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@radioclash919 Thankyou for playing our song Blood for Poppies! So happy! XWhen a fire engine or an ambulance is sounding it’s siren get the fuck out of its way you fucking selfish self centered fucking idiot FUCK.@heyJ0nnie be careful what you wish for
@WARPtv @WARPmagazine πŸ’›My song number one of the year is "Shame, You're All I've Got" @LeButcherettes feat. Shirley @garbage http://t.co/vThUq8CaCj
Retweeted by Garbage@Miguel_M1GS I think I love you πŸ‘©@Louison @BrodyDalle Ha. Maybe…..@ColdLotion πŸ’‹@blaiyrwitch Beautiful. Just like you. Haven’t forgotten your facebook letter from years ago. Never will. So happy for and proud of YOU. πŸ‘©One of my highlights of 2014. Working twice ...no three times with @brodydalle http://t.co/b7cxdRYgtC@bengrill Oooh well DONE! You are VERY beautiful. I just wish the whole thing was in black and white!! πŸ’…πŸ‘‘πŸ’…@bengrill Is the lady going to share?! πŸ’…πŸ’„πŸ’…
#WARPmagazine presenta: Entrevista con Shirley Manson, vocalista de @Garbage. http://t.co/uB2NjHqQHB http://t.co/GMxq8FOqoR
Retweeted by GarbageLast night @theusherhall to hear @choirofkingscam boys choir sing like angels in this beautiful historical hall. http://t.co/aM3qm8nFDD
@WeAre313st @LeButcherettes πŸ’›@Rhevolver No John. You are dead .Thanks to Frases Garbage for continuing the holiday theme. I like this look on all of us twonks. http://t.co/kAsBusBOCK@rsfinla ⭐️@BarriPort πŸ’₯@Punto105 Little birds tell me you got us in the local news yesterday in El Salvador. Muchos Gracias and a thankyou so very much. πŸ‘©Forgot how fucking GREAT this record is! #ThePsychadelicFurs πŸ’š http://t.co/QqTt0wFzrB@Ladydark79 πŸ’…
@DistanceLeft @GothicGiirll rarely@Ladydark79 @Punto105 πŸ’‹@luttontobar πŸ’™@Roo_fabiian πŸ’›Quote of the day from the frontwoman of @garbage http://t.co/kHz0SjGL9a
Retweeted by Garbage@GothicGiirll At last I say something sensible! You can take that quote to the bank beautiful girl. S@EspacioLunatico ⭐️@Toshk Thanks for playing us in London. πŸ™…@sykurmolarnir_ Maybe we will. Maybe we wont. But hopefully we are planning on it. πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨@wromradio Thankyou so much WROM RADIO. Happy Holidays to you and the listeners in Detroit who support us in garbage. We are so grateful.⭐️@MyInsomniaRadio πŸ’…πŸ’₯πŸ’…Garbage fan Jose de La Cruz, definitely one of our most diehard fans has gone and done it again. We… http://t.co/dYjpnLEqL7@Punto105 @celgrande Woah! Did you just play us in El Salvador?!?! That is grand. Thankyou. We are thrilled.A glorious winter day on the east coast of Scotland. Life can be so magical sometimes. Sx http://t.co/lfLiLPITR4
@schichter πŸ‘„@Lisahh_Jayne oh didn’t you hear?!?! OMG πŸ’₯@tommelsen ⭐️Proud to be rocking some KTZ for Nylon Magazine( Mexico Edition) in the breathtakingly beautiful… http://t.co/smCLcdreRqIt is still there. Don't despair my darlings. Stay cheerful. πŸ‘© http://t.co/mLbCOX5iAQ
@joedlc71 Spectacular!@ORLProductions I swooned with happiness reading your tweet. Sx@TaylaStJames πŸ‘„PAPER Magazine (@papermagazine) says ROSE MOUNTAIN is one of "10 Albums That Will Haunt Your Dreams in 2015" http://t.co/DD4GHn8fHl
Retweeted by Garbage@kendalbrogan whhoooHoooo happy birthday little lady ⭐️Bah ...... http://t.co/0bcihxwAKq@digital969 Thank you for playing us in our beloved Mexico!!! Xxx
Grab your tickets to the Sons of The Silent Age @pablove benefit show at @PabstTheater: http://t.co/1MoyBrC1AI @Connelly_Chris @garbage
Retweeted by Garbage@Rhapsody @madidiaz ⭐️@ShawnBr0snan hmmmm…maybe πŸ”₯@wickedgoddess πŸ’₯@princecharmin75 nope not bringing anything back?!?!@aaalex555 @O2academybrix πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨
Loving the karma of 4yr old niece scribbling in all my little sister’s books after a childhood spent in tears over HER scribbles in mine.πŸ‘©@authenticpaint πŸ’–@browning_sydney πŸ’‹@GregKurstin woah! #goldenglobenomination@joedlc71 wOah!@KayteEllisTeam πŸ’š Sean EllisWe are going back to the 90s in this weeks #tbt with ultimate grunge girl #ShirleyManson from @garbage by #SeanEllis http://t.co/oBzdkrTfDv
Retweeted by Garbage
@barataempo πŸ”₯@vdawg420 πŸ‘ @ocesa_rock πŸ’‹Toda mi admiraciΓ³n & respeto -> Shirley @Garbage Brody @BrodyDalle & Teri @lebutcherettes #LoveAndRespect http://t.co/wbEZ98DlMk
Retweeted by Garbage@ChoMatic wow that is FANTASTIC! Xβ€œEducation is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” β€” William Butler Yeats@aresooga charmed I'm sure don't fence us in
@LYPRadioStation πŸ‘ @MusicforGoodTV @pablove @PabstTheater Thankyou SO much for supporting the foundation. So very grateful to you. SxShirley Manson of @Garbage & Sons of the Silent age + more for @pablove benefit concert 1/17 @PabstTheater: http://t.co/R4VNmz4URP
Retweeted by GarbageThe relief didn't last long. I need another β€œ@CuteEmergency:http://t.co/I78cJSMNNY”The world is dark. Its time for β€œ@CuteEmergency: Broccoli makes me fluffy http://t.co/xYYCaygyoq” Enjoy the relief. It won't last. πŸ’™The best art, design, and photography books of year http://t.co/8fFURmuQza http://t.co/kJEVLoJPaE
Retweeted by Garbage@indysi94 love that you are playing us in Indiana! Thank you. S@FireDownBelow1 🌟@Colorsfm whoooo hooooo! Thanks for playing one of our songs!@Wytcherley1 agree on all points!
Steve Carrell is astonishing in FoxCatcher! Holy shit. What a performance. πŸ‘€@jaanneeeee πŸ’ͺ@Hippywitch1974 That just made me guffaw out loud cheesehead. X@QUARTERpress πŸ‘ @Knique4Bz HA!@Anna_Loo happy birthday girl x@SmmBellamy no darling this was 2001@MarielaCampo a woman with taste x@yelyahwilliams you crack me up πŸ’„@MexicoIndie πŸ’›@Surprise_Island πŸ’„@HumaneSociety You know I'm your girl. πŸ’™Who's the little dude next to Butch? And did he always look this shrunken? http://t.co/xIasKOZGUfWe won in LA, now let's do this Oakland! Elephants need YOU! Support @HumaneSociety's #OaklandBullhookBan effort: http://t.co/6j2fu1Q3pQ@minabuttell πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨@canalkmusic aaaaaghhhh thanks for playing us in beautiful Bogota!!!!@vientosderock wow thank you so much......πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨@robertgold good fucking choice imma gonna take a leaf out of my own book and follow your lead today πŸ™…@livincurious oh cute πŸ’…@MyRedhead129 HA@Flo_RipondiA happy birthday
@OxCedillo @Esepinchewey πŸ™…πŸ’…πŸ™…
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