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Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart calls out the rampant sexism in politics http://t.co/mB71BxQQSE via @SalonBRA approves plans for year-round public food market in Boston http://t.co/moERZaSWE7 via @BostonGlobe@RunToMunch @universalhub Someone from @danger_awesome posted on reddit that they'll do it for $35@BuzzFeed stoppppppppppppppppppp.@bakepedia in the @BostonGlobe today! | How Toll House recipe became a cookie-jar staple http://t.co/5YRRHENYuLMuffins baking, coffee and tea brewing, it's not even 9. Who AM I?
TIL that spring cleaning = covering everything in your kitchen and bathroom in white vinegar. #themoreyouknowThis looks fun RT @WeWork Hello ladies! You're invited to the Boston Girl Geek Dinner on April 29 at WeWork! Sign up: http://t.co/WJchyn8hFRJust found chocolate I forgot I hid from myself in the back of the fridge so today is going really well. #successBahahaha | An Artist Found An Amazing Way To Get Back At Creepy Men On Tinder http://t.co/OOKXzcLEwg via @rachelzarrell @buzzfeedGross. | Uber Used the Boston Bombing Anniversary as a Promotion http://t.co/cVzE7ZbPdYIn short: don’t pay. WATCH THE VIDEO. RT @KendallPress: facebook fails as a platform for marketing. http://t.co/MfcN7WHZT0
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Come visit! It'll be fun :) (@ The @SaltyPigBoston) http://t.co/tSIv2b7nxG
Tunes ♫ Look Like You Love It – Elliphant http://t.co/tK4OF9VJCj #NowPlaying
@colinsteele the geese detonate all over the Riverway every day. Watch your step!Uunattended backpack reported at Brookline Ave. and the Riverway turned out to be an unattended sleeping goose
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini@reidjjackson On the way up I fantasize about how I'd limp and pretend I'm recovering from knee surgery if someone tried to confront me.hodor hodor http://t.co/sLQrg8Y7kD24 People Who Didn't Notice Rehtom is Mother Spelled Backwards | 24 People Who Applied for the World's Toughest Job http://t.co/YiaTPLwaJs.@KoMarketing Acquires @Contaxio: A New Beginning http://t.co/UYmi5MBZoi
I can only express my feelings in symbols !!!!!! O_O !!!!!! | Citizen Public House Introduces the 'Pappy Meal': http://t.co/GC1vTm1WFrI also make a point to only answer pizza-themed questions | Failed Interview with Macaulay Culkin + Pizza Underground http://t.co/4H57lwBEwrI'm glad it's breaking international news that Prince William told Kate she looked like a banana.
@broadway_jayD @universalhub no shoes??#BPDPublicSafetyAlert: #BPD confirming a male suspect in custody in connection to the unattended backpacks found at the Finish Line.
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniFive Reasons to Love Boston Right Now | The Urbanologist http://t.co/iAutVdNGVjJust started using HelloSign... super easy way to get contracts signed quickly! #freelance https://t.co/ktJvahdDZk@megansarahj lol couldn't fit. Had to abbrev.@megansarahj people get a weird satisfaction from being associated w death. Like when a classmate dies and suddenly they were everyone's BFF@megansarahj IKWYM. Had a deep effect but feels exploitative to talk about bc everyone has felt the need to insert themselves in the tragedy
On the rivah http://t.co/eZm3jTRB3GiLike | NEW Lana Del Rey - West Coast: http://t.co/JUyi4WUKmzThe Black Keys - Turn Blue http://t.co/dgSbCgP74eAlso, sneaking into the YA room felt like peeking behind the 18+ room curtain at Video Paradise amirite?Library day was the best day! | 5 Reasons Why You Need Take Your Kids To The Library http://t.co/PsaK690P1Z via @HuffPostBooksImagine every magazine editor's glee when s/he decides that Purple Reign is the cleverest headline for today's #GoT recap. #journalismPurple wedding: much more satisfying to see than to read. It was over in a paragraph! Couldn't wait to see it brought to life. #puns #GoT@Ed2010News editors* :)I can't fit enough exclamation points in this tweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Alexander Wang For HM New Collaboration Collection http://t.co/cmFOwKtkKj
@megansarahj also Neve Campbell's appearance obviously means someone's parents are getting killed by a drunk driverMAD MEN 🍸🍸🍸Someone needs to talk to January Jones about her hashtag abuse on Instagram.Brunch! (at @AudubonBoston w/ 5 others) http://t.co/g1hZKnpbbV
There is nothing more delightful than remembering you have a pizza waiting at home for you.
Your Wi-Fi isn't 'wicked.' Stop it. http://t.co/kPppgknVed
It's not truly a walk through the Common without a guy yelling at a tree#KeytarBear is at it again in Faneuil http://t.co/jzGI2YaBS1@kmobsky and 24 Shovels That Are Having a WAY WORSE Day Than You@kmobsky Oops my bad, I just checked, I was actually a rusty hook.@kmobsky My favorite was "which arbitrary object are you?" I was a rusty shovel.Boston's Tech Community Responds to Gov. Patrick's Plan to Ban Non-Competes http://t.co/87MSDdRHhs via @BostInnoFrance pretty much makes it illegal to work after 6pm http://t.co/BI4jOp3LwR via @guardianYou are a Pizza Champion. No one questions your love of pizza. You’re all about that pizza life, everybody knows it. http://t.co/FlLIWTdHiP.@beCraftsy is offering a free online class for those of you interested in "sharpening" up your kitchen knife skills! http://t.co/TnERhKZo69
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniWhat are the "real causes"? | Senate GOP blocks pay equity bill http://t.co/Mr4s0DDxWq via @POLITICOThe Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now http://t.co/mBYUKqqYko via @mashableI may or may not have seen most of these How It's Made episodes | 22 Mesmerising GIFs That Show How Things Are Made http://t.co/t7XJ5gwSaNNICE TRY http://t.co/X3TILkIrBz
Just accidentally spent $12 on cacao nibs at Whole Foods and was too embarrassed to ask the cashier to remove it. What have I become??How this freelancer made $80,000 in 24 Hours https://t.co/VCh4Bs7RPF via @freelancersuLove when calls end with a smile! Just had a great chat with @amandarivc of @InspiremeComm, a woman all about empowerment and positivity.Cheese, carbs, and cheese on top of carbs- it's #PizzaWeek at @NoshOnIt! http://t.co/Hm1Ike5nkaA step in the right direction. | Mayor Walsh announces examination of Boston’s addiction and recovery services http://t.co/wPe4AQMNCKReport Confirms Businesses With More Women Do Better http://t.co/GJkiCDy3tt via @mashable#passwordhygiene | Heartbleed Security Flaw Emphasizes the Need to Change Passwords http://t.co/4WNIGVCjabNew To-Do list | The 38 Essential Boston Restaurants, April 2014 http://t.co/sVhpAQrVUl via @EaterBostonI'll read anything with "Mad Men" in the title but this is good |12 Habits of Successful People (Mad Men Edition) http://t.co/HgLze6H5qjAnother point.. why does ANY woman have to be on a cover topless to be sexy? | Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ naked victory http://t.co/ncWjXYs3RTThe Secret Shame of an Unacquired Tech Worker http://t.co/pwRyPaKKQU via @IntelligencerIsn't it weird how people you haven't seen in years willingly show you the contents of their uterus on Facebook? It's weird, right?
I will be reading everything assigned thx | My Course on Mad Men Taught My Students How to Be Smarter TV Watchers. http://t.co/RGKLiDG2guDoesn't Washington know how important this is?! | House of Cards May Have to Film Elsewhere After Losing Incentives http://t.co/2BDPyXxgWMRaise your hand if you've been there o/ | Most Depressing Job Interview Currently Taking Place At Starbucks Table http://t.co/yeBWUDS7Az@Jezebel This is embarrassing.@KHolowchik on Becoming jm Curley's Pastry Chef http://t.co/sbmPxYwYnQ via @EaterBoston
@OnlyInBOS More sauce you bloody donut!No Boston or New York :( | Jack White HEADLINE SHOWS ANNOUNCED http://t.co/yI23SkWDLT via @thirdmanrecordsEveryone Loves Free Frozen Yogurt, or, The Perfect “We Miss You” Email http://t.co/ohVKtKDOOH
@CrawfordComic pics or it didn't happen
Habanero kombucha 🙌 (@ Urban Farm @Fermentory) http://t.co/pSli3TYI7i
Hot date with my man (@ Fore Street) http://t.co/gra6DekIW6Crazy! | Blogger Pulls Off $30,000 Sting to Get Her Stolen Site Back http://t.co/zKrr1xORdp via @mashableThe Dude abides. http://t.co/aOoem56Q88
Bowling is literally my favorite thing on earth.YES (@ Bayside Bowl) http://t.co/jqUIU7FCgITHIS MENU. Must eat all of it. | Nosh Kitchen Bar (551 Congress St, at Oak St, Portland) http://t.co/AhrRsLcdRRMeat and cheese and happiness (@ Novare Res Bier Cafe - @novareresbiercf w/ 2 others) http://t.co/21TwhYDe2U http://t.co/zhRsa4I6HPFrank?? http://t.co/e7W7IoX5tNPortland-bound! (@ MBTA North Station - @mbtagm w/ 3 others) http://t.co/rjDkA8lCae
Spoiled Victorians are to blame for the urban squirrel! I am fascinated by this article. #themoreyouknow http://t.co/qO4SPPdhhFI will NOT FALL FOR IT THIS TIME @boloco! You get me every damn year!@HolliesBerries what an obnoxious and hypocritical article. He backtracks when he brings up Sysco supplying high-end places.
Announcing: the Graduate Journal of Food Studies http://t.co/Tbqhilyndn
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini@ClearPathRes I've seen people do it, but I'm guessing they don't live around hereRainy day creations http://t.co/9tH6PlZ6ko@davejshea @universalhub That's one way to control the population@universalhub Rabbits aren't new in Fenway, I've seen them for yrs. Maybe we don't notice b/c we're busy trying not to step in goose shit!Why didn't I know about the Hot Dog Party happening at @CodaBarBoston?? http://t.co/zI4O0stSte@megansarahj I am old because when I first heard this today I thought teens were exploring their creative side with culinary arts.A Tale of Procrastination: Write 2 sentences, sip coffee, check Twitter, remember you're wasting time, sip coffee, return to Word, repeat.
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