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Erin Faulk @erinscafe Hollywoodland

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/k8rutNPKfM

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@nycsouthpaw @FeFiFoFamby I just showed this to Adam@LSUcaligrl @MalkyTHE oooooooh you're in trouble Malky malk.@DailyMailCeleb I have questions@MalkyTHE well if you stick around until Thursday nightI mean, if I ever get involved in some sketchy event that makes national news, the media will have a field day. http://t.co/E1rRcP2yOEHas anyone done some investigative reporting on why Darren Wilson only exists in one grainy Facebook photo? Because that's weird.World Series 2014: Giants cruise to Game 1 victory behind Pence, Bumgarner http://t.co/tjIpDvJTA4
Retweeted by Erin FaulkBaseball players: lose the dip. You look like a fool, and we'd like you to live to see yourself in the hall of fame. Thanks.@SavedYouAClick @EvanMcSan @BuzzFeed actually that tweet should have saved me a click because it was 100% as advertised@SavedYouAClick @EvanMcSan @BuzzFeed TOO BAD I CLICKED ANYWAY AND YOU DON'T NEED TO SAVE ME A CLICK I'M GOOD ATM@EvanMcSan @BuzzFeed I mean okay *click*@BuzzFeed wait whatcc: Royals https://t.co/FjJ7KqQrFY@jesseberney @kept_simple @instapundit yes, Jesse has identified the actual culprit@dcbigjohn @ilovaussiesheps @catesish twss@dcbigjohn @ilovaussiesheps @catesish is their attention span so short they only watch porn in gif form?Every bar not in San Francisco is full of sad people right now.@rowast not yet@TheScudStud omg no comment@Ms_Eight #hero@fiveshotsofjack @smrtmnky *kids, but also ids I suppose@fiveshotsofjack @smrtmnky I accidentally nanny for about 10 ids@smrtmnky I am stuck in a house with a child with a gluten allergy. It's like a horror film but boring.Gluten-free baking is the adventure that will kill me.@nsdrews I would rather, but the 10-year-old child wants a brownie.@bmaz @Zevia neither? It's somewhere in between. Not like that nasty Coke Zero.I need an easy gluten-free brownie recipe, stat. Don't ask.@King_Cookie @Zevia @stevenEchambers @Athletics @tomhanks I have no idea what you're talking about imma just drink my zevia@hyteksgirl @Zevia omg so trying that@Matterless @txvoodoo http://t.co/rdmpcfBZyx@IamErikRussel @Zevia it's so good tho@txvoodoo @Matterless 4g@insomniacslounj @Zevia yes I am the new Zevia spokesperson. (Zevia call me srsly tho can I be your spokesperson)So @Zevia talked me into trying this and I might finally give up Diet Coke for good. This is amazing. http://t.co/KKTgMbJccX@edcasey omg srsly@erinscafe We've got the best photos for your wake. http://t.co/7QNWcUKY1e
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@erinscafe please always travel with a sensible person, someone who will avoid the same fate & tweet the likely epic story of how you died
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@MicahGrimes sureBtw, if I die on an adventure, I want you all to have a Twitter wake for me. I want a Nancy Grace hashtag and everything.@ryanfagan it would probably be cheaper to fly to morocco for health care than be uninsured here.I really should get life insurance.@erinscafe please get out and direct traffic. big arm movements.
Retweeted by Erin FaulkAAA is the best thing I've ever spent money on. Well, that and health insurance.@Lawson890 is that what that's for@kathleenicanrah I'm in the end of a lane that merges. Like, how about you all merge a tiny bit sooner.@NatFan9 I think it's usually my fault.Yes, please continue to glare at me as you pass because obviously I decided it was a lovely day to just stop in the middle of the road.#scafelifeNo you ran out of gas next to a cemetery and are just chilling with some dead people waiting for AAA.I blame subliminal messages in @erinscafe's Giants coverage. MT @SBNation: Who's rooting for the Royals? EVERYBODY. http://t.co/Mal1iqQFfP
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@Mike__Twomey wait. Is this the account you've always had?Currently getting a flu shot. I feel like a hero.
@forktweets WUT@insomniacslounj red cross I think?@rowast oh yes I tried to keep it a secret@JasonPStarling like he's going to go to the trouble of looking at just my account@tiffanyreisz that is exactly what happenedYes, that was me censoring myself. You're welcome. RT @forbesmm: @erinscafe Wait have you been holding back this whole timeomg you guysWait. I just realized that because Adam deleted his account, he has no idea what I say on here.I miss @adamcritchlow.@fbihop @WhyofCorso I KNEW IT OMG I'M GOING TO GO DRINK BEERS IN BED NOW@WhyofCorso I sent that tweet and then I thought omfg it really is me@WhyofCorso I'm right here@WhyofCorso I mean, I kind of want it now.@whdevreaux @Burghpunk usually@Burghpunk harsh but fair@erinscafe I'm never clicking an Amazon link from you again after the OBGYN equipment you linked to once. My recs were fucked for weeks
Retweeted by Erin FaulkSo this is a thing that exists. http://t.co/l2rqjW0jYk@PTCruiserUSA @ashleyjizzzdale @missambear @femsplain I hope the dildo thing has been cleared up though@ashleyjizzzdale @missambear @femsplain of course@AllisonRockey holy shitAh, the time of year when I get to read the text of 75 different propositions because California. What exactly do our elected reps do again?@jesseltaylor @jon_bois that was not my question@jesseltaylor @jon_bois I have questions@Jenny_Trout it's less holier-than-thou than others. Actual good ideas. But also everyone's house is immaculate. Go for it.@jesseltaylor @jon_bois is that true jesse@Jenny_Trout both@crazy4having3 jesus. No room for error here.@realDonaldTrump you can just retweet those without the quotes Donald13 Times The Reagan White House Press Briefing Erupted With Laughter Over AIDS http://t.co/v0sj29Z31V
Retweeted by Erin FaulkI'm a terrible dance mom. I'm okay with that.@KT_NS @MamaSwizL I would do the sane@KT_NS @MamaSwizL HAHAHAHAHA@jesseberney astronaut presidents with poor hand-eye coordination.@jesseberney this is why we're friends@MamaSwizL haha. No one would let me have a child full time.You haven't lived until you've heard a mom brag about how her 5-year-old is so "in her body" while she falls down dancing to Shake It Off.And that was the moment the public turned on the Royals. http://t.co/nrfXcsqeA2
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@alternifolium @ohthatclara that's a great question(That encouragement was for me, but also for anyone else struggling to get through Monday.)Only 24 more hours until baseball. You can do it.@ohthatclara no. Dance studio. Lots of younger siblings running amok.@rowast alwaysThat moment when you watch someone's poorly behaved child run smack dab into a wall and you want to feel bad for being amused but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.@sparksjls @AlexJamesFitz you guys@morningmoneyben Ben every street is named peach tree@juanyfbaby I almost submitted for the lulz. But then I realized I'm not a good enough actor to do powdered kale with a straight face.@sportspickle I would definitely pick up JJ Watt on your fantasy team in 18,000 years... http://t.co/7QeadKaJiC
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@KK0618 he took a personal leave of absence and didn't come back. No idea. :( Trying someone new tomorrow because hell no to this guy.
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