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@Kovac_nz no idea, but Gamer Gate is now synonymous with misogyny. They're never going to get anyone to take them seriously.I know it's probably not a good idea to kick the hornet's nest, but what the hell? That's what Twitter's for, right?If you're really up in arms about ethics in journalism you might want to rebrand your movement at this point. The crazies have taken over.When I hear Gamer Gate guys talk about their cause I am reminded of the guys who insist the Civil War was only about state's rights.@scottEweinberg @Ti_West @NerdistDotCom @DonCoscarelli I have a soft spot for that movie, but it's not the best version of that story@Ti_West @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Sold. You should talk to @DonCoscarelli. He came very close to making the '80s one.@Ti_West @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Would you want to do it more like King's book? Once a month incident over a year?@scottEweinberg It wouldn't be hard to make a better movie, but you can't beat the poster and/or tagline.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom the one pure character is the gay coach who loses everything just because of prejudice.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom flick was also way ahead of its time with its depiction of homosexuals, too.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom She can definitely bring the crazy.@StillWynning Hey, we ended up pulling it off last night. Sorry, man.@SlanderDome @scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom That's tricky because you have to find someone who is legitimately kinda crazy. Amanda Plummer?@scottEweinberg @NerdistDotCom Night Warning (aka Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker). Big time.Data & Mikey @SeanAstin #thegoonies http://t.co/sPGwoVmHUN
Retweeted by Eric VespeAny Xbox One Destiny players want to come help cheese Atheon on Hard? Got a save point.
@TimothyDowling I think the theatrical is a little better. I mean, the movie's already bloated, you know...There's no illness on this earth that can't be helped by 14 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Except Cancer... or most illnesses, I guess.Cary Grant in talks for Doctor Strange.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@GermainLussier Yeah, nothing official or on the record, but I did get to chat with him a little.@GermainLussier There's something in there I can twist to sound vaguely, but I'm not gonna.@sirmitchell Some day!Some dumbshit I don't know on my Facebook news feed just said Tremors 2 was better than Tremors, so I'm going to turn off the internet now.@ryanlambert111 you leavin' me hanging, bro? Man!But it did me good to hear Quan still talk like his child self. Same inflection, same accent, just deeper voice. That somehow calms meI got to tell Jonathan Ke Quan my idea of Short Round becoming a villain in a future Indiana Jones movie and he was shocked at the prospect
No line for autographs with THE HOBBITT's Fredegar Chubb himself, Mr. @EricVespe! http://t.co/hX3KoC699c
Retweeted by Eric VespeHey, it's me and Marion! http://t.co/IWhMU1ABmq@SiUttley oh, I'm definitely making an Ebola jokeGot some stupid nasal drip thing that started last night, now I sound like a squeaky teenager. Perfect timing.You know that thing when you have to speak with Karen Allen in front if a large crowd and your voice is going? That's happening right nowGot to introduce myself to Marion Ravenwood and tackle some hobbits. No sign of contracting Ebola. Successful Dallas trip so far.I was eye-balling this original Bugsy Malone poster art, but it got too rich for my blood (CC @edgarwright) : http://t.co/4taqb1kI4h@NicholasAC Yeah. I already bit off more than I could chew by buying my first original poster art piece last year. Expensive hobby!@realmikefreeman naw, Profiles In History's auction.@bdgrabinski A Derrick never runs.
@RockieWarAntz http://t.co/MeHay5KIsG@ToddPiken No! This was my shot and I blew it! (read in Pacino voice)I'm just a smidge too poor to afford collecting matte paintings. Lost out on this Cabin in the Sky matte, too: http://t.co/5pTdbhH9AE@kenibyk I'll drink to your leg!@lennyukdeejay only $500. *only*Here is the Another Thin Man matte painting I lost out on. Pretty, no? http://t.co/qCSUCqPHYdSomehow just showed amazing restraint and didn't overbid (for my bank account) on a beautiful b/w matte painting from Another Thin Man.@GermainLussier But seriously, don't you want to go?@Jon_Favreau Happy birthday! Let me know when I can come visit and pester you all day.@GermainLussier @MondoNews there's some Golden Age matte paintings up for auction later today that are temptingly priced (so far)Watching the livestream of the new Profiles in History auction and missing my irresponsible bidding buddy @MondoNews.@JordanPeele ohhh man. I wish i could answer that, but Jaleel is lurking on twitter... 😨
Retweeted by Eric Vespe.@rveljohnson Follow up question. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being perfect) How accurate was the sketch we did on Key & Peele?
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Daniel_Eady Weaver's beautiful, but a little man-ish for my taste.@Adam_Fn_Green I think it's safe to say I'm a brunette man either way.Trying to decide if my perfect woman is Myrna Loy circa The Thin Man or Karen Allen circa Animal House. Tough call.@scottEweinberg Very hopeful for that one. Heard some not great things from a recent test screening, but you can never tell with those.@thefountain73 good call!I just saw the news that Robert Redford is in talks to play the Pete's Dragon's remake's version of Lampie and I just about lost my shit
@ReelDistraction looks like Doug Jones.@MovieElijahWood @dallascomiccon I am. I heard there are hobbitses there, too.The Man. The Myth. #TheOne. Keanu Reeves returns to action glory as #JohnWick on 10/24! http://t.co/FtGGJSNnlx
Retweeted by Eric VespeTop of the list of things to ask Karen Allen: Will you be my goddamn partner?Unless things fall through in the next 24 hours I'll be hosting a conversation with this lady in Dallas on Saturday: http://t.co/ntFRKEtHKp@MovieElijahWood We'll see how it actually is, but I'm excited for it. On paper it's the most amazing thing ever.@FilmCritHULK amend: "smelling SOMEONE ELSE'S bad burp is worse."Spent the evening with @burnie and the rest of the RT crew on a movie set. I didn't say which one! #NDA
I can never get this FaceTime thing to work. All I hear is whispering behind me... http://t.co/uimSFJGiklYOU'RE KILLING YOUR FATHER, CHARLIE BROWN!IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK, CHARLIE BROWN?@T_Lawson pretty sure it's $70/mo for non-capped gigabit service. Price I heard with cable is $120-$150/mo.Oh, man. I'm going to be unbearably braggy this Christmas. Sorry in advance. http://t.co/4pSjqwpiCv@loquaciousmuse ... You said "it costume."@loquaciousmuse I know! http://t.co/xLXbFCPX99@smurfwreck @ZackRyder @AshleyBank Ashley knows she can borrow the amulet whenever she wants. For like 5 minutes only, but still.@JacobSHall @PeterSHall @misterpatches our numbers increase. Soon all will think as we do. Oh yes. Soon. Soooooooon@greymunford @benfritz And Supergirl in the early '80s, too.@devincf "Here's your fucking Superhero movies!" -Warner Bros
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@colliderfrosty @devincf I'm shocked they didn't at least separate the Potterverse movies out from all the DC stuff.@GigawattConduit I'm talking about the final moment with Zod.@GigawattConduit will defend that choice forever. Zod hurt Superman the most by putting him in an unwinnable situation.@misterpatches we should form a support group.@baddladd Woo-hoo!I'm one of the only people left online who will admit they dug Man of Steel. I'm pulling for WB/DC, but that slate dump is a head-scratcherAm I the only one that reads that WB lineup and feels like they're throwing everything against a wall and seeing what sticks?@newbiedm The more doggedly he tries to protect the mystery of the movie the more people take it as a challenge to leak it, I guess.@dwbarbour d'oh!@dwbarbour that thing's worth real money now! I regret not buying the lobbies back when you could get them for $15-$25 each.@aaronsagers Yeah, they're probably worth, like, eight bucks. Each. #moneymoneymoneyFifteen years ago I was working at a movie theater which had to add locks to its display cases because Fight Club posters kept disappearing@ryanlambert111 Dude, Used Cars is so damn good. I remember liking it, but I flat out loved it when I revisited it earlier this year.Favorite part about this "How to Hire Bill Murray" article: finding out that Bill loves In-N-Out as much as me: http://t.co/oUJ2ax5mWMBob Gale talks about the craziness of 1941 including stories about Milius, Spielberg and pissing off John Wayne: http://t.co/RqH5O9RcMe@LeDoctor @colintrevorrow Perfect!This made me smile at almost 6am, so I thought I'd pass it along. http://t.co/NyWINNZOxQ@geveeso Not on my end, at least. Still chest farming on Mars, trying to upgrade my new weapons/armor on my alts@geveeso no, but party just went tits up
By the way, Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special sounds like his take on Firestarter. Kid with special powers and dad on the run. Sold!So, that Lieberher kid I was praising? Next two gigs are for Cameron Crowe and co-starring with Michael Shannon in Jeff Nichols' new joint.@Laguna_Nigel Haha, yeah. I couldn't pronounce it to save my life (the Jaeden part I got)@sakura_59 you said it, sister!Unless his parents pull him from the business, I think you're going to see a ton of Jaeden Lieberher in the coming years. Kid's got talent!@PocalypseCow Did you just call the late, great Harold Ramis an elephant!?!@A_Dry_Cool_Wit @jonboyer @BrianLynch @todd_farmer @DrewAtHitFix @MysteryExec @scottEweinberg using those things as shortcuts = bad art
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