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. @kathynajimy @harto Kathy!!! We swore to secrecy ! Mainly because it was HIGHLY illegal!!Tonight I'm living a '90s fantasy and shooting MDK w/ @LanceBass! Anybody got a Q for us to A??
Retweeted by Lance Bass#HappyLand premieres tonight on #MTV !!! 11pm Support my man @ryanrottman and DVR the series!! http://t.co/YglUM7nYgAHalloween time w Beau at @potterybarnkids event! http://t.co/P0IM3VxR1gHey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/qtKb6Zm8dA http://t.co/mzu7bYL4i2Counting down the days to this!! @dirtypoplive will be there recording a special once again this year!… http://t.co/I077il1WLDHave you voted for the #WalkingOnAir remix yet on @SIRIUSXM #Utopia? Put in your vote! http://t.co/pRf37cVu5a @daveaudeGo to http://t.co/Y4niTM7Cx7 and VOTE for @LanceBass and @Anisekmusic "Walking on Air" @daveaude remix! http://t.co/0Pb1htaLMr
Retweeted by Lance BassToday marks the end of an era! 9 years w my trusty "Chloe" liseed !! Thanks for everything and I am so… http://t.co/oWlxWbib30Photo bomb city! And I'm the mayor! http://t.co/oKpfdtvDTYHelp get #WalkingOnAir remix from @LanceBass & @daveaude in rotation!! Go here and VOTE!! RT http://t.co/aVxeMJP4lR
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What’s your favorite new Utopia song? Vote for @lancebass and @DaveAude! http://t.co/7Yrdqi6r8h
Retweeted by Lance Bass#amBASSadors we need you!! Vote for @daveaude remix of @LanceBass single #WalkingOnAir! Let's get it into rotation!! http://t.co/BVmVuSnnU0
Retweeted by Lance BassHuh? http://t.co/E4isyKYqJSIt's always a colorful time when frankiejgrande appears on @dirtypoplive ! http://t.co/XyT2yHnM3gRT @TheBaubShow: Had a great time with @FrankieJGrande but the @LanceBass photo bomb is hilarious! http://t.co/gd2j7ZH0NF@FrankieJGrande xoxoxoxoxoxoWe're LIVE right now with @kerrikasem and @FrankieJGrande !! Tune in now SiriusXM 106!!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@FrankieJGrande @DirtyPopLive see you soon!!So excited to be on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass!!!! Gurl we gots some shit to discuss that's fo SURE!!! AHHH!! Tune in!
Retweeted by Lance BassI love @Bethenny's new kids book #CookieMeetsPeanut- abt a complicated canine and a new baby- such a cute story! http://t.co/NvmYpDCJFTCan't wait for the @DirtyPopLive show today...Our guests are @kerrikasem and my good friend @FrankieJGrande! Tune in on @siriusxm XoHave you registered to vote in November?! http://t.co/8XBQjcXBy6@Nashsgal2136 happy birthday xoa sneak peek behind the scenes of our November Cover Shoot with @LanceBass @AlanSemsar http://t.co/I1haCg8Z3Q http://t.co/HFoop1RX6t
Retweeted by Lance BassSo much fun this weekend at the catalinafilm festival! Gonna need to buy myself a pair of these glasses. http://t.co/g7y9ky5wIK
@Primmom @KathyWakile @RosiePierri I'm in!I can't wait to hear this album!! https://t.co/sBsjQy7q3SThis will win an Emmy for so many reasons! Sia Performs "Chandelier" - Dancing with the Stars http://t.co/Ey595PuU3v
@LanceBass For National Dog Week,  can U help shut this Puppy mill down?  http://t.co/O8JKaQNZR2 http://t.co/Sh4jTcvql1
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass gets me. Love what ya playing on @SXMPop2K !!! ☺
Retweeted by Lance BassTune in now! @LanceBass counts the top 30 hits of Sept 2009 on the #Pop2Kountdown Sat 11a & 6p, Sun 8a, 4p & 12a EST @SXMPop2K.
Retweeted by Lance Bass@tyleroakley @JordinSparks xoxoxoxoxo
Prom night? W my beautiful date jordinsparks #LeftBehind http://t.co/DB4gn7dON7My date, @lancebass! Prom theme: Left Behind 2014. 😁🎥👫 http://t.co/GMALSoXxIK
Retweeted by Lance BassReposted photo by jordinsparks #LeftBehind premiere. http://t.co/d4o4YvYi9N"This is your captain speaking......" @lancebass!!! http://t.co/fybJC7I0gI
Retweeted by Lance BassReposted photo by @brandonsapin Sneak peek of cover shoot http://t.co/mAVJblhUSmJust landed into 🇺🇸 and found out #walkingonair has climbed to #27 on the #billboardcharts. #TOP30. @LanceBass @daveaude Bella Blue Woohoo.
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy #FunFactFriday!!!! http://t.co/IyBvSiToQyWe out here.. #nsync #bb16 @LanceBass @aborzotra http://t.co/D8r0IekOEQ
Retweeted by Lance BassThanks!! RT @LanceBassCntrl: #amBASSadors Send your love & congrats to @LanceBass!! #WalkingOnAir hit #27 on the @billboard dance charts!!!!
#TBT http://t.co/IpxmOB7QtH@andysenorjr yes!! Good thing I greased the ET editors!The Cold Read drinking game in the middle of the day? Sure. Why not? @LanceBass @JessimaePeluso http://t.co/0rRfnuyo37
Retweeted by Lance Bass@aborzotra gonna be a fun night!@JDCmusic give me a shout when you're free! In la for a whileVIDEO: @LanceBass @etnow -- @GloriaEstefan Shares Casting Auditions & More for @OnYourFeetBway - http://t.co/pbwbQUVgJt
Retweeted by Lance Bass@jameskwaters xoxoGood read http://t.co/rJjL1WRkBl
#DVRALERT! @GloriaEstefan: Tonight at 7:30pm & 11pm @LanceBass gets the inside scoop w/ (cont) http://t.co/Y1TuYjT3MbFIRST LOOK of #ChristopherWalken as #CaptainHook for upcoming LIVE version of #PeterPan on #NBC Bravo… http://t.co/bbMR1hsGe2Thank you for the article @TakePart! http://t.co/PFymoTbVKd Xo#DVRALERT! RT @GloriaEstefan: Tonight at 7:30pm & 11pm @LanceBass gets the inside scoop w/ (cont) http://t.co/Y1TuYjT3MbGetting ready for the cover shoot @LanceBass http://t.co/r9M5uqyXT6
Retweeted by Lance BassDon't forget @LanceBass's interview with @EmilioEstefanJr & @GloriaEstefan will air TONIGHT on @etnow. Check local listings. #ETnow
Retweeted by Lance BassThings are going really well at the photo shoot... Just having fun @alansemsar @lancebass #lancebasshttp://t.co/IOvcyf3kIm
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/RQvoButUFA
Retweeted by Lance BassTonight at 7:30pm & 11pm @LanceBass gets the inside scoop w/ @GloriaEstefan & @EmilioEstefanJr about @OnYourFeetBway @etnow @CBS (GsPeeps)
Retweeted by Lance BassThe glamour squad getting me ready for a magazine cover. It takes a village! http://t.co/D90f08wTUg
@danagleeson xoxoIt’s On Us: Lance Bass http://t.co/dFOjxRbk5bWalking on Air is climbing! It's at 31. Let's get it higher. Congrats @LanceBass @msbellablue @Anisekmusic 👏 http://t.co/5BQrZMVFVt
Retweeted by Lance Bass"Ppl will be amazed at small habits they can break to benefit the environment" We talked #climate2014 w @LanceBass! http://t.co/v38i4rtys8
Retweeted by Lance BassFrom #TheBassSquad: http://t.co/gQaYMqv7ZbMorgan Freeman is amazing in this video for the @UN’s #Climate2014 Summit. http://t.co/nBXPXx18TULB on ET Update!! Set your DVRs for WED to see @LanceBass interview @EmilioEstefanJr @GloriaEstefan about their new ..http://t.co/0YqwwAWhRS
Retweeted by Lance BassPresident @BarackObama is speaking at the #ClimateSummit right now! WATCH: http://t.co/j2TNjCP3Sd #ActOnClimate http://t.co/e4PJeDi1PM
Retweeted by Lance BassCongratulations @LanceBass, @AniseKmusic, @MsBellaBlue, & @DaveAude. Walking On Air(Aude Remix) is 31st on @billboard http://t.co/KF2q6oup9h
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Just posted a photo http://t.co/4zc3fnu1dU😒🐓 @unforettable @lancebass http://t.co/uVJofi8LGW
Retweeted by Lance BassWoo hoo! RT @Anisekmusic: #WalkingOnAir hits #31 on the #billboardcharts. Great work to my team (cont) http://t.co/WdPfz7TMPYCheck out my old bud @JDCmusic tonight on #TheVoice! EVERYONE is going to want this guy!I know what I'm ordering for stocking stuffers this Christmas! http://t.co/kRkPu8d6Yu.@LanceBass will be hosting the 2014 @GMCLA Halloweenie Party. Info/tickets here: http://t.co/Pn9pqnY990
Retweeted by Lance BassHey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/I2Rcu8epIp http://t.co/70twov6Kjh@Velvet214 everything freezes and resets. Assuming the bugs will be fixed soon. But damn! Takes 4 mins to write one textTune into the #JerseyBelle finale with @jaimeprimak tonight on @bravotv 10E/9CThis new IOS update is killing me! I can barely use my phone! Get on it #Apple !!
@GloriaEstefan @EmilioEstefanJr #Dolphins game soon!@andysenorjr @laradiamante hahaha!Stay tuned... @lancebass' @etnow interview with @onyourfeetbway's @emilioestefanjr and @GloriaEstefan airs Tuesday! http://t.co/pbLC08AP5h
Retweeted by Lance BassI heart these two #OnYourFeet http://t.co/pucebOAWMHIt was an honor hosting auditions for @onyourfeetbway with @emilioestefanjr @lancebass @etonline and @GloriaEstefan! http://t.co/Hld5EAK1g7
Retweeted by Lance BassThank you @GloriaEstefan and @EmilioEstefanJr for the easiest interview I've ever done! #ClassActs #OnYourFeetBway@andysenorjr I got cut?! LolDid you hear what happened when Lance met @rihanna ?? Tune in now to the #Pop2Kountdown with @LanceBass on @SXMPop2K to hear the story! ;)
Retweeted by Lance Bass@NSYNCstagram not at all what I said to them.@watdez ha! I didn't say that at all. But okAwesome! RT @MeghanD110: https://t.co/L3nJZIbXcS The Marching 110 Performing "ByeByeBye" (cont) http://t.co/l8mqV5HVtq@Marshaljr15 xoxo.@LanceBass is hosting the #Pop2Kountdown right now on @SXMPop2K. Counting down the top songs from Sept. 2008. Tune in!!
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Can't wait for this year's #Halloweenie!! Best party of the year! #WeenieLA http://t.co/CZxi1IgKv3Join @AmySmart26 and @C_Oosterhouse in support of the #PeoplesClimate March! http://t.co/wumEtQkAL3Happy Birthday @darrengdale !!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🐒🐒🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
.@RyanSeacrest, @LanceBass, @billyeichner, @cyndilauper & more celebs honor Joan Rivers in touching video tributes: http://t.co/aARIbbB62V
Retweeted by Lance BassMake sure you check out my special tribute to #JoanRivers tonight on #FashionPolice on E!@OKMagazine loved my flavor!#fbf @LanceBass at Halloweenie 2013. Best Halloween party in LA. See you this year. http://t.co/cBtLrCJdpq #weenieLA http://t.co/nxOUVRUlbU
Retweeted by Lance BassIt's on all of us to stop sexual assault. I took the pledge to be part of the solution and you can too at http://t.co/v4lxfU1NoI #ItsOnUs
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