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Boo!!!My DVR of @Kimofqueens just recorded Tori and Dean - and I can't stop watching! Help! What gives @Kim_Gravel ??@SarahStoeffler he's co hosting the #Amasondemand show with me in two weeks!Really?! Showing it here in Cali! RT @bennettdoneit: @LanceBass What's up? Would have been nice to (cont) http://t.co/d4dWLXxmGR.@LanceBass shares the most jaw-dropping red carpet looks at the #AMAs. Watch the carpet LIVE 11/23 on @YahooMusic! https://t.co/BD7XYD3b7f
Retweeted by Lance BassIt's all about Lance Bass. https://t.co/RIot6f6Mg7 via @vineA stunning space photo to share with you @LanceBass ttmab http://t.co/ASIPngMyzz
Retweeted by Lance BassAmazing!!!! RT @TeamLance: @DirtyPopLive @EdSheeran's "The Notebook" audition, with special guest @LanceBass - http://t.co/drBshbTdOE
Retweeted by Lance BassPlease retweet. This mother is looking for her daughter. She is a friend of a friend. We have to find her! http://t.co/4WbclpGHoy
Retweeted by Lance Bass@mallorydoyle happy birthday!!Super excited to go on @DirtyPopLive tomorrow w/ @LanceBass @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Lance BassEXCLUSIVE: @CBSBigBrother's @FrankieJGrande is headed to Broadway! http://t.co/YDT71XF0qj http://t.co/JxULG2FCWW
Retweeted by Lance BassHow has no one tweeted this yet?! LOVE @lancebass & @frankiejgrande's friendship 💞 https://t.co/l68CwunJVD
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LisaVanderpump come w me! It's so fun!
.@LanceBass makes an appearance on the Season Finale of #KimOfQueens!! Set those DVRs for Tuesday at 10pmEst @Kim_Gravel
Retweeted by Lance BassAhhhhhh! RT @TeamLance: @MichaelTurchin @LanceBass 2 inch fangs!!! Goliath Encounter: Puppy-Sized (cont) http://t.co/x8MyuLRX4TJust posted a photo http://t.co/WSyPdaf8mA@Chelsea_Briggs & @LanceBass Break Down the 2014 @TheAMAs http://t.co/TXrhs5cmY8
Retweeted by Lance Bass#LanceScares #epicfail of @michaelturchin http://t.co/82aX9Yg3keKristmas came early this year to the Turchin/Bass house! #InTheKitchenWithKris http://t.co/uxb4FEDmQ0#2014EMAs w @mrssosbourne #SaraGilbert and @michaelturchin http://t.co/NhCv7T2HhC @ Warner… http://t.co/jmPK3efw0m#2014EMAs w @michaelturchin @John_C_Reilly and @TheJeffGoldblum @grenn4ema #StepBrothersTwo ??? http://t.co/3JkeP7JXzh#2014EMAs w @DARBYsofficial and @michaelturchin http://t.co/VgPGqLeGWN @ Warner Brothers Studios Back Lot http://t.co/0hLoTMsBtN#2014EMAs w @iamkristendavis and #DebbieLevin http://t.co/VgPGqLeGWN @ Warner Brothers Studio… http://t.co/zG5Pe0qFLe.@DirtyPopLive broadcasting AND @LanceBass performing #WalkingOnAir w @DaveAude?! What a night!! Get your tix now!! http://t.co/Hx2rpyqGdy
Retweeted by Lance Bass
"Walking On Air (@DaveAude remix)" is still the top vote getter on @SiriusXM's Utopia! Keep voting! http://t.co/4zP0zvhQ9L @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance BassThank u @lancebass @DirtyPopLive for having me Co-Host w u! SO FUN! Leopard shirt by elliottlabel… http://t.co/825U9b43b3
Retweeted by Lance Bass@RainbowKid79 you're welcome!The #Pop2Kountdown is now playing on #SiriusXM @sxmpop2k !Oh, hello @LanceBass! #KimofQueens https://t.co/DfwjsFLYnN
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @browniebrittle this year!RT @AuntieQs: @LanceBass ...What kind of candy are you handing out for Halloween?? 🎃👻🍫 http://t.co/w5AQAnOjjP#TrueStory RT @Phoebe389: @LanceBass is a #Ravenclaw..@LanceBass @MichaelTurchin attend the 2014 EMA's green4ema http://t.co/l9ZJXO4lu8
Retweeted by Lance BassHot damn im a lucky man! :A Reminder That Lance Bass Has The Hottest Fiancé Ever: Celebrity Instagram http://t.co/9TFBwrPPXg via @NewNowNext
See @LanceBass, @MalinAkerman, @EmilyVanCamp and more stars go green at the #2014EMAs http://t.co/4QKq28uLO5 http://t.co/8AU9uOqeCu
Retweeted by Lance Bass@lancebass http://t.co/kVnycW6gFp
Retweeted by Lance BassThanks @LanceBass for helping us fight food waste and sharing your Food Fairy Tale! #SaveitSunday #2014EMAs http://t.co/M4mlt5qo45
Retweeted by Lance BassThat's a wrap for the #2014EMAs !! What an incredible night! Congrats to all the winners! http://t.co/jn3jbcNAvPOn our way to the #2014EMAs !!! @green4ema @michaelturchin http://t.co/NHxvigA624Can't wait to see you guys tonight at the #2014EMAs ! 😍👉👉👉 @AmySmart26 @echriqui @LanceBass @C_Oosterhouse @DawnOlivieri @green4EMA 🌎❤️♻️
Retweeted by Lance BassTune in & listen to @LanceBass host the #Pop2Kountdown on @SXMPop2K. This week Lance counts down the top songs of 2005.
Retweeted by Lance BassGuess what… #AMAs On Demand is back! Excited to host & chat with awesome guests. http://t.co/umelyoKEXh Xo
I just voted in @AmericanIdol's America's Choice Auditions. #IdolAuditions." Vote here: http://t.co/e8JeEjhOg3 #IdolEmilyHow will we ever outdo these costumes @michaelturchin ?! http://t.co/bDWtrNTbl8Rapid Fire questions with @LanceBass!! Check out @TheWrap's #DrinkingWiththeStars http://t.co/WuQmts0rlP
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/Qk3tBfV2GfLove this stuff! http://t.co/1hlR9fctYbSo excited for the #2014EMAs TOMORROW! If you can't attend, WATCH the livestream on @eonline!The @homeboyind 5K Run/Walk is Oct 18 in LA. Can I count you in? Register at http://t.co/3kgmUkXa4n #homeboy5kYAAS! #AMAs On Demand with @LanceBass is BACK & we want to feature YOU🙌 Find out how you can get a s/o on the show: http://t.co/vpaqcWy5fC
Retweeted by Lance BassTime to watch the DVR!!! #LanceScares @michaelturchin #HappyHalloween http://t.co/3UUBA062CXHad the best time hanging out w/@LanceBass at his "rad pad” for #AMAs On Demand. We also chatted about my NY trip! http://t.co/JaEL0Xj6TD
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Birthday @iamckirkpatrick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Still holding strong at #1. Let's keep #WalkingOnAir from @LanceBass in the top spot! VOTE! RT! http://t.co/DpaqbxTtGS
Retweeted by Lance Bass
#AMAs On Demand with @LanceBass is BACK & better than ever! 😝 With special guests, celeb talk and all-things AMAs💙: http://t.co/1O84KNzet3
Retweeted by Lance BassMy friend @SamanthaHarris is looking for inspiring "lemonade" stories with which to launch her new site http://t.co/hxor8B64Ds Please share!We look like the #Lyft service ! Happy Birthday Wendy! http://t.co/FzNQZKmH5THappy Birthday to the #PinkPrincess Wendy!! @HomeBabysitting @DJLisaFoxx http://t.co/wSwXT2zVGcCalling all creative types: share your vision for how space will benefit humanity http://t.co/TWzwjIMwSH @SpaceArtLPI #HISAChallengeIt’s not every day you can get a brand new car for $100! Enter @green4ema’s #ToyotaFCV drawing now: http://t.co/9hCn3H9KyO'Screw the wine go for JD' Love it. @LanceBass http://t.co/ngBcpuUbap via @YouTube #MyDrunkKitchen
Retweeted by Lance BassHey #AZALEANS, let’s chat about the year #AMAs fanciest nominee @IGGYAZALEA has had: https://t.co/u130G7ZjKx
Now this is how you wrap a shoot! #UnusuallyThicke w @tanyathicke #MexicanMaiThai http://t.co/RoOgCZ6JPIFirst thing’s first, @LanceBass & I highlight #AMAs nom @IGGYAZALEA and her fancy year: http://t.co/3Lf5iA4Udh
Retweeted by Lance BassThank you singer & producer @LanceBass for being a judge for #HISAChallenge http://t.co/HV3lOpMhln #spaceart http://t.co/tBK38Rxv9u
Retweeted by Lance BassREAD ME: http://t.co/MVlUoVCsdOWatch @LanceBass & @Chelsea_Briggs as they break down todays #AMAs Timeline featuring @IGGYAZALEA. Check it out: http://t.co/tydeE3HEGn
Retweeted by Lance BassFilming #UnusuallyThicke w @TanyaThicke today!! Love this chica!! http://t.co/wZzUBPjl9FWhat makes @IGGYAZALEA SO darn fancy!? @LanceBass & I break it down in today's #AMAs Timeline! WATCH: http://t.co/YSel9wqtgH
Retweeted by Lance BassBecause you know we're all about that Bass...@LanceBass #KimofQueens https://t.co/uB4FsCTUX0
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Woo hoo! RT @LanceBassCntrl: Thank You #amBASSadors!!! @LanceBass has taken over the #1 spot. Keep (cont) http://t.co/hHTJeTgFGLICYMI: Real Housewives star writes what she knows: Red Carpets & White Lies: A Novel by Lea Black http://t.co/fkmM0mqZDN … @LeaBlackMiami
Retweeted by Lance BassNew #LanceScares video up on my #Instagram !Shower scare!! #LanceScares @michaelturchin http://t.co/RrXn3U19KlDon't forget to bid on a chance to meet @LanceBass in LA and co-host his @SIRIUSXM benefiting @TheArtofElysium: http://t.co/CLheDpH2WJ
Retweeted by Lance BassAm I supposed to give up on an IOS update to fix my phone? It still takes me 5 mins to type one text ; ( #IOSupdateBLOWS#WalkingOnAir from @LanceBass is less than 1% out of the #1 spot. VOTE to get him there! Lets get it into rotation! http://t.co/DpaqbxTtGS
Retweeted by Lance BassHave you subscribed to my official @YouTube channel yet? https://t.co/0UTat3YD7n Lots of amazing things coming up..Can't wait to share! XoSo inspiring! See how today's LGBT youth are changing the world! Mississippi I Am @LanceBass https://t.co/3lAm1xeAMz http://t.co/TlwTnMGTHW
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@grimes_tammy @LanceBass The Environmental Media Awards (EMAs) are an annual show to honor environmental influencers! http://t.co/aea2IINWxV
Retweeted by Lance BassI can’t believe the #2014EMAs are only FIVE days away! I’m excited to help support @green4ema! http://t.co/QHUkMiPNj7Too early?! http://t.co/LON0DqBcuZ
@shark312 very nice !Follow our Tweets of our prep! @neilmeron @craigzadan BehindTheScenes of 87th #OSCARS thru live telecast on 2/22! http://t.co/EjT8JtfwfY
Retweeted by Lance BassCheck out these fun Halloween things we made last night.... Guac Puking pumpkin and vampire teeth… http://t.co/xJdfK6htdmI want to shove my face into all of this!! http://t.co/yYpwLzCJ9J.@LanceBass has a nomination message for you on our Snapchat. Follow TheAMAs, send us and Lance a snap back, and we'll share our favs. #AMAs
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@octaviaspencer but are you watching this?! http://t.co/nO6jBfIHkJ.@LanceBass reveals big wedding plans! Plus, could there be an @NSYNC reunion at the ceremony? http://t.co/WPPn1hiFmP http://t.co/Q3Tqq1PaIn
Retweeted by Lance BassToday is National Coming Out Day!
Retweeted by Lance BassIt's that time! @LanceBass counts the top 30 hits of Oct 2006 on the #Pop2Kountdown Sat 11a & 6p, Sun 8a, 4p & 12a EST @SXMPop2K.
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@TheMarkLong you name the day!.@TheWrap meets up w/ @LanceBass at the @Losangeleshaunt for a special #WrapDWTS. Presented by @FreixenetUSA. #cava http://t.co/moU1Ax4Ctn
Retweeted by Lance Bass@JediJazz22 😘Fellow #SiriusXM host and all around bad ass @petewentz http://t.co/i1vp4WgVtFI just posted a brand new scare video of @michaelturchin on my Instagram! Tis the season! #LanceScaresTis the season to start scaring @michaelturchin again!!! Happy Halloween! #YoureWelcome #LanceScares http://t.co/nNB6R2OG53Heading back home soon!! http://t.co/Yaju6aqi4fEmpowering and stunning! "Mississippi I Am" (produced by @LanceBass) heads to New York October 26. Tickets here: https://t.co/3lAm1xeAMz
Retweeted by Lance BassMy #ETFast5 w @IggyAzalea http://t.co/oKpjaxEtBY @etnow
"I'd like to thank the academy ......" @Gramovox http://t.co/nI2QkVsyyt
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