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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Organize events, event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Started Ignite Denver. Love Technology

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@octothorpe yeah if not August with "oh we meant to tell you"@octothorpe apparently so which makes me think end of July.awesome, on a whim asked COIN when I’d see mine. “between May and mid-July.” Of course.#360intersect http://t.co/YHL7QPWiWj
@ellenich same and agree. Would love to see the universe expanded in one shots@PebbleHelp awesome. Thanks so muchVomit inducing sicko bow hunter kills Polar Bear in northeastern Canada http://t.co/4kyMWuDnAg #OpFunKill http://t.co/FgtmyPvXrT
Retweeted by John WilkerGonna make this into a poster. 📖💙 https://t.co/qLaojQdUhL http://t.co/l3RaplYmpk
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@escpawed ha, well they keep replacing so still only paid once. LOLMaybe time for 3rd @Pebble ?? :( Wish I knew what caused this. http://t.co/2FeSWJSxLb@XVisionNow awesome, email sent@XVisionNow so far t doesn't look like it tells me how much data each app is using. Or over time how much?@walterpt boom! Awesome
Best app update ever http://t.co/QtnoeaOov6
Retweeted by John WilkerJohn!!! Grant!!! Jr!!!!!! Just set new all time score record!!! #mammothlax@subdigital no luck needed for @360iDev :)@walterpt and #360idev :) right!?Lucky I'm out of data!!! Epic @MammothLax game tonight!!!@atomicbird @dejager way to deconstruct the snark… killjoy ;)“@freebsdgirl: Squeeing just a little bit at being included on this list. :) http://t.co/rDvU89qt8v” in damn good companyso installed Onavo extend (hit my limit so wanted to check why) and it’s showing data use by apps not installed…"I didn't bother applying for a WWDC ticket" is the new "I don't own a TV". #wwdc
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@thDigitalReader ah nice! I'll have to get caught up!@thDigitalReader I've seen two of them. Like it so far. Interesting show@thDigitalReader same. Flash is more Lighthearted which is nice. I do like the team ups though. When Oliver is all grumpy and eye rollyArrow and Flash are not lacking for good writing. Often corny, but the dialogue is usually awesome and hilariousWant to attend #selfconf but worried about getting here? Apply for a #diversity scholarship! http://t.co/IOqsu6sMay
Retweeted by John Wilker#SuccessKid Meme Star Helps Crowdfund His Dad’s Kidney Transplant http://t.co/diisRGGk5t http://t.co/L9wccUyt9t
Retweeted by John Wilker@ellenich Watch buddies!! That’ll be a thing, i’m certain it! :) “Hey same size and colors!! We’re watch buddies!!@scotteg @RedQueenCoder @macgenie @jamesdempsey Now a hightlight of WW week for sure! :D
@macgenie woot!! Can't waitWant to work at Pixar? Got Python & Javascript chops? Good at interacting w/film production folks? Great gig here! http://t.co/RL6wZKdrih
Retweeted by John Wilker@macgenie @siracusa thinking karaoke at the #AltConf bash!! :)@SadSuspenders @Veeren_Jubbal <whisper>gosh</whisper>I think i could listen to ‘Chariots of Fire’ on loop for quite a while. Really awesome piece.One reason I love @Veeren_Jubbal is he's living disproof of the tone argument. His tone is superhumanly positive & he gets the same garbage
Retweeted by John Wilker@mattmay i don’t, but like i said, better than nothing.@mattmay Not to be down on it, i think anything is better than nothing for sure. Kudos for that. 100%@mattmay not an easy thing, but not so cut-n-dry as that. Since “come to our sep, but equal” pre event isn’t much better.@mattmay true. well they can :) They chose not to.@mattmay wonder why pre-conf? So the women have to arrive earlier than the dudes?@matbeeDOTcom @jessicag I often hope Denver will skip the DudeBro thing the valley finds itself in, but we aren’t. Lots of bros up in hereHuh, that’s a lot of bros.. http://t.co/hGpkklQvU8 @jessicag is the only woman into Startup weekend?@voteforgrant Dropping village management efficiency at high speed!.@McConaughey’s face when discovering #CO has more space jobs per capita than any other state in U.S... #MileCloser http://t.co/RgcwfqKMbI
Retweeted by John Wilker@Spacekatgal Cool that it’s your job to block…Ever used this picture in a talk? Time to pay back, the kid's dad needs a kidney transplant, http://t.co/D7rjVd3ZH8. http://t.co/oKmC8cMNjX
Retweeted by John Wilker@jakep36 @mbernier awesome!
@TheQuinnspiracy @Spacekatgal @femfreq George R.R. Martin just name-dropped you all, and it was epic. http://t.co/GzlF279xO2
Retweeted by John WilkerAltConf 2015 taking place June 8-12; four new speakers announced http://t.co/ba7viYZ4lV http://t.co/GvIZ4p9aSM
Retweeted by John Wilkergoing from dots on a map to a sex offender box http://t.co/IHFd24WtqP
Retweeted by John Wilkertonight’s agenda, Final ep of Voyager, 2 eps of DS9. Trying to watch the ones with Fleet actions in them.@iconmaster I’ll go get Scotty!@HotelRex me too! Will do :)@reboog711 Yeah really.@reboog711 i know what my answer would be. LOL@dermdaly The begging happens, just now in the reverse. :\So many folks at @intercom put so much into this: https://t.co/2Ra03UztAY It rocks. Please help spread the word.
Retweeted by John Wilker@timmitra LOL Yeah i think a day to decide is the least they could do, now it’s all GO GO GO, but things may change the grace period is nice@MILKMANSTL See ya in August ;)@timmitra Yeah kinda weak. last year you had X days right to decide. Seems more fair@jaythrash @judykitteh LOL hey it wasn’t bad, just oddly located, and inflexible in ordering, LOL.@octothorpe @danielpunkass 208 on hotwire got me the Hotel Rex… Never heard of it, sure it’s fine :|@jaythrash @judykitteh @AltConference Sushi!!!@Whakkee oh yeah, and longer than usual. Sun->Sat. All @AltConference gonna be a fun week for sure@Whakkee yeah i looked at Parc, was around that or bit more@Whakkee yeah just dropped 208/night for Hotel Rex. never heard of it, no points earned :|And now the rush of hotel reservations begins. #wwdc
@freebsdgirl hope nothing too serious.@astralbodies lol. More stern thoughWhen your dog is on your lap and farts, then looks at you like you did it.@jaythrash @adamfgoldberg agreed!!!@jaythrash ha ha!! Everything about the show I enjoy a lot.Ok so between The Goldbergs and Fresh Off the Boat my whole childhood is fully represented on TV.@Rick_Truell LOL Guy in waiting room spent nearly 10 minutes repeating a st. address to his phone@gatzby_ ah nice!@gatzby_ ah. i also wondered “why sell” but that was too much for that tweet. glad he’s going back out on his own@gatzby_ ““This is not the outcome I had hoped for, but I am trying to make the best of it,” he said at the time.” What did he think it’d be@dhb7 @polyGeek If nothing else pebble has a base now, tackle themNew sticker for my BookBook. #360intersect http://t.co/eZd6mx7VCY@johnvoorhees @DazeEnd @dermdaly @subdigital nice, at least now there’s points to be earned LOL@dermdaly @DazeEnd @subdigital WIN :|Part of imposter syndrome-proofing your community: make mentoring a valued, 1st class activity #AdaCamp
Retweeted by John Wilker@dermdaly @subdigital ha ha that happened to me once too. So weird. Wonder how often it works lol@dermdaly @subdigital yeah convenience wins the day. Also stumbling distance. :)@subdigital ha ha ha. Nice. I should figure out my plan.@dermdaly @subdigital what'd ya pick?“@nuinteractive: Hilarious running into @jwilker on my 3DS while at the competition. #GoCodeCO” lol right !!If your phone can’t understand your voice, stop trying to tell it the address and just type it.
My new favorite phrase "don't be a vitamin be aspirin" Chris snook #GoCodeCO #focoJudges are giving amazing feedback. #gocodeco #focoJudges are conferring #gocodeco #focoWant a government that actually gives a shit? Vote in local & congressional elections, you shits.
Retweeted by John WilkerTeam six! Final team in #foco up now! #GoCodeCO http://t.co/IQTlsJlWUCTeam five rocking it! #gocodeco #foco http://t.co/QYsVOl0waKTeam three presenting. Halfway there!! #GoCodeCO #foco http://t.co/3mdS70h8XzSecond team! #gocodeco #foco http://t.co/OYXYVQNlJiFirst team presenting #GoCodeCO #foco http://t.co/dKjDNyiHeAI just earned the 'Heffenista (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/IrAz1sxDMe@benr75 lol I'm just running it.
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