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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Capitol Hill, Seattle

Captain of Makin It Happen. Sr Marketing Manager at @Uber_SEA! Long hair, don't care. Knit when I have time to sit. Always needs more tattoos. Music. Cats. Fun.

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Sometimes I am all like http://t.co/fytdDjV0ANJust checking and I see @BarackObama tour schedule shows open dates on @CHBlockParty weekend #speculation
Retweeted by Jen JoyceSorry you couldn't reach me for the last 5 min. I was busy being serenaded by a drunk Italian man on the streets of Pioneer Square..@RSherman_25 sighting in Pioneer Square πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ http://t.co/kGD6sltemf@stevethefilm ok we're cool then.This is real: http://t.co/mLxtIlU8tUATTN INTERNET: PLEASE SET YOURSELF UP HERE SO I CAN USE THIS AS AN OFFICE. THANKS, JEN http://t.co/MIbDPHXYXb@stevethefilm 😑DUIs decreased 10% in Seattle after @Uber entered. https://t.co/e3Xr4gg2k5 @Uber_SEA #UberData
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My cat is sad because you will always find him in the kitchen at parties. http://t.co/Ih171CDp8G
Retweeted by Jen JoyceWhere we camped. A lovely random find. No cell service. 😍 #BumpingLake http://t.co/JaReX1n9Ik
@loganrockmore We all meet monthly so I can tell them who to be extra nice to. So, you are welcome.
I only ate 2 scoops of #UberIceCream today so I'd say today was successful. πŸ’πŸ¦β€œ@TFLN: (760): I asked if he wanted to sext and he just started sending me pictures of his beard.” @knitpurl
Retweeted by Jen Joycebig ups to @Uber_SEA for bringing one of their #ubericecream trucks to our parking lot on this hot afternoon
Retweeted by Jen JoyceTHE BEST NEWS! Due to the high demand, #UberIceCream is staying live until 6PM! GET IT, #SEATTLE!
Retweeted by Jen JoyceThe lil batman. I just can't you guys. ❀️You guys! Batman showed up for #UberIceCream at @seattlechildren! // @spencerhawes00 http://t.co/WHjuNyXrGR
Retweeted by Jen JoyceπŸ˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #UberIceCream RT @theseanavy: Hey @knitpurl look what I just saw in Boston! @Uber_BOS hard at work. http://t.co/WWuxXSvPFjIf you're looking for me today, I'll be hanging out with @StreetTreatsWa dishing out some #UberIceCream goodness! http://t.co/ADDUYMAEG5RT @MaxJCrowley #UberIceCream growth: 2012 - 7 cities. 2013 - 33 cities. 2014 - 140 cities 38 countries 6 continents. http://t.co/SNgoPXrue5
#UberIceCream is back and sweeter than ever! Get ice cream on demand in 144 cities: http://t.co/HGwPbE68G6 http://t.co/L0u2EOP5rU
Retweeted by Jen JoyceRemember that 1 time I went to the Eastside for a meeting & then heading back was stuck in traffic for 8 million hrs & had to pee? OH I DOWhen I turn my phone into a hot spot and I am working from the back of my @Uber http://t.co/3sTWB8Bxmk#TBT that one time I lost my voice. http://t.co/8GhwL4bdXd
Retweeted by Jen JoyceHi everyone. My name is Jen and I am addicted to goji berries.@shanevans #ILIKEYERHASHTAGcheese, you're the only one who understands me
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When I play my own music in my @Uber and get the driver hooked on @FRabbits http://t.co/LJeCNeXRtdWhen my @Uber driver gives me a cord to play my own music http://t.co/fzRztQUTNz@melrose Dudeville, USA. Mayor @BryceBennett8. #youllbemissed@lindseyblue let's start a revolution!Legs. Are. Burning. #postgymtweets@joshmohrer I SPY A TOP KNOT. // @Uber_NYC @andrewsalzberg @thenycnomad @miz @milenanyc@anoyes It looks like a vag. Or balls. The jury is still out.If "tummy floor naps" and "boobs" were in a relationship on Facebook it would definitely be listed as "it's complicated".@Uber_NJ I WILL BE SUBMITTING A SUPPORT EMAIL ABOUT THAT LONG ETA. ;)@Uber_NJ hahaha@Uber_NYC http://t.co/3zvT8t1wO0@codygoins @ronschott I'D TOTALLY TWEET ABOUT THAT.@miz @UBER_NYC I AM SO JEALOUS.@miz OMG I LOVE BURRITOS@codygoins @ronschott SHUT UP YOUR BABY LOOKS LIKE A PRIME MINISTER FROM THE 40s & 50s@ronschott @codygoins and I are just like that. It's like kids throw rocks at each other on the playground but really are friends.@codygoins SORRY I WAS BUSY ON HERE http://t.co/0JEbHnDGQy@shoghon HAHAHA@codygoins Nope ALREADY DID THAT. #ONTOTHENEXTTHINGThis song is keeping me sane right now. Thanks @apacherelay! 😊 β™« Forest For The Trees – The Apache Relay http://t.co/IXDqVyKu9y@codygoins THEY ALL LOOK LIKE WINSTON CHURCHILL #YOURKIDISNTSPECIAL@shoghon http://t.co/hnvd5FCoKzThe next 3 weeks are full of BIIIIIIIIIIG things for us. Time to bring in the coffee IV. #LETSDOTHIS #LETSGOOOOOOO@ashleelovelee hahaha // @mashableIf I got paid for every time someone used this photo… http://t.co/babxmyZ7vi.@fitbit band broke last night. Right after I fall in ❀️ with the @toryburch for fitbit necklace. Trying to tell me something, world?
*Insert cool guy sunglasses emoji here* http://t.co/inxInkT91c via @BloombergNewsIt appears my spider friend has relocated. He probably realized that rent on Capitol Hill had increased too much for him.Gym > mental breakdownNew career, folks! Hand/arm model. http://t.co/f7FOF2vk9zRT if you want @shanevans to post a selfie today.@Bogucki whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(FACT: Portland is the largest major US city where you can't tap that Uber app. Why? Call @MayorPDX & ask! 503-823-4120 #WeWantUberPDX
Retweeted by Jen Joyceβ™« Mambo Sun - Remastered LP Version – T. Rex http://t.co/lTUqdjWC6U #NowPlayingFor those of you that forgot my birthday…it's ok. Here is a present idea: http://t.co/PbWi7F1r2JThanks much @Mayor_Ed_Murray @sallyjclark @CouncilmanTim @CityhallTom @sallybagshaw for embracing innovation. Seattle spoke. You listened.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@JessEstrada just in time for me to get new sports bras! #boobjail@christopher575 Maybe y'all just need to have a sit down and you can share your needs.There is a spider outside of my window. It looks like it recently caught a bee in it's web. He is now a friend. #scaredofbees
Do this http://t.co/jXAVSmUcMP http://t.co/PMFYOsU6Ga
Retweeted by Jen JoyceMy ankles and lower back are all like "hey! You did a great job at the gym today but you're 32, ma'am!" πŸ˜’@MarshallOsborne ME TOOOOOO!!! // @traviswals @Uber_SEA@keridwyn FOR REALLLLSSSSS! // @geekwire @Uber_SEA☺️☺️☺️ http://t.co/SfmGXF1NuU RT @geekwire: Seattle legalizes Uber, Lyft to operate without caps http://t.co/5qgZDNlyi2girls all go to the bathroom together because that's where we rap battle
Retweeted by Jen JoyceI don't think your Dreamcatcher is working if it's hanging from the rearview mirror of a Honda Civic.
Retweeted by Jen JoyceWould one regret pouring a VIA packet straight into one's mouth? Asking for a friend.@kpedraja Sometimes, yes.I blame my obsession of getting baby corn when I go to a salad bar on the movie BIG.@JustifyLeo Thanks! You too!@davidhoang YESSSSSSSSForget the sunset, this is the best photo from #SEAvPOR. Nice work, @GonzoPineda8. http://t.co/YsBO6LE64B
Retweeted by Jen JoyceI had such an excellent weekend. I am a very lucky lady. 😊😊😊
.@lyft posted a code in the invite to my bday party on FB. The person that posted is a fake account. Also, I work for Uber. #creepymarketing@cicadadesign Yup!Today I get to give some lucky winners a $2000 shopping spree at @BananaRepublic! I love my job! http://t.co/jlRpfeKSBD@pandaman73 hey! Just log into http://t.co/aGml5pJrTV and it'll give you the driver's contact info! ☺️@shanevans Yes.
Oh, @BarSueSeattle...how I've missed you. 😘Cleaning ones apartment on a Friday night is what the cool kids do, yea? Yea.Tequila and our mascot. It's a Good Friday. @knitpurl http://t.co/84wz9b7O7K
Retweeted by Jen JoyceJust hangin out with @brad_evans3 & @yedlinny. 😎 http://t.co/wCsDH0mwxuI AM NOT MAD THAT THE LOVELY PEOPLE FROM @NWTequilaFest ARE GIVING US A TEQUILA TASTING IN THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW.@cassbg riiiiight!?I am ok with Brad's face. Totally ok with it. http://t.co/Wy7fVGdNw0Please follow my boss @wiredpirate so she will stop asking me to help her get followers. #FollowFridayWant to win a $2000 shopping spree with @BananaRepublic? Request EMBARK TOMORROW from 1pm - 4pm! Details: http://t.co/BaILhTgF4l #UberEMBARK
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@gregr1077 Totally read that as "So, I do karaoke now."@tombiro hahaha!Open up your @Uber_SEA app NOW and slide to the Fiesta tab on bottom right for a chance at.... http://t.co/v3zuF7r2DV #FutbolFiesta
Retweeted by Jen JoyceTODAY from 2pm - 5pm you can request your very own #FutbolFiesta with @yedlinny or @brad_evans3! Deets: http://t.co/4Ibe94s0bq
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@tombiro hahaha
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