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#TBT !!! #LanceHalloween http://t.co/3gsNM8ZBZTA new #LanceScares is up on my Instagram!Pre-party snooze fest with my baby boys 😍 @LanceBass http://t.co/0bbfOppk17
Retweeted by Lance BassHey my little peanuts! @Morgan_Stewart & I have challenge each other to celeb Halloween games on #AMAs On Demand: http://t.co/SwoDiZoSraPre Halloween night scare! #LanceScares @michaelturchin (Michael is preparing to be a witch) http://t.co/NK92cADpyeChecking in w the best host in town at theabbeyweho before the big night! davidcooleyla http://t.co/fuGXrMVSL5.Comedian & friend @Breenscreen buzzed over to our #HalloweenieSpecial w/ @LanceBass @thisisdrew @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/wWoOHjg8Bk
Retweeted by Lance BassHm. I must've been drunk by this pt in theshow. Forgot pics of these clowns. #HalloweenieSpecial @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance BassBattle of the Strong Men - Mike from LA is the winner #HalloweenieSpecial w/ @LanceBass @thisisdrew @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/Ybyzdr8FXz
Retweeted by Lance BassBattle of the Pop Culture costumes - Lawrence Welk|Dooneese vs. Cher|Dion Clueless #HalloweenieSpecial w/@LanceBass http://t.co/pk9lYq3s4K
Retweeted by Lance BassOur favorite Bob @thebaubshow working the bearded lady look! #HalloweenieSpecial http://t.co/Tiigd1BzTD
Retweeted by Lance BassPartying w/ R friend @wcruz73 and his bud Guy B. on the #HalloweenieSpecial w/@LanceBass @thisisdrew @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/BDYY6GoxQf
Retweeted by Lance BassGood times w/ our longtime friend @kitwilliamson from #MadMen and the boys of #Eastsiders on @LogoTV right now on the #HalloweenieSpecial
Retweeted by Lance BassHardest competition of the night! Best costumes! #HalloweenieSpecial @DirtyPopLive@LanceBass love this station, it's super funny 🎃👻 http://t.co/f9TraB07kM
Retweeted by Lance BassLoving @ActuallyEmerson @BlakeMcIver @ScottNevins from #ThePeoplesCouch on our #HalloweenieSpecial right now!
Retweeted by Lance Bass#SluttySluts! So funny! @DirtyPopLiveOur engineer @itswhittemore with @MichaelTurchin on the #HalloweenieSpecial w/ @LanceBass @thisisdrew http://t.co/Uh0m46CQwj
Retweeted by Lance BassBattle of the Animals - Lion vs Zebra #HalloweenieSpecial w/ @LanceBass @thisisdrew @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/4iVl1utSb2
Retweeted by Lance BassWas it necessary for me to do a fake southern accent? @DirtyPopLive@ShyBeliebert it's only just begun!#bestpsychicever? @DirtyPopLiveWho's listening?! @DirtyPopLive Sirius Xm 106 http://t.co/4J54VFeIQC.@LanceBass @MichaelTurchin coming from a wedding in full wedding attire b4 changing 4 the party #HalloweenieSpecial http://t.co/4rdRLcOnOG
Retweeted by Lance Bass@SteveGrandMusic on our #HalloweenieSpecial right now with @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin and @thisisdrew http://t.co/X0SZD9QIrn
Retweeted by Lance Bass#HalloweenieSpecial here we are w/ Fred & Jason @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin @thisisdrew http://t.co/ZmRLCZAT9M
Retweeted by Lance BassWe will now pick the winners of the #LanceHalloween costume contest tomorrow evening! Enjoy your night!!! @DirtyPopLive#HappyHalloween! What would be the perfect #AMAs Halloween Costume? @LanceBass asks @MorganStewart. #AMAs On Demand: http://t.co/TzMwoldmsZ
Retweeted by Lance BassSend in your best costume photos to #LanceHalloween for our @Dirtypoplive costume contest! We will… http://t.co/vNX8uW6ziAHappy Halloween! And remember: blackface is always offensive. No matter how many black friends you have. #literallyALWAYS
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Halloween! Don't forget to send your costume pics to #LanceHalloween for our @DirtyPopLive contest! Winner chosen end of the special
OMG! I heard @dotmariejones on #DirtyPop w/ @LanceBass and I was reminded why I love this gal so much.Congrats on being a reg on @GLEEonFOX
Retweeted by Lance BassNeil Young "Who's Gonna Stand Up" at Harvest the Hope #NoKXL Benefit http://t.co/LaW81ZJl89What horror movie characters would @5SOS play? Find out on this spookalicious #AMAs On Demand Ep. 3 w/ @LanceBass 👻: http://t.co/mDUSHJ5b4E
Retweeted by Lance Bass#AMAs On Demand Ep. 3 is out! @LanceBass & @Morgan_Stewart take on Halloween challenges highlighting AMAs artists.🎃👻http://t.co/TzMwoldmsZ
Retweeted by Lance BassLast night on #RHOH, @LanceBass and @KevinHart4real had the Twitterville ROLLING. Check it --> http://t.co/t6JteurniQ http://t.co/HRr01R8iRm
Retweeted by Lance Bass#TheBarnstorm Joins Forces with @NSYNC... Again! http://t.co/k0Rl41Gc7h (@realjoeyfatone @LanceBass @jtimberlake @IamCKirkpatrick @JCChasez)
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Swing time with the boys!! @allierizzo @lancebass @michaelturchin #teamlance 😘 http://t.co/lqeJAaxpJJ
Retweeted by Lance BassLast chance to bid on the chance to cohost "Dirty Pop" on Sirius XM with @LanceBass Bid now! http://t.co/bBHuaBWRKx
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@KevinHart4real & @LanceBass might have a growing #Bromance! Recap last nights #RHOH HERE: http://t.co/d7Tr42fH5M http://t.co/5zD8mr7zE1
Retweeted by Lance Bass'American Idol' Returns! Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Week http://t.co/DIbr7xQUHn via @ETnow@evanheags013 xoxo
"Well that was fun" #RHOH #HusbandLance http://t.co/T0Xx9ivnih@MandyMoreno89 xoxoOne @nsync joke down , 10 more to go ... #RHOH #HusbandLance@babycuddlebear xoxoLove me some @GeorgeTakei on #RHOH #HusbandLance#HusbandLance #RHOH @BETRealHusbands here we go west coast!Ok East coast.... @BETRealHusbands starts now!! I'll be live tweeting in 3 hours for west coast view. Use #RHOH #HusbandLance#RHOH Tonight I will be live tweeting on the west coast along w @kevinhart4real http://t.co/5l66Onhr0PDon't wanna miss tonite EP of #RHOH3 at 10p see what @lancebass tells Kevin. #ActorGanghttp://t.co/Eui89YEopk
Retweeted by Lance BassYOU better listen to @LanceBass and watch a NEW #RHOH TONIGHT 10P|9c -> http://t.co/EyDSWltSLD http://t.co/EFNFYtNXom
Retweeted by Lance BassYOU better listen to @LanceBass and watch a NEW #RHOH TONIGHT 10P|9c -> http://t.co/eSO0BBeEXv http://t.co/jHLZ6EcvuL
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass and @KevinHart4real will be live tweeting Tonight's episode of @BETRealHusbands!!! 10pm/9c Tune In. #RHOH
Retweeted by Lance BassHey everyone tweet @LanceBass your Halloween costumes! Hashtag #LanceHalloween and he will pick his favorite!
Retweeted by Lance Bass2 shows to watch tonight! #ETnow 730pm on #CBS and #RHOH 9pm on #BET (✔️local listing)Set your DVRs! @kevinhart4real http://t.co/ahb3K08iGzBOO-ya! #WilsonCruz @LanceBass @SteveGrandMusic and Hollywood hotties at Halloweenie: http://t.co/jXaluACCmR http://t.co/q1eOYhB1f3
Retweeted by Lance BassListen to the full episode of @TruthAndIliza with @iliza & @LanceBass on iTunes: http://t.co/Uf0oTrNYzb or Stitcher: http://t.co/dxBGRtObch
Retweeted by Lance Bass@NkotBsbteamQc happy birthday xoxoCouldn't be more excited for @DirtyPopLive today! @PTXOfficial will be stopping by and it's gonna be huge. Tune in 6-8p EST on @SiriusXM!#Bitten http://t.co/3wXuGGRnetTonight on @etnow #AmericanIdol @Ryanseacrest @HarryConnickJr @KeithUrban jlo http://t.co/3Inr5fx4CFThe band is back together!! #OutOfSyncBoys http://t.co/Vy7tHHZJvI#NailedIt Catch me tonight w the #AmericanIdol Judges and @RyanSeacrest on #EntertainmentTonight http://t.co/37ygEN2FPhShowing off my engagement ring or clutching my pearls?! http://t.co/1Saoh1FqRFCongratulations! So excited for you guys! 💎 💎Happy Happy Joy Joy! ❤ @lancebass @michaelturchinhttp://t.co/sDMkjHTrQK
Retweeted by Lance BassLance Bass(@LanceBass) - Truth And Iliza(@iliza) (Extended Podcast Preview) http://t.co/HsV3lxkGKC
Retweeted by Lance BassPeanuts! @TruthandIliza's podcast is out today with myself & the amazing @iliza. Go! https://t.co/o05BZN8vUP Xo http://t.co/WzgCffYb4M.@PTXofficial is coming to the #TheBastle for @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass! Tune in 6pEst @SIRIUSXM Wonder if Lance can get them sing?
Retweeted by Lance BassTONIGHT!! Check out @LanceBass appearing on @BETRealHusbands 10p/9c. https://t.co/5WVu2MaDoO Looks like a good one! #RHOH
Retweeted by Lance BassNEW @iliza podcast "Truth and Iliza" with @LanceBass! Check it out. https://t.co/2XEgKhIszC A Great Listen. http://t.co/5bVf8M2luj
Retweeted by Lance Bass
http://t.co/E39ufIDLFJ @davidmixnerYa'll need to read at least the first 50 pgs. of this book. It will change how you view life. Lmk what u think. http://t.co/dMhZq95S8i
Retweeted by Lance BassWhat A did on her hiatus ! #PrettyLittleLiars #WalkingDead http://t.co/2uy9qpKAqX@LeaBlackMiami yes indeed! Art Basel time!. @zankiefeels keep sending! The # stores them in a neat file! Retweet your favs so I def see it. #ZachAttack #BB16Could be live when I'm in Miami in a month. Stayed tuned! RT @msheatherkeefe: @LanceBass LANCE! Do You know when Zach's interview will be?😊Oh yeah. It's @AmericanIdol H'wood week. Just had a blast with @LanceBass and @etnow watch for it soon. http://t.co/ibnL3JvIPH
Retweeted by Lance BassSend your questions for Zach @ranceypants to #LanceAsks and I'll ask him soon on @DirtyPopLive !! #BB16 Make them good people!! #ZachAttack@ranceypants will get it set up this week! Expect a DM!“@LanceBass: @ZandFFAN bring it @ranceypants!” It's Tearin' Up My Heart! LETS GOOO, IM READY!!! @LanceBass lets do it asap!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Lovxstoned hellooo xoUh oh. What happened?! Tune into @BETRealHusbands tomorrow 10/28 10pm PT/ET to find out! #RHOH @KevinHart4real http://t.co/LEN81rQnzeIt's going to be a hot one on the old town tonight #weenieLA http://t.co/rYmfF18QMo
Retweeted by Lance BassBefore the @GMCLA #Halloweenie festivities with @MichaelTurchin. #weeniela http://t.co/Flq1qcF8vtWhat happened to @LanceBass?! Find out tomorrow night when he joins #RHOH on BET! Set your dvrs!! http://t.co/t2p5e5fvPJ
Retweeted by Lance Bass
He may have been in a boy band, but @lancebass is down for anything! #RHOH TUES 10P|9c -> http://t.co/fVKiyt5ZGO http://t.co/g11CGn93OJ
Retweeted by Lance BassCONTEST!! Send a pic of your costume w/ #LanceHalloween and Lance will choose his fav. Winner gets prize from @DirtyPopLive prize box!
Retweeted by Lance BassLet's have a costume contest! Send a pic w #LanceHalloween and I'll choose my fav and send you a prize from the @DirtyPopLive prize box!#Regram from @realmichellet #sartianowedding http://t.co/LAyBSWMAWLThis made me laugh @MauiDrDeeps ! http://t.co/YeGXdOFiUK@LanceBass @MichaelTurchin Did you guys see the "Chandelier" spoof on SNL? https://t.co/H7hT9qnpY2
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @thebaubshow killed it as Ethel last night - #AmericanHorrorStory #Halloweenie http://t.co/nuLDVaet1xMy makeup is melting off as @msbellablue and I hit the stage w daveaude to perform #WalkingOnAirhttp://t.co/SmTu7Eg96H#Halloweenie http://t.co/0bM1tnXwtnOnce again, an incredible #Halloweenie was had by all! Tons was raised for @gmcla - Thanks to Jason… http://t.co/MhBmGwVu5a#halloweenie , you are my new tradition. Had so much fun with @lancebass @michaelturchinhttp://t.co/KqAxRr4s1F
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@ZandFFAN bring it @ranceypants!Love highriseweho w @mylesjoseph @lancebass @frankiejgrande #TeamRhea @ High-Rise Fridays http://t.co/BRAjLQLjoQ
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Let the #SartianoWedding begin!!! W @annemkortright @benjaminthigpen http://t.co/dFurHgbOUw
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