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NYT SundayStyles editor + columnist; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer

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Happy 45th birthday to Twitter's #bitofbeauty, @AdamsLisa. ❀️@thisisjendoll We'll wonder why you're sleeping in so late
During Vietnam, TV brought war into our homes. Today, social media brings it into our every moment, @carr2n writes. http://t.co/QJO76Uv3D4Good AM! Last week was so uneventful, maybe this week will gives us something to talk about.
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"Like 'Apocalypse Now'" NYC-Hamptons helicopter noise makes locals scream. Perfect Sunday read by @BernsteinJacob http://t.co/yknRZbJtTTThe bride was searching for a 'pothead' boyfriend. The groom was her Mr. Right High. Hilarious @NYTstyles story. http://t.co/o14CcccKhQYIKES "People might think it's controlling, but I don't put anything in my kids' closet I wouldn't want them to wear" http://t.co/PHYzaEBwRb
@mathewlittman thank you!! It's exciting. I start Monday!Disgusting & horrific RT @nycjim: Relatives of #MH17 victims says mobile phones of the dead being answered by looters http://t.co/KEDEFF2v4MA modern-day vestige of starting a new job: changing your google alerts.@mathewlittman hard to read when you need both hands to hold a big gulpIncredible story: Ukrainian town tries to handle the emotional + physical detritus of a plane that fell on its head. http://t.co/7Dqn3AL2LQ
@EHolmesWSJ @MattMStuart Oh there's a video. I will have it tmrw, I think. These 12 kids did a FANTASTIC job with 2 weeks of prep.Mr. @MattMStuart, here is your protΓ©gΓ©. http://t.co/be5bNKmE8r@smithjenBK omg ... Fitbit can repurposes it's broken watches!!Opening Night Media Blitz Begins #byebyebirdie http://t.co/T6MHiP6Ulr@ScottMAustin process of elimination@RickBrooksWSJ an active verb and everything@ScottMAustin But what's the answer?Last day of vacation. Cleaning out my closet. Here is HALF of my yoga clothes. πŸ™€ http://t.co/NXFaqUJh2q
@euanrellie @HandoftheLaw Great pic. Very diverse workforce. πŸ‘±πŸ‘¦πŸ‘΄πŸ‘±πŸ‘¦πŸ‘΄πŸ‘±πŸ‘¦πŸ‘΄@HerAuto @GenderLeaders Thank you!@ejeancarroll My upward trajectory started with the profile I wrote about you. ✨
See you tomorrow, love bug @AdamsLisa. ❀️🐜@jonathanwald good line, JW.@NoreenFennell Thank you, Noreen!Another man gets a top job at Pinterest. RT @ischafer Congrats @drubs! You’re joining a great team @ Pinterest. http://t.co/ZrEVjwrRIl"”Great story, @koblin! RT @EHolmesWSJ: Lamb’s Club estimates 20% of its biz comes from Conde Nast. TWENTY. http://t.co/lcvOZ1viZwOne-two punch of @jmartNYT's plagiarism story & this passage in "Wonder" led to discussion w/ kids about attribution. http://t.co/P7S9vrJZzBMe: "I'm done." My 8 year old: "A turkey is done. You are finished."YES! http://t.co/3yRaNPC0QtTrue to herself to the very end: @katierosman's last @WSJ story is quintessential @katierosman AND I LOVE IT. http://t.co/c5N3xp9vEP
Retweeted by katierosman@adamrofer that's upsetting, thank you for flagging!Key numbers from Facebook earnings call: http://t.co/peSpzJG3Cs $FB http://t.co/7gTEsGtW1g
Retweeted by katierosman@SarahNassauer 😘An oh so @katierosman @WSJ swan song from @katierosman. When male CEOs head businesses with female customers: http://t.co/1cOH1ab1fr
Retweeted by katierosmanFemale shoppers confuse male CEO's? When do women NOT confuse men? http://t.co/CYrb5qKQSB
Retweeted by katierosman@georgia_wells 😘Pinterest. Etsy. Craftsy. Cricut. Companies run by men but used by a mostly female demo. My look at tech gender gaps. http://t.co/CttqJcGujII am laughing at the @replies much more than I should RT @DesiJedeikin: In your face, Larry http://t.co/KzyUh2jq36@erin_gs Real Nannies of New YorkWomen are from Mars, tech CEOs are from...somewhere that doesn’t understand women. @katierosman on the divide: http://t.co/4Z09eiZjhi
Retweeted by katierosman@katelaurielee Worth working on over vacation. xo@wallernikki Thank you, Nikki!My final byline in the great @WSJ. The Instinct Gap: When Female Customers Perplex Male Techie CEOs. http://t.co/ozlexDE6LN
@EHolmesWSJ @SeungheeSuh I showed the WSJ Prince George video to my kids. That + the @taylorswift13 piece has morphed them into WSJ readers.One of my between-jobs projects. My daughter said it's not pink enough. http://t.co/QUpCZrnPkbWhat a coup for @FortuneMagazine: @alansmurray to take the reins of Luce's business journalism legacy!!
.@Cosmo interview with @JillAbramson was done by @lyazel an ex-@wsj editor--1 of many brilliant women's mag journos http://t.co/LPRp8ox70y@AdamTrot Fine. But there are no Davids in a chick band.I think @dietcoke needs better market research if this is who it thinks its core demo is. #MoreWomenFewerMels http://t.co/2g6VONTpr2
@hillbillyinNYC I just remembered I had it!!MEN WALK ON MOON; July 21, 1969 NYT and Life Magazine, bequeathed by my grandfather. πŸŒπŸš€πŸ“° http://t.co/P6ApvXLJXO
Google Inc finds tantric sex forgettable. http://t.co/3WBDEJYwtS
.@DietCoke's printing of names on labels for social pic sharing is modern iteration of Dale Carnegie's tenet: ppl love sound of their names@AlizaLicht Thank you, Aliza! I'm excited. Xo@euanrellie tell that to the relatives of passengersHot car mom and dad are about to get a reprieve from wall-to-wall cable news coverage.@jonathanwald Holy cow@jonathanwald Is this the plane from months ago or is this something new?!?!?OH at the beauty shop: "I want to go from dumb-blonde to summer-blonde."This #yoga book made by @EHolmesWSJ is an incredible feat of creativity. Just AMAZING! πŸ™ http://t.co/uMT1iwYuWX http://t.co/hB3zavQrBu@EHolmesWSJ You are an amazing friend.I had so much (too much!) fun last night! Thank you to my @wsj friends for the fantastic send off!! http://t.co/Os0x8Q4CaU
Already getting too much credit from @katierosman for her going-away bash. http://t.co/GzRXP5y9ue
Retweeted by katierosmanOMG, they got my number! @EHolmesWSJ @ConorDougherty @ScottMAustin @emilyny http://t.co/hYCU8nuHVnπŸ‘  We're a nation of Cinderella stepsisters--shoving our feet into small shoes! @EHolmesWSJ dives deep into big feet http://t.co/oG4VbDLK5f
@katierosman um, they do.
Retweeted by katierosmanWho tells Dick Costolo and Tony Conrad that they dress like lesbians? The how-can-you-not-love-her @karaswisher does. http://t.co/nC34ko2vkL"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up." What a story. The Walter Mitty of the #BritishOpen http://t.co/gsimyIXgmx
ICYMI @detroitnews columnist Tom Markowski writes farewell column after writing about high school sports for 35 years http://t.co/HKUqqr9DWt
Retweeted by katierosmanI have spent a beautiful day with the beautiful @AdamsLisa. #LuckyMe ❀️ http://t.co/rccBYLzRSn@MikeIsaac That was fast!!! Well done!@wassermanwealth @AdamsLisa First day of vacation and you betcha hanging out w/ Lisa was my top priority!! Making her go out to lunch w/ me.@bgoldberg Hi Bryan, trying to reach you. is bryan@bustle ... the correct email address?@scaackler @AdamsLisa yes!Been here 5 mins. I BYO the mess. RT @AdamsLisa: What a diff 10 minutes makes. Now @katierosman's here #cozycorner http://t.co/a2mYAYqDT1
Kickstarter + invention = VC funding. http://t.co/pFI6n4XZSg #startup by @katierosman @peterkinoma http://t.co/KzoHCvWt8x
Retweeted by katierosman@myblankie Thank you, Blankie!!Two former NBC producers have quietly built a following for their news service. TheSkimm now has 500k subscribers http://t.co/O19vNOt2V6
Retweeted by katierosmanTracy Chapman must live in a mansion built solely from Sirius Coffee House station royalties.
@IsabelWilkinson Thank you, Isabel!@KristaSmith thank you!! I love medium too--and am excited for the new gig. Would love to reconnect at some point. xoMy 8 year old son just told me, "If you liked it, you shoulda put a ring on it." #ThanksBey@hillarykerr let's make a date@hillarykerr @nytimes Thank you! Let's talk stories soon. Yes?@stacymartinet Stacy, thank you so much! I'm very flattered--and excited for the new challenge!
@erin_gs No, silly! 14,005!!!@dannyyadron You are my password guru.Don't despair! Becuz, #this! http://t.co/iJDlxV2bEo RT @EHolmesWSJ: Sad day: @katierosman is no longer my coworker. http://t.co/Uz6UPmNapo”@AlexandraZaslow our connection is one of the greatest gifts to come from my having been lucky enough to call your dad a wsj colleague. 😘@marciadorsey I will, Marcia, so kind of you! I start at the New York Times at the end of the month. xoAfter a decade at the Wall Street Journal, this is what I've learned. #goodbye https://t.co/QSeu6RIlUc@AdamsLisa @lucythecorgi This is BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!@DannyGroner @nytimes thank you!!@samanthaettus you're so good to me. xoxox@embeedub this is really great@markdubya Thank you, Mark. I appreciate that.@raju I remain paying reader, ardent fan, admiring friend.@PreetaTweets thank you. leaving this place is tough. love it here.
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