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@DWreckDick HAH! Awesome.@KatCorbett 🍉@AnOldEnemy 🎤hip hip HOORAY hip hip HOORAY!What about double yellow lines don’t you get douchebag? #stuckbehindamoronholdinguptrafficinbothdirections PET PEEVE!
you can have any gender you want
Retweeted by GarbageSooner or later those lovely young tits and ass get tired . So then what else you got? Better have yourself a STRONG second act. Work it up.@MaximusPhilos why not?@LindseyByrnes right?!! Mwah! Sx@Rehchen89 looking into this"Girls Talk Shit", le single de @Garbage feat. @BrodyDalle est dispo en streaming par ici >> http://t.co/vRyjskGkJz
Retweeted by Garbage. @BrodyDalle participa en “Girls Talk”, tema inédito de @garbage http://t.co/XQIX5LvSCH
Retweeted by GarbageI want to CHANGE YOUR MIND. SxCarlos:Wanna hear two new @garbage songs with @BrodyDalle? You're in luck http://t.co/oLCcKFQy1r http://t.co/qXlZWtPkIn
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@GregKurstin seriouSLY out of control good….we are OBSESSED x@garbage #EPNvsInternet: Mass Campaign against Mexican Communications Bill http://t.co/hYny7L2DrJ please share we need you
Retweeted by GarbageThank you to Stage Light Photo for the pic of front row garbage fans at our show in Boston last... http://t.co/10hfkKjJRU@chipduden oooh…..pretty!@garbage @recordstoreday Tops! The must-have listen from the weekend so far. @BrodyDalle is incredible on #GirlsTalk.
Retweeted by Garbage@ripitup_mag @recordstoreday @BrodyDalle she sounds beyond incredible because she IS incredible! Hah! X@StephenOravec congrats…..@ripitup_mag @recordstoreday ha! Its pretty good right? XScottish people are so deeply genuine , thank you Glasgow xxx
Retweeted by Garbage@Coogi2G @BoyLondonLtd Soooooo cute Sx@mike_negrete a man with taste sxHear two new @garbage songs: "Girls Talk" with @BrodyDalle, and "Time Will Destroy Everything" http://t.co/GPfvBREyPE
Retweeted by Garbage@TheseDrinks @RachelKurstin @Guisados beyone word :)Hear two new songs from @Garbage, including a collaboration with @BrodyDalle: http://t.co/uyUJi5W0hL
Retweeted by GarbageListen to two new songs by @garbage http://t.co/tAOAibbDaR
Retweeted by Garbage@RachelKurstin Why eat at any other taco stand in LA when there is guisados?!?! #mindblown@GregKurstin OMG! You have just changed my life! The tacos at Guisados are fucking insane! Sx@Hogscald have you seen The Art of Killing? Not to be missed either!@honeyqueerios I started to cry when she sang it for the first time. Hearing her sing like that feels like she is fighting 4 + saving me.@RufusRLeaking @BrodyDalle as long as you love it Rufus that’s all that matters! Sx@RRLitster pretty! XIt’s always better to be a little hungry than too full when trying to get good work done. Sx
Thanks to fan David Berry for the pic taken today at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles , California. Thanks also to... http://t.co/z0mBzNaHUo@228wls not for me…i want unity in this world….not division!@ConcertBlogger thankyou concert blogger for the support.@garbage, KAOS RECORDS IS BACK IN DOWNTOWN COVINA, 1044 N. CITRUS AVE, CAN THEY GET AN RT FOR @recordstoreday? #CALIFORNIA #ALT #INDIE
Retweeted by Garbage@93XRT thanks WXRT Chicago for supporting usVinyl lovers! Don't forget to support RecordStoreDay tomorrow. To celebrate we are releasing a very special 10"... http://t.co/BggaCAYbReI posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/KOA5TIUxFlI posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/qekzMK6ooqI posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/RgOHLVrC1GI posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/MWK1HBffF9
@RSDAustralia @belindadavis ha!@RSDAustralia Thankyou .So less than 24 hours until @garbage releases Girls Talk Shit and if you're not freaking out and excited I have to question your judgement
Retweeted by Garbage@monkeygod aha! Brilliant!@monkeygod ? How did you get these if they are not on sale yet?Kermit & Debbie Harry, 1980 http://t.co/ETdGcgwmBH
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No Tofu . Out now. http://t.co/4sO68CHFsFDebbie Harry. Shirley Manson, A dog , Traci Lords #throwbackthursdays http://t.co/btwlzESFOS
Retweeted by Garbage@thetracilords Traci!!! Sx@TequilaGirlGem Send him our very best!@therichwalters did it come from our office? Special delivery?@studiodog @brettgrace we are not worthy! Full awe and respect Kerry Brown. Mwah! Sx@RaulCasas 🐨@therichwalters @BrodyDalle whAaat? Wait! Have you heard it!?!?@brettgrace 🍦🍨🍧🎂🍰🍞🍩🍮🍫🍜🍙🍥🍣🍱🍚🍡@ColdLotion 🐑 no darling they just use a differnt phone from you x@Accio_Bradley were they better before? I must admit I was in LOVE with my RAZOR. Perfect design.@inouestore taka?@ReedusOwnsMe no darling you are an individual! I salute you sx@browning_sydney fucking hilarious I love you sydney browning xI can’t BELIEVE people actually feel sorry for me because I haven’t had an IPHONE before now. Get a life.@howiebeane 🐶@takiaballard 🍰@GirlGoneGoldbrg 👻@suupernerd 💝its really frickin good!@raynjpg 🐒@laurynashley14 🐺@Maiden_Belle 🐼@callmeduarte 🐼@AndiMcLellan 🐒@Nightingveil 🐯@m4x18 🐸@GarbageRussia 🐰@suupernerd 🐻@browning_sydney thank you my darling x🐱@laurynashley14 actually you don’t download you go to keyboard settings😳😜😃@browning_sydney ha ha ha@laurynashley14 ok!where are my emojis at?!?Thanks to @bbgunpr I have a TYPOKEYBOARD so typing is a dream. BwaAaahhhaaaaAH! Win WinMy first tweet on my very first IPhone! Goodbye Blackberry. Sad we couldn’t work things out. Sx@Screamales I like it. Some forward thinking. Sexy and brainy. Shove on a pair of specs and the world’s your oyster little lady. Girl power.@Screamales Oh yes. Then you will be on the front cover of Vogue before you know it. Your little asshole winking at me from the cover.@Screamales Good girl. I love it when you are submissive. And sex sells! Isn’t it just so sexy and successful? Bleugh.@neaners78 yup I’d definitely wear that…..but in no way would I look half as awesome in it as she already does……..yummy SxPatti Smith, 1979. Photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe. http://t.co/7UA1umJWH3
Retweeted by Garbage@screamales M……you on your knees again. Wot a slut. http://t.co/3cc1ZdEX4d@TheSwanKing Not me! Sx@kikilee86 ha!@JessieJessup happy birthday Jessie!@TequilaGirlGem Who is your daddy?!
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