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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;)

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When I can't sleep I online shop but there's nothing I really like right now. Hmmm. Wish I could just take a shirt vacation somewhere@thebonnierotten me too@davidlordxxx don't forget:). I'm around all day gonna take it easy tomorrow@davidlordxxx you never called me back today. I tried you twice!!!Check out the SFW trailer for our new series #GirlsOfSummer @AaliyahLove69 @StevieShaeXXX http://t.co/zyv6atzcbk" Directed by myself. #RT
Retweeted by StevieeTomorrow I'm gonna take another relax day and spend some time At my rooftop. I love it up there and need my Greek tan back:)@BrandyAniston just eat more pills. Haha.@StevieShaeXXX @Kirsten_Price it's so bad!!!!#Aquarius quietly does everything they can to help out their friends because friends come first.
Retweeted by Steviee#Aquarians may act as if they are heartless people,but deep down we actually are caring and loving people.
Retweeted by Steviee@Kirsten_Price ridiculous. http://t.co/cN9RCQH0IS http://t.co/QDjvujTOZU”After a nice long hot bath time to crawl in bed with the dog and a movie... http://t.co/MIeUeta9bg@theandyappleton but you get lots if boobs at work!!!@danadearmond I do that too! Or use my dog:)@theandyappleton you just like looking at boobs at work:)@theandyappleton I guess you will be raiding the set wardrobe soon too!
Making homemade baked feta just like I had in Greece. It's one of my favoritesGonna loose myself in my iPod for a little while by the pool. Best way to make me a happy girl;)Marinating some steaks to grill tonight so for now gonna relax on my rooftop by the pool! http://t.co/wUgOtbeFXO@StevieShaeXXX anytime you want:). I live grilling on my roof@StevieShaeXXX and now my fridge has food again. But seems everything I bought is ment for grilling, so I know what I'm doing later:)@StevieShaeXXX I never forget! Haha. Today I'm even finally going to the grocery store. I haven't done that in like 3 months. Haha@StevieShaeXXX I needed it. Been working so much with random weird hours it's messed my sleep upFinally I have a day off from all jobs so I spent most my morning being lazy in bed with the dog! Lol
@Kirsten_Price @sluttygrlprobs I'm about to have a bottle tonight!!! πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΉπŸΉπŸΉπŸ·πŸ·πŸ·β€œ@sluttygrlprobs: I need a drink, and by drink I mean shot. #sluttygirlproblems” @Kirsten_PriceAlmost done on set. Then time for a few days off;)Your shitty attitude messes up everyone's day. It takes more energy to be mean. Just saying.
Retweeted by StevieeI guess it's appropriate I'm wearing pigtails on set today since we are shooting school stuff all day. Lol@kylieireland @thebonnierotten damn phone and autocorrectFinished some editing tonight when I got home from set. Now time for my guilty pleasure..... Fashion magazines;)@kylieireland @thebonnierotten it's defiantly not possible! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆMy dog thinks it's his bed. He may be right. http://t.co/EcnCR9XUP5
@thebonnierotten exactly:)@DahliaSkyx it made us laugh on set today too:)@AaliyahLove69 yep@danadearmond I have to be nice in social media:). Lol@realdakotaskye @Jack_Sesh exactly:)@Jack_Sesh @realdakotaskye things heard on set are sometimes mind bogglingWhen I drive through the 2nd street tunnel in the back of my head I always hear the song how soon is now & feel like I'm in a car commercial@mrpetexxx and it keeps getting funnier btw.@mrpetexxx drink some damn water. Or pedialite@realdakotaskye yep. Haha@mrpetexxx oh your missing it! Haha. You can't make this shit upOn set today... Boy- "If you eat a lot of cum it raises your IQ". girl-"Well I must not be eating enough cause my eyes are really bad!!"On set today with Ramon! http://t.co/yf6a1jsyMsToday is a pigtails and overalls kinda day:). http://t.co/fn25wNPjul
Almost done with my arm piece. http://t.co/bHqWzy04AFMade some yummy naked feta. Almost as good as what I had in Greece:)
Ozzy is doing a refresh and some new additions on @LaShoeGal http://t.co/VaWEZCV7jy
Retweeted by Steviee@LaShoeGal getting it in! Boom! http://t.co/AmFXOekEj9
Retweeted by StevieeHappy to be getting this tattoo finally finished at @KustomTattoo today by my boy Ozzie!My mouth is in heaven right now with pram praline yogurt while I am waiting to get my tattoo finished.Apparently everyone is riding there bikes today in downtown la http://t.co/Hsc6w3zrH8
@theandyappleton haha;)Hey @theandyappleton even weed comes from Star Wars:) http://t.co/CIsENTBvuZHey @theandyappleton even weed comes from Star Wars:) http://t.co/D7WNQQbyA8Tonight my friends from @213herb. Have hooked me up to be able to sleep tonight:) http://t.co/ppVaoFur9ELater today finally gonna finish my arm piece tattoo!!@MikeMoz meet my friends in dtla. @213herb@kaylani_lei it's a girls guilty pleasure:). Now back to the cocktails:)Every time I drag @kaylani_lei out for a nightcap I seem to catch her in this position! http://t.co/pmDgGrEFSH
@CharmaneStar it's one of my favorite hotels. The bathtubs in the room are amazing!@CharmaneStar I've stayed at Buddha bar hotel!But I will say new tween these super strong antibiotics and the cough syrup it's just about gotten rid if the cough I had In two days.Maybe I should stop drinking the cough syrup straight from the bottle and use an actual teaspoon. hmmm...
At night when I lay down I still can't stop coughing. One more night if these codeine pills and tomorrow breaking down and going to dr
These are amazing. Gravy fries. http://t.co/blBPuSmv8BWed is def gonna be a Disneyland day. I need a happy place day
And officialbonnierotten has now tattooed @steviej102 http://t.co/7O1jWkfLlLSeems u caught @steviej102 thinking he can play hoops http://t.co/MnYzLMAO5DWhen I flew to Europe a few weeks ago I was in Frankfurt for a day and in 1st class on Lufthansa they… http://t.co/z4ej7aXorg@thebonnierotten yeah! I will see you and @StevieJ102 later:)World Cup final today at noon! I'm working at @thedownandout today from 11am until games over. We have empanadas today:)@TashaReign I wish I was back in Greece. Ugh. I love it there and so many cute boys:)Crawling in bed after a long night of working at bar and gotta work tomorrow for World Cup.@jelenajensen it was nice seeing you tonight!
i know so many people who do this when they go to dinner! god forbid you put your phone down while you eat! http://t.co/qg1aPQuKys@BillyVisualXXX @TommyPistol @jade_nile @DPxxx tommy makes the beat creepy guy ever:)Great job by @TommyPistol and @jade_nile for their great performances on their roles in"Virgin" for @DPxxx
Retweeted by Steviee@tyler_nixon you don't wanna be delivering your own babies:)@tyler_nixon hahaha. Oh Lordy@tyler_nixon and always use a condom off set;). Hahahah!@tyler_nixon not sucker. Just easy target. Haha. Your young. Have fun and enjoy life which is what you are doing right now!@tyler_nixon hehehe:). You just are an easy target to tease lately you do know that;)@tyler_nixon haha;). I forgot to tease you about it.
@tyler_nixon btw. I KNOW! Hahaha@davidlordxxx extremely gay@justinherazo I lock mine!@justinherazo your gross.#FF @LaShoeGal @KarmenKarma @LordMorpheous @SamanthaRone @VanessaCage @kylieireland @MissDaniDaniels @NikkiDelano @juliecashxxx @DahliaSkyx
Retweeted by StevieeSo happy for European codeine pills so I can sleep and not cough all night.This is not the best thing to let someone like me have on set 😈😈😈😈. Just ask @sethcardigan… http://t.co/r7DweHi4ed
Doesn't everyone have an @theandyappleton on a cross on there set? http://t.co/bHbQLIjhq2The places you find people on set! Poor Charlie works to hard hahaha! http://t.co/ae53zV5WFI@Kirsten_Price yeah lately I've been getting bombarded with request. I know you have too@NaughtyLauraD @TashaReign @thebonnierotten hahaha. Piss parties;)@NaughtyLauraD btw. You and me need to catch up big time. It's time for some new adventures@NaughtyLauraD @TashaReign @thebonnierotten we should figure a way to travel around the works and document it for some kind of work.@NaughtyLauraD @TashaReign @thebonnierotten yep I went and met Bonnie there. You can't ever say I'm not spontaneous! We had so much fun
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