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Nightwave @iamnightwave ☥ Glasgow

✩ Heka Trax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: EU chris@lb-agency.net USA ricky@rogueagency.us FR malick@loudbooking.com

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http://t.co/CQypY4wJSc http://t.co/9tCBsCs5wQ http://t.co/fLZRJApn4u http://t.co/UrAWboQgpm http://t.co/6QE7lspakT
Retweeted by NightwaveHappy birthday @inkke_ ٩(˘◡˘)۶ http://t.co/U1ADNJka9l
'Movin' Forward’ EP, a fundraising tribute to the late great DJ Rashad, out this Friday. 100% proceeds will go to his family and estate.
Retweeted by Nightwave@coombsmatt charmer😄Go and get his new new on Heka Trax. You're in safe hands with champion curator @iamnightwave!!!
Retweeted by NightwaveWith a new EP out today on @iamnightwave's label we caught up with Moveltraxx boss @BigDopeP http://t.co/epibulKez3
Retweeted by NightwaveAlso @BigDopeP Hit da Bloc EP is out today featuring yours truly !!! get that ! https://t.co/vXNYXjKkYL
Retweeted by Nightwavefemale:pressure weekly is out! http://t.co/SI6Xno8W6u Stories via @Paulatemple @blackmadonnachi @iamnightwave
Retweeted by NightwaveHave a listen to 'Momma On Da Flo' by @BigDopeP x @FEADZofficial courtesy of @thumpthump http://t.co/UZ9tPEYHw4 Out Now 👯✨Hit Da Blokk EP on @beatport>> https://t.co/UUvidBzSCx🎉BUY FROM🎉 🔺iTunes https://t.co/SJJ2O9ujz4 🔺Juno http://t.co/gvvaPVXeHz 🔺Boomkat http://t.co/vb8gank3r1 🔺Bleep https://t.co/n0G5uRTCAi✨✨✨OUT NOW✨✨✨ @BigDopeP - Hit Da Blokk EP (HKX005) ft collabs & remixes from @FEADZofficial @RUSTIE @ikonika @DeejayEarl_ #hekatrax.@BigDopeP + @FEADZofficial are back at it again with “Momma On Da Floor”: http://t.co/nEmikxyV0S http://t.co/QXtkty8XAd
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@inkke_ hahahha
Because it's Friday... check out @RUSTIE's bombastic @BigDopeP remix... http://t.co/OXyzVISqZE http://t.co/tlumyLIU4y
Retweeted by NightwaveHottest premiere of the week here. @RUSTIE masterfully reworks 'Hit Da Blokk' by the don @BigDopeP. Get on this NOW http://t.co/IFr0EkMyCl
Retweeted by Nightwave☆ PREMIERE: @BigDopeP 'Hit Da Blokk' @RUSTIE Remix over at @Mixmag http://t.co/ZNCz1Wmlmc EP out Monday 4/20 on Heka Trax ☆Player$ Baller$ Roller$ Team Stream from last night is now online 👯✨ http://t.co/gRKGIBqKH2@JubileeDJ @iamnightwave http://t.co/nPWG0RNcns
Retweeted by Nightwave@fluffyduck88 http://t.co/NXnYptzwitGonna do a Kickstarter to book Vin Diesel to DJ at my night <3HERO ★★★★★ https://t.co/WmpETvRXpm
Jumping on the decks in 5 👯👯http://t.co/4iHYuBBQyy Tune inPlayer$ Baller$ Roller$....We're 🔛 now, @inkke_ just taking over from @DJMilktray_ 🔥🔥🔥http://t.co/4iHYuBBQyy tune inPLAYER$ BALLER$ ROLLER$ Team Stream /w @iamnightwave @DJMilktray_ @inkke_ @cleoslaptra Live! http://t.co/n5OR00EttH http://t.co/obA6iH0A0L
Retweeted by NightwaveI just put together a really sick compilation that you will all have soon.It definitely exceeded anything I would ever want in a project.❤️
Retweeted by Nightwave7PM STREAMING LIVE FROM GLASGOW @djdoublenugget @inkke_ @DJMilktray_ @cleoslaptra @_Bleaker https://t.co/1dJQt0Pf6E http://t.co/Fn9HuNw3zBYO playing music with @shaunvitamins @inkke_ @iamnightwave @_Bleaker n more on a stream at @artschool_ tonight from 7pm. bmore//juke/jit etc
Retweeted by Nightwave@kittaveli It's written so eloquently haha@kittaveli check this lovely email I got lol http://t.co/dJ9qB88FIs@kittaveli lol fucksake someone's not had any hugs as a kid
Thanks🙌🏼✨✨✨ https://t.co/L9rQ4htfOh@Sarge_Pokes we have an Indian restaurant in Glasgow, the logo is a chilli pepper with a sombrero and maracas >__<Murlo designed his own snapback! Check em at the Mixpak Store >> http://t.co/x6roZ9yDQ5 https://t.co/odk34va4lk http://t.co/XzDjPM0Pce
Retweeted by Nightwave@dreskull love it!! @DJMURLOStream @BigDopeP's new single "Hit Da Blokk" from upcoming EP out April 20 on @iamnightwave's Heka Trax label - http://t.co/hdzG9hqbUu
Retweeted by NightwaveBig Dope P's "Ibogance" - http://t.co/o5NCMSdKpv @BigDopeP
Retweeted by NightwaveSub Club was great last night, my favourite club in the whole world 💖@SorektUk 💕💕💕💕@ho_oker 👵🏻✨
Warming up for @RUSTIE 👱🏻at the Subbie tonight🎉few tix left at the door HWFGAhead of @RUSTIE’s set tonight in @SubClub - @iamnightwave, Beta & Kappa & DJ Hecktor join us to get in the mood! http://t.co/cWGbE9kfYU
Retweeted by NightwaveBig Dope P lands on Nightwave's label, Heka Trax - stream Ibogence now // http://t.co/VOYnhmipnW http://t.co/ELAX6wJTLs
Retweeted by Nightwave
PREMIERE: 'Ibogance' taken from @BigDopeP "Hit Da Blokk" EP out 4/20 on Heka Trax via @DummyMag ┐(-。ー)┌ *¨*•♫♪ http://t.co/LBbYQrx4Wejust mixed together my debut compilation...18th May 🙏
Retweeted by NightwaveOn Tuesday we're hosting a party ahead of @RUSTIE's @SubClub Live Set w/ @iamnightwave & @theiamUK,Free Entry To All https://t.co/CZVGsQLpJu
Retweeted by NightwaveBig Dope P (@bigdopep) lands on @iamNightwave's label Heka Trax - stream Ibogence now // http://t.co/BP3kqce1kY http://t.co/HCdpYwYxyk
Retweeted by Nightwave@RuthESaxelby http://t.co/7XTh64t74zMan takes woman to Divorce Court for cheating on him with the entire Wu-Tang Clan http://t.co/OZG9HLLexk http://t.co/CJ10vWGbxX
Retweeted by NightwaveTickets for @RUSTIE Live at the @SubClub tomorrow>> http://t.co/mAiU6FSOv9 http://t.co/3YwQHWXfst
Sound Waves Could Help Find Elusive Cancer Cells http://t.co/yO9ZTR5YB5 via @SmithsonianMag! http://t.co/XboO3d5ka0
@MrBeatnick almost as good as https://t.co/sQY3sBtkX2WHOEVER PUT MY NUMBER ON THE CRAIGSLIST AD FOR A BABY SLOTH I'M GOING TO KILL YOU http://t.co/Cb6zxSgz16
Retweeted by NightwaveBig thx to @tom_ravenscroft for dropping @BigDopeP 'Hit Da Blokk' (Rustie Remix) on @BBC6Music last night> http://t.co/rkgNcbTF3P out 4/20@Slugabedmusic 🐲🐲🐲
@Slugabedmusic fuck i just left today, have fun in my hometown✨happy sibling day im an only child 👸🏻nearly bought one of those miniature planes onboard, must be drunk@triplexy I followed your advice now I'm by the bar talking to some peculiar old man about his fuckin textile business@posthumanmusic i have some actually📡got 4 hours to kill at Stansted....can make a shit minimal album, get loadsa bookings🗿BIG thanks to bosses @Skrillex x @ninalasvegas for including @BigDopeP 'Hit Da Blokk' in their @NESTHQ Selection http://t.co/hf2JIVPcKN ♡♡dream come true thx @boilerroomtv ^_^ http://t.co/LF1uNCnEao
I'll be playing some erotic grime at the @SubHubGlasgow Rustie pre-party next Tue with DJ Heckter and Beta&Kappa💋https://t.co/vq5jQgvIPz@MarkBroom lifesaver for dj lifestyles i think, wonder if i can expense it hehejust been in a magic detox oxygen chamber 💨✨feel amazing
@DaftLimmy http://t.co/Dg6Bk2MVks
@mbootyspoon yeahhhThanks to babe @ninalasvegas for making @bigdopep 'Hit Da Blokk' her weekend fav https://t.co/fEARbC01jU EP out 4/20@jade_matthew haha i'll do a better job next time! lovely to meet you xxMuch love @monki_dj http://t.co/UCkDXhhxYd
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my fav busker is the guy singing the Eastenders theme tune through a traffic cone in Leicester square@lisablanning wow I had no idea it existed@inkke_ aye@JoeShabadu @mbootyspoon http://t.co/S29X3nwC3L@JoeShabadu Shababot tweeting at his Shababots #inception #shabageddon http://t.co/RJxHTzqv45Listen back to my @diplo n friends @R1Dance mix now: http://t.co/ibInpmzOyg
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@_Bleaker most cornershops🐰 https://t.co/3xshQr1MpC@S_Type 💥 🔨🔨🔨Allen&GriefPedro Winter played my nu track w/ @FEADZofficial on @mouv from Hit Da Blokk EP out 4/20 on #HekaTrax @iamnightwave http://t.co/fzy8D4lGab
Retweeted by Nightwavevery proud of my boyfriend tonight💖💕
This New @BigDopeP EP is God Sent Tho.... https://t.co/Q10HaqM3zy
Retweeted by Nightwave
@BigDopeP @ikonika ‘Ibogance’ is in my @BBC6Music '6 Music Recommends' show http://t.co/RV38nsJ9SA
Retweeted by Nightwave
.@BigDopeP just "Hit Da Blokk" http://t.co/G50BHTNVRw http://t.co/ZIjIAk4DQp
Retweeted by Nightwave“The minute you think you’re greater than the music, you’re finished.” - Frankie Knuckles. (@FKAlways) http://t.co/HFAgZKUqLj
Retweeted by Nightwave@HulkHogan Hey Hulk, can I get a retweet for my grandad? Despite some family problems he never misses a show! http://t.co/HpQzDdmieh
Retweeted by Nightwave@beatbeneath signatories attached, Pizza Express, Costa, Primark, LK Bennett, Mothercare, Cobra beer,London Pride etc http://t.co/OqNW469xW4never fucking eating at Pizza Express again lol http://t.co/R4jph7lA8YBoycotting every cunt that signed the Tory #businessletter.Excellent show from @djplastician yesterday https://t.co/PfQMUOwpGi Big thanks for playing 'Hit Da Blokk' by @BigDopeP
Stream @BigDopeP's 'Hit Da Blokk', from new EP feat. @FEADZofficial, @Rustie and more: http://t.co/sgEyQ6AalA http://t.co/xecuCawLn0
Retweeted by NightwaveStream 'Hit Da Blokk' over at @FACTmag, get instant download with preorder ❤ http://t.co/A3qd8xJDo8 #beastmode⚡️Heka Trax presents⚡️ @BigDopeP - Hit Da Blokk EP Collabs & Remixes by @FEADZofficial @RUSTIE @ikonika @DeejayEarl_ 💣💣April 20th💣💣
There's a new Heka Trax release coming soOon (っ◔◡◔)っ❤ https://t.co/oH8sg73lmx
@WANDAGROUP Kinder@inkke_ wtf 👹Live from @SubHubGlasgow today: @RBMARADIO with @S_Type @iamnightwave @inkke_ #Optimo & more http://t.co/UTRsnyfM08 http://t.co/PeUqHlkFAS
Retweeted by NightwaveCome down to Glasgow RBMA radio at the Sub Hub today, free entry lots of DJs😽✨ http://t.co/qjQo9Dkh9p
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