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Got rid of 2 of my Destiny beta codes. I'll dump one more via twitter sometime today, so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck!@Ioopin You got my last "exclusive" one. Make haste! JQX7M-227FY-JM4K3-JR7GT-JTXXZ@ColtonUlness Haha, maybe you shouldn't have RT'd it right away!@mikeryan I'm 25.@ColtonUlness Here you go: 2XX7G-F2KKR-KW3WR-GQY7K-CCYJZ@mikeryan I think I'm exactly above you 10 or so floors.Alright, I have some Xbox One Destiny Beta Codes (have to be in the Americas for them to work). Who wants one?@PeterSHall @Aaron_Morgan @Rob__McCallum Judging by that cover the word "movie" is pretty generous.@Rob__McCallum @PeterSHall Still say it should have been called Hellivator.I managed to squeak out a Scream and Shout column before the madness of Comic-Con. My thoughts on The Final Terror: http://t.co/tgboOHQ9XG@kkjordan @PeterSHall I wanted Michael Caine, too, but refused to spend $400 extra on the batsuit chamber. Hope they sell Marty by himself@kkjordan @PeterSHall Who cares about the DeLorean? There are 500,000 different cool DeLoreans you can buy. That Marty figure, tho.@PeterSHall I can buy a bigger, better TV for $190?@PeterSHall Yet you had two kids!@devincf and rightly so! DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!Great Scott! I'm pre-ordering immediately! (HT @Aaron_Morgan) http://t.co/pRYrQDfkbA@MondoNews as long as I don't catch @sirmitchell's flight delay cooties that is@MondoNews give me an hour and 20. :)Playing Pick The Comic-Con Attendee Game during my Phoenix layover has been fun. Cap America tees & poster tubes have been the big giveawaysIt’s official. MANDATORY FUN enters the Billboard album chart this week at #1. Wow. WOW.
Retweeted by Eric VespeiPod shuffle as I prepared to leave for SDCC: Don't Worry, Baby and Suicide is Painless. Best case: mixed signals. Worst case: iPod is evil.
90% packed, schedule's as tight as I can make it, alarm set for 4am and boarding passes printed. Comic-Con, I'm coming for you.@geveeso @sirmitchell @Aaron_Morgan @BuIIet_Ego Haha, there those fuckers are. I look forward to never ever playing them again.@GermainLussier Same.@bradmiska @elmayimbe I can't wait for Kevin Feige to reveal one of your twists way early! Then we'll truly live in Bizzaro World.@M_R_Fish I prefer "double-positive" because it's awesome.Attempting to get a Scream and Shout column out before I leave for Comic-Con butt-ass early in the morning.Party-wise I think I'm only doing the Hitfix shindig and the Sin City 2 thing at SDCC. Bad for elbow-rubbing, good for my love of sleep.@Aaron_Morgan @DrewAtHitFix @devincf @midnight Nobody would be able to figure out who's ringing in and scoring points.@Aaron_Morgan @DrewAtHitFix @devincf @midnight It'd be an honor. But if they wanted to fuck with the audience it'd be me, Drew and Guillermo@alamogreg @popmortem @jcdeleon1 @drafthouse Fair enough.@alamogreg @popmortem @jcdeleon1 @drafthouse Well, then shed an extra tear for me when Pete refuses to play tic-tac-toe on Elliot's chest.@popmortem @alamogreg @jcdeleon1 @drafthouse Tell the Alamo to hold the print for me so I can watch it when I get back.@popmortem @alamogreg @jcdeleon1 @drafthouse I'd definitely be there if it wasn't for stoopid Comic-Con.Marvel role? ....hehehe ... I'm dam right aiming for it
Retweeted by Eric VespeFind out about the MONDO toys availability, pricing, pre-orders and more: http://t.co/m2THaGpjOT
Retweeted by Eric VespeInterviewing @joe_hill at Comic-Con. Tempted to ask him to sign my Creepshow one-sheet. He is on it after all. http://t.co/0nv05DAAm7
I gotta say I'm loving how used the universe is looking in Star Wars Episode VII. http://t.co/mlN2B1NRoX@DrGMLaTulippe No war, just a rich douchey white guy thing that's a personal pet peeve.
@PeterSHall You sure that's not a Rick Baker Eddie Murphy fat suit? The fact he's only fat from the eye-line down gives away the gag.@newbiedm @slashfilm You're nuts. That movie came out in 1993. LOL ROFLSNOWPIERCER--holy shit, what a movie! Try to see it in an actual theater!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DudeOfTheHouse @slashfilm French Quarter, New Orleans.Enjoying fried chicken at Coop's place with @EricVespe http://t.co/LCR9j3MRuq
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@mattkward I have no idea what you're talking about@devincf Not a surprise, though. Fox still hates us, I think.@devincf Oh really? I'm in New Orleans, but I haven't been invited to FF. Weird.@FinnJ I'll be there with bells on!@tsgraveline I can also give you some old titles hat helped get me into classics: Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Casablanca, The Third Man@tsgraveline Took a class at UT where the prof would discuss mise-en-scene by showing frames from Citizen Kane and Aliens, for example@tsgraveline I can tell you that the best way to get kids invested is to draw examples from classics AND current films they love@devincf The smell... I need a GIF of Colbert suppressing a dry heave...@FinnJ Don't worry, I'll kill the stinky-footed alpha that infected you so you'll return to normal.@FinnJ Noooo! They got you, too!?!@mattkward Imagine the smell. Unreal.@jettek It is and they are. But still.See, I'm not lying! This is like the 8th shoes/no socks guy! http://t.co/vteKSOxRPx@mattkward You're telling me!I'm in the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton. So. Many. White. People. Wearing. Shoes. But. Not. Socks.@Lazyfist I guess we'll find out.@RobKotaska Let them get excited! As much as I hate the prequels I still treasure the anticipation and the lead up.Did you know I took the first space selfie during Gemini 12 mission in 1966? BEST SELFIE EVER http://t.co/JfPAiVXmLk http://t.co/DuwDXvcDmp
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Iceman525 the new one Badass Digest is reporting.@slashfilm shoot me a text when you get to the hotel@slashfilm learn! Poker is fun!@slashfilm come play poker with me when you get in!Gotta say, I really dig the rumored Star Wars VII plot synopsis. Much of it jibes with the bits and pieces I've been hearing.@NordlingAICN thanks for grabbing the story. At the airport at the moment@devincf it would be awesome if it is, but an old man hand. Would be a major coincidence if it is Empire and somehow falls to Tatooine@devincf sounds cool to me, though. Good scoop!@devincf maybe it's just me but I didn't necessarily read that as Luke's hand from Empire@DrewAtHitFix can't wait to visit!On the other hand, Lex's "It's an interactive CD-ROM!" line always gets a laugh.I've seen a few retrospective screenings of Jurassic Park. Every time "It's a Unix system. I know this!" is said, cheers from the audience"I bring scientists, you bring a rock star... There it is!" Music swells and I still get goosebumps to this very day.@TruculentTexan Hurry, there's still time to jump into Jurassic World!@mikejoh they didn't help, that's for sure.Can you believe Laura Dern was 25 when she shot Jurassic Park? When I saw the movie at 12 she looked like a for real adult. She was a baby!@bmargherito I'm plum out. Sorry.@mikejoh @DrewAtHitFix I'm all set, but Mr. Drew might need one.@mjlavoie22 @DrewAtHitFix Could have sworn you were PS3 and Xbox One. I'd offer you one of my XB1 codes, but you'll be at SDCC with me.@DrewAtHitFix Do you have a PS4, too?@DrewAtHitFix I literally gave away my last one. :(@Willy_Evans Have fun. Kick some Fallen ass for me.My PS4 Destiny Beta codes are wiped out! I'll have some Xbox One codes I'll give away on the 23rd. Stay tuned.@Willy_Evans You got the last one. In the words of Tom Hanks "Earn this!" 6P79-LRNN-JLFE@iObeeyGod__ Here you go: T4P8-QEN2-MCDR. Enjoy!@mjlavoie22 EL85-BFNR-J3FN. Enjoy!@iObeeyGod__ Are you in America? (Forgot to put that part in the tweet)I have a PS4 Destiny Beta code (playable now)! Who wants one?Can I just say how much I love that Vin Diesel is doing press for a movie in which his animated character only says three words?@BrianWCollins Had a major crush on her since I was a kid and saw IT.@headgeek666 Shield your eyes! It's like looking into the sun!
@alonelikmacauly Must... resist... obvious... joke...@PulpGordon @scottEweinberg One is illegal, one isn't. Simple, really.@scottEweinberg @PulpGordon Um... the legal permission of the rights holders?@GermainLussier MyahahaseengwwaaurdiianssobdagaawexxynyahnyahI am going to disappear when Destiny actually comes out. Sorry, friends and family.It's safe to say between the Alpha and the Beta I've spent more time playing Destiny than 90% of games that have actually been releasedStephen King & Drew Barrymore at the premiere of Firestarter, 1984 http://t.co/4ljvlsJYLl
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