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Professor of Advertising, Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@faris @rnadworny @simonmainwaring @shawmu We could anoint ourselves the service police.@faris @rnadworny @simonmainwaring @shawmu Please share.How is it possible that Comcast only makes $2 Billion given how much I pay for cable and Internet? http://t.co/mPgzdjlAkx@AdFreak No, of course not.@faris @rnadworny @simonmainwaring @shawmu A four year old one. http://t.co/BZRzC1PkJg@rnadworny @simonmainwaring @shawmu They probably are. But I thought I said moron.@AdFreak Actually pretty well done.@AdFreak scrolled too fast@AdFreak who has time to watch a seven min video?Apple’s Busy Year-End Could Include A Fitness Wearable, 12″ Retina MacBook And 4K Products http://t.co/5NYbmbe3E8 via @techcrunch@simonmainwaring @shawmu Any company who doesn't is a moron.Here's a good job. Work at @psfk http://t.co/NVd3EVioSo@Aerocles Back at you.John Kerry must have the worst job in the world. And he wanted it so bad. Why would anyone want that gig?You work for an agency. You have an idea for a startup. Who do you talk to for advice? Here's a good place to start. https://t.co/zR8jiFfzykThink this guy (@andrewessex) could teach you anything about building a creative shop? Why not find out? https://t.co/WIgzlf8IcU@vanhoosear Isn't that amazing. Forgot about the post but just saw an inbound link and went back and read it.As recently as two years ago, the NY Times wondered if social media was here to stay. http://t.co/4xdPtmeKza
@eshbeast @TBWA Stop by in the fall. Look forward to it.The secrets of MineCraft. Amazing achievement. http://t.co/dp1z9hbegF@eshbeast @TBWA Simple, elegant. Tells a story of function and users in a playful voice. With nothing but visuals and music. Beautiful.Speaking 1-on-1 with thought leader, professor & innovator @edwardboches is a big opportunity for ad talent: http://t.co/rFJ0U5P8s9
Retweeted by edwardbochesGreatest Good: expertise for a cause http://t.co/NZaOrEeVJjExcited to be part of Saneel Radia's newest venture. Donating my time, knowledge (whatever little there is) and ... http://t.co/LGZkqjfVvbGreatest Good: expertise for a cause - http://t.co/1p5eGN4qnN My post on @saneel and friends' latest innovation @greatestgoodNYC.The Greatest Good: expertise for a cause http://t.co/a1rhlG94fJ@stevequigley @ScottMonty @heyheyman @SHIFTcomm We can pay him in Re tweets.He is coming Boston congrats @ScottMonty and @heyheyman and @SHIFTcomm This is great news. Lots if BU appearances. Cc @stevequigley.@SHIFTcomm is extremely lucky to have @ScottMonty join the team! Bravo! #MontyDecision
Retweeted by edwardboches@timogeo I thin you just came up with the billboard.‘I could be a new person, and Target could help me get there.’ Only an ad person could come up with that one. http://t.co/2S4mvLkGDn"When I go anywhere with my friends, there are eight people in eight different cars,” says Mass. teen driver. http://t.co/ssGi7JY8zs
Retweeted by edwardboches
"All of my ad tech friends hate agencies." so says one ad tech CEO. (Not sure that's a starting point.) http://t.co/9Fct2nG0m2Why digital publishers want to be in the magazine business. http://t.co/l90kHL1Lx7 But research still shows print engagement is higher.@BrandContent_ @tnutti @alim826 No doubt. And creative, too, I bet.@ianfitzpatrick @dweingrod @GrahamNelson You don't have to be old or Jewish. Or even a guy. Equal Opp'y Ride. http://t.co/BGx1NNmYKzRT @DeanSaboSays: It's been a good year! Adding a Telly for #COMinaDay to our collection. http://t.co/8dwDvbAWhP
Retweeted by edwardboches@BrandContent_ @tnutti Ha, you guys look pretty professional to me.Are you a digital native or a digital casualty? @carr2n on the firehouse of realtime news and, again, death of print. http://t.co/5vNxJG9knH
@ianfitzpatrick @dweingrod Ian, if you are a roadie you will have to job is next year. And stop at @GrahamNelson family farm.@ianfitzpatrick I am in Brewster. Which is near Eastham. And I ride through Truro frequently.58 job openings at @mullenunbound. Check them out. Maybe one is right for you. http://t.co/upPMDokiBCHow @secretly re-invented, pivoted and became a $100 million app http://t.co/4AliHdqvXf by @AustinCarr via @FastCoDesign
Train Like a German Soccer Star. With Videos to Help. http://t.co/DhP0yDMVp4
An App That Just Says 'Yo' Has Raised $1.5 Million At A $5–10 Million Valuation http://t.co/ZrrqgzAA1O via @sai@JGshort @harrys will let you know. Thanks.@tobetv @harrys The branding is well done. Spade and Partners. Same as Shinola. Really strong. The voice, the look, the truth, the story.Hello @harrys. Good bye to overpriced @Gillette and those locked displays at @CVS_Extra. Disruption is a beautiful. http://t.co/Pg6aWPXsBF@izzydarosa Red. And them Lorna this season. Last season it was Tiffany.
Orange is the new black is getting better with each episode. Milking it vs binging.RT @IBMResearch: Can you name a tune in 3 notes? An algorithm can http://t.co/hWVfapj9WP #ibmresearch http://t.co/097dHDCxa2
Retweeted by edwardbochesMalaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow.
Retweeted by edwardbochesGreat news for @getCentUp. It is now the only microdonation platform to fully integrate with http://t.co/RVmNggPGms sites. Get it on yours.Sad to see that Johnny Winter has passed. Still have the albums from the 70's. And memories of his live performa... http://t.co/b87FxslyWp
The best (and filthiest) tweets about Airbnb's new logo - Digiday http://t.co/z0haCHN93T via @digiday@stephwalker1 Sorry if I induced flashbacks.Email isn't as broken as your calendar is. Go fix that, startups.
Retweeted by edwardboches@lexikon1 @JillAbramson Great piece.If you haven't read the @JillAbramson article in Cosmo, you're missing out. #badass. http://t.co/wcAv2kJ7Cs
Retweeted by edwardboches"2014 World Cup Trends: A final look after the final game" by @allimooney on @LinkedIn http://t.co/hbR1jDXeth@vigilismdesign Look forward to our little project.I never read this before, but brilliant: “My Wife Doesn’t ‘Get How It Is In Advertising.’ ” by @MikeShaneHoward https://t.co/ZCxhoU6upbRemarkable. The story and the reporting. http://t.co/r9wFypn5G2
@jeffhora @RebelMouse flattered. But I would call that a mention not a feature. Thx.Improving Our Craft, Honing Our Skills: How Hobbies Make Us Better Makers | Continuum http://t.co/v7ioRgXPCp"Five minutes is better than no minutes". When you see your chance, take it. https://t.co/mn0ZM3l19u
Retweeted by edwardbochesCould be a great job given the content these guys put out. Community manager for @harrys http://t.co/JkHHcL7bBcMany hasten to turn their bedrooms into inns via @Airbnb http://t.co/He8e6IfVQt via @BostonGlobe #boston
Retweeted by edwardbochesGood post on the "Let's Play" Phenomenon http://t.co/vCY54HhhLu by @stuartfoster
@SleepWalkFilms delete that tweet if U want.@SleepWalkFilms I know. Weird. Thanks.Analysis: Over Half of All Statements Made on Fox News Are False http://t.co/Ifdb3kQ5j9. Via @heywhipple@SleepWalkFilms can't seem to send you dm. Not sure if you, me or twitter.@SleepWalkFilms for sure could be an opp'y. Wil dm you.Recent alum? Looking for some #careeradvice now that school is over? We're here to help. Our resources for @bualumni: http://t.co/O9MXbC3XST
Retweeted by edwardbochesLooking for a Boston based PR shop interested in a cycling-related pro bono account with a great story to tell. If you are interested...The amazing and talented @HarborStage kicks of Tom Stoppard's Artist Descending a Staircase this week. If you are on Cape Cod, see it. $20.Hey @47Brand you have some good looking models. http://t.co/m1TqOywIJ5Advertising gets real time, interactive, 3-D and social. As long as you plan ahead. Cool stuff from @artcopycode http://t.co/ZYwjYev39yVery cool: Google and its real time marketing during World Cup, w help from friends at @WiedenKennedy http://t.co/davQmqYgdw … via @WSJCould old guys do this? Should we give it a try? Cc Dan Weingrod Chris Szwedo Stuart Koman Graham Nelson (not http://t.co/1f9uzupE3pStart your day with a story that restores your faith in the human race. There is hope for us yet. http://t.co/MPFT6xedcF
Insane. He is worth every cent. Isn’t Burberry’s designer-CEO worth $17 million a year? http://t.co/Sxo4qObW5P via @qz
Saturday's Brewster to Provincetown to Brewster if anyone wants to join. http://t.co/GcM8u7Ro3Z@simonmainwaring What do you think? Will it work? Or will agencies contrive vapid campaigns and fuel skepticism? http://t.co/pRZShCnSROWhen social responsibility is in a brand's DNA it's a good thing. Can ad agencies capitalize on an emerging trend? http://t.co/pRZShCnSRO@breckdaddy @darrellwhitelaw @LenKendall @thinktradigital @saneel Those were the good ol' days. Others were there too. But not many.
@comugrad http://t.co/MyEYfbfmRQThe 10 Most Viral Ads of 2014 (So Far) http://t.co/GR2NPmrTX7No one wants to bond with brands, so here's how to be successful. http://t.co/pIb3SYoicG
Wonderful story on one of the greatest creative collaborations of all time. John and Paul. http://t.co/vYccvXdcb2@theonlyhomie A big ponderer.Robben hasn't been a big factor: Here are his touches from the first 35 minutes http://t.co/kRvdOoxj5i http://t.co/dH7JIvRPil
Retweeted by edwardbochesQuick, re-write the lyrics to Dumb Ways to Die. http://t.co/BsudVI5VAYSeven emerging east coast agencies. And congrats to @thefantastical and @mancevic for kicking ass. http://t.co/VWLQ82hxgYWho needs weeks? Branding a startup in 72 hours. ( then again would you eat this stuff? ) http://t.co/5NPENJ4ZGUWhen SoMe is addictive, invasive and leads to behaviors that damage relationships and job searches, time to quit. http://t.co/P5EAj4kjiHData to help solve China's air pollution? Won't it tell us what we already know? http://t.co/23EEts5OlYIf you have to ask you can't afford one. Mine will be red. Luxury Rolls-Royce car sales soar worldwide http://t.co/RCTFLN4e11Man dies in hot dog eating contest http://t.co/motPFMHr6u via @BostonGlobe
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