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Ever wonder how your Halloween activity stacks up? Our data scientists have the answers...http://t.co/RDEbd5oqr3
Eventually, it will become habit. #getmoving http://t.co/6Q4uq8k8P6@slsmithwell Not yet, although we're working to update the pages so that you can be notified when it is!
6.6 million steps, 44K per day, 87K in one day. This Fitbit employee tracked the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Watch: http://t.co/UW8dDZuzcN@Mom2GMC It's out now! http://t.co/F93GbM8A4d@jeffnewbold You can buy them straight from our website: http://t.co/aXTGX2Arz4@cocaman It would only be used for SMS notifications for our new product, the Fitbit Surge.
Energize your day. This is #FitbitCharge. http://t.co/zYZ5sVJjr0@scottedelman We've always believed there's no one-size-fits-all. If you like your tracker, we're glad to have you in the Fitbit family :)@BellCV We're planning on early 2015 right now, but working to get it out ASAP.@dtyler321 Nice! You must be inspiring.@CoffeeAdventure No, it's all one unit, so no separate pieces to swap out like Flex.@journeyofnow It does! Charge HR does everything Charge does, plus tracks heart rate all day.
@wyoITguy The band does use a small amount of surgical-grade stainless steel, which contains trace amounts of nickel.@KarenPIfer These are different products than the Flex - the bands aren't interchangable.@Camas01 Yes! Surge will also come in blue and tangerine.@Apttus That's not a Fitbit...@AdamFearn4 Our contact form can be found at http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4@aidandale We did! http://t.co/TPydiU5dvZ@DementedAI Great to hear you're excited! The Surge is water-resistance, but not water-proof - it isn't meant to be used while swimming.Introducing: Fitbit Charge, Charge HR & Surge. 3 new trackers & a whole new world of fitness: http://t.co/mml4ojcn6n http://t.co/me5AG2mPFg
"It's almost the weekend" is no excuse not to hit your goals today. #keepmoving
Try These: 6 Dynamic Workouts You Can Do Outside the Gym with @HarleyPasternak. http://t.co/yLJAy7lcYy
What do Aristotle, Wordsworth, Dickens & Thoreau have in common? They walked. A lot. #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/IIb85vTOhy@Eva_Marie_ It sounds like it's still under warranty. Let support know: http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4Use today to start chasing your dreams. #fitspiration
Don't go to bed until you're satisfied with what you accomplished today. #fitspirationEvery day, no excuses. #getmoving http://t.co/lxVuIHrv9w
Work out today, thank yourself tomorrow. #keepmoving@TutusandTennies Nice work!@CreatingBetter You can reach us by going to http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4. Thanks!Straight from an MLB coach: do this workout while you watch the #WorldSeries tonight. http://t.co/BgzmyQey7D
Have you hit your step goal yet today? If not, get up and go for a walk! #getmovingMake the most out of your Fall fitness plans with these ten tips! http://t.co/JmrlYDGwtW@DownHomeTravel Let our support team know - they can help! http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4@lancelemen Congrats on finishing!@OldSlowSwimmer Is it still under warranty? Our support team should be able to help: http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4@terrydell Good luck!
RT if you're finishing strong this week. #keepmoving
The three pillars of fitness: eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. #fitspiration@WWAliceHarvey Not bad!@WWAliceHarvey Nice! How many steps did you manage before it started boiling?Now *that's* how you take the stairs. Great Thursday fan photo via Fitbit fan Terika. http://t.co/XLGAytFSMc@abigailrailton We hope you found your froyo!
@terikakons Oh, I LOVE this photo! Mind if we reshare it? Click to approve! http://t.co/GiabhDuHqQ@AppelStijl Nice shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/jZuWHluzyDLet's take a #FitbitBreak: Get up, stretch, and see how many steps you can get while lapping the office.
@davidwcooper Excellent! Nice work, David.@CJBautista Awesome work, C.J. Keep it up!@labranchebrandy Congrats on your one-year anniversary! Nice work :-)Do this: avoid these most common gym etiquette mistakes, by celeb trainer @harleypasternak: http://t.co/5mr36dz5BmEvery step counts on the path to 10k. #keepmoving
These students used Fitbit to win MIT’s biggest hackathon. See how: http://t.co/5qQje5ABM4#fitspiration: Write down all of the reasons you have for working out, then read it every time you think about skipping a gym day.@M1970D Amazing! Congratulations on the marathon.David Sedaris returns with more on his Fitbit obsession. "Yesterday, I walked 17 miles. Today, it was only 14 miles." http://t.co/XjJ1I92RXI
TGIF! Give yourself a pat on the back for any progress you've made in the last week. You deserve it. #keepmoving
Combine your TV time and fitness with these tips for a fun workout tonight! http://t.co/PgEvPUUDS7Overheard: Missed my bus by 30 seconds today. Instead of getting angry I said, "Oh man, I can get 4,000 steps in!" http://t.co/qesjXoJtGMFitbit’s James Park was honored w/ a 2014 Innovators in Health Award. Congrats, James! http://t.co/izO5PQdJbl http://t.co/wtAepXmOCJReady for a #FitbitBreak? Get up and do a lap around the office/house/block.Nicole is a wife and mother of three, and soon she'll be an IRONMAN: http://t.co/m89zdNut5T http://t.co/s8iff7L99Y
Take a stand. For SO many reasons. @usefulsci http://t.co/2i7O4bm3l8 http://t.co/da9iJk2uIm
The real competition. http://t.co/pYo498z1DOFitbit user Ann D. lost an amazing 121 lbs. Read her story: http://t.co/bZnkqa3PUk http://t.co/VWR0CM2If7The easiest way to eating healthy is shopping healthy. What's on your grocery list? #fitspirationFall Fitness Tip #10: Weigh yourself regularly with Fitbit Aria: http://t.co/DQALRC3Yjx@hgeronemus There's a 365-day warranty on all devices, so just let our support team know! http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4@greggcstevens You can do it!Did you catch the #FitbitFlex cameo on @nbcParenthood? http://t.co/Rd6DZEddz0
And now, your Monday #FitFact of the day. http://t.co/UloJVEzrG1 http://t.co/2Q3TbhHCAFTell someone you're working out tonight so that you'll be held accountable tomorrow. #fitspiration@mon_marsh It's good to just see what you do naturally when you're starting out. Then find ways you can add more steps throughout your day!
#HackMIT @ZCicala, Nanting, & I are here to help with the @Fitbit API! Find us in the bleachers, @ us, or post at https://t.co/8O7nZXSW7D
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One more week down! Congratulate yourself on any steps you took towards better health this week. #fitspirationFitbit was named one of LinkedIn's 10 Most In-Demand Startups of 2014! http://t.co/BRgruJ4GZm@cweirup Let our support team know, they can help return it to its owner! http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4
Every step counts. http://t.co/vYMODz3SISIt's almost the weekend! Get a head-start on it by working out tonight. #keepmovingSugar lurks EVERYWHERE. Cut back with these 5 tips from @Foodtrainers Lauren Slayton: http://t.co/uG04YHfnKP http://t.co/pn45rT4hrY
What's your favorite way to hit 10k? #fitspirationSnooze, then lose. @usefulsci http://t.co/HvfkdTNKTb@JamesGayhart Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations!
Follow these 6 sleep tips & wake up feeling better in the morning. http://t.co/19LxzlzFcV@lujameor Tap it ~5 times until it vibrates. It's just in sleep mode.@TyroneDee It can vary, but try wearing your tracker and see how accurate it is for you. If it tracks, no need to manually log.@joshhhjonesss We're working on it - stay tuned!@planty Just to BE the man who walked 1000 miles...@kimsabilona You should turn on low-battery notifications in your email settings. Then we'll email you when it's low!@Raz0r Yes you can. Learn more here: http://t.co/SV1pN8IixQWho's ready for a #FitbitBreak? Go for a walk - your emails can wait.Last day to register for the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K with code: FITBIT for 30% off + a Flex discount at the expo: http://t.co/9SHLTVNAFu
Kick-start your week; work out today. #getmoving@daebreyk No, all of your data is saved to your account. Just set up your new tracker with your existing account.@TyroneDee It will track your step-based exercises automatically. If you do something like weight lifting or yoga though, you should log it.@MelissaRockman You're very welcome! We hope you receive it soon and can get back to stepping.
Work out tonight, feel great all weekend. #FitbitFridayExercise makes you smarter? Now that's a win-win! #FitFriday http://t.co/QvHcxG6M55I'm obsessed with my fitbit it's the only thing I talk about, I'm so boring now
Retweeted by Fitbit@mindykaling Boring? More like all-caps AWESOME. Oh and P.S., we love you. Like, a lot...
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