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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@funranium @edzitron That's what I do after payload delivery.@pattonoswalt ruh roh Raggy!@edzitron I'm fond of repeating that along with "USUL HAS CALLED A BIG ONE" when I'm on the toilet.@edzitron Also, the slow blade penetrates the shield.@Lorskyfink When I write it, I think "O S capital X." That's how the mistake from people who _should_ know better happens.@Lorskyfink Because you see it in print day after day but you rarely pronounce it. It's an easy slip to make, but like I said, it annoys me.@mallelis http://t.co/13sJoeY5eb@Lorskyfink I'm not quite that unforgiving, but I admit it's a pet peeve.Tim Cook's game with Wall Street: Underpromise and overdeliver http://t.co/eLUCWhlHko via @iMore@DikaiaKnight @reneritchie @iMore It certainly isn't _voided_, but don't expect help from AppleCare (or Apple Geniuses) with beta software.*sigh* Just tell me what the goddamn thing does and save me the story.@JonyIveParody Say that with an Italian accent and I'll reconsider.@DaveHamilton @giantbrownguy Doesn't make the iMac any easier to take apart, but it does make the drive conversion simple.Thanks Obama. RT @BostInno: Your iced coffee from Dunkin' is soon to be pricier: http://t.co/5mUcpOwaDhThe worst part about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is knowing that hockey season will soon be over.@strngwys That's because the CHUDs think they're tasty.In case anyone is wondering if there's sexism in tech, I just got a PR pitch about high tech kitchen gadgets for Mother's Day.@siegel @lukei4655 @GlennF Or to be SIEGELed.@lukei4655 @siegel I have a special decal I put on the side of my MacBook every time it happens, like a flying ace.@lukei4655 Canon fodder.@lukei4655 @marcoarment Could be worse. Could be "The Happening."@abazoe The stuff about working at the Apple Store reminded me of some of your stories. http://t.co/VJEshUWDgHFCC's new net neutrality rules: At least they got the "net" part right.@mrgan That's some blended bullshit right there. Single malt or GTFO.On @iMore show 399 @reneritchie @flargh go over Apple’s Q2 2014 results, talk OS X open beta, Tim Cook’s core values http://t.co/cdsfrClHas
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In which I discover The Orb is playing Boston tonight, but I'm far too far away to make it. :(@cctphotographer yay 50% off sale at CVS!"Where's my fucking Apple television" asks Gene Munster.@Ricker666 That's British for "Tar-zhay."Huh. Primark is coming to the US, and first to Boston. http://t.co/2gaGqQRDMR@chrisphin @CraigGrannell "This list of iPhone games will BLOW YOUR MIND. You'll never believe what happens next!""Alluminio." RT @npann: @flargh He needs to say "Aluminum."I used to love listening to Jony Ive talk, but I have a new favorite foreign accented Apple executive to hear: Luca Maestri.@PhilipMichaels Like Howard Beale in Network.Huh. Didn't expect to hear Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" on the conference call hold music. #thatsactuallyMYplaylistiPad is DOOMED! DOOMED!@giantbrownguy most of the SATA SSDs on the market are in 2.5-inch form factor for laptops.@giantbrownguy The 2011 iMac uses a 3.5-inch SATA HD, so any will do. You'll probably need an adapter to get it in there right, since...@markgurman but it isn't a new product. FAILaround the globe thousands of tech journalists are frantically hitting the refresh button of their favorite finance news site@inafried Only available in Washington and Colorado without a note from your doctor.@dwiskus Yeah, but I'M in America so SPEAK ENGLISH. ;)@dwiskus YOU'RE IN AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH@tapbot_paul @siegel just wait until next year@diskgrinder Alan, Cumming!@Clarknulp @diskgrinder The quivering pudding was always my most feared monster in D&D.Today's soundtrack is courtesy of @decktonic. http://t.co/xSihXIdcKc@teenirl you're white, you wouldn't understand.I managed to make it 57 seconds into Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video before pulling plug and now I need to call the Samaritans.@Clarknulp @diskgrinder add "quivering" and it's a totally different kind of movie.@jperlow @sbnation Why do you hate America?@rgriff @ShawnKing @jonseff @Moeskido KHAAAAWN http://t.co/xkHSADNmEZ@rolphus OFFSGreat stuff from @DaveHamilton about the state of upgrades, thanks to ever-cheaper SSDs. http://t.co/H4lkC2vyplHow to save disk space on your Mac by selectively syncing Dropbox folders http://t.co/3Q1Qg9Ubof via @iMore@davidcaolo better hail than New Yorkers.@ddt Homonyms, oddly. My brain trips over my fingers on those ALL the time.I can't spell "accommodate" correctly the first time, but can pull of "Daenerys Targaryen" without a hitch. Kill me now.I hope my children aspire to a better standard of middle class living by emigrating to Canada.Spectacular weather event outside - it was black as night, then lightning and thunder, then hail. Now the lawn is white. WTF.@gorskic http://t.co/UGQR97R1yn@hrpanjwani Oh, right. Microsoft didn't make it when it works, but when it fails it's Microsoft's fault.Messages just failed screen sharing miserably. Skype worked. To be clear, Microsoft's shit worked better than Apple's did.@aaronmb I paid the bill and everything!@kit_flowerstorm Just a blip. Waiting for everything to come back to life.And the power goes out. Welcome to Cape Cod.New and updated apps: Skype, TextExpander, Kindle and more! http://t.co/tmEX7zp2VC via @iMoreiMore show Apple earnings wrap-up LIVE tonight at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm BST http://t.co/FDOVlXm78L via @iMore@stevescipioni You're welcome!Tim Cook's right: I AM more powerful than I think. I just levitated my minivan using The Force!Want to play Windows games on your Mac? Boot Camp is your best bet for maximum performance. http://t.co/X4seoS5Ur2 via @iMore
@HugoKessler Just saw it while watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.The new iPhone 5s ad with the band covering Pixies' "Gigantic" is my favorite ad ever for the next 15 minutes.@pattonoswalt Well, that was a brief cameo. Godspeed, Agent Koenig.@jgpmolloy sounds awesome!Late dinner tonight. Roasting red potatoes and brussel sprouts for the steak.@RealJackEdwards Plus he does an awesome Christopher Walken impression. http://t.co/qHXUyZflYl@jcenters It's called "OS X Mavericks Beta" for a reason.@jcenters But this is a *Mavericks* beta test program. 10.10 doesn't have anything to do with it.@nortools I've read accounts of how you can, but it's _really_ hairy.How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp http://t.co/X4seoS5Ur2 via @iMore@rolphus Siri only responds when you're high not drunk@jackbrewster @abazoe I have no mouth and I must scream.OS X beta seed program: Bad idea, or worst idea ever?Why all the fuss about the potential end of iPhone subsidies? by @cumiastowski http://t.co/CQgtvGPvtH via @iMoreApple opens OS X Mavericks beta program to the public by @philnickinson http://t.co/GldHtDuluy via @iMore@jdalrymple You can dance, Jim. You can jive, having the time of your life.@stevekovach Which series of tubes do I take there?@SteveStreza Sounds like @welovefine fucked that one up pretty good, but where's the evidence that they exploit artists?Some days I'd just rather be a brain in a glass jar connected to the Mac with diodes and wires.@cliftonmthomas @sethclifford http://t.co/zWwyHFriDj@sethclifford Which part of "take with a grain of salt" is unclear, fucko?Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes http://t.co/gbrQuPjsdj
Retweeted by Peter CohenTake this with a grain of salt, but AppleCare tells me that the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wake from sleep problem should be fixed in 10.9.3.I found an easy way to work with my CompactFlash DSLR and my SDXC slot equipped Mac. http://t.co/pyjoEnv8kK via @iMoreSatya Nadella should call his next car "Microsoftmobile." http://t.co/lcBoG94980
@EbE404 Nope, no Comcast authentication for any of the A+E-owned channels.@EbE404 If you don't authenticate as cable/satellite TV subscriber, it's all filler, clips, and new episodes if you're lucky.@apollozac That's why I keep an rMBP around.The Mac mini: the best game console in the house http://t.co/ItxRlw9Qqa via @iMore
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