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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive. http://t.co/ralPYfT6kF

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write it like you have it>@rupertmurdoch's $1B purchase of online RE listings service Move is @nwscorp's largest acquisition since spinoff http://t.co/hktczBftgr
Drone over #HongKong protest creates one of the most incredible videos you’ll ever see. http://t.co/bfp1bTDGsI http://t.co/8omIWTYZbQ
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@pssolomon true! even harder@ktrsBklyn I tweeted your thing before you didThe toughest ticket in Brooklyn: http://t.co/oOc0g56kPg I spent my morning doing this.Protesters in Hong Kong are communicating w/o cell networks or Wi-Fi. They're using mesh networking app FireChat. http://t.co/QCZks5FFA1
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIncredible, brave memoir excerpt from @daisyhernandez http://t.co/2V4r9oSWyo http://t.co/aoOrsC4Zjt
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWe're trying something new @recode. I think you'll like... Las Vegas, the Great American Techtopia http://t.co/N4fY9Vozzj by @NellieBowles
Baseball is weird and grand and magical. #DerekJeter farewell at Fenway and it feels like old Yankee stadium. Baseball wins.My 9-yr-old daughter: "How can adults carry on such boring conversations?" Me: "I don't know." Her: "It's kind of sad." Me: "Yeah, it is."
.@karaswisher just called out top NYT editor for not tweeting since June #ONA14 #ona14innovate
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSCOOP @BloombergNews -- Goldman Sachs changes conflicts of interest policy to prohibit bankers from owning individual stocks @MooreMichaelJ
Retweeted by Edmund Leemiss saying "NO" to pr folks; urging reporters to do it doesn't quite have the same ring@davidcho @DelRey @Recode yeah, we're still working on itit'll be 6 minimum, so make it good RT @DelRey: Already nervous about my 3-week suspension that will come from my @Recode podcast rantsAs expected, the activist attack on Yahoo begins...so whaddya say AOL? http://t.co/jr425p3AkE via @karaswisher$AOL $YHOO both up on the longstanding contention Yahoo will buy AOL http://t.co/zHkwpVxgOXwtf?!?! RT @TheStalwart: BREAKING: BILL GROSS LEAVES PIMCO!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/exkN3xoKWR
...there's no crying in baseball...Derek Jeter's last at-bat at home was a walk-off hit, and that's why all of New York is going to miss him. Because he is unreal.that's the right way #JetersLastHomeGameYEEEEEEESSSSDEREK JETER ... .DEREK JETER ...DEREK JETERthere's no crying in baseball#mediabackchannel todayIn awe of @LaurenGoode's lightening narrative speed: Inside Apple's secret labs, where iPhones are bent all day long: http://t.co/vctnnEvqDQ...hammering the nails into the thing to make sure the other thing doesn't fall apart...Just ask--sometimes you'll get real people to respond to your all-important questions: http://t.co/uQ8HIFPU43
Great @sulliview but buried alternative lead: newsroom buyouts coming soon. http://t.co/mphlaeJ3xl
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere’s the @BillSimmons rant that ESPN doesn’t want you to hear https://t.co/pDEdj93Nno
Retweeted by Edmund LeeESPN hands @BillSimmons the punishment he basically asked for: http://t.co/ZbkA0VyjwGDid your iOS update crash your new iPhone? @LaurenGoode @BonnieSCha has solutions: http://t.co/9TsK1fJhos@SFNick clearly, there's a minimum follower threshold required in order to maintain the managing ed title....and we're off: here, the new deputy exec editors of the @nytimes: @susanchira, @nytjanet, @mattbpurdy, @fisherimasthead change @nytimes. @deanbaquet "retires" managing ed title in favor of four deputy exec editors, acc to memo. feels like a horserace.
@edmundlee @Recode West is, um, not. http://t.co/bcHRdxqLQ5
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBecause @NellieBowles is much better at this...again, how @recode NY works: http://t.co/jcdPOuAslMThe @Recode east office is full: http://t.co/zQo6C2QuBvI'm out as managing editor of @theinformation, an abrupt turn of events. Best of luck to the fine staff there.
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that abiding comfort in the common tongue of newsrooms everywhereThere's a quippy quote somewhere about reporting versus sensibility...but anyway as @Sulliview was saying: http://t.co/XC6ddtiGMP@RichBTIG would like see C3, C7Is Apple shutting its Beats music service down, as some have reported? It's not, according to Apple: http://t.co/jvlNCf4Dsv via @pkafkaFIFA exec says Qatar won't host the World Cup in 2022, Reuters reports. http://t.co/yxp1OVc9Ox via @michaelhayes
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agree "@ryanchittum: the FT’s @Edgecliffe on the rise of corporate news: http://t.co/QhKrFmUCgE highly recommended
There are only so many kinds of black people, according to some people: http://t.co/lbmF2ArG7T@mathewi @DelRey @pkafka it's multimedia manInside Alibaba's Lavish IPO After-Party -- Video! Audio! Photos! Shrimp! http://t.co/EcdZK2FBsP via @DelRey
So @kenli729 took last two days off, right before Alibaba IPO and iPhone sale. Also oracle CEO stepping down. #finewithoutthebossYou Can Buy Shares of Alibaba Now http://t.co/MIoyFSchiO via @DelReyAt $88/share $BABA would be worth about $217 billion, bigger than $FB $AMZN $EBAY $YHOO, still smaller than $GOOG $AAPLMy $88.88 bet on the Alibaba share price is looking better and better
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The End of Ellison’s Epic Run as Oracle’s CEO / by @ahess247 / http://t.co/yajaPSLbar
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHere’s Why Larry Ellison Was One of Silicon Valley’s Best Interviews (Video) / by @pkafka / http://t.co/WicaBSnHOg
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLarry Ellison will step down as CEO of Oracle http://t.co/mCZ3R9FChh via @ahess247Just in time for new TV season, Fb wants to show you more newsy posts...when they're newsy: http://t.co/Ix0FHRwjbothat spidey sense reporters sometimes get, I'm getting it. $twxCongrats to @sbg1. Now top Editor of @politico. http://t.co/5c9Y4IE213 http://t.co/0chaPvsJru
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@JBFlint @pkafka @peterlauria3 @BuzzFeedBiz alright Dennis quaid, done@pkafka @peterlauria3 @JBFlint @BuzzFeedBiz (getting very very insidery now, cont at you're own risk)@peterlauria3 @JBFlint @BuzzFeedBiz that's more like it@JBFlint @peterlauria3 more guys, please@fmanjoo because what we're really waiting for is when Apple votes for independence, because obvi.Sergey Brin has Google X, and it looks like Larry Page wants his own r&d lab, call it Google Y: https://t.co/GnGFjtur1D@BW Could you have found a sillier font? It's not like he's opening a diner.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@JohnPaczkowski @BW Cook likes long walks on the beach and likes to curl up with a good romance novel and a glass of chardonnay...
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here: http://t.co/nROXExcQf7Will the iPhone 6 Plus fit in *your* pocket? Check out our full reviews on Re/code! https://t.co/iPDpQ9RYre
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe iPhone 6 is, "the best smartphone on the market." --@WaltMossberg http://t.co/F5KKGMAu1cnot going to call this a reporter's vindication, but... http://t.co/y3ncUSfPw9 nice one....again, @Renee_DudleyGawker is "a guardian of independent media" says @nicknotned. Also, his sites sometimes post penis pics: http://t.co/XNzqgmBJGV via @pkafka"Can you imagine @hamiltonnolan putting up with that shit?"--@nicknotned http://t.co/33GojL6j9Q@SFNick @markmilian accurate@markmilian @SFNick also, has to ditch that cheery disposition@ericaCNNpr hey! thanks. just DMd you>@samgrobart used Alibaba to make 280 pairs of brightly colored pants (WATCH) http://t.co/VJjmGGHyHO (may actually not be enough)
Higgs' first paper theorizing the 'god particle,' was rejected: http://t.co/RQEgNVH3HYThe guy who will help Alibaba invest some of the $20B from Friday's IPO is a former Malone exec: http://t.co/BXaK4O6PIV (email within)Here's how you write a $2.5 billion press release, by @pkafka http://t.co/R3jetueJ0YNote to all startups, when someone buys you, PR it like this: https://t.co/vUKkvOrRmh
No guarantee Amazon-Hachette dispute won't hit other pubs, but story fails to note Random House (largest) is immune: http://t.co/vswdJ7goagThe Beastie Boys chasing Madonna on stage with squirt guns in 1985. This is a tremendous photo. (Image: Ron Galella) http://t.co/mRrYxT5dPA
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMott above Grand passed two pourover joints and a bike shop. Hipsters have invaded Chinatown folks.Suspect @rupertmurdoch torn on #ScotlandDecides. He knows 'No' makes better sense but heart strings probably pulling 'Yes'Also thanks to Des Barr of Sinclair Barr newsagents in Paisley for welcoming @rupertmurdoch this morning #scotland http://t.co/4W0w4AP2iC
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Apple's take from Apple Pay is 15 cents of a $100 purchase, according to @FT sources - a better deal than Google got http://t.co/DPD2AdF8ID
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJust realized my 9-yr-old's teachers for the last few years (and this year) are Millennials.
Once a year, Twitter should give us all the chance to delete someone else's tweet.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey media geeks, you can now grok @JillAbramson's entire #codemedia interview: (VIDEO) http://t.co/z656r8U5Ny via @pkafka
Oculus, Twitch, Minecraft sold (or will be) for billions. @heyheyesj breaks down who could be next: http://t.co/DIuWZVNOinSo, it looks like I work for the establishment: http://t.co/uqQpW5tU30 via @VanityFairApple Watch Battery Life -- "Charge Nightly" http://t.co/fjHR4ekBvv #codered http://t.co/GzQ1jjKsoO
Retweeted by Edmund LeeViacom finally closes deal with Sony for its still theoretical over the top TV service: http://t.co/O3XaZyzHPbTech industry uses Apple unveiling to bury its ugly news http://t.co/qo1xDJqAPK
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhy Apple will soon be collecting fees from big banks http://t.co/Ql34Oz1nrB via @EDexheimer @BloombergNews
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCongrats @nickrizzo: “Williamsburg upstart takes district leader race by storm” http://t.co/Yo1kM4BIdO
Retweeted by Edmund LeePage 3 again. Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes? Your opinions please.
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