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jfolkmann @jfolkmann Calgary, Canada

Group Planning Director @criticalmass - planner,strategist, dreamer, traveller, foody and lover of social media, marketing, digital & advertising.

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@criticalmass & @unmas use #iBeacons to simulate landmines in NYC. http://t.co/3byacUw9ii - so proud. #nomoreminesAlberta shows up as one of 16 Earth Porn Pics Hotter Than Global Warming http://t.co/gkDbpkJE6u
@cwiggins Oprah has one.No, it is not ok to ring your bells at midnight. Even if you're a church. No. Not ok.PETER DINKLAGE - this will be the best thing you see on the interwebs today. I guarantee it. :) http://t.co/o1YQvXURvf
Happy zombies and chocolate day!
Someone please tell Old Man winter to get bent. #yyc
#WeTheNorth - Nice spot. http://t.co/zfZc4bma2t #hoops
@Britopian this one? "Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, But put me in summer and I’ll be a..." ;) Yoohoo Summer blow out!
Yeah I might be watching RunDMC RIGHT NOW. http://t.co/m3xjUQZVYf
The UN Uses iBeacons To Scare New Yorkers Into Caring About Landmines - PSFK http://t.co/Wz4MmMfmlH
Ad Agency Creates Chilling Landmine Experience http://t.co/X0d8NdSrAC #nomoreminesI Remember - beautiful. Make sure the website doesn't disappear by sharing a memory. Artful. http://t.co/KCTnxadM14
Get Comic Neue http://t.co/lzyhsq6nvT - Cat for sale.Your Smartphone Could Explode at Any Moment at a New Museum Exhibit About Land Mine Awareness http://t.co/dQCWROiPco - @criticalmass @unmasNice piece from the guys at #ipglab on our UNMAS exhibition with #ibeacon mines. @cstoller @criticalmass http://t.co/2LDEPsmSwH
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@boycaught :)Apparently something basketball related is happening...now I know how people feel when I tweet football stuff. I'm sorry.My daughter says (unprompted) - "grown ups are boring!"New photo app idea - 'Narcistagram' - only takes selfies. Nothing else. #ideas
Should you use a carousel? http://t.co/IV3PkZCeLF (via @deanbirkett)
Retweeted by jfolkmann@scottebales http://t.co/ciwmVTZW0BUnited Nations and @criticalmass Simulate Violent Land Mines via Apple iBeacons http://t.co/udcuDdvNuu #mashable #tech #ibeacons@faris not world hunger...but ridding the world of landmines :) We did this today http://t.co/ciwmVTZW0BFrom our @UNMAS exhibit today. Great job by the @criticalmass team. Turned out good! http://t.co/CY2BsWMsG1
Retweeted by jfolkmannOn Intl Mine Awareness Day, @UNMAS launched an app to make the mine problem feel more real: http://t.co/QXT5Xsj8RD
Retweeted by jfolkmannReal fear lives in the unseen. Our virtual minefield for @UNMAS is meant to be heard. #NoMoreMines http://t.co/VqfkD6GxBn
Retweeted by jfolkmann@scottebales we're using ibeacons right now in a digital minefield exhibit in NYC for the UN #NoMoreMinesVisitors experiencing our #ibeacon enabled digital minefield. @unmas & @criticalmass #NoMoreMines http://t.co/L2wywUj0tTMarco grob: imagine if there was 1 mine in NYC, the city would standstill. #nomoremines @UNMAS
Retweeted by jfolkmann#nomoremines - very proud to have been part of this project. Join @UNMAS and @criticalmass at the new museum 11-3 http://t.co/t7sXhMsoj2...and the other side. Marco Grob photos looking amazing. @criticalmass http://t.co/trkEp1OLnj
Retweeted by jfolkmannOur exhibition at the New Museum for @UNMAS looking really good. @criticalmass http://t.co/ieWxFtHcJa
Retweeted by jfolkmannIn the US? Want to help us build a #landmine free world? Text “DEMINE” to 27722 to donate $5. #NoMoreMines http://t.co/iWgyYcY650
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@heardsy the CBC is strong with you. Strong.Thanks @instagram for making me a suggested user. Appreciated.@steamykitchen this is so smart. Backed as well.the last few ads from @awcanada are much better/less forced. The real meat angle is good. Plus - I want the orange toque that guy is wearingThe threat of being killed by a #landmine is very real. Experience the fear tomorrow at the New Museum #NoMoreMines http://t.co/cRqtxhiQxb
Retweeted by jfolkmann#MineAction2014: Friday is @UNMAS Mine Awareness Day! Learn more at: http://t.co/6lhpUTpJ5B #NoMoreMines http://t.co/Hwx0e7o9Nk
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@cgokiert @TBWA well that's just lovely@fjordaan you know how to party. ;)
Playdoh as gum. Ok - this is my new fave April fools joke http://t.co/FJA5AfpoEeand in other news....survivor is still on TV#NYC: On April 4 @UNMAS & @criticalmass will use #iBeacon tech to create a "Virtual Minefield". #NoMoreMines http://t.co/o2eGlVTGWY
Retweeted by jfolkmannBeardSwipe http://t.co/SxSf513kumCERN to switch to Comic Sans | my fave April fools thing today. http://t.co/mLk9NKL8py@cbrady a bunch of us ride. Summer ride, when the snow is off the mountains :)@cbrady do any mountain biking?"We saw hippos pooping, but no meercats farting." - conversations you have as a parent.Experience the fear — UN exhibition uses iBeacons to simulate a virtual minefield http://t.co/SSY3NS52al #nomoremines http://t.co/BziJ3gQxGA
Retweeted by jfolkmannUnited Nations uses iBeacons to simulate a minefield & raise awareness at NY museum | 9to5Mac http://t.co/RzxjYVNEDo.@criticalmass & New Museum Use iBeacons To Create A ‘Digital Minefield’ | Cult of Mac http://t.co/dFgTIkOx0xThrowing K-Cups In Glass Houses http://t.co/5dwiNa4Wgb
Best Shift Ever - Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip - Not expected from Break. Very sweet. http://t.co/Bvk7DI1BsZxg - skin - creepy very very creepy http://t.co/TsEZ0tDkaRExperience the fear millions live with every day at the New Museum on April 4th. #nomoremines http://t.co/J8rOoWOFdbGoogle Naps - find your perfect nap http://t.co/w4v8RyvWhkOur goal? A world free of the fear of stepping on a #landmine. On April 4, help us realize a world with #nomoremines http://t.co/PDZpeR9z5h
Retweeted by jfolkmannDo you want to build a snowman? My kid is constantly singing that song & we have another 4 inches of snow this morning... #yyc
Where are you heading this weekend? #explorealberta Photos by @Maurice @jfolkmann @CalSnapePhoto @kayleygallaher http://t.co/dYzYmwsKVw
Retweeted by jfolkmann@LisaAnnWilton I've got to stop doing that :)
The instagram are addictive - why did I not do this sooner? #instagramThe science nerd in me says 'rad',but doesn't spraying nano-fibers into an open wound sound like the fastest way to create a supervillain?Free Massey App: The full Massey Lectures Series with over 200 hours of text, audio, interviews & bonus footage http://t.co/goyINFbheZ
Retweeted by jfolkmannBeautiful work @criticalmass: Meet the Massey Lectures iPad app http://t.co/RvIGdeMHRR w/@HouseofAnansi @cbcideas @masseycollege
Retweeted by jfolkmannAnd then the girl with the red jacket said follow me....#explorealberta #capturecalgary http://t.co/FIjbISrbW8@davepeck echo echo echo@tjeffrey BEEFCAKE!!!@winjer that's a visual I won't be able to get out of my headCrossfit is like one huge No Fear T-Shirt.
@criticalmass @HouseofAnansi @MasseyCollege Beautiful! We love the new #MasseyLectures iPad app!
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Thanks @giphy for posting my collection of Chernobyl Cinemagraphs. There's more to come http://t.co/WHukcLSYrR #abandoned #gif #cinemagraph
Retweeted by jfolkmannP*tches - songs for pitching http://t.co/vce2tqToA9
Millions of people live in constant fear of detonating a #landmine. Help @UNMAS realize a world with #nomoremines http://t.co/DnzQpO12OU
Retweeted by jfolkmannCM's CCO @cbrady talks the analogue world and its impact on the digital one. Perspective from @sxsw in @MarketingUK http://t.co/p7GQREYedy
Retweeted by jfolkmannLovely Pleasantville-esque spot from @bbhlondon #ChangeYourStory Dulux "Colour Prohibition" http://t.co/7co6abDDS2
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We’re really enjoying @jfolkmann's #capturecalgary moments, and we can’t wait to see yours! #redboots http://t.co/z6sfNivktg
Retweeted by jfolkmann@TourismCalgary thanks!Parody Photos of the SF Rental Market are Darkly Funny - The Bold Italic - San Francisco http://t.co/uznHialIWw.@travelalberta I can stare at this all day long http://t.co/y5qM4ypXAG #explorealberta #banff_squirrel #cinemagraph
Retweeted by jfolkmannMillions around the world live in constant fear of detonating a #landmine. Help us realize a world with #nomoremines http://t.co/hWRG9GVGWZ
Retweeted by jfolkmannAnd that's Numberwang! http://t.co/1uYIVPlhqw
Did we miss your tweet from earlier? http://t.co/XnQIxRzYbv@cgokiert @robferdman I have a beautiful 80 year old cast iron pan specifically for bacon making.The slow death of the microwave. Neato. Personally I have never owned one. Taking the time to cook is a pleasure. http://t.co/gdESdZ1k6n
I just spent 1 hour watching @Cmdr_Hadfield on @YouTube with my daughter. She was mesmerized. TY Cmdr for making science even more awesomeMoto 360 by Motorola - A Google Company http://t.co/et1trvOucE
Cloak - Incognito mode for real life http://t.co/svRSK6OuGx
@adampatterson Awesome. You can make me one. I'll give you $20 ;)$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit | House & Fig http://t.co/C47otBynDfOur goal? A world free of the fear of stepping on a #landmine. On April 4, help us realize a world with #nomoremines http://t.co/GEv24Antkq
Retweeted by jfolkmannInterviewly - Interviews with interesting people http://t.co/I5I67NxXZz
Will It Crush? - Arnold Schwarzenegger just won the internet. http://t.co/T5lT7LEA1XIn a world, without Hal Douglas..... RIP you magnificent bastard. #sadtweetSquirt - speed read the web http://t.co/SPVQE5ft7LSketchDeck makes your presentations look great http://t.co/KYDRZuCfaI
Free Online Teleprompter App for Video and Speeches - Promptr. Good to see removing the 'e' is still alive and well. http://t.co/51nWA2aUCvKevin Bacon explains the 1980s to millennials: http://t.co/3ADHYHHZq3 VIA @TIME
Retweeted by jfolkmannAn Introduction to my life today - INSTAGRAMMERS, TRAVEL http://t.co/HXdXDkVNie
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