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✩ Heka Trax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: EU chris@littlebig.org.uk USA ricky@rogueagency.us

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rest in power John Holt ☆
glad that for some reason facebook is now advertising craft beers to me instead of fertility treatments and baking events
@colley_chris no sorry :)@barragoon 🙈
@barragoon 👨✨@imamisound @tj_hinson iolite's great, only 60quid@imamisound @tj_hinson get a vaporiser and put straight weed in that's best@tj_hinson it will definitely help!@tj_hinson well I'm definitely in no pain nowVery impressed with these THC e-cigs!@DJFEIFEI November!! Will keep you posted xx@bok_bok amazing@DJFEIFEI busy finishing next record, travelling a bit..same old! Hope to catch up soon :)@DJFEIFEI info@nightwave808.com 😘✨@b_nmrrs that's bonkers, I wanna get someUnsound's noise, drone and bass perfumes inspired by Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and kode9. http://t.co/pmYQkpaZqz
Retweeted by Nightwave@b_nmrrs omg this is really funny, sorry@b_nmrrs lolol jah blessSad to hear of the passing of Dr Masaru Emoto, his research and teachings changed my life ☀🌸@djplastician I'm just here with Rustie, he's at Paradiso tonight :)Hello Amsterdam🍻🍃✨@lionjonas @YarinLidor @RUSTIE yes good to see you :)@DJFEIFEI Hey babe ^__^ you good??
@jon1st that's sad :(Scotland has a new First Minister but Daily Record put Bob Geldof on today's front cover, no mention of Nicola Sturgeon whatsoever lolol
BLOC 2015 http://t.co/lzJoMPDGhK'Watch a hornet get cooked alive by bees' cc @tiraquon http://t.co/g2PeeCAdc2Thank you to @theSNP for choosing me as your new leader. I now look forward to becoming FM for ALL of Scotland. http://t.co/sjKWWGWFHL
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turds 2014 🐢💩@morgan_hislop cheers 😊
Fuck you 2014Thank you Mark Bell and journey well through space 💫
@cholombiannn Same! Just got home been travelling all day ughh :)@Kry_Wolf will keep tryingBought my mum her first ale, she said it tastes like manure lolHigh on life today ✨@feloneezy Takanik #taklife@djnonames possibly best night of my life haha good to see you :))@keinobjekt can't wait to hear it, love the title-one of my fav books :)Tonight on the @Hyperdub show on @RinseFM I'll be joined by @DJ_Spinn @tasoteklife @DeejayEarl_ @DJTayeTeklife ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Retweeted by NightwaveReflecting on @Hyperdub x @teklife57 last night - incredible music and intense energy throughout. One of the nights of the year so far.
Retweeted by Nightwave@hmstulta should have come!!@jackiedagger luda kuća, stvarno najbolji party i odličan klub@HayleyJoyes I was there banging the rails as well, hope you feel better today xxHyperdub x Teklife last night was incredible, danced all night by the speaker💓👆@HayleyJoyes aww thanks where are you xxBig @tasoteklife king on the mic wooo 🔫🔫🔫🔫Fuck Ikonika/Scratcha destroying the building jeez💣💣💣So much love at the Hyperdub x Teklife party tonight 👆💖✨
Can't wait for Nightgrave @ Halloween w/ @iamnightwave @TekiLatex Joe Howe & Myself #Nightrave X # SoundPellegrino 👻🎃 http://t.co/SIn8r0dy1m
Retweeted by NightwaveHyperdub x Teklife party of the year tonight in London ❤👆Kicks off at 10, get there earlyyy http://t.co/V50ybFT5Kb
RIP Disco (2013-2014) http://t.co/AcRor7qRa4
Retweeted by NightwaveAre Human Beings Robots? Interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: http://t.co/pdONDdPhrg@ShadowDancerMCR ugh@Altered_Natives lololDJ Spinn & Taso: Burn That Kush (Hyperdub/Teklife 2014) http://t.co/jVlmA1qTk8
Retweeted by NightwaveAs a warm-up to the @Hyperdub vs @teklife57 party tomorrow at Studio Spaces E1 we've created a sampler: https://t.co/uOFAl4rlPh
Retweeted by NightwaveMalala will make her first statement after school at 16.30/UK on her and @k_Satyarthi being honored with #NobelPeacePrize. #IDG2014
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@ssseannn rip JawzTook those painful braces off today forever, feels like I have no teeth lol@craigpugnetti will do, problem is last time customs took them off me fuckerzzNew Nightrave lighter/bottle opener⚡ http://t.co/x5elRMUcE9Happy birthday lil bro! You live on! God bless. http://t.co/WgtRm4HhUe
Retweeted by NightwaveHappy birthday Rashad xx 👆💓✨
@benwestbeech wuuuuuut😘 RT @MishkaNYC: Tracking Ten Tunes: Wylin' on a Wednesday http://t.co/yqf6hRGBwJ@b_nmrrs @JeansAndSheux@stareyezzz i'm there in nov too ^_____^ <3@ChrisFinke don't kill my vibe hahahMy cunty braces come off tomorrow after nearly 2 years!! Gonna eat chewy and crispy food every day and never be a moody bitch again😬🙅😀@anneliese_x and one token woman haha@fluffyduck88 slagz'Harry Potter sequel' eh? I predict roughly 45% lower sales in Scotland
@alex_macpherson 🌊💖🌊 great to see you@PhilipSherburne noHyperdub x Teklife this Saturday at Hydra LDN!!! 💕✨ http://t.co/Xyw8gSOXFY@djkayper It's possible, usually takes a couple days or so, good luck! x
@monki_dj woo happy birthday ✨🎂🍸💕@dj_mr_switch Congrats :))) 🏆Happy birthday to the one and only @Djdeeon ✨💖💎🍹THIS SATURDAY @Hyperdub X Teklife @TheHydraLdn -- @kodenine @DJ_Spinn @ikonika @iamnightwave >>> TIX http://t.co/8AYfntx7hY
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@iamToyc @JONPHONICS just landed from Berlin, got the dates mixed up..pretty ruined hah what you up to?💖💖💖 killer sets from Ned, Duncan and Gonsher too @littlebigmusic @Farbfernseher@Alissxss I need a cassette player, will be back!! XxWtf the passport control people said I'm not the person on my passport pic..nearly didn't get through lol@Lone @tiraquon cunts that pull your headrest when they leave the seat@Alissxss great to see you xxI fucking love Berlin, hope to come back soon😻@eclairfifi Have fuuuun 💕🌴🐨🏄✨
@deadboy @ScratchaDVA 😂😂😂@iamnightwave @ScratchaDVA sometimes my penis gets tangled in my headphones cable. It's not easy.
Retweeted by NightwaveFarbfernsehr is free tonight until 11:30 get there early & dress to sweat ✨😁✨@ScratchaDVA check her rbma lecture from Madrid, so inspiring..I was there and cried at the end lolol@ScratchaDVA this is the kind of shit we get asked hahah@ScratchaDVA i know it's just good to see it discussed :) next step 'What's it like to be a male DJ' lolFinally a man discussing sexism in the industry,fed up with the issue only coming up in interviews with women artists http://t.co/cd8blHJjGH@COMMEdesJACONS lololLB chieftain Ned Beckett goes head2head with @iamnightwave tonight in Berlin @Farbfernseher. Free b4 1130. Expect colourful music, new & old
Retweeted by Nightwave@BigDopeP boycott quick lol@Kozee she's long gone now sadly haha
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