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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

I organize awesome events, and do event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Flex, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Ignite Denver.

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I found 206 people do not follow me back via http://t.co/teRRo47B64My view from the boat in Porto Vallarta http://t.co/eTb4AGYZJY
Hello from cabo San Lucas where the bucket of beers comes with wifi.
I just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 2)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/qA6HJIW9y7
laughing forever http://t.co/pgE06puD0k
Retweeted by John Wilker@Whakkee @judykitteh say hi to the awesome Repty's@AskLyft I don't mind high demand just not sure I buy that 9a is "busy" vs slow. Thanks for listening :)@escpawed @lyft not an easy balance but not sure a 25% charge is the solution. Especially as I doubt demand for vans at 9a was high.@escpawed @lyft I'd be curious the demand. At 9a for the leger vehicle. Plenty of regular sized ones.“@AskLyft: @jwilker The percentage is dynamic and can change minute to minute, block to block.” Lovely?Not end of the world but annoying when someone jumps into line not even asking the ppl around their boarding number.More dirt on the New Republic mess. Wait till the Amazon / Hachette part. http://t.co/qLbljUFerc
Retweeted by John WilkerKinda disappointed in @lyft "too bad so sad. Don't wanna pay more for surge go elsewhere" surge being 25% guess they're uber minus the shady.@AskLyft so one guy on duty in an X at 9 am on Saturday. That's "busy"?@bgeerdes @lyft yeah exactly. I don't consider one guy wanting to be up. As "busy" and 25% is a bit stupid.@matbeeDOTcom @lyft beats me. There was only 1 lyftX so I guess that meant "busy time". lame. 9a on Sat. I wasn't expecting a dozen carsDear @lyft I don't think 9a on Saturday is "busy" I think it's unpopular. Thanks for gouging though. Be better http://t.co/JrlcgMjbFv
@Veeren_Jubbal w00t!!!@quetwo Wow. 10 years of HBR, that’s some dry reading, LOL.@quetwo @amazon What’d they order? Something better than what you did?@noir Sadly I’ve come to realize Nintendo really seems to give no shits about the user or the experience of being one.@jakep36 @jessicag Shoulda just taken the iPhone…Defeat Keurig 2.0's #DRM with scotch tape. http://t.co/tRpLXRDrrC http://t.co/lnXzz5Ddh6
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Beta distribution service HockeyApp acquired by Microsoft http://t.co/8TLNJvdwGc Woah. Congrats?
“@gatzby_: See, Uber IS pure evil. http://t.co/LtGTeBt1Um #comicsans” I feel like if you Uber now you willingly encourage this type of shit@trypnotik there’s that@bwest @kickstarter I like the big red button. “Chapter complete… LAUNCH THE NUKES!!”@noir define perfect. I have no suggestions(use my iPhone), but curious.@trypnotik and Brrto was born. (web 2.0 no vowels, except ‘o’ since brrt is weird sounding)@simBateman fine done. you’ll fit in fine, still have a beard?@balanon @techstars W00t!I found 206 people do not follow me back via http://t.co/teRRo47B64
It bears constant repeating: the ONLY person jailed for the CIA's torture is the whistleblower who revealed it, @JohnKiriakou.
Retweeted by John WilkerHey, if you're a woman and a published author and want to write Star Wars, please let me know! Male authors do all the time.
Retweeted by John Wilker@AbbiV You too and I agree!!! Hardly got to hang out this year!Wouldn’t want to be too precise. Your estimated delivery date is: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - Friday, January 2, 2015@AbbiV yeah. I tweeted it from iDev, if we get a bite we get a bite but would be happy to do it after 1st. and see if we get more tractionBREAKING: 800 flights canceled due to storm in Northeast after Obama refuses to use his weather machine to stop it.
Retweeted by John Wilker@AbbiV @360iDev @USocket :| That’d be tough, but I can try it! I’ll be out of town all next week though. I can tweet it now tho then email@AbbiV Ah makes sense! Having both is definitely nice is 99% of uses I think. 100% for me LOLWant to win an #iPad? We're giving one away right now! Enter to win it here: http://t.co/N7i9zGN7xL
Retweeted by John Wilker@AbbiV I have seen such devices, no AC plug just bank of USB. not sure i’d want that.. But love @USocket! That’s my 3rd in the house!Whites increasingly clueless MT @conradhackett Whites increasingly confident police treat blacks & whites equally http://t.co/oizb5EY1CP
Retweeted by John WilkerCops choke unarmed Garner to death for untaxed cigarettes. When an armed Cliven Bundy didn't pay $1 mill in taxes, cops bought him a pizza
Retweeted by John Wilker“@ClassicStarWars: #starwars I SHOT FIRST!! http://t.co/Whz5hprfEa” God damn right he did.@emillspaugh LOL. Nicole is out of town, that’s my ace.@WickedGood @Spacekatgal What about wanting all the games on all the systems but being ok paying good $ for each? :) Want MK8 on 3DS!@emillspaugh More or less. Maybe I’ll watch G0G after Elf.@agiletortoise Maybe the race the didn’t start until today… :DIf tonight isn’t watch Elf, and wrap presents night for you, then I win. If it is, we’re tied, so i still winAnother amazing Usocket from @fastmac and @AbbiV installed. So much USB. So wow. http://t.co/TNnOH9OAwM@Spacekatgal I dunno how i didn’t know that was a thing, but it’s on it’s way to my house now!App Store review keeps getting worse. This is simply disgusting. http://t.co/GwEI7GHjqd
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this is literally probably Larry David's own personal Hell http://t.co/dzYknfBfMb
Retweeted by John WilkerBatman and space ghost. Yup it's as epic as you'd imagine.Speaking of #docc, it’s tomorrow. you should go, hour of interesting conversations on all things tech and current events (usually in tech)@namedotcom Not yet, got a reply, sent a bunch of info, waiting for reply. #DOCC for sure!
Locals holiday party! (@ River North Brewery in Denver, CO) https://t.co/dMoLiPmHqK@heybluez @hmason @zeynep true. For me at the end of the day it comes to culture and if I trust those in charge. Uber loses thereWe Can’t Trust Uber http://t.co/HRUeca2Gd9 (by @zeynep)
Retweeted by John Wilker@jgamet ha ha that too@jgamet your Starbucks is the best!!!@thack nice. I'll play with it. Looks great@thack @flexRonin ah nice. I thought it only handled phone based 2fa. Thanks!
Just a friendly reminder. This is how we are supposed to be dressing starting next year. http://t.co/Dp7KoTMw4p
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@namedotcom mope. Don't see a reply :(not sure why my villager is high. #ACNL http://t.co/xMm90nvaFl@GlennF @samusclone Every time i see GOTY. Think of 1. the catchy over played song. 2. the nightmare fuel “don’t link to my shit” image@iconmaster very badass looking. be a cool upgrade optionWe Need YOUR Feedback on #DENStartupWeek 2014! What did you like most? What would you change? Favorite event? Survey: http://t.co/TSY10ShcnI
Retweeted by John Wilker@stevensande You mean “Right on time” :|@stevensande That’ll teach yaThe Dark side of 2FA http://t.co/Fd4a3xjaKdYou, yes *you* personally, know a woman who is scared. Scared to speak. Scared if she does so, this will happen to her.
Retweeted by John Wilker@namedotcom Any chance someone can peak at mine, no reply yet from yesterday afternoon. Locked out via VIP access on new phone :|Hey @namedotcom what’s the wait time on support emails?Please rise from your ashes and reignite the American spirit, @NASA https://t.co/wUUm2otYll
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@drance We got a reboot of Star Trek, I’m befuddled why they don’t reboot the Terminator franchise, vs. this cruel beating they’re giving itCongrats to all of the #50onfireBOS finalists, inc. @Spacekatgal. (Tech finalists list here: http://t.co/je9sgrilHW) http://t.co/qGchAHom5R
Retweeted by John WilkerKREE! This Woman Made A 3D-Printed #Stargate That Actually Lights Up And Dials! http://t.co/YfNKlMTnDK http://t.co/np7KXW3Aji
Retweeted by John Wilker@Veeren_Jubbal Does that mean tolerating white people? Tall order, we’re a handful.
@timwguy lol@mpospese lol. I keep my holiday wraith in the closet. It's a surprise for guests@djbriane of the three ideas, hope it's this one!!!@djbriane or someone was a HUGE fan of Android Honeycomb?@superpixels They beg to differ :)@Veeren_Jubbal But, but who will come to the aid of the down trodden white person…? Maybe Sally Struthers?@Stroppy_Girl Right?! I mean i hate that it’s happened to @Veeren_Jubbal but it’s handy as hell for finding the turd burglars.Pro tip, “Holiday Wreath” and “Holiday Wraith” bring up VERY different search results. Damn autocorrect.@jakeflem @Apple Been there. my 2001 MBP. W/out Apple care iirc it’s a flat $310 depot repair. :|
@bugfrog @johnnyhatchback Yeah that’s straight up not cool. I don’t even know how someone thinks that’s ok“@bugfrog: WTF People??? “@7im: Zillow. Gross. Uninstall http://t.co/mQFw17V8ab”” Bros man. Bros :(Yo, App Review. If the Drafts widget is not okay (https://t.co/orx3I91f6b) because of buttons, what about this? http://t.co/DtOr5DNsiX
Retweeted by John Wilker@brentsimmons wish I’d known this a few days ago. Nothing worse than tossing your Magnum Opus in the bin. Oh well.@brentsimmons so my combo retrospective gift guide… a no go?@WickedGood @Spacekatgal I’m allergic, if i wanted a hate beast (cat) it’d have to be one of those@Spacekatgal @WickedGood They make hairless cats. Very hypoallergenic :D creepy looking, but hypoallergenic.@iconmaster @WickedGood word, pits and Rotties give me pause, even knowing plenty of nice ones.First speaker announcements for next year now on the nsconference website http://t.co/iyQyCvabuQ
Retweeted by John Wilker@noir Ditto. I feel like I should use it, but am so awkward with it. Using a mouse is starting to look like an acceptable situation :|
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