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Sensibilty is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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A 1,000-word post to explain you're going "post-text?" But seriously @felixsalmon congrats!>@pkafka's sources tell him Amazon paid HBO more than $300 million for the deal (gibes with all the analyst est): http://t.co/sYZtUMf0SISo @felixsalmon is going millennial on us: https://t.co/PxqfIweEf2A brief explanation of why I’m joining Fusion: https://t.co/MlFJiYXN10
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHBO’s streaming deal with Amazon means its unlikely to "pivot" to its own streaming service: http://t.co/Kl4i6YzvoaWhat does HBO really think of Netflix? They cut a deal with Amazon Prime giving it older HBO series for streaming: http://t.co/QOrrEGoxn0Reporters love CEOs who go off book (hiya @rupertmurdoch) but we know it has nothing to do w/comms function: http://t.co/kIenzGqLyg
@mathewi @sulliview @jamesrbuk @om Another approach: Explanatory journalism minus the long-winded self-indulgence. http://t.co/HZnBvqYKFa
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@dgelles @JBFlint @peterlauria3 @danprimack The 1996 Telecommunications Act wants its consents backMore "Arrested Development" on Netflix? Maybe/maybe not, but @MitchHurwitz is creating a whole new show for the site: http://t.co/lS4WZMbC73
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"I think the most useful way of thinking about Apple is to see it as a movie studio." http://t.co/PXbzgMwt1a via @waltmossberg
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@JBFlint @dgelles @peterlauria3 @danprimack also, the practice of swapping/selling subs...dunno that it describes a competitive environment@peterlauria3 yeah it's def not abt raw numbers@peterlauria3 business services is why they want LA not nec bec of sizeWith @sherman4949 Dish targets summer debut for Internet-TV service: http://t.co/xZSz91Z2tcoh man... RT @mr_turley: So I'm leaving Businessweek… http://t.co/0sSC17HtJrSorkin apologizes/wants do-over on 'The Newsroom' http://t.co/Jnl0nSNfMV ...gee, if only some enterprising journo wrote a newsroom serial
Whatever it is, it's not going to be a paywalled operation @felixsalmon will be heading to.Ford said to name Fields next CEO, give Mulally’s departure date: http://t.co/22WT6SZeNC via @KeithNaughton
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@joepompeo @BloombergNews yeahExtraordinary reporting: Two hours turned school excursion on Korean ferry boat into horror at sea http://t.co/2UoUNo8IEn@zseward everything on my desk is a contraptionStill getting used to new desk, new monitors, bigger two instead if smaller four: http://t.co/oerowAMW8t
It makes me happy to see Max Headroom still working. #OrphanBlack
Retweeted by Edmund Leestill haven't seen that contemporary journalist's memoir that you knowSevering a Family’s Ties, China’s President Signals a Change http://t.co/30ovA1tars
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Just finished Flash Boys, Michael Lewis' best Wall Street book to date. Radical heroism > expected villainy. Hope Hwood doesn't fuck it up.
The contrarian business logic behind the cruise ship industry. Big, worthwhile read from @peterlauria3: http://t.co/7234Wy1HZ0
Rereading Liar's Poker: "Most of the time when markets move, no one has any idea why...It was the job of people like me to make up reasons."
#BREAKINGNEWS: We have won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for our coverage of Snowden's NSA leaks, along with @GuradianUS.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNo Pulitzer this year for Feature Writing, which hasn't happened in a decade.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCongrats to Reuters Jason Szep and Andrew R.C. Marshall for the Pulitzer on international reporting
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Tex Monthly tells @joepompeo: We're not pissed at the edited who bolted - we're only pissed at the NYT http://t.co/w1vfaO3RYg
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Out at dinner: table behind us 2 couples, one w/toddler, the other engaged. The horrified look on the non-mom says it all. #parkslopeBig story from our @rileybloomberg: The NSA knew for at least two years about Heartbleed -- and told no one: http://t.co/9ozo0fCkhjLiz Phillips, principal of my daughter's grade school, explains why she protested @Pearson's standardized tests: http://t.co/fy89gzSadR
Bloomberg scoop: Sebelius to resign as U.S. Health Secretary http://t.co/dYLbLTePRP
Retweeted by Edmund Leenice RT @jledbetter: Happy to report that we have hired @davidwhitford and @jonfine http://t.co/tqpMwn0QhtDon't use phrase told-ya-so, but I did recommend anyone w extra cash laying it all on stephen colbert-he was the logical choice from start.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeStill waiting... @jimmyfallon@claireatki @Dana_McClintock not just youWe still don't know if CBS has hired Stephen Colbert or @StephenAtHome -- I really hope it's the funny one.Breaking: Stephen Colbert named next host of "The Late Show" by CBS
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThanks to your editing, Jeff. RT @JeffGrocottNYC Timeless, amazing. @GD_MikeO @DVNJr Moving Augusta Eve must-read http://t.co/d4ffZHc0kQ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIs @PIMCO's Bill Gross really such a jerk? This week's cover story by @sheelahk: http://t.co/mXyHq6tw4A http://t.co/j1IxJJWvxD
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhat will Charter do about $TWC? Bidding war, empty threats or play nice to get subs? http://t.co/xSRCz81Z3L by @sherman4949 @edmundlee
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Given the way internet culture & harassment works, any woman who speaks up online is a 100 times braver than a man who says the same thing.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@markarms @Longreads @wordpressdotcom congrats! words winWe are thrilled to announce that @Longreads is joining the @Automattic and @WordPressdotcom family http://t.co/BuFf712fwP #longreads
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOH: "you know, regarding dividend re-investment arbitrage..."@jennifersaba @pkafka hah, we did that one yesterday@jennifersaba @AndyFixmex @pkafka yeah he has that effectJust saw @maxabelson grab a free street falafel *while walking to pay for falafel* Whatta town!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee "also, unemployed man may join BOD"
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@pkafka come on man, the news, the news>@Time_Inc is asking Howard Stringer, former head of Sony, to join its board ahead of the spinoff: http://t.co/6D5F1WLsa5.@BettyInTheLoop asks @edmundlee Can Comcast, TWC Merger Disrupt Mobile Networks? http://t.co/63n8jg1Zsr via @BloombergTV
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@pkafka @SridharPappu @kenli729 have long known @kenli729's weak spots. yes, making moves.At Paris Review Revel Lorin Stein revealed the mystery donor keeping mag afloat: Michael Bloomberg.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAfter 18 years, my cordovan lace-ups have finally cracked. Not for thing it's called 'shoe-leather reporting.' http://t.co/7EQev9OB38
@jackshafer I can always be up sold when it comes to all the news that's fit to Shafer -- I'll take it!@NYTFridge @jackshafer no bitcoin eitherJust put in my request for @jackshafer Premier: http://t.co/sBCg29edGgThe weather is better, too ..Stanford Eclipses Harvard as Applicants Eye Innovation Focus http://t.co/WINdz3Xnvu via @BloombergNews
Retweeted by Edmund LeeImpromptu meeting at my messy desk: @rupertmurdoch and Lachlan Murdoch http://t.co/gY4mXbYFSE
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@johngapper @ryanchittum not by a stretch. TWX justifies as a reasonable 1.5X op income. Problem there is revs have fallen 16 of lst 18 qtrs@Ostaley sounds like most journalistsFor those still interested in @Time_Inc's spinoff, it'll start w/ $1.4 billion in debt & about $100 million in cash: http://t.co/kecD1yjMiKTwitter has been testing new profile pages since at least December: http://t.co/H2yRLOkhs8
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
You get the sense Valleywags are sorting through journalism as if it were their discovery. Like Europeans 'discovering' science in 14th C.NBC, back on top (aka, the rare Steve Burke presser): http://t.co/ocNpq3SHTQSecond most-emailed story on Bloomberg terminals: Bogus private-equity fees found at 200 firms http://t.co/Bn7aacbcen via @BloombergNews
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGlad that @BloombergNews comes out on top, but this study about accuracy of M&A news is dubious... http://t.co/LQdzt5Z8Vz
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe Silicon Valley you often don't see or read about: http://t.co/vxmApRPMxo via @BloombergNewsHow to tell if a merger rumor will come true http://t.co/x8X3FIVyDl via @qzNice snapshot of @nytimes' latest strategy: more subscription products and a sense of confidence, by @joepompeo http://t.co/Z9Vxoz0BuH
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYahoo’s Nears Order For Four Video Series With TV Caliber Directors, Writers exclusive http://t.co/fYuy8JXKsc via @WSJ
Retweeted by Edmund LeePer my last tweet, not a big crit, just interesting: https://t.co/H9p11XQ5FzHey @nytimes, love ya, but is the "having a moment" nut graph now mandate?Hot off the press! @Edgecliffe's pic of my piece on future of journalism being printed http://t.co/HpA3dDvdjl http://t.co/0fH366JgMF
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSo thrilled that Staffordshire Uni have voted to boycott sale of the Sun until Page 3 is gone - read about it here! http://t.co/K8pVd8UEVV
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@NYTFridge https://t.co/ljHBVSxGYi@Ostaley it misses youParents and Teachers protesting standardized testing at my daughter's school this morning PS321. http://t.co/jJM3ljEu3n
@joshsternberg fri is moving up in the worldI turn away for 10 minutes and 94 unread msgs?My 9-yr-old: "Look, they have Razzles." Me: "Do you like Razzles?" Daughter: "How would I know? I've never had them before." #badparent?Whoa. From Mike Mills, performing on #Letterman tonight RT @m_millsey Dave just announced his retirement #2015 #muchlovedave
Retweeted by Edmund LeePlayed around w/@NYTNow and verdict is it's very nicely done. Sharp design, easy to navigate, content actually better for the aggregation.Park Slope (321) teachers protesting tomorrow's ELAs. cc @arielle_lynne http://t.co/p6zJX0kyE2 via @joshgreenman
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThis feels familiar... http://t.co/U2NXfTZjMv
MT @juliannefunk: A first look at Amazon's Fire TV from @edmundlee http://t.co/DkeZnOKlSK
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@pkafka @jeffbercovici @zseward don't even have to point .. BluetoothTV stations owners like Sinclair may be the big winners from Supreme Court ruling that could fuel more political ads http://t.co/31mcApKI2D
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@davidfolkenflik still waiting on cost and whether I can buy movies from iTunes as wellAmazon fireTV also includes voice control through remote, which is kinda cool @edmundleeSo far, Amazon's fireTV is basically the Amazon Watch app with a remote control and a box and ability to buy movies/TV shows directly.#Amazon fire tv pics #amazonfiretv http://t.co/f025ODf9HQ
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@pkafka but they also want you to know they're not trying to disrupt the networks that own them
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