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@NOTFUCKINGOKAY I'd love toUsing Twitter before bed tires me out enough to fall asleep@ComicBookBands yes! Eventually/as soon as possible@BarryToasttt 2am, amazon, low impulse control@soqamrac love@BarryToasttt peep this- I couldn't help myself http://t.co/1t54k0EQAg@BarryToasttt Me too, my favorite Star Wars book@BarryToasttt tragic!@BarryToasttt I take it you also read "Tales Of The Bounty Hunters"?@BarryToasttt The more I learned about him the less interesting he became.I'd love a 4-Lom and Zuckuss movie,toolin around in the Misthunter@BarryToasttt here here@ThatOneGirlCeCe wavy!@folieaduexme "Crime Is Doomed"@DallonWeekesxvx the fruit? Ray and I tried it in Vietnam cuz we live on the edge. I don't like the texture? Space slugs?@stevecoy one of the best things I could hear@analbreath tune in this week@ADumbFlowers @stevecoy @rachelmillman @bug_facts you too!@rachelmillman @stevecoy @ADumbFlowers @bug_facts Ahhhh, Matt and Kim were a lot of fun, Blink was nice@stevecoy @rachelmillman @ADumbFlowers @bug_facts thank you for saying that@bug_facts @stevecoy @rachelmillman @ADumbFlowers I bet you're chill@fartypoison I don't remember, probably, drugs are bad
@DevonSova Requisite Clothing, it's a tailored one...takes some time but brilliant@xangel_mcrmyx sooooooon@Maryallenmcgreg I used to make them as a teen@BAKKOOONN @JamStorling @rachelmillman yup!@baileeisntfunny I didn't. Then I did. Now I kind of don't.@bug_facts @rachelmillman sip an iced tea, keep it chill@JamStorling @BAKKOOONN @rachelmillman all day everyday@BAKKOOONN @rachelmillman I will look for it@DVSblast @rachelmillman @BAKKOOONN THAT guy@rachelmillman @BAKKOOONN I've actually never seen this@rachelmillman hahahahaha@rachelmillman unless it's Grant Morrison, who is a genius and also looks good in tight pants@rachelmillman it's much more common to meet a rockstar that is simply someone that looks good in tight pants@rachelmillman it's strange, they are accessible but they access this part of the brain that is astounding, writers@Wi10shere yeah, but that's different hahaha@BAKKOOONN I'd love to get an original of his one day@BAKKOOONN Ah, was he super-normal or strange??@BAKKOOONN Very, and I should have used the term "impressed by" rather than "nervous around"Just wrote one of my comic heroes. I meet countless rockstars and I still only get nervous around the people that make my favorite books.@sushirollme occasionally I will snip a stray, no tweezing@sushirollme never! Stopped doing that during Black Parade touring@fmlwithoutmusic yes. I mean I'm still pretty busy, but now I won't feel bad about replying.@SuperSexualCaty I'm about to donate the Trans Am to the Hard Rock, so people can enjoy it in person and it doesn't sit somewhere to rust@_Gaylaa_ I don't think anyone is fit to judge another person's beauty@xangel_mcrmyx only if that person follows you, and the person you are replying to, which makes for fun reading and good assed tweets@savingjupiter exactly. Even though people still read my reply tweets, it's not on me, like I don't broadcast replies (unless I want to)Does that make sense?I never responded much to people because I didn't wanna spam people who followed me.Up until last month I had no idea replying to my @'s didn't show up in timelines of ppl who follow me. So-I must confess something that is going to make me sound very old(er)@JeyzeusOfOz no sweat. I'd say- go write your own screenplay!@MCRmy_17 thank you!@Warriors_MCR5 #truth@JeyzeusOfOz goes through a whole process and a chain of command that I'm really not involved with. I make the comics!@JeyzeusOfOz the film is out of my hands, Universal currently holds the rights, and have hired a screenwriter (that I like). This stuff-@MCRmy_17 @EddieMcClintock @Comic_Con didn't know he was active on here! Following him now!@Maryallenmcgreg you have good tweets@misskittyf @beckycloonan @ShaunSimon just saw it, super awesome!!@BulletproofEche ah! Thanks again for that! Very sweet of you@UkeleleRapGirl I don't remember half the things I said up there@gerardway @MyChemicalPatty made a meatron out of meatball meat. he's suffering some fork trauma to the head http://t.co/1DAIQ96eEj
Retweeted by Gerard Way@MyChemicalPatty love it!Photo/blog- Zine - http://t.co/Oc76jj8hfJ@beckycloonan @ShaunSimon it's never too late@ShaunSimon @krissii123 it actually is pretty serious@ShaunSimon @wastedwings my legacy@ShaunSimon @wastedwings it most likely will be@ShaunSimon @wastedwings yes, he partook of the forbidden Darkfudge@Maryallenmcgreg well, it's not a show yet, but there is a definite possibility of a 2 minute short. If people like it, then more Fudge Lord@ShaunSimon @wastedwings yeah, you got it before you got it@ShaunSimon @wastedwings Ahhhh, the precious life-slime@ShaunSimon get on it!@ItWasAlwaysFOB I'm gonna voice Meatron with a heavy octave-lowering pluginAnd that was my big #SDCC announcement from home- Big Worm is the voice of Fudge Lord.Right now I'm listening to @bigwormy 's test clips for Fudge Lord, because Worm is the voice of Fudge Lord. #FudgeLord@gerardway hit'em with some custard
Retweeted by Gerard Way@bigwormy I feel like all these pancakes are missing something...@Katieasaur awesome! Keep running!@TaylorEspo she's the best! I see you are a letterer- maybe we'll get to work together one day!@TaylorEspo my daughter! I see you live in Kearny- spent lots of time thereGood evening, good afternoon, and good morning- especially to those at #SDCC and those making pancakes #WPR@adorescento inspiration always beats sophistication@blambot @starwars sure do wish we lived in the same state
@Alexa8DaysAWeek already love itFor those with the big dreams- Godspeed to you@Maryallenmcgreg @bigwormy 's observation about the UK was that they put custard on absolutely anything@Pirate_Zoidberg I wish I knew their name so I could credit them in my bio, I'll try google@Jelly4056 that was the winning answer,and your prize is this info: @bigwormy coined the phrase, "hit it with some custard" after touring UK“@Just_Know_Hope_: "@QueenFIossy: i edited gerards nipple off for him http://t.co/DUiJwXkB3D" wow, now I feel like it looks weirdMan, I shoulda just hit that with some photoshop before I put it out there@BAKKOOONN bathhouse@MattMinerXVX best part of the film is them getting readyIf you can't tell, the Joel Schumacher Bat-films are my favorite@robertliefeld I cannot wait for that film, also one of the best titles everDressing up is the next best thing to being at Comicon I suppose http://t.co/zmuOeXVNE9The Batman costume was not as unflattering as I expected, and was, quite comfortable@lauriexstrode I'm glad you smiled, Kate@The_YUNiversity ah! PerfectWe didn't fight evil, but we had tea.
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