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Actor, Geek, Artistic Associate of Vampire Cowboys Theater Company. Puppet Captain of the North American Tour of WAR HORSE

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I could never top the time I was a puppy head & my sister was a coco cola can. Both handmade by my… http://t.co/cPHeVhSXY5
Greek-style Braised Chicken Thighs with Fingerling Potatoes (#BlueApron recipe no. 466) #homecookinghttp://t.co/U6t07yRxGF
#repost from nerfnation - I had a helluva fun time storming various media groups throughout nyc.… http://t.co/dpWSzhkyeeGoing around town Zombie attacking folks. #zombie #nerfnation #ZombieStrike http://t.co/hzkHYvHdmaA lot can happen in 6 years, wow. Cue: "we are young" by FUN 🎧🎶 http://t.co/CNNxIqXZ0D http://t.co/cwvCD7ERz5The Asian Trifecta. @beyondabsurdity @jimmyaquino & myself. http://t.co/xzeoG0LSeZ http://t.co/FZWCdBW4zu
Please check out my friend Schnitz's Haunted House documentary @HAUNTERS_Movie. Featuring animation by me & @saymoo: http://t.co/2CrfCIWg8I
Retweeted by Jon Hoche"But you're so good Jell-O shots" "That's because I love snacks" #RealQuotes #ThatJustHappenedHappy #NationalCatDay ichadmonkey 😘🐱 http://t.co/Wb3oIcOYGl
"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" - Vincent Van Gogh #Greatnesshttp://t.co/BNiWUfu1sVPumpkin Chai?!?! WFT?!? (at @ArgoTea in New York, NY) https://t.co/1BsaNMweJRBefore you give up, think about why you held on for so long.
Retweeted by Jon Hoche.@SleepyHollowFOX celebrated Halloween last night by introducing a bloodthirsty Wendigo: http://t.co/tvlE4oY9TQ http://t.co/I1rqKXMk8e
Retweeted by Jon HocheSometimes you have to die a little on the inside first in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger, smarter version of yourself.
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I have no words for this amount of #cuteness. - #Barrel of #Puppies http://t.co/imYcTSQ6Ea@DiColaOfficial awesome soundtrack to #AngryBirdsTransformers is underscoring my day. #NoJoke #ItsAwesomeDamn I liked this show 😥 - 'Manhattan Love Story' canceled: First axed fall show http://t.co/eVNFlvl3m6 via @EWGreat relationships aren't built in a day - great relationships are built daily.
Retweeted by Jon Hoche110 years ago, the first New York City Subway line opened. (via @timehop) http://t.co/pXIaGB07ys
#JohnWick was awesome. Goddamn it was awesome. #GunFuI'm at AMC Clifton Commons 16 - @amctheatres for John Wick: The IMAX Experience in Clifton, NJ https://t.co/0BVhGWJbWZ11 Sad Facts That Will Ruin SeaWorld For You ---> http://t.co/UZrj0PUyDm http://t.co/tOdcPA60tW
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@natalimorris keep a travel bottle in your purse(?).@Memoradocom I am INFJ on the #memorado personality type test! And you? #braingames #braintraining https://t.co/zFKkAs6ctd
Im really enjoying @terrycrews as the host of @MillionaireTV@michaelpaco probably write the most amazing screenplay for you and I to star in.We sent out 33,000 free copies of Rachel Rising #1 for tomorrows Comicfest Halloween day. 33,000 FREE copies! Don't say you can't find it!
Retweeted by Jon Hoche@michaelpaco - KFC unveiled a burger that comes sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken http://t.co/ertHSJCsAd http://t.co/vbSj6WYLx0
Why you shouldn't freak out about Ebola in NYC: http://t.co/58EpFyZREP http://t.co/e7rE37zKZb
Retweeted by Jon HocheNew Car Charger. Gotta be careful if I get up to 88 mph. - #FluxCapacitor #BackToTheFuture http://t.co/9kq48p4zkzYour head/heart space is high-value property. You decide who resides there. Make sure you evict those… http://t.co/Y6PBz8Aimv
Retweeted by Jon HochePresenting our list of the 25 best horror movies since 'The Shining' http://t.co/rcGQthWtr8 http://t.co/j92d135VkT
Retweeted by Jon Hoche@caraannmoretto I wish it was Happy Molé Day.Im gonna say, 45, 46....#AgeofUltron #AvengersAgeOfUltron
Retweeted by Jon Hoche#Tbt - seeing #ParanormalActivity 4 in theaters. #ThrowBackThursday #scary #movie @ Boston Massachusets http://t.co/GjuqSDvEmfI've watched it a million times and it never gets old. #EvilDead2 #Groovy #BruceCampbell #Horror #Classic http://t.co/pknkR1RNTKThe day has been as followed: Fright Night, Re-Animator, v/h/s, Mimic,Contracted,Bad Milo! Evil Dead 2 #Halloween #horror #movie #marathon
Wow, a Cheetos Diet Coke Frappuccino sounds.......TERRIBLE!!!! #Starbucks http://t.co/ydsRRhFJtTRainy Day #Horror #Movie Marathon needs fuel. So I made a #chocolate marble #cake. - #Halloween http://t.co/DfAitpAfOD@Madletters I know right!? #SexyVampireToday's #Halloween viewing is #FrightNight (1985) & #ReAnimator - #Horror #MoviesTonight #WarHorse opens in South Africa @Monte_teatro. Good luck to all the cast and crew of @WarHorseSA http://t.co/VthHaNgCPz
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"Hand to God" will bring its sock puppet act to #Broadway (Photo: Sara Krulwich/NYT) http://t.co/k6sufpVMuL http://t.co/3IN7F8R2Gq
Retweeted by Jon HocheVideo: @SteveBoyer5000 and the puppet Tyrone in a scene from "Hand to God" #InPerformance http://t.co/Rtm1YSjnqB http://t.co/0bP2cH96Sl
Retweeted by Jon HocheTotally disagree with most of the "Worst" picks. “@EW: The 22 best (and 9 worst) Disney animated films: http://t.co/zxO5ABnCThCatching up with @robbiethegeek #Wine #Friends #Therapy @ Bar Veloce http://t.co/czNHEtKTBJThe city's newest foodie destination: What about Staten Island's Snug Harbor? http://t.co/PubJJyfV3S http://t.co/U1bX2vrpYY
Retweeted by Jon HocheThere is no "one-size-fits-all" advice for dating and relationships. Every experience is different.… http://t.co/jJMGVorFmy
Retweeted by Jon HocheI found 267 people do not follow me back via http://t.co/btYPTBgfq1
@vikibarclay - "If the oil runs out there will be no more #Legos" #WordsofWisdom #SadFace #quotes
Guillermo del Toro is already making plans for 'Pacific Rim 3': http://t.co/0qpQqHYvxh
Retweeted by Jon HocheJust saw this and my mind is blown. #Disney #ChipandDale #RescueRangers #HarrisonFord #IndianaJoneshttp://t.co/Sz1fTjcjHl@RayCarsillo I haven't decided which system to go with. I can only afford one so I like hearing from people who own both.@RayCarsillo do you prefer the PS4 or Xbox One?
Still harvesting from my parents' garden. They tell me to "Watch out, these peppers are hot!" #Jerseyhttp://t.co/MRilcQvhNs@RayCarsillo nice work dude. I'm so curious about the voice over world.#Lootcrate is pretty awesome. Check it out 😃 ---> http://t.co/k2TvCG2PUu#Tbt - Having dinner in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and seeing this drive by. #StarWars #tourlifehttp://t.co/QdZ6Il4DfQThe "Hot Mess" http://t.co/iwD60Gsc1D http://t.co/rbvBXJiy8g
my parents' b/c i am an adult baby* #myhbogopassword *I pay for my HuluPlus tho, so, #progress
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I would watch a network entirely dedicated to the preparation of ramen 24/7/365/hXc/4lyfe
Retweeted by Jon HocheBest Universal Studios #Movie #Monster - The Creature From the Black Lagoon. http://t.co/ksW8cLpNVn7 Pieces Of Advice For Young Performers From Broadway’s Jessie Mueller http://t.co/ltHh8VeA43 via @flahertykeely
Is there a "Sexy" division of S.H.I.E.L.D ? - headed back to #NYCC today. #Marvel #Comics #AgentsofShield http://t.co/JstrVnAlidI was wondering if this would happen - “@Variety: #Archer dropped its ISIS spy agency name http://t.co/CQwHUSYwaY http://t.co/rv2zq6azKqMore #beverages I tried while in #Japan - #latergram (the #Samuride #EnergyDrink is amazing, btw) http://t.co/7ulPP85oX1These are but a fraction of the many #beverages I tried while in #Japan - #latergram http://t.co/v52w8cmIFD15 Things You Might Not Know About New York — http://t.co/fiKnguaEIT http://t.co/1IlzHF2eDJ
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It's the kind of night where you wear your Batman Onesie and watch a scary movie.... http://t.co/8ffvYTPN1EI'm at The Rock Health & Fitness Club in Astoria, NY https://t.co/96VKheTfBA
I'm at New York Comic Con - @ny_comic_con in NY https://t.co/2nOZA4S3bx
I've had the pleasure of collaborating with @babsdraws and she's amazing. Be sure to buy the issue of #BATGIRL out today and show her love!@RapaportCasting kudos to you for putting together 2 of the best ensemble casts on TV - #Arrow #TheFlashFive years ago yesterday, my life completely changed. http://t.co/a8aewrl2v5 #chaddeity #theheavylifting
Retweeted by Jon Hochelooking at a total eclipse of the moon #japan #moon #eclipse #Hipstamatic #Oggl http://t.co/ciCXconjdU
Retweeted by Jon HocheDon't remember how I made it to my bed last night and woke up heart pounding and volcanically hot #BloodMoon #IMustBeAWereWolfIt's amazing how your body can change in a year. I've been in a major slump mentally, emotionally &… http://t.co/mKdn869FJe
Glad to help out with the Gala for "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" #Bwayhttp://t.co/5LDtPTfTdwNo shit, Sherlocks. http://t.co/RVbchIMGPI
Retweeted by Jon HocheNEVER go up to a performer and ask what their "real job" is, you garbage weasel.
Retweeted by Jon HocheThis will be the first #NYCC I'll be able to attend in 3 years and it's just what I need right now. Is… http://t.co/NqSvsCtKoSSupport monstrously good artwork from a fiendishly good friend of mine! http://t.co/NzFkuea9Bn
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"Hey, I got #Willow on DVD." - "Yeah, me too." #Roommate #LevelUP http://t.co/F0b2uw6HmLOn the upside, being home alone means guilt-free farting. The universe always finds a balance.
Retweeted by Jon HocheFond memories from sound check while on tour. (Now with enhanced audio, ha ha) #tourlife #latergramhttp://t.co/FWoxAHu3PB
Staring contest. Who will win? http://t.co/ubLjpe6nj7Catching up on #WWE & #NXT with @robbiethegeek. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I… http://t.co/io94f68F98Yeah this rain matches my mood.This is the first weekend in America with no Saturday Morning Cartoons: http://t.co/Kuz0pGX7Bk http://t.co/qQVk78KKnh
Retweeted by Jon HocheJoin us for an in-depth cultural analysis of Asian male TV characters getting some action: http://t.co/zxOu84wqtp http://t.co/vyCHyKDr5v
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.@pizzahut Has Introduced A BOOK IT Alumni Program For Adults http://t.co/PTNJtAb7dz #BOOKIT #pizza http://t.co/qXECa4cdvR
Retweeted by Jon Hoche@jimmyaquino dude check out the "RELAX + " app it was my saving grace while on planes and on the road totally worth the $$#FollowFriday - @AMYoungster @MichelleAkin @CreateTheLove cause they help people and that's great. 👍❤️👍 #FFHey, NYC! There are three days alternate-side parking is suspended in NYC http://t.co/Riah1YZBUc
Retweeted by Jon Hoche@stratosmacca HOLY CRAP!!!!Master creature-features @actordougjones guests on the premiere of #TerrorTwinsPresent! http://t.co/hUsOzW5z10 http://t.co/rfJ23n1igM
Retweeted by Jon Hoche@PrincessMarquet yeah pretty much, just quickly scroll my instagram feed, but i don't feel like contributing too much there.
@PrincessMarquet no, I'm doing a FB cleanse for a while, posting on twitter, and scrolling through InstagramThank you @createthelove for posting this and Thank you amyoungster for sharing it with me. http://t.co/nGOcuTXRfJ@Madletters @bybowes @BastardKeith @michaelpaco my qualification is thinking "this movies AWESOME, why does the world not see that?!"
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