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Let’s make clean energy into a true American success story. @MarkRuffalo is on board, are you? http://t.co/thHH5YZo5X (@HuffPost) #EMABe a part of #TeamChely and back her new album! Only 20 days left to reach her goal! #NOH8 @chelywright https://t.co/VVdVWNHAld @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass has a chart climbing single!!! Hear the @daveaude remix of #WalkingOnAir Makes you wanna dance!!! http://t.co/rFqliAWXjf
Retweeted by Lance BassSo excited! 3-5pm PST xm106! RT @CountryFLL Today on @dirtypoplive, @lancebass and the Peanuts welcome @chelywright! http://t.co/UbP1iHuT1b
Retweeted by Lance Bass@jr88freak I rerecorded the whole thing for the dave Aude remix in his studio. But most of the time they just play w vocalsDon't have iTunes? Buy @LanceBass song #WalkingOnAir on Google Play Store http://t.co/otsvL7j7N6 & Amazon here http://t.co/Xw1tG6VBJp
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/14z9zz2tvw
Singing to the birthday girl lisavanderpump w Ken kylerichards18 http://t.co/3l6DEcpSr8Ooh, can't wait! “@LanceBassEast: Tomorrow on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass is country singer @chelywright! @SIRIUSXM #outq 6pmEST/3pmPST.”
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass "Walking On Air" is the warm-up in my Zumba class tonight!
Retweeted by Lance BassSo @ConstanceZimmer is my #recycling guru! http://t.co/P3gPka45Qm (@1800Recycling). and follow @green4emaAMAZING!! "@TeamLance: GREAT REMIX, Ryan!! Love it!! #WalkingOnAir (@DJRyanKenney Remix) @LanceBass SoundCloud - https://t.co/OLyYOvwWJH
Retweeted by Lance Bass@lancebass and I kicking it in the DJ after dropping my #remix of his new single "Walking On Air". I… http://t.co/3IEQEWAQvV
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@Kim_Gravel is answering YOUR questions today on @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass. Ask your question on DPL FB page!! http://t.co/hkqTyuA5Zf
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Great day today at @DirtyPopLive! Thank you for stopping by @travisrclark @harto and @gracehelbig Xo http://t.co/VPkwV8nC60. @Hhmbeck http://t.co/fCoKNCyKbHHuge thanks to @LanceBass and @DirtyPopLive for having @JennyRobinson1 and I at the studio! Hope you guys listened in!!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Amelia_blogger xoxoxoxoSo excited to have @travisrclark from @WeTheKings, @harto, & @gracehelbig on @DirtyPopLive today! Starts at 3p PST #SiriusXM don't miss it!. @DarrenCriss surprised it's not Merry Xmas Happy Holidays! It IS September!FULL HOUSE on @DirtyPoplive w @LanceBass tonight! @WeTheKings' @travisrclark, @Harto from My Drunk Kitchen, & @gracehelbig from It's Grace!
Retweeted by Lance Bass
It takes a village... Taking it back to the #streamys last week. http://t.co/2CG02RixTV@jcouvtravels @DirtyPopLive @LanceBass getting chatty http://t.co/OSLOrzWzuq
Retweeted by Lance Bass@OKMagazine: Housewife on Housewife—@LeaBlackMiami Recaps #RHONJ! And she thinks Teresa Giudice is still in denial: http://t.co/BtECnXv1baHappy Birthday lisavanderpump !! But I have to say .... I think you went overboard on this setup for a… http://t.co/Y99g5eWgdn
With my #good #friend @Lancebass #last #night for a #charity #event 🌹👍 #Cookie #Love #life http://t.co/6iR3mmvNLX
Retweeted by Lance Bass@katharina4462 still have Caleb and Frankie on my fantasy league team!.@LanceBass And @AniseKmusic Ft. Bella Blue "Walking On Air" (Ikon Remix) --> Click Here --> http://t.co/LXv82OneL3
Retweeted by Lance BassOuch http://t.co/UHQiQZ8lvEBe sure to check out @RealRobertEarl's new show #BeMyGuest on Mondays at 9am PST on the @CookingChannel...Can't wait to watch! XoEVERYONE turned out for the #BrentShapiroFoundation event tonight! krisjenner http://t.co/NJd92ppbLW
Double Date @lancebass @michaelturchin @tanyathicke #nowords #whatsinmyglass #family #love http://t.co/6jqb6DmXmp
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@wamslch yes!!!.@LanceBass And @AniseKmusic Ft. Bella Blue "Walking On Air" (Ikon Remix) --> Click Here --> http://t.co/7lLxUAu5nP
Retweeted by Lance BassSince they pressed the reset button on #BB16, does that mean @BBJordanLloyd and @Jeffschroeder23 aren't engaged? They join us live in 30!Coming up at 6 pm EST @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass will have @TheBaubShow @BBJordanLloyd & @jeffschroeder23. Sure to be a fun show!!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@jr88freak poor ME this time! This one won my heart! Thanks to the team for getting it done!!@FancyNessa xoxo#BigBrother power couple and newly engaged @BBJordanLloyd and @jeffschroeder23 are on @DirtyPopLive today! 6-8pm EST Sirius Xm 106 YAY!!Jackson got adopted!!!! He found a wonderful forever home. It's bitter sweet for me as I'm in San Fran… http://t.co/DuSenNnu88Hey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/qtKb6Zm8dA http://t.co/ZkqdvzpCmN
#WalkingOnAir has moved up to #37 this week! Again, thanks for all the support! http://t.co/DyWa5bHzy1#TBT I know what I'm watching tonight! jamielynnsigler http://t.co/b4XsnK49q4Ran into my old friend @echriqui in the halls of E! http://t.co/VNg0pSxKHKDoes @LanceBass's artistic ability measures up to fiancee's @MichaelTurchin's? Check out his drawing of @cherioteri. https://t.co/7aohcHZNKX
Retweeted by Lance BassHey @LanceBass greetings from Atlantic City...please tweet and watch @MissAmericaOrg on Sunday night on @ABCNetwork @DanMeyers @brent338
Retweeted by Lance Bass
You didn't hear it from me, but I'll be joining @jeffschroeder23 & @BBJordanLloyd this friday on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass on @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Lance BassOpen a bottle of Champagne w a sword? Check ✔️ http://t.co/bTk3BR6XcfMy new fav by my favorite baby Picasso @michaelturchin http://t.co/TnP6RtNQuJOne of the funniest women I know on dirtypoplive today! Thank you @heathermcdonald for stopping by. http://t.co/UcdNPkiyUIThe amazing @HeatherMcDonald is live w us in 30 mins! Sirius Xm 106 6-8 est @DirtyPopLive@NsyncerBelieber Happy Birthday!!Funny woman @HeatherMcDonald stops by @DirtyPoplive with @LanceBass tonight! You don't want to miss it! @siriusxm @OutQ 6pmEST/3pmPST
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@dswimr42 thanks!Check out #WalkingOnAir by @LanceBass @msbellablue @Anisekmusic today. Needs to be added to your iTunes!! http://t.co/I2qjMGEaFj
Retweeted by Lance BassI can not stop singing @GRL 's #UglyHeart ! Sooooo freakin good! Bravo @thedoctorluke and @RobinAntin ! http://t.co/l3AmUV1NZACheers to my friend @KevinFrazier the new co-host @ETnow. I can’t wait to visit you on your new set #ETnow!Head over to the iTunes Store and pick up a copy of @LanceBass's Walking On Air" http://t.co/dcR9xKK169
Retweeted by Lance BassFinally to the finale of #Cleaners starring my girl @EChriqui !! On #Crackle http://t.co/16YSK31ezyPop star/radio show host @LanceBass is fostering Jackson, a dog from @LuckyPuppyRnR who needs a forever home http://t.co/oNRIvSAhRG
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@AsiaMonetRay Jackson misses you! http://t.co/p5alpppu2l@RadBren13 you better believe it!!! My fav!!!@AsiaMonetRay LoVeD having you on!!!@KacyCatanzaro you rock! And could kick my ass.@LanceBass And @AniseKmusic Ft. Bella Blue "Walking On Air" (Ikon Remix) --> Click Here --> http://t.co/NswEcMk2Ui
Retweeted by Lance BassMake sure you 'like' @LanceBass on Facebook http://t.co/ZhMNCkCpoe & subscribe to his official YouTube http://t.co/WkaDrsGZUC
Retweeted by Lance BassHad way too much fun with the Samsung photo booth last night. @streamys http://t.co/lHW4yQkFPh@GOLDENthe24k you too!@jackienelson82 xoxo@ambiedj Happy Birthday !Backstage selfie at the @streamys with @gracehelbig and @chestersee! http://t.co/zcelggerApFriends we need to help @LanceBass find this little guy a home! Just look at that face! Lance isn't bad either! 😉 RT http://t.co/EPLo0GGl4k
Retweeted by Lance Bass
These two ladies did an amazing job hosting the @streamys tonight! @gracehelbig @harto Xo http://t.co/5yVzgmS6RLHad a great time presenting with @destorm at the @streamys tonight! http://t.co/jM4rxE6uVR #Streamys@darbysofficial @streamys @green4EMA xoxoHangin backstage at the @streamys with my @green4EMA pal @LanceBass. 🌎🌲❤️☺️ http://t.co/Bbvkmat8aA
Retweeted by Lance BassFront row at the #Streamys! The highlight so far was seeing @DeStorm and @LanceBass present together. Ammaazzzzing! http://t.co/mJCihkRyGp
Retweeted by Lance BassAt the #Streamys @DeStorm and @LanceBass talks about the freedom of the internet... or lack there of? http://t.co/luAyJNnrVy
Retweeted by Lance BassWhoa! We're backstage at the #Streamys with @lancebass http://t.co/5BRwbPbIw5
Retweeted by Lance BassHanging with Jaron Lowenstein at the #Streamys! @jaronlowe @streamys http://t.co/odCG053NrWCan't wait to present tonight at the @streamys! Be sure to watch online: http://t.co/bEAwMiejcD Xo! http://t.co/T1AwuZvAhE.@DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass weekdays on @SiriusXM @OutQ 6pmEST @LiseeD @MichaelTurchin @Thisisdrew @HeatherAnkeny http://t.co/hjEYcR9S3o
Retweeted by Lance Bass@KTLAMorningNews Could I get a RT for this cutie. Needs a home. @LanceBass is fostering him. Call 818.370.5516 http://t.co/AW0jahx0ll
Retweeted by Lance BassGood Morning #amBASSadors Reminder @LanceBass is presenting at @streamys! Starting at 10:30est. Watch live at http://t.co/T3EnxImZeK
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Start your Sunday w/ @LanceBass counting down the best songs from 2002. #Pop2Kountdown on @SXMPop2K at 8amEST.
Retweeted by Lance BassHollywood Forever Cemetery screening of #PurpleRain w questlove spinning! Perfect Saturday night http://t.co/JB0CHHalVMSoooooo good! #DRUNKINLOVE- ( Acoustic Cover) Feat. @HopeMakesMusic & Gyasi Ross http://t.co/u3a9sf9jDA@thelesliejordan hi guys!@_calliemelissa1 xoxo@superblindman fun fact: I've never beaten him!@thelesliejordan been forever Leslie!!! Xoxo@tyleroakley woo hoo!@tyleroakley Can't wait!@LanceBass Ahhh! See you there!
Retweeted by Lance BassExcited to present tomorrow at the @Streamys! Be sure to watch LIVE online: http://t.co/zkpby88c3F #Streamys Xo http://t.co/JhryS8orfw@Draculababe thanks!.@LanceBass will be presenting an award at tomorrow's @streamys. #Streamys begin at 730pmPST. Live streaming: http://t.co/0KRFWcKI1w
Retweeted by Lance Bass2002 this wknd! RT @LanceBassCntrl: Listen to @LanceBass host the #Pop2Kountdown 11amEst on @SXMPop2K. Counting down the hits of the 2000's
@JanelleSuris thanks!@Diane_TexasGirl he will always be MY king!
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