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Wrapped up my interview with Keanu Reeves. I miiiight have made him promise me that if Bill and Ted 3 ever happens he'd bring back Station.Fantastic Fest trends I'm noticing this year include dog-killing and long scenes of people brushing their teeth while looking in the mirror@kkjordan Sweet! Can't head over until around 4-ish now, so hopefully it stays that way!Cub reviewed! Will try to pick off another review between interviews, MondoCon & my Fantastic Fest evening schedule. http://t.co/nAR05LUSEu@kkjordan Good to know. Keep me updated! Aaron and I want to head over and check it out today!@TheJoeLynch @josh_ethier Also, God help you, Joe.@TheJoeLynch @josh_ethier Oh, Christ. You're fighting Eithier? He tricked me into calling you a mongoloid, Josh. I didn't know!@gholson @jhoffman Yep, next to Kirby and Half-Price Books on Lamar. Drafthouse is right in the middle between Chuys and Torchy's@jhoffman Depends if you want a sit down place or not. Both are excellent Tex-Mex options.@TheJoeLynch Well, you asked. Good luck on both, by the way. Had a good 5 movie run yesterday. Don't fuck it up for me.@TheJoeLynch Watching your movie and then seeing you beat up some mongoloid in a ring.The heart & soul of @fantasticfest. The tireless @FantasticMadi and @halliehh. If you're at the festival, thank them. http://t.co/084AEivTLi
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@Reichsbrenner @ReciRaider @ManMadeMoon if you're in the US, Hulu might have Brazil. They had a bunch of criterion titles@ReciRaider @ManMadeMoon Sorry for the wonky text. Stuff got messed up in a server transition a few years back and nobody's fixed it yet@popmortem @scottmbeggs Haven't heard of 'em, but I like no wait/good BBQ.@ReciRaider @ManMadeMoon Coding's all messed up and pics are broken, but you can still read the chat here: http://t.co/i7iKJJlmKQ@popmortem @scottmbeggs You're just saying that because it sounds German and you want Scott to feel at home.@ManMadeMoon @ReciRaider Gilliam's great. Got to talk to him for 30 mins for Parnassus. Was such a joy and a fantastic conversationalist@scottmbeggs @ManMadeMoon Deal!@FakeScottYoung Yep, that and MondoCon and still more FF movies. Gonna be crazy-insane.Before I crash, thanks to everybody who pin traded with me at Fantastic Fest today! Still got some of the limited edition pins, FYI.Alright, no reviews tonight. Have to get a little bit of sleep. Got some good stuff to write about tomorrow, though. Stay tuned!@Ruzty75 @ManMadeMoon Oh, man are you in for it.@scottmbeggs @ManMadeMoon DON'T BUTT INTO MY PUBLIC CONVERSATION WITH DUNCAN JONES, SCOTT! DAMN! (just kidding, Scott's good people)@ManMadeMoon I liked that one, too. Not wholly successful, but Gilliam through and through.@ManMadeMoon @Jon_Favreau It's good, right? Almost as good as those cuban sandwiches they were for-real making on that trailer.@mattkward Kiwi Pizza Hut is even grosser than American Pizza Hut.@goatboyuk Box says Region A. That's bad, right? That sounds bad.I owe 2 Scream and Shout columns already (both partially written), but I think all of Oct I'll go through the Halloween set one by one.@MURCHDOGG Honestly haven't seen any of the Danielle Harris ones in full since they first hit cable.@MURCHDOGG I'd go so far to say 3 and half are worth a shit. I like a lot of H20, love 1, 2 and 3.@bdgrabinski But I couldn't help myself because it's limited and fancy and all in one spot and came with a cool poster.@bdgrabinski Yeah, I felt stupid right after I ordered because I own great Blus of the only 3 I really give a shit about.It's totally not fair that this arrived two days into Fantastic Fest. #totally http://t.co/6QeUqa8VYZIt Follows was pretty damn good. Brilliant premise and original supernatural mythology combine with very likable young actors.
Interview scheduled with Ted Theodore Logan tomorrow. #mostexcellent@Ti_West loved the voicemail callout, sir@RandyOfAFTimes it happens and it's over, so they don't dwell on it. Works, for sureYeh, John Wick is the kind of straight forward action exploitation flick I miss from the big screen.@RobertKazinsky Destiny is at its best once you finish the iffy story mode and just start building your character@slidellman4life i definitely caught it, but didn't want to ruin everything in the movie.#3tonsofhimNext up is Keanu's boy and his dog flick John Wick. #fantasticfestThe Hive is a contagion film with a dash of Evil Dead. Well done low budget bit of gruesomeness with a genuinely sweet love story underneath@RAWRnivore awww, suck!@RAWRnivore we're in 4Hey @fantasticfest peeps, if you want the PINK Darrow limited pin, go the lobby and buy a basic set, then find Kristen in Highball to trade!
Retweeted by Eric VespeForce Majeure and Cannon doc Electric Boogaloo are both great. Five movie day off to a FANTASTIC start. See what I did there?You can find other limited pins with @timalamo, @atxstoryboards and @Aaron_Morgan (last two pictured below)! http://t.co/NFswIrE6hfI finally have the limited edition trader pins for you Fantastic Festers. Come find me if you want to trade. http://t.co/W07wyd8Lk7@Njptoys not with 3 he can't!PARANORMAL ACTIVITY cost 3k. I read that somewhere. That means all movies cost too much. It's just math. #TalkLikeAPirateDay
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@woodelijah you're missed, by the way. Not quite the same without ya!@woodelijah wouldn't have it any other way! Let's hope my midnight rocks or I'm in trouble.Looking down the barrel at a five movie day while working on just around 3 hours of sleep. Must be Fantastic Fest...@DrakeFilmScore Forgot to mention it in my Tusk review, but great job on the score, man!Really want to write up Cub, but I have to be awake in 5 hours for Day 2... Might have to save that one for tomorrow.Got my review of Kevin Smith's Tusk finished up: http://t.co/fC3La0C17K@RAWRnivore @simonpegg You're a good egg, you are.@DrGMLaTulippe You and me both, brother. #dontbeagun@TimothyDowling Just us chickens!@simonpegg I'm not that transparent, am I? But for real, I thought you turned in a great performance there. You should be proud.@simonpegg PS I thought you were great in Hector, by the way. Thumbs up!@simonpegg I was wondering why you were following me. Sure isn't for my witty insight...This weekend's going to be super crazy with both Fantastic Fest and MondoCon. Now to get as many reviews written as my tired eyes allow...The only Fantastic Fest movie I saw today I didn't love was Realiti. Some smart ideas, but was hurt by the low budget.Man, Cub was right up my alley. Great photography, kids in peril and elaborate Rube Goldberg traps. Creepy, smart, funny slasher.@RealKerriKing his one's what I wanted the first to be. Not flawless but really fun.ABCs of Death 2 is leaps and bounds better than the first, by the way. Not all segments hit, but a surprising few completely miss.
@BrianUdovich no, that's the HighballKevin Smith says he's remaking Jaws but with a moose. It is literally called Moose Jaws and Jay and Silent Bob could very well show up"Happy people don't make good art. I'm happy so I have to make weird art." - Kevin Smith at the Q&ATusk could lose 5 minutes of a certain a-list star ad libbing but the film is so batshit nuts I couldn't help but give myself over to itAfter Red State I never thought it'd be me sticking up for a Kevin Smith movie against a negative critical tide, but I kinda loved Tusk.@chayblanc haha, I don't even have them yet. Hopefully later tonight. Ill tweet it when I have them in-hand@GermainLussier okay@GermainLussier I'm enjoying the comforts of my home.Day 1 of Fantastic Fest commences shortly. On the docket: Kevin Smith's Tusk, @MrJonathanKing's Realiti and Belgian boy scout horror Cub.
@ManMadeMoon I tweeted about it yesterday! I know it's not Preacher related, but pay attention, man!@ldmullen @slashfilm aaaaaahhhhhhh. I knew there was something more I was missing.@ldmullen @slashfilm Maze Runner? Trip to Dallas? No way. It's not bad, but not worth a 6 hour round trip@edgarwright That's how I saw it! I think we're the coolest. By we, naturally I mean you. PS See you soon, fella.Laika has another winner with The Boxtrolls. Charming, touching, weird and a lot of other good words.@AsiaArgento I love your work as well, and your father is the Greatest horror film maker ever.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@roxanne73 that's some John Carpenter shit right there.So weird seeing @ridley_daisy practice for her driving theory test in costume on her iPad :/ ....good luck girl!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@ASamanthaRae I'm technically only supposed to trade for other FF pins, but for Wall-E and you I'll make an exception.@scottmbeggs yay!
Good God in heaven. RT: @larryfire Krispy Kreme To Sell Ghostbusters Themed Doughnuts http://t.co/NSLiqKpbHG@RAWRnivore @Aaron_Morgan @Kaela_Morgan @fantasticfest It's alright. Kinda fun, even if my fingertips are all sore now.Car battery crapped out when dropping off the pins today. Not sure what this means, but I hope it was a worthy sacrifice to the pin gods.@PhilNobileJr @fantasticfest that's a question for @timalamo@Jinzo_Ningen I don't know what you mean. I only see a snowy mountaintop@DrewAtHitFix @fakejenblair @fantasticfest it's just a snowy mountaintop, Tosh... Just a snowy mountaintop...I love all the pins, but @atxstoryboards's Flying Spaghetti Monster & Chaos Reigns are particularly awesome.Those special edition pins I mentioned were designed by Geof Darrow and can be seen here: http://t.co/aAxRy9zT0SFor Fantastic Festers interested in pin trading, we'll have limited edition pins that you can only get by trading one from those setsI've been helping the @fantasticfest people develop a pin set. What do you guys think so far? http://t.co/kIC0YVLXjB@Luceobrien It's true! Sadly, all my regular folks are Xbox and I'm addicted to upping my gamerscore. :(@Luceobrien ::Morpheus Voice:: What if I told you... I already had a PS4?@Luceobrien This could be us, but you be playin' (PS4). http://t.co/N2a6KuNWHL
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