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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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Do marketers (and other creators of forms and surveys) really need to know your gender? http://t.co/1AyBeEvCJySome rare good news out of Uganda, though it's terribly convenient for President Museveni: http://t.co/ijMIgNvA2HGuess which state has the craziest anti-gay laws. Play along here: http://t.co/QMnvtmInco
@adam807 Carry on!@adam807 Though dishes cop is pretty good, too.@adam807 Theater queens are at their very best when livid.@MindyBe I haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but typically it's pretty straightforward dystopic future sci-fi. (Good show.)@aperren I kind of hated the early episodes, but a lot of the problems disappear in the second half. (Not v. satisfactorily, but ...)RT @browbeat: The problem with Bloomberg Businessweek's new cover: http://t.co/6KZ3SHONrr http://t.co/Wbjl9KEswE@soniasaraiya That sounds like the Rizzoli &Isles theme tune.@Higgins_J Unlike @stillsarita, I'm no expert, but it still seems better to me. I just wish people knew more about the system.Good for The Divide mentioning that people using ankle monitors have to pay $400/month for equipment. (See @stillsarita's great NYer piece.)Fascinating piece on why @cat_guthrie chose a double mastectomy: http://t.co/JVEtoV71Ld via @doublexmag@avlav9 @Slate And other Eastern Bloc countries, but I suspect that behavior would be caught in anti-doping checks.Hey, Portlandians, the Portland Mercury is looking for a new arts editor: http://t.co/lm4xWg3ryISex verification in women's sports is humiliating and unnecessary, says Marc Naimark: http://t.co/vegOddgzWd@katelinnea Happy birthday! I hope you got the Bertie Botts that sing to you (which I may have just made up from vague HP memories).
@trishbendix How do I favorite that x1,000?How to seem well-read; sage advice from @untitledproject: http://t.co/sWz6V6SD79@ari_perlow @willapaskin I'm horrified to see that Slate misused "acronym" in a correction here: http://t.co/ViosRsChz8@willapaskin Hmm, actually, WTF isn't an acronym. It's an initialism. So, I take that back.@willapaskin WTF?These two men have been together for 50 years. Now they want to get married in Ohio. (VIDEO): http://t.co/TZHAe7iOobGreat piece from @craftingmystyle on being a "black American" rather than African American: http://t.co/Ti79I2zmdsProvincetown: Why @junethomas would pawn an organ for the chance to spend the summer there. http://t.co/givDF9ocNQ via @slate @slateoutward
Retweeted by June ThomasDo we still need gay resorts like Provincetown? http://t.co/5rlWvXSqHs
Just how much does pop music love J names? Slate's @BenBlatt investigates: http://t.co/vKvntEaFjrHow much is a gentleman obliged to tip a racist cabdriver? @untitledproject in very fine form: http://t.co/vQtDzQw1xw@HarbordC Honestly, I think it helps mask any pickups--but I barely notice it. Now I want background music in real life.Good Lord, Robin Wright! http://t.co/MDkc2AERWA@SebastianNebel I would say so! Getting a haircut was the best thing that ever happened to her!@SebastianNebel My God, that woman!The latest Ask a Homo, on butch and femme, features both Scarlett from The Real L Word and my baby picture: http://t.co/eGCJzseqJoMeet @jrezaian, the Washington Post journalist imprisoned in Iran: http://t.co/KIkcoDnq1Z By his pal @rezamarashi I too know JR--lovely guy.
http://t.co/oiow3456an's "28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions” is great for the gays: http://t.co/alwsaY0lr8@Micah_Escobedo @mjs_DC @Cosmopolitan @SlateOutward @Slate Welcome to the world of processing and vacations with exes!The episode of The Rockford Files that inspired The Sopranos: http://t.co/pOBgy4X6jnHaida’s Story: A folktale from the new Haruki #Murakami novel, exclusively on @Slate: http://t.co/HAprVe2uh1
@adam807 And SO, SO beautiful!@adam807 Decades ago when the soap Sunset Beach started up I watched--because every American needs her own soap. Sherri Saum was in it!@adam807 SO MUCH DRAMA! (Love the actress who plays Lexi's mom. Always fierce.)@adam807 I've heard so many reports of people crying while watching last week's episode that I'm too afraid to catch up.Give this couple a sitcom: http://t.co/DAQkVeQRl9Heather Conway, the new head of the CBC, is Patricia Rozema's domestic partner and an L Word viewer: http://t.co/G1RxlJVv6J@markmiodownik I will!"most of the book reads like one of those newspaper corrections that refuse to tell you what the original error was http://t.co/OHjHpnZjoZ
Y nos quejamos de CR7-> RT @DFSanchidrianAS: Las consecuencias del Tour (...) piernas del corredor polaco Huzarski. http://t.co/QOkZ5FvJ2l
Retweeted by June ThomasNow I must read this. MT @rosegeorge3: My review of Stuff Matters by @markmiodownik in @nytimes. I liked it a lot. http://t.co/wD3PG6ZKYk
@jamiesaunders61 Srugim? An Israeli show about Orthodox singles? It's on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant. (Sorry I haven't heard show yet!)Our train is stuck in South Street Station. We're like Bizarro Snowpiercer.@katelinnea They're insane. Disaster extremism.The gloom-and-doom videos in constant rotation in Boston's South Street Station are set in the darkest timeline. #amtrakpreppers
@Diesel_VonTrapp Envy!@BriefWit #motherknowsbestThe joys of the stationery cupboard, and other office delights. http://t.co/yWPVAf1KTkNonsense, pen and smartphone can co-exist in perfect harmony. Fare Thee Well, My Pen: http://t.co/BcmEGiWEBA
@neiltwit AC, quietness, and decent wifi. Dreamy!@davefranklin Yes! It looked like the next show was also a private audience.Just saw a @Memles lookalike playing washboard in a skiffle combo on Commercial Street.Just saw an Oscar nominee and his awesome writer husband. (How sad am I to tweet this?)@thehighsign @guan Begin Again. (I guess Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley are lesbian catnip.)@guan I would've, but it didn't occur to me.R and I were just the only people in a (small) movie theater. We were really noisy, and we applauded at the end.Everyone spends the daylight hours of their vacations sitting in the library reading up on dental Medicaid, right?@aimtx I'm on vacation so I haven't seen it yet. I promise I'll hydrate before I attempt a viewing.
@adam807 Dunno about that, but I will be wearing his clubbing outfit to tea dance tomorrow.@jodyrosen DANG!@jodyrosen Until Friday morning.Every time I come to Provincetown I go to life drawing. Today's model is very confident, comfortable. Wish I could draw!@guan Anna Gunn is serving Olivia Colman realness.
I just Googled a woman's sneakers instead of the usual "news/cultural event I'm pretending to be in the know about." Officially on vacation!My least favorite part of reading any long article is the first two paragraphs when the author pretends it's a short story.
Retweeted by June Thomas@zhandlen Thanks, Zack!@dankois Ta!Only in Ptown, kids, only in Prown. #topsurplus http://t.co/lW8C4fRVsx@katelinnea Thank you!
@trishbendix Did Fox also provide the green juice? If so, impressive justification enabling on their part.@scwink @tayari I used to call my dad Pater, but it was performative. (Best excuse ever.)@BenSAFC87 @tayari Interesting!So much Bear-age departing the Provincetown ferry! #vacation #wildlife@yoprice @SlateCultFest @juliaturner @thehighsign WARNING: Do not attempt this if driving that day.@tayari In England (when/where I grew up, anyway) daddy/mummy was for middle class/posh people; dad/mum/mam for working class.Did you know I took the first space selfie during Gemini 12 mission in 1966? BEST SELFIE EVER http://t.co/JfPAiVXmLk http://t.co/DuwDXvcDmp
Retweeted by June ThomasAn unmarked quiet car inevitably loses it's quietness after a few stops. #sadJames Garner (1928-2014) with Diahann Carroll at 1963 March on Washington: #Eliofson http://t.co/zsLHXcw6LC
Retweeted by June Thomas@adam807 It's Stef!@happymenocal Oeufs royale avec queso?@jolielash Were they there for The Fosters? (For Lena and Stef, natch.)Million-euro idea for a Frenchy: a huevos rancheros restaurant. Ones I ordered at brunch yesterday freaked out visiting Parisian @sayseal
Streaming viewing has increased from 4% to 11% of total viewership in just three years. Geez. #TCA14
Retweeted by June Thomas@twistysomething Ooh! (This week's episode was atypically tense and potentially murder-y, BTW.)@twistysomething Which one?
Britain's a buzz about a threat to same-sex ballroom dancing: http://t.co/sGV1bV9nbuMusicians sure do love to film videos for New York-set songs in black and white, notes @craftingmystyle: http://t.co/aMLbmYLXyx@LAOCfoodie @jbryanlowder Much more plaid, slightly less Catholicism.Reading devastated reactions on AIDS activist FB threads as people try to confirm deaths. People who have seen so much loss, & now, more.
Retweeted by June Thomas
Elaine Stritch's assessment of her famous botched performance of "The Ladies Who Lunch" is heartbreaking, lovely: http://t.co/kcshAINZlSRIP Elaine Stritch. She was still very much herself when I spoke with her in February: http://t.co/7eBmjMo4uV@RiversAreDamp I'm very proud of my NZ accent, so I hope I was using it when Kiwi-splaining. (The key? Saying "fosh and cheps" to get going)So much great stuff in the June 23 New Yorker that I just got to @stillsarita's AMAZING private probation/halfway house piece. SO GOOD!
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