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Facebook as a multi-stage rocket. Now at $6.6bn annualize mobile revenue, up from zero 2 years ago http://t.co/jaANhKEV98
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This is simply brilliant: http://t.co/dC3Lz5ELRGhttp://t.co/DuFkex0n7X No, really.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@thijs Those were the times. When we could feel original without stickers. And double original with stickers.@leisa I edit out negative formulations. "Oh! Another X is not Y." How can I say that affirmatively?@thijs :)Fancy a teeny tiny iPhone called iTime? http://t.co/JR25G0cFHx@lyssaslounge I'll use the screenshot next time I need to argue against putting automated related articles in the right side column.@lyssaslounge Not, directly. There is a link *in* the article leading to Cosmopolitan's article with this mind bender.@lyssaslounge Article linked to Cosmopolitan where…Abramson fights vs "The 37 Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations" http://t.co/VjBRY09brXYahoo! buys more stuff: http://t.co/Slo6HnZO48@sagarkamat True.@sagarkamat The ad is cool, but his interpretation follows a stony path.@sagarkamat Is putting stickers on a computer (especially a MacBook) a new thing?"…what happens…when everyone you know has a MacBook, and every MacBook looks the same?…self-expression." Huh? http://t.co/lGgStjt1VA@JamesHadfield Three ays ago, saw a t-shirt that said "PLAY OF W IT" in Yokohama.@Revearti Those who fancy a program that offers nothing but the best writing experience. That includes a type of professional writers.@evalottchen Thank you. The warm response to it was more than worth it.@swissmiss Ha! That is surprising and not surprising at the same time. I used to be a real stats junkie. Not so much anymore, now.@scrivs That's surely one way to formulate it. The word empathy in that context is a little overused these days, though.@swissmiss Saw in the realtime stats that we've been Swissmissed. BTW, do you agree that blogging traffic streams have dramatically changed?@benschwarz All those who open the page and close it right away or after the paragraph wear heavily on the average time...The AdWords robot is on our case: http://t.co/ICxDj1tFhp@swissmiss Thank you. I really appreciate the friendly reception as writing these things has become somewhat a drama.5:03 Minutes is the *average time* on page for "Putting thought into things" http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei http://t.co/3FytACGiCb@ski Google Adwords is not just non intuitive. It is a highly sophisticated methodologically impenetrable psychological mass experiment.It's easy to pick on an element in a UI and trash the whole app—but this nonsense is symptomatic for Google Analytics http://t.co/BdXwqmthCyWho thought that the non-live stats in Google Analytics should be called "intelligence event"? http://t.co/KO8TdMbczdFrom 5 Steps to 0 Steps. http://t.co/RdsaoW4Q4X
Retweeted by iA Inc."Sure @facebook is growing fast. But will they ever make money?" — almost everyone in 2008. http://t.co/Tdtj6EFrTe
Retweeted by iA Inc.Generic and overused logos. Lots of examples. http://t.co/CifSfLnY5W
@markodugonjic @smashingmag Perfectly clear that we have devs and Web designers with an deep innate Explorer resistance.@smashingmag Also: Desktop: 82%, Mobile: 11%, Tablet: 6%. When posting a new blog entry it changes: Desktop: 70%, Mobile: 20%, Tablet 10%.@smashingmag Chrome 50%, Safari 25%, Firefox 13%, Explorer 4%, in-app Safari 3%, Moz Agent 1%, Android 1%, Opera 0.8%, Opera Mini 0.5%.@teoseattle Absolutely.@poparasan Thank you.@bartvandebiezen That is certainly a great, compatible definition. Putting thought in to things is caring.@swissmiss Google wants to build one: http://t.co/oB2uCruIP7"Our role as designers is to put thought into things." http://t.co/PwBlXeXzVu Great read about craft and quality by @iA
Retweeted by iA Inc."Thinking is painful." http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei"Things definitely have come a long way since Pacman." http://t.co/r87x1HVJznDribbble comment generator: http://t.co/hRVynQZst2@swissmiss @apolaine In Switzerland, the nice weather doesn't wait for you. In Switzerland, you wait for the nice weather.@louisrosenfeld @apolaine @daveixd similar thoughts here. "Oh, and he is a master in disguise."@apolaine Beard!Similar to a difficult chess move, "publish" is pushed when you think: "Ok, there is probably a better move, but this is as far as I get."@verpixelt Should be fixed.@verpixelt Oh? Might be too soon. Will investigate."Well-designed things give us the valuable present of time." http://t.co/HOvgfsWpeF
Retweeted by iA Inc."Quality is what holds form and content together." http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei@iA After learning of AddThis using this technology without our knowledge, we have removed AddThis from the site.
Retweeted by iA Inc.New blog post: Putting thought into things: http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei
“A new…type of online tracking is shadowing visitors…of top websites, from http://t.co/vi2BZZAwKc to YouPorn.” Great. http://t.co/yMkpJyup42“Do you want justice—do you want to show them—or do you want to achieve your goal? The two sometimes— frequently—don’t go together.”
Retweeted by iA Inc.@jasontucker @rob_neu Wondering how much the lack of pagination on an individual article has to do with it…http://t.co/ZP87gG4Wy92014: Mobile ad spending > Print ads http://t.co/YTUvSiLRngThe new New Yorker runs on WordPress: http://t.co/qVd04qHFey?Something feels off about LG's ChromeBase press photo. http://t.co/QNOPsWcHmB
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"http://t.co/E4anhSGQYL’s bounce rate down 15 percentage points since adopting continuous scroll" http://t.co/6pWa7MQQKW"Google is so boredom-averse that it seems to change its logo every day" http://t.co/QMsvvOZXaaHow to Screenshot in 1983. http://t.co/SuGDWQcgoz
Retweeted by iA Inc.Google is giving Flash sites the coup de grâce: http://t.co/V1Rgn8tzkm
"Why rely on laws when one has sensors and feedback mechanisms?" http://t.co/KWk1DDhK35"Jim Farley, a senior Ford executive […] 'we know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you're doing it.'" http://t.co/KWk1DDhK35“Despite how personal our feelings feel […] our brains use a standard code to speak the same emotional language” http://t.co/CJhyCKDCoU
"Google Maps adds elevation info for cyclists - so you can choose the flattest/hilliest route for your ride" http://t.co/GEbmDNsvu9"I hesitate three beats before clicking on a Forbes link" says @jeffjarvis who doesn't trust the brand. +1 to that. http://t.co/TvFqF8ZrWC
Retweeted by iA Inc.@jzy http://t.co/MNVr44X0xbYou see a vagina in the new airbnb logo? You'll love this: M m B P p Y r v V w W I o O i – yes, it's the collected works of Rocco Siffredi.“I’d say it’s female because it’s curved, not just that the overall thing is […]” said Justin Beaver http://t.co/UzQB1ui1uy
Retweeted by iA Inc.@craigmod So, will you self publish?Louis CK to 20-year-olds: “Do Your Job.” :D https://t.co/KwlSIhK9BrIt's fascinating to go back and forth through the apprehension process, when you thought you're right, but then learned you were wrong.My bad. Green means used, not free. Blame it on the jet lag…@ia there's only 1.49 available, 3.51 gb is used space, more than 50% ;P
Retweeted by iA Inc.@buffaloseven Aha! Now it makes sense.@iA It's inversed; it's not saying how much is used, but how much is free. The 1.49 represents the non-green bar space.
Retweeted by iA Inc.I might be wrong, but 1.49GB out of 5GB should be less than 50%, no? http://t.co/4c5ErgSu8WLaptop number pad with black dot illusion. http://t.co/jsHnz3dRElSnowden is not a big Dropbox fan. http://t.co/EtmQqNgVPe"The Grand Budapest Hotel, is a typographic treat…" Interview with Annie Atkins, the movie's lead graphic designer. http://t.co/rx8fI0pOU1Staff and stuff: "Microsoft layoffs to cut up to 18,000 jobs." 12,500 from Nokia group. http://t.co/f8AxXypv5j
Introducing Source Han Sans: An open source Pan-CJK typeface http://t.co/KYa1ZJItQS
How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet https://t.co/jyjM1BxQCp
Retweeted by iA Inc.@klimtypefoundry *Must* see. *Should* set type in it."so dark that the…eye cannot understand what it is seeing. Shapes…are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss." http://t.co/irKE2HsnPq
"young women who post sexy…photos on social media sites …are viewed by their female peers as…less competent" http://t.co/KkIEmwrOIIA Day in the Life of a taxi driver in NYC: http://t.co/tkNqRUc4PYWe'll also be continuing great events like TYPO Berlin with @fontshop
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Monotype acquires FontShop International” http://t.co/KUWwcvItsF"We help get stuff done…stuff like chatting…stuff like painting." Nadella, it is time to fire your bullshit porn ghost writers.MSFT: “We help people get stuff done…Stuff like chatting with friends…Stuff like painting, writing poetry and…ideas” http://t.co/VfB0faNgr3This is just evil http://t.co/mlGOVLtpPa
Retweeted by iA Inc.Waiting time at the restaurant. Why do we all have to wait longer three days? Answer: Smartphones. http://t.co/eCR5NMFPcJIn the US, YouTube is bigger than Facebook http://t.co/JAuoskbpSV"(Because I'm Tacky) I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased" http://t.co/VwCj3JRgAG via @ifenn
@KonstantinWeiss @davidbauer Today we had a real Götzendämmerung.@jazakko @okko Or this guy? http://t.co/9K8fVXR0eQ
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