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Tonight at @ohhellobrisbane! http://t.co/FnTBvxrs6o @RUSTIE & @iamnightwave are set to make it a very happy easter for all you Brissy kids!
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@iammightymark @tttheartist I love it💕👍Let it perculate🍕🍕🍕 https://t.co/do6HQjubmo
Retweeted by NightwavePhew, thanks for the warning http://t.co/RGaLXzm6PX@oliviajc 💖💕💖💕💖✨
@iamnightwave the babe (shame about the teeth, don't have the heart to tell her) http://t.co/mfzMJxKyTz
Retweeted by NightwaveClub address is 'vault 8 banana alley', I'm on at 1am, before Rustie 🍌🎱🍌@TattyMuncher waaaaaay over my budget :)@_imsohoodrich remember when she went vegan and did selfies in fur🐺🌊✨RT @waveracermusic: Melbourne 2nite with @RUSTIE and @iamnightwave at @cantsaymelb yay 💖✨⚡️🎉Pharrell in our hotel room http://t.co/yc12lb5WoCHello Melbourne see you tonight!!🐨 http://t.co/RAXpv56nsh
@yo_ELOQ did you send me a track called Fortress??@kodenine natural selecta@sparehands ohello sir! We're back :) Maybe see you at some point!Sydney crew see you at Oxford Art Factory tonight!! Doors at 9, few tickets left 😘🎉✨http://t.co/nAc5ueY60rRUSTIEとのコラボ等ベース・ミュージック界隈で話題を集める女性アーティストNIGHTWAVEのHEKA TRAX新作はなんとDANCE MANIA代表格としてお馴染みDJ DEEONフィーチャリング!NIGHTWAVE/HITIT http://t.co/SDkLhXfqo1
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Hello Sydney✨🐨🐬
@WANDAGROUP Jesus had that tattooedDid a remix for @somepoe @SoundsofSumo :) https://t.co/8qoo5Ogkrl@lockah good look!
Scotland's electronic music scene is more impressive than you might realize. http://t.co/eLkg4gryXW http://t.co/uA6wdjbF5B
Retweeted by NightwaveBrand new @iamnightwave mix up on @discobelle. She also plays our #RBMANYC closing night in May. http://t.co/L2tbJODZ6b
Retweeted by NightwaveFresh heat from Nightwave for Discobelle Records. 'Hit It' EP out now, contact chris@littlebig.org.uk for... http://t.co/HsJDS06LWg
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@lauraleishman 👏👏Swear my dad is building Carcosa in our garden
Retweeted by Nightwave.@iamnightwave closes her @discobelle mix with @xdannyxbrownx "Dope Song" http://t.co/aR2SV7ePIN
Retweeted by Nightwavemy nu song 3D Hentai Stud is on @iamnightwave 's mix for @discobelle ! http://t.co/xaQqS3kMJG
Retweeted by NightwaveAustralia + NZ @Rustie tour starts next week!! http://t.co/PKA52yobnb@DJPAYPAL MC Kleine ScheißeOhai! Here's my new mix for @discobelle in case you missed it last night💕😽💕 http://t.co/jsmPXlxyw7@MjaBradshaw ✨💕💖💕✨@ShadowDancerMCR lol did you email Japan HQ though? 😊
New mix from @iamnightwave for @discobelle with new tune of @iammightymark and @tttheartist out soon on Moveltraxx http://t.co/ZBMTsPQfER
Retweeted by Nightwave@ClaudeSpeeed #accidentalpartridge♡♡ Discobelle Mix 034: Nightwave https://t.co/8x8mgmX05P ♡♡♡Settle into the weekend with our weekly Club Tracks selection: https://t.co/MaCSfh3EJu
Retweeted by Nightwave@jimmyedgar 💕🙏💕@b_nmrrs 👉👌👉👌👉👌Nice review of the new EP over at @JunoPlus! they have a download sale on at the moment as well 😘💸http://t.co/f0XcwstF7D@fluffyduck88 lol I hope sofingering fiasco friday@TheMiddleClash email me your address on that info email and I'll send some <3Everyone please check this incredible mix by Mumdance>> http://t.co/DclA6Wvzhf🔸🌴🔶Small Talk: @iamnightwave. We talk to the UK producer in the leadup to her tour with Rustie. http://t.co/4lL1clynrx http://t.co/IewUfdBKLe
Retweeted by Nightwave@TheMiddleClash Phonica should have it :)
If you've bought 'Hit It' on Vinyl, no matter where from pls screengrab and send to info@nightwave808.com, you'll get a nice free track! ㋡@posthumanmusic sadly nottheres a woman in my yoga class with a Rod Steward tattoo
@b_nmrrs 🐔🎣'Heartbleed Bug' so Brass Eye'Due to the Heartbleed security vulnerability we'll be logging everyone out later' yikes Soundcloud what the hell ?!Thanks @iTunesMusic for the nice placement for the new EP ^_^ http://t.co/1d4bHXvaHXNew podcast up ft @ApolloBrown @iamnightwave @origamisounds @amerigo615 @CharlesTrees @MoKolours @MattKuartz http://t.co/rjr7wZp3Ph
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The amazing @esqueeezy has made a booty-full video for 'Hit It' ft DJ Deeon over at @dontwatchthattv! Go check>> http://t.co/Jet4rvDQJ1 😍✨@LIZZY_B cheers ;)I think I'm ready to get my pimp on...HIT IT @iamnightwave @aintudebo http://t.co/gGtswmziW8 via @dontwatchthattv @timandbarry
Retweeted by NightwaveHey Japanese friends! You can pick up the new record over at @jetsetrecords ありがとう㋡ http://t.co/h1ooWazLBQ:) HKX003 out today in stock at Juno http://t.co/xWjd67Y4dq Phonica http://t.co/0cmPgb7zLd Beatport http://t.co/jJENnKDoNB
Thanks @BleepBot for including the new EP in your newsletter & for the nice writeup x https://t.co/sNu04cwhReAlong with the 🔞 'Hit It' original, 'Scooter' and 'Fire Hoes' there's an instrumental on the EP as well btw🚸 https://t.co/TCFzCEcMVq"Sleazier than if Berlusconi had a virgins-only bunga-bunga party at the Playboy Mansion." ❤ @FACTmag Singles Club! http://t.co/dUpffxbWLoBuy the vinyl, screengrab the receipt and send it to info@nightwave808.com and I will send you an exclusive new tune as well! ✨😍✨'Hit It' EP is officially out today, vinyl+digital ✨😘✨ Boomkat http://t.co/9e8a4KfIqw iTunes https://t.co/TCFzCEcMVq@tom_konxompax to film the new #SpecialRequest video at @artschool_ in Glasgow tomorrow. Be there by 1.30pm to be in it! RT
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Premiere a banging new track from Glasgow-based producer @iamnightwave featuring ghetto house music's @aintudebo: http://t.co/40zjUWmn6N
Retweeted by Nightwave100% exhausted, would love to check myself into a pensioners resort somewhere in Spain >___<Nightrave was special last night! Thanks to everyone that came and of course @artworkmagnetic for playing an incredible set🙏✨💓
We got a new one from @iamnightwave: http://t.co/SAUa5yK4Lz
Retweeted by NightwaveI'll have some copies of the new EP in the club later £7 each and you get a sticker 😘 #delboy✩✩Here it is, premiere of 'Hit It' ft @aintudebo courtesy of @Mixmag ✩✩ https://t.co/aVlmLiXufY@eclairfifi Wish you were in Glasgow with us tonight <3 xxxThe @guardian chose 'Scooter' as this week's best new track! ♫ ♡♩http://t.co/5KWMfVHKHd
@ContrlV thanks (^___^)Scooter /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ https://t.co/S0OYBPxAbE'Hit It' EP ft @aintudebo vinyl is in shops! 😘 Boomkat http://t.co/9e8a4KfIqw Bleep https://t.co/sNu04cwhRe Juno http://t.co/TtNg8VqlwN
I'm playing at Movement Fest Detroit this year, super super excited!!! #313 http://t.co/PCYzkhKSwa ⚡⚡⚡@Kozee :))@djnonames been going for a year :)@posthumanmusic sure, just dm me your address2 Days til Nightrave with @artworkmagnetic!! We are giving away lots of goodies, go play>> https://t.co/8ePepFkl9M http://t.co/Bx60162QIf@italtek 'NT Wave'? great haha@jackmaster That set tonight was absolute perfection! If I go first please play that at my funeral 🙏✨
Gil Scott-Heron the Great would've turned 65 today. Salute to a brilliant poet and extraordinary musician.
Retweeted by Nightwave@eclairfifi Gorgeous xxx@feloneezy @Vuk_Dedier nadam se da radi🙏Celebrate the legacy of the house pioneer with his nearly two hour lecture at RBMA in 2011 http://t.co/kZg86R1npf #RIPFrankieKnuckles
Retweeted by Nightwave❤🌟❤Frankie Forever❤🌟❤
7/10 review in DJ Mag, cheers xx http://t.co/1XGIT2mho6Please sign this petition and tell the MOD not to build at Stonehenge x https://t.co/QKWh8sopyl
@_LeeChristie not many left!!😊@Shox_ @RUSTIE @JubileeDJ 🙈In my head it's still 2001 or so💥Nightwave x DJ Deeon // April 7th💥😎 http://t.co/VA4gFTHfY7@djshandy taps.aiff@lauraleishman 💔 All Max's fault. Shame that Tanya buried him alive and then bailed ✋😒@lauraleishman she shouldn't have slept with his dad 😔
@BARCLAYJAMES @BBRENMAR lolz need to find it😊One week til Nightrave La cheetah with Artwork and a VERY special secret guest! Giving away tickets & vinyl soon >> https://t.co/8ePepFkl9M
@BHeroique great! That's where I do my night as well :)
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