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seattle childrens hospital, Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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Me in real life β€œ@FascinatingVids: "Hi, my name's lonely." http://t.co/sSnX1mVNha”
@AceOfSpades2007 LOLEteplirsen is safe. My son needs help. What’s The FDA Thinking? #WTFDA $SRPT http://t.co/rOXP2Wd5ha
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@JameyEisenberg I just don't trust hilton outdoors@JimJm1660 @Militerryman you are my favorite crazy person on twitter.@ColfaxCapital $SRPT longs?@MartinShkreli hiring test monkeys for the rockets? I know a guy. (The guy is me)@talktoskirt I dunno but it had the most epic video of all time@johnmbeeson you must be Moustaken, that hat never gets to leave the Hosmer.
Sorry tweeps I meant KICKED you nasties!!! πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI straight up got my ass licked by hot yoga tonight πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@AllPlanets @NewHorizons2015 so what's the temperature on Titan?@nfldraftscout @JasonLaCanfora neither do their running backs@given2tweet -5% is the new +5%@23Chromz @AdamSinger ugh...I'm pretty novice at all this but I've gotten my ass kicked with $SRPT and $ACRX.@AdamSinger @23Chromz so are you guys out on $SRPT for good?@RNAiAnalyst what does that mean?Meanwhile, at the $SRPT offices... http://t.co/YiqBlkky51There's somebody snoring in the bathroom stall next to me at work...is it Chris Garabedian?
@NicoSEnea let's hope for the latter@ATTCares thanks- my att service is great, it's my comcast service that sucks πŸ˜‘@rushtonjdr maybe we can got Garabedian to open an ISP company?@rushtonjdr @comcast @ATT if I go anywhere but my living room I have to switch to 4G...it's crazyThe 2007 FBI's malware warrant application didn't tell the judge they planned to impersonate a Seattle newspaper. http://t.co/QmIyJhREtX
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinHey, want internet that constantly stops/slows and only extends about 6 feet in any direction? Come pay $230 at @comcast !I hate, hate, hate injuries in sports. Don't want to see 'em, even in teams i root against.PPMD sent a letter to FDA regarding the $SRPT PR/Call today http://t.co/mcejqCA9Ya
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI hate to kick a guy when he is down, but at this point Chris Garabedian seems like a total failure at Sarepta. ---> http://t.co/e8DHgehonino crap...β€œ@HuffingtonPost: Mormon Church admits for first time that founder Joseph Smith had 14 year-old bride http://t.co/KzJ14NYfNS”@Rberg17 @StuffCCLikes and the gospel apparently isn't strong enough to survive if people bad mouth it? Who gets to decide this anyway?@KansanChristian lol who the hell is gonna serve you ice cream if nobody works on a Sunday?@StuffCCLikes this Kansas Christian HAS GOT to be a fake parody account. It's like all the embarrassing things in one placeI don't understand why people work on the Lord's Day. On another note, I can't wait to get ice cream from Braum's after service tonight!!!
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@JonU235 I mean at this point I'm down %50 on it...might as well go for brokeRT @Seahawks: Moment of silence for #Marysville-Pilchuck High School at 10:39 am PT. We are part of your community. #MPStrong
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI'm not an expert. But I am keeping my $SRPT shares...why sell now? Maybe CG gets fired, maybe things work out, maybe it all blows up...@TomSilver39 @ValueTraderS didn't they just do a massive offering in the $30's? Why would they be short $$?@given2tweet I haven't sold yet...because I'm stupid. The real question is whether it gets approval or not- still think it does one day?Wow, I suck at buying stocks.
@JaredStanger yep@TheMikeSalk both those dudes got raises...they gotta step up@JasonLaCanfora when it rains, it pours@Chris_Fetters I thought so too. Plus I thought we could have been hit for helmet/helmet on qb
@Softykjr @sonics20 I don't blame this on the qbs.@TDUByourBUD @Seahawks legion of lolligaggers?@TDUByourBUD lol@TDUByourBUD dude where r u? Didn't you sleep like 3 hours last night?Welp@OnwardState @ShawnBaer wow...Okay, #pac12refs. The bar has been set for the day. http://t.co/OhG2d4Mh5S
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinLol, they gave @OhioStAthletics the interception? Are these #Pac12Refs ?? Jesus@SOHN your whole album is legit! My favorite song is Veto...so so goodI've listened to "Veto" by SOHN about 15 times today. So awesome.@stephaniedrury @Tikidoll (h/t @red_mercer) #buttermilk http://t.co/OH3qqw6sjk
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@ProFootballTalk I also thought it was funny- like he was on a field trip"Joe Maddon was able to win and all he had were 19 first round picks on his team- he must be a great manager" -ESPN coverage
@Janina ahh! I want one!!Be cool if Finnegan had pitched in Little League World Series this year, too.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin911, what's your emergency "I'm masturbating too much" Sir that's not really a problem "one sec. DID YOU HEAR THAT MOM? NOW GET OFF MY CASE"
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinMan, there are so many anti-vaccine nutjobs on twitter. They even have different camps of crazy, some are conspiracy folks too.@Sudhaka95055891 @AP Ebola is a virus, not a bacteria@AmaiLiu how does the beast do it?? Yikes!You can fit all of the planets in our Solar System in between the Earth and the Moon -http://t.co/xTJPYkr81l http://t.co/DmHEBBywGt
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@busylizards @TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea happy holidays boys http://t.co/NRpvqaIgeHWell done, Oak Harbor http://t.co/RC75dEVE8L
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinHaha- I bid $8 on Denard Robinson in waivers- he went for $34! I thought I was bidding too much at $8!!@daverichard does he have a case of the fumbles?[duck in bar] Pour it tall man "Long day?" Wife left me. She took the kids "Oh" worst of all she cleared the bread cabinet *bartender gasps*
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@AdamSinger @rushtonjdr I've noticed the longer play call option have gotten way more expensive in the past two weeks@busylizards Interviewer: wots yr biggest weakness? Me: I'm too honest Int: honesty is a stren... Me: I DONT GIVE A DAMN WAT U THINK!@busylizards who else can vouch for my sexual deviancy and pony boy professionalism??@SirGuyGisbourne hahaha..he didnt even use a gun, he used a banana@FascinatingVids @Fascinatingpics that bed needs to be made though
@busylizards haha...trying to get a new job and a lady!@Curtis_Crabtree horrible call@realDonaldTrump Obama invented EBOLA! We must stop him! He's gonna ruin all the cheese sandwiches. 😦😦Phillip Rivers is so demonstrative...it's actually hilarious.@bradloncar this is how I feel every day about all my stocks@given2tweet oh man, he is awesome!Can anyone recommend a good job recruiting service here in Seattle? Looking to get out there.
@AngmilanoMilano what the fork...Had a great conversation about careers and using a recruiting firm tonight. I'm interested. Now I gotta find a recruiting firm in Seattle.@talktoskirt @fcleff69 I think that's kinda hot@23Chromz either we are all idiots or we will enjoy such a great squeeze one day@AdamSinger nice@talktoskirt does she work for the bank? #obligatoryHad my first ever prostate exam today- holy crap that was the oddest feeling ever. Felt like I was going to pee the whole time.@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea @busylizards @candacemonique @kcmorganuw I truly did put that pussy on a pedestal
@ProFootballTalk no shit@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea @busylizards @candacemonique @kcmorganuw guys my tinder date is going well http://t.co/XVQEpTWeuW@DLoesch @ChrisWarcraft @AdamBaldwin yes, my right to dangerous toys is MORE important than a woman's right to vote.Pleased to announce I've finally been able to quit my day job to concentrate on publishing my magazine full time! http://t.co/McDUPGwqxn
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@davidjchie hahaha...I was just kidding@davidjchie "sexual fondling is generally frowned upon in the workplace"They couldn't find my veins at my worksite tb blood draw? What?? I work at a hospital and have normal veins...@realstevepool talking in an elevator@bradloncar #BioTwitterWS Royals in 5- can't stop this momentum!!@bradloncar Royals in 5- can't stop momentum!@LookoutLanding what about converting him to Islam?Renee Zellweger is trolling us so hard right now
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