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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

New York Times Best Selling Author/Social Strategist. Fellow at the Athena Center on Leadership at Barnard. Advocate for Women & Girls:The U.N. Girl Up Campaign

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Now that it’s conquered recruiters, LinkedIn is going after salespeople http://t.co/jI0fel7y3wIt's time to put a woman on the $20 http://t.co/9m3iQ1S4vBDads have tripled the amount of time they spend with kids since 1965 #good #family #data http://t.co/DBv8MAcjTXHow many of Twitter’s active users are actually human? http://t.co/JylIlsxEuxAnyone surprised that #Philly is now considered a more progressive brand than #NYC? @BAVConsulting 2004 vs. 2014 http://t.co/GRVouAasDA
Retweeted by John Gerzema#MGMTtip: MT @johngerzema Learning from failure is important, but there'd be less failing if we admit what we don't know in the first place.
Retweeted by John GerzemaWhy we should believe the dreamers — and not the experts http://t.co/iZa5d0dr7UThe young women of @girlup are fighting for the rights of 600 million girls in the developing world: http://t.co/rglOtGDlt2
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Best Of Peter Drucker (aka Christmas in July) http://t.co/SUEiiyPzdBHow to Tell a Great Story http://t.co/lbHTaBBVOiThe Psychology of Organizational Change http://t.co/B6NYwsTpEiWearable technology hasn't taken off in the way it was expected to – why not? http://t.co/aX0k6kD7be
Learning from failure is important, but there'd be less failing if we admit what we don't know in the first place. Be vulnerable #MGMTtip
It’s Business Time: Airbnb Targets Work Travelers With Concur Partnership http://t.co/lhFSwvymoA via @techcrunch@johngerzema when do you think we'll get to car keys?
Retweeted by John GerzemaThis huge corporation is tackling climate change—because it's a threat to the bottom line. http://t.co/7L2JJAeWCqSmartphones will work as Hilton hotel room keys in 2015 http://t.co/If137QqU7vWhy CEOs need a new breed of HR leader http://t.co/F9TYhvCfm8How To Build A Feminist Workplace http://t.co/uZFL3CRFFz
No Time to Think http://t.co/dyX3j80kIw18 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be http://t.co/6LV13457DgCan Reddit Grow Up?, via @nytimes http://t.co/V4dojb3y5f
At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time, via @nytimes http://t.co/4sQglocG3FHow Diversity Makes Tech A Stronger Industry http://t.co/ULGP4FXOfR via @psfkA decade of Yelp review trends http://t.co/A46lL2tWFcMiami Ad School Students Turn Apple’s AirDrop to CareDrop http://t.co/ZluA9r4HzIThis Sainsbury's Supermarket Is Powered Completely By Food Waste--Which It Has A Lot Of http://t.co/G40QW05puRIf you still write checks, you're an endangered species http://t.co/Dd1tFDfuUV
Google's Next Moonshot: The Human Body. Co to collect data to create a full picture of what a healthy human being is http://t.co/YbD9vyE297In 1995 7% of urban Chinese families owned a refrigerator. By 2007, 95% owned one. http://t.co/nax0cG53c7
Site Matches Donors with People in Detroit Unable to Pay Their Water Bills http://t.co/qaU0sy1rO8How Becoming A Parent Made Me A Better Manager http://t.co/qRVittFDnSNike Vending Machine Makes Hard-Earned Sweat The Newest Currency/Accepts Fuel Band Points Only http://t.co/nWhSUDnHru4 Employee Engagement Secrets From Millennials http://t.co/p1UFr6vKtHHonored to Join The National Kidney Foundation Board of Directors http://t.co/6D6Wy43gqh @mysocialgood @NKF #health #wellness@johngerzema Marketing Guru and New York Times Bestselling Author Appointed to @nkf Board of Directors http://t.co/HFtdGQRuZq #kidneys
Retweeted by John GerzemaiPod-Connected Seniors Recharge Their Memories In "Alive Inside" Doc http://t.co/LqbXq0f1iyThe Millennial Approach to Marriage: Beta Test It First http://t.co/m0uDRM7Vr5Top 50 S&P 500 Companies’ 401(k)s http://t.co/Q35XyFrTKk
The Surprisingly Emotional Story Of The Man Who Invented The High Five http://t.co/NebPY7sY1CPixar: How to Create a Creative Culture http://t.co/fVdmcrnYH0Comic-Con Bans Google Glass During Screenings http://t.co/gyYSSIGQsk@johngerzema STEM is vital to our girls if we don't lead they can not follow #GirlsCan RT http://t.co/lLJss71AL5 lets do some good together
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Pace Picante Social Media Robot Has Gone Haywire (audio) http://t.co/LuJty2za6AWhat if Morgan Freeman read LeBron James' letter discussing his return to Cleveland? https://t.co/vUCBQkM5y5Burger King Is Run by Children http://t.co/Xpnh9nE0nzIf leaders rate own effectiveness men rate themselves higher than women. If others rate women seen as better than men http://t.co/Jn6BDoFk3UJon Stewart launches $10 billion 'Kickstarter' to buy CNN http://t.co/MOFGU4iTKmTwitter releases its diversity stats. And boy, are they embarrassing. http://t.co/1AAK6vRFBISmart Things in a Not-Smart World Gr8 piece by @alexismadrigal in The Atlantic http://t.co/uxVlZuQtyCAmerican TV shows might look more diverse, but their writers aren’t http://t.co/Xi1hj4fT8n via @qz
The Great Kale Shortage Is Upon Us http://t.co/BM1v4IJkgHPRI on the bizarre growth of 'war tourism' http://t.co/wNmFdLu5LnWhy powerful people believe they have more time at their disposal than subordinates http://t.co/EaAQmgYXZZHow Family Game Night Makes Kids Into Better Students - @jesslahey, The Atlantic http://t.co/dlgB4f0lelWhat the Internet Can See From Your Cat Pictures, via @nytimes http://t.co/hXXDGK1gQ8Why Ex-Employees Make Great Hires http://t.co/ihUiNqil0pYou Can Now Pay 99 Cents to Read 15,000 Marvel Comics Online http://t.co/BqyPx9a8caLouis CK Reveals an Important Lesson about Getting Things Done in the Office http://t.co/QxOA4uDrz7This Smog-Eating Laundry Detergent Turns Your Clothing Into Air Purifiers http://t.co/Wdf2u5HP2ZThank you @johngerzema for judging @fortyover40 women to watch! These women have such inspiring paths. http://t.co/6ridNpybb7 #fortyover40
Retweeted by John GerzemaDamned If We Do: How Women And Minorities Get Penalized For Promoting Diversity http://t.co/F6UCGuAkqH
No Cats Here: Introducing the least viral videos on the Internet http://t.co/XtOom9OPw0Welcome to LandLordia: The Lesson of the Airbnb Squatter: We're All Landlords Now http://t.co/q3RmIyWXEjThe Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect http://t.co/fxAjFXiDb9Cognitive Celebrity: How did Albert Einstein become the poster boy for genius? http://t.co/nIsMkHW2Ry via @aeonmagUrge your members of Congress to cosponsor the Girls Count Act @GirlUp #UnitedNationsFoundation #girlup https://t.co/RSp9LY7mzsFacebook doesn't want to be the new Amazon. It wants to be the new Vegas http://t.co/8AKmBoG9cFWe’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does http://t.co/eEWn3G1FjC
Jewish And Arab People Are Posing Together In Inspiring Photos Saying “We Refuse To Be Enemies” http://t.co/5P2yC1IS6d via @RossalynWarren@NYT looks at a series of studies and finds that the things many of us want don't necessarily lead to happiness. http://t.co/Rs8O5iMQxpIs There a Place for Google Glass in Hospitals? http://t.co/TrEWSjwRXoSixth-Grader's Science Fair Finding Shocks Ecologists http://t.co/BraVA1mjZuThe Annotated Guide To Banana Republic's "Startup Guy" Look http://t.co/vuUoH8KW9pDress Made Out Of 20,000 Loom Bands Sells For More Than $200,000 http://t.co/S9rfFsKVWq #GoodNews
Trust in Practice http://t.co/pxBzRWnKmA @CSRHub @JohnGerzema @CoreBrand @dscofield @BarbaraKimmel #trust
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe rise of data and the death of politics http://t.co/YoUcJigDjn
@johngerzema 26 new Young entrepreneurs from Hackney set the rules for great social enterprise #enterprise http://t.co/0aNQl1KkmV
Retweeted by John Gerzema
The average shoe size is up about two sizes since the 70s. http://t.co/j8yAhDpStEProfessional Bridesmaid Is Now Ready to Deal With Your Drama http://t.co/j4rsSjCRmj @aekulze @vocativ http://t.co/PKlJ3HYsQRHelp your local community leaders build trust. A free resource from Trust Across America. http://t.co/MtieFhWzjz #trust #leadership
Retweeted by John GerzemaHonored to be a Judge @fortyover40 Inspiring Women. Gr8 FastCo piece On How They've Become Better Leaders With Age http://t.co/nkfwJBDjG1
Congrats to @YRAsia's @MattGodfreyYR and @BAVConsulting's @johngerzema on their @WPP Atticus wins! http://t.co/vpoQDP8ejp
Retweeted by John GerzemaHow to improve online #reading & how it differs from print. Great pce by @MKonnikova via @JohnGerzema http://t.co/mdlHOXovg5 via @NewYorker
Retweeted by John GerzemaUnderstanding your ‘globalization penalty’ http://t.co/osPnYB3BREFollow a Real New York Taxi's Daily Slog - CityLab http://t.co/HxcBkBCQssSix Californias, One Super City-State - CityLab http://t.co/Y93FKMEdCfOn being a better online reader http://t.co/pKdKmqZWEC@CBSNews @SpiegelResearch The Future of Civil Rights Must Be Gender Equality by @MedillSchool IMC alum @johngerzema http://t.co/b7izSOKXwn
Retweeted by John GerzemaNext month @EphluxInsights will be interviewing @JohnGerzema @BAVConsulting on how to introduce constructive change that leads to equality.
Retweeted by John Gerzema"How Women Are Changing The Way We Market:" http://t.co/QqA1VJ6u1G @geristengel @forbeswoman
Google's helping street artists preserve their work forever — long after their canvases come down http://t.co/2bsc9KGWQqThe Brilliance of Louis C.K.'s Emails: He Writes Like a Politician - Adrienne LaFrance - The Atlantic http://t.co/KP3ORVkItRThe TSA’s Insane Instagram Feed: Airport inspectors have found cannonballs, eels and rocket launchers http://t.co/p1iiYxvN9kPark benches charge phones and offer local area information http://t.co/4e3CIfSSUOA ‘nationwide gentrification effect’ is segregating us by education http://t.co/gLAqk162cJ via @washingtonpostA New Take On Auto Insurance: Pay By The Mile http://t.co/uo7tiskRgQ
@celiapronto @FortyOver40 @Ford Congratulations!One of my fav #womenleader interviews to date: @FLBlue's VP of Product Dr. Elana Schrader: http://t.co/VMkIK4jnDA @carriekerpen @johngerzema
Retweeted by John GerzemaCadbury Vending Machine Dispenses Chocolate Based On Facebook Profiles http://t.co/myfFQ0IQLU
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