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My license was expired. My phone was haunted.

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Retweeted by Scare-ard WayCan't sleep, too much leftover adrenaline@losdrogas I know! But I could never see how you could be in a bubble without walking on people, seemed sketchy to me maybe I'm mistaken@losdrogas I mean I'll jump out, crowd surf, and give people some ass to prop up, but I've never been into headwalking@losdrogas I don't think I could subject anyone to stepping on their handsYou all handled yourselves amazingly throughout the whole situation and made it possible to continue playing so thank youThank you NYC for another amazing show!This one was a challenge but we conquered it together.Glad there wasn't a disaster with the barricade@AHoyeHoye @shitdeweessays @ianwfowles @MattGorney great tour! Good hangs!Photo: SKETCH: Saw @gerardway at #irvingplaza on Mon. It was awesome. @ianwfowles & @mjgorney helped. http://t.co/LsVM8gzmmG
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayHappy Birthday to my amazing and talented friend @Jessicka !There is no way to sign outside because there is no way to organize it due to the inflow of people coming to the club for a separate eventSo please pass along the info that I will not be able to sign tonight. Deepest apologies friends.So I just spoke to the venue and unfortunately there is no way to sign for anyone tonight. The venue turns into a club after the showWant to win tickets to see Gerard live in the UK? Sign up to his official mailing list to enter the competition! http://t.co/DUD3V9JbVH
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayLike I never noticed that log before🍠Are there new emojis or did I just never see the thought balloon?💭Good afternoon!
@maxbemis thanks homie!Only screwed up one lyric@Treeiero that is so greatAnd holy smokes was that Sleater-Kinney song fun to playReview of @gerardway at @starlandNJ tonite. What you missed, with video and set list. Great crowd, better front man: http://t.co/7CPZA6MhQe
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayAnd thanks for being an amazing audience NJThank you to the amazing staff at @starlandNJ for accommodating such a large amount of people at the unofficial aftershow signingPerhaps you would enjoy this behind the scenes video from the creation of "Millions"? https://t.co/KheAUBjKoC
Retweeted by Scare-ard Way@COLORnMATT @GothamsLegend @ClaytonCowles it's the best chair ever@MattMinerXVX very excited to read yours@MattMinerXVX and thank you!@MattMinerXVX is it out??Just posted a photo http://t.co/aCMCJuGc5yGood afternoon!
@silenceshannon Cesare@skullmandible it is wonderful to type on, I just face timed with my family on it and I felt like I was in the future, or Robocop@ferosh yay! You like the cruisin series! There are othersIt's the perfect sized phone for an older gentleman or ladyMy phone doesn't feel so big anymore now the old ones just feel small@Jelly4056 @JokeLvr that's cruisin right there@JokeLvr I wanna do the ultimate cruisin one dayCruisin', 2014 http://t.co/YCdEU4CRnI@AnnahThePanda dry cleanersI know pop is top right now but I'd say @fusetv is pretty cool for putting me on and blasting some psychic fuzz on the airwaves #boldmoveThe best part- @fusetv played No Shows and it looked even more scuzzy on normal tv and I almost jumped out of my seat I was so proudLive Review: @GerardWay Brings a "Positive Polly" Attitude and the Glitzy #HesitantAlien to New York City http://t.co/HchGSJsMg5
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayThe much anticipated second edition of my favorite web series has debuted. Asshole Ghost Brother 2. http://t.co/hyTcqJ7gub
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayBtw I'm not sick, just commenting that health is a factor in after show meet ups 😷It keeps being amazing to meet as many of you as I can after the show. As long as my health holds up it's good to goGood morning!@mothrajovovich @kristenrussell @MySweetReveng3 hearts on this whole interactionShout out to the Hall of Presidents with all them robot presidents giving me nightmares and whatnot.
Retweeted by Scare-ard Way@MySweetReveng3 this would make a cool shirt, I wonder if I could license the image
@MySweetReveng3 yup, that's Mai the psychic girl@maura @rare_basement @DVSblast you are all the sweetest. More twitter meet ups in the future I hopeAnd omg Twitter friends @DVSblast and @rachelmillman http://t.co/7Lg6ERfcd8Tonight was magic. Thank you New York❤️Sex is like pizza, if you're going to use bbq sauce you better know what the fuck you're doing
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayI'm doing my makeup early I'm fucking PUMPED new yorkRT: @LolaPlusG Mexico City, November's show is on sale now! http://t.co/TTAeMFGa7N http://t.co/POLHfG19Sp@fabiomoon @beckycloonan @mattfraction ❤️💖✨@johnnyboyuk we should tour together again and bring back the Danzig songNothing like being in a sprawling metropolis to make you want to write a bunch of super hero comicsJust signed some Umbrella Academy graphic novels here, and the only copy of Spider-Verse they had left http://t.co/YSl1YyqfvbMy old station when I used to work the 6am shift at the Barnes and Noble http://t.co/v0bVgmxAl4Spotted on my walk so far http://t.co/3z5gMs0N91What great news to wake up to- @Sleater_Kinney is back!New Yawk! http://t.co/LR1TjwAIkB
Boston- thank you❤️ http://t.co/0pOHp6I8SX@SwychbladeSaint I won't mind, shall I give myself one?@ScienceFiction you forgot the link! =)Success http://t.co/vBBfp539d7@xryanrussellx you're onto somethingIn other news, my heather green fall sweater is looking SICK http://t.co/5iTY7GdELC@mattfraction @McKelvie this is the tweet of the dayI should start saying "Good morning" and "Have a nice day" more often in real life. Why are we predisposed to being isolated?Have you gotten your tickets for @gerardway at Starland this Wednesday? Going fast, don't wait on these! http://t.co/kb12O4yLEY
Retweeted by Scare-ard WayICYMI: @GerardWay performed his new single "No Shows" on #CONAN -> http://t.co/3RbUgJxTtg
Retweeted by Scare-ard Way@gerardway No slippers for us http://t.co/oqMskXQRm7
Retweeted by Scare-ard Way@Trocks I need to find a Dunkin Donuts STAT@jedralinxx love it@Trocks you all look lovely- stay warm!http://t.co/GcV6YfocfVGood vibes coming right up through these kung fu slippersGood morning Boston! (and elsewhere)
.@jakewyattriot is a total star, can't wait for his new @ImageComics book, Necropolis (thanks for the cameo in EoSV 5 btw)@ScottAllie Is there pumpkin spice baby food?@ineptune_ it's dense and strange@ineptune_ The Demons At Rainbow Bridge by Jack L. Chalkeryes, I am ordering a diet coke from room service and only that because I'm maxed out reading science fiction@jimrugg beautiful@chantalclaret @alka_seltzer666 that's the best@AHoyeHoye it wasScore at the local bookshop.Had this as a teen. Definitely remember a talking starfish shaped crew member http://t.co/9svwr8ZsyB@McKelvie oh no! Well I'm playing the crap out of London over the next 4 monthsPhiladelphia! Another wonderful sold out show. So much love #hesitantalien http://t.co/sxa0R0nTXi@MattMinerXVX was yesterday some kind of special day for Dre?I don't remember what the prize wasThen, a team of people looked through the house to find me.They never did.Eventually Dre got bored and was replaced by someone in a Dre maskDr Dre was the host of a competition at my house, where I had to hide a person-sized basket, and then hide inside of it. (Contd)This was my dream last night-
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