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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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.@BillClinton's son-in-law is an @Eagles fan, and I wonder if Bubba himself might not be far behind. http://t.co/4pYMxXRBGO@LenElmore @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo Or, as MJ said, when asked to support a Dem during his playing days "Republicans buy sneakers too"@kenvogel @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo Purposeful isolation (agents?) Ignorance (willfull?) of issues + inability to articulate positions
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelJohn McCain called. He wants his campaign design motif back. RT @jmartNYT The Edwin tailgate. They serving Jambalya. https://t.co/FUilX7yDZU@Zeke512Atx @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo I also wonder if the teams themselves discourage it. @LenElmore@LenElmore @JohnJHarwood Not to diminish @officialmutombo's involvement, but why do you think so few athletes get political b4 retiring Len?@kenvogel @JohnJHarwood @Perduesenate Regardless of where he stands, at least @officialmutombo stands. @nbrpa and @TheNBPA Abject lesson!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@brownsugar7878 how's that "carrying water for the republicans"?Not to discount his involvement, but I wonder why so few athletes express political opinions BEFORE retiring. @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo@RealClearScott might not be the best surrogate for a woman candidate: http://t.co/apQI8YCjrH@TMZ_Politics @Perduesenate @johneaves maybe his huge thumbs make it tough to use his phone.Dikembe Mutombo wags his giant finger at David @PerdueSenate. http://t.co/7XUtzVcH1QNot sure I believe that you're really so so sorry about emailing for cash on a weekend, @jennybethm. http://t.co/D0TQrQu6GJ20 beers total, not per person MT @GlensGardenMkt Come by for our Pit Bull happy hour! 1st 20 beers are on the house! http://t.co/Qn8YN2AyKuTalk about pouring $ down the drain. Super PAC associated with @approject still buying ads against @CoryBooker: http://t.co/FatBjFzoRV"if"? MT @robertwolf32: If HRC runs will be fully supportive @jeneps Obama library got Q-3 donation: Robert Wolf http://t.co/weXpGEtTyGNot w/ Hillary RT @robertwolf32 Happy to be in early "again" MT @jeneps Obama library got 1 Q-3 donation: Robert Wolf http://t.co/weXpGEtTyGElizabeth Warren, in her book, on Hillary & Wall St: "Campaigns cost $ & it wasn’t coming from families in $ trouble” http://t.co/rjp1oQqMpM
"When it comes to the law, Obama was never a full professor, but he remains fully professorial," riffs @jeffreytoobin http://t.co/bJZ9KykyCs@va7vm @Michael_F_Coyle ;).@USChamber won't support Perdue down #GASen stretch, but cud if there's a runoff, @RobEngstrom tells @DonnaCassataAP http://t.co/0mVyivgg6tScreenshot required to preserve this. https://t.co/jIEux9bdW2What? http://t.co/KM2FEND7iD@tylercreighton you read my mind of 15 mins ago https://t.co/jV9DK8P5vD.@USChamber will stay neutral in final days of #GASen race, but will reconsider if race moves to runoff, via @tparti https://t.co/DaPIfX1JHf@vgmac yes: https://t.co/jV9DK8P5vDAlso, of course, a problem that could be avoided if the Senate would stop obfuscating & go to e-filing of $ reports. https://t.co/GisR7gTzcoUltimate proof of historic Senate fundraising, via FEC filing search website, which is basically waving a white flag. http://t.co/z4nNlTmRgsAll that golfing with Robert Wolf, finally paying off for Obama: http://t.co/NeVCCsEMtZRead @politicoalex (& watch video) on "Meltdown Mike" @BostForCongress's effort to turn his tantrums into a strength: http://t.co/WEZBlrQ3Oc#SmartTake MT @Taniel: Gohmert on gay soldiers: "If you're sitting around getting massages all day..., you're not going to last very long."Love Huckabee candor re: 2016. Told @jmartnyt he needed a sugar daddy. Now tells @RealClearScott Fox platform is key. http://t.co/dUh31XlKVY#TheWarrenEffect RT @maggiepolitico: This Coakley rally has become a rally against the big banks and Wall Street.And thus begins the German military occupation of the US. http://t.co/mys0PYHS7s
Great @szeptoons hit. 1 of the many up for auction tonight at Cartoons & Cocktails benefitting http://t.co/248M9fpeQh http://t.co/QCkQATEr1pPumped for my guest auctioneer shift at Cartoons & Cocktails benefiting http://t.co/248M9fpeQh http://t.co/3mN8IUNpTw http://t.co/azUzVCD9ZjAre OR Gov. Kitzhaber & his fiancee "strikingly similar" to Bob & Maureen McDonnell? GOP says so in complaint to DOJ: http://t.co/9jWFFaxlx2@whignewtons wasilla fashion joke@hotelkeys so is it "news" or "snark"?@whignewtons not what i was going for.@hotelkeys It's a tweet, Connie. I also tweet my thoughts on restaurants, football and public transportation.@adamclarkestes not what i was going for, but okBest part of Palin brawl audio: Sarah asking "Was he the guy w the camo hat?" 1/2 the dudes in Wasilla wear camo hats http://t.co/scYXo7gWgF“Is the power strip on?” RT @kenvogel: Bernie Sanders paid $85 to "Rent A Geek" in Burlington, Vt. for repairs. http://t.co/yu796GvH3T
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBernie Sanders paid $85 to "Rent A Geek" in Burlington, Vt. for repairs. His own geeks must not have been up to task. http://t.co/5IMvIZJ4cU#protip MT @TaliaBuford You can stack expired coupons in store & get ALL of the savings? I do it all the time. Expiration dates mean NOTHINGQuestioning Maggie Haberman's NYC media bona fides = folly RT @anthonyweiner: @jjk607 i see @maggiepolitico is slumming itMy 20% off @Bed_BathBeyond coupon has been EXPIRING SOON for months now. http://t.co/f4YUSIuXikCorrection: Disregard previous tweet. Here's the link. http://t.co/1Tos3ia0cz
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@davesmith3 we all need @GlennsMarket#ToughActToFollow RT @amychozick: People are exiting the room as Andrew Cuomo takes the podium, after Hillary Clinton's speech.@BergerMatt in the blinding S.C. snow@davesmith3 they served like turkey sandwiches for 3/6 meals they served each day@BergerMatt didn't you have to push a broken down bus at one point?Attn: campaign $ nerds: here's a secret URL to get FEC reports from the few Senators who e-file: http://t.co/laW4YlfdXO pro-tip via @tparti#TBT Air Hillary dinner menu on flight from Portland, ME to Richmond, VA. 2/9/08. #2016 #BringYourRunningShoes http://t.co/XPyrDgqFlADoing it right for 30 yrs--w/out ever tweeting RT @Hadas_Gold Congrats to David Rogers, winner of David Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism@dgordon52 @CounterPAC @changepac yup, fixed: https://t.co/P6Zp40crn7Anti-Nick Rahall ad from @COUNTERpac (fix) may not work, but it defies stereotype of goo-goos as Dem stalking horses. http://t.co/izUxYM7hDc#NCSen funny biz: Koch-backed org bought $225k in ads boosting Libertarian as "more weed, less war" to hurt Kay Hagan http://t.co/pJTNHzdNGQThis anti-Nick Rahall ad may not work, but it does defy stereotype of goo-goos as Dem stalking horses. via @changepac http://t.co/izUxYM7hDcFun map of the 1/2-mile stretch of Georgetown where the Kennedys, Alsops, Bradlees, Grahams & others who ran DC lived http://t.co/A2965FDuxo
Another way in which wide open '16 GOP primary could be tricky: there aren't enuf tech experts for all the campaigns: http://t.co/oBTD3Rzlj4@americanaztec https://t.co/0YnQBWjAlzThis guy, in FEC filings, claims his 2016 POTUS campaign got $72M worth of free publicity thx to a govt investigation http://t.co/pHEFMi6JTh@nickconfessore @derekwillis background on i360/Themis/Koch relationship: http://t.co/NJlRsFfFg6 http://t.co/zKABV7RyRyFreedom Partners, the Koch-backed super PAC, has already reserved post-election airtime in LA for likely 12/6 run-off http://t.co/ehKoeOO5poRead @LucyConstance on @anthonyweiner http://t.co/yQ1sHmTJ25
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelKoch-backed Freedom Partners super PAC 2014 spending cud hit $25M--incldg post-election ads reserved in LA for runoff http://t.co/XNCt0p73KGWe got an early look at Freedom Partners' pre-election filing. It got another $5m between Oct. 1-15 http://t.co/m6DABJl9Nf
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelKoch fundraising power: From 0 to top s-PAC in no time MT @fschouten Freedom Partners' new filing: $5m b/t Oct. 1-15 http://t.co/MFw5MSWWyyBen Bradlee's death "in a way marks the end of the 20th century," Bob Woodward tells @DylanByers & @Hadas_Gold: http://t.co/meuaTakQDwDid they give back reserved time? MT @shushwalshe: @DSCC confirms they are going back on the air in #KYSEN. They see the race tightening.Groups making late buys in second-tier races. Ads are too expensive in top tier, they have late money, and they need to show donors impact.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRemember: If you wanted to form a #darkmoney org today to drop millions on ads, you wouldn't file anything w/ IRS until final months of 2016
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelReady for Christie super PAC (@Ready4Christie): Terminated. http://t.co/OIodMAPQWvInteresting @NGPVAN video map tracking Dem voter contact effort. They say it's outpacing 2010 http://t.co/NpKXnTGfNg https://t.co/CBo4dYSvXYTrump, urging someone else not to tease re: '16. On Mitt: "I don’t think he shud run.He had his chance & he blew it" http://t.co/0kNmkfqbbz
.@kenvogel and a @ReadyForHillary Co-Chair.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDem mega-donor to watch: Laurene Powell Jobs, who gave $500k to @MajorityPAC in Sept. Hotly courted by fundraisers: http://t.co/JkCaSW7yf6@theodoricmeyer kind of you, thanks.@EdWGillespie helped invent modern big $, but the super PAC supporting his Senate run did not raise 1¢ in Q3: http://t.co/j1OJaU3J3EHa! @hillhulse exclusive MT @MrJohnFlowers "My Cousin Charles" just doesn't have same ring. Still nice Koch exclusive http://t.co/rOmVdOjqENKoch bros, hewing to their civil libertarian roots, providing "significant" $ for @NACDL to help public defenders: http://t.co/3EacVp9GRyNo, I will not. http://t.co/uMd0MjyvZjRuth Bader Ginsburg once played Dick the butcher in Henry VI. $ line: "1st thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers." http://t.co/opDs56oCcQ@CallaghanPeter The Plague Czar. Catchy.Ron Klain "wouldn’t accept the Ebola job unless there was a promise of something bigger," per colleague #CountryFirst http://t.co/lcjyPHssOMRevisionism MT @seungminkim: "unpaid bills" remark at Obama fundraiser last night, replaced in the WH transcripts with an " *(inaudible)"The richest GOP donors started giving in a big way last month. Did their $ come too late to be spent efficiently? http://t.co/t6bOwwYAW2@JenD1974 read storyAnalysis of FEC reports filed by the top 3 super PACs on each side confirms: GOP has more 7-figure check writers. http://t.co/t6bOwwYAW2The @nrsc is giving you ONE LAST CHANCE to donate.@BrendanNyhan thanks for the tipTop 10 donors to biggest GOP super PACs combined to give $18.2M in Sept. Tom Steyer alone gave $15M to his super PAC: http://t.co/t6bOwwYAW2@BrendanNyhan would never survive peer review. Who knows, maybe that's the problem?@BrendanNyhan b/c it's an experiment (as Lessig admits) & it's political science. Also, tweet was an attempt at turn of phrase.@BrendanNyhan um, didn't say he was.Top 3 Dem super PACs have out raised top 3 GOP ones $134M to $58M thru the end of Sept.: http://t.co/t6bOwwYAW2The re-re-emergence of the GOP mega-donor MT @nickconfessore: Same as Xroads! // Ending Spending $10.5M Sept. Singer, Mercer etc give ~ $1M
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