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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@TheLegoless The Dell display requires two DisplayPort interfaces; my assumption is they are doing something with multi stream transport.@TheLegoless Sure, but connected to the same bus. The bus would be internal to the computer, not the screen.@TheLegoless Like Dual Link DVI. But that would leave you without thruput for any other TB devices.@TheLegoless Their custom timing controller (TCON) and, as near as I can tell, major custom tweaking of embedded DisplayPort.@krislord Yep, that’s the only way to do it — at least the only way I’ve found so far.@therumbler @iMore You’re right! Corrected.@TheLegoless That’s not going to happen for a while. Need Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth.
Every time they mention Sal Moroni on Gotham, I think “You fargin’ iceholes!" http://t.co/l0qnuVnxDoWhat is it about pumpkins that make white people insane? http://t.co/KZXN9JZbeW@Avro No Handoff support tho. :(@lexfri Don't these parents know about the weird porn this guy has published?It’s been so long since I’ve had to replace a CFC bulb that when one went out in the hallway I first thought a circuit had tripped.@philnickinson @andrewmartonik Nothing like a vigorous cornholing to bring a family together. http://t.co/jbFkLkq718@jhirshon NO NO NO NO NOHow many people bought a Mac Pro this year then saw the 5K iMac and were like, “Shit! THAT’S what I should have waited for!"At the grocery store yesterday: “Are you the Nook guy at Barnes and Noble?” “No, I’m the Mac and iPad guy."Watching “The 50 Year Argument” and both delighted that intellectualism in America isn’t dead and ashamed that it’s not more prevalent.@smenor @donmelton @reneritchie @gte @Georgia_Dow Hm. Not that I recall. Though I swear I _have_ seen iTunes eat songs on the Mac.
@siegel @dwiskus @savinola Explains your totally OUT OF CONTROL preso at Çingleton@GlennF @jlgolson Al Jolson?@dwiskus @savinola Your own or someone else’s? Because Dave Wiskus’s pre-talk mani should TOTALLY BE A THING.@savinola Bouncy castle.@Manoletes Indeed.@mat_johnson @dsilverman also rehab@DFerris0125 Good luck!@DFerris0125 Thunderbolt 2 is nice and speedy, for sure.@darxmac Next you’ll be telling me hot and sour soup is neither hot nor sour.@DFerris0125 Depends what you’ll be doing, but 8 GB would probably give you breathing room.There really wasn’t a General Tso? My life is a lie.On GamerGate: A letter from the editor http://t.co/zEjYzx1Npy by @chrisgrant via @PolygonQuietly dying of Ebola in the back room today. Or maybe just a mancold. Six of one… #retaillife@bhaskarsb @reneritchie You can’t have everything. Baby steps! :D@cjblev sure. A _lot_ of people are asking questions, though, so if I miss yours or I’m slow to respond, be patient with me. :)@bhaskarsb @reneritchie OTOH, dosas and roti abound!@cjblev @iMore Thanks for reading! Good luck with everything.@sethdill @iMore Weird. Browser extension weirdness maybe? Dunno.@cjblev Yeah, dragging and dropping photo and movie libraries should be kosher.@cjblev Some apps will want to manage their own installation; they may require libraries or settings files, so drag and drop may not work.@bhaskarsb @reneritchie Wikipedia results should be automatic, but will be contextual depending on what you’re searching for.@settern Derpy. http://t.co/9ztVz3z7Do@SoleLo @reneritchie @iMore Thanks for reading!@sethdill @iMore It’s embedded in the top image. http://t.co/Dd7VN2TKp1@bhaskarsb @reneritchie Check Spotlight prefs in System Prefs; you can tailor search results and change search result order too.@SoleLo @reneritchie @iMore you betcha! http://t.co/pIiNwhZhOL@sethdill @iMore it’s a video.How to get your Mac ready to upgrade to Yosemite http://t.co/2jyuN4f1iP via @iMoreOS X Yosemite in 6 minutes: Everything you need to know http://t.co/ZokqDnHWDM via @iMore@melissadeblok I’ll be very curious to see some reliable benchmarks done, but I think it’ll be an all-around upgrade from the prev. model.NSFW: GamerGate fallout, knee-jerk Yosemite upgrades, iPad names and more http://t.co/763mzzkusJ via @iMoreEvery time I see a Mercedes Benz G500 I say “Geländewagen” because G500 is a stupid name.@thejose Thanks for reading, and good luck!@thejose If you stored it with Apple, you can contact Apple Support, answer security ?’s. Otherwise as far as I know, you’re out of luck.attn @SimonSage http://t.co/3wshOHEP9q*ring* “I’d like to have some flowers delivered.” “Sorry, we’re not a florist.” “Do you know who I can call?” “Um…a florist?” #retaillife@Avro “Now, should I wait for the unicorn or go for the real product?"@melissadeblok Modernized. More like a 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro now. Good little system!@cjblev to install…?
Thoughts on Apple's 2014 iPad and Mac event by @reneritchie http://t.co/AgTGA7CddB via @iMore@cjblev Why not? The other hashtags didn’t make sense either. ;)@emd I ended up doing it earlier this summer. Solved a whole bunch of problems.@emd @iMore Upgrading should be fine, but if you have a lot of problems afterwards, best to do a clean install.This "getting pitch black by six o'clock" thing is bullshit. And it's still DST.@tbridge @kerri9494 @siegel @iMore 10.6.8 or higher. As long as you have the MAS.Nice to see Apple banishing mediocre overpriced headphones from its online store. Wait, Beats are still there, never mind.@Puakia @iMore http://t.co/JNLc55qGyu@siegel @kerri9494 @iMore The answer is yes. Any Mac that can get to the Mac App Store should be good to go.@ddt Wise.@Jon_Alper Wise.If you’re making the transition to Yosemite, we’ve posted a ton of how tos at @iMore http://t.co/HGL8WTvhQh With more on the way, too!@settern If I’m ever on death row, I’m having them cater my last meal.@Puakia You familiar with Phill Headway’s cover? It’s AMAZING. https://t.co/VJk1JBosQ1@settern With hash browns. http://t.co/9LQaWbNU99@Puakia “Prince Ali” still ranks as one of my favorite Disney tunes EVER.@Anil_Dikshit absolutely. Making it only usable for video is madness. Sheer madness!@frankctweets That means the webmonkeys are doing their job. ;) They’ll get double banana rations tonight!@frankctweets Ironically, I was your first ever IT guy doing my last ever IT job! :D@frankctweets Aww. Thanks, Frank! Happy to see you on Twitter!@teenirl american spirits are to white cishet men what pumpkin spice lattes are to white women@Puakia @iMore https://t.co/8YNUyrVnzB@frankctweets hey! Thanks for following. Didn’t we work together a million years ago? :)@CaffeineAndHate @wyoung8921 Skylake is coming in 2015, Broadwell’s delays be damned, apparently.How to get your Mac ready to upgrade to Yosemite http://t.co/2jyuN4f1iP via @iMore@Georgia_Dow mmm. hot pot.Yosemite’s Instant Hotspot is kind of cool, but I’d prefer Instant Hotpot. http://t.co/nHKMj6vhOE@hippiemanx Xeno Hunter.@PhoneDog_Cam @ChrisPirillo Short answer is I dunno. If they managed to pull out 60 Hz it’d be pretty amazing, imo.@mcelhearn ugly hack@zkahn94 Yeah. Alpine Ridge controller comes out with Skylake. Both are due next year.@zkahn94 Skylake.Remember, Apple had to custom-design its own timing controller with 40 Gbps bandwidth for the 5K iMac.No, Apple won’t be rolling out 5K Thunderbolt Displays any time soon. Too much bandwidth even for Thunderbolt 2.How to make OS X Yosemite's menus dark http://t.co/HNgcwnsDaj via @iMore@MarkSheppard It’s the same on the iMac.@sc_vaughn @jsnell Not for newer systems, no. That ends with the 2011 model.@MarkSheppard PCIe for SSD, for sure.@jsnell The 2012 redesign made VESA a factory CTO option, didn’t it?@mcelhearn @dmoren @jsnell @marcoarment pre-Haswell?@stevekovach It’ll be in your colon until you contract cdiff. So head to Arby’s to flush it out!@dmoren @mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment Note that places like OWC only sell SSD upgrade kits for *up to* 2013 models.@dmoren @mcelhearn @jsnell @marcoarment It’s still socketed, iirc, but the socket configuration is some Apple thing.
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