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TONIGHT GG9 Ex. Dir, Tom Nobbe will be on @DirtyPopLive @SIRIUSXM 109, w/ @LanceBass talking about the Games. Tune in!
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Rebroadcast of Dirty Pop with @LanceBass is on now! Catch it on http://t.co/vVKl8fBj2j on OutQ weekdays from 6-8pm EST. @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance BassExcited to see one of my baes @LanceBass today in his radio show. Hope u guys listen
Retweeted by Lance BassWe loved having @RileySmith on #DirtyPopLive! Such a cool guy. http://t.co/ivVAVEskSk
Retweeted by Lance BassExcited to have both @RileySmith and @MirandaSings on @DirtyPopLive today! Gonna be a great show.What a great start to the week! Today we've got @RileySmith and @MirandaSings stopping by #DirtyPopLive! Tune in at 3pm PST! @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Lance BassI will be on the radio today with @LanceBass at 4 pm PST. will u listen? channel 106 on Sirius. Bye.
Retweeted by Lance BassI love when the record label doesn't even tell you they are releasing a new 'NSYNC album tomorrow ! #TheyCare http://t.co/8gWZ8OwqxXThank you @LanceBass @Vangsness @M_Weatherly @calpernia @VERONICABELLINO @KevolutionMusic for being @TrevorProject ANGELS
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Monday! What are you guys doing today?
Any guesses who I'm presenting the Icon award to tonight? http://t.co/pQx4F06MrHThe 2 #most #handsome #guys #in #the #theatre @michaelturchin @lancebass http://t.co/y9i7wflNcH
Retweeted by Lance Bass@StarsNsync xoxo@JustJared Have you seen @LanceBass new show Sunset On Sunset yet? Check it out and please RT to spread the word. http://t.co/4DoSi4jVPq
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass happy that #utopia is now on @SIRIUSXM #walkingonair #remix @DirtyPopLive @thisisdrew http://t.co/d9mfqQ7hsY
Retweeted by Lance Bass@PaoloPresta Check out @LanceBass new show Sunset On Sunset!! http://t.co/4DoSi4jVPq Trying to spread the word about it!! Please RT!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass is entertaining us on our long trip home with the top 30 songs from July of 2002...so much Ashanti!
Retweeted by Lance BassIt wouldn't be Sunday without listening to @LanceBass on #pop2countdown #dirtypop
Retweeted by Lance BassMake a rainbow! http://t.co/uzwCbdFLbr
OMG! #SiriusXM 55 is playing @LanceBass #walking on air !! Such a good song! @LiseeD @OutQ @juliancamarena @MSignorile @jtimberlake
Retweeted by Lance BassI'm about to hit the top 5 of the 30 hits this week on the #Pop2Kountdown ! Tune in now - #SiriusXM 10 #Pop2K#LOVEISLOUDER than the pressure to be perfect says @ddlovato! Own her SIGNED canvas! Bid at http://t.co/rgV7EAiF9C http://t.co/IJNSEoIPO1Can you see me? http://t.co/uG48Y9nRge@DJChiChiLaRue thank you my love!!! Xoxo@chrldrminnicks L.E.T.S. G.O!What an idiot! http://t.co/erwQFXrIxz
Wonder who will be using the @SparxxApp this weekend ? http://t.co/lJOrzNzTnA http://t.co/y1h1hTpQ4EThank you so much to @LanceBass & @DirtyPopLive for promoting my @theviewtv campaign - PS: 😍 http://t.co/8zHgJ0vKk9
Retweeted by Lance Bass@jeremyboy5105 xoxoLove having @KinseySchofield on dirtypoplive ! #TheView 's next co host?! http://t.co/Y3o8pJBdpzYour dirtypoplive playlist for 7-25-14! http://t.co/ZON5z9bdwGA 1/3 of all fresh produce gets wasted. Now, "ugly fruit" are getting their own aisle in stores at 30%… http://t.co/bYtmF2zhzg@frankestrella I sure don't!@AuntieQs coffee!Thank you @LanceBass for reminding us to conserver water while brushing our teeth! http://t.co/HEXDpszVH3 #EMATakeover
Retweeted by Lance BassAre you a @LanceBass, @thewanted or @PitchPerfect fan? Bid on @FamousYardSale auction items to support #LoveisLouder! http://t.co/y5Jh1mdYP6
Retweeted by Lance BassCan't wait for our cook night!RT @lorenagarcia:Que lindo es @LanceBass, gran amigo. Beautiful and talented Lance Bass http://t.co/EsL7XAQHUl.@PitchPerfect Check out this signed #PitchPerfect2 script! Up for auction at @FamousYardSale.com for #LoveIsLouder http://t.co/5U8ycHHTZr
Retweeted by Lance BassBidding wars happening @LoveisLouder auction! Get one going for @Brittanysnow signed canvas! http://t.co/b52a0r1Azc http://t.co/jWp0UQKehy
Retweeted by Lance BassI can't wait to hang out with the @dirtypopLive crew and @lancebass today! 😍
Retweeted by Lance BassHaven't seen #KidnappedForChrist yet? It's available on demand on #showtime http://t.co/h9BfECAV96 Thanks @LanceBass for getting this to us!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@joejoe0ne xoxoWe have @kinseyschofield in the studio with us today on #DirtyPopLive! Tune in at 3pm PST @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Lance BassI am seeing @lancebass tomorrow and I can't find my Spanx. 😳
Retweeted by Lance Bass
The cast of Pitch Perfect 2 signed a script and you can OWN IT! Bid now on @FamousYardSale http://t.co/2fWhcynhPM http://t.co/Tuf9T2TUsW#TBT to #sandiegopride @richssandiego #StripperCircus w #SexBomb @lancebass promoting @sparxxapphttp://t.co/d8vS22PRUP
Retweeted by Lance Bass@rocsidiaz Can you please spread the word about @LanceBass new pilot Sunset On Sunset!! Thanks. https://t.co/iMR9rHk2Ny
Retweeted by Lance BassI couldn't think of a better first guest then @cherioteri for @LanceBass new show #SunsetOnSunset Have you checked it out Tom? @wromradio
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @DirtyPopLive starts now w musician @ianthomas - tune in now! Sirius Xm 106!!Check out the sneak peek of my new talk show pilot! #SunsetOnSunset https://t.co/CWlDhLDKdlIf #Lego @NSYNC were in the new #LegoMovie2 , wouldn't it be funny if they were voiced by the #BackstreetBoys ? #META http://t.co/bgOvZo1HQgQuite the motley crew with itswillsmith @leablackmiami helloross @wvalderrama @stylistSalvador for the… http://t.co/xhk2qjq7cKFriends/followers Please checkout @LanceBass 1st episode of #SunsetOnSunset RT & Share on FB! Let's get this trending http://t.co/5ADVxLab7O
Retweeted by Lance BassKidnapped for Christ was an amazing and compelling documentary! @MikeCManning and @LanceBass thanks for bringing it to public attention!
Retweeted by Lance BassWatch the sneak peek of my boy Lance's new talk show pilot w/ guest @cherioteri !! Sunset On Sunset with @LanceBass http://t.co/nVo5hI2Kli
Retweeted by Lance BassWhat can we say, @LanceBass is quite the jokester. Follow his #EMAtakeover: http://t.co/OMqiLjMoz6 #GreenCelebs http://t.co/Nef74FNV1p
Retweeted by Lance Bass@barrettemily4 xoxoThe do's/don'ts of food poisoning! We're Feeling Good w Doctor Deeps tonight 7pm only on Dirty Pop w @LanceBass XM106 http://t.co/eMYeK9thGj
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@helloross xoxoFun night indeed- love u all xoxo RT @BradBessey: .@EmilioEstefanJr Thanks for a gr8 nite at (cont) http://t.co/Raxoe8ChWiRetweet this pic and #TrevorProject could receive 10K from the good people at #BotranRun !! Share and RT away!!! Xoxo http://t.co/kfEq0ttASNThe night begins with #BotranRum @willylevy29 @WValderrama #WillSmith @helloross @LanceBass @LeaBlackMiami @BazaarLA http://t.co/LPL7Sxhhrf
Retweeted by Lance BassI keep tweeting about #Kidnappedforchrist but this may be the most important 85 min. you will ever see! Shocking stuff! Thanks @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance BassSo excited to see #LoveIsLouder on @FamousYardSale! Thank you @LanceBass for all your hard work!… http://t.co/EKtURwekIk
Retweeted by Lance BassSurrounded by my ladies @TatyanaAli @ unforettable RT @LanceBass: Drunk In Love by @hopemakesmusic on dirtypoplive http://t.co/4doCXEI7lN
Retweeted by Lance BassThanks for downloading! Xo RT @Mia_AirHeart85: I love opening my @DirtyPopLive App and seeing @LanceBass' photo! Cause he makes me smile! 😁. @OKMagazine: Housewife on Housewife! @LeaBlackMiami Recaps #RHONY Finale: Leg Tossing Trumps Table Flipping— http://t.co/Gs2CVivyEJDrunk In Love by @hopemakesmusic @unforettable on dirtypoplive http://t.co/0UrilZVcNQhttp://t.co/WvnQg9BXPP New Tumblr!.@LanceBass certainly has a nice view of LA! http://t.co/p3KmSPUCmD #EMAtakeover #Nature
Retweeted by Lance BassWatch Lance Bass’ New Talk Show http://t.co/aeAEVSYfQE via @DistrictDrive
My favorite segment from Sunset On Sunset with @LanceBass (Pilot) - @thisisdrew https://t.co/tnEIePt2GT
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@Zoriannakit interviews @LanceBass abt his new doc @kidnpd4christ! http://t.co/iSMaq4WrI8
Retweeted by Lance BassCan't wait for @Luisalicious to be on #DirtyPopLive today with us! 3pm PST... Check it out!
Retweeted by Lance BassGuess who's going to be on @DirtyPopLive w/@LanceBass tomorrow??? This guy, right here!!!
Retweeted by Lance BassSure is! RT @AlicenScott: @LanceBass is this really you/your people? http://t.co/bpYmCO4viH
@LanceBass Making sure you also saw our write-up on @kidnpd4christ http://t.co/j3XFILSTCN
Retweeted by Lance BassWatch @LanceBass' new talk show Sunset on Sunset http://t.co/jpsXKIJ8WH http://t.co/yjYQKVEC0E
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LiseeD @HaikuHare @OutQ @LanceBass @clintschaff I just launched @thegaygroomsguide.com book launches oct 1 Check it out and share!
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/5EdYApQBFZBreatheHeavy’s Exclusive Interview With Lance Bass http://t.co/Y7euzX0Bhu via @breatheheavycom
Retweeted by Lance BassWatch my interview with @NSYNC's @LanceBass, who executive produces the @SHO_Network #documenatry @kidnpd4christ: http://t.co/6gLz7l9Jf1
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass We love the new matching making app! http://t.co/IuZKzFzfOG
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass Launches New Gay Dating App, Gets #DragQueen Support http://t.co/XBXKwHqn8N @RheaLitre @SparxxApp http://t.co/palgWuWQ1o
Retweeted by Lance BassFun night in San Diego to celebrate Pride and the @sparxxapp release! #StripperCircus http://t.co/v5aI4R4cfS
I opted to watch a light subject - "I Escaped a Cult "@JohnnyYouKnowIt it's a good look! Have a good day my man!@JohnnyYouKnowIt Hi Johnny , I have Blue hair , my day is great! How's yours?Any good doc recommendations?Excited to see you tonight #SanDiego!!! Celebrating Pride and the @sparxxapp release!!! http://t.co/GWROf5jqEgI've made it! RT @LiamMarshall_: @LanceBass is in @KimKardashian : Hollywood http://t.co/AkK6mzh2kEHey @LanceBass, will you sign & share our White House Petition to end the #GayBloodBan? http://t.co/3u3uPP2NZA
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Hey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/lJOrzNzTnA http://t.co/nqULVmWkzi@LissaK_27 @KimberlyBeth7 @keshialynn18 Holler!@jackienelson82 happy summer!@FavoriteBooks27 The Alchemist@lianardone thanks for listening!@LanceBass @LiseeD @MichaelTurchin I think this was made with you guys in mind! "61 Signs You're Obsessed with BB" http://t.co/L4WbtYkMZp
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What a great chat w #DanceMoms star #AbbyLeeMiller on dirtypoplive today! http://t.co/BvJC0okoy7Great seeing and catching up with @Abby_Lee_Miller from @DanceMoms today on @DirtyPopLive! http://t.co/r6q9xzulEA
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