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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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r/t Russia offers $110,000 if you can crack Tor privacy. But check the small print...http://t.co/Zf7Pwtuqx5Instagram’s Android users risk having their accounts hijacked http://t.co/Wh6556WnuaMicrosoft says it has never been asked to put a backdoor in its products. Not even Skype. http://t.co/YTrIa5rmV5Fancy $110,000? Easy! Just be Russian and find a way of cracking Tor http://t.co/8ddcsrKTeX
Instagram’s Android users risk having their accounts hijacked – but is that a threat to your business? http://t.co/MM68IRNFvFMake sure not to criticise @easyjet on Twitter. They don't like it http://t.co/8CpHy1r7g6 RyanAir OTOH are probably used to itMicrosoft: We’ve never been asked to put a backdoor in our products http://t.co/rSbkS4eoHdIn 10 years, I have not found a more effective picture to explain software security. #swsec http://t.co/ondb5fV6FY
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Naming your kid's first pet is such a responsibility now it's a security question. I'm tempted to call the cat "Password".
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Hacker claims to have found undocumented iOS “backdoor”; Apple denies NSA collusion http://t.co/NNWbsw6CR8
Israeli TV hijacked by Hamas hackers http://t.co/OJbyDRFs4Y
Google’s Project Zero – Targeting zero-day vulnerabilities http://t.co/xOPuVKM7R0@gcluley rm -rf is the best patch tool we've ever invented.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyCritical patches for Java released – Patch now or put it out of its misery http://t.co/LbcdmJZIAFBring in the typewriters? @gcluley is skeptical about how much German politicians' new idea is going to help http://t.co/Q7tzA5HkPN
Retweeted by Graham CluleyHacked Japanese porn sites spread banking malware attack http://t.co/qyUm0XsVpJ@BrianHonan @neirajones Yeah, bit of a PR nightmare for BAE Systems http://t.co/ctlLEXrlSlAre typewriters really the way to stop cyberspying? Germany seems to think so http://t.co/Jfu3M6zQsv
Sharing secret files more safely: Some questions to ask yourself http://t.co/zRvLtARtTX@mrbellek @SpywareHammer yep. Just one.CNET hacked! Registered users details stolen by gang demanding 1 Bitcoin http://t.co/Ud3hxxFYSeDo you use WPTouch to provide a mobile theme for your WordPress website? Read this security alert now http://t.co/5fkAcqsP1k“I’ve been hacked, and now I’m pregnant!” http://t.co/K520krvlsJ Birth control now comes in microchip form…
Retweeted by Graham CluleyYou'd think some people would know better than to go posting photos of their passport on Twitter: https://t.co/d140lAlHUc
Retweeted by Graham CluleyApple denies Chinese claims that iPhones are a “threat to national security” http://t.co/3RcXCBdISF
r/t "I’ve been hacked, and now I’m pregnant!" Cue the "penetration testing" double entendres... http://t.co/VmhGZJ6ohGr/t Woah! Stop! Think! Security-conscious folks don't use hotel computers http://t.co/21tbA4zkELWSJ columnist comes to regret handing out his Twitter password and daring readers to bypass 2 factor authentication: http://t.co/EVJPL7Tu07
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t GameOver Zeus. Not down, not out... and back with a vengeance http://t.co/fMjnjouF2SSecurity holes found in LastPass. But they were patched before you knew it. Huzzah! http://t.co/5xt9yMGa3dJava on XP? Is it still supported, and what should you do about it? http://t.co/PTmCngerei"I’ve been hacked, and now I’m pregnant!" http://t.co/2Ej6YPe2Vk http://t.co/zE3i6kVQ5nThe danger of using PCs in hotel business centres http://t.co/21tbA4zkELGameOver Zeus malware returns from the dead http://t.co/cc6prWtdvI@DrSkyrme please tell me that's not real...WSJ writer @mims trusts Twitter 2FA enough to include his password in latest article. Will he regret it? https://t.co/IzReJx31t8
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Who's the new guy? Upcoming Dr Who episode leaks onto the net, in b&w with crummy CGI http://t.co/yAHWz6LLXO http://t.co/NVPhTjZKhlDoctor Who episodes leak unedited – should you download them from the net? http://t.co/yAHWz6LLXO http://t.co/VX1iQKtVRu
LastPass security holes found by researcher, says password management firm – but no need to panic http://t.co/5xt9yMGa3d
Answering the dreaded question "Are we secure?" Article by me, thankfully massaged and published by @gcluley #InfoSec http://t.co/kqNQ2CFGeW
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@ZMKHAN1990 If you email me at graham/at/grahamcluley/dot/com with details I'll try to find someone at @facebook who can help youComputer cops strike at the heart of Shylock malware http://t.co/kAjVE8GWPq
@ZMKHAN1990 You have to complain to @facebook's security team I'm afraid. Good luck with that.Say hello to the Power Pivoting CISO http://t.co/OTDQVgzn8B http://t.co/4MkCLKcCqEHow to zap your house from Google Street View http://t.co/UmFMwA2hQk (or you could "just move" says Google's Eric Schmidt)
Exciting opportunity for Managing Editor of Award-Winning Publication http://t.co/ynoiwrMOsK #InfosecJobs
Retweeted by Graham CluleyWeirdest thing on the net? Japanese Doctor Who??? https://t.co/9LUbK6PtbsSecurity patches for Microsoft products and Adobe Flash – what are you waiting for? http://t.co/pQBGC3H4KM
@teksquisite sigh...The Brazil #WorldCup logo predicted this! http://t.co/rx3DWelAJI
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGoogle Drive found leaking private data http://t.co/PNgP8L3oHc@lseltzer so you did! sorry, i missed that.hey @lseltzer - did you see the background to the adobe patch? http://t.co/2hQn1Ie9h2r/t Hotel Hippo website goes belly-up after massive web security failure http://t.co/bxqQJsfT4aInstagram, eBay and Tumblr websites at risk of Rosetta Flash attack, says Google researcher http://t.co/EQqDksm85cPopular websites vulnerable to Rosetta Flash attack, Google security researcher warns http://t.co/2hQn1Ie9h2Has your smart WiFi-enabled LED light bulb been hacked? http://t.co/AW3LeGSTohDon’t trust Facebook emails claiming unread messages will be deleted http://t.co/ADS1U5UWGhIn case you missed it, a BBC snafu meant that five upcoming Doctor Who scripts have leaked out http://t.co/YupZmKQ89W
@BrianHonan yeah, sometimes i spend longer doing the graphics than writing the articles... :)Hotel Hippo website goes belly-up after massive security failure http://t.co/CbH8kRs1pE http://t.co/TZvGh7guXfDoctor Who scripts leak online – fans rush to download after BBC mess-up http://t.co/YupZmKQ89W http://t.co/0GAAESThfxPassword confessions of a security professional http://t.co/n7bEjNJdGo (via @gmillard)#Security news - #Android security boss says users don’t need anti-virus. Is he right? http://t.co/onQIaRqqWp (via @gcluley)
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This is literally the FIRST STEP when signing up for a LinkedIn account. You know what @LinkedIn? Go Fuck Yourselves. http://t.co/iNG0saK6cZ
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@taxineil55 Very sensible.@secretvalley Of course, there are still iOS apps which are sloppy with your data privacy@secretvalley If they're jailbroken it's worth considering. But anti-malware need not as great as Android by a long way@tlansec Yes. And remember that some mobile security solutions do more than pure anti-virus. For instance, web security, privacy advisor etcAndroid security boss says users don’t need anti-virus. He’s wrong wrong wrong http://t.co/92gbo3CFmj
BAE Systems didn’t tell truth about hedge fund cyberattack, duped the media http://t.co/ctlLEXrlSl http://t.co/BLkpLRxjHE@Mentazm the article about iPhone passcode snooping is back now. http://t.co/b9U49vUGfSHotel Hippo website shockingly insecure, customer data at risk http://t.co/Iw5JQNI9ZrSupport scammers – at your service! http://t.co/4S5Mb5snn8 (via @DavidHarleyBlog)@Mentazm I didn't delete the article. Maybe something is up with Intego's blog. :( I wrote Jacaranda Jim and HumbugThanks To “Right To Be Forgotten,” Google Now Censors The Press In The EU http://t.co/wyhokyGTr3
@theJoshMeister @IntegoSecurity That's interesting Josh. I wonder if that will cover the lock screen too. Fingers (and thumbs) crossed@gcluley Fingerprint-sensor anyone? ;)
Retweeted by Graham CluleyHow to steal an iPhone's pass code (from up to 150 feet away!) http://t.co/b9U49vUGfS
Dragonfly hackers target 1000 Western energy firms, industrial control systems http://t.co/NPle4qEjnYMicrosoft does a U-turn. It *will* email out security advisories after all. Oh do make up your mind! http://t.co/Duw6jIz2FNVirus Bulletin (@virusbtn) celebrates 25 years by giving away its content for free http://t.co/97BXli8fwWButler University data breach victims stretch back over 30 years http://t.co/EtgHiUT3JQCryptowall ransomware: What you need to know http://t.co/MHHZVQRe2P
Not running Android KitKat? Hackers could steal info from your phone http://t.co/qBfBbkmk31In light of the recent ‘Facebook Experiment’, FB has issued new, simplified terms and conditions http://t.co/8SmjhyS3LyMicrosoft stops sending out security advisories via email, because of anti-spam law. D'oh! http://t.co/EtZnnvqr9T
r/t WordPress users warned of TimThumb zero-day exploit that could put their websites at risk http://t.co/5YqLOP9rvlTimThumb plugin Webshot zero-day uncovered, WordPress websites at risk http://t.co/5YqLOP9rvl@claireayles I fell asleep reading that article
How to bypass PayPal two factor authentication http://t.co/4w2hdYLwrIIsn't this simply fraud and therefore illegal by #wonga ? Absolutely disgusting: http://t.co/LUy1r5iSxa
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAnd the World Cup Security Centre’s password is… http://t.co/Ther9NjkrL http://t.co/m4VEAu8xdVHello, would you like to hear a TCP joke? http://t.co/UoTJtGDX2D
Retweeted by Graham CluleySo, it wasn't hackers. But we still don't know if there will be nudity or not in latest Game of Thrones episode http://t.co/4TcEu3MMTjBBC News apologises after bogus breaking news alerts pushed out to users http://t.co/4TcEu3MMTj http://t.co/vxe1eszqDe@gtrufitt @itf I already updated to underline that is possible it was an internal error... and it seems it was! https://t.co/XTEV3P8yQlBBC News app hijacked by pranksters who post bogus breaking news alerts http://t.co/4TcEu3MMTj http://t.co/OgwFuXnJtT
World’s stupidest app apologises after hack that exposed phone numbers, and hires hacker http://t.co/eJ8l1HDjcM #yoWhy iOS 8 could be bad news for retailers who want to track your movements http://t.co/HVgSz7WJfn
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