/RhNJyyHpnB by @joepompeoAnother insane sunset photo from #codemedia in Dana Point http://t.co/CND7SKz2f6
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“His relationship to fashion was that every 3 years he’d go on a spree at Eddie Bauer” @tavitulle on #dads #codemedia http://t.co/ILbcCehjvu
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere's a snapshot of #codemedia coverage so far http://t.co/9crDdcgn6o http://t.co/aP0IbBIbCwVideo of Tyler, the Creator @fucktyler at #codemedia conference, 'nuff said: http://t.co/P1mBzUwJ5WThe rumors are true (@fucktyler is taller than me) http://t.co/Mx74k4xvEF
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSeeing @pkafka interview @fucktyler at #codemedia is a sight to behold.“I was like, YO. He wasn’t like the other dudes.” - @fucktyler on meeting his business partner Lloyd Braun #codemedia http://t.co/icLtWlTPmX
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“You guys are studying us so you can keep your jobs” - @fucktyler to the audience, on millennials #codemedia http://t.co/kKYVrV1bZI
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“I think Wall Street does not have a sophisticated understanding of what creates value in this world” - @ev on Twitter revenue #codemedia
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlso...Facebook is talking to publishers (probably the @nytimes) about hosting their content http://t.co/ottjERPn1S by @KurtWagner8.@NYTimes considering giving away @nytnow for free, CEO says #CodeMedia http://t.co/EhalNZjKax by @DelRey
The audio just cut out for a second, but I am pretty sure that @karaswisher said she wanted to give the whole @recode staff a raise.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRemembering the 'irreplaceable voice' of David Carr http://t.co/ikaNVwMhYH me and @edmundlee did our bit, as David would say.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeEuropeans dismiss President Obama’s remarks about protectionism http://t.co/apTczO9p22 via @Amy_Schatz http://t.co/lIuXBxLlrG
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGetting ready for #codemedia aka kafkacon http://t.co/cHbBk0GYb0 http://t.co/4Ah6ZAcijTYou know what's funny? @edmundlee and @LaurenGoode talking about me at the gym this am. #codemedia http://t.co/HQhbDzZuz3
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe Obama @whitehouse photo show by @karaswisher w/ @KurtWagner8 @jtemple @mcwellons @vjeranpavic amy_schatz: http://t.co/CfGX7ZqcAT
Scoop: Gilt raises $50 million from current investors as it tries to spend its way out of IPO limbo http://t.co/n6cno2aZmi
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey smart people: Have received some excellent suggestions for #codemedia questions for Tues and Weds. Keep 'em coming! (Email or Twitter)
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNeat idea @filloux but what you want to do is apply Buzzfeed multiple to NYTimes' digital $$, not its total. ~$3 B: http://t.co/D94Yzz7Jul
@samfbiddle as someone who's covered both industries your insight is penetrating, simply penetrating
I think @karaswisher showed why she's number one — our top technology industry reporter — with this Obama interview. https://t.co/WwVMWtqcV0
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWow. Four pretty amazing candidates to succeed @arusbridger as editor of The Guardian. http://t.co/YxZrNDPc1O
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis Obama interview by @karaswisher is by far the most substantive questioning he's gotten on privacy and encryption http://t.co/C8G7usKaul
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@McCollumAshley @BuzzFeedBen @karaswisher @BarackObama @KurtWagner8 Ashley always calls it like she sees it ;)@McCollumAshley @karaswisher @BarackObama @KurtWagner8 thanks!VIDEO: @KaraSwisher's sitdown with @BarackObama talking cyber warfare, Silicon Valley, and the Apple Watch: http://t.co/QllyIQi7lEFound this grainy pic of David Carr & Peter Kaplan in 2009. Caption as true as ever. https://t.co/HqkLzNABMR
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRe/code's @KaraSwisher will sit down with @BarackObama shortly, check back on http://t.co/rFBocbJyEe soon. http://t.co/Tj8aptmlu9
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDavid, thanks for everything. http://t.co/VEROkRFEuDWe gathered in the newsroom today for David Carr. Dean Baquet closed with "Go report and have fun." http://t.co/ZpPtjY8WnO
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNYT newsroom gathers to remember David Carr. http://t.co/BHlhymdnXf
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew @Politico: David Carr (1956-2015) http://t.co/qazgZt9UK8
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@chrissyfarr @BarackObama @Recode we won't be live tweeting but check the site back around 4 PTCountless journos credit David Carr with inspiring their own careers: http://t.co/4qoRoaH98B @edmundlee @guyraz @rebeccagberg @eramshaw
Retweeted by Edmund Leelotta carr memories going around, i think it would be nice to collect some of them here http://t.co/me9UDOqocU
Retweeted by Edmund LeePresident @BarackObama's chair for @Recode sitdown awaits: http://t.co/MfcYxzVvKv"The Kingdom and the Power of David Carr," by @tmcgev (2011) http://t.co/sD5H5ohWGW
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSome words of tribute for my friend David Carr. There was no one like him http://t.co/aJGFl5ldUo
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI can’t sleep, so I wrote this thing about my dear friend David https://t.co/nnBumBvArE
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
.@carr2n was often the best byline on the beat but he was also the most generous. He just made newsrooms better. Devastated.I loved @carr2n. He gave me his heart and his brain and his shoulder whenever I needed... David Carr dead at 58 http://t.co/Cd8L3JsMUfZero surprise here w/hopelessly conflicted CMO/media head: Dan Gilbert Didn't Like A Blog Post, So Yahoo Deleted It http://t.co/E1i5WTKP9u
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MikeIsaac @DelRey jerk quotient much improved here at @RecodeAmy Pascal on Sony attack: "All I Did Was Get Fired." http://t.co/JisApzc65T by @NellieBowles
"All the women here are doing incredible things in this world. All I did was get fired." -- Amy Pascal
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCelebrating @stevelevine's new book "The Powerhouse" with @qz and guests! http://t.co/QFXRTr8syQ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTwitter buys @JoinNiche for at least $30 million: http://t.co/67AZc1BuSY by @pkafka
Hey @BWilliams a spot just opened up at @TheDailyShow #SerioussuggestionApple's Tim Cook announces $850M investment in a new solar farm, expect to have significant savings. $AAPL
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYes, @anthonynoto, Twitter does have two-factor authentication.Hey "journos," you've all been duped. Nice job, @felixsalmonCorrect "@sherman4949: You've heard why the new FCC regulations will kill Comcast-TWC - here's why they won't: http://t.co/QNHLMNBv9H
Hey Justice Thomas, the "status quo" sucked in Alabama not too long ago: http://t.co/eMWbyBUEBPRe/code's special series on the tech-sparked revitalization of Detroit kicks off #DETROITTECH http://t.co/FH6V4tfGop via @lizgannes
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSorry here's that MAU JEREMIAD from @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/ZrlClRAMST (Kurt's version of a JEREMIAD. He's a mellow dude.)
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRe/code is looking for a photographer/videographer in D.C. Please spread the word or send me your reel https://t.co/YDb2YU9i8P
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMad Men, Walking Dead, and ESPN all live on the Web. The first Internet-TV service got much more interesting: http://t.co/2DlCCHk1Ud
The risk-arb guys are having their say on $GOOG + $TWTR There's otherwise no good reason for this: http://t.co/8f1PPzQHdi>@NellieBowles does @NellieBowles at the Crunchies http://t.co/A8jXz6kDHc http://t.co/TO6IFclbSR
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the U.S. … Is this bitch from Palo Alto?” http://t.co/jp3ZCSd9Cd via @NellieBowles@davidcho @pkafka he's the nicer version @KurtWagner8
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