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Aaron Sorkin speaks out on casting Christian Bale as Steve Jobs http://t.co/M0UyY8w14B
Retweeted by Edmund Lee11 yrs wife's put up w/me. Maybe bc 11 yrs took her to @bluehillfarm on anniv. (my wife: "this is the nicest tweet you ever tweeted abt me")>@karaswisher on Ben Bradlee: http://t.co/l1rg6PP7c2 (also serves as a mandate here at @recode)@Justin_B_Smith @THR http://t.co/oCDoPYoznQ
The @nypost + @NYDailyNews were in business talks in past year or so. "Many deal points were on the table.” http://t.co/8CBxBRAPpW
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe difficult ethical problem at the bottom of Dave McKinney's resignation from the Sun-Times: http://t.co/lp6REwtUv5
Retweeted by Edmund LeeOuch, that ad (and that placement) has gotta hurt @waltmossberg's old bosses at @wsj. http://t.co/lJDlQXbsMZ
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@DelRey @BradStone @MikeIsaac be sure to compare with previous cheer level when you fileBeautiful day at @Stanford - @rupertmurdoch with @paulcheesbrough & Mr @uncknowledge http://t.co/odCKgTwLV9
Retweeted by Edmund LeeVery excited to be taking on the role of Editorial Director of Audience Strategy across Time Inc.! http://t.co/VBSywue9Y1
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@bobbymacReports good tipStill discovering the subterranean routes connecting 30 rock to news corp building to McGraw hill #mediaunderground.@peterlattman Named Deputy Business Editor - http://t.co/ptOb5W24XC
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFolks 10% is usually magic no. on risk-arb spread & MoffettNathanson notes spread on $CMCSA- $TWC deal now 8.1% (no such thing as magic no.)Hundreds of @nytimes staffers requested buyout packages to help mask those actually interested. @capitalnewyork http://t.co/Jw9gKYvsBG
every word: http://t.co/KlCU55qSPj@gabrielsnyder @tmcgev math correct, so 100 buyouts at $250k costs $25m. (annual div costs about same btw) $NYT has about $300m in net cash@tmcgev @nytimes @nypost yes, my bad on last, package request versus actual applications, but looks like strong chance they'll get 100+Clarification to last tweet, over 300 have requested the buyout package, waiting to see how many actually apply. @nytimes @nypostThe @nytimes was seeking 100 news staffers to take a buyout to help trim costs. Over 300 applied: http://t.co/tUOPfqt4Mm via @nypost@ktrsBklyn @ThisAmerLife whoa
More anecdotes, Ben Bradlee http://t.co/ojn3kncyinThat night Richard Nixon called Ben Bradlee, by @alhuntdc http://t.co/HVJRORpPZf http://t.co/aO2FOWhLQT
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBen Bradlee, a giant of journalism who stood up for his reporters and helped take down a president, is dead at 93 http://t.co/4Fj5f1Wr1USmart on @tyrangiel @Justin_B_Smith hiring @TheStalwart & Halperin/Heilemann. Big contract terms lock in content strategy for few yrs.Going to be joining Bloomberg to launch a new markets site and a new TV show. Details here ---> http://t.co/Qu1BXdRwGK
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$$ = takeover target "@CoryTV: BREAKING: Yahoo gained $10.3b on Alibaba IPO in Q2, but paid $4.0b in taxes. Net gain $6,344,956. $YHOO $BABAWhat kind of day has it been? "The Guardian just overtook The New York Times in global traffic." http://t.co/eIMcqV0Ain
Retweeted by Edmund LeeStill unclear what @adobe is for or against in this: https://t.co/5rSekrzl6vTNT & TBS (has the sports) aren't part of Turner's blackout on Dish--less leverage for TWX http://t.co/JQc0oGDawe & https://t.co/QFIMO36Faf@tbridis @bobbymacReports @edmundlee Good Q–Wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive set of sources. More on the method: http://t.co/NTHYOcndQm
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@bobbymacReports yeah what up? @pewresearchNABJ boss says CNN essentially called him a liar in dispute over diversity http://t.co/KkLyp91k2o via @erikwemple
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIn @pewresearch study on which news orgs most trusted among consvts & liberals, @wsj wins...also, wait, Google News? http://t.co/jk05vtUvdK
Oscar de La Renta dead at 82 acc to @ABC. Covering fashion in a prev life, I saw he didn't take bows at fashion week: http://t.co/CCVgXH3rNRgotta love implied superlative in @fmanjoo's review of Amazon's new kindle...better than a hardcover: http://t.co/BrkUeSDwx3ok http://t.co/P9KCiM4WQgme to a reporter just now: "just try it, see what happens."Congrats @simondumenco, new editorial director of @adage: http://t.co/zWPQBt8XTf
@DylanByers congrats, dude! Really.@GlutenFreeTri alas not mine
Snapchat’s First Advertiser — Hollywood! http://t.co/v74qwYyljH by @KurtWagner8
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@joshsternberg next year betterPark Slope haunted house in the works. Favorite season at home. http://t.co/il8uWvmaWmHard not to pick out the pros from the amateurs in this exchange: https://t.co/i36p0xF5db.@rabois @dbentley @arrington @hblodget the idea that the Guardian committed "fraud" by reporting on info given to its reporters is insane
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSupreme Court allows Texas its voter ID law (taking that state back a few decades): http://t.co/AvQM0Ln3VR
@TheMurdochTimes @pkafka news, even "news" is hard to sell on individual basis but a stream like Beck's Blaze seems to hold up w/niche aud19th C man cave "@Lit_Books: "...." ―Lord Byron's private library in Italy* http://t.co/WT0mcUgqNtThere's a bigger chess match in play when HBO, CBS and ESPN say they're selling subscriptions online: http://t.co/WhvkK1iOLm by @pkafka
If only Silicon Valley really swam the way media moguls once did... @nickbilton nonetheless summons "blood and chum" http://t.co/P5A6DaWeVLCNN's Head of Digital Is Out Amid Widespread Cuts at Turner http://t.co/PxymsSgNjI
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNY1’s @PatKiernan Tells the Gray Lady To Go Fuck Herself In the Nicest Way Possible http://t.co/7W6VVVQVFF http://t.co/DCxsdBKCYK
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAnonymous sharing app Whisper isn't so anonymous. Keeps track of people who share "newsworthy" posts: http://t.co/VzW5bdPsof um @buzzfeed?Does the new iMac offer a glimpse of the long-awaited Apple TV? http://t.co/XGYNUWplnS by @DawnC331"It's creepy you'd point it out" - Edmund Lee lists his daughter in his @Recode bio @edmundlee http://t.co/mhudzWwdNL @kenli729 Blames us!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@bobbymacReports @kenli729 the absinthe flowsit's road tripFollow me, @inafried, @DawnC331 for live tweets from the #Apple event today. @JohnPaczkowski, @BonnieSCha will be tweeting too!
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
This is when @warrenbuffett buys: Stocks off lows; Dow dips 450 points http://t.co/lFJ6oemiciHBO to start selling over the web next year, big moment in TV world: http://t.co/kjgdI7VyFf by @pkafkaAnd there it is: HBO to sell OTT service starting next year in US. Hear that Netflix?Ding! HBO says it will "pursue consumers" who aren't paying for cable. http://t.co/wv8JIzh8YY
Retweeted by Edmund Leehey @bloombergnews @BloombergLP your website is downpaying attention RT @twxcorp: .@twxcorp... Investor Meeting starting at 9:30 ET today Oct 15 2014 http://t.co/2lB4oc8Oyn
"This is the final chess column to run in The New York Times." MT @kevingranville Spotted in today's NYT. Checkmate. http://t.co/KckJlFG5uU
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
back to bagels
Well Mary, that's what you get for losing your iphone charger in LA. That or glitter-cheetah. http://t.co/VwKS93MwQW
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@DelRey @fmanjoo @kevinroose @jeffbercovici @daweiner @MikeIsaac @Mikelsaac @pkafka suckers@hblodget like that'll work in Brooklyn?
Our @HeyHeyESJ explains #GamerGate and takes a smart, gutsy stand. http://t.co/oychgrbK0v
@tcarmody is there a difference?another reporter to me at VF party just now: "hey don't cock block me man." I love journalism, really.1/3 Stepping down from Twitter so new global media lead @katies can reorganize as she sees fit. Wish everyone at twitter nothing but best.
Retweeted by Edmund Leesmart analysis "@mvpeers: Why TWX had to cut jobs: ...rev per employee is $1m v. $1.18m at Fox and $1.38m at Viacom https://t.co/KpwDTmhMTjDramaFever, the Korean Web video service, wants investors or a buyer. IAC may step up. http://t.co/yF7vsMYCQ0 via @pkafka
Great news, aficionados of Lindsay-era bars: Subway Inn is relocating, intact, 2 blocks east http://t.co/QrX5L0Lo9q ht @robenfarzad
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee @ThisIsFusion @alexismadrigal http://t.co/yy8eM1Qg3H
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAnother big hire for @thisisFusion getting @AlexisMadrigal (meanwhile, i still haven't found it on the dial) http://t.co/w8WssiVdWo@SFNick @jtemple arrrgh!@edmundlee http://t.co/EJb9QhHsHF
Retweeted by Edmund Leehey SF your bagels are terrible
am in SF office of @recode, sitting in @karaswisher's red chair...really comfortable@JBFlint that tweet still woulda gone at Bloomberg. waiting for a WSJ scribe to jump on with me here.CNN will shed 8% of its workforce this fall -- that's 300 employees -- 130 buyouts, 170 layoffs, according to source. http://t.co/5VKHeoDdJH
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey @rupertmurdoch, @twxcorp is letting go of 1475 Turner employees, about 10% of the division. Mebbe worth another try?So. Many. Asians. "@vulture: ...in-depth cultural analysis of Asian male TV characters...: http://t.co/r5FlrsBMPa http://t.co/DA3aMuoyRRBig news in Murdoch land: Elisabeth Murdoch to divorce Matthew Freud, a longtime thorn in the side of @rupertmurdoch http://t.co/sHJ6KYDEPsValue of Whatsapp deal increased by $3b between February and today, when it closed. Final tab: $21.8 billion. http://t.co/OezlXJeTj1
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
The entire Downtown Las Vegas Project series can be found here: http://t.co/dwZMcBpoVd by @NellieBowles #VegasTech http://t.co/OfoJ3OqcLu
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
I’m going to miss the heck out of @Digidave, not just a colleague but a great friend. Here’s our next phase: https://t.co/LXvkjQzYw3"
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@davidcho meetings meetings meetings and talking to awesome @Recode staffnext week in SF folksI'd also like to atone for publishing @MikeIsaac email mike.isaac@nytimes.com and suggesting people pitch him with useless crap
Retweeted by Edmund LeeTwitter's got $3.5B in cash and it's still got a growth problem. Here are some acquisition targets: http://t.co/9WmvYM8hR6 by @KurtWagner8
Kudos @buzzfeed, seeing @SchoofsFeed handiwork here: How The Law Turns Battered Women Into Criminals http://t.co/AX628pgFI0 by @alexcampbell@NYTFridge @jledbetter @NewYorkObserver true. also great guy to go drinking withOne of my favorite editors & the man who taught me how to read a newsroom @jledbetter gets @NewYorkObserver treatment http://t.co/nekyiv3CMOfrom one of the smart few who rightly understand hops are overused, @jtemple http://t.co/X4X3fQ1rR2
really wish I could run: ______ Equity CACS <go> right now
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