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2015 tho http://t.co/kRgaBvnDW2
Obama calling on only women for questions at today’s press conference. Really great. http://t.co/7dV8CfRgWw@jc4p *bows*@jc4p i hear they’re pretty unsafe these days@alexnaj i was so curious thanks man for letting me know
Those stupid things take a lot longer to put together than I anticipated when I started, considering how short each one is. Writing is hard.Using Pattern Matching on RunSwift: Learn - http://t.co/ZtEQ8fFc9V
@alexnaj @joshriker doapDo technical, non-founder people really work solely for equity? Let alone 3%? I would feel silly even asking someone that.@mimi_sf also app updates as of June 1st! That’s the real kickerMeanwhile, in Calendar.app: dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ if(arc4random_uniform(2) == 0) { while(true) { } } });Prepping for The Nogging ’14, my annual Christmas party. The amount of Egg Nog I plan to buy can only be described as absurd.@owhitener for a moment I was worried reading this and then I realized I’m good ‘cause I def when through that phase already at 19
@alexnaj hysterical though@alexnaj ur late broI recommend it specifically because it has saved my ass many times :)If you’re not an academic & you’re solving any sort of non-trivial problem with data, the answer is almost definitely in there somewhere.If you’re a programmer you’d do yourself good to pick up a copy of Skiena’s The Algorithm Design Manual (http://t.co/78JWTkDYgv)@joshgrenon @mimi_sf @brentsimmons the post is pretty dated btw, most of the issues with IB mentioned have long been resolved@ashfurrow absolutely, but I think it’s necessary. Historic & systematic inequality requires systematic approaches to diversity to be fixed@john_regner glad you like it, any other feature requests that would make it even better are always welcome!@ashfurrow I like the idea of a policy where each hire has to be a different gender or ethnicity than the lastDiversity in tech won’t be reached by hiring people just like us but with a different gender/race/etc. We need to change to welcome others.
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★ #Swift for Objective-C Developers: Adopting map() & reduce() http://t.co/TibMPQfjtS @jparishy | #swiftlang http://t.co/hkoB7hfCcS
Retweeted by jpIt’s sad that America got Gracepoint because Broadchurch is SO GOOD. Every episode is incredibly compelling.Broadchurch: The Wacky Adventures of Rory and The DoctorI posted another article, Adopting map() & reduce() in Swift, based on the Gists I posted a few days ago. http://t.co/5KxzpX7Vz1
@owhitener haha when I’m big enough to support a payroll you will be the first to know 😜1.MFMailComposeResult 2. MessageComposeResult (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Related — I’m currently reading reviews for filing cabinets on Amazon. So there’s that.Running my own business: 50% writing code, 50% paperwork and wondering where I put the paper work I did last week.
@alexnaj just be fat@alexnaj I usually am@alexnaj I fux with it
@_Jordan bizarre, there’s no way he made it through a normal FB interview writing code like that@_Jordan he’s not an intern or something?@alexnaj sorry do I know you@alexnaj no it was an example of using them with real data like if someone where making a social networking site or something@alexnaj wink wink nudge nudge@alexnaj User(name: “Alex”, likes: [ “Tacos” ])Writing up examples of every day uses for map() & reduce(). Surprised Xcode didn’t crash on me for this one. http://t.co/OnmyEug9yu@jc4p so accurate and so sad@jparishy huge props to male privilege for letting me fake it until I made it
Retweeted by jpI feel for her coming from a self-taught background myself. But the job fair story is disheartening b/c I know I wouldn’t have that problem.Here is your daily dose of frustration with tech: You Say You Want Diversity, But We Can’t Even Get Internships https://t.co/0LRLwz09YG@Spacekatgal @skattyadz option clicking the maximize button also works!This is all from Spotify’s Year in Music feature, btw: https://t.co/5edXt5CKK7 Mine was compiled from over 22 days worth of listening :OIt is rather funny that my top artist in 2014 was Fall Out Boy, though. But Save Rock and Roll was really good!Surprise, surprise. I have a diverse taste in music. http://t.co/JSdI01rHTkGawker’s sites have steadily increased in quality for a pretty long time, I’m looking forward to see where this takes them.A refreshing read, “Nick Denton’s Crisis Letter to Gawker” http://t.co/ul6y4o5FZRTransparent communication— all fun and games until it’s difficult
@maxgoedjen well none of these views are designable, but it still kicks off a build. I suppose that might be a bug@maxgoedjen ohh makes sense. Is there an easy way to make it stop?@jparishy for rendering IBDesignable views.
Retweeted by jpXcode has started building the project every time I open a .xib file… I’d love to hear the explanation for that one.@engers haha ya it does feel better knowing that at least I’m not aloneI have an unreasonable fear of spelling someone’s name wrong in an email — I probably reread just their name a dozen timesa fantastic article about the disaster that is "unlimited vacation policy" - http://t.co/lOAXy9TTim
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“We’re a little racist so we’re looking for someone just like us so we don’t feel even slightly uncomfortable. Oh BTW we’re an EOE!”It’s been beaten into our heads until it sounded normal but it is literally the anthesis to diversity.You ever just wake up and realize the phrase “culture fit” is in itself absolutely ridiculous?
@SpotifyCares Hi Spotify! Mac app still crashes on launch — any updates on this?Love this video of @draplin riffing on a logo concept. From hand-drawn sketches to digital. http://t.co/bydWO37WNX
Retweeted by jpToday on Reddit. http://t.co/qpGwOQn6G2Had the most ridiculous todo list today. Completed it all. Celebrating with the always wonderful @BulleitUSAMore newness on http://t.co/XJfmp7vDxm. More coming towards the end of the week. — Using Enums: http://t.co/kCef5NMTeG
Xcode http://t.co/RDmmYfuql3"Parable of the Polygons" by @vihartvihart and @ncasenmare is a fantastic visual explanation of a challenging issue. http://t.co/PZaINjb80S
Retweeted by jp@alexnaj “boo boo”@engers @jc4p @libbylyon who r u people@steipete this is really great, nice work!@SCasey536 @SpotifyCares yes, clearing the cache and then reinstalling doesn’t help, it’s still crashing. had to resort to the web player@SpotifyCares @SCasey536 FWIW I’m having the same issue and have done this, it doesn’t help
@alexnaj yepIn other news, family Christmas parties are weirdTIL my 16 year old brother has an amateur modeling “agency” on Instagram http://t.co/lPm9XqHlHL
Pushed some styling updates to http://t.co/XJfmp7vDxm and made compilation automatic. Going to update the lessons next.@joshriker welp sorry for ur lots@joshriker at 7am tho?Black Mirror is seriously the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen. Can’t stop watching though.
@jc4p sameSwift Optionals for the Objective-C Developer http://t.co/9fP5g7HlmV #iosdev #swiftlang @jparishy
Retweeted by jpRelated: When Apple was designing Segues did no one speak up and say “hey wait a min this def going to lead to all sorts of spaghetti!”That feel when you find: // TODO this is a dirty rotten hack to meet a deadline!! in a codebase.Wanted to know my most common uses of map & reduce. Turns out it’s adding up numbers and combining booleans. Ex. https://t.co/t55RuEdm1kVariable Types in Swift for Objective-C Developers http://t.co/gDcvddc0m9Okay okay Black Mirror actually got a lot better in Episode 3. That hit pretty hard.“Let’s see what happens on social media when someone blackmails the PM of the UK into having sex with a pig” This is actually the plot.Opening to Black Mirror… watNew coworking space is sweet. Almost forgot what people looked like for a second there.
It’s generally about advocating the use of protocols, generics, and enums in Swift to increase abstraction and write safer codeWork in progress draft of my next tidbit on Swift: Variable types in Swift for Objective-C Developers https://t.co/EkwfGio0Ib@Javi @_Jordan @pbur @drewmccormack @optshiftk seconded. @weakify is part of EXTScope: https://t.co/ykwp85fiNH@sturmen I may not have had the greatest time in my short stint at NEU, but I’m glad I learned Scheme!@sturmen yup, pragmatism trumps all but you should think long and hard about why a function doesn’t return a value before doing soI suspect this is why we find it so hard to get into purely functional programming languages — they force you to think before you code.When you force yourself to write functions that must return a value you will catch flaws in your architectural design & logic earlier.How to make yourself a better programmer with just one easy step: 1. Write pure functions@jc4p I think you might enjoy this as much as I do http://t.co/ydjdFnlzTj
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