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The Snow Day Calculator enters its season of downloads. http://t.co/L46MnGqwNI@erin_gs it was something like: "Is it a food blogger? A U-Penn cheerleader? A Pinterest crafter? No, it's Twitter's new CFO!"I do my job and I go about my day but I never stop thinking about @adamslisa. Not for a second.What a great story! PS I think it's NEVER ok. h/t @alansmurray When it is—and isn’t—okay to text your boss http://t.co/EOkCZaWZM6It had a much funnier lede in the first draft. #editorsMy mini-profile (from this summer) on the Twitter CFO who, per @kevinroose, just made a big Twitter DM mistake. http://t.co/2Kv81foOXC@markdubya If you're traveling for holiday, download. It's riveting.This is not funny. http://t.co/CXqX4OVUvc
"When will it end? It is long past time for this media vilification of Mr. Cosby to stop.” -- Marty Singer http://t.co/hkuQoezpmpCalling Out Bill Cosby’s Media Enablers, Including Myself by @carr2n http://t.co/GN62mlUhpxSec of Defense Chuck Hagel -- sole Republican on President Obama's national security council -- is out. http://t.co/31GElJzuUd
Odell Beckham just broke the internets. Catch. Of. The. Year. #DALvsNYG http://t.co/e8J5kzCFN4
Retweeted by katierosmani dont know sports but this looks neato https://t.co/9uCnojheN8
Retweeted by katierosmanA Former NBC Employee Is Claiming He Was Bill Cosby’s “Fixer" http://t.co/VQZ7Z2dwLt http://t.co/14WdVhhxjm
Retweeted by katierosman"The reason there's a TenBelow in Manhattan and a FiveBelow in New Jersey is cuz even junk is twice the price here." --my son to his sister
@marm315 didn't mean to be a bitch, sorry. My kids are turning me into a shrew. PS I'm from mich@marm315 @brianstelter @SabrinaRErdely Pardon the wrong vowel. But if that's your focus you're missing my pointTHIS is a journalist affecting change. RT @SabrinaRErdely: UVA President Sullivan suspends fraternity activities: https://t.co/engTakwoiqHope the Harvard and Yale folks find some success down the road.
Retweeted by katierosmanYes http://t.co/MizAJouoag
Retweeted by katierosmanThe ultimate #someone captures extraordinary photos of ordinary people: Mary McCartney’s Candid Camera http://t.co/jWwJVIuwEYThe technorati's moral dilemma: To Delete or Not to Delete: That’s the Uber Question http://t.co/G8fi3k5LOjType A New Yorkers always be networking! "For the young and cool om set, meditation is better than happy hour." http://t.co/HdLIRYd7vdI edited a trifecta of great stories in tomorrow's SundayStyles... 📰📰📰Chris Bosh called me yesterday. ☎️🏀🙌New York Times style section article this weekend 💜 thanks @katierosman http://t.co/RULgM1hNlG
Retweeted by katierosman
@lapresmidi wow. you know I love the data, as a general matterCan't stop thinking about Serial.Walter Isaacson's first question to @HillaryClinton: How's Charlotte? "She really is quite remarkable," the First Grandmother said. #nyhs@ajpiano @timdonnelly @StealthMountain And yes, I mean sneak peekDo you have Uber Angst? Sneak Peak at SundayStyles. http://t.co/dlnWruj9lO@katierosman just slightly different angle. definitely toned the image (exposure, contrast, color balance) but not out of the ordinary imo
Retweeted by katierosmanDoes Goop photoshop "candid" images of Gwyneth Paltrow for Instagram? Check out the lighting & GP's arm and elbow. http://t.co/H3RIN5tNffOF ALL THE GIN JOINTS! NYT books reporter @xanalter meets National Book Award winner Phil Klay ... on a NYC subway! http://t.co/lVJ3ivkKpmOne of @Sulliview's grapest columns yet. #grapegate. http://t.co/crTpABXbiUEs can totally change a story. https://t.co/8TsXd69uPu@margeincharge @abbygardner Cyrus = Steve Sanders@TheStalwart @hblodget Rented tuxedos are for prom.“I don’t subscribe to the idea that the company has an image problem,” sez David Plouffe, Uber exec/former Obama aide http://t.co/AkJelJOE9v@erin_gs You weren't kidding, you really do need to get out more.
#OliviaPope has to charge her phone?! Next thing you'll tell me she actually has to dry clean those white clothes. @ScandalABC #TGIT
Retweeted by katierosman@katelaurielee there's a good *you* story coming!Massive story-envy: A @WSJ Page Oner about Pinterest's "head of workplace" and other Silicon Valley perk-providers. http://t.co/IgJe6wUV5FAnd here's to you... http://t.co/NENrKg2MNu
Retweeted by katierosman@MikeIsaac I told my son the other night that uttering the words "I can't" actually shuts your brain off from being able to succeed #MOMSftw@erin_gs i responded with the urgency that the matter requiresNightOwl Launches So You Can Get Drunker Better Faster Stronger http://t.co/W2G4vApVjb via @techcrunchWhen the playdate gets too chaotic, just order another round of beer! Loved working on this great @propjen story! http://t.co/8oJSEN9ruz@karenjnovak one of my favorites#MikeNichols http://t.co/1nICD7YzOWMy husband just called me high maintenance and then ordered a triple grande soy cappuccino heated to 120 degrees.Mike Nichols has died: http://t.co/004OHWEYlg
Retweeted by katierosman
@EvelynRusli TLDR is the best abbreve evz IMOSubway "man-spreaders" ... can they be tamed? http://t.co/Xaz92JX6QyAs happy as an artisinal Schwin bike-rider in Brooklyn that @sulliview included a piece I edited in her Monocle Meter http://t.co/ZvPRFhUIuFConfirmed: Insiders tell @TVGuideMagazine that NBC has canceled plans to develop a Bill Cosby sitcom following rape allegations against him.
Retweeted by katierosmanNo one does it better than @racheld who just emailed me, "I know you must be very busy because I read about it in the New York Times."Why would a reporter attending a press dinner assume it was off the record? http://t.co/KTsv1TFVvt@AdamsLisa @sloan_kettering You made me laugh out loud. And not even a #narcotweet!! #hinorm@TimOBrien @irin OMG. That's actually scary.@MargaretEWard I agree!@ditzkoff @nbcsnl She is the funniest. Love her!!!Great Daily Show with Jon Stewart segment on Detroit and the city's let-them-eat-cake attitude toward the poor. http://t.co/BbMZkG4FCRAlso known as "Wednesday" RT @MargaretEWard: It's international men's day! Give the wonderful men in your life a fantastic smile & say thanxMy son, on behalf of himself and his sister: "You treat us like dogs. You don't even let us live in L.A.!"All hail the journalist who wrote this headline. (via @IllicitPopsicle) http://t.co/xz65enddE5
Retweeted by katierosmanNothing compares to Brooklyn. RT @elanazak:.@nytimes editor to reporters: Stop comparing everything to Brooklyn. http://t.co/txtttWWRF1@davidfolkenflik I've irritated people for a lot less myself!!!Sexy in highlighted-hair, George Michael way: PEOPLE names Chris Hemsworth "Sexiest Man Alive" http://t.co/i597LlAfK7 http://t.co/xFdF1xVqMzFired before his official start-date, Today Show exec will get $3million pay-out for pissing off Matt Lauer. http://t.co/qMOhmSrRFwJanice Dickinson claims she was drugged and sexually attacked by Bill Cosby in 1982 http://t.co/mTXedf2m3J
Retweeted by katierosmanMr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. http://t.co/YwcSb7PNfh@rachelsklar your sense of smell is acute when you're knocked upImagine Shaquille O'Neal standing EVERYWHERE. That's what it's like near Buffalo right now. #snOMG
Retweeted by katierosman
@jmrosman Hey, I hung out with you there nights ago!While meeting with President Obama, Denis McDonough's briefing book had an inspiration note attached. http://t.co/aEm6Pw6ow1
Retweeted by katierosmanBro Tech: James Middelton, brother of Kate and Pippa, makes marshmallows personalized with digital photographs. 👑 http://t.co/gnzylneenlBusiness Week sure knows how to attract the key 8-year-old demo! @BW http://t.co/08896TyffVWhen Uber exec told a dinner party he wanted to surreptitiously dig dirt on ppl, he thot he was off record #thatsrich http://t.co/uCJk8hBd7sWILLOW: Because living. http://t.co/seEiIu8KqO
I'm at the place I went to with @KristaSmith and @Kuhn.@MikeIsaac I'll follow your brand anywhere
Who in this town is not? http://t.co/fAXbOUkWI6Sorry.NYC -- > LA ✈️! #yay! RT @NYCSanitation: DSNY issues 'snow alert' for 8 p.m. tonight. Drive carefully. http://t.co/oAdMc7w2Z5.@canary is gonna be huge. A security system that's perfect for apartments: http://t.co/23jmcXK2pU@kevinroose That's what happens when you say "no dessert tonight."Modern-day version of hanging-up on someone: my son got mad at me last night and unfollowed me on Instagram.Amazon-Hachette battle is over!
Retweeted by katierosman"Is Kim Kardashian a nice girl, Mommy?" "Kim Kardashian makes Miley Cyrus worthy of our bringing to temple with us to intro to the rabbi."Bridesmaid for Hire. Genius. RT @TheCut: Meet the woman who can save your wedding: http://t.co/ICVsYHHshw http://t.co/8boGJWG6J5Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., had quite a jolly time at the Glamour Awards, @koblin reports. http://t.co/7FL5Kj3d6uWoo hoo! RT @erin_gs: When children's museums and big brands hold hands. My story for @wsj http://t.co/VKeCAQ1FQe http://t.co/MBS5ZZO9nCMichigan's president caused stir when he questioned cuckoo environment around college sports. He should double down: http://t.co/21mmxNFRlM
Retweeted by katierosmanTalented @NewYorker cartoonist @lizadonnelly whips up a Twitter-inspired cartoon in no time. http://t.co/hgLUMV33Qu
Retweeted by katierosman@sloan_kettering I wrote a book about it, the hospital knows. What I object to is seeing his face in my feed as am emblem of good care
The combination of two of my greatest passions!!! By the delightful and talented @vsaffron http://t.co/aKQUlrcZi4@racheld Even without a byline, I leave fingerprints!JUST IN: Hasbro said to be in talks to acquire DreamWorks, CNBC's @AndrewRSorkin reports. http://t.co/D5V4XTF4hZ http://t.co/GL19Bq1m4w
Retweeted by katierosman@clairehoworth She'll need two hands to count her chins soon. Stars are just like us. #2kids #35lbs #bothtimes
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