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@TheGMcConnachie @bdgrabinski @PeterSHall He's credited as Managing Editor. Likely means he didn't have to show anybody before he posted.@blbennett @mtgilchrist @bdgrabinski @PeterSHall I looked at the wrong account. Verge guy still a douche. Confused with "YesItsAlistair"@TheGMcConnachie @bdgrabinski @PeterSHall Yes, that's him! Sorry for the mixup. Back to "Fuck that Verge guy!" now.@bdgrabinski @PeterSHall And he's managing editor, so I don't know if he's going to automatically be jettisoned as if he was a staff writer@bdgrabinski @PeterSHall Huh... that doesn't look like the guy I saw apologizing for the article. WHO WAS APOLOGIZING FOR THE ARTICLE?!?@PeterSHall Really? Last night it was all apologies, acknowledgment that he fucked up, etc.@PeterSHall Have you seen his twitter post-story? He's just a kid and knows he fucked up royally. Turned me from angry to sad about all this@lennyukdeejay @firstshowing If you travel internationally much at all then go for Global Entry. Comes with PreCheck.@lennyukdeejay @firstshowing Depends on where you are. You need to be able to do an in-person interview. Start here: http://t.co/Zrbwdwk6n2@DrewAtHitFix @kkjordan @DrGMLaTulippe https://t.co/tSikL9XJ3e@kkjordan @DrGMLaTulippe Who would ever say that?!?@DrGMLaTulippe @kkjordan In Austin there was no way to apply just for precheck because there's not an interview center here.@DrGMLaTulippe @kkjordan It comes with TSA Precheck and is only $15 more. If you never travel internationally then just do the PreCheck@kkjordan @DrGMLaTulippe Yeah, to become a member means the precheck is for any time I travel, not dependent on airlines loyalty programs@kkjordan I paid $100 (for 5 years) for a permanent any airline PreCheck and GlobalEntry (which allows me to skip customs/immigration lines)@DrGMLaTulippe But everything I've read is that unless you're a felon or had to be deported from a foreign country, you're OK@DrGMLaTulippe The only BS part of it is the $100 fee, which is theirs whether they approve you or not.@DrGMLaTulippe Click the "how to apply" thing for the full link.@DrGMLaTulippe http://t.co/8z2f7HhCaz@kkjordan Do you have frequent flier cards? Some airlines automatically give you TSA pre-check@DrGMLaTulippe ... for a more timely interview time.@DrGMLaTulippe Just need to apply. My original interview date was December, so if you do it, make sure to keep checking back on the websiteGlobal Entry/TSA PreCheck Membership achievement unlocked! Travel is now going to be less awful!Sitting at Homeland Security office (not in trouble, don't worry) and janitors just came in to dust and I'm 97% convinced they're spies.@mattkward prepare to be pissed
@iamchoppah @jarrettem yes, bonus access to thousands of movies. Heh.@jarrettem splitting bills at my place would be about $500 a month. Comes with internet, bed, private bathroom and all utilities@jarrettem what price range are they looking at?@devincf @verge I wonder if admitting pirating the movie in public puts the author in a legal danger zone@bigtotoro Take solace in the fact that no matter what JJ does it can not be any worse than the prequels.@EricVespe Yes, at Skellig Michael. http://t.co/NiHWQ5rgsN
Retweeted by Eric VespeWhat comforts me as a film fan is the likelihood that whatever Edgar Wright directs next, I'll still be re-watching in 20 years.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@JoShea2012 I've seen some photos of the crew setting up down there. Exciting times!@eyesris Don't believe so.Word on the street is Episode 7 is filming in Ireland and Luke Skywalker is involved. Let that percolate in the nerd-brain for a bit.@RandyOfAFTimes No worries, man. I appreciate it!@RandyOfAFTimes I've heard of such magic things and it upsets me. But I have a feeling is be plucked from the line if I went@RandyOfAFTimes for one hour this evening, but exclusively at LAX. :)@STARS_TyranT Marvel was very consistent. The Bats/Supes 30 seconds was pretty close, though.@GermainLussier No such thing!Comic-Con has been over since 5pm yesterday. I've been asleep for almost every minute since then and I somehow still feel tired.@Jason_Chatfield @leithmcp Ha! Me and my dirty mouth...Rod Serling, Creator and Host of The Twilight Zone, 1964 http://t.co/QfX5k06Yn5
Retweeted by Eric Vespe
@bdgrabinski @Aaron_Morgan Yay! Jooooiiinnnnn usssss.@bdgrabinski @Aaron_Morgan Come play with us when it comes out!@Aaron_Morgan how can you get revenge on someone you can't see? http://t.co/ZtZ9lXbfTaEnded my Comic-Con by playing Evolve, the newest game from the folks that did Left 4 Dead. I killed the shit out of @Aaron_Morgan@Ian_Gibson good plan! It was good seeing you two! Hope you had a little fun in that madhouse@Ian_Gibson wait! Guillermo didn't buy enough shit! There's still time!@M_R_Fish hey, Captain America look at me!Ah, damn. The Age of Ultron footage leaked. https://t.co/AVN1sOw8gN@el_gray Reilly Brown, I think@slashfilm how dare you?!?@slashfilm if you and your crew haven't eaten, we're grabbing lunch at Spaghetti Factory right nowOkay, I made my big Con purchase. First piece of Deadpool art also features Cap and Bucky: http://t.co/7qzzBE1iQ8@AgentM I brought my membership card, but couldn't make the panel! Sounds like you guys had fun!@DGSimo The flares going off in that overhead shot of the chase? So sweet!That Mad Max footage is about 60 seconds or so shorter than what we saw. Max eats that two-headed lizard.If you didn't believe me when I said Fury Road looks fantastic, here's a trimmed down version of what I saw at SDCC: https://t.co/oVqSQjII1s@AlexJive @headgeek666 It's all early. Designs were right out of the game, but big budget movie versions. No real money shots in footage@ReelDistraction @ldmullen @jarrettem That's okay. I'm not fond of it, personally. Was just trying to think of his most famous/big movie@ldmullen @ReelDistraction @jarrettem Not even Gone With the Wind?@AlexJive @headgeek666 not a bad comparison@DingoBeyond he looked great, was told he has very few lines in the movie.I'm AT San Diego ComicCon and am blown away by @EricVespe's coverage. Killing it.
Retweeted by Eric VespeMad Max: Fury Road footage was weird, great, violent and epic. Start getting excited, folks. http://t.co/ddmich8NsyIt's 4:30am. I'm calling it a night, but I still wrote about Mad Max: Fury Road! Link coming...Incredible TV spot for The Shining composed entirely of alternate takes from the film: http://t.co/eU6ZA8rYFL via @overlookhotel@ShafOne Warcraft showed footage and they're not releasing until 2016!@fierengraw @MiddleEarthNews Peter's words, not mine. :)@ShafOne Oh, man. Me too. No Disney panel so no Tomorrowland or Star Wars.I dug the Ant-Man footage. Here I talk about my conflicting emotions about the project and detail the Hall H panel: http://t.co/BDbHALe4Mz@loquaciousmuse I'm where all the loud music is. Is that where you is?@loquaciousmuse @ryangallagher Ah, crap. I'll play hooky for a bit. Don't tell everybody else that Ant-Man write up is on hold!@ryangallagher @loquaciousmuse I'm staying at the Bayfront, though... And I'm lazy.@xymarla hahahaha@DrGMLaTulippe @loquaciousmuse Well I never!@loquaciousmuse Hilton? Bayfront?@loquaciousmuse Bullshit. You haven't gotten to hug me yet. It can't be the best. #math #science #truestoryInternet is back! Powering through. Soon to come: My thoughts on Ant-Man. We'll see if I can't get Mad Max done as well!Internet is down at the hotel again. I'm so exhausted I'm about to give in to sleep, but will write up Ant-Man to post in the morning@colliderfrosty If I'm reading this right, you're advocating butt-sex. #fuckassholes@DrGMLaTulippe @BoobsRadley I pretty much only play it in Vegas. I'm a sucker for Three Card Poker, too, because I won $600 in 1 hand once@BoobsRadley @DrGMLaTulippe I'm a poker guy, but only because I've been reamed by blackjack way too many times.@BoobsRadley @DrGMLaTulippe What's your game?@CarterNixon indeed! Blooper!Grabbing a quick bite to eat, but the Ant-Man panel description is up next
Here's a ton of photos and highlights from the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel: http://t.co/y4XdyBvCCY http://t.co/4pE8anxoDV@elmayimbe I think the reaction to everybody was big. It was muted when Peyton was brought out, for sure. Still a sore spot.@devincf Iconic imagery, built in fanbases... it's only a matter of time.@BrettRedacted Naw. Just like all the shitty Superhero movies didn't squander this run we're on. Someone just has to get it right first.@devincf Once that levee breaks it's going to break real big. I honestly believe that's the next wave ala superhero movies.Either WARCRAFT or LAST OF US is going to be the film that cracks video game movies. We're so close.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@alexpardee nope.Here's my detailed rundown of the Avengers: Age of Ultron footage! http://t.co/8XOtANWBbJ@alviscardi judging by the footage screened today, very much so. Much higher contrast. Blacks were inky black, etc.It also should be noted that the Avengers 2 footage had a creepy version of Pinnochio's "I Got No Strings" song playing throughout@dtuck318 Sorry, I wasn't clear... I meant the first Avengers. The new footage for Ultron looked fantastic.@kjseo agree 100%. It's also the 1st movie I preferred watching in 3D b/c it brought the stops down theatrically, took some of the sheen offAge of Ultron looks like a real deal, down and dirty film. That excited me more than just about everything they showed.
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