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Pretty great beach-read. 📱➡️✈️➡️🏯➡️🍊➡️❤️ http://t.co/8ocGjDhrPu
#TIDALforALL. It's so Lucious Lyons.@peterlattman On vacation and mostly off the grid; just one question, good for the Jews?
@ConorDougherty I'm an anecdote in my own story. http://t.co/yXSUtY3xr7@nickbilton @chrystaolson Wonderful news! Congratulations to all three of you!
Know this isn't the point, but her hair actually looks great. RT @PamelaPaulNYT: Emailer: "GET A HAIRCUT!" My reply: http://t.co/uzLKnzt4auCan't wait to debut my new @snoopdogg skirt from @weareclashist while on vacation! Decided it's NSFW. https://t.co/2T48djsfaN@AlexandraJacobs they both were right
Took one for the team. "Ms. Pao’s suit succeeded in prompting debate about women in technology and venture capital." http://t.co/U69DYqQkT0"Mom, do you have to have a sad story to be on The Voice?"Benghazi Committee: Clinton Wiped Server After Emails Deleted http://t.co/Oe1QCrBMfQHow will she pay for the Uhaul van? RT @nycjim: Google to pay new CFO $70mil but only $7,500 to move to California. http://t.co/aKKZjxXFKe@MissJennaB @AlizaLicht whatever gets you on the mat, sister@MissJennaB @AlizaLicht you don't need to answer to me, i am not judging! #judging xo@AlizaLicht @MissJennaB i'm not judging but i think 30 in 30 means yoga everyday for 30 days. #judging@MissJennaB @AlizaLicht I don't understand, you go to yoga three times a day?Elisabeth Moss discusses her fave #MadMen elevator scene with the WSJ's @ebenshapiro, in an elevator. Super cute. https://t.co/t5WgTydWAN@xeni I wanted to flag this for you. Can't stop reading/re-reading this poem. xoxox #bcsm https://t.co/65XvYRM5j8@kevinroose @TheStalwart The Twitter owned product doesn't let you tweet it?@ScottMAustin @JeffElder Such as ... a 'Y' chromosome?Pao-Kleiner jurors are zeroing in on comments that Pao lacked a "genetic makeup" to be an investor. http://t.co/4c0kdqAxXZ via @JeffElder
Retweeted by katierosman@RickBrooksWSJ abbreviationOscar winner J.K. Simmons to throw out first pitch on Tigers Opening Day http://t.co/Wu3DyR5Fhr http://t.co/bonOrgjN2Y
Retweeted by katierosman
If there was any doubt George Castanza was Larry David: Jason Alexander to Succeed Larry David in ‘Fish in the Dark’ http://t.co/OV7wkDTWhX@peterlattman funnyPedestrian killed at Port Authority near 8th Ave, in addition to all else. It's an unsettling time.The product-placement of Brian Grazer's new book on the penultimate episode of #Empire was so obnoxiously blatant, it was almost genius.@MikeIsaac I'm dying to be chatted up by the dude who puts a mustache on his front bumper@zseward @katelaurielee How cute is Mrs. Seward?!?!?"I consider it to be deliberate" - Fr prosecutor investigating the plane crash
Retweeted by katierosman🌃🗽 teenagers spend weekends ✈️ -->> Wellinginton, Florida, to 🏇 for 🏆. http://t.co/Y89xSiNdzW
@lizaswanson It's getting good, isn't it?To our subscriber Richard and the gentleman who took his @WSJ so many times over the years: http://t.co/31P1flheJE http://t.co/yysAERXjbb
Retweeted by katierosman@casacks that's all that really matters#AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik <3 http://t.co/WJVVsuCT6i
Retweeted by katierosmanThe @NYTmag calls Kendrick Lamar "the hip-hop messiah. But what would Lucious Lyon say? http://t.co/aBe8ZPDnMr@pkafka @NellieBowles I like to think so.
@peterlattman @m_delamerced Anticipation.Way to go Twitter! I checked out Monica Lewinsky's feed and Twitter suggested I follow Bill And Hillary. http://t.co/M52I2AY5Cq@peterlattman @AlexandraJacobs When, inevitably, someone gets a SIGNIFICANT book deal to write your biography, I'll consider your versionBut this is my very favorite Elaine Stritch quote. @AlexandraJacobs http://t.co/0dkdRkRHrXCan't wait for @alexandrajacobs's book to bring to life Elaine Stritch + our shared hometown! http://t.co/vGUXLGd7ZO https://t.co/48333JCFVW@CarsonSieving @TandCmag @tuckerblair @SandBBelts Real Time Stitching! http://t.co/ZqybG5glvN@erinleecarr and he was lucky to have you.The Breakfast Club met for detention 31 years ago today 🙌 http://t.co/1vodsTp1p3
Retweeted by katierosman@LaurenYoung @ronlieber @nycjim @LauricellaTom Last Year in Jerusalem. (It's dated 2014)Prince of Hineys. RT @sarahw "Novelist Pat Conroy starts new chapter with opening of fitness gym" http://t.co/gFRMRGrIspFollow @JeffElder for his live-tweeting of Kleiner/Pao closing arguments. Riveting."We are all here today because Kleiner Perkins broke the law," Pao's attorney Alan Exelrod says, launching his closing arguments.
Retweeted by katierosman@ErikaRobuck horrific, horrific, horrifichaha. @EmilyFlake http://t.co/FD57OAsNFb http://t.co/YZonSieYsr
Retweeted by katierosmanAbsolutely terrifying. Ugh. RT @AP BREAKING: Germanwings CEO: plane went into 8-minute descent before crashing.@erin_gs I'd need to see you do dynamic multiplication before I could assert that, actually.Veteran diagnosed bipolar after serving in Afghanistan. Tragic. Police Shooting Victim Tried to Live Meaningful Life http://t.co/Z2QbiusHeuAny one else struggling to get kids in winter jackets because "IT'S SPRING!"? NYT: Cold-Weather Deniers http://t.co/j4ST6SYSV5 via @nytmetroThoughtful essay by Angelina Jolie after hysterectomy: "I went through what I imagine thousands of other women have." http://t.co/KB4VFVE5Nf
UPDATE: Phi Kappa Psi calls on Rolling Stone to retract the "Jackie" story and remove it from its website. http://t.co/icKgfXjnMC
Retweeted by katierosmanThere are no winners in this story. Awful. NYT: Police Find No Evidence of Rape at UVA Fraternity http://t.co/Pe8wT5P0b1The Double-Edge Sword of Praise: Apple endorses the new Steve Jobs bio by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli http://t.co/5YyLGeGPbg@margalitfox I'd follow you twice if I could! #earlyandoftenJust noticed that as of today I have 999 Twitter followers. Who will be the lucky person who's going to rocket me into the quadruple digits?
Retweeted by katierosmanLuckily, colleagues❤️hearing about yoga practice. RT @stdoyle: Boring sports topics at work: Your fantasy team, your golf game, your bracketHRC email is missing. RT @ReformedBroker: LOVE the Hillary Clinton Emoji cover from @NewYorker http://t.co/Aal4nL0XfP http://t.co/VEn8wjd4zr
"Is Christina Aguilera one of the biggest names in music, you know, like Beethoven?"
Twitter is like another 9 year old I know well who prattles on endlessly and self-centeredly about blah blah blah. #HappyBirthdayTwitter@michaeltemkin I'm telling you, it's high level stuff@BuckyKatt EXACTLY!!!!!Took an hour but I figured out how to open the hood of my car & refill my windshield washer fluid! Feel like Superwoman. What *can't* I do?💪@JulieKlam put a question mark at the end of that question and you're grammar are perfect!SO good RT @marincogan: Such a terrific profile of @MonicaLewinsky by @jess7bennett http://t.co/Tpt7gAJFYd
Retweeted by katierosman@JulieKlam I think it's cavemen, plural.@jcourtsull It's a wonderful story and we are so happy to have your byline in the section! More please!!!
Had Mitt Romney made "Don't read the comments" a campaign slogan, he mighta won. @TheFix http://t.co/UKa9hb8l8x http://t.co/hI2vJu5pLAA beautiful story: Adult children of fathers who died in the '90s, in shame + from AIDS, come together by @jcourtsull http://t.co/iOH2gCcKOs.@candacejackson @peterlattman The Cookie that actually *could* solve the centuries-old issue of race-relations: http://t.co/JCzF3oUcJ4@peterlattman also, see @jeffweisbein@peterlattman @candacejackson Pharrell would say it's not a rip-off, that sort of thinking will destroy the cartoon business.The perfect New Yorker cartoon? http://t.co/qka2riB3vM
Retweeted by katierosman@KGBphoto Hi beauty, so glad to meet you this week. xoxoxI love it when the office is quiet and I can overhear the wedding announcements being fact-checked. #lawyer #banker #yogapantsmaker@racheld @Larakate What potatoes go with the new meat?Love this @socarolinesays piece because it makes me feel like a mother, superior. http://t.co/NoPXqtvoZ6@godwinanthology @KChenoweth You have such a beautiful voice -- THANK *YOU* !!!@kevinroose @tim_cook @pmarca @karaswisher @jack Marissa would laser that shizz off her face in a New York minute.Binge-listening to "Fool Me Once" by @godwinanthology because @KChenoweth told me to. https://t.co/uoMQ91Xv65@emilyjanefox it makes you feel warm inside, like when a homeless child gets a college scholarship@brookssigler it's ... um ... quite a story. #sand@knash99 i tweeted before i read beyond the lede. OMG. i have a feeling they'll wish they hadn't shared this with a reporterTiny Violins: Family lives in an 8-room apartment in the Beresford on Central Park West; can't afford a new $14m apt http://t.co/gu7TCp2u78This man is an important person in my life. He is my pot dealer. http://t.co/d9HhHLtbLq
@jswatz You woulda loved her! She was science-to-her-core.@xeni @nytimes All I did was put her truth on the page. The beauty of the piece is all Lisa. xoxoxFor 20 years, Monica Lewinsky has been "that woman." Those days are over, writes @jess7bennett in this riveting opus. http://t.co/4bHs8cJffTSnapchat's new scripted series is a (Sasha)Spielberg-(Emily)Goldwyn Production. Another great @mollyoswaks joint http://t.co/7Sdi8RE7pL@MikeIsaac poor man's first class"Many PowerPoint presentations are unintentional parody already, so why not go all the way?" Funny ahed, @ShiraOvide http://t.co/zpbCgJr2VSYou missed my and @emilyjanefox's writers meeting this AM, @jpressler. #nutgraphs #abs http://t.co/SuY6mUevnW@jswatz @Bookgirl96 lol@janiceylee I know and was proud of my restraint. So out of character!At Starbucks, just ordered a "flat white" and didn't even make a joke about it to the barista. #butiwantedto #personalgrowth #RaceTogether
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