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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@cjblev @reneritchie http://t.co/YcCfNR2Mzu should get you started.Verizon won't throttle its heaviest unlimited data users after all http://t.co/JP4m6KKvJN via @iMoreiPhone 6 Review by @reneritchie http://t.co/UvznquI3Ef via @iMore@goldengateblond Goblin Cumland. http://t.co/4PWgoa8Gpq@ismh @kevinmichaluk @iMore Once upon a time they cut up trees, squished them to pulp, let it dry then poured ink on it.I will finally cancel my print magazine subscriptions when Apple releases a 12.9" iPad says @kevinmichaluk http://t.co/POMoygbVP0 via @iMore@aminorjourney @amerikate https://t.co/Ygggb0tOANHey, game devs: Attendee registration is open for GDC 2015. http://t.co/2H80hZ9cVrLots of head scratching about the Windows 10 name. People are throwing some Windows shade, you might say.@timeril I just threw up in my mouthAttn: @jdalrymple A combination bottle opener/lightning sync cable! http://t.co/IzRFoROFr0@waynedixon @iMore No, but typically it’s out within 2-3 weeks of GM.Best Touch ID compatible apps for iPhone: Protection and convenience all in one! by @iMuggle http://t.co/c55khH7n6M via @iMore
Apple calls on developers to submit Yosemite apps to Mac App Store http://t.co/JMP5EiIQEr via @iMore@t_pags80 Huh. Not that bad on this end.@t_pags80 Occasionally. My TiVo Premiere was worse.@ddlevine We sell those in the store (for the 6). They’re very nice. Soft inside, tough outside. Grippy bits too.@ddlevine That’s the Apple leather case. It’s nice. Already scuffed. Very soft.@treestman @johnfbraun Many Mac users do too, including many who should know better.@JustinSeeley I must be on their payroll, amirite? #ComcastApologist ;)I like Comcast X1 because I can record everything I want to watch later and STILL watch Bruins preseason hockey in real time.@DJDarren genius more like penius amiriteApple releases fourth OS X Yosemite public beta http://t.co/oYwNfpU05k via @iMore@flargh “Windows 10, because that’s how many flushes it took to get Windows 8 to clear the bowl”
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@Avro @imore Thanks for listening!SCENE: German Microsoft offices: “Windows? Nein!” “Windows Ten? Ja!"@blankbaby yeah, that can be a career killer.I look forward to Windows Elebenty. http://t.co/yrpoR2pneBCould have been worse. They could have called it Windows/2.Apple's iPhone 6-laden Q4 and 2014 year-end earnings due on October 20 http://t.co/NJYdV8COrO via @iMore@chrisphin @jackbrewster Apparently you had some MOTIVation.@Avro Glad you’re not upset at my sarcastic pronunciation. :)@harrymccracken So @thurrott thenOS X WindowsApple releases OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 1.0 to developers http://t.co/KwwVZxkth2 via @iMore@cliftonmthomas @superpixels I would be ok with this@ddt Read this. Are you sure your stuff is actually gone? http://t.co/5B7RJ21LSq@ChristoDeluxe No, they haven’t changed anything. They made a lot of changes.@ChristoDeluxe iOS 8 changed a lot under the hood. People need to align their expectations with an understanding of how technology works.@ddt to see if it’s on.@ddt iCloud Photo Stream isn’t a backup file. It’s your last 30 days or 1,000 photos, in the cloud. Check iCloud settings on your iPhone...@ddt Also, iPhoto or Aperture, if you’ve manually synced your photos there.@ddt iCloud Photo Stream, or maybe your last iPhone backup.@DimitriCockx You’re not really posting anything on iTunes except a pointer to the file, which you’re responsible for hosting.@DimitriCockx Podcasting bandwidth isn’t free.@ppanah They’re still selling 8 GB and 16 GB phones. But it’s incumbent upon consumers to educate themselves about potential limitations.@sambreed @CLINT holy shit that sweater is incredible@flargh it would be helpful if iOS notified users that updating in iTunes was an option. I've been getting a lot of these questions too.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@briantoth That I TOTALLY agree with.@kappalouie 8 or 16 GB? Absolutely. Buy a bigger phone, cheapskate.Being mad that your iPhone doesn’t have enough RAM to do a big OTA update is like being mad at your Corolla for not towing a boat.@reaperhulk I understand the complaint entirely. People need to understand the limitations of the hardware they buy.@CastIrony 1. They don’t anymore. 2. see my previous comment. Bottom line: In some cases, syncing to a Mac or PC is not optional. Period.@adambanksdotcom Agreed. But people have to differentiate, in the words of a colleague, AM from FM: Actual Machine code vs Fucking Magic.@swizzlr Understood, but the space requirements didn’t come out of nowhere. Lots of code changed in iOS 8.Otherwise, what do you expect Apple to do? The phone need space to decompress and install the files. Unless you want a brick in your hand.@Ihnatko Kubrikian!People who complain about the amount of space iOS OTA updates (temporarily) consume: Do it on a Mac or PC using iTunes. Problem solved.@Daniel_Rubino Holy crap!@jcenters Only one has cool trucker caps thoTabascule RT @the_pc_doc: Tiny Tabasco is tiny. http://t.co/ifx8gycvdq@BodyofBreen @jcenters As opposed to Google, which is the Dear John of technology.@thayala @reneritchie @Georgia_Dow @settern Thanks for reading!@adambanksdotcom Reminds me of a Benny Hill joke: What’s the difference between a vitamin and a hormone? You can’t make a vita min.@Avro Nice choice! Reminds me of my old Microsoft Optical Trackball@TwistJamie We haven’t posted the video podcast on iTunes since mid-summer.iMore Show listeners: If you want to watch our video podcasts instead, bookmark our YouTube channel. http://t.co/oFrWkuiUkD@petvas @reneritchie @settern @Georgia_Dow @iMuggle Video is only available now through our YouTube channel. http://t.co/kCh6RhQwn1@TheMacMommy since iOS 7, iirc@JackWellborn Thanks, I’ll let folks knowHorology is one of those words that doesn’t mean what it sounds like it should mean.No Irish luck for Apple as EU commission deems tax deal illegal http://t.co/OK3dMsdEfQ via @iMore@the_pc_doc It’s the Gappening.@CraigGrannell Cameron would be a popular US politician with that stand.@goldengateblond The way he played last night, you are what you eat.@danbenjamin story of my lifeWhy did today's word of the day remind me of our resident curmudgeon @flargh bahaha http://t.co/3ATLtGNx9D
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@kvanh @iMuggle YESiMore show 423: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus roundtable review! http://t.co/K0PlYiBdA2 via @iMore@Ricker666 That’s a case of road rash waiting to happen@lomadia @stroughtonsmith Do it using iTunes from a Mac or PC. Won’t have to clear anything out at all.iPhone 6 gets approved for China, pre-orders kicking off on October 10 http://t.co/4rFwQYUg2g via @iMore
@spyder0ne Dunno, but anyway, there are third party choices. Also, OWC (http://t.co/i1LXAXPxIO)@spyder0ne I don’t buy the “it’s too fast” argument either.@spyder0ne CD/DVD drives are commodity items. Any should work. Even Amazon Basics. http://t.co/tFtQNWX8uH@spyder0ne That’s a new one on me@spyder0ne external or internal?@koemdzhiev @iMore @AppStore because it's a quick fix.I assume it will be released in a general security update later for everyone.@ComcastKeisha We’ve mainly been using the main box. Has happened on two different recordings of different shows.Apple releases OS X bash security update to help prevent Shellshock on Macs http://t.co/xnayM63r8I via @iMore@ComcastKeisha It still has more time. Just randomly resets.@fightcrazy weird. says I follow you so shouldn’t be a problem@ComcastKeisha Usually in the last 5-10 minutes.@ComcastKeisha Some weird problems with the X1 — fast-forwarding sometimes causes it to reset back to the beginning.@tomdar2 *blushes* aww thanks@ComcastKeisha You betcha. Harrowing four hour outage, but it came back later that afternoon@ojezap @JulieKuehl Seconded!Just fucking stop it. Assholes. http://t.co/HJBBM7ckhX
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@JaredTA @hippiemanx @freeverse SadComplain if you want about #Bendghazi, at least Apple put the damn thing together right. #TheGappening
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