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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;). IG: Lashoegal

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By @thedpierce @courttaylorxxx @keiranlee 😂😂😂 #barbiebraveheart. Things that happen on… https://t.co/fA3nXpTaia
By @kaylani_lei The worst time ever to get an itch on my nose #behindthescenes #btshttps://t.co/0RW3tXV28KHow to make two women happy on set, feed them;) @kaylani_lei @courttaylorxxx https://t.co/EcBAtQvl5MToday is gonna be lots of laughter on set with these two around @kaylani_lei @KeiranLee http://t.co/sqe8HlWmZNTrying to leave for set and this guy just wants to do this! 🐶🐶🐶❤️ https://t.co/qbZTiyhS4EHey @missdanidaniels want a good laugh;). https://t.co/Wm3ZnUtQrM
My nightly shoe porn for @missevalovia red Christian LaCroix. Swarovski crystal now heels:).… https://t.co/5TOtY9g77GToday on set our little gamer chick @abella_danger https://t.co/2wq65rgMZx@AnikkaAlbrite wearing a pair of hot shoes propped up against a sink in a bathroom airplane on the way to somewhere fabulous;). Heaven😇@AnikkaAlbrite oh sex is in there too!! So maybe travel, sex then shoes. But there best done all together!!! Hehehe;)@AnikkaAlbrite travel is my most favorite, besides shoes. Lol. I loved India.@4Play707 @AnikkaAlbrite no for allergies.@AnikkaAlbrite a few years ago I took some, was loopy & couldn't sleep, went online and booked a trip to India cause I wanted Indian food.
Taking Benadryl. 1 of 2 things may happen, I will pass out & get sleep or i will end up booking a trip to India again. I'm ok with bothOr these amazing electric blue Casadei heels! https://t.co/48FO7kFMwiJust decided to play in my shoe closet and finding things I haven't worn in forever! Like these… https://t.co/f0kev6q58zHome, couch, pantless kinda night= happiness ☺️☺️☺️ https://t.co/5sAzO55Vmf@dexpeck haha. Good to know.A fashionably dressed good looking man with tattoos and who can cook, 💘💘💘I really enjoy cooking but not gonna lie when I say I do like it when a man knows how to cook too;)Take me down to #ParadiseCity where the dicks are long and the girls are pretty #DPmovie http://t.co/IKPeCB6Pki http://t.co/WJ2Hp3Bvr7
Retweeted by StevieeBy @billyvisualxxx @missevalovia rehearsing lines before a scene @dpxxxhttps://t.co/SelXazwpSxBy @billyvisualxxx @rileyreidx3 shooting for @dpxxx #VisualXperience (#RepostWhiz app) https://t.co/mfRsovwJHN@kaylani_lei yes we did that last week. Haha
#Aquarians are friendly to whoever gives them good vibes and a lot of people may mistake that for flirting.
Retweeted by Steviee@ARTofCOOP sounds relaxing. Better then my evening spending still on set!I keep forgetting it's Sunday cause I've been on set since 9am today. This is gonna be a long week of shooting but should be all good!@davidlordxxx defiantly not herpes permanent. But defiantly had some foolish moments! It's entertainment;)"Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same." - Bukowski
Retweeted by StevieeYou can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job! umm...@davidlordxxx
When prepping wardrobe for a shoot everything in my loft is fair game to put stuff on, even my Rolling… http://t.co/LaiSoaetIYBeen set shopping all day. Taking a break at Katsuya. I need to re-energize. Sat shopping with people with strollers is the worst!Need sleep. Late night script reading. Tomorrow is shopping day for set. http://t.co/n9z5XZ9Lw1
@MsAbigailMac me too! I've been drinking them basically every day lately. Haha@MsAbigailMac I'm trying to organize wardrobe for the next two movies tonight. So I needed it. HahaSome people drink coffee, others red bull but these drinks are my addiction. I know @MsAbigailMac understands. http://t.co/DqNYBicTLhSpending my evening getting together wardrobe and cast for next two movies. Gonna be some long days I can tell. But all good.@billieTS noneWhy did I stop by the animal shelter. Ugh. I want them all.To much cuteness! http://t.co/jSxHp2RlxG@McandSchmicks @cindispiegler yes but Mortons also sent me $100 gift card for my bday to use;).@Kirsten_Price cause your a goofball like that! HahaThe best feelings in the world http://t.co/HB3rpMbuVo
Retweeted by Steviee@Kirsten_Price @nikkibenz ummm... I'll totally help yall!!! Haha! Cotton balls isn't good enough anymore.@Kirsten_Price at least you have good dental hygiene and in our business have you seen some of the teeth out there? Lol.
@1MorganBailey it was fun! Seems my night ended like this .... http://t.co/iFzMmz5SalRumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.
Retweeted by StevieeI had no clue Mortons did this. Haha. Good to be a VIP there I guess! http://t.co/81h49uBe5Q@1MorganBailey it was yesterday!!#TBT to that time in Istanbul, Turkey creating unicorn shenanigans ! So wanna go back this summer. http://t.co/sxcQh8Yll4#TBT Spain this past summer with nachovidalxxx always so much fun! http://t.co/ygn9TsEXtd#TBT Belize on top of the Mayan Ruins. What a great place Belize was and a fun trip. http://t.co/REJ21Krp0u#TBT. At the Parthenon in Greece and after spending 3 weeks there boy did I have a good tan!… http://t.co/bD7XqfzviP@dexpeck I just do wardrobe these days. Lol@grandincred3 people say that to me all the time.
Puppy love🐶❤️ http://t.co/r38ORGji9eFor those who keep asking, Yes today I turned 45. I'm like fine wine, I just get better with age;). http://t.co/FZtdz3E5VBLast nights bday shenanigans with @dannymountain10. Was so glad him and his lovely wife miamalkovaa… http://t.co/6OTzUUmqt7Well I guess at least they put my drunk ass to bed! @ashhollywood davidlord mrpetexxx @sethgamblexxxhttp://t.co/3uVZlOhqYxAnd then there was cake all over my face! Hahaha! I should have known someone would do it! http://t.co/b7srgKF8H5So last night @kaylani_lei got me 4 different desserts for a bday cake. All supper yummy stuff but… http://t.co/lrDL8Qb7zVLove my sheenasafari she always makes me smile! http://t.co/paH2HhyMVdLove these guys! Glad they made it out for my birthday shenanigans! One of the few pics I have… http://t.co/8przOoKKNq@davidlordxxx @BillyVisualXXX I learn from you David:)Birthday puppy kisses:). http://t.co/UO22rLcGqd@BillyVisualXXX @davidlordxxx it's a kimono. Don't even know how that got on. Hahaha. But I didn't wake up that way🙈🙈🙈@davidlordxxx haha. I remember that person;)@davidlordxxx I was drinking drinking vodka sodas and then doing shots of Jameson. Maybe not the best mix! Hahahaha@davidlordxxx Damn Jameson snuck up on me last night. HahaBeing lazy in bed for a little while longer today.@davidlordxxx jerk face:).@wickedarmstrong today is my actually bday!How the hell did I get home, why did I wake up naked and where the hell is my purse? Bday universe questions. Back to sleep.@MiaMalkova @LaShoeGal @mrpetexxx @SethGamblexxx all out for Stevie birthday in downtown LA!!!!!! http://t.co/pOpLVzoHua
Retweeted by Steviee@justinherazo: Happy Birthday @LaShoeGal @davidlordxxx @sethcardigan @SethGamblexxx @mrpetexxx @AshHollywood Stevie! http://t.co/U587ivCtP4
Retweeted by Steviee
@dexpeck @GlasswingFloral it's ok everyone knows my last name. HahaI just got the prettiest flowers delivered to me by @GlasswingFloral from @dexpeck thank you very much! http://t.co/yZAcRum5K8@dexpeck @GlasswingFloral she's amazing with flowers thank you again very much! there so prettyI just got the prettiest flowers delivered to me by @GlasswingFloral from @dexpeck thank you very much! http://t.co/3MwKf2u4e0@davidlordxxx haha! Get your ass down here tonight. It's not a bday without you around.Happy Fat Tuesday! Tonight bday shenanigans at thelittleeasydtla (And technically. My bday isn't u… http://t.co/0VMjHKqbmj@Amber_Raynexxx hehehe;)@Amber_Raynexxx actually it's the 18th! So that's why tomorrow at midnight you will be next to me having drinks;)
@davidlordxxx I better be seeing you tomorrow night!!! I may need a babysitter;)a hard-headed man, brutally handsome, she was terminally pretty She held him up & he held her for ransom In the heart of the cold, cold cityAll I need for my bday is 3 drink @danadearmond ;)@mistystonexxx @KeiranLee @DPxxx haha. I can't believe he left the hat on backwards.Thank you again @MissDaniDaniels for my adorable bday apron;).By @billyvisualxxx via repostwhiz app: @thedpierce as "The Master" http://t.co/GEQBR769lPBy @justinherazo via repostwhiz app: @ashhollywood #killbillxxx http://t.co/VN4E6fZfzZBy @justinherazo via repostwhiz app: #killbillxxx http://t.co/1GLpiKdlfFBy @missdanidaniels via repostwhiz app: mistystone420 as Black Orchid. 😏👌💙 #killbillxxx @dpxxx http://t.co/ZXsPdlHS7NMovie is wrapped so it is beer time!! dnobar http://t.co/mweTNRUygUIt's officially a wrap !When a bitch doesn't listen and @theandyappleton had to tell her twice! @AshHollywood http://t.co/ke4kIQMe2H@dexpeck awe. Thanks! Lol I will@dexpeck here's there info if you really want it. Lol. http://t.co/jQEK5eaE0gToday's our last day on this movie. Its actually been such a fun one to make and to have @MissDaniDaniels on set everyday!Can't wait for tomorrow night for bday drinks and lots of good company! If anyone needs the address message me;). Fat Tuesday, bday time!Part 3 http://t.co/r1HiYkMfHU
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