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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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@kingsleyharris completely unreliable in my experience - just not robust. I use it on every other platform.@seemacnbc tried them all - first to be surprised. It's by far the best IMHO and I hated and I mean hated outlook on PCBest gmail client on iPhone ? Outlook !!
Unlimited fitness ! Apparently the awesome @classpass is now live in the UK courtesy of @camillabuttery : http://t.co/hKjRBjxHmQ
Candid interview on being a VC with @azeem #katch #meerkat - https://t.co/f4f3N2oey351 viewers ? @azeem: |LIVE NOW| With @fdestin of Accel. Discussing important VC stuff #katch #meerkat http://t.co/QxQwmQBn00"|LIVE NOW| With @fdestin of Accel. Discussing important VC stuff #katch #meerkat http://t.co/sjdildGnNS
Retweeted by Fred DestinRedefining a brand ? Find what's truly exceptional about an organisation @SiegelGale #thebigrethinklon"We have run out of money, now we have to think" - perfect Churchill quote #thebigrethinklon"Incredible coup by @Ryanair to sell you destinations 100 miles from your actual destination" @PhilipDavies10 #thebigrethinklonLate stage bubble comes with hedge fund money and ratchet deals, says @Bloomberg: http://t.co/9cOa1PH0Kq
@yweisselberger in VC: you have a great outcome and you think it happened because you're great art what you doPizza as a Service. Think about it.
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Confirmation bias is a virus that seems to affect most successful VCs as well as unsuccessful ones with self aggrandizing tendencies@shrock @HampsteadGaucho @Deliveroo i already know the service is awesome and that's why I invested but gaucho brings it up a notch"All we need is an office, Amazon Web Services and @deliveroo" - actual quote overheard today from one of London's top startups..
Retweeted by Fred DestinAmazingly @HampsteadGaucho is now on @Deliveroo so of course I had to give it a try. Verdict : awesome. http://t.co/CUqBwxfA06Just completed a 4.90 mi run - Nice run close to my family home in Brussels, in the woods that I use ... http://t.co/uQuUcUYcEB #RunKeeper
So sad for one of our founders. He was a very nice guy for many years. He moved to San Francisco and became immediately arrogant and moron.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@azeem @alliott ok on it tx@azeem @alliott we'll look into it. Do you have details ? Time / address ?
@alliott :-)Very impressed by @deliveeroo this evening: expected delivery time 20:02. Doorbell rings at 20:02. cc: @fdestin
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@setonrog actually I haven't suffered from that at all since in smaller partnerships. From Extreme intellectual honesty, yes :-)Sitting on eurostar next to 4 people who are talking about corporate politics and thanking God I'm not in this world.I could not stop laughing. Via @SVB_Financial: Combating "Obsessive Unicorn Disorder" by @fdestin: http://t.co/De0xrg34nI #UnicornClub #VC
Retweeted by Fred DestinPaying it forward with @Accel : http://t.co/sLRe0q6ZsU
Awesome!, "@nickfrancis: Okay, deep breath ... Help Scout has raised $6m - http://t.co/2s7iF41acl”" from @foundrygroupStunning visual of 2015 #Boston #snowfall, to 276cm / 108 inches ! http://t.co/vQKDTZkg1zHow's that "black thug" excuse for denying police brutality working for you now? #UVA #JusticeForMartese http://t.co/k5UCXv51DS
Retweeted by Fred DestinSmart critique of Starbucks' #RaceTogether as misguided attempt to address race w/no consideration of class or power http://t.co/1mT2ZFjYIq
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@monkchips @Accel thanks James, we're here !with great partners :-) "@monkchips: met @fdestin from @Accel. going to make a significant impact on the UK developer/startup ecosystem"Don't miss them. #startup #entrepreneurship http://t.co/Q3QdkRjOTH RT @SanFranciscoVC
Retweeted by Fred DestinBig news here : Spain "@ediggs: Top 5 European Countries for Tech Venture Capital https://t.co/I6ri7aEzwd via @CBinsights"@atshannon1 very valid point
@efhjerpe @robgo I respectfully disagree. Hyperscale is real. Sure some will fail, but others will change industries and go 50xboom! @BitnetTech: the 4th largest e-commerce company in the world just started accepting #bitcoin http://t.co/Ue2GdM11xEExcellent name suggestion for FKA @atlasventure :-) “@bcurleymbs: @fdestin @FKAAtlas Big Book of Maps Ventures?”looks like my friend and partner @rrmfka of@FKAAtlas is joining the Unicorn Club: http://t.co/XsCyxCsb5SMiss my boys @FKAAtlas. Please help them find a new name ! http://t.co/R9WR8EH5s2@Alex_Ffrees you seem to be doing ok on that front :-)A. success is partly luck + B. you're a talented entrepreneurs -> C. you have to try more things faster throughout your life to hit big@hermioneway ha ! Thank you, I guess :-)
@podgeypoos79 nice one :-)@podgeypoos79 @sonalidr thanks ! not surprised :-)High burn ? Bah ! 1999 : getting eyeballs. 2014 : building cohorts..@fdestin In Search Of European Unicorns: what #Europe needs right now is the next tech giant: http://t.co/nxYLFzpTXo http://t.co/MVBNDrzIOE
Retweeted by Fred Destin@fdestin the @NotionCapital guys have one waiting for you http://t.co/PpyoStKhgW
Retweeted by Fred Destin@ibordry @ben_persiani @Nous_Citoyens @montebourg voyons a quelle vitesse le management (francais) decampe...#Dailymontion refusé à #Yahoo mais cédée (49%) à un telco chinois faillite de la vision industrielle @montebourg @Nous_Citoyens
Retweeted by Fred Destin@christianhern i had to look pithy up ! ha :-) !Old but pretty amazing look into the @hailocab Microservices + Containers + GO architecture by @nathariel : http://t.co/dRQeP59ciC@christianhern i like to think of it as epigrammatic :-)My new post (guest on @TCEurope) - searching for European Unicorns - http://t.co/lhBcmJUdYIIn Search Of European Unicorns http://t.co/AKunLudXH4 by @fdestin
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@fdestin Everyone’s in a jacket. Clearly you’re in Europe :)
Retweeted by Fred DestinLatest from the rumour mill is that Putin has been removed from power. Shoigu is in charge. As Illarionov suggested. http://t.co/fQFhCk3mvy
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@rrhoover link from guy to Rick Ashley video. Just irony ::)Finally a VC with chilled offices! @balderton Hub with @Bliautaud and @wanderingvc http://t.co/S6XzrHMNzH@martinsfp yeah same :-)@damiansen it's difficult to name a bad player without the entrepreneur's consent and then that entrepreneur gets burnt. but i agree.@martinsfp hahaha @firstconversion love th Rick Astley video, I'm in :-) cc @rrhoover@damiansen also: http://t.co/r8z4afQrLr@damiansen who's you folks ? i'm fred from belgium.@martinsfp can't answer that question - our decision algo exceeded the capacity of the human brain once we got past 254 input types@MartinSFP pass it along !Just saw a US "angel" term sheet with cumulative dividends and 5 year bonus warrants. Nice.Lolz 4 real @tjparker: This Geico pre-roll commercial is 👌 https://t.co/au8O8p9rQI"There is a very fine line between success and failure. Decisiveness can lead to either, but needed either way.
@apsinkus we need am the help we can get :-)@apsinkus that's kinda the joke. Israel gets co opted into European vc market.Via Boston ;-) @gdibner: Israel: The Best Startup Eco-system in Europe. @fdestin @accel @simplivitycorp$175M !! My partner Kevin C at @accel led the first round for this newly-minted Unicorn @simplivitycorp http://t.co/MwUInPO9s5Now we know what @cdixon & @pmarca have been busy with! Stealthy #blockchain co. 21e6 comes out with $100M: http://t.co/f7eYjQWkoMThe first business motivational quote I ever saw on Twitter was from @Nivi. I will never forgive him.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@fdestin Accel needs a gold coffee maker now
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Gold = mainstream.At $10,000, Apple Watch Edition not most expensive product in Apple history. That was Apple Lisa, — ~$23,500 in today’s dollars.
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe trackpad vibrates horizontally but the motion is registered vertically by our senses
Retweeted by Fred Destin"Building reliable distributed systems software is simple." --nobody who has built some
Retweeted by Fred DestinFirst fanless MacBook
Retweeted by Fred DestinHe ordered a ristretto, stroked his lush beard, and opened his new gold Mac. An envious hush descended. The great novel. It was in there.
Retweeted by Fred Destin"People buy from startups because they have to, not because they want to" says @LynchBigData : http://t.co/DL9VJDToZD5 of 11 startups highlighted by Nature Biotechnology are in @AtlasVenture Fund IX !!says @LifeSciVC: http://t.co/FYdLuUxxhV
Tail, meet dog. Now wag. @Dorte_Hoppner: @1000startupsEU - how to grow VC funds? @EVCA_EU proposed FoF model 4 VC"Huh ?? @Dorte_Hoppner: VC funds in Europe smaller than in US. earlier exits, lack of capital 2 produce big exits. Funds need 2 scale up"@bwhalley @sacca venture partnerships are a bit complicated because they are so long term, but these guys sound exhaustingGiant balls huh ? @EuroSlavA: @Nero I love you and I love your work. You have some giant balls HT.As an aside, the Kleiner trial has revealed how much time big VC firms spend on internal politics/reviews/overhead. I would be exhausted.
Retweeted by Fred DestinAhead of @etsy IPO, remember role that @Caterina played for 8 years & as chairwoman http://t.co/t6Fj8xGD9L http://t.co/Q0XgQFaIzU
Retweeted by Fred DestinThanks boss @Fede_r1c0: @fdestin @Accel @WarnerYard http://t.co/yaDtm6fHes"
Excited by the positive reaction and words of encouragement from the tech community on our #Angel launch news! http://t.co/7IQXQnJMRM
Retweeted by Fred DestinTechnology is no longer a category. Welcome @HelloAngels: Introducing #Angels: https://t.co/R6yT7LNiVe"@livajudic @craig_montuori ok thanks !!
.@veenome has been acquired by @Integralads : http://t.co/0XlKNRyMkZ … — #dctech #startup http://t.co/JilqsA3N5v
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@maxniederhofer @ivanfarneti klan Destin ftw ! karashiitake !@eileentso @benrmatthews @fdestin App. fee = yes! We are a non-profit and we take 0 equity. We do distribute tons of refund codes. ^JM
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Name and Shame. No pity :-) @eileentso: startup accelerators that charge an application fee? (new concept for me)"@ivanfarneti @maxniederhofer in the ring of course ! for the glory !
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