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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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@DukesintheSD :).@MittRomney on 2016 run: "circumstances can change, but I’m just not going to let my head go there." http://t.co/HTuoMGdiIK@Mbrooksrjc I was being a bit sarcastic.Apparently, donors are now coming under attack. #TheTimesIsOnIt http://t.co/1oQIcdjJ8O
@ComfortablySmug #3buttonsforever@ComfortablySmug just threw 'em out, along w: consul, which may very have still worked, tho I hadn't tried it in 10+ years. Sad day.Just found my late teens/early 20s at the bottom of a box. #moving #sega http://t.co/6oChxAXjzE.@asarahlarson inspects the @tenementmuseum's Tenement Inspectors tour, & finds parallels to low-income housing today http://t.co/zsFfCTaB3eGreat line in NYT take on social media nastiness: "Trolls, who some researchers think could be mentally unbalanced.." http://t.co/vy6P0TFbVeGuys, people can be mean on the internet. #TheTimesIsOnIt http://t.co/vy6P0TFbVe
Charles & David Koch "wish they had as much power as @SenatorReid says they do," according to their own brother Bill: http://t.co/zapHU1MvFyCharles Koch's politics sometimes are a "bit extreme," his own brother Bill (also a GOP mega-donor) tells the @ap. http://t.co/zapHU1MvFyFun & interesting backgrounder on the Koch bros (all 4!) from @nbenac & @AP_Politics team: http://t.co/zPl9NX6pj3.@AP scores an intervu with lesser-known Koch bro Bill, who stopped collecting art b/c he's "run out of wall space." http://t.co/zPl9NX6pj3Subject line on WH pool report: "golf o'clock": "Those of you expecting more golf...will not be disappointed." Obama at Farm Neck golf club.Definitely a class by himself RT @RogerJStoneJr: @realDonaldTrump head and shoulders over the pygmies considering the 2016 GOP nomination !
Yes RT @carr2n: After frittering away a week at work, stayed home and got a ton done. Is work a bad place to work?@philipaklein @allahpundit think it paints comprehensive pic of sharpton's career, but @GlennThrush doesnt need me defending/subtweeting him@karen1atl @philipaklein @allahpundit you should read the story before assuming it's a puff piece.There are 3 key points to understand ... https://t.co/IH9uGKUqlQGood sense of humor about it. https://t.co/Hq2FdYeH9OSCOTUS thinks so MT @LeslieMarshall: Should #billionaires be allowed to spend unlimited $ on political campaigns? Why? Call- 888-6-LESLIEThanks! MT @BizBooksInsider Big Money is a must-read if you're concerned about politics & the future of this country. http://t.co/kzIAnhpQo2"There’s really no one else out there who does what he does"--WH official says of @TheRevAl Sharpton via @GlennThrush http://t.co/s9FDTPKmhu
@KenVogel of @Politico joins me to discuss his book “Big Money” tomorrow at 3PM EST on the nationally syndicated http://t.co/cpTlRhMTOz #p2
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@erikarneson @scottdetrow reading papers had space in the capitol newsroom that was manned during session when i was there (2001-2003)@erikarneson @scottdetrow Kori Walter, who's now working for @JimGerlach (I think) was in HBG, at least during legislative session.Lots to cover MT @scottdetrow: 13 people on that list still there. Definitely smaller crew these days, but still one of larger press corps.PA politics, circa 2002: jokes at expense of @GovEdRendell @Bob_Casey Mike Fisher & Rudy fill state gridiron program: http://t.co/smHS2sAPPWPenn. Legislative Correspondents' Assoc, 2002. Imagine there are probably far fewer reporters in HBG now. #packing http://t.co/I3DPEM0M6G
Less toothy. More smirky. MT @AP_Ken_Thomas: Similar to DeLay & Edwards pics MT @tplohetski: Perry booking photo http://t.co/fVeLtIAJLl.@FosterFriess, in Israel, apparently texting to his email list: "Under attack…In hotel bomb shelter…more than 40 rockets fired from Gaza."$81k! Game changer! MT @davelevinthal: .@lessig's Mayday PAC just spent $81K+ on online ads promoting D @RubenGallego http://t.co/E4CKA3Pwn5In these emails, The Most Transparent Administration In History debates whether it shud release an ethics memo to me: http://t.co/YJAmjs0Wbf@rickhasen @jameshohmann & cold-bloodedCould interfere w/ the gridlock MT @jameshohmann: House ofcs warned posting ice bucket videos violates ethics rules: http://t.co/508j3gVCnDThe less-told side of #Ferguson story: good Samaritans handing out food/H2O/diapers; guarding stores, via @ambelenky: http://t.co/8IZKraAx1s.@TimPhillipsAFP, on @SenatorReid's 1-bedrm condo @RitzCarlton DC: "interesting how he pays for it on a govt salary": http://t.co/NRVDMHWUfUDon't count on @AlisonForKY getting fined for her bus deal. The FEC cleared Sue Lowden's 2010 sweetheart bus deal: http://t.co/rC302Rxb8EIn @Politico's gallery of politician mug shots, only Tom Delay & John Edwards are smiling. Also tied for best hair: http://t.co/fRej6PS4xbGive ur email to more Republicans MT @davidaxelrod I've gotten lots of unhappy emails after my Tweet that Perry indictment looked "sketchy."In 2012, Adelson "propped up a failing Gingrich campaign like a remake of Weekend at Bernies," writes @Business_Ghost http://t.co/4wE8OXAxP0This life-sized cardboard cut out of @SenatorReid at Koch bros seminar got donors "fired up" http://t.co/vOBX3WzeJE http://t.co/wORieTdmW1.@SenatorReid asks rhetorically of Kochs: "What have I done to bother them?" Pause. “Only everything I can, right?” http://t.co/WBlqryWcU7Better screen grab of @newyorker cartoon @SenatorReid keeps on the desk in his Senate office http://t.co/vOBX3WzeJE http://t.co/AWVhEQk8FIObsessed much? @SenatorReid keeps this @newyorker cartoon on his desk, @burgessev & I report: http://t.co/vOBX3WzeJE http://t.co/daPczyrp67@nickconfessore its "status as a political hub is on the rise", if i don't say so myself. http://t.co/Z04aACad0DSCOOP: Sheldon Adelson donated $20M to @AFPhq in 2012: http://t.co/WBlqryWcU7 2014 plans unclear, but if he re-up$, could really shape map.Some intense footage from ace @Politico videographer MT @Maddie_Marshall: Last night in #Ferguson, cops are on edge. http://t.co/7ooytsyKMC.@ByronTau talks about reporting from #Ferguson: "2 classes of protesters"-ppl who want change & ppl who want trouble http://t.co/Rzui2gakNeEven when they come equipped w great Grant Hewitt quotes? MT @redptstrategies .@RalstonReports is always rough on the outsiders (@burgessev)@RalstonReports @burgessev I'm at the edge of my seatFailed Ralston test--again! MT @RalstonReports: .@burgessev mangles "Nevada" & @kenvogel says Reid "may be nervous" re: Kochs. Not a chance.Ha! Likewise MT @burgessev: I've known @kenvogel for 4 yrs now but never shared a byline with him until now. #blessed http://t.co/tE6ZiFX753The Kochs and @SenatorReid are girding for war with each other. @kenvogel and I: http://t.co/h8glEJTkM2
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe @agendaproject, trolling @RepPaulRyan hard, with an alternative cover for his new book: http://t.co/V1rpnaKJq2Much more presidential. RT @rickklein: Out: Paul Ryan bicep curls. In: Paul Ryan archery shots - with deer heads. http://t.co/uFsc8711am
The biggest $ didn't get its way on Election Day '12, but the biggest donors still seriously shaped the policy debate http://t.co/shf5ZguAx6Ha! Donald Trump, talking Al Sharpton, apparently unironically: "He fans flames…He stands on soapbox & rants & raves" http://t.co/qe6mhqfci3The Son of #McCutcheon: @ptwest25 looks at the latest lawsuit in the conservative assault on campaign $ restrictions: http://t.co/bvz4a9n9Ib... & that looks like a duck. https://t.co/GygKNfdwSINot to be upstaged by @GovChristie, @SenJohnMcCain then joined Jamie Foxx on stage & performed the robot dance: http://t.co/zVUK6aQdSl@jameshohmann @DougHeye except in football, networks have an interest in making sure the 1 pm games end before the 4 pm games start
"This is my neighborhood. You are my family, friends & I am you"--MO St. patrol Capt Ron Johnson at #Ferguson rally http://t.co/MdwP5sqMw8"I wear this uniform & I should stand up here & say that I'm sorry"-MO St. patrol Capt Ron Johnson at #Ferguson rally http://t.co/MdwP5sqMw8This speech, by MO state patrol Capt. Ron Johnson at #Ferguson rally for Michael Brown, is quite moving. "I am you." http://t.co/MdwP5sqMw8Great color on the .01% in this @maggiepolitico dispatch on Bill & Hillary in the Hamptons: http://t.co/KIPvYnyrEV https://t.co/x1Paw6Is5XCarl Bernstein, eyeing softball jerseys made for Clintons at Hamptons charity game: “I’m gonna take Hillary’s shirt.” http://t.co/DUSiMnC9Wj
What could possibly go wrong? MT @BuzzFeedBen: Report from @itsjina in Liberia: a mob just destroyed an Ebola center http://t.co/puRGucYnzO“Requesting info..." MT @charlesjaco1: What FBI's handing out to #Ferguson residents near where Mike Brown was killed http://t.co/y8ajDYGUyU.@GovernorPerry: "I wholeheartedly and unequivocally stand behind this veto.".@GovernorPerry : “We don’t settle political differences with indictments in this country. It is outrageous..."Gov. Perry: indictment is an "abuse of power. I cannot & I will not allow that to happen. I intend to fight against (it) & I intend to win.”Will never forgive Belichick for taping signals in run-up to (& possibly during) @Patriots Super Bowl win vs @Eagles https://t.co/61O4ms7Q08#SmartTake MT @backyardconserv Lib dorks MT @kenvogel #Ferguson rioters harass, threaten reporters, @ByronTau reports http://t.co/C0a8W6MeaGYou know it's a media circus when … the Taiwanese "news" animation outfit has dispatched a reporter to #Ferguson: http://t.co/F1V8JtOYpAWhile trying to record the destruction of a liquor store, one looter told me: "Get that police shit out of here." http://t.co/N6m8orF4kZ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWill he be waving that flag? MT @USAForRickPerry: .@GovernorPerry will deliver a statement at 2 p.m.CT at TX Capitol. http://t.co/M0PNBkzzRn#Ferguson rioters harass, threaten reporters, @ByronTau's @politico dispatch from scene last night: http://t.co/C0a8W6MeaG“Get that police s**t out of here…This ain’t no show,” dude told @ByronTau as he tried to film #Ferguson looting: http://t.co/C0a8W6MeaGtis the season #virginiasfinest http://t.co/B71sEPcX3E
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Rick Perry and the Criminalization of Politics" by @rickhasen. Good read: http://t.co/kM4kvQzdJl
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelReading a little more about Perry indictment, the politics don't seem inherently career threatening, provided, of course, he beats the rap.
Statement from Perry's lawyer: “We will continue to aggressively defend the gov's lawful & constitutional action, & believe we will prevail”@ryanjreilly love a nice frostyAttn: @BobbyJindal RT @DannyKanner: 3 of the last 4 @The_RGA Chairs --> 2 indicted, one currently under federal investigation. #ReformersNothing can keep @ryanjreilly from that McDonalds, apparently. https://t.co/3X4EiLdaHW@rickhasen maybe, but tough to run even when there's just smoke & no indictment. See Christie, Chris.For folks just tuning in to the Rick Perry indictments, here is our background piece on the issue. http://t.co/U6VUE3MfwU
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSo much for 2016 MT @MattMackowiak: Gov. Perry indicted on 2 counts over veto of state funding for Travis County DA tied to resignation.Ferguson police have made some very curious decisions with regards to the press and press relations.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel1.) Make public allegation. 2.) Demand contrary evidence. Formula for sound journalism? cc: @WesleyLowery https://t.co/BzNYzPQHcCBig money goes small town: @aburnspolitico on lavish spending by @MikeBloomberg, Koch orgs, etc. rocking local races: http://t.co/OwMcR3uTW7@HHHElections @timtruett @rickhasen: @TheRepLawyer THOUGHT it was quoting Stalin on votecounting-suggesting approval of sentiment & *source*Republican Natl Lawyer Assn--org that quoted Stalin on need to control the vote count--is @thereplawyer #CORRECTION https://t.co/DjJ1hTR2q8Ok... Here's an election law handout from GOP lawyers org @rnla that quotes Stalin on controlling vote counts: http://t.co/GwEWqiZPQB@EdwardErikson we did a quick take, but probably deserves more thorough treatment at some point: http://t.co/E1pmaU4QyI@kenvogel @lessig No they haven't, was explaining that their *ambition* for quick results (by 2016) is what has attracted popularity
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHas @lessig's anti-super PAC super PAC really gotten "quick results"? Have any of the growing group of similar PACs? http://t.co/jRMsFrUUupRight. They weren't liberal enuf for the Ds, hence the takeover cc: @j_strong MT @joshgerstein I don't see how @CREWcrew news is vindication
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