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Google Inbox for iOS: https://t.co/J4s1z1wPMBToday, we release Inbox by Gmail. It’s been my main project since I joined Google - http://t.co/FmBM7cfSbw http://t.co/engP5VEfge
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@daanriver Then please consult http://t.co/hpToHoulvD@daanriver Do you have iCloud Drive enabled on Yosemite as well?Lets all pause for a minute, and reflect on the 2% http://t.co/HjIFPpDgWQ
Retweeted by iA Inc.The Guardian overtakes New York Times in comScore traffic figures http://t.co/O8wSY052sbMy new typeface: http://t.co/UQXR8dUzmK http://t.co/irwjCcBzbr
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@juerglehni @lineto_com That's right.@juerglehni Well, we know which typeface is the current top candidate, don't we? http://t.co/M8rq2GKFzrIf Microsoft made a smart watch…. http://t.co/NKRRVK4bbA
Retweeted by iA Inc.Holland building world's first-ever road (well, bike path) out of solar cells. http://t.co/8UftkDwa22 http://t.co/wcUGGgTkXA
Retweeted by iA Inc.@reetovongunten "Tschöss!" Armstrong war ein Checker.Can't help myself, but for some reason this billboards is not a good choice for #iPhone6. http://t.co/B20d2IFQze
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(Web)fontday 8.Nov. – Today early bird fee ends! See the Speaker list: Oliver Reichenstein, Erik v.Blokland and more: http://t.co/z6tNuWg10t
Retweeted by iA Inc.We are experimenting with mobile-friendly audio versions of our fantastic Guardian #longreads. What do you think? http://t.co/TovtYhPki6
Retweeted by iA Inc.“How one boy with autism became B.F.F.’s with Apple’s Siri” http://t.co/NeCQvIVM81
@core Syntax > Sentence
Leaked draft confirms TPP will censor Internet and stifle free expression worldwide: http://t.co/CMKkhsXO87 http://t.co/cLr6XKVkV8@StuRobson We know. :D@StuRobson @jdsteinbach Yes. Syntax > Sentence.@wblau great way to stay motivated http://t.co/6EpJzk8oEx
Retweeted by iA Inc.Pangrams. http://t.co/r6LrRFNEQp
Retweeted by iA Inc.My new favourite quote, found in the toilet at @_TheDeck http://t.co/PqpJSIJww6
Retweeted by iA Inc.Princess Kaguya is like an old Japanese painting come to life. http://t.co/AvvvNxLyex http://t.co/woDcbhAFuLI am not a sommelier, but you know you are drinking Fine Wine when there is “Lorem Ipsum” on the label: http://t.co/fntrp92lEO
Retweeted by iA Inc.@steinhau Great. Wonder what happens if you do the same thing with text editors…@iA I know, U recognized the same. I collected ToDo-#App-Icons for a while, this is the result http://t.co/HVCKgNvnLh http://t.co/Nu7ygKL14Q
Retweeted by iA Inc.The new Apple typeface comes with an LLI-ligature. Here is how it looks when you type olILLI: http://t.co/Vosjp74cVP@pixelmator Awesome product, awesome keynote presentation, guys.Check out Pixelmator for iPad sneak peek video: http://t.co/u0IgjfhGwB
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Nitti is visiting Yanek Iontef in Tel Aviv to learn Hebrew! And it's going very well! http://t.co/9CRtDmExoX
Retweeted by iA Inc.iA Writer Pro 1.4 for iOS is here. Now with “Document Move” and “Create Folder” functionality. You’re welcome. http://t.co/jfdpAgl1GK
Retweeted by iA Inc.Happy to present the last talk description for #btconf Berlin. @iA’s talk. http://t.co/zteFgtka4K … now to be done: the schedule ;)
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Neuroscience tells us that logos…can activate parts of your brain in a much deeper manner than you may think.” http://t.co/F4mgw07q8P2014: “Bono apologizes for putting U2's new album in everyone's iCloud library” http://t.co/gDLHy1ly5h
@sarat You're welcome.iA Writer 2.0 for Mac with MultiMarkdown is out: https://t.co/WJh6YfFfWK [free update] http://t.co/vVfoxnI9A1@nicoaad As you can see it looks smaller with Tiempos, because Tiempos is relatively bigger. Sorry if that bores you. http://t.co/iObSGxDWY1@nicoaad …the implemented version of Nitti is relatively small. Which is something we're working on as it causes other issues.@nicoaad This is not a mono spaced character. It's a proportional UTF character that looks smaller than the current one, because…@nicoaad http://t.co/DmFiianITA@mulegirl While staying in Zurich is like living in a Minibar—Copenhagen is like a minibar in the minibar.@Anahkiasen Syntax Control. Highlight parts of speech (verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc) to edit text.@appfreak Handoff, black title bar, open file icon in title bar.iA Writer Classic is finally in review again. iA Writer Pro app upgrades are already waiting for review… http://t.co/VoqFqFG9lX
Huh? http://t.co/T9ffhbIRRvWasting Time, by @WrongHands1. http://t.co/gYLC7alKED http://t.co/cTAqHQyK2T
Retweeted by iA Inc.First speakers @TYPOBER: @Draplin @swissmiss @iA @mrseaves Erik@KesselsKramer @joshwhiggins & humanoid robot Myon. http://t.co/r57cMGjYiZ
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iA has two new open positions in Zurich: http://t.co/3bmmfK3i71BOOOM!! We are online! See dates, first speakers & grab early bird tickets @ http://t.co/VSlt3mDEJv #typo15 #berlin http://t.co/bu1qOCtSHN
Retweeted by iA Inc.@daveixd @trivoca …while “UXD” suggests that with some design Magic the user can be made happy with mere 3rd party design.@daveixd @trivoca Usually the hard thing is to convince a client they need to change to improve their offer. “Service design” implies that.@daveixd @trivoca It's practical to have both terms though as one describes the client's focus, the other one the user perspective.@daveixd @trivoca If you want to make a change you need to change behavior. Good design be it "service" or "ux" changes behavior.@trivoca @daveixd We haven’t heard much from them lately. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. (Busy people don’t say much.)@daveixd @trivoca Watch it unfold.@daveixd What I got out of it was: So why the hell did they sell (except of course the money) to a bank (they could have just hired them)?@daveixd @trivoca It rather means: There is a design notion being thrown around now more often than “UX.”Michael Bierut: “It follows that every design presentation is inevitably, at least in part, an exercise in bullshit.” http://t.co/s4s0cvyXMn“Many…were shocked to hear last week that a small company…called Adaptive Path had been acquired by…Capital One.” http://t.co/REtqFnD3qf
@ninastoessinger I have. Aufgesogen. Wie ein Schwamm.“Information, in its new scientific sense, is utterly divorced from meaning.” http://t.co/FAWWwVDZDM@thijs Not sure at all if this really works in their favor. It makes everybody fear and loathe this place except for the psycho trolls.@thijs Doesn't matter if the people behind such evil are active or just theoretical psychopaths—they have to be stopped and brought to court@thijs What I mean: Twitter should terminate the account and deliver all the data they have in such a clear case of psycho killer threats.@thijs Based on what kind of rationale? That these threats are not "real"? That it could all just be a "joke"?@thijs @twitter There should be zero tolerance for this kind of criminal psychopaths—can't see why it's hard to terminate and prosecute them@thijs Really? You can threaten to harm and kill someone without repercussions?@thijs There is no legal playroom or liberty of interpretation of you threaten someone with clear physical or psychological violence.@thijs Violence/death threats and other obvious psycho killer business should be immediately reported to the police. By Twitter with IP etc.
@ahaseg Indeed! I'm here with Yumiko and the kids. Wanna meet for dinner?@ahaseg Good morning Copenhagen from Scandic Hotel. http://t.co/QmRrXDnG1PRedefining Capitalism: http://t.co/jrpuNqzOq9McKinsey: Redefining Capitalism "By shaking up our long-held assumptions about how and why the system works, we can improve it” via @wdowenProject LayUp: Simple and strong ideas for a layouting tablet app from @khoi in collaboration with Adobe: http://t.co/y1rSqfSp7l
Aron @Pilhofer showing us https://t.co/2YnlIfuIbN https://t.co/pzDmJxCow7 #snds14"When robots choose the food that feed our brain, its gets incredibly boring. You can smell the algorithm" @reichenstein #snds14
Retweeted by iA Inc.Wisdom on Comic Sans in Comic Sans #fusion14 http://t.co/kj7DFhYHNSOpen source “Sir Trevor” rich content editor by @madebymany for @itvnews seen at #fusion14 http://t.co/6aVvc1CzZb“a beast that feeds on scandal and particularly delights in the flesh of the powerful and privileged” http://t.co/CHZcIiP0un@cole_peters Thanks for writing it.The world’s top three economies over time, starting in the year one. http://t.co/vlo8mXOPOf http://t.co/LnOqw9Qwpw http://t.co/BIek7l7gbR@robmckenzieuk iCloud Drive? You use Yosemite? In any case: http://t.co/hpToHoulvD is more efficient for support than Twitter“The vast improvements in user experience far, far outweigh the potential security risks to private information.” NO. http://t.co/rBT81upLoa
"How I use Syntax Control" http://t.co/YWhHrQajDO http://t.co/AWNm4oybfPLego Minecraft http://t.co/F4yIQ01xVo‘It’s been way too long': Apple sends out invites for Thursday, October 16th iPad & Mac event http://t.co/b15kov2yfn http://t.co/cSz02phsz8If there is a tech bubble, it continues to elude both Apple and Google, and most of the rest of large-cap public tech including ORCL & MSFT.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@Roguelazer Money?
Retweeted by iA Inc.Now the bad news. Our last regular issue will be December 17. It’s been a good run, but the time has come to set an end date.
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Anonymous Facebook sources say they are building an anonymous messenger app. They put the right people on the job. http://t.co/9p8i6tP3pH@aemerson_ That doesn't make sense for Adobe.“Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, and in what order.” OK, but WHY? http://t.co/vZQZvOSahS"Technology is predicated on change; luxury, however, is predicated on heritage and connection to tradition." - http://t.co/0l6K6TO9ro
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Web browsers in China http://t.co/ESBcsBMzEx
Retweeted by iA Inc.PC operating systems in China, as per Baidu http://t.co/kZnQQwPlWQ
Retweeted by iA Inc.@HirokoTabuchi They can predict eruptions like they can predict earthquakes, and tsunamis—cause they are just more rational than us mortals.@kaibrach First misread “Disco” which seemed alright, at first sight.Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again. http://t.co/r0l9rhK4eB #damngoodcoffee
Retweeted by iA Inc.Remember when Laura said to Dale Cooper “See you in 25 years?" She meant it. Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016: http://t.co/ILEuIAikf3
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