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No Tofu . Out now. http://t.co/4sO68CHFsFDebbie Harry. Shirley Manson, A dog , Traci Lords #throwbackthursdays http://t.co/btwlzESFOS
Retweeted by Garbage@thetracilords Traci!!! Sx@TequilaGirlGem Send him our very best!@therichwalters did it come from our office? Special delivery?@studiodog @brettgrace we are not worthy! Full awe and respect Kerry Brown. Mwah! Sx@RaulCasas 🐨@therichwalters @BrodyDalle whAaat? Wait! Have you heard it!?!?@brettgrace 🍦🍨🍧🎂🍰🍞🍩🍮🍫🍜🍙🍥🍣🍱🍚🍡@ColdLotion 🐑 no darling they just use a differnt phone from you x@Accio_Bradley were they better before? I must admit I was in LOVE with my RAZOR. Perfect design.@inouestore taka?@ReedusOwnsMe no darling you are an individual! I salute you sx@browning_sydney fucking hilarious I love you sydney browning xI can’t BELIEVE people actually feel sorry for me because I haven’t had an IPHONE before now. Get a life.@howiebeane 🐶@takiaballard 🍰@GirlGoneGoldbrg 👻@suupernerd 💝its really frickin good!@raynjpg 🐒@laurynashley14 🐺@Maiden_Belle 🐼@callmeduarte 🐼@AndiMcLellan 🐒@Nightingveil 🐯@m4x18 🐸@GarbageRussia 🐰@suupernerd 🐻@browning_sydney thank you my darling x🐱@laurynashley14 actually you don’t download you go to keyboard settings😳😜😃@browning_sydney ha ha ha@laurynashley14 ok!where are my emojis at?!?Thanks to @bbgunpr I have a TYPOKEYBOARD so typing is a dream. BwaAaahhhaaaaAH! Win WinMy first tweet on my very first IPhone! Goodbye Blackberry. Sad we couldn’t work things out. Sx@Screamales I like it. Some forward thinking. Sexy and brainy. Shove on a pair of specs and the world’s your oyster little lady. Girl power.@Screamales Oh yes. Then you will be on the front cover of Vogue before you know it. Your little asshole winking at me from the cover.@Screamales Good girl. I love it when you are submissive. And sex sells! Isn’t it just so sexy and successful? Bleugh.@neaners78 yup I’d definitely wear that…..but in no way would I look half as awesome in it as she already does……..yummy SxPatti Smith, 1979. Photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe. http://t.co/7UA1umJWH3
Retweeted by Garbage@screamales M……you on your knees again. Wot a slut. http://t.co/3cc1ZdEX4d@TheSwanKing Not me! Sx@kikilee86 ha!@JessieJessup happy birthday Jessie!@TequilaGirlGem Who is your daddy?!@MissAlexWhite @LEVIS That is a RAD ad! Whooo hooo. You sexy redheaded monsters. This makes me happy. Iconic brand! I am proud. Sx@nickmcclellan Thank you!@TheSwanKing Wait till you hear it!@legamazz @masves @garbage Esa es la actitud! Todos en procesión por San Vinilo!!
Retweeted by Garbage@legamazz @masves @RSD_Spain We love our Spanish fans. So sad U R not being taken care of. We made them available to COOP ES , this I know.@redpepsi1 Thank you!!!@masves @RSD_Spain That is fucking awesome. Sx@RSD_Spain @sergioterreros really? What about PIAS? Or COOP ES?@ePROMO365 @BBGUNPRESS Hold the line caller. Will look into it.@ePROMO365 @BBGUNPRESS huh?@EMAthorstar @theTroubadour Oh no! I’m on holiday! That blows!! I am so bummed! X
@HannaHanra You need to do a piece on @EMAthorstar ! The record is SO strong, so good, so smart………love love love! Sx@EMAthorstar Mwah! When are you playing LA?!?And hey! @EMAthorstar has a great new record out!!! If you caught her opening 4 us last tour you will want this new cd. So fucking good.@Sawyer_DelRey happy birthday girl#Garbage Duke Erikson @garbage @ArenaMtyOficial https://t.co/1UpbVxLsyG
Retweeted by GarbageListening to Do to the beast by @theafghanwigs Sooooo good. #gregdulliremainsarockgodbeastNotmanyofthemLeft Sx@punkypeggy @HannaHanra Do I have both of yr permission to answer this in next months BEAT? Not enough space to do this justice via twitter?We have some super intense fans. @ABSOLUTgarbage is giving Jose a run for his money! http://t.co/dx4VslGKal@redpepsi1 we hope you love it! Don’t leak it! Sx@otepofficial reciprocated x@Autumntales_ @otepofficial never@innerwatch @coopfrance Good question. We certainly offered them to all coop territories but whether they were interested I don’t know.@sergioterreros That is indeed sad. Going to look into it.@heartland_recs @helcat79 Thankyou Heartland Records.You know what's iconic? "Androgyny" by @garbage. The video slays so hard, it's hard to believe it was release in 2001.
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The first episode of this final season of MADMEN was appropriately devastating.@therichwalters @BrodyDalle Aha! You are a good boy and you know it! Mwah!Three new songs will be added to our DLC library tomorrow – are you ready? http://t.co/q1irB6N8Wd
Retweeted by GarbageLearn to play 3 songs by Garbage in our latest DLC! “Only Happy When It Rains" & two more are now on Rocksmith! https://t.co/suqNdG1QCH
Retweeted by Garbage@Xfm @therichwalters Yes we do! Will you play it? :)Woah. Did this REALLY happen!?!??! Thank you @GarbageArg for sending us this pic. Seems so long ago already!... http://t.co/qxmsTfSbTKWhen a dog sees its owner, its' brain secretes the same substances as ours when we are in love. http://t.co/ACLSCJnAaJ
Retweeted by Garbage@garbage first single from our - finally - full album! really really hope you guys like it <3 https://t.co/P50us3Z9Pz
Retweeted by Garbage@FarFromAlaska WhhhhhaaaaaaaaaAAAA! Congratulations! So happy for you. SxGIRLS TALK (feat. @BrodyDalle)/TIME WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING 10" by @Garbage now officially added to the #RSDUK site http://t.co/zoTT28xudV
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Paul McCartney and Martha, 1960 http://t.co/THWpHq6vKY
Retweeted by Garbage@MissAlexWhite Send me a link to your Levi’s ad! I’ve been hearing about it! So happy for you and the F Boy. Sx@missmayormaynot you are very welcome miss may or May not x#RSD14 is on it's way!! Be sure to check out 2 brand new tracks by @garbage!! Mastered at @lodgemastering #newmusic http://t.co/RvCbtCGf1g
Retweeted by Garbage@Me_Interrupted no fucking way?!@xfmscotland is back on the air. Xfm have been good to us and no doubt they will be good to you. A jewel for alternative music lovers. SxWhat a dark chocolate baby hyena looks like. http://t.co/znw6NwnEov
Retweeted by GarbageHe was a perfect gentleman the whole time. http://t.co/kxAWuojPeb
Retweeted by GarbageTrainer quote of the day: I’ll take a wild horse over a dead horse any day of the week. Don’t calm down for anyone. Calm is over rated.@ABSOLUTgarbage @FasterLouder We took a massive risk and got punished for it but it was better than playing it safe. Thanks FasterLouder! SxRT please @garbage @MIAuniverse - Valparaiso is where I live http://t.co/n3g44ywnMy
Retweeted by Garbage@MarioGarbagio ha! Ok.
@lateraluis I think she looks cool.@mitchsunderland @SusanElizabeth aha! She writes some pretty great stuff herself!@lateraluis but she actually looks cute like that……….and probably ALWAYS dresses like that . Not just for the fucking weekend! SxI found out Shirley Manson from @garbage enjoyed my leather diaper article. 13-year-old closeted gay me would be so happy right now!
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