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U of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon Resigns. http://t.co/if0CeSUBH0 via @michigandaily@erin_gs From me, kids there got gluten free rugalehMy kids' school forgoes Halloween in favor of International Day and it's kinda wonderful. #montessori http://t.co/nmsZflmqClMadonna taking a selfie http://t.co/Nm1pJNAMZq
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What it's like to be a man, walking the streets of NYC for 10 hours. http://t.co/Xw48Li3nH1@socarolinesays Wait, you can get paid for that?Xmas comes early for tabloid editors. RT @patrickjanelle: Tom and Lindsay? http://t.co/uzMdXw0BvhThe Big Data on the Quick Hook-Up. Swipe right in this great @nickbilton cover piece. http://t.co/1RPqOJUBp2Read about Angaleena Presley in the WSJ & now this is on repeat Ain't No Man • American Middle Class on #Spotify http://t.co/Lca8dTPB2U
Amy Poehler on reddit "On behalf of myself, I say to the internet: Live Long + Prosper. Battlestations at the ready. Don't believe the hype.@AdamsLisa WOW!!!!! Congratulations, Paige!!!!Hey #books people, you wanna know what an actual #YA thinks about YA novels? Follow this wonderful Tumblr: http://t.co/4mVumntUsfJ-Law breaks up with Chris Martin because he hasn't uncoupled enough from Gwyneth http://t.co/T7vUSis2xH.@JoannaStern is exploring @geoffreyfowler's brain. Thus far she has found nothing #WSJDLive http://t.co/i6GxwsHIb1
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@LaurenGoode Wear Google Glass also good for ensuring celibacy.@jonathanwald @peterlattman @SpearsNBAYahoo Don't be such a tuches, JonathanUnbundling is the new acquiring. RT @alexweprin: Wow. Madison Square Garden to split into 2 companies. Sports/TV & real estate/entertainmentThis evokes angst, nostalgia and relief! RT @zseward: "My SAT" is trending as kids get their scores this morning :-/ http://t.co/IVtcGQyaoqI have a crush on the recorded voice of the woman who at the 42nd St/8th Ave subway entrance repeatedly purrs, "Please! Watch your step!"@peterlattman @SpearsNBAYahoo As @jonathanwald says, Dress British, Speak Yiddish.Google shows which side of the vaccination debate it stands with today's doodle. #ThanksYouDrSalk! http://t.co/RFA5XAh59kBest socks in the journalism business: @gerardtbaker, editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal. #WSJDLive http://t.co/EOFhqTjOji
RT @WSJSports: Stephen Ross: I won't interfere on Michigan's athletic-director decision. http://t.co/cgGVQQQk4l http://t.co/D5C7tB8nLE
Retweeted by katierosman@ScottMAustin Lol. you flatter me!!@ScottMAustin So pleased that it's my @WSJD legacy!!Will a Bush run against a Clinton while both run against the record of Obama who ran against the record of a Bush? http://t.co/l5eAjficHR@abbygardner @erin_gs Ella said, "You're gonna love the last song, Mommy. It's called 'Clean.'"A great letter indeed. RT @anitathetweeter: Daily Telegraph letter of the day http://t.co/37VqQieYxk
Retweeted by katierosman.@erin_gs will have to wait until after-school Hebrew School is over to discuss the news of the day with her peers. http://t.co/OgAmesIHmNThe person who for so long refused to get married now won't stop. Page Six: George and Amal have second wedding http://t.co/FTnpd0ScLnThe complete @taylorswift13 1989 album dropped into little iPod 4s in the morning's wee hours and all is right in the world of pre-Tweens.RT @jyarow: Happy birthday to the only person on the internet worth reading, @socarolinesays.
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It's all search and social, bae. http://t.co/o2XP3HDLuH@noneck I told her it's something nice girls don't need to know about!My son reads aloud from @lauramholson's #sundaystyles story about Miley Cyrus. http://t.co/5r3xIJBZjy
@Jonwebs as if it's the first timeI just watched Rudy with my kids and sobbed like a baby.SundayStyles burns up Most Viewed list http://t.co/kyiyFYU6xu #2 Renee's Face http://t.co/pUOmSemz89 #10 Mindy/Malala http://t.co/UOiDCj50vIAn octogenarian hanging out at the Boom Boom Room mistook Mindy Kaling for Nobel Prize winning teen Malala Yousafzai. http://t.co/OCxJTR7M96
Retweeted by katierosman@erin_gs @racheld If you have to ask, that's the answerThe info we really need is what octogenarian w Kaling/Malala confusion was doing at Boom Boom Room. Is it that oves? @racheld @katierosman
Retweeted by katierosmanWho wore it best at the party celebrating Alexander Wang’s H&M collaboration? I love WSJ's Off Duty http://t.co/nmELOXyaGrWSJ smartly covers CDC's response to NYC Ebola as an election issue -- because it is. http://t.co/wEVrzmE02vAmazing reporting: Details on Ebola Dr.'s fiancée come from her Pintereat boards and college Young GOP Club prez: http://t.co/Jx2I4mL8njI think this article is compassionate but also spot on. Why the Strong Reaction to Renée Zellweger’s Face? http://t.co/YjUfd39hgr
Retweeted by katierosmanMindy Kaling mistaken for Malala at the New Yorker Festival: “If I were, I’d be at the Boom Boom Room?” http://t.co/WV4By9EzqT
Suspect in murder of WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl released. http://t.co/GNIH3kDLyd@AlexKuczynski You hit out of the park on this piece, Alex! Well done!RT @kemcke: "Instead of aging along with us, she jumped off the path." Why the Reaction to Renée Zellweger’s Face? http://t.co/Igv7yZ7LiT@ConorDougherty i knew what you meant! ;-)I'm responsible for all his best work RT @conordougherty @katierosman is responsible for my A1 story on "Hoverboard http://t.co/F8wl1nbFen"Ms. Zellweger now looks like someone not even related to the quirkily pretty, Kewpie-doll star who had us at hello." http://t.co/ZaIGxC0QyKSneak-peek at SundayStyles! Alex Kuczynski on Renée Zellweger's Face. http://t.co/pUOmSemz89@courtyforrest Tis now!The Ebola doctor went to Grosse Pointe North!! @rooprajfox2: #Ebola patient with Metro #Detroit ties. http://t.co/6gv6KqyNUgFantastic story. Did the queen truly tweet the tweet? Palace sez: “We’re not getting into the processology of this.” http://t.co/5fYjmiyUTVImpressive stewardship of the environment, @Starbucks. http://t.co/X6JhHqWOgw
uber confirms Dr spencer used the service on Wednesday evening. http://t.co/iZMKHcBzVd
Retweeted by katierosmanWeather Channel's head of digital strategy/marketing, @erichad, gets hired by Pinterest to run "partner marketing" http://t.co/PP7jEUYG1wLadylike women get fashion inspiration from Adi Heyman, a stylist, blogger and Orthodox Jew. http://t.co/q0CztCnEKE
Thrilled to welcome this Twitter legend & tremendous talent aboard MT @TheStalwart Joining @Bloomberg to launch a new markets site & TV show
Retweeted by katierosmanTough gig: Facebook's Arturo Bejar is tasked with trying to get teens to be nice to each other. http://t.co/YdDAdhIutgRenee Zellweger faces-off against the critics of her (new?) face. http://t.co/whdhu9aanHTalk about a high-pressure assignment: @RobertGKaiser wrote the WashPost's #BenBradlee obit. He did his subject proud http://t.co/CmbErJccKCWhat Makes America Beautiful: Author of erotic fan fiction about OneD's Harry Styles gets a $$$ book deal. http://t.co/RqFYYH8s1PHe was like a character out of a movie. Not just women, men loved him, too. --"kid" reporter @BumillerNYT on Bradlee http://t.co/82kQyLDCChDecades before the digital era, #BenBradlee was coining buzzy, Twitter-perfect acronyms. #mego http://t.co/GMsmkOv6Je
@stdoyle your most important user awaitsSeparated at birth: Sarah Palin and Monica Lewinsky. h/t @raju @pjfeinstein http://t.co/LR9PSPpA7GIn July I promised @katierosman I would get skateboarding onto @nytimes Page 1 within a year. The future came early. http://t.co/CLpoTH1pu7
Retweeted by katierosmanNext up: the three-legged dog. RT @conordougherty In July I promised @katierosman I'd get skateboarding onto @nytimes Page 1 within a year.Renée Zellweger Looks Like a New Woman http://t.co/tbGvQyDgw5@raju Wow, good call. You're right. My best elevator star-sighting at WSJ was Palin. She was very pretty + teeny-tiny! Quite friendly too.Monica Lewinsky looks great. http://t.co/W1VtQxdPjR
RIP Oscar de la Renta
Retweeted by katierosman@susanorlean that's what I decided after episode 2 season 2. Not all love is meant to last forever!For POTUS, only the most cutting-edge technology America has to offer will do. h/t @katiezez http://t.co/dDZ6wlLe7T
@jasonWSJ Hey everyone come look at me, I've got street credibility!@jasonWSJ The second exclamation point following the Wham! reference shows a remarkable fidelity to details. http://t.co/EJN6Qta2xMPolitico's @DylanByers was married by a minister of the Church of Latter-Day Dude, a Big Lebowsk-based religion. http://t.co/0q3ifAeHFkMy children are discussing the relative merits of Blue and North.Our cover story this week, about a boy with autism and his BFF Siri, is just amazing. Loving the reader comments too! http://t.co/R8blF4pj68
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"This is a love letter to a machine." Leading tmrw's @NYT Styles, a gem about technology & humanity. #siri http://t.co/oWKYWCUlkMHoly Ethnic Stereotyping, Batman!! http://t.co/D2Ky9Meza2
@erin_gs if I had any idea what it meant, I might be able to answer but prob notOfficially, they're the mainstream media RT @romenesko: Gawker memo: "I don't want to tell you what to tweet, but..." http://t.co/ILplcaMGyJListening to my kid do his Spanish homework: "Siri: translate 'las fresas.'" #NoBueno #strawberriesIf this pumpkin's a-rocking don't come a-knocking! Regram from @lonsdwlelyndz #PumpkinArt #vwcampervan http://t.co/T6ZXZHj79GNot the Onion RT @BostonGlobe: Passengers on cruise carrying Dallas health worker will receive 50% off future cruises http://t.co/23aYYPRva6If the goal of today's Ebola coverage in the NY Post was to scare the heck out of me, job well done.@jeffpulver hi Jeff! tell me more about it Katherine dot Rosman at nytimes
Per my request, my sister asked her mailman if he'd speak to me for a story. "No good ever comes from talking to those people," he replied.@adamjk The corporate puzzle opportunity you've been waiting for!!!I'm currenlty soliciting sponsors - RT @nytimes Your Instagram Picture, Worth a Thousand Ads http://t.co/MhIlXoVWtf
Retweeted by katierosman"Words are so Gen Y"--intriguing story on how top brands are paying popular Instagrammers for favorable photos. http://t.co/hXTyya6wZS
Retweeted by katierosman@adamjk @marianliz I love Adam's book!!!Love me a romper! RT @EHolmesWSJ: The jumpsuit's journey from novelty item to entire category. http://t.co/JuPbKehKUk http://t.co/VVy1KueLT1Chartering a helicopter ride over Chicago was expensive. But she did have 55,000 Instagram followers http://t.co/PsZglZVInR
Retweeted by katierosman@AlexandraJacobs 😘
@michaelroston Please do! If a tree falls in the forest and it can't be monetized, no one will have heard it...
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