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Erica Cho @ericach0 New York City!

Korean-American actor from the South. Loves: NYC, travel, Frenchies & laughing until it hurts. http://t.co/AV1gp7QO

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Running wild right before surprising our wonderful Aunt Elissa + Uncle Bob for their 40th anniversary!… http://t.co/Zvby3HCiVW"It's not a race; it's a whole life's journey."- @Carrie_Preston Thank you so much for the reminder + uplifting words!! #actingActors Aloud guest speakers @Carrie_Preston + Michael Emerson were amazing! Their acting journey is so inspiring. πŸ‘@FreemanStudioNY
There's a dilfs_of_disneyland Instagram account.
Just caught a whiff of CK One and memories of Jr high crushes hit me all at once.
Yes. I'm thinking, "Get me the hell out of here!!!" Then I got electrocuted. #ToughMudder http://t.co/RQy4IYaYakGetting ready for Amazing Race. A dream of @jonioh #ToughMudder http://t.co/AwrUbulzJLUgh...those Breaking Bad season 6 rumors. Kill me.HBO to Launch Stand-Alone Online Service in U.S. in 2015 http://t.co/aNrBWXMeR9 via @THR
@McDNYTriState you're the 1st thing I wanted after finishing Tough Mudder. Chicken mcnuggets, filet-o-fish and fries. Lots of fries.Sitting in an airport in Dallas watching a CNN report about Ebola entering the US through an airport in Dallas.
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@chrissyteigen AMAZING! I thought you were Princess Toadstool at first. But THIS, this is genius!I always wondered about those barcode tattoos. http://t.co/QBZVA3k2eQ
Hey Cosmo, I get you're trying to lower disease anxiety but the cute STI dolls are kinda weird. #SuperGonorrhea http://t.co/ZyUzyzN3dP
No! All my ugly face selfies!"@amNewYork: Snapchat users: Hackers say they will release thousands of private photos http://t.co/p7CmZU8AAj""This ain't love it's clear to see. But darling, stay with me." "I'm not on drugs, I'm just in love." My one crazy relationship pretty much.#OITNB is coming out with a cook book Oct 14. So now you can make Pennsatucky's Family Beer Can Bird + prison punch.@averagedrew Unfortunately, I had to run toward it. But the Fire in My Hole warmed things up. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😨
Arctic Enema, Fire in Your Hole. These obstacles don't scare me as much as being wet in 50 degree weather. Brrrr. #ToughMudderTristate
@Kris561_ 😊 Thanks!Day 2 on set with the lovely @Ana_MariaLawson! Then it's Tough Mudder tomorrow with @jonioh! 😨 http://t.co/DYU3txloEU
@thelyingspirit beaming! πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ© (there was no cookie emoji)
Tony Cragg's Walks of Life at Madison Square Park. Every time I come here, that Shake Shack smells so… http://t.co/PoolCLPbOaMy girl's onπŸ”₯"@LLERO_ONLINE:Sultry, yet oh so sweet, there’s just something about Susana Victoria Perez @susana_vp http://t.co/XdoJcz4jlA"@oliviamunn @InStyle Oops. I did not follow directions well. #AskOlivia ? #Fail@DoubleSixx @Dan2335 I wish I could beam them to you guys. The balls were actually a good size! #nutbutterdeliveryDang it. I think I made the Nut Butter balls too big. http://t.co/XKcmGyvL34
Making Nut Butter Chia cookies while watching Louis CK. It makes hand mixing a lot less painful. http://t.co/D1QarxTV4u@oliviamunn @instyle Fave travel destination? And do you support Leslie Knope's philosophy: Ovaries before brovaries? πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­Luxy: β€œTinder without the poor and unattractive” Ew.
@Dan2335 @_Gerrad ahahaha! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ@_Gerrad Ooooo. What about the brows? All the way!@Dan2335 Got equine/narcotic needs? Better call...Dan. πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸŽπŸ’© #heroLol"@susana_vp: @ericach0 ok you need to stop...you are not andrew zimmern and your life is not an episode of Bizarre Foods...#intervention"@susana_vp It's the Asian in me!@jonioh UGHHHHH! I'm gonna need therapy. http://t.co/bvxDPCruwuTraumatized by eating a sea squirt last night. Disgusting. Not surprised they "eat their own brains". #aliens WTF http://t.co/MdposzvUd5Visions of Sunday brunch with @jonioh still dancing in my head! Maryland Crab Benedict from citycrabnyc http://t.co/MHbUsAZBbS@MattJSour I'm one of those who haven't watched it yet but I read the book and TOTALLY wanna talk plot details
@Dan2335 oh you're good. I failed to deliver.I'm saying Yes, Please to Yes, Please. Amy Poehler's 1st ever book!Worked a wedding last night + told the bridal party I was there to get them whatever they needed. The bridesmaid's request: Drugs + ponies.
Are you a Pizza Hut Book It! alumnus? I just got my adult badge for a free pizza! http://t.co/VyG6Y6oRjB #BookItKid
WHAT. Is this real http://t.co/Qcf0LWBGD3Talented writer. You will either love or hate the ending. And loathe the characters. Can't wait to see the changes in the movie. #GoneGirl
So far...I hate Amy's version of Nick and Nick's version of Amy. But like both of their 1st person thoughts. #HeSaidSheSaid #GoneGirl"There's something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold." Oooo...Thurs afternoon reading. #GoneGirlIt's happening. I see a down coat. And someone wearing a beanie with a poof ball. #WinterIsComing@Dan2335 Oooo. That could be interpreted as an insult! I was just being Chester!@Dan2335 it ain't easy being cheesy
So basically, I'm a frog. http://t.co/pmy4ZYqt4y
Burning off wine calories at the winery with @jonioh + ltnyc824 #LongIsland #NY http://t.co/mxGvmCDmZtI remember when I met director of Mean Girls Mark Waters at audition + on set after booking. He was so nice! πŸ˜„Unfortunately scene got πŸ”ͺ!😒Watching Mean Girls and already laughing at Anfernee.There's a Mean Girls 2?@Dan2335 @DoubleSixx stop. πŸ˜…@Kris561_ love it! You know you get a discount at Taco Bell with that, right?@DoubleSixx Haha. Well, I'm DEF the only me. You guys are great. @Dan2335@JCofNYC so sweet! What a support group! (Wait, that sounds like I'm in an addict/in therapy)@Dan2335 @DoubleSixx Thanks! Except Margaret Cho, John Cho, etc. Haha@MegumiHaggerty I know! Nothing should surprise us by now. Thank you and YOU slay that massive audition!!@DoubleSixx HOME RUN!!! (I'll try..haha)They're right, guys. Always be prepared. My December shoot date for an HBO project just got moved to this week! #acting@susana_vp @adronek it's a black hole!! Watch out!
Netflix deleting all good Halloween movies on Oct 1? Horror binge, it is! And Mean Girls. http://t.co/3CEb9kcCd6
Watching 1st ep of True Detective. Matthew McConaughey: so good at being weeeeeeird. "I don't sleep; I just dream."
@bizymare You're awesome! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘@bizymare thnx. Think I'll just have to take the plunge on the ios8.0.2 since I'm pretty frustrated with what happened after the ios8@bizymare Hi! How's the update working for you? I got ios8 for my iPad 3 and I swear it slowed down my browser + freezing apps.
@MegumiHaggerty @chrissyteigen YAASS. Love her + the blog makes me WANT to cook. Curse words = BONUSThis makes me insecure. Am I missing teeth? http://t.co/sHheKEPDCO@DoubleSixx @Dan2335 I appreciate you always looking out. *cue in Dave Chapelle's "Piss On You" hit song@Dan2335 @DoubleSixx I have standards.@foodpiging let's not be smug. I ate an old Babe Ruth I found in my sofa.@jonioh "Go to a sauna. A Korean sauna. That will boost your confidence." Oh boy.@jonioh Omg I totally want to ask my mom about this.@jonioh Aw man. Wtf. Hahaha. http://t.co/CWl27xIDyK@DoubleSixx I'm at home getting my LEARN on. Not in a dangerous sex dungeon! πŸ˜› Watching a great documentary.πŸ‘@PatrickMoote, you are a shining example of turning lemons into lemonade. This is fascinating."Pretty much any thing goes here sexually?" "No, we don't allow people to piss on people in this venue. It's hard on the floors." WHAT.Now he's trying to fix his penis size! So interesting! #UnhungHero #cockumentaryHis girl rejected his proposal on a Jumbotron due to his penis size. Leads to documentary #UnhungHero http://t.co/DTjOCS3mZz
Deer are a nuisance here. But they are still so beautiful. #FireIsland http://t.co/z7b1H68bhHWould you like some cake with that crab? @PhillipsSeafood http://t.co/oiuZoqehzl
Finally! The weekend begins. On the way to Fire Island to see some lovely faces! leebazak πŸ˜™ http://t.co/BsDYKbBkIrFlopping over demanding belly rubs. #Westie http://t.co/OeMedfNqSeThat random eos lip balm in the JLo Booty video.@chrissyteigen thank you @eacatalano! This is closer to my dream of having all of Chrissy's tweets in book form. No load time.
@Dan2335 Man. My husband. He's so hilarious. #proudwife
Goldfish undergoes surgery for removal of deadly tumor http://t.co/h1VU35PcKB via @TIME Thought this was a fake story with fake pics. Nope.
@DoubleSixx @awalker2334 Sure! We are going to share on social media. :)@DoubleSixx @awalker2334 Thanks, guys. It is our first time creating our own short film. Learned a lot!
The rainy walk to set! This crew does it in style. #wrapped http://t.co/w0zDrVktEQDay 1 shooting for @dallastravers #TinyFilmFestival. Can you tell I'm excited? #Repost β€” Boom… http://t.co/T9AEE040gt
@BurgerLift Could have really used your help today! :) http://t.co/peE22e4CTuOne of my FAVE pics with @emt701 ! #travel #Patagonia #VW #tbt http://t.co/eSIC3Mwe2f@carlkli @A24Films can't wait to watch you in this!@halyleysmith we got stuck in Portsmouth an hour away from you. We almost just drove there for fun to bug Aly and you last night.Breaking News: Oscar Pistorius Not Guilty of Murder; Court Adjourns With Lesser Charge Pending http://t.co/AA1baOeON2
Retweeted by Erica ChoCar broke down in NH. Watching Obama give speech on ISIS here. #TwilightZone http://t.co/To5fkGRS87
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