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Fred Destin @fdestin Boston, NY, London

Helping startups grow with money and mentoring to the sounds of Crystal Castles

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@fdestin 2,500 Bunsen Burners + #Dubstep = Best Visualizer Ever http://t.co/JkIQMy8qaZ
Retweeted by Fred Destin@AAinslie that was very very cool
@fabianbahlmann @clypd Boston :-)Great party at the gorgeous new @clypd offices with maestro @jsummers1 (Photo @nmaxfield, Design @HaleyMcLane ): http://t.co/rzPrvzt3jg"Also, neutrinos -> http://t.co/yDHLr6dnAx
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Sports analogy warning: fab post by @jeff_jordan on managing from 1 to 10,000. http://t.co/sHmCCWJ7qI@zsims @aweissman offering fashion advice for young founders is about the best pure differentiation i've seen in a while.
Retweeted by Fred DestinProud and happy investor in @Kinvey. Thank you team! http://t.co/B9jTJqO8hlTalent marketplaces are rarely about talent. @crewlabs wants to be the PLACE for the best Digital Makers: https://t.co/KY2W9qSiQT@rogupta @tjparker working on it@rogupta @tjparker blows you a kiss brother http://t.co/MJstECZhIh#celtics honoring marathon survivors #BostonStrong http://t.co/UZdPaE9d2H@jektweet @bchemel we like'm young and we like'm bold
@mdnugent thanks mike :-)A great quality for a VC (and classic Fagnanism) - new partner @jektweet "metabolizes at startup speed"Our snazzy card welcoming @jektweet as new partner (#verymildcringealert) http://t.co/PSvvKBZuZQGreat, detailed in-depth from @EvelynRusli at @WSJ re @angellist Maiden Lane fund: http://t.co/ORbD1xstCx@LiamBoogar oh sorry. London.@ndebock he meant this one: http://t.co/005OrEGKtt@LiamBoogar this was it: http://t.co/005OrEGKtt
@LiamBoogar we all spend so much time planning this stuff :-) anyway was just pointing out commercial relationship - see u soon in FRFX as a Platform - We just announced our new $10M round in @currency_cloud : http://t.co/ZWnZ9KNAU5@LiamBoogar leakage in France is an art form :-)@LiamBoogar note transferwise is a customer of currencycloud and not a competitor
Ahem… *whose* http://t.co/fjM4T3ibWh http://t.co/CKPizFohYe
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Truly excellent : QE, meet economic fundamentals ! - @howardlindzon: state of markets with Jeff Gundlach http://t.co/r0KLwS9NM9Colors at my house. Blues and browns. http://t.co/oj1PenUr6F@tydanco excellent :-) thanks Ty :-(
@alexrkonrad @emigal CEO who make magazine covers under perform. Old tweet.@studios thanks !.@emigal makes cover of fortune :-) - oops... http://t.co/SJNMbVGs5T"
@ivospigel Thanks!@jasonball thanks man. Puts a smile on my facehttp://t.co/Oc7I6c4SgM Be Still My Breaking Heart. The real lessons from Heartbleed.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@rsohoni @cee thanks guys
@debusultan yes! After August. Same here :-)Worth revisiting - Thriving in Chaos: @fdestin at TEDxBeaconStreet (via @Pocket) http://t.co/OHUXD70e8a
Retweeted by Fred Destin@Slatapie tx !@parulia thank you@fyietc tx !@emmatangerine thanks Emma@imranghory thanks@alliott thanks Alliott. Our co investments are reason enough to come back :-)@mark_haddad thanks MarkHilarious @3marcin: For all the EU VCs that got excited when @fdestin announced his move back to Europe. http://t.co/7mVwRN7Xt3"The single most important thing Boston can do to improve (via @miketrap) : http://t.co/jnODygKXy5A fond look back at 4 years with #Boston #startups : The Boston Surprise - http://t.co/R8SF2SrkvCThe Boston Surprise http://t.co/d0DEypZMOu@leaddog99 thank you john. I will miss it too.V witty @siberianfruit: "Normcore" is a real thing: http://t.co/AcqTBsnagv"Ah, the art of launching product. When you are 90% complete you are halfway there.
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Just completed a 30.02 mi run - 30 miles for 30 million users! #118forBoston http://t.co/t2gQvWCULI #RunKeeper
Retweeted by Fred DestinGreat article by @LPMaurice: A Turning Point for the Montreal Startup Ecosystem http://t.co/zoLy1JXzQp
Retweeted by Fred Destin@ScottKirsner noted. Perception being reality I'm listening hard !@ScottKirsner hopefully we're all high profile :-). Jeff definitely take the prize if there is one.@dafrankel not sure I deserve such high praise but thank you and sad to leave@ZoeBarryCEO thanks a ton Zoe@sbroderick thank you sir@Fern_Gilly thanks miss.@atlasventure biotech on fire: 2 M&A exits, 2 option-to–buy deals, and 1 IPO in the first four months of the year cc @LifeSciVCSee the nominees and get your tickets for the biggest VC / startup party of the year: #NEVYs2014 are back : http://t.co/4w6Bn10I5M@BenIsraelite thanks man :-). Loud, me ?Take action once patched: list of #heartbleed affected sites -(tx @nithinr6): https://t.co/eGN7H6x6IF@doctorzaius thanks J@fhuszar thanks !@joscwhite thanks j@emigal thank you brother@PaulaMarttila wasn't sure if that would catch the history or just the unpatchedLooking for useful list of #Heartbleed affected sites. Yahoo, evenbrite etc@christianhern thanks christian@nielspeter16 thanks :-), I better start trainingVery smart (and scary) graphic showing how far down #MH370 is at the bottom of the ocean: http://t.co/J4ZQAdsRCa
Retweeted by Fred Destin@stephenkraus @robgo thanks steve and rob - will miss you both@DBKeohane @TechCrunch thanks dude@rogupta @techstars thanks will really miss you guys too@jchernov you da man. thanks J@morganbic thanks Morgan !@drewvolpe thanks man@David indeed@clementc thanks bro@jjacobs22 fact !@ChrisTottman1 thanks C@zsr5 really appreciate it@epaley thanks man@richminer Maine is on the holiday menu for this year and next@graysky haha ! totally ! all about the right priorities :-)@bwhalley hey brian thank you and likewise@biotechbaumer thanks J@azeem thanks man@reedsturtevant reed it was a real priviliege and thank you !@fcourt for my sins :-)@ppspeen cheers !@changds thank you david.@Melki_Ko thanks !@jjacobs22 thanks Jason - really wish we did too
@tydanco ha thanks Ty :-)@bussgang thanks jeff :-)@lum @bostonboogie thanks miss j@LaunchLife thanks elon@bcarcio thanks Ben
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