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Watch #AMAs On Demand Ep. 6 w/ @LanceBass to hear the tip @JordinSparks gave @ArianaGrande on last year's red carpet! http://t.co/KY0YqnKXZT
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: "In exactly one month I get to marry this cutie patootie !!! I'm the Luckiest man alive! #LanceLovesMichael" http://t.co/ui9B2Oi4lvCongrats @JCChasez !! http://t.co/eZluq0hasi@BellaVistaSS woo hoo! See you tomorrow!Wanna know who @LanceBass & @JordinSparks LOVED on the carpet last year? Watch #AMAs On Demand Ep. 6 to find out! http://t.co/KY0YqnKXZT
Retweeted by Lance BassPEANUTS! I'd love to see your original art you've created of me! Tweet it to me & @TheAMAs using #AMAsFanArt & I might digitally sign it.Cake for breakfast?! Why not??! We have our flavors now! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/tU6Cu01reDThis makes me smile and then still gets me frustrated #FreedomToMarry http://t.co/LXpVsWgWtpSanta throwin some shade - @MichaelTurchin #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/bLpXAXscMU
http://t.co/30WkFWWD6xSEE IT: Lennon's 'Imagine' celeb sing-a-long supports UNICEF - NY Daily News http://t.co/B6PPcdz9VbIt's the final episode of #AMAs On Demand! Click & watch @LanceBass play "Red Carpet Rewind" w/ @JordinSparks! http://t.co/KY0YqnKXZT
Retweeted by Lance BassIn exactly one month I get to marry this cutie patootie !!! I'm the Luckiest man alive! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/GU4ZwvydlbOur red carpet hosts, @JordinSparks & @LanceBass, are back together again on the final episode of #AMAs On Demand: http://t.co/KY0YqnKXZT
Retweeted by Lance BassSo proud of Billy! http://t.co/UlS5YJSRuDhttp://t.co/92EWvIHmQ4 Congrats @TyHerndoncom !!We saved the best for last with my pal @JordinSparks! http://t.co/Ialw6Uj61P Tune in this Sunday! #AMAsMake sure you download the FREE @DirtyPopLive with @lancebass app. Available on for iPhone & Android. Catch clips of the show!
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Hey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/goKMyk5fzP http://t.co/CwYIvODD9x. @danbucatinsky heck yea!! Can't wait!!!! #BusiestManInHollywood !Dare you to click this--------> http://t.co/5pmyYlJn0eWho's watching?!?! #AMAs http://t.co/5Rwanygbs6Really looking forward to this weekend w @JordinSparks @GavinDeGraw @FrankieJGrande & my other friends at the #AMAs http://t.co/5pmyYlJn0eICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/ZP58ne1ce5About to go in to co-host Dirty Pop radio with @LanceBass, chillin in the waiting room with @shawnwayans_ http://t.co/XY9wD20geR
Retweeted by Lance BassHoly! @punknpizza completely surprised us w her amazing voice! So honored to give her her radio debut! Catch it again on the replay tonight!@kaylawootten (slow claps) xoxoExcited to welcome the one and only @Shawn_Wayans to @DirtyPopLive today! LIVE in 2 minutes!! #siriusxm 106PEANUTS! Tweet us your best original fan art of @LanceBass using #AMAsFanArt & he might digitally sign it & tweet it back.
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“@DirtyPopLive: Thx @LanceBass Best time ever #DirtyPopLive and @pattistanger is in the house! Tune in now! http://t.co/mWHY5oeACx
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass Lance, we're on. This weekend. #AMAs @TheAMAs . Red carpet!
Retweeted by Lance BassCan't wait for tonight!! @LisaVanderpump #RHOBH http://t.co/rSZLh7N1kQWe're baaaack! Watch tonight at 9pm! #RHOBH http://t.co/Fa7Gtyndiv
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/dsmrVbLLS2 Go here and sign up for this fun new social platform! They actual pay YOU for your content!This is the death of me!! Ahhhhhh http://t.co/iUmb16PA7s
#WhereMyCats @michaelturchin nailed it. #Autocorrectedtext http://t.co/VTTRMeuKx8CALL TO ACTION! How would YOU read this #Autocorrectedtext Upload your videos w #WhereMyCats http://t.co/2iS2lNo8c8ICYMI: "Love this lil man! @JamieLSigler" http://t.co/3llK4QXFIXI just backed Pick Up (A short film) on @Kickstarter http://t.co/KzSMkzowelLove this autocorrect convo I just had w @michaelturchinart http://t.co/DIRtGU0S1tAloha! Feeling Good with Dr Deeps- We'll be talking about Mercury levels in Fish on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass @SIRIUSXM 6ET|3PT
Retweeted by Lance BassIs your #DreamJob to be an entertainment writer? What a coincidence - I’m hiring a writer for my show @DirtyPopLive! http://t.co/7fVQNDjiFCSo proud to support quality health coverage for all! Are you in? @CoveredCA #GetCoveredCA http://t.co/TZm1jwogWo
Love this lil man! @JamieLSigler http://t.co/SKca9Z6gl8#AMAs On Demand Ep.5 is out! Press play to see the "name" @LanceBass & @mtvfakingit's @misterwillett have in common: http://t.co/GYpdoQavk1
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/4NQmiRlyad
Nothing says Winter like @NSYNC Christmas album! @JCChasez @LanceBass @IamCKirkpatrick @realjoeyfatone @jtimberlake http://t.co/9vobS9Humb
Retweeted by Lance BassCome work w/ me @DirtyPopLive. Apply to be a full-time writer @DreamJobbing: http://t.co/7fVQNDjiFC Share this w all your creative friends!Tune into @SXMPop2K right now! @LanceBass is counting down the Top Hits from 2002! Wonder what he's gonna play? Any guesses? #Pop2Kountdown
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@JohnSchaech I didn't - but ironically I met President Bush while I lived there.What award does @misterwillett think both @taylorswift13 & @jtimberlake deserve? Watch #AMAs On Demand w/ @LanceBass: http://t.co/GYpdoQavk1
Retweeted by Lance BassYour @DirtyPopLive weekend playlist!! http://t.co/VaA6CXRBjAWe are LIVE on @DirtyPopLive in 5...4...3...2.... #SiriusXM 106Very proud of my boy @robbierogers and his new book #ComingOutToPlay ! Can't wait to read! http://t.co/AemZKAnL4PCome work w/ me @DirtyPopLive. Apply to be a full-time writer @DreamJobbing: http://t.co/KG3LvVZHpX@ScorpionSting07 happy birthday!!!What's your favorite song of the week? Putting together the @DirtyPopLive #Countdown for today.
Is writing your #DreamJob? @LanceBass is looking for a writer for @DirtyPopLive. Find out more info here: http://t.co/cFJdM6uOFQ
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: "We're live on @DirtyPopLive on @Siriusxm ch 106 and I'm talking about my trip home this weekend to Mississip… http://t.co/fbPypU5hVI#Regram from @TheAMAs w @MisterWillett #MichaelWillett #FakingIt http://t.co/YLP6z8OyfyYes!! Woo hoo! RT @ChaiMike26: Is it true you'll be at the @6abc thanksgiving parade in philly? @LanceBassPhoto bomb w @TheBaubShow and @iamwill http://t.co/84LTPtjcr2At @iamwill 's AMAZING studio recording for #TheImagineProject for @UNICEF #UNICEF http://t.co/hgdK89YdmkLoved running into @theamybrenneman at #TheImagineProject today with @lancebass & @panterasarah. We used to... http://t.co/qrEnTOzksp
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@green4EMA's @debbieatema & @GunnarLovelace talk about http://t.co/d6tnAO9g1B @THRIVEmkt Use code:ema for discount! https://t.co/V1Bm7Lkzio
Retweeted by Lance BassI am not faking it with @misterwillett talking about the #AMAs and getting ready for the @CocaCola Red Carpet LIVE! http://t.co/1zmwCTodRh.@LanceBass reveals the real names of pop stars, but how many does @misterwillett know? Find out on #AMAs On Demand: http://t.co/GYpdoQavk1
Retweeted by Lance BassOn it! RT @kathynajimy: @LanceBass hm.Well,1st thres @DisneyPictures &Thn mayB if Insync did a (cont) http://t.co/FsNM2dno1nThe photo bomber @lancebass strikes again in the future with @Iamwill! http://t.co/zLJgZ4gLCH
Retweeted by Lance BassIs your #DreamJob to be an entertainment writer? What a coincidence - I’m hiring a writer for my show @DirtyPopLive! http://t.co/7fVQNDjiFCLike the new Little Nicky look?! @KyleKriegerHair http://t.co/XO0POwFbGG"Like a glove!!!" Ready for some cake tasting! #LanceLovesMichael Can't believe I get to marry the man of my dreams… http://t.co/jGmDNVUAXX
Love this picture! Hoping for some good news out of #Mississippi soon. http://t.co/vS6ampVv4d.@harto is joining @DirtyPopLive on Thursday! Till then watch her show #MyDrunkKitchen w/ @LanceBass So Funny!!! http://t.co/15CHz4gCVi
Retweeted by Lance Bass@ColeLedford11 excellent response my friend!. @kathynajimy How do we make this #HocusPocus2 happen?!?!We're live on @DirtyPopLive on @Siriusxm ch 106 and I'm talking about my trip home this weekend to Mississippi and N… http://t.co/2zdJtKGM62Check out my fellow @green4ema Board member @AmySmart26’s lovely guest blog post on @NatureRocks! http://t.co/pXXdlI0scs
@heyyvicccc xoxoLance Bass Is Making Dreams Come True! @lancebass - Lance Bass Is Making Dreams Come True! @lancebass... http://t.co/DrRUkBYXGH
Retweeted by Lance BassReady for another cocacola Red Carpet LIVE! adventure at the #AMAs? 11/23 on @yahoomusic! See you there! http://t.co/FCidUPZcF9#MyBuddy http://t.co/bhGsT7lWQ9We've partnered w/ @DreamJobbing to find a new full time writer for #DirtyPop! Find out more here: http://t.co/RX0CWf3Frh
Retweeted by Lance BassSo excited to announce I've partnered w/ @DreamJobbing to find a new full time writer for #DirtyPop! More info here: http://t.co/kDJvaUCN9x.@FrankieJGrande's reaction to @ArianaGrande performing at the 2014 #AMAs is adorbs as @LanceBass lists the line-up! https://t.co/a1fJTZTebT
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@lynlee2000 #BasschinHitched?Break a leg tonight @FrankieJGrande !!!! #OpeningNight #Rockofages@ScoEmre11 loving the effort! Xoxo. This one is difficult!@luvjOiFangirl me neither! It's hard!Vote for my buddy @JDCmusic tonight on #TheVoice !! Here's how... #TeamJDC http://t.co/9MIf0DQ7bmLance Bass honored as he honors state's gay teens http://t.co/SyxYJFIoiw @clarionledger @LanceBass http://t.co/XPKs64hs9T
Retweeted by Lance BassUm so I guess @taylorswift13 broke into my house to film the new #BlankSpaceMusicVideo ! And PS , obsessed w the new albumCalling all my creative tweople.... What's a good #hashtag for the upcoming wedding and special?! We have been racking our brains!
. @JordinSparks can't wait!!! Will be the best year yet!I can't wait for this to officially be my whole new family! ( plus ltbossy ) #GettinHitched http://t.co/edDSgHB1lNLast night was so amazing at the Mississippi International Film Festival - #Mississippiiam received… http://t.co/q0zBvsS0uNWho wants a follow from @LanceBass?! It's game time on @sxmpop2k! Listen to #P2KSXM for your chance to win! Replays 4p, 12a EST & OnDemand
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So excited to be co-hosting the @CocaCola Red Carpet LIVE w. @LanceBass @JordinSparks @FrankieJGrande @GavinDeGraw @ the 2014 #AMAs on 11.23
Retweeted by Lance BassRT @KittyCCO7: When your hoola hoop game is just that nasty it's got hoobastank #boulderdashpop2k @LanceBassLove my sister! At dreamcakesms filming for the upcoming E! wedding extravaganza. http://t.co/ccMn4Hm4gb
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