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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Started and run my own conference company. Part of denwhere? & Ignite Denver. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Stack, 360|intersect, 360|WinPhone

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I've seen @kylerichter talk about a lot of things, this will be new, and I can't wait! http://t.co/6NZnlsB2vL #360intersectLove seeing folks i know from tech events, talk about non tech. Can't wait to see what @AntonioHolguin shares http://t.co/vLSAFeDzo1
What makes us the best us we can be? 10 people from around the country tell their stories at #360intersect. http://t.co/jNY2k7R625RT @NerdApproved: The New X: Men Days Of Future Past Trailer Looks Awesome http://t.co/OI96JAa0vd http://t.co/nkVYbL3oOP Fuck YaWhat do you do away from your keyboard? http://t.co/gjAw64xQbZ Find out what 10 awesome folks do away from theirs and be inspired.Interested in speaking @AltConference? Email speakers@altconf.com with a proposal for a talk before the 25th April for consideration.
Retweeted by John Wilker@macgenie @walterpt lol I’m down with that. They’re still in rotation for me@walterpt @macgenie love that the graphics remind me of the @AppCamp4Girls iPhone backgrounds. Love ‘emWhat you do away from your keyboard is every bit as important as what you do at your keyboard. http://t.co/gjAw64xQbZ 10 awesome stories.We all hear how failure is great for success. Hear how @arielmichaeli failed his way to @appfigures http://t.co/8wWK578SUY #360intersect@gnarf hey, austin hackathon - apps to benefit kids. please boost @Hack4Austin
Retweeted by John Wilker@knowncitizen @jakep36 @uncubed looks about rightIt's always awesome when an attendee becomes a speaker. @graiz takes the stage at #360intersect this year! Can't wait http://t.co/WA61oYUnRjWhen the WSJ does a "tech" conf. Topics include: "How to Buy a Politician" and "We Need Stronger IP Laws" http://t.co/7s9aLzApfH
Retweeted by John Wilker@andrewg95 ah ok. Might be time to try ‘em out. have to check their site see if there’s a trial now that it’s released. hhmmm mail clients…“@defrag: confirmed: "Taming the RESTed NARWHL: Striking the Balance Between Usability and Zealotry in REST" for #gluecon” I mean Narwhal!!Everything wrong with tech in a single link. http://t.co/sn2uF7DHQ9 You don’t have enough facepalm available.
Retweeted by John WilkerLooking at the schedule, which session most interests you? http://t.co/RRv2tXIPJW
Retweeted by John WilkerSo want to rage quit my HOA Board. Or Rage fire the management company. Or both. #wilkergonnacutabitch.@rachelnabors takes the stage at #360intersect to talk about her journey from ink to pixels. Can't wait http://t.co/Q7GICG2dY2@andrewg95 Ah ok good to know. Were you a sparrow user before? How’s it stack up?@OwenGoss But does it support my motorola nexus fucking awesome radical lightning bolt, supreme. On Sprint? And.. w00t!@devunwired yeah airmail isn’t bad at it but sparrow did it right to let a whole thread easily be labeled and archived in one motion@devunwired Sparrow left big shoes to fill LOL@devunwired Ah ok that’s good to know. I make heavy use of labels and airmail’s flow is barely tolerable thereHey @OmniOutliner for iPad fans…we’ve published the OmniOutliner 2 for iPad User Manual on the iBooks Store: https://t.co/Tb2ruVk58X
Retweeted by John Wilker@thegdgteer @casademora Yeah tried mail pilot beta wasn’t thrilled. Airmail has served well enough@casademora ah ok. good to know.@GarthDB me too. i liked it, but need the same paradigm across devices when it’s adding so many featuresAnyone tried Unibox - http://t.co/QZ1aranDP5 #MacAppStore Airmail is ok and keeps releasing updates, but always looking for better
@danielpunkass I bought a clear glass back cover for my 4. Went back to regular, all the lint and dust I saw kept freaking me out.@joeymurdah @bradybecker @HiroProt @sprouticus How funny for a long time that one was in the back pocket of a moleskin hiding.if you're a dev and you've never been to http://t.co/wZyix0BpS2, i hope you'll come find out why we're different (and why you'll be back).
Retweeted by John Wilker#dsw14 planning (@ Downtown Denver Partnership) http://t.co/XQmScXl2ZaBest OH on 16th st. Mall. Something something “Orsen Wells..” “… So not Romeo Juliet?”“@bwest: Congrats to everyone at @gnip!” What he said! That’s awesome guys!@tmaes @bmf ditto that sir. Take care and here’s to a speedy recoveryUp and ready for #DOCC@scoober I know! I know! Waiting on contract to sign now.
@reboog711 sweet. See what I can find.@reboog711 you mean #360flex stickers?@JericaLurve w00t!Prepping for #360intersect and found these. @reboog711 http://t.co/MdbpVlAoioThe women of Giant Spacekat plan to revolutionize iOS gaming http://t.co/Ak3CyjM8b8 via @BetaBostonID @giantspacekat #womeningaming #paxeast
Retweeted by John Wilker@smakus77 Clearly not. was told to try to return with receipt.@justin LOL I’m so close! Waiting on hotel for final contract@benr75 @justin I turn my back on twitter for 30 seconds and miss something, dammit!annnd, the very latest #gluecon agenda: https://t.co/Fi3GC4uKno
Retweeted by John Wilker@gatzby_ It’s one of their Merrill style shoes. minimal sole and all that. yeah i’m bummed. its ripping open, and will be useless soon.Bummer. New Balance on my 2 month old shoe falling apart. “That’s sad, sorry to hear that” … Guess it’s time to look for new shoes #typo@AaronTempler put the can in the trash not the recycling bin? ;)highly recommended: The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy by my friend @violetblue http://t.co/Q8y6yR4hCn Please protect yourselves!
Retweeted by John Wilker“@Pebble: With their new Pebble app, @pandora_radio is now ready to rock your wrist. http://t.co/XDaqyrjzUK” Just installed. Quite Nice!confirmed: "Making People Happy with Swagger" for #gluecon
Retweeted by John WilkerHey @themacspa what’s an HDD->SSD conversion on a ’11 iMac run? rough est. is fine, just working on planning.City park Jazz is made better by enjoying wine with friends. Let’s not ruin it. http://t.co/EAZ6Vd5CiP @moveon1) Show someone this "What's Ignite?" vid http://t.co/A3xsPX1LXp 2) Send 'em to http://t.co/D13VW5aA9z to submit an @ignitesea idea! 3) Go!
Retweeted by John Wilker@Spacekatgal @DazeEnd @balexander Yeah. Plus I agree, that it might launch a ton of new entrepreneurs by ensuring they can at least eat@Spacekatgal @DazeEnd @balexander My big fear is abuse, but that happens now in the welfare system, so i’m inclined to try anything.The proposed "basic income" would allow a lot more would-be entrepreneurs to take the leap. http://t.co/3j7ot8hO2V /via @balexander
Retweeted by John Wilker
@JulioBarros enjoy!
Ending Sunday. Did you miss the Early Bird ticket for #360intersect? Save $50 off the ticket price right now. http://t.co/d8B7Go5fOoFinally put my last brightkite sticker to use. Long live the king. @bradybecker @HiroProt @sprouticus http://t.co/RDifBtVeprEnding Sunday. Did you miss the Early Bird ticket for #360intersect? Save $50 off the ticket price right now. http://t.co/NbBmwjYRlgHey @Kotaku! You should come take pictures of our cosplayers!!! http://t.co/uMmqiSXNjv
Retweeted by John Wilker@dhb7 agreed!Thank you hipster biker girls. Your shitty mopeds smoking out the patio is just what I needed.@kylerichter what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger@samuelgoodwin still my favorite burritoMocha at Huckleberry Roasters - http://t.co/fhOwa2JhqF #lovedit#3 Hot. Bacon, Potato, Cheese, Green Chili at Gomez Burritos - http://t.co/CxYf3j0gPa as always. Awesome. #loveditDoors open Denver (@ Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion) http://t.co/sFKeg4D3CqDoors open Denver. (@ Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Community Center) http://t.co/XQACDyBV4TThis weekend only. Did you miss the Early Bird ticket for #360intersect? Save $50 off the ticket price right now. http://t.co/3Y3UL1m2kS
10:7 #mammothlax awesome last game of the season. Go boys!!@Julia_JJ getting close! #mammothlax still in the lead!!!Good first half #mammothlax Don’t lose momentum. Cc. @Julia_JJThis weekend only. Did you miss the Early Bird ticket for #360intersect? Save $50 off the ticket price right now. http://t.co/XudduLSBll@Spacekatgal but definitely does influence it. Or can if strong enough personality@Spacekatgal yup completely agree.. That said I’m looking at alternatives. may not jump, but looking at optionsDoes anyone know any women who got a WWDC ticket?
Retweeted by John Wilker@Spacekatgal Yeah sadly she’s a good and bad choice at the same time. Knowledge:Good. Reputaion: Badconfirmed: "From Device Data to Decision-Making: Building a Scalable Backend for Sensors" for #gluecon
Retweeted by John WilkerGetting pumped for iOSDevCampColorado in a few weeks! Signup now - http://t.co/GWhemY2trm
Retweeted by John Wilker@dhb7 shudder. yahReally hate it when websites are like “You need to accept cookies or we no work” when i am they’re site is just janky.Did you miss the Early Bird ticket for #360intersect? Save $50 off the ticket price right now. Sale ends Sunday. http://t.co/DbC9bPf7Nf@mzarra seriously looking at spideroak. Not sure I’ll change yet, but definitely moving that waySuper stoked to have @rachelnabors take the stage at #360intersect to talk about her journey from ink to pixels. http://t.co/7g8fsPiLP4@samuelgoodwin yes.. :)@datingdad I’d have backed you up :)Oh goodie. Skinny jean season is winding down. Time for skinny short shorts season… Fucking hipstersUm. Github, look up the word poet… it’s not what you think it is. http://t.co/eZJqPevSOi #lame don’t co-opt a word for something stupid.@GarthDB @pixelworkers 8-bit fill in the blank dialog bubble?
@joshjet local dialect lolFind out how among other things, surfing helped @twgonzalez be a better developer and business person. #360intersect http://t.co/WAmqeD1jYnHeartbleed is breaking my pixelated heart into bits. We’re offering a 50% discount across all platforms, to make recovery a little easier.
Retweeted by John WilkerWith all the conference speakers going to @iOSDevCampCO I'd love a session about how to create a great session. https://t.co/bR433Lji2P
Retweeted by John Wilker.@joshjet never disappoints, can't wait to hear his next great story at #360intersect. http://t.co/W90BQwTGzj“A love dungeon in a serial killers house”
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