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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

I organize awesome events, and do event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Flex, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Ignite Denver.

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@gert789 doh! I had to make room since @vimeo has a cap. I can spit some back out though if you want.
Retweeted by John Wilker@jesterxl @reboog711 always a good option@WickedGood Is that one poopin?Tortilla Chips and Sriracha… You’re welcome@joshfraser @TechCrunch @forageco W00t! Congrats!@elstamey @AmyStephen Kudos for doing it though! Rock on!@waze be awesome if there was a way to set it to remember, that doesn’t break the existing func. without explicit intention@waze i see, i assumed it was broken for the same reason. i never want it. ever. i want alerts only, always."The challenge to product owners is to go from “the customer is always right” to “the customer is always respected“." http://t.co/BBQDSOiFqj
Retweeted by John Wilker@waze case in point. New update. Erased my preference. Shouldn't that be stored somewhere? http://t.co/lbJ56OSBCl@waze days to weeks. Don't drive a ton@quetwo For me it starts, do i want to be there? If yes, then i factor of there stuff. but it’s never been “well it’s close, so…”@quetwo I can see throwing out despite content, but “Oh this is close, cheap. I’ll go to it” seems oddOdd that some attend conferences solely based on how little time/effort/money it would take to get there. Seems like an odd deciding factorIndustry Denver: Reinventing the Workplace in RiNo http://t.co/0S3yRbapFJ
Retweeted by John Wilker@samusclone Wait you mean we all don’t just have a standing “Sorry for my teen years” clause… I thought that was a thing.Why just close the window when you can be a dick about it. “fuck@off.com”Hey @waze why do you randomly change back to full voice prompt. I set you to alerts only. For a reason.CNET: "'Why don't girls just make their own games?' goes the internet adage. Enter GSX, the studio doing that." http://t.co/5XTkplnd5J
Retweeted by John Wilker@AmyStephen yeah. Now a big ass data set with tons of columns. Maybe an issue. But yeah drove me nutsWonder Woman shouldn't wear pants, you say? Sorry I can't hear you over this BAD ASS COSPLAY https://t.co/ipeyuQ7KZm http://t.co/ySpCLebKha
Retweeted by John WilkerHouse votes to sue Obama over executive orders. He has 183. Reagan had 381. FDR had 3,522. The GOP is out of their minds.
Retweeted by John Wilker@AmyStephen I always hated that too. Yes there's a performance hit but not enough to care on smaller data sets. At least I never cared :)@samuelgoodwin ha ha probably.@uliwitness @jonathanpenn ha ha. Hours later "you look happy. Please return the kittens, all of them."
@stevensande @foursquare yup did the sameI don't want to get political but there have been more Sharknados during Obama's presidency than all other presidents combined. #Sharknado2
Retweeted by John WilkerOh goody, the lazy ups driver today marked my address as incorrect. Despite getting packages weekly at least.@AnnaTarkov oh excellent! I’ll go get my bank details, wait one second!@AnnaTarkov truly. It gets daunting to sort through them like that@AnnaTarkov well I hope to one day earn a spot there :)@AnnaTarkov ha ha ha. Oh yeah I think we all started there, then you realize, wtf. Hell no@AnnaTarkov ah! I get ya. No awesome people list? ;) or is there a waitlist? Cc. @Spacekatgal@AnnaTarkov oh? Interesting, like wrong like broadcast only? Well welcome to using it “right” :D@AnnaTarkov @Spacekatgal :) definitely a good call. I’ll do my best to not suck.@AnnaTarkov @WickedGood @iconmaster definitely phonism though, or maybe platformism?@octothorpe I have this as a wallpaper in rotation. http://t.co/WE8QHyaZPoMost people’s Twitter bios look like answers to the questions websites ask in case you forget your password.
Retweeted by John WilkerWe're locking down ideas for #GiantConf 2015. Wanna help us do something rad? Get in touch.
Retweeted by John Wilker@AnnaTarkov @iconmaster @WickedGood (hangs head) yes. :DStartups used to start in a garage. Now they start in a Google Doc.
Retweeted by John Wilker@WickedGood @AnnaTarkov Wait she didn’t have an iPhone? And we’ve associated with her? ;)@blackoutrobb Mad human disease…@reboog711 to read. certainly not zero, but lots more crap and hate than insight, and good writing.@reboog711 LOL. i think people complain about everything. i tend to not be vocal, but there’s def a lack of interesting and useful thingsTwitter can fix its harassment problem, but why mess with success? http://t.co/ClgeIc9D46
Retweeted by John WilkerEveryone complains about lack of quality content, but no one can link to or click on rehashed rumors fast enough. The internet we deserve.
Retweeted by John WilkerIntroducing the @1Password App Extension for iOS 8 apps. You heard me: http://t.co/bCQp6JkrhU
Retweeted by John Wilker@chartier @1Password @iconmaster the reason i love 1P… not afraid to start supporting betas. SO MUCH AWESOME.http://t.co/BhKR7hndHP
Retweeted by John Wilker@jonathanpenn @uliwitness So need an animated gif of you skipping down a hall with a basket of kittens, handing them out.Mission: increasing & promoting gender diversity at coder confs, inspiring women to speak, building info networks, resources to support them
Retweeted by John Wilker@NeoNacho Thanks :)@dpaschich Heck yeah! I’ve had the pleasure of breakfast at Jelly with @Smoodle :D“@Mr_Mike_Clarke: The annual Running of the Bulls... http://t.co/q3TOdsuA8L” WHAT?!??!?!@Spacekatgal my vote is yes! Onward, upward, and forward!I’m glad this happened, but sad it has to be a law. You know cuz fuck customers, we’ll do what’s right if made to. http://t.co/8eQjCZaXyGwanna work with an awesome shop in Denver? http://t.co/cbfHFdHRE7 These guys are awesome and do cool stuff! cool office too!@justin the only thing I liked about my xoom (other than it was free) was it's aspect ratio.@corvino @justin me too. No questions asked.@mechhead Understand. Niche as hell now, and it was kind niche in it’s hey day, LOL. Go iOS ;) All the fun is there :D@mechhead Thanks man! I better see you next year at something!! #360flex or something!@mechhead It’s much harder now. so much thick skull to get through, LOL.Learning Experiences http://t.co/Kk9FIERJ0cso good. comic about the forms that harassment takes and what you can do about it. http://t.co/gOREvhoWke
Retweeted by John Wilker@Spacekatgal I enjoyed tng a lot but what made the early terrible ones good was @wilw narrating lol.@DataFran @Spacekatgal at the end of the day, it's us against the Star Wars fans :). Shouldn't fight amongst ourselves. :D@physi_marc @Spacekatgal I stand in judgement!! Wrong. You are wrong. What are we talking about? Doesn't matter. WRONG!
@Spacekatgal ah App Store reviews…. Almost as bad as YouTube comments@tyburg ha ha ha!@tyburg at least you have a pit crewNew guy left his machine unlocked http://t.co/Udh58ufJKu
Retweeted by John Wilker@JosephLabrecque I’m fond of the “Here’s a shit load you haven’t installed, want them?” with no way to say “nope, I’ll let you know”Just made up new slang. “thell”, short for “the hell” as in “what thell you doing up in that tree with that ironing board?”@Spacekatgal @mattconn Man, can we (the internet) spend at least a week not being dicks to each other. Just a week, as an experiment.. :(Asking your customer to opt-in to your newsletter or Twitter account isn't a dark pattern. Stop thinking all marketing is evil.
Retweeted by John WilkerIs there a breeze in here, or is my product roadmap showing? http://t.co/zPVPCibjqu
Retweeted by John Wilker@macgenie @blackpixel @uistencils w00t! Congrats!This is a joke dealing with biology and culture. http://t.co/UCuAM7knP9
Retweeted by John Wilker@samuelgoodwin huh, sadly could just be random luck on reviewer being a turd… :(@samuelgoodwin yeah. didn’t say it was a perfect option :) though i seem to think i’ve seen it in apps i’ve used before… can’t recall@samuelgoodwin Could you do something on first run, “add sample project?”Dear angry men of gaming: No one is coming to take your games away. http://t.co/2MAXBAD0Z8 by @Quinnae_Moon
Retweeted by John WilkerThis is what tech's ugly gender problem really looks like http://t.co/GfRr8hLw53
Retweeted by John Wilker
Yelp time!!! (@ Clyfford @Still_Museum w/ 2 others) https://t.co/AvvNyLnuQI@dougmccune Fine… sigh. Shoes. LOL@dougmccune holy shit is that the build platform? Make me an iron man helmet! :)@leifwells @mlabriola is old now, he probably doesn’t realize it’s his birthday@leifwells @mlabriola Other than getting old, which I can’t help with, anything I can help with?@rachelnabors hashtag win@rachelnabors People are just leaving kindles in the bathrooms? WHERE ARE YOU!!!???@casademora There was a memo@christinelu New Olympic judging criteria… Cornering.@CohereLLC @polyGeek @quetwo LOL think just grouping naming rights :)@AmyStephen Yeah It’s definitely going to have to be played a few times to “get” and then a few more probably :)@AmyStephen @jeffwolski @CHSommers I wish there was no such thing, but if wishes were 5ths, we’d all be drunk.“@samuelgoodwin: Omg omg omg http://t.co/u3voQm1NwV” W00t!!@gordondev @Spacekatgal HA HA. I vote for an R62 easter egg :D@gordondev @Spacekatgal HA HA. Ok I kinda want a Varys character now.. just peeking around corners leering
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