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Erin Go Dodgers @erinscafe The Greater Los Angeles Area

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. I grok Twitter. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/VtTudFjXyo

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Adam filed an extension for taxes which just means we can stress about it later. More things in life need extensions.@CauseComm he lives in WA nowDwight is pretty pumped about the doggie menu at @thecatandfiddle http://t.co/Jx9owDOW32Still sleeping off Coachella.Well, strange place for a twitter meetup. Wait, what am I saying. @erinscafe has blazed so many trails for me http://t.co/0x1TxWuBka
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@dixiechickidie tomorrow@gonyr24 not for me :)@street_pizza OH HI NOW WE'RE FOREVER FRIENDS@erinscafe Going to Coachella with you is probably on my bucket list.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@geekofmedia three days, but for two weekends.If anyone has a free ticket to weekend two of Coachella, I volunteer to go. For the good of humanity.
Duck Sauce. http://t.co/4lYsNzuD8A@dcbigjohn @rowast wtfI'll do it. RT @joelhamill: Go do America a favor and kick him in the nuts! RT @erinscafe: Wait Bieber is here what.Wait Bieber is here what.@petermorency @notjvt Calvin Harris@grahamular ugh I know right but NasI think I like EDM now you guys. RT @notjvt: Going to get @erinscafe to like EDM by the time Coachella is over or I lost@eskimojo @natevavra @dbhyslop @KamosMom YOU'RE NOT??@natevavra Nope. I know, I'm confused too. http://t.co/Gl3eRSU1NP @dbhyslop @erinscafe @KamosMom
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@redbullLAX your mom is next level@KamosMom @erinscafe Don't feel bad, I found out two days again it isn't Erin's Cafe.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@erinscafe I followed you about six months before I learned that #witherin was with-Erin, not the word "withering" minus the g. #soashamed
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@chrisgeidner stop blowing my nose?Blew my nose and a bunch if black shit came out. #coachellawitherin@cdiemnj @cmdrsue I'm driving home tomorrow thank godCan't believe I missed Beyoncé on stage with Solange last night. Yes I like Beyoncé okay doesn't everybody.@WhyofCorso that is my backup account for twitter jail@IamErikRussel barely@cmdrsue I know rightOH: Did you just say you're a crazy bitch? Oh that's awesome, I'm also a crazy bitch! #coachellawitherin@AmandaRTubbs the only thing I've paid money for@GlennF the music is pretty great actually. I don't even know most if the artists, but it's still great.@heyjdey thanks! Just emailed.@Pomvox there's a dust storm. Need them to breathe without dying. Everyone looks like a bandit.@nataliyanyc on it@nataliyanyc there are showers in all the campgrounds. Wish me luck.I'm going to go take a shower. You're welcome, Coachella.@cdiemnj I would go again. I'm gonna write a blog post explaining my plentiful thoughts and feelings about it.wherever @erinscafe is right now, I have absolutely no desire to ever go there in my lifetime.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@dondrennon :) E@joelhamill EWhen pushing through a crowd, there's actually no reason to grab a woman's breast. We're onto you, bros. I will knee you. #coachellatips@archibecture @darth anything to procrastinate thatSo when that hot girl asks if you have just one extra Molly pretty please, you have only yourself to blame for your arrest.Btw, undercover cops are undercover. You really won't know who they are. They can lie to you and they will try to entrap you. #coachellatips@IamErikRussel thank youUndercover cops are everywhere. Don't sell/provide drugs to anyone you don't know. Be discreet. Oh and just say no. #coachellatipsSpotify tent has nap area. Or really anywhere. RT @JVSylvester: @erinscafe Possible to get any sleep? What's best for that? #coachellatipsIf they can afford VIP, they can afford another bandana. Finders keepers.If you have no bandana stand near the VIP section. When a VIP drops one wave at someone else and ask them to grab it for you. #coachellatipsLadies, go ahead and just cut your fingernails off before arriving. The dirty fingernail look impresses no one. #coachellatips@cdiemnj @nataliyanyc he'd love it actually.@cavaticat @geekfitgirl I brought some Point the Way IPA from Golden Road Brewery. It's in my water bottle. I don't fuck around with Beer.Coachella is all ages. That doesn't mean all ages should probably be here. #coachellatips@cdiemnj @nataliyanyc well yes actually. It's all ages.@erinscafe so, in other words, they don't sell beer there.
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@geekfitgirl I know right@JonathanLKrohn gonna shower first@cdiemnj 3Also don't get laid at Coachella. It's like walking around barefoot. No. #coachellatipsThere are flies. But they hover around the smelly kids. #coachellatips RT @nataliyanyc: @erinscafe what is the bug/insect situation@JonathanLKrohn no no, they have a friend. The Aussies sound legit. This other guy might just be fucked up.Beers are $7 and $9. Heineken, Heineken Light (wtf) and Strongbow. #coachellatips RT joelhamill: @erinscafe how much does a beer cost?@hyteksgirl see through.It's distinctly possible the guys visiting the tent next to me are faking British accents to get laid. #coachellawitherin@notjvt I was going to shoot beck, then disclosure. Those are my only plans.@RamCNN I'm too old for thisIf you're not high, don't go the Sahara tent. You'll hate it. If you're too high, don't go to the Sahara tent. You'll freak out. #coachella@notjvt when are you guys headed hereThe bathrooms in the beer gardens tend to have shorter lines. Plus you can buy a beer after you pee. #coachellatips@robertecrump oh god@AudaxOceana haha no?@erinscafe @IamErikRussel 1. Don't go. 2. If you do go, don't leave LA on that one freeway at 2pm on Friday. 3) don't camp. 4. Wow hot
Retweeted by Erin Go DodgersNike Frees. RT @rowast: @erinscafe what shoes are you wearing Erin?If you're concerned about being searched on the way in, pick the line moving the fastest. That security guy gives no fucks. #coachellatipsLadies, nobody cares what shoes you're wearing. No one can see them. Wear something comfortable. And ffs wear shoes. #coachellatipsSo many, here we go. RT @IamErikRussel: @erinscafe What other Cochella tips do u have@hollistonlogan oh yeah. Just my chest. Got distracted and missed putting sunscreen on it day one. Big mistake.If you turn in 10 plastic bottles you get a free bottle of water. But just think of where those bottles have been. Pay the $2. #coachella@kyliesparks so many things to tell you. Where you at right now?Follow Friday the Film #WorldPremiere @RegencyMovies #southcoastvillage #nbff then Q&A w/ the one and only @erinscafe http://t.co/HSVAC03Z1O
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@robertecrump I don't have to. I show people my sense of humor bobby.Not looking good tbh. RT @rowast: @erinscafe what are the chances you get out of the coachella valley alive?@KidsDrDave it was the first day. Things are pretty rough today.@notjvt are you sitting in the pool right nowI do it for the vine. And for you. RT @AC_Bravo: @erinscafe I really appreciate you doing Coachella so I don't ever have to. #Couchella4LyfeDay three Coachella selfie. http://t.co/FpmK1wLU4fHey Coachella, Scafe will be available for interviews pretty much all day. You can find her lying in a tent, unshowered. Bring Diet Coke.@smrtmnky Coachella has made me a star@DavidCovucci is this DM@DavidCovucci no but I told J Cole I was rolling and he fist bumped me and we hung out for a bit before Outkast@juaners80 ty@sdpowell1 oh shit@erinscafe People in the future will look back at that picture like we'd look back at this... http://t.co/qYfumcImux
Retweeted by Erin Go Dodgers@sixerfan1220 do you have to know the specific report number or anything?Are police reports public? And if so, how does one go about acquiring them.@sparksjls @HayesBrown people love power cords you guys@IamErikRussel you think I know the song names@lilbrigid I dunno man
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