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Author of Rough Guide Snapshot Myanmar (Burma), co-author of Rough Guides to the Philippines and Malaysia.

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@KeithEmmerson @VonSangertron You better had. I'm drinking tea right now.
"Quality photos are essential" "Do you pay for quality photos?" "No" "Hardly that essential then, are they?"
Retweeted by John OatesInternational Copy Agency = A terrific team @cathywinston @john_oates @Lee_Cobaj @awrymag @larabrunt @HipTravelWriter http://t.co/cQ0Q77R9MU
Retweeted by John Oates
Ah London, you're looking good this evening. http://t.co/EquoDpQ1aQ@mrdavidwhitley You've turned me into a four-colour pen evangelist. I've actually enthused about them till someone told me to stop.
Classic album covers in Google Street View – in pictures http://t.co/tBRPq2q8Ms via @guardian
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Honestly. RT @AlsBoy: Sorry but this police report is so good I can't even think straight http://t.co/31cLmxFsTE
Retweeted by John OatesDinner in meatpacking district of Copenhagen last pm. Londoners, imagine Brixton Village relocated to New Covent Garden market in Vauxhall.Enjoyed food tour of Cophenhagen yesterday. Not cheap but good intro to boom in Nordic food. http://t.co/q5i0S6kmkQ
@TopTVCameraman I use Google Maps all the time in London and rarely have problems. Should have double checked though.Plane late, metro suspended, hotel in wrong place on Google Maps. Still, I'm in Copenhagen drinking ludicrously expensive beer. All good.
Never been so happy for flight delay. Made it onto @easyjet flight to Copenhagen despite late start and slow @GatwickExpress.@GatwickExpress On 6.32 train from Victoria. Any ETA for Gatwick? Very, very slow progress.
"Nothing will ever 'win the internet' on Gawker." @Gawker's new editor bans internet slang: http://t.co/eNFh2df5rg
Retweeted by John OatesBars open every other week in Yangon these days, but am most impressed by gekko, union bar,s second creation, on pansodan street
Retweeted by John Oates
@cathywinston That's a shame for today (sorry, should've sent reminder). But it'll be good to see you in May. Drop me a line closer to time.Looking forward to weekend in Copenhagen to research piece for @accessmag_uk. Last time I visited was almost a decade ago.
@mrdavidwhitley You mean there's another way? @andyjarosz @nikkibayley @no_fixed_plans @shaneyhudson@shaneyhudson @andyjarosz @nikkibayley @no_fixed_plans That was a resounding silence! I can't do pitching challenge this month, too much on.@shaneyhudson @andyjarosz @nikkibayley @no_fixed_plans We did pitching month Jan, 'officially' we do every 6 months. But why not any time!@shaneyhudson @andyjarosz @nikkibayley @no_fixed_plans Key thing with pitching month is to communicate as a group for support and momentum.
Local restaurant Olive is now @Ink_restaurant. Will be trying its Nordic cooking tonight, menu looks good (ie it has pork belly).
Watch the US Drop 2.5 Million Tons of Bombs on Laos http://t.co/e0BbBL1XJA Innocent people & kids still dying due to this bastardry
Retweeted by John Oates
Discriminatory restrictions on Muslims remain in place says latest UN report. New campaign poster.#Burma http://t.co/c5E5OBnjLo
Retweeted by John Oates@StuartForster I thought Liverpool @slaverymuseum was excellent. Eyeopening look at how the city (and the country) were enriched by slavery.£9k tuition fees policy likely to cost more than the system it replaced http://t.co/PGb1bay4EG < this is a complete DISGRACE! #alternative
Retweeted by John Oates
@ProTraveller His greeting to me: "Hello! I'm a hollywood film producer. I'm bisexual." Doesn't sound like you.@ProTraveller I probably didn't say anything worth hearing. Shame you didn't stay, you missed old fashioneds and a creepy lech at the bar.@HumeWhitehead Thanks for inviting me, Tourism South East event is always one of the best of the year.@cathywinston @101holidays @andyjarosz @oliviagreenway Yep, great to see so many familiar faces, including @ProTraveller of course.@Jackson_Boxer Ah well, maybe next time. We haven't made it to @BrunswickHse since we moved away from Nine Elms. Hope it's all still good.
@Jackson_Boxer I'll be coming to @RitasDining for the first time (in current location) on Friday. Are you likely to be around? Can't wait!@cathywinston See you at the event. What's the prize in question, and was it as good the second time?RT @HumeWhitehead: We & @VisitSEEngland are looking 4ward to tonight's Tourism South East Media Party. #TSEMediaParty <me too!
@travelfish @nikkibayley I was surprised how well airbnb worked. Owner bought me doughnuts and insisted I went to @ZabarsIsNY (a good call).@robinmckelvie Thanks for #FF. Agree about @helenochyra @kerrychristiani @roaming_scribe @robble1 @sarahleetravels.@thetraveltrunk #FF back at ya. @A_Cornish_Girl @finnbarrw @jdm_designs @julietrix1 @kerrychristiani @Malathronas @travelTF @TravelWithKat@travelfish @nikkibayley I used airbnb once in NY, when staying with friends fell through. Decent room, very helpful owner, good experience.@travelfish I wouldn't include airbnb places in guidebook. Even more susceptible than hotels to changes between research and publication.
@nikkibayley Yes I certainly was. Thanks for the ace tip on avoiding the new Google Maps.Really inspiring to hear @robhawkes talk about @vizicities today at @gdsteam meeting. Their data-rich visualisations of cities look great.
*Updated* London Tube disabled access guide. Impressively detailed. (PDF) http://t.co/QKVlEi4z3r H/t @_DonaldS
Retweeted by John Oates@TravWriters Second time this year an editor has asked if I'll provide a feature free of charge! I said no. Very depressing! This is my JOB
Retweeted by John Oates@BritInSlovakia Hmm. Looks a bit complicated, they use collection societies but none listed for Slovakia. http://t.co/l6TnLqSUl5New Hurdles for an Already Hobbled Press http://t.co/QOAElm0NpS
@Ben_Pedroche I never take Gatwick Express. Not much faster than normal train, rather more expensive and not especially clean/comfortable.
@ShafikMeghji @kikideere Agreed! Good to chat about guidebooks and the Philippines at @TravWriters event.@mrdavidwhitley I'm sure I've read that tweet before...Lkg 4 fab bloggers who blog extensively (so no newbies) on these subjects: theatre, music, arts - in any major city EXCEPT London. Recs?
Retweeted by John Oates"Let's hear Nigel Farage's view on that" isn't a phrase I want to wake up to. Thanks #r4today.
Looking forward to #bgtwyearbook14 event tonight. Just seen the yearbook and it looks great.
Medecins Sans Frontieres banned in Myanmar state for alleged 'Rohingya bias' http://t.co/G8SrwU3gMC <very bad news, MSF vital in RakhineSubject heading for spam received this morning: "Keep your partner chuffed at night." Somehow the northern-ness makes it seem less annoying.@summerheim I know -- we stayed up to watch it (and wish best score had come a bit earlier in the running). So pleased for him!Amazing! @SteveBPrice got Oscar for best score! And he got to kiss Jessica Biel in front of his wife. Right, I can go to bed now.
Planning to watch the Oscars for first time in years, to see whether the talented @SteveBPrice wins for Gravity music. Go Steve!
I didn't realise that Oscars are only shown live on Sky in the UK, not Freeview. Shows how long since I even considered watching ceremony.As tribute to Harold Ramis, the Prince Charles Cinema is showing a double bill of Groundhog Day and Groundhog Day http://t.co/Wc3jsdaAIb
Retweeted by John Oates@nikkibayley @jeremyhead I thought it was just me, didn't realise there was a new version!@jeremyhead I agree. Tried to use Google Maps yesterday for simple public transport journey and couldn't work out what it was suggesting.
RT @robinparker55: That sinking feeling - live on the BBC http://t.co/qdiGyfNJCM via @porksmith <very Day Today@thegirlandglobe @lonelyplanet You just miss so much by skipping the in-between bits. But of course sometimes it can't be helped.@lonelyplanet A3: Also scrimp on transport: local buses etc as more interaction, walk wherever realistic. Avoid internal flights. #lpchat@lonelyplanet A3: Scrimp on accommodation (I'm asleep). Splurge on food (sometimes - if street food good, I eat that) & experiences. #lpchat@lonelyplanet A1: Scuba diving in the Philippines is great value. #lpchat@lonelyplanet A1: India is amazing value for independent travellers, particularly for food and train travel. #lpchat@thatgeordiegirl They couldn't get the analogue clocks in Vauxhall bus station to stay in sync. Solution? They removed all the hands.@thatgeordiegirl Harsh. I used to live in Nine Elms, and don't approve of many of the sweeping changes planned. But bus station is rubbish.Why would anyone want to save Vauxhall bus station? It's ugly, not weather proof and traffic flow round it is absurd. http://t.co/Whlpql3tCYBig Brother Is Watching You Touch Yourself: http://t.co/PeMdE6or59
Retweeted by John OatesTonight is the reopening of the evening Agriturismo style menu and live music... and what a night we have... http://t.co/NoAns6w5Q8
Retweeted by John Oates@Frizzanteltd Looking forward to it! Thanks.@radionoush @Rykalski I know, I was hoping for a bit more in the way of interviews. Looks like I'm stuck with Evan et al.@radionoush Shame there's no @ResonanceFM breakfast show...@radionoush @Rykalski I'll try. Maybe it was timing of being in/out of room, but I basically heard just music and round-up of front pages.@radionoush @Rykalski Hmm… That's what I suspected, really, but I thought I may have missed another option. Back to R4 it is.@Frizzanteltd Wanted to check you saw my tweet, as it was late yesterday. Would like a table for two for tonight. What time is music?U Nu also played the Buddhist nationalist card to win support & look how that turned out. More conflict and a coup. http://t.co/pqMZe0dshg
Retweeted by John OatesBurma president backs law that would ban marriage between Muslim men and Buddhist women http://t.co/kSf8NIozhr
Retweeted by John Oates@radionoush @Rykalski Well I tried Radio 3 and wasn't keen. I need more of a news fix in the morning. Any other suggestions?@Frizzanteltd Yes please, a table for two would be great. What time does the music start?
There are only a couple of days left of our 50% discount on South America titles inc our new Trekking in Peru title. Use the code FEB50.
Retweeted by John OatesI need a Hong Kong expert. Good dosh too. Any takers?
Retweeted by John OatesWorking holidays, why they're on the rise and why people do them - http://t.co/h8DcSqsRjC . By me for @NatGeoTraveller.
Retweeted by John OatesFinally watching House of Cards, and my god the product placement for Sony Vita in S01E04 was painful."Visitors can buy a half-loaf of white bread to feed the overweight bears and a can of soda for them to wash it down" http://t.co/lrQwx6mrXn@Rykalski Out of the frying pan, then. @radionoush@Rykalski A friend who works in radio said, ages ago, that I should try R5. But the thought of all that sport is off-putting. @radionoush@Rykalski How did it compare? @radionoush@radionoush @Rykalski Getting sick of waking up to bumbling interviews and right wing bias on #r4today. Think I'll look for an alternative.Truly nasty agenda to #r4today interview with @jowellt. Fixated on supposed 70s attitudes, to insinuate Harman guilty by association. Foul.
They don't make websites like this any more. http://t.co/msVIfRR0OZThis book on Yangon's heritage buildings is essential if you're going to the city. Costs approx $18 within Myanmar. http://t.co/bA1ei8zTQx@Frizzanteltd I can't see info about time, price or menu for Agriturismo (only the music). Can you point me in the right direction?
@Adv_Island I couldn't find info about individual ride tickets (other than http://t.co/hG0pogiVLZ) on the site. What is URL?@MarkFarmaner Thanks.@BritInSlovakia Turns out you need to buy 'ride band' at @adv_island. You can't pay as you go for main rides. So you were safe anyway.@mrdavidwhitley I'm sure they've always wanted a quote for hiking prices around Inle Lake, Myanmar.Someone trying to email me found that message kept bouncing. They'd accidentally typed the 'uk' in '.co.uk' as 'ck'. #freudianslip@MarkFarmaner Does Burma Campaign UK have an official stance on tourism in Rakhine (Ngapali, Sittwe, Mrauk U)?
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