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Software Engineer in NJ and sometimes NY, @fitocracy, helplessly hopeful individual. Specializing in iOS Development.

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What a fantastic scene at the end of Deep Breath. New TARDIS looks awesome too. Diggin’ that old man leather chair. I want one!
My favorite part of that image is how they’re subtly and unknowingly highlighting their own psychopathy.LOL. I'm not a game journalist and I'm not employed by Paste but I'm just so glad I get to be next to @samusclone <3! http://t.co/iQ6xibb7Yv
Retweeted by jpThat glorious feeling of finally fixing a bug you’ve been wanting to get to for the last six months.Sad. She’s one of my favorite tech journalists; I’ve been following her work for years. Outstanding person and writer.@ejacqui You are definitely the good of the internet, Jacqui.
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@schwa @justin ya, you can. And setValue:forKey: is probably prettier than the performSelector stuff in the post, too. Still pretty cool tho@sturmen I just put in my vacation for next week don’t tempt meFrom personal exp., NJ cops are very aggressive. Not surprised. I’ve been harassed for sitting on the curb of a sidewalk in broad daylight.Horrifying. Cops on camera yelling “Stop trying to take my gun” to a man with his hands up, hoping we don’t notice. http://t.co/4AD8ZwOszg
Retweeted by jp@sturmen haha valid, $200 can get you there in an hour by plane though@sturmen ya I meant in a full-time context. For a co-op paying rent is pretty awesome though. Take the saved money down to Vegas :P@sturmen gotcha. I’ve yet to work at a big company as big as Intuit but I suspect I’d prefer it just because of compensation and benefits.@sturmen resumé builder then?@sturmen @Intuit Ohh, very cool! They have you working on anything fun?@sturmen Nevada? O_oSitting here entirely out of Amaretto and not knowing what to do about it. It’s a rough life.@_Jordan very jealous. my Starbucks only just put up the “coming soon” sign.
Minus 1 point for using the word “finna”, though. Rappers, stahp, it’s a terrible word. It never sounds good!Chuck Inglish’s Convertibles is my new favorite “fun” album of the year. Lighthearted, awesome production, and has some great features.Tried to optimize start up time on a 4S running iOS 7. Returned immediately in didFinishLaunching. Took just as long. Oh well, I guess.@jc4p I’m less rustled than you thoBeautifully silent. Carefree. #nocomputers http://t.co/2FmlefcUFK
Speaking of ‘iOS First’: http://t.co/4PcuA396mr
Retweeted by jpOh how I’ve missed you, Stumptown.Hmm RT @DavidDTSS: The 3rd graf from the NYT article on Mike Brown, & 3rd graf from their article on Boston bomber. http://t.co/TgesznxHIp
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Stepmom about baby sister: “She loves this song!” Meanwhile, the Criminal Minds theme song plays in the background.
@mimi_sf I’ve been stuck at my current max for like a year haha@mimi_sf ‘grats! OHP is my least favorite lift so hard to make gainz@jc4p I have nothing to say about the rest of the app tho@jc4p pls have you seen the fito ftue/tracking interface post 2.3, me and Jared did fucking work@jc4p but let’s be honest I’m just mad I managed to snapchat myself like an idiot@jc4p that doesn’t mean their app makes any fucking sense though@jc4p snapchat duh@jc4p selfie overloadIt’s basically the M.C. Escher of app designsIt makes me feel like I can’t possibly be an iOS developer because there’s no way I’d be this fucking lost every time I open itI bet the same people who complain about Fitocracy’s iOS app being too confusing think that Snapshat’s iOS app makes any kind of sense.@MagicRecs what in the hell is a bart?Godfather. http://t.co/TU5uSoGJGnHoly crap my Verizon subscription includes BBC America a.k.a. YESSSA rap music blog except set 20 years in the past. I want to make this happen.If everyone could get an iPhone so I could respond to all texts with animated gifs instead of just most texts that’d be great
P.S. It looks like Swift stores exceptions in the $rax register on 64-bit OS X in case anyone else was flipping keyboards trying find itWhat’s the level of crazy for wanting to build a preprocessor with a macro system on top of Swift? 9/10?Just sitting here wishing Swift had a keyPath -> String keyword that was a compile error if the argument wasn’t a valid, in-scope identifierKinda cool way of interfacing with Core Data in Swift: https://t.co/OIECEuAUoL@engers yup, i regret watching it
Seriously, though, what stable human being is so readily willing to take another life?That Powell shooting video is just awful. What was that, like eight bullets? To subdue someone with a knife? HE WAS ON THE GROUND ALREADY.
MAN, this clickhole piece is vicious. http://t.co/oLbgfAkXZP
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The saddest graph: % of workers who took a week-long vacation in the last year. http://t.co/L6xlR3jILS http://t.co/XDGwiu7XSS
Retweeted by jp@jc4p is this a Disney joke that I don’t getWoke up without a voice 😶 pretty sure that’s my body telling me to finally take that vacation
Used UberX with my suburban friends. “Holy shit. That’s it? That’s amazing.”@joshriker retaliate with a supertweet
@jc4p but I remember now! I walked into a bar where there was a bachelorette party except all the girls were in costume and looked underage!@jc4p though I don’t remember tweeting that and I’m in a sad mood so /shrug@jc4p I LOVE that account.What even is going on here.
Playing hooky @ The Beach BarThe only thing I can think about when I'm drinking my first cup of coffee is where I'm going to get my second cup of coffee
Retweeted by jp@Shoe_Mom crashing where? You can email me more info! julius@fitocracy.com@engers I already own Card Wars, might as well add it to the collection
@ramimassoud I didn’t want to fav that… But I had toI am comically bad at email@jc4p i fav’d that twice@jc4p u looking for a job m8@GeekOnCoffee ya, our system doesn’t work that well with exercises done for time, but this is something we plan to work on in the future!Oh hey, look, a fancy new Fitocracy update with set-by-set routine tracking just went live! #shipit http://t.co/zaOPLJ8aYcI know I've been doing a lot of RTs recently, but none of what's happening in Ferguson really needs my commentary.
Retweeted by jpIn case you're keeping track, #Ferguson PD has now: - Blocked aerial coverage; - Refused to release name of officer; - Arrested reporters.
Retweeted by jp@joshriker oh delayed hi josh@joshriker was that you in the car at Quick Chek I couldn’t tell without my glasses so I didn’t say anything
it’s been a very challenging year
Retweeted by jp@20Peaks48Hours @fitocracy should be all well now! Let me know if you have any other problems!@Shoe_Mom @fitocracy this should be fixed now! Please let me know if you’re still having issues :)@20Peaks48Hours @fitocracy we’re working on it right now, it’ll be fixed soon!@Shoe_Mom @fitocracy we are are aware and it will be fixed soon sorry about that!Myke Bogan’s new tape also came out. He’s got a lot of talent but was hoping for more than just the “smoke blunts err’day” rhetoric.Bridge and chorus are pretty meh though, I expected more from himSome ridiculously awesome word play in Joey Bada$$'s new track ♫ Big Dusty – Joey Bada$$ http://t.co/thqaogGb48 #NowPlaying
@sturmen definitely bothVodka goes great with disillusionment“Why Did Michael Brown Die in Ferguson?” http://t.co/2pJm7sgGrm http://t.co/lVxLgS48mB
@jc4p what can I say I like to move a lot@jc4p well tbh thank fucking god I don’t live in NYC right now
Suppose the next few months should be interesting.Helluva night
Free children's book idea: Waldo joins a Buddhist monestary to find himself 🙏
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Could listen to Beck instrumentals all day long@jc4p not even Corey man@jc4p random charges in BK“Sorry for the inconvenience” they said, about me finding a way home. Fuck Bank of America.They also cancelled my debit card and sent one via snail mail. Guess who’s on a train without a ticket home right now?Fucking fantastic night to have hundreds of dollars worth of unauthorized charges show up on your debit card.
How am I JUST NOW finding out about this play button in the Test Navigator for running single tests!? http://t.co/XB5dfwpBd0
Don’t think I’ll be moving from my couch until at least Friday. http://t.co/vLavkzhqwWBeen fighting xctool all damn morning. I’m ready for a vacation now, thankshttp://t.co/q05eqkcWv7 Fuck bash.
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