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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@jperlow Yum Cha died for somebody's sins but not mine.@jperlow like a bossJust saw a guy in a BMW 650i convertible flip a bitch in an intersection and now I want join the Sandinistas. #vivalarevolucion@dominocollege @Georgia_Dow @iMore Read and find out for yourself! :)@noir @reneritchie Also, it's LOST Jafar.@ID_AA_Carmack @fmanjoo Good thing you don't charge them interest.@reneritchie Yeah, their insistence on hauling out every Disney character in history is both charming and irritating.When I watch Once Upon a Time, I know no one in Storybrooke, Maine uses Sprint or T-Mobile because their cell phones work in the woods.I get a lot of questions about improving iOS device battery life. @Georgia_Dow has the answers. http://t.co/ThmPm7ooB5 via @iMore@AshleyEsqueda You need a hoverbelt like Baron Harkonnen in Dune.@leighalexander Should have gotten it microchipped.Every time I see a guy with a beard and hipster glasses, I think, "Where's your HEV Suit, Gordon Freeman?" #halflife2Nike FuelBand news doesn't surprise me. Half of all fitness wearables end up in the drawer after about six months.
@LeslieFishlock That's all right. He'll rise again.GO BRUINS@goldengateblond http://t.co/IX4hWWMQx5@teenirl He sounds pretty neurotypical.@Ficzeri Simon Sage did a nice writeup of it recently: http://t.co/6odqLhTBGe@Ficzeri It's a lovely game but it's not iOS exclusive. I've been playing it on my Mac since its first public beta months ago.Top ten games you can only play on iOS right now! http://t.co/vrJLYRLfyy via @iMore@lukei4655 http://t.co/JURuTDyubEThat time Eddie Murphy was the funniest human being on the planet. http://t.co/k35IJv3qEY@razz2 I clarified what I intended.@razz2 thanks!@JonyIveParody @jdalrymple Open always wins is a pretty good strategy for a goalie's five hole though.@bassguy The best part of waking up is misanthropy in your cup.@siegel @RockingThePixel I feel the same way about Tammy and Kerri, so it's cool.@reneritchie All Friday means is that tomorrow I go to work at my other job. http://t.co/jFlvc1KgW8Good Friday? What's so good about it?@dkdsgn Cute. Does it come in a 12 EEE?@mat Reading High Tech. You're the wind beneath my wings today.@razz2 I'll let each person judge for themselves what their appropriate risk level is.@FcoRamirezA Not that time, but I was using my Mac.
@edzitron physical punishment tooCan I bill CVS for the time I wait for their damn web site to load?@lukei4655 @jdalrymple http://t.co/baAJTb4tw1@nortools It was from a Mac to an iPhone.@mcelhearn Don't let him chase cars.Facetime audio has been a thing for a while but I only now had cause to use it. Worked very well.@staypuft racist@darth they're tomacco.InDesign alternatives for Mac: Can anything unseat Adobe for page layout? http://t.co/z5GlF4bVOK via @iMoreToday's jam: http://t.co/pc9H0usz8OA eulogy for World of Darkness, written by (and for) a White Wolf fan http://t.co/He89boGt2S http://t.co/i9LUbvNx9n
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@strngwys @jbrodkin I haven't shown up for a lot less.@andrewbg discovered a good use for my HiRise stand box: platform for a standing desk.@jdalrymple bear in mind, I'm also in the basement, doing the exact same thing I did when I was 16.@jdalrymple Yeah, like you need an excuse to slack off and spend the afternoon jamming in the basement like a teenager.@fraserspeirs Either that or you're having an LSD flashback.Thanks for nothing, Obama. http://t.co/cnlOsOr6u6
@utterer LOL, good catch@utterer I don't play Nintendo stuff anymore. Never did, really.@utterer no@BenThePCGuy Tastes like Tasty Wheat.Just got a new Rutledge BookBook case from Twelve South for my 15-inch rMBP. http://t.co/uHPFWADmch@chrisphin Misery loves company, as long as it's BYOB.@bynkii The best part of waking up is donkey punching from your cupBecause of what week it is. http://t.co/nS8k4GuooOThat awkward moment when you realize you have more available on your Starbucks card than you have in your bank account.@skyxz Tell me more about iStudio PublisherIt's time for someone to take his ativan. #tcot #thanksobama #420@AdamSerwer @Slate @ronindotca They would have obeyed the law to begin with.@SammyWalrusIV GOLD IS BEST. http://t.co/4tuUDWSBBAMake your Mac safer online: Five tips for better password security http://t.co/OZY2uH2gIF via @iMore@yummygoods yeah, so no pictures of cute brussel sprouts roasting to death or anything, k?@yummygoods Most disturbing vegetable-related anime ever: http://t.co/EYHkcY7djm@yummygoods So cute Japanese girls squeal "Kawaii!"@jaytorres I'm a Pixelmator user, for reasons I can't quite justify or explain. :)@jaytorres Both are image editing apps as opposed to page layout apps.@rpeal *facepalm*@CraftyDeano LOL! .pub files are SO easy to exchange!@jgpmolloy They rebuilt OS X pages on the same code as the iOS version. Wanted to make data transfer between Mac and iOS transparent.@20mileSue http://t.co/A5lIZHqEdm@dujkan yes(and yeah, I'm fully cognizant of QuarkXPress)@dujkan over my dead bodyPixelmator is to Photoshop as Sketch 3 is to Illustrator; what's your favorite alternative to InDesign?@stefanoscalia Wish I knew.@jperlow STOP POSTING PHOTOS OF DELICIOUS THINGS YOU MONSTERBungie firing Marty O'Donnell is like Steven Spielberg firing John Williams. Inconceivable.
iMore show video back on iTunes and RSS! http://t.co/HnEZPvpLIl via @iMore@goldengateblond A few months ago I couldn't leave the minivan to go into Starbucks because I was listening to an NPR segment. #whiterthanu@_Miche11e_ @azeis #420@siegel @dkdsgn It's like calling a Canadian an American!@siegel @dkdsgn IKEA IS SWEDISH NOT ICELANDIC@strngwys first week on the job and you've already shit your pants.@teenirl so did my wife. *highfives*Hákarl and Svið #panerafaves@edzitron @stevekovach @nichcarlson @kylebrussell @leahggoldman that somehow sounds less pervy than what Steve just saidBecause Veruca Salt is going out on tour with the original lineup http://t.co/rKXGyqHCxC@jdalrymple @benjaminzamayo spell check is for pussies@Spacekatgal http://t.co/X1XWbDF96kIf I see sleet or snow on the ground tomorrow morning I'm gonna kick mother nature in the balls.@edzitron yup. It's a good first attempt. I'll be curious to see how the technology improves.Leap Motion Controller review: A Mac controller that you don't touch http://t.co/nNLtUqWIiU via @iMore@markgurman @mat @MikeIsaac His porn star name is Hat Moanin@jsnell @markgurman Someone in the Mission has a list.@Spacekatgal Yeah, a fine sequel to a genre defining game.Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut now on sale for Mac - $19.99 http://t.co/h5ahiOAj4v@gturpin That's just dumb.
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