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Want to join me in the largest sing-along ever for @UNICEF? Get the app & sing now! http://t.co/SipXiDzL05 #EVERYVOICECOUNTSMajor photo bomb on this Ohio marching band! #WalkingOnAir http://t.co/qVg6lljC3qHad to give a talking to to these hitchhikers! In the spirit of Thanksgiving , I gave them a lift anyways. ; ) http://t.co/XKOK3Vu9H8A good old fashion #DanceBreak ! #WalkingOnAir #6ABCTDP http://t.co/yIUi5nfnH1. @MichaelTurchin love you babe!! On the plane heading to you now! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Can't believe you tweeted that pic!!Now this is a perfect #throwback for #Thanksgiving @nsync @jtimberlake @LanceBass @realjoeyfatone @IamCKirkpatrick http://t.co/I9ymLYamkS
Retweeted by Lance Bass@karenrogers6abc great to meet you!@LanceBass should always be wearing a shirt that says "No treble"
Retweeted by Lance BassYou are SO sweet. Thank you SO MUCH for my Thanksgiving gift @LanceBass !! My mom still cant believe i finally met u http://t.co/e3IjsNve7v
Retweeted by Lance BassLance was great! #WalkingOAir @LanceBass #6abctdp http://t.co/sBiLArx2B0
Retweeted by Lance BassI love these two singing together @LanceBass @msbellablue Awesome job!! http://t.co/iXrzOWNsmI
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Bsbbarbiegirl xoxoThank you Philly!! Now go get stuffed! @msbellablue @MelindaWEG #walkingonair #6abctdp http://t.co/UQ4hKshhyuFor your listening pleasure! Walking on Air (feat. Bella Blue) - Happy Thanksgiving! https://t.co/lyFdmgV3Db http://t.co/2cjTKSO9uwThanks #Philly and @6abcTDP for such an amazing start to my Thanksgiving! Wonderful people , wonderful city! #WalkingOAir Til next time! XoKendall caught up with his friend @LanceBass last night at rehearsal! @HeffronDrive #6abctdp http://t.co/LSHNxDYoEh
Retweeted by Lance BassWe are up next!!! http://t.co/kRXtkxVDjHI think there is an elephant following us @msbellablue #6abctdp @6abc #thanksgiving http://t.co/SIM28rQXfRAnd we're off!! #6abctdp #philly #thanksgiving @msbellablue @wegmusic @MelindaWEG http://t.co/gLQ0ZP0HbITo watch my performance of #WalkingOnAir around 11:20am go here if you don't have the broadcast. http://t.co/njI1ANUYcLHere's @evinonearth & @LanceBass! #6abcTDP http://t.co/tt3YoGH6KA
Retweeted by Lance BassOMG!!! #Clifford!!!!!!! I love a parade! http://t.co/X87sKDhVuMLet the parade begin!!!!! #HappyThanksgiving !!!! #HumptyDumpty #ABC6TDP http://t.co/Wy1GdZ1L9THey #amBASSadors!! Watch @LanceBass perform #WalkingOnAir with @msbellablue! LiveStreamVideo http://t.co/Y4qTgQD5Tl http://t.co/Mub5S69HxY
Retweeted by Lance BassHitting @GMA at 8:10am ! Then to the Philly Thanksgiving Parade!! Check local listings on #ABC !! http://t.co/3dBis9URUdHappy Thanksgiving everyone!! Catch me on @GMA at 8:10 and performing #WalkingOnAir around 11:15 on #6abctdp #ABC Check local listings.
Support my man @eltexmex and his great event! ( can us gays finally donate blood for God's sake?! ) http://t.co/kw5A1vnyYMRehearsal part 1 over, now to the street blocking. #6abctdp @msbellablue @MelindaWEG http://t.co/6axrEoxKZjI sang 2 #IMAGINE a better world 4 children. Will U? Dwnld TouchCast (http://t.co/Y7qHkjnZCp), sing #IMAGINE & share… http://t.co/huZtSoLBYEReady for this parade @KendallSchmidt ?!?! I have enough hand warmers if you need them! http://t.co/L3Ep9tfpkeI'll be on @GMA w @Ginger_Zee tomorrow morning around 8:10am ! #ABC #WalkingOnAir #6abcTDP #CityTavern http://t.co/TbNo74E0yuICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/UQ0LTLLo70@kellyclinger you better find me tomorrow! LOVE the EP!Gearing up for this cold ass parade! #abcdunkindoughnuts #philly http://t.co/mubPGh2gyxGoing be a freezing performance tomorrow in the Philly parade! #LetItSnowLetItSnowLetItSnow http://t.co/o7ec8IVh0vMark your calendars!! @ranceypants is co-hosting @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass on Monday Dec 1st. Use #LanceAsks to get your questions in!!
Retweeted by Lance BassWell hello Philly!!! Mighty cold weather you got here. Excited for the parade!!
We are now only ONE week away from #GivingTuesday! Join me and support @green4ema. Can you give $20? http://t.co/kWOqInj6TK@LVPsangria best spot in LA!We weren't last!! Congrats my fellow Mississippians !! http://t.co/G2VWEnpz6SWoo hoo! RT @HRC: ☛ Federal Judge Strikes Down Mississippi #MarriageEquality Ban (cont) http://t.co/BdMFQ9XDF8BREAKING: Mississippi ban on #MarriageEquality struck down in federal court. Stand by for more at http://t.co/kpndbNrYEb
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @ranceypants its a MUST in order to do my show! 😎Walking on Air (feat. Bella Blue) - Single by Anise K Lance Bass I just rated on ITUNES gr8 song ! @lancebass
Retweeted by Lance BassCheckout @RobbieRogers new book out today #ComingOutToPlay http://t.co/coevqHytHU http://t.co/LwXMEI7MvEMy hot date to the #AMAs - @michaelturchinart #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/yEd9XNIvAOButchering "Bang, Bang" in the @TheEllenShow Karaoke booth on the #AMAs red carpet w this lovely woman. http://t.co/Oy1u7qlOr8Have what it takes to be a writer on @DirtyPopLive? Pitch me a new segment idea and you may just land this #DreamJob. http://t.co/7fVQNDjiFC@LanceBass here is a link to @CamouflageMovie: https://t.co/uu6nf31pBw Thanks again for having me on the show today! I really appreciate it!
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@anglove94 xoxo@indigo_15 xoxo@bryan21444 would love to hear your story! Call in tomorrow! Our lines were down today. ; (. @Changethemdaily http://t.co/YGjpEN9WmH@LisaVanderpump aw shucks ☺️"Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have"-James Baldwin. #FergusonDecision
Retweeted by Lance Bass@GabbySidibe what tha..............?!#Ferguson I'm speechless. This is a hell we all share. May compassion prevail over hatred. 🙏
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass I Felt like u should know someone has stripped your doll, posed him in a squat and is selling on eBay http://t.co/W6zqjbNkj3
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @LisaVanderpump 20 more mins! Woo hoo!@LanceBass Talks about #kidnappedforchrist and the Struggles He Still Faces as Openly Gay Man http://t.co/jq984EpoUG
Retweeted by Lance BassWonder what stories @LanceBass & @justmartindale will share from the #AMAs Red Carpet? Tune in to DirtyPopLive 6pEst @SIRIUSXM to find out!!
Retweeted by Lance BassHOT ITEM! Bid on tix to the premiere & after party of @IntoTheWoods in NY & support @green4ema! http://t.co/RcRlobUVI0Check out my cover story - Walking on Air – Vegas 2 LA Magazine http://t.co/wDihAubmwU@AnnaGRidge Happy Birthday!!. @LanceBass wearing Rose Gold/ White Diamond Safety Pin with Chain by "David Thomas x JBH" at the #AMAs http://t.co/v4iTwjuhQd
Retweeted by Lance BassI’m supporting @StJude this holiday season. RT if you support their mission of finding cures and saving children. #StJudeGiveThanksBooty bump w my girl @Chelsea_Briggs during the #CocaColaRedCarpetLive #AMAs http://t.co/3fbjSz3XGCVine 360 at the #AMAs #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/LBtHC04afaWatch @LanceBass "Fergie, YG, DJ Mustard Red Carpet Interview - AMAs 2014" - https://t.co/EKfi6o2bPA
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ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/0CB63nYHL8Fun night! See you next time #AMAs ! Thanks for all that watched our fun little show! Gnight! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #CocaColaRedCarpetLIVE@shelbymayfield I'm old school. I like the original - the 1995 'A better view with @matt_morrison. So great catching up! #amas #cokelounge @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE http://t.co/eUpDrtI2UKHad a blast singing karaoke with @jeannieeeee from theellenshow! #amas @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE http://t.co/tsJZ750pkOCan we talk about how stunning jordinsparks looks tonight in this dress that matches my ceramic… http://t.co/MziU7gR7Dq@Chelsea_Briggs LOVE this picture! You were great tonight!.@LanceBass & fiancé Michael Turchin goof around in the @vine 360 on the red carpet! So adorable! 😻 #AMAs http://t.co/peAWkUXqcD
Retweeted by Lance BassStriking a pose with my boys before the @TheAMAs carpet begins!! @FrankieJGrande @LanceBass http://t.co/BjwQ68an0o
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Cloebrenac how embarrassing! They were screaming in my ear "Go to Giggy Vanderpump!" I thought we had the frickin dog on the other side!. @NSYNC why thanks 'NSYNC ! LolCatch me and some of our fav radio hosts @EyeOnLA #AMApreshow giving our winner predictions!! :) @ABC7 @1043MYfm @GavinDeGraw @lancebass 7pm
Retweeted by Lance BassWe are about to get @tayschilling to spill some #OrangeIsTheNewBlack secrets in the #cokelounge at the… http://t.co/RXeVc4sqHFThe stunning @ritaora live on http://t.co/6W1Oqw53vt in the #cokelounge at the #amas @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE http://t.co/NJY08OV3sfLive right now with the royal K's @kendalljenner @kyliejenner @khloekardashian on the #cokelounge at… http://t.co/PIRYjwpTwlDeep conversations with #Glee's @matt_morrison in the #cokelounge at the #amas! @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE http://t.co/59HY9dZ4wgOne of the funniest new shows of the year is @black_ishabc and we are live with the cast! #amashttp://t.co/KHwvL4DHNTWe are live right now with @charli_xcx! #amas #cokelounge http://t.co/KflwLcdvphFirst interview down with my old touring buddy "Fireball Ferg" @fergie! Are you watching us on… http://t.co/WMsOwOYUXmAll dressed up and ready to host the #cokelounge @theamas red carpet with my cohost @kandi @ Nokia… http://t.co/1BNbg19mM7My friend @marylambertsing just killed it on the samsung #galaxylounge stage with Secrets! Watch it… http://t.co/JlvJAebNAKRed carpet time with my love @michaelturchin #amas http://t.co/jhqAsBLOTxThe next great American boy band with @lancebass & @GavinDeGraw coming to you live from the #cokelounge #amashttp://t.co/wEiJREm95W.@Fergie and our red carpet host @LanceBass enjoying the Red Carpet Radio event! #AMAs http://t.co/uSvpFRk2X8
Retweeted by Lance BassLet's do this! RT @TheAMAs: THROWBACK PIC! @LanceBass, are you ready to rock the @CocaCola red (cont) http://t.co/kYSQUbxpaC"Walking on Air" Lance Bass interview with Vegas 2 LA http://t.co/bjIrjQIg0e @LanceBass @BCLONA http://t.co/ioij2Ac4eS
Retweeted by Lance Bass#HighFive, #Handshake or #Hug? I need to know how to greet @LanceBass at the #AMAs! Tweet me your fav & tag #CokeAHHcade
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @michaelturchin and I will be live tweeting during the #CocaColaRedCarpetLIVE 3-5 pm @TheAMAs Join in the fun and watch us live on #YahooMy first celeb sighting on the carpet! @OneDirection ( they look much shorter on TV ) #AMAs #CocaColaRedCarpetLIVE http://t.co/p27h2Hdn5rFinal rehearsal in the #cokelounge with the lovely @Kandi! Join us live at 2pm PST on http://t.co/6W1Oqw53vthttp://t.co/Qigu6lOW1KOn my way to start an amazing day @TheAMAs! See you all on the red carpet! @JordinSparks @LanceBass @FrankieJGrande @Kandi and more.
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