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"Cheers to small companies doing big things..." http://t.co/ht9iUXqRcb@Rebelguy2003 What issues are you talking about? The heartbleed banner? Just click through to learn more.@MattSTKC Nice!@John_C_Velasco What a great girlfriend!Here's a quick way to get more steps: for every bathroom break, take a lap around the office/house/building. It all adds up. #keepmoving
Not hitting your goals yet doesn't mean you can't - it just means you should keep trying. #keepmovingMaking homemade salad dressing is healthy & easy, right? Here's 4 expert tips from a French chef to make you a pro. http://t.co/gXjgTkjLhY@BrilliantByB We make activity and sleep trackers (as well as a smart scale). Here's a list of features/prices: https://t.co/yeEscpDf3b@ianjenks We have a 365-day warranty actually, if you bought it from an official retailer rather than used.@beerlington Unfortunately not. But if you're near our offices, maybe we can work something out?@amykeefe That's amazing - congrats to your dad!@karoshotbod Good luck on all of your goals!@rjoskow Just hit the 'edit' button on the main Dashboard. You can pick and choose which sections show up on the app.@StephAnderson02 Hey there, neighbor! Welcome to the #FitbitFamily!@aretting Why thank you :)@mommastuffblog Great to hear! We'll make an announcement as soon as we can, but there's no ETA yet.@JoeyDiDonato1 Wow, that's amazing! Congrats on all of your progress.
@Dymaxion Fitbit does not sell user data. Users may choose to share their data with friends, on social media, or with wellness programs.@hautepop Fitbit does not sell user data. Users may choose to share their data with friends, on social media, or with wellness programs.@Texano78704 ...clearing up any misunderstanding@Texano78704 Fitbit does not sell user data. Users may choose to share their data with friends, on social media or with wellness programs.@AKAMEDIASYSTEM Fitbit does not sell user data. Users may choose to share their data with friends, on social media or with wellness programsWe know you like to get your steps, but are you on board with any of these 15 new fitness trends? http://t.co/xGVBLaGPUhRunning can be an acquired taste. So tell us: why do you run? #fitspiration #WhyIRun@joe_merlino We're working hard to do just that!@starfletcher Sorry to hear it! It should still be under warranty, so let us know what happened: http://t.co/3PHHrmIk9t@pappasross Cute! We hope they love their Zips!@Kimberly_1120 You're very welcome, and happy stepping!@EmilyHopper85 The good news is that everything has a 365-day warranty! Let support know what happened: http://t.co/3PHHrmIk9t@heretohinder That header is misleading. We aren't selling user data, we just sell trackers to companies for their wellness programs.@whitbjordan You can find our PR form here: https://t.co/0Dh12K6trC@phonics2000 Sounds like you had a productive morning!@soozywoo Well really, beating your stats from yesterday is all that matters.
@icyu_hk Wow, you're not kidding!Have a case of the Mondays? Brighten that mood by working out! #getmoving@AKAMEDIASYSTEM We only sell the trackers. Employees CAN share data with employers, but they have to opt-in.@AKAMEDIASYSTEM @seanbohan You can see his quote in context here: http://t.co/Cv4Zpt7qRK@RightHealth Glad to hear you're loving it. Happy stepping!@bryanmccolgan Any time.@tomeppy That's amazing - congratulations!@seanbohan @AKAMEDIASYSTEM We definitely don't sell any of our user data.@ncasalejr Just a heads-up that @FitbitNews isn't affiliated with us. But we'll announce the revamped Force ASAP!@BillBelsey It's an extra step, but if you manually log your bike ride you'll get more credit for it and more accurate readings.@Jay2thaVee Key word: "yet"#bostonstrong http://t.co/313EbS4fSJ
There are infinite reasons to work out today. What's yours? #fitspiration@notaprincess221 Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations!@kdlm Just let our support team know at http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. They can help you troubleshoot, or get you a replacement if it's defective.
Forbes mentioned us in this recent article about what data could mean for health costs and sustainability. Cool! http://t.co/YKLIwpPGVT@dsgomez1 Thanks, one of our support agents will follow up@frannycakesblog We litterally LOLed. Glad it wasn't lost!@eliseannette If it's still under warranty, support can help! http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@dsgomez1 Hi David, sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you give us your case #, we'd be happy to have support follow up with you.The best way to hit your goals? One day at a time. #keepmoving
@WKRamses We're working hard to get it out ASAP, but no ETA yet unfortunately.@jacarroll Well, we never checked to see if the Force was manatee-proof!@RhymesWithAlvin Try calling 888-656-6381. A third-party company is helping us send those, but that's the number we have for them.@Stappela That's a great suggestion!@BethMcGale The site estimate is for orders you place that day. You'll receive an email letting you know when your order ships!@shadalicious Hover over your 'Steps' tile with your mouse, then click the 'settings' button in the lower-left corner.Feeling discouraged? Try setting a new goal - then be surprised at what you can accomplish. #fitspirationHere are all 12 days of “healthy hacks” from our spring post series to help you jumpstart new spring routines. http://t.co/PwfStt5xdn
Healthy living is simply making smart choices every day. What will you choose? #fitspiration@Latinhokie Yes! We're working hard to fix the issues with the Force and will re-release it ASAP. We'll announce it here when we do.Fitbit CEO & Co-founder James Park presented Fitbit to Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, while in town for NES2014 http://t.co/kG3VbbAH5y@jakestpeter They absolutely should! They need an update in general, so we'll take note. Thanks for the suggestion.
"As little as 5-10 minutes spent outside can make a difference to your stress level and your outlook." http://t.co/daPx2cf5de@NcCarterFamily Sounds like you're off to a great start!@bailcam We like the way you think.@kevinkliu Thanks for letting us know!@rich_dyson Wow! What did you do to get so many steps?@RunToBeFree10 Wow, 27k in one day is crazy! Congrats!@sregentin That's still remarkable - congrats!@thesassymoon Just go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. The clip has a 365-day warranty, so maybe they can help!@colcastle Try placing it in a bowl of rice for ~24 hours. If it still isn't working, let us know at http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@laurensmart You're welcome - and congrats on hitting the goal!@1_madeline_3 Close is still progress. Congrats on making the attempt!@NFaubel Nice! Do you keep it up on your days off?@Stappela That's awesome! How'd you do it?@jayweisberger #highfive@carolina_riann Amazing! How long did it take?@RozeSPN Nice work!@DarthJeter That's what we like to hear!@JBOpi1 You're amazing, congratulations!@FIipFlopLover Wow, congratulations! What did you do to get so many steps?Weekend's over: Who managed to hit 30,000 steps over the weekend? Any new step badges? #fitspiration
Fast & Furious star @JordanaBrewster sports a Fitbit! http://t.co/y3hJ8wKvZO
Who's up for a challenge? Let's see if we can take 30,000 steps over the weekend. That's about the same as a half marathon. #FitbitFriday
Ready for a #FitbitBreak? Take the next 15 minutes to get up and move. Your workday deserves some time to de-stress. #getmoving@hogarthww Yes, stay tuned!@h0pbeat We fixed the vulnerability on our servers, and are working on getting more information out to our users. You should hear today.@sdaltons We may be able to! If you go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6 and let our support team know, they can help.@rmpeacoc Happy we could help!@NewAngelRising It is! We haven't announced timing yet, but we're working hard on getting available ASAP.@BillAulet We actually opened an office there last year and have been busy hiring! https://t.co/eYhjQZZ3ub@JElsdonLarson We can assure you, you're not alone. #FitProblemsInteresting: In Boston, doctors are prescribing bike-share memberships. http://t.co/ESSIzr7ICp
@codegumbo Congratulations!@martieg1 They can through our website! But we hope you find yours.@holly_cova #FitProblems
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