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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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Shhh! I'm in the bushes MT @jmartNYT A remarkable part of remarkable pg 1 story today on Bezos. Will @kenvogel crash? http://t.co/3V3WUHciXG"All power to the people!"--my mom, the hippie, in fwd'ing this story on protests at my HS over headphone & food bans http://t.co/pDpHYtLL9hKochs can't be pleased w name of GOP mega-donor John Jordan's new s-PAC: Americans for Shared Prosperity. Almost seems an oblique swipe. 3/3John Jordan's new ads target women, but have already drawn heat from top female GOP consultants like @katiepack: https://t.co/URrrL5cJ7v 2/3GOP donor John Jordan, who's quibbled w @KarlRove approach to big$ ads, up w his own, @maggiepolitico scooped Sat http://t.co/o9eNXCh0Po 1/3Top female GOP consultant disses new women-targeted ads by @TheRickWilson hitting Ds w/ Obama as bad boyfriend theme https://t.co/URrrL5cJ7v
"We run this school!" Student protests at my alma mater lead administration to relax new rules: http://t.co/5PV6mNwdSWRegular guy @JoeBiden in Aspen for an invite-only event sponsored by the private equity firm Forstmann Little & Co. http://t.co/p6vLDrYbP6Joe Biden, in Aspen for an invite-only event sponsored by private equity firm Forstmann Little &Co. #WorkingClassHero http://t.co/p6vLDrYbP6(TM) RT @JesseFFerguson Cc @vogelfacts RT @kenvogel Also, studying. MT @UberFacts Writing down worries before taking an exam can boost scoreAlso, studying. RT @UberFacts: Writing down your worries before taking an exam can boost your test score.@davesmith3 @dccc @BresPolitico thus, the 2nd in my 2-tweet series: https://t.co/7bnlRstLtDNot unusual for party cmtes to take out loans (http://t.co/gAo4Ue3UyP), but notable that Dems are concerned Obama is tripping them up (2/2)Dems considering a $10M loan to finance late @dccc advertising, GOTV push, @BresPolitico scoops: http://t.co/9WYwohB3Dv (1/2)& thus ends one of my favorite blogs of all time, @daveweigel's over @Slate: http://t.co/ECOeAK6YtQTune in! RT @SteeleAndUngar: POLITICO's @kenvogel is with us now to break down key midterm races.
@Olivianuzzi "blah blah blah," said sen smith, who wore a dark suit with a red striped tie and black wingtips.if he loses, I hear he's got a nice place in NoVa -- & a recliner in KS -- to retire to MT @shiracenter Pat Roberts is in BIG trouble #KSSENJames O'Keefe, out of the Rio Grande & back in the lab, cooking something up MT @JamesOKeefeIII: @PounderFile you ain't seen nothing yet.she & Bill Kristol both RT @PeterHambyCNN: Rand Paul on 2016: “My wife is not completely convinced of it." http://t.co/MwL4Frv6QjC'mon, people! It's not even tourist season. #MetroCenter http://t.co/S0jwsgJrGJFull disclosure: my dad runs the place. But you should check it out anyway. Well worth the trip. https://t.co/2uuYVQdmClThe @tenementmuseum, while grappling w/ the LES gentrification it helped spur, is thriving, reports @theresaagovino: http://t.co/UTH7d4aUwh“I’ve not seen a cycle where this many seemingly oppo-driven hits shape so many big races" says oppo vet @PounderFile http://t.co/7KPADZPzRI
@lachlan @FreeBeacon @ByronTau little known fact: proud trolls are among the best swashbucklers.Ready for ... @Eagles vs @Redskins: https://t.co/QljESG4QBv@kenvogel @dorseyshaw it’s not like there are any visual cues in the STL logo that indicate its associated with baseball. Oh right the bat.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOK, I'm just gonna go ahead & admit that I miss having @zpizza in the lobby of Politico in Rosslyn (a/k/a POLITICO WORLD HEADQUARTERS).58% of Cardinals fans are in Ariz. 48% of Cardinals fans are in StL MT @dorseyshaw: Rough day for CNN graphics dept. http://t.co/dnQtWj9UKfIs it "bombastic" to capitalize "POLITICO"? @mlcalderone believes IT IS: http://t.co/6DbWSgxuzcNot surprisingly, the ex-Koch official Obama tapped for the Corp. for National & Community Service was selected by Mitch McConnell, I'm toldThe correct phrasing would be "the Koch-affiliated Obama administration" MT @mollyesque: So we can call Obama “Koch-linked” now, right?Wow. Obama just appointed an ex-Koch bros foundation executive to the Corporation for National & Community Service: http://t.co/WCSyqrt7Y0#honesty RT @PoliticoKevin: .@ByronTau, within five minutes of meeting someone: "You might be useful to me in the near future."@PoliticoKevin @ByronTau that's what I said upon meeting Byron. Still waiting ;)Solid economic development strategy MT @tsegerblom: boycott venetian - Sheldon Adelson cracks open checkbook for GOP http://t.co/d8fUaoghwp@jonathanvswan thx!Asked if she'll challenge @SenSchumer, @ZephyrTeachout deflects, but says "I'm definitely going to run for ofc again" http://t.co/HJhZFQWAFuSoros et al created Democracy Alliance to catch up to the Kochs, who are just trying to catch up to the DA. Got it? http://t.co/I2NX253DxT@AndrewKroll @asmith83 + homes on the eastern shore & in Alexandria, per pp. 194-197 of my book. http://t.co/PPEhUTxDZQExactly. + rates for remaining slots=exorbitant & too late to build ground effort MT @ericheggie probably not-TV at saturation level already@DanRiehl :)Sheldon Adelson may in fact donate $100m to GOP orgs, but can they spend it effectively at this late stage in cycle? http://t.co/d45Tp2hFMkCan't recommend this story enough: Gary Hart and the end of political journalism, and politics, as we knew it: http://t.co/c2ij7GA20F
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIs Sheldon Adelson going "to get 'Roved' yet again," wonders @DanRiehl: http://t.co/NC7sieMCTZ@DougHeye @ByronTau @billburton @jeneps who?@DougHeye @billburton @jeneps don't forget Hillary, who likes the Cubs & the Yankees. Or Obama: http://t.co/cQjf5rzKwNLike Palin, she likes them all MT @jeneps Kid: What's ur favorite soccer team? FLOTUS: Gosh, I don't know. Who’s your favorite soccer team?@chrisgeidner turd blossoms
@NickGass Siri does metro#ObamasAmerica https://t.co/W1IJ02JVOTSheldon Adelson gave $10 million to Crossroads GPS, @KenVogel reports http://t.co/HhDqZxqrRZ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSheldon Adelson, finally coughing it up: http://t.co/HDkeZsoESZThe conductor on this @wmata metro train seems to have a British accent. https://t.co/B6OMCIWxfiRabbi Moline is a great wedding officiant MT @Daroff Post-partisanship: @AmbDermer's #RoshHashanah party w @NJDC's Jack Moline + @Mbrooksrjc“You need another picture, Debbie?” Obama says dismissively to @DWStweets when she seeks him out after photo lines: http://t.co/UeHa7Z1reHFun class! MT @TessWallenstein Thanks @kenvogel for coming to our #SMPA Campaign Reporting class to talk big money in politics this morning!beware the falling dead mayflies cc: @sinderbrand MT @ByronTau The Harrisburg Senators will play the Braves tonight. https://t.co/ge2gzpPD9d@karentravers @ExcaliBrah @grmartin boooooo! to both the braves and the nats. #Philly4Life@karentravers none of them know our agonyLots of @Nationals pride on display in @politico newsroom today.Details skeetails MT @timkmak Grimes ad "Skeet Shooting," trumpets gun familiarity. Problem: she's not skeet shooting http://t.co/hyIanSlJ7NBillionaire Rubin Schron, among NY's largest landlords, hasn’t named any properties after himself cc @realDonaldTrump http://t.co/qqlWxPaiiABeen looking fwd to book MT @susandominus excerpt in @NYTmag from All the Truth is Out, @mattbai, on Gary Hart's fall http://t.co/CbbDREgmzlI consider myself lucky to have avoided a Darwin Award. MT @kenvogel: MacArthur folks somehow appear to have overlooked my genius yet again.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel$625k of shit RT @ComfortablySmug: It's a shit prize, Vogel MT @kenvogel: MacArthur folks somehow appear to have overlooked my genius again.Will Don Graham finally invite me now that he's left WaPo? MT @jackshafer: You're getting a Bilderberg. MT @kenvogel MacArthur overlooked meMacArthur folks somehow appear to have overlooked my genius yet again. http://t.co/i8bJPYMQt2
Closed-door @MavPAC conf will feature @tedcruz @senrobportman @CarlyFiorina @Reince @RepTomCotton @EdWGillespie etc: http://t.co/otZzwjXXI8Big @cathymcmorris feature in @glamourmag. Awaiting verdict of "princess effect" critics on photo. cc: @sarahkendzior http://t.co/E9UsPrCx7kSome valid pts in argument that Kochs get too much attn, but citing 1) Soros & 2) @OpenSecretsDC data on disclosed donations not among them.only works well in House races MT @jmartNYT Re: Va Rs playing D on culture. Anti-abortion Comstock in VA-10 sez "I'm not running for SCOTUS"Newt on immigration reform: "you can pass 5 or 6 bills...to fundamentally overhaul our immigration system... incldg some path to legality."@kenvogel @BPC_Bipartisan he should have used Fidel Castro as his example
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNewt, preaching need to push back retirement @BPC_Bipartisan, cites new book from Henry Kissinger, who "I think is like 112 or something.".@NewtGingrich, preaching need to push back retirement age @BPC_Bipartisan, cites new book from Kissinger, who "I think 112 or something."Newt, who collected $1.5m+ from Freddie Mac, dropping knowledge to @BPC_Bipartisan: it's "stupid" to "over leverage" on a big mortgage.Newt, @BPC_Bipartisan summit, on student loan "disaster ... a conspiracy on the part of colleges" to keep the $ flowing to support salariesHigh praise from @Eagles beat writer @roobcsn: Darren Sproles "really is Westbrook good on screens": http://t.co/1SWaTwC3uX
Great @wuerker art on this @davidnather story: "Would a GOP Senate be King of the World?" http://t.co/HUjSTnkua7 http://t.co/RGL1i76KA5Was waiting for his thoughts MT @soundofthecity: Michael Stipe Thinks the Koch Brothers' Power is Just Kind of Stinky http://t.co/5H1iQCssf4Grimes, using tough material early, releases ad swiping McConnell for holding gun wrong & confusing UK, Duke bball http://t.co/8Haug9ighfThis review is just brutal. http://t.co/VyOeRwCevpHeaded to the airport. 3 a.m. Still lingering groups of drunk folks on street. #Telluride http://t.co/vemQyWgk10
Rocky Mountain chill in the air, Grateful Dead on the iPod keeping the pace. Perfect way to start day @tellurideblues http://t.co/0lDfZdGcH91st beer of Telluride #Blues&Brews weekend at Brown Dog Pizza. http://t.co/PI9RwVFYzw
.@badler piles on Arlington, tho his description suggests he may not have gotten far beyond Politico's Rosslyn office http://t.co/z22xekSpF2"All in all, the opposition researchers who spoke with @WBEZ say they sleep just fine at night..." http://t.co/gGl0SdASdxLoved that cover MT @djunderh2o: @philsimmsCBS dropping Randall Cunningham name 25 yrs after SI's "ultimate weapon" http://t.co/7n7PNh5lx8LeSean McCoy left now viral $.20 tip on his Visa to make sure the restaurant knew who he was. #MissionAccomplished http://t.co/NPyQwQUsrqReporters "should cover key mega-donors & should work to make their private influence public," suggests @peterbeinart http://t.co/MnQvcnHJFM80's slow clap? @kenvogel: & this, my friends, is how you clap RT @JoeNBC: The great @williegeist makes a point http://t.co/mMdGSZlgDW
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel& this, my friends, is how you clap RT @JoeNBC: The great @williegeist makes a point http://t.co/EsUtcfmnLO#TBT -- Cheltenham (PA) High School, class of 1993. Good times, bad hair. http://t.co/y3G54eLQzzRemember great work of reporters like @mmcauliff who pulled people out of the dust cloud, then documented health problems of 1st responders
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSubject line on email from @GlennBeck: "#1 Item You Should Be Hoarding" http://t.co/f1wXCNM25d
"He's got daylight, he's at the 50, he's at the 55, he's tackled at the 60-yard line"--James Brown, in 1st @NFL game: http://t.co/soVqPv7xuT.@Koch_Industries CEO: "We’ve been ineffective at building what some experts call our 'brand.'" http://t.co/HdtDtlDOYoMy bunker's fully stocked w gold, guns & grub MT @joshgerstein movement of food stockpiling ads to CNN prbly means #endtimes are approaching& w Obama destroying the economy, it's a good time to buy coins from @Goldline & bunker kits from @FoodInsurance. @laura_lrnzo @brianstelter
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