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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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Men of America, whatever your orientation, take Miz Cracker's advice on Hallowqueen drag: http://t.co/twaqKxlYVGOoh, Season 3 of Scott & Bailey has arrived on Hulu. (If you like Happy Valley ...)@TaraAriano LA bedhead.
@ryanoneil @elgray @TVMoJoe my punctuation game is usually tighter.@ryanoneil @elgray @TVMoJoe Wait, I had the arrows going the wrong way! HE > Benched > Marry Me!@elgray @TVMoJoe Marry Me > Benched > Happy EndingsA lovely piece about the history hidden in Transparent's opening credits: http://t.co/kD441VwAgeA fascinating look at Walmart's entry into the health care business, by @alisongriswold: http://t.co/0ndW6gIEaO@TVMoJoe Give that man a contract! (As they used to say when a fan caught a foul ball at the old Baltimore ballpark.)@rebeccaonion You're the first. Ta!
Between Survivor's Remorse and Black-ish, I'm worrying about the secondary market for Hot Wheels tracks.@willapaskin Drop the Dead Donkey, I tell you. (It's the fall equivalent of the West Lothian Question.)Beware the gay gremlins: http://t.co/ZsGVkQM0KN@readinginak Ta!@katelinnea Ta!My pal Susan texted to remind me that today is the 17th anniversary of my becoming a U.S. citizen. #citizenversary@emilynussbaum @Jesselansner @dandrezner Ditto. I found Episode 2 v. snoozy. Like a MFA-product literary novel with no action--'cept ACTION.@emilynussbaum @dandrezner He did indeed. And never shuts up about it. F-i-L is an awesome asshole character.@dandrezner @emilynussbaum Yes! In his version, it's $12 and he tries to give her $20, which she refuses.@emilynussbaum @dandrezner He definitely wants to impress, but isn't having a rich f-i-l different from having a rich wife?@dandrezner @emilynussbaum It was $40. What kind of public school teacher with four kids throws down $40 on jam? (And CHUTNEY.)@emilynussbaum Whereas from my point of view (GEDDIT!), the real monster is the weirdo who goes to a jam stand and orders "one of each."
@jfuentes Right? It reminded me of Drop the Dead Donkey, a long-ago UK sitcom that added topical jokes the day it was broadcast.@vsjacobsen Now I'm mourning the untimely demise of TW one more time.@Jesselansner Big compliment!BTW, Charmonique's son on Selfie is to 2014 what Trophy Wife's Bert Harrison was to 2013.Whoa, Selfie's Renee Zellweger joke was positively Drop the Dead Donkey-esque: http://t.co/jfxmZyorjP@daibyday Truth!@ParraV Also, I don't approve of this Canada-bating.@ParraV PS I was just watching Madam Secretary. It is unworthy of the West Wing mantle. @ParraV would never show up in it.@ParraV WANTTOBEDONE!@ParraV Good. Just finished a big piece. Just the first draft, but still ...@ParraV That somehow makes me happy. (Not the rain, the sameness.)@ParraV It really is one of my favorite shows. How's DC?@sepinwall I would, but I'm allergic to Rick Mercer.I miss Rookie Blue and Motive.If THE BRIDGE had started with the vibrancy and loony originality of S2 there's no question it'd still be running.
Retweeted by June ThomasIf there's ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift's name to move records, this should dispel it: http://t.co/G8EYMJcKfO
Retweeted by June Thomas@iambMEntel Absolutely. It's strong-arming consumers based on their ownership of both stores/pharmacies and benefits plans.Very sneaky, CVS, very sneaky: http://t.co/0Vsgu03aEY@katelinnea It's kind of spooky how much they're making Hathaway be like Morse. He hasn't started crosswords and opera yet, but ...@katelinnea Oh, thanks for that.RT @Coops_tv: RT @KatieWeasel: Great product placement @digitalspy http://t.co/W4fLa5FCWG || Yikes!
@katelinnea Morse is on Netflix. (I just realized that Lewis isn't, though.)@katelinnea PS Do you think Frasier and Niles Crane are related, too? They have the same accent!@katelinnea Ooh, we've been doing a rewatch, starting with Morse. I might suggest an episode out of order to watch that one.@katelinnea Wait. When?If you're a butcher shop in #Gotham and your slogan isn't "Got ham?," you're bad at your job.
Retweeted by June Thomas@HitFixDaniel @TVandDinners Go, Lancer!@katelinnea That's the Kate Linnea-est tweet Kate Linnea has ever tweeted.
@LauInLA More "WHAAA?"s than Scandal!I had a dream last night that predicted Phase 2 of Jake Peralta's misadventures on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For realsio, y'all.@marymacTV I think of it as a Sharknado hood.@Memles @Clairetastic MAKE IT SO!@marymacTV Very LA! (And a little Seattle.)@Clairetastic Awesome and awkward: World's best combo.@Clairetastic Why is there never dancing at TCA? (Oh, yeah, working not werking.)
@jamaicandale Ditto. She could be played by a log marked with the words "plot device that keeps Icky and Abbie from doing it."Keanu ,Rossi y Pedro. http://t.co/PDWnhkj5SX
Retweeted by June ThomasAn author. Book bloggers. Catfishing: http://t.co/2gapORIi6f@willapaskin For fraternal girl-boy twins: Rubella and Impetigo.@HESherman @92Y I know! I have an out-of-town visitor, unfortunately. It should be amazing.Amazing thing on Radio 4 right now: Under Milk Wood with @MatthewRhys, Welsh actors, + Richard Burton (mixed in): http://t.co/IXF9W59g3L@Tom_Shone How fabulous.
Odd to hear the material Hannah reads in S1 E9 of Girls after reading Lena Dunham's book. #Igor@danieltwalters Porn and ... I guess that's it.@danieltwalters I was also mad at lack of rubbers for Nicholson/Keating in Something's Gotta Give. Should still be safe post-procreation.@danieltwalters You're right, of course.Would it have killed the #HTGAWM director to include a flash of condom in the hot sex in the office scene? #SneakySexShouldBeSafeSex@rabiasquared Ooh, thanks for that.@lilyhnewman @thekibosch I have never in my life won a test of strength (or any other sporting competition).@thekibosch @lilyhnewman My other arm would be rooting around Lily's stack stash looking for gummy sharks.@lilyhnewman @thekibosch I didn't know the technical term, but, yes, hood seems right. #HoodWithAFinAs is so often the case, @willapaskin is right, this time about TV rom-coms: http://t.co/mgRZ4HxV16@sayseal Elle a besoin de huevos rancheros.A definitive ranking of Birdmen, by @ForrestW and @EllieSkrzat: http://t.co/dMSgudQuKe http://t.co/ng5TJq1k5X
@LauInLA I'm very traditional. Lemon all the way. (And ta!)@LauInLA @HitFixDaniel Always! I go through them like Frazzles and Galaxy Caramels!@LauInLA @HitFixDaniel Now all I order from England are Lemsips. #Sad #Old #Flu-y@HitFixDaniel @LauInLA I think Dan would enjoy a Curly Wurly washed down with Irn-Bru. (Made frae girders.)@guan Yes, because I still don't know where the beret goes.@S_Insley_H If they'd called it that, like a normal person, I'd've gotten it right away.@AlyssaRosenberg I might have to get Starz for the last two they didn't send.I just won a prize for being the millionth person to Google "Eiffel Tower, no the dirty one." #Scandal@ghweldon You made me think of the SVU where Sutton Foster played second banana to Kathy Griffin. Now I will go to bed sad. #GayOffenses@ghweldon When L&O: Gay Offenses proceduralizes the case, the stinky residue on the bottom of Glin Weedon's shoes will send him to jail.@writerchica Not yet. Saving it for bedtime.@writerchica Nooooooo!The last two episodes of Franklin & Bash have been completely devoid of homo-erotic subtext. TV is broken.@MeredithBlake How amazing, fabulous, and wonderful!Forever is filming two streets over, so I guess the songwriters are right, Forever lasts longer than you think.They sure explain a lot of strange syndromes on Law & Order SVU: http://t.co/IWoFkQ5ynj@writerchica Temptress! (I'm trying to write something that doesn't want to be written.)
Tainted lard strikes again in Taiwan: http://t.co/onJVLXwYy2
Retweeted by June Thomas@Memles WHAT? At least Kelly Cuoco Sweeting agglutinated.@Memles Put points to Bailey Buntain for singing just a little off-key. Nicely done.@writerchica Yes!@midwestspitfire The Sentences were better than average, though.RIP, Elizabeth Pena. Hilarious, quick witted, intuitive, elegant, at times volcanically sexy. You were never not glad to see her.
Retweeted by June ThomasRIP Elizabeth Pena. The final scene of #IMarriedDora is a classic: https://t.co/0dvRhxx5xL
Retweeted by June Thomas
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