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Sensibilty is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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.@brianstelter's last line in TWC outage story should be in most stories about most things. http://t.co/kzVIrNORza http://t.co/v7H9Eu1lQa
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@learmonth @SridharPappu @kenli729 drinks fine intervention unnecessaryThis is what the Time Warner broadband outage looks like. Latest via @mashable. http://t.co/E2vEb3nO7W http://t.co/6mEPXGxbex
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
In Defense of Tablets / by @waltmossberg / http://t.co/BFllSb9fgG
Retweeted by Edmund LeeApple Gets Sent Home From School in LA http://t.co/MMHJRt5sbn #codered
Retweeted by Edmund Leeinvestigative journalism alive and well! (also, sure to tickle Facebook's newsfeed algo) "@SchoofsFeed: We're hiring! http://t.co/sleOv8JnIRLong story short: there will be cost-cutting at @CNN, including layoffs, this fall. But the buyouts come first. http://t.co/sUPw3kYAGR
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWhy Amazon spent $1B on Twitch: live audience, free content, and a $72m business independent of YouTube http://t.co/354nNLdllk by @heyheyesj@raju wait, I'm a media critic?
Raining Man: The playa is mud a mud pit and the desert party is on hold http://t.co/vKhchUuDAJ via @jtemple
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe fave as a quantum, by @fmanjoo: http://t.co/gkZnEL9N80Amazon's latest content strategy is to buy more audience, in this case $1B for video game site Twitch: http://t.co/HFESlO1yci via @pkafkaYou’ll Never Guess What Facebook is Cracking Down On Now / by @pkafka / http://t.co/H57OKquJDR
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew York Times defends #NoAngel characterization for Michael Brown Jr.: http://t.co/aeNDoMQhAm
Retweeted by Edmund LeeApple would be smart to listen to @LaurenGoode's wish list for the iWatch http://t.co/yMi3lsRfqgWhat if your boss told you to post messages on Twitter and Facebook? Great idea, says @dynamic_signal http://t.co/0v0DEY2Wpl via @pkafka@BuzzFeedBen yeah it's weird. Main thing is personnel is still biggest cost center and the Times, god bless them, have a wealth of reporters@BuzzFeedBen but even then R&D costs to a digital newsroom can fluctuate and may not offer better sg&a than pulp@BuzzFeedBen printing apparatus is an amortization. You're better off arguing $$$ of print and ink, which, yes, cost more than electrons@MattZeitlin @BuzzFeedBen @DelRey costs for digital newsroom would certainly be lower, but whether it's 200 or 300, it's much smaller@MattZeitlin @BuzzFeedBen @DelRey NYT=1,050 journalists. Current $$=$1.57B. $312M=20%($1.57B). 20%(1050)= 200. Simple math, but it's math.4 years ago, internal NYT study predicted digital subs would top out at 800-900k. Today: 831k. via @edmundlee http://t.co/eHNmDwbTSe
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@learmonth should be noted @pkafka and @kenli729 edited the story, and, annoyingly, made it better.New York Times’s Digital Subscription Growth Story May Be Ending / by @edmundlee / http://t.co/vQZCO8VLUS
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Twitter is said to be working with payments startup Stripe to let people buy stuff via tweet @DelRey reports: http://t.co/k1pGgNpkPofirst public signal @rupertmurdoch's @HarperCollins is now tussling w/Amazon over e-book prices: https://t.co/u3lT8wwHQ2whew RT @dgelles: BROOKLYN IS OVER! http://t.co/UnZxsjSy1mI am, at this very moment, having an "I beg of you, reporters, stop having a moment" moment.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe case against James Risen, by @gabeschoenfeld http://t.co/96CTpbP6HG
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDamn, writing is hard. I guess it should be. I mean, if just anybody could do it...
Just a little thing I wrote about Jim Foley - so you can see how he spoke - to me, at least: http://t.co/8gpb2crat2
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice @Jessicalessin report on $ebay, jumped 6% on this: https://t.co/dKP8AHKZTv traders likely wondering how much @theinformation sub costs@Megan key is to look at the bottom trend line ... as that nears zero...Ok, made new, better chart on @nytimes digital subscriber stats...with trend lines! http://t.co/3pLfqUBXGG.@Jessicalessin reporting that eBay considering PayPal spinoff. If true, then Donohoe is gonna have some major 'splainin to do
Retweeted by Edmund LeeChart showing the number of online subscribers the @nytimes added in each quarter. #betweenjobs http://t.co/661BRJB8hR
@carr2n: >@jackshafer steps to the beheading of a journalist and does a clear, remarkable job. http://t.co/P0lVxwWgpg
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUp next for @Medium: a digital magazine dedicated to music, set to launch next month • http://t.co/ie1QnXLLQc
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At 42, I realize something: I can't not work.
@bsgpr edmundjunglee@gmail.comExclusive: How Morgan Stanley enabled the rise of sanctioned Russian oil giant Rosneft http://t.co/PsTKL0T0hW; me, @Alanrkatz @Irina_reznik
Retweeted by Edmund Leereporters should always fight for their bylines: http://t.co/vRF2qr6U3o
@stuloeser in that case, we'll have to get those long overdue drinks@stuloeser @lizgannes as I recall @kevinroose did a v nice analysis on the topic, but was referring to the first-hand accounts as reportingThe @nytimes on how so-called sharing economy affects labor http://t.co/J2408tIHTF a few wks after @LizGannes' take http://t.co/zFU4GMADJd
If Zulily ($ZU) is any guide to Wayfair IPO, the $350m raise is likely at a $4B to $5B valuation, since both are at ~$1B annual rev mark@DawnC331 @inafried reporting first, always...yup, will do@inafried you can never have enough LeesWayfair looking for $350m in IPO, the latest ecommerce play to hit up the public markets. http://t.co/szmsmRUleg via @DelRey
hahahaha "@JCMcCracken: $Icahn reports 6.6% stake in #Gannett, urges splitting co. Oops they already are. via @BloombergNewsNBC will name @ChuckTodd the new host of @MeetThePress as soon as this afternoon: http://t.co/9NP2rUz52c
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCode/Media New York Gets Bigger, Better, with Jill Abramson and DigiTour's Meridith Valiando http://t.co/HA4G28PJ7K via @pkafka
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFirst woman to win the Fields (harder than Nobel u ask me) is an Iranian immigrant--love everything about this story: http://t.co/3n9oTXZQlPRight now trawling through celebrity Twitter accounts to see the "followers you know.""We come home from the office....And then we grab our laptops and log back in." http://t.co/q8ZE9BMKUk how we live now from @bradstone
Reporters @wesleylowery @ryanjreilly arrested in #Ferguson for doing their jobs: http://t.co/kOVg06raSRVideo of my arrest: http://t.co/baiYPQGfc7/s/ZHkX
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"if you’re a TV executive sitting at a bar, or alone at night with your thoughts, you might be awfully worried." http://t.co/882QgdsSOUWhat's standing in the way of co like Google buying co like Time Warner? Age and biz model. Smart fr @sherman4949 http://t.co/ZBaARtIXUH
but no ads on Showtime, so less exciting. How about for CBS? RT @hblodget: Live viewership of (scripted) TV plummets http://t.co/Q70O3T4WsdTwitter already had video ads that split $$ w/content partner. Now it's testing video ads where they get to keep 100% http://t.co/KqhUQWJhot
@edmundlee @felixsalmon That's what we mean by full stack. Integrated strategy and structure.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@felixsalmon if @BuzzFeed's value comes from tech+ad creation (which is correct) why do they spend so much $$ on edit? @a16z I'm askingStandup was some of the best I'd ever seen. Created real danger on stage. This sucks... Robin Williams Dies at 63 http://t.co/mbFix7APUNSatire or cynicism? Jonah @peretti's first content experiment: http://t.co/reFdLd8EZM The @awl, almost gets there: http://t.co/sDA6QjLQOz"Sometime last year, Disney CEO Bob Iger made an offer to buy BuzzFeed for more than $500 million." http://t.co/xyYPi6Jg5a via @pkafka@felixsalmon @pkafka est avg Ebitda last 4 yrs was about $40m annually, or 7.5x profit at $315m price, so AOL will know in 3+ more years?Today is a good day to review Huffpo financials at time of $315m $AOL sale. $30m/year. BuzzFeed > $100m this year. http://t.co/KoTNVSApla
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice bit of programming from @peterlattman: @ravisomaiya on Harper's: http://t.co/8hNgHzcArJ @MikeIsaac on @BuzzFeed http://t.co/RMKSKB8MeK
At $100m revs, @buzzfeed's valuation looks to be at a high 20x Ebitda -- even assuming a healthy margin about $35-$40 million.Buzzfeed to bring at least $100m revs this yr, @MikeIsaac reports, mostly on making ad content, like an ad agency: http://t.co/IpCxC0C2RVGoing to the Whole Foods is like entering the organic Death Star...managed to rescue the one item I needed.This is not good news for James Murdoch. Or @RupertMurdoch http://t.co/8iIDEZ1quL http://t.co/f3G7BAe5mA
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@YinkaWrites higher carriage was going to happen regardless, no? Also would've taken 15 yrs to synch up Fox and TWX renewal cyclesLumping Fox-Time Warner merger w/Sprint-T-Mobile deal makes no sense. Former wouldn't have reduced consumer choice. http://t.co/rWXWqvcTLu.@WaltMossberg reminds us of a dream Steve Jobs had for Wi-fi from homes and small businesses to be public and safe. http://t.co/DqZqIsQpBN
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@tcarmody trueWife's reaction to the twitter notifications on my feed: "So it's Friday in August with no breaking news." She knows how to deflate my head.@DelRey ... @heyheyesj @jtemple @KurtWagner8 @kabster728 @bonnieSCha @LaurenGoode @joeblv @pkafka@DelRey hell yeah, also @johnpaczkowski @madfoot @AnthonyQuintano @hickeyRC @NellieBowles @DawnC331 @InaFried @LizGannes @ahess247 and...@peterlauria3 @BobthePRGuy @kenli729 yeah, he stopped after what happened the last time...not prettySo so actually got something done with my new job -- made sure @pkafka still has his old one: http://t.co/64IWeC8Ht6Wow, thanks for all the shout outs guys. Will eventually try to get to everybody.Want to thank @karaswisher @waltmossberg for the awesome opportunity, and @pkafka and @kenli729 for backing me. Can't wait.Recode hires Bloomberg's Edmund Lee http://t.co/EAKuURN04b via @Hadas_Gold
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWelcome aboard @edmundlee ! No, @karaswisher didn't swap one thin asian male for another. Added another. My title changes to editor in chief
Retweeted by Edmund LeeI'll be joining @Recode in September as managing editor. Can't wait to work with such a hugely talented team.Had a blast at @bloombergnews as their media reporter, but I am moving on.
@brianstelter my lame version of a stand bytomorrowJohn Malone failed to buy $TWC; Barry Diller failed with Aereo; @rupertmurdoch failed to grab $TWX. Twilight of the media mogul?
From two weeks ago: https://t.co/RXLOkdO9nY ht @sherman4949
so I guess it's the i-never-really-wanted-you-anyway maneuver@bristei always neverDear @rupertmurdoch and Jeff Bewkes: Our questions for tomorrow's earnings call. Thanks and please $TWX $FOXA: http://t.co/keCrKeMKprDollar General weighing bid for Family Dollar, challenging Dollar Tree...true story: http://t.co/vH8IFUWpBbShame on you, floundering TV news networks who still haven't hired @patkiernan https://t.co/OgX8bDQ0Pc
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@jayrosen_nyu @lkramer exactly, also those businesses were started/invested to make up for the classifieds revs print has been losing,From Jan... Gannett Seen Divorcing Print From TV... http://t.co/uby5U69UXs via @BloombergNews@lkramer @alansmurray @ThibMat17 but wouldn't pub benefit from digital classifieds, which was started to restore what was lost in print?
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