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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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@YvonneBeasley That's (more or less) how I sounded when I was a kid.@Readerly I used to know her a little back in Seattle, though I haven't seen her in years. She was so great this week.
Apols, I mean on Netflix. RT @junethomas: @motokorich Happy Valley--UK 6-parter on Hulu.@motokorich Happy Valley--UK 6-parter on Hulu.
This Buzzfeed listicle about medieval beasts goes out to @thehighsign: http://t.co/pBqdsJ3xfX@scootes I don't believe so, but what better reason to cough up $5. The issue also appears to contain tips on maintaining one's situation.If you're looking for a new fall show, my flow chart in the September Marie Claire can help you find one. http://t.co/TbHLXFCVDDSomething you shouldn't miss: Photos of queer life in Kampala, Uganda: http://t.co/kCJSXDrJRn@tvoti Whatever you do, don't eat the onion rings.The PM is making a press statement following the raising of the UK Threat Level from international terrorism to Severe.
Retweeted by June ThomasWhy is coming out to strangers always awkward, asks Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart: http://t.co/SgzhWMmdkC@noamscheiber @tnr @QEDNewRepublic Just a bit!@noamscheiber @tnr @QEDNewRepublic I've been meaning to say that for ages. One of the best things I read all day.Know what else is great? The daily newsletter emails from @tnr's new(ish) project @QEDNewRepublic. I learn something every morning.
@nprmonkeysee SOUVENIR TEETH! I'm going to be up all night hitting Refresh.My new favorite Wikipedia page: http://t.co/pA3q2ZgCAU@WarmTV Ditto!@WarmTV She's amazing, I love the Rusty storyline, and the mysteries were good this season.@WarmTV It's confounding. And I hate leaving shows with unresolved questions.This sucks! MT @TV_Rev: A&E has canceled Longmire despite its good ratings. http://t.co/qoqXKwNyb7@TheRealJethro Biting my tongue!@HitFixDaniel Major Crimes and Rizzoli & Isles are quality TV, Dan. I even watch Franklin & Bash. (It's frat-bro-tastic.)Kalinda not being in a scene w/Alicia in 30 eps isn't a big deal. It's been like 3 seasons since Kalinda was even on the same show.
Retweeted by June ThomasAlicia and Kalinda haven’t shared a scene on #TheGoodWife in 30 episodes — I wonder why… http://t.co/QOnqKk84o4 via @emilyorley
Retweeted by June ThomasFargo Breakout Allison Tolman Headed to Mindy Project for Arc? You Betcha! http://t.co/ZqkBYN7S1S via @MichaelAusiello
Retweeted by June ThomasA bang-up job by Jakob Verbruggen directing this week's episode of The Bridge."Branding Guyana" The rise and fall of travel writing: http://t.co/3GZlRxT3a3 (by @frankbures, @NowhereMag)
Retweeted by June Thomas@DavidCaithness Same vibe? The creator/writer of HV, Sally Wainwright, is also responsible for Scott & Bailey, on Hulu in the US.Because getting the details of a Coronation Street career wrong is high on the list of things that CANNOT STAND.I'm sure I was one of many people who wrote to the Times about needing this correction: http://t.co/nfHA4zWZvpCinq coauteurs d'une étude sur Ebola ont été tués par le virus avant sa publication http://t.co/QMUYKNWCRi http://t.co/BKDeNawOSW
Retweeted by June ThomasIn the wake of ESPN's Michael Sam shower gaffe, @jbryanlowder explores they hypocrisy of gay shower panic: http://t.co/RIviqHfyI4@Irishgal99 I predict your hands might up up at your face during the final minutes of that episode! It's SO GOOD!@Irishgal99 @netflix Episode 4 is HARROWING!Brad and Angelina married. How is Billy Bob Thornton holding up? Sheer brilliance by @amandahess: http://t.co/phvND8Mks3I'd forgotten how fabulous Oprah was in 30 Rock. @craftingmystyle's great piece on black women saviors reminded me: http://t.co/0jZrgDhP8e@TiaKayla I'm so glad.
Is anyone actually reading your tweets? @WillOremus will tell you how to find out: http://t.co/7RCHCnyAVgJudge Richard Posner is amazing in these audio clips from a gay marriage oral argument: http://t.co/j90SglulvoThe sense of absence and having to hide (in plain sight) is so strong in @thomas_mainz's photos of queer Ugandans: http://t.co/3uLeZFcEZ5A rare look at gay life in Kampala, Uganda, during the days of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, by @thomas_mainz: http://t.co/3uLeZFcEZ5@FayebellineW @TVWiseNews Ooh, fab. And Season 3 is coming to Hulu in October, I'm told.@JoshMBingham Now that one I would gladly Magnum-ize.@BriefWit @willapaskin I'm saving that particular treat for later!@DavidCaithness Those two episodes were some of the most heart-stopping TV I can remember.@awelfle Confession: Buffy is my pop-culture blind spot. Do. Not. Get It. (But yay for Willow and Tara!)In this week's Ask a Homo video, how to greet a closeted co-worker's partner: http://t.co/h3o8RfZm4GHow awesome was Mary Martone on this week's Savage Lovecast. (Super-awesome is the right answer.) http://t.co/WKYSySFf4x@sjcAustenite And I'll only be on a few in the series.@sjcAustenite @BadAstronomer Erik, you can't even imagine how worried I was that I would mortally offend you with some Whovian error!Slate Plus Peeps, I played companion to @BadAstronomer's Doctor in the first S+ Doctor Who podcast: http://t.co/J7Ynsl2Vjd
MT @NCIS_CBS: Happy #NationalDogDay! #NCIS stars with their pets here: http://t.co/aIEA0fHel6 @EmilyWickersham http://t.co/bze8DvH7LR@iantDC @Slate @SlateOutward We're so happy to have you!@CDMatthewMurphy @jbryanlowder @jonnynyc Appreciate the tip.I love how frequently women's fashion on The Good Wife overlaps with what Prince wore in 1985.
Retweeted by June Thomas@CDMatthewMurphy @jbryanlowder @jonnynyc No! I'll seek it out.I think you mean a gayby! RT @junethomas: A year ago today, @jbryanlowder and I had a baby. Happy birthday, Outward! http://t.co/977IHNji1f
Retweeted by June ThomasA year ago today, @jbryanlowder and I had a baby. Happy birthday, Outward! http://t.co/kC7eBpDdXr@Frankie_Timmons I'm overjoyed and terrified on your behalf!
@willapaskin Every morning when I wake up, my first words are, "Why did they cancel CSI: Miami? Why?"The David Caruso Messing Parsons joke made up for everything else. #emmys
@DoctorOctomom (That's what all the vampires say, of course.)@DoctorOctomom I watched the first couple of episodes, but it wasn't my thing. Hard to opine, though, since I'm just not a vampire person.@sjcAustenite Aargh, I'm out of town.
TiVo, when you suggest I "may also like" Rules of Engagement, you dance on my soul.@rosierobot @thehighsign LISTEN TO IT NOW AND LIVE-TWEET IT!
The great @thehighsign and I did a Spoiler Special about Love Is Strange. (TLDR: Yes, it is.) http://t.co/xR0wviM9gG@sillytania Someone didn't learn the lesson of that Portlandia BSG sketch!so i just watched all of Happy Valley....fuck. sarah lancashire could play Batman.
Retweeted by June Thomas@jamaicandale PS Currently eating rum cake provided by guest who was in Caribbean before visiting New York.@jamaicandale Agreed. Though start of Episode 3 is no walk in the park.@Mediadisdat Ooh, interesting!@shonagh14_john @DavidCaithness Agreed.@shonagh14_john @DavidCaithness @alancarbarns I'd say perhaps a wee dip at the end, but minor. Eps 3 & 4 are incredible.
@BeMissH I like and recommend so much TV, you could stop randomly, and you'd probably land on something I've hyped/@SilvestriWoman Ha! There was a little mention! I've raved about it so much in the past, I thought I'd better leave it out. (She's so good!)Or put another way, @NoreenMalone, @winterjessica, @amandahess, and I talked woman stuff for 45 minutes: http://t.co/EUrenY7P0wOn this week's Double X Gabfest, we talked social-media misogyny, Starbucks scheduling, and benevolent sexism: http://t.co/EUrenY7P0w
@jagdillard Just DM'd you.The Ferguson fires have been being stoked for years, says @jbouie: http://t.co/gy1V6sRsK5@DavidCaithness Ooh, you have a treat ahead of you!@FayebellineW If I could've squeezed in the word "transmedia," I would've scored @FayebellineW BINGO!@MrssAstor Ditto.@DavidCaithness Me, too! So good.@katelinnea It's heart-stopping and totally brilliant.My love letter to Sarah Lancashire, the star of Happy Valley, which comes to Netflix today. http://t.co/VTth8Kp5MrWhen my students ask for a copy of an assignment, I'm going to start saying, "I'll put a link in the show notes." Too many #podcasts.
Retweeted by June Thomas
Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart offers some rules for writing about LGBTQ suicide rates: http://t.co/go9ho0Ca7N
More TV creatives and their bookshelves: @lenadunham: http://t.co/DQnpGjU2Ph@alisaharris I think it's Discover Card, but the fact that neither of us knows for sure says everything.@katelinnea I hope he didn't eat any antibiotic bacon!@emilynussbaum And from this day forth let's hope her twin brother is a magnet for women called Hailey.@alisaharris How have I never been given that one? Sure, I don't have kids, but nor do I have frogs in needs of protection.
Thinking of placing an ad on Hulu. I don't have a product; I just need a break from all that "frog protection."Pouring one out for the nine canceled shows whose TiVo season passes I just deleted.
@AvaLubell @browbeat Know what's spooky? I'd been planning that EXACT SAME LOOK!Narcocorridas are nice little earners on the subway. (Today's included a verse threatening journalists ... and everyone else.)
I'm now convinced that Baby Groot is dancing to "Hips Don't Lie": http://t.co/wzZXhxMYdr@GValentino The Bleecker St. store had a sign in the window saying it was moving to another location, so ...@GValentino The one about three stores from the corner of Bleecker and Carmine. (I *think* the one on Carmine has closed, too.)
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