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Empowering Women in #Pornography! Homemade #amateur #Aussie #porn with #sexy girls #kissing and #fucking themselves, each other & boys too!

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Do you like it when our #amateur #girls #piss by the side of the road? http://t.co/2iWgXDwLBwSexy Audrey Inserts a Banana | Amateur hotties of Girls Out West have fallen in lov http://t.co/uDBXqRS0PfNice Amateur Girl In The Car Wash | There are many unusual and exciting places wher http://t.co/BJG8mJ9aNGReal #couples having sex @AnneMelbourne69 and @ryanjamessydney . Watch the video now at http://t.co/R4GQP2wMjcDo you like hot chicks catching #fish then #masturbating #seaside? Lavender is hot! http://t.co/T8JmB5Y881We love to #interview girls about their #sex lives. Come andlisten to Lavender's stories http://t.co/eUYUVehuTJFurry Rosie @RavenousRosie: #whiskey woman.. Check out her new set on http://t.co/R4GQP2wMjc! http://t.co/1eFT52Q8Ex
Girls Out West - Pole Dancing: http://t.co/ZWqqPxt3AS via @YouTubeGirls Out West - Boxing Lesbian Sisters: http://t.co/IWynl5oQAP via @YouTubeCute Sporty Girl Meets Kangaroos: http://t.co/iETAT2Oae2 via @YouTube
Can't wait for today's shoot!! http://t.co/j5sDXo1IddWe are shooting Max and Suava today in a feral backyard! What action do you want to see???
@ramraid71 indeed it is! lots and lots and lots of porn@chevyxwon12 thats really cool. what videos do you like?Shooting SUAVA and MAX tomorrow in a hot G/G. What do you want to see?Hot Blonde Having a Hangover After a Birthday Party: http://t.co/tfh2eGqBem via @YouTubeBlonde girl just loves travelling.. come and see! http://t.co/7ApyDpfTIH@chevyxwon12 there is of course! mermaid style and hitch hiking!Lavender will be live tomorrow so get EXCITED! http://t.co/iirzhuuAwEWe enjoyed shooting lavender so much yesterday... photos are beautifullll! http://t.co/qwRAmBoe7z
Pretty Lesbian Girls in a Mustang: http://t.co/osiod8akxg via @YouTubeShooting Lavender today at the beach. Mermaid princess http://t.co/uilBXRCcD4New girl lavender in one of the most beautiful shoots weve done! Filming right now http://t.co/A6rZpCwiJl
@tacitusc67 WOWWWWW jealous...Who watched all four parts of SUN SEX SURF?Pretty Young Ladies on Roller Skates having #lesbian sex in public http://t.co/pYebYjNNjhGorgeous Blonde at the Cemetery http://t.co/U8zG6VsuIzAussie Blondie That Loves Traveling and masturbating - both at the same time http://t.co/SJo60sP20UBlaire and Jette - Pole Dancing http://t.co/LQwUbu8xhATwo Sexy Australian Lesbians Testing the Swimming Pool http://t.co/9EJ3AYdDj9Come get #wet with these #aussie hotties splashing about.. http://t.co/0jkqRTpdYzGorgeous Blonde at the Cemetery craving excitement.. http://t.co/oRUHxygzCN@CleoDirtyBitch and Eli-May testing out the swimming pool on a hot day.. watch here --> http://t.co/VMsiigJpSdGood Morning! Who watched porn this weekend? #masturbationmonday http://t.co/Me3hdQTqTOMake sure you get onto http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 to see Annie fist Cleo! Fuck me harder is live now! http://t.co/sUDdLyF7IF
Two Sexy Australian Lesbians Testing the Swimming Pool: http://t.co/b7HbPjGT9l via @YouTubeAussie Blondie That Loves Traveling: http://t.co/KkqW0byeNw via @YouTube
Beautiful Girls At The Swimming Pool Make sure to check it out here: http://t.co/NWtm5fhMUJThis weekend we have part 3 + 4 of SUN SURF SEX. check out our tour! http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 http://t.co/QACiBJ1SyGGorgeous Blonde at the Cemetery: http://t.co/RWbZ4izjTI via @YouTubeGirls Out West - Two Aussie Hotties Splashing Water: http://t.co/l0dcyev2is via @YouTubeSlender Australian Gardener Cutting Her Plants: http://t.co/WjDraiZmaD via @YouTubeSexy Australian Girl Riding A Scooter. Come get physical with this babe! watch here --> http://t.co/u0p67cXYPq@RavenousRosie s body gets me everytime! Feel better soon we miss you x http://t.co/ISLKAnH9uqCurvy Aussie Girl Making Juice http://t.co/xysnmLtShs@ta152c it was lasssshing rainWho's panties are these? Guess correctly, and I will post another pic of the genitalia from where those panties came from...! ;)...Blondie Shows How To Eat a Banana http://t.co/lqsW0PFvmMGood morning! Who seen our new girl Paige on the site today? http://t.co/di2z1os3zE
Blondie Shows How To Eat a Banana: http://t.co/Qz4Mf7z0qU via @YouTubeCute Australian Babe Blows Bubbles: http://t.co/6o3kQtBaWs via @YouTubeHot new girl up tomorow! Meet Paige ! http://t.co/DnjHrndCm6Shoot day with our new girl Paige knight! Whatever could we be up toooooooo http://t.co/3QHHtIhGLh
flashback to recently with @sex_amy and Logan. Look at that squiiiirrttt! http://t.co/S7VrRBiMGVNot long until the COUCH scene is released with @AnneMelbourne69 AND @ryanjamessydney . Cant wait! http://t.co/1u1FvzpQkLThis sunday! Come and cool down with max on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 http://t.co/LKFikoEAJqPigtailed Brunette Spraying Graffiti. Check out the vid here --- http://t.co/ZfB6x5cqoeToday on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 we have SUAVA BACK DOOR BABY. come see! http://t.co/bsGhMHpp3A
Big week ahead! Just interviewed a new girl and will be shooting her Thursday for a Thursday release! Get ready kids..Who has seen drive by pissing already? if not get onto http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 http://t.co/eNCu0HBrm5@eroticinsider :( :(Well done @hadakabanzai for coming in SECOND in the cum shot comp!!!!! will DM you for your address xabout to post the results of our CUM SHOT COMP! get onto our forums on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3@sex_amy serving sushi is so hottttt http://t.co/AXdO0qvpX7Sexy Chick Playing The Guitar #aussieporn #video http://t.co/u5X8q0VLsb@trisstufftwit <3 <3 <3!!!!!Also hitting the site this week SUN SURF SEX part 3 with @Marinaleex , Ren and Steel! Stay tuned! #toplesstuesday http://t.co/hOG9WSl0W8Girls Out West - Pretty Young Ladies on Roller Skates #aussieporn #video #queer http://t.co/rjSULUsLXVTHIS WEEK! Suava Back Door Baby! Make sure you get onto http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 http://t.co/HWhzqHbib6Australian Couple Filming Porn on Melbourne Train http://t.co/n3rvtkg1Rb
hot! @hadakabanzaiWho is looking forward to Suava - Lost keys? coming out this week on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 http://t.co/ZK6HDRC1wxWhos excited for Suavas video this week? Here's a little screencap... http://t.co/OOC0HRxsAiWho seen MAXS FITNESS WORKOUT this weekend? #masturbation #workout http://t.co/QtXaQKFATPWho seen parts 1 and 2 of SUN SEX SURF this weekend? What do you think? http://t.co/Mcpst242ND #aussieporn #queer #threesome
Who is excited to see SUAVA today on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 ? Make sure to check out BANANA FUCK http://t.co/aIAm62iXu6GOING UP TODAY ON http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 WE HAVE NEW BABE SUAVA - BANANA FUCK with DP! http://t.co/2jcAlmaoJ4Get ready for our DRIVE BY PISSING video with @Marinaleex , Ren and Steel! http://t.co/CrhNGIjuEwCome see what everyone is talking about.. Couple touching on Melbourne train! right here --> http://t.co/p0OLi0FZBcGood morning :) Today on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 we have Nataliah - Bed, Part 3 of the Trilogy. http://t.co/UHhB3Z9RK1
Australian Couple Shooting Porn on Melbourne Train: http://t.co/IdHSEIhDdu via @YouTube@tacitusc67 we definitely got it!Beautiful SUAVA at todays shoot. Isn't she just absolutely gorgeous??!?!?! Who's excited? http://t.co/ezU4VXjUPcComing up today on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 we have MAX teaching us the ins and outs of FITNESS! http://t.co/eDnTOjNPmfWhat is this gorgeous new country girl up to? Having a blast today! http://t.co/FJhRBJOIvOTough decisions on set today! Which one? or both? both! http://t.co/zq2BI5ihDE@hadakabanzai hahaha yes!!!On our way to shoot SUAVA the newest addition to http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 YAY! what would you like to see Suava do? http://t.co/e2pXZRXERlShooting a new beautiful blonde today! We are so excited.. hehe pics to come! #aussieporn #blonde@Wordmandc Wow so cutttte! Thank you thank you thank you kind sir. :)Girls Out West - Pretty Young Ladies on Roller Skates: http://t.co/VaqIwnkgoo via @YouTubeTwo Lovely Girls Tasting Creamy Cakes: http://t.co/hr4CWUATAP via @YouTubeSexy Chick Playing The Guitar: http://t.co/Bigj94YqP7 via @YouTube
Cant wait for you all to see REN in sun sex and surf! coming soon to http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 #threesome http://t.co/JUEfrr9zksMy new desktop background.. @sex_amy http://t.co/eTsMmPMwiNCant wait for @RavenousRosie s set to come out... such a babeeeee!! http://t.co/t3jZbyPgEt@AnneMelbourne69 gets her daily dose of sugar.. click here -->http://t.co/7XdxcY5t4hAlso coming up this weekend SUN SEX SURF with @Marinaleex , Ren and Steel. This one has 4 parts! Plus bts! http://t.co/xdU4jUMJXjComing up this week on http://t.co/cWvM7M48m3 we have the lovely NATALIAH.. check it out.. #aussieporn http://t.co/MTGEgjO2xA
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