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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Pornographer, Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;). IG: Lashoegal

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These flowers just get prettier as they bloom open more. I love having fresh flowers around:)
I need someone to bring me breakfast in bed , preferably blueberry pancakes and a foot massage. See I've a very simple girl.Would it be bad to take a codeine pill with the ambien pill I just took, or bad in a good way;)I've counted at least 15 girls too night Tht you can see their underwear through there clothes. And not in a good way!Girls if your wearing clothes you can see through , don't wear VS underwear with PINK written across them under your clothes. So tacky
Sometimes if your special at the dnobar you can't equates the redneck VIP section. @OGMisty @XCorvus777 trouble:)Later today may be the perfect day for a foot massage and BBQ.@AsaAkira don't you still have your pamphlet you found? LolI'm finally done making everything for tomorrow. Time for bed. But my loft smells great from all the flowers
My kitchen table is full of fliers! Making some arrangements for a baby shower tomorrow:). until 4pm today @thedownandout come grab lunch and with it you get a PBR for a $1!I need sleep now. I'm in overload from shopping for this baby shower. IKEA, micheals and target , overload for any girl!
So this happened tonight. Krispy Kreme birthday cake batter donut. And yep I'm totally calling out… to make little keepsake gifts for a friends baby shower. A girl should not be left alone in ikea or micheals. LolI leave this morning with my bed made and the dog across it. I come home and not sure what the hell…
Seriously my dog is ridicules. I have like a foot of the bed he has the rest. He refuses to move.… I go to crawl in bed and this asshole won't move. Lol. #dogslife. #spoiled to do something for myself today so a little spa time and facial. Not that kind of facial you pervs!True story. a lovely dinner earlier tonight with my @AshHollywood I love that I have friends who enjoy good food:) #foodies
Trying to pain a simple nightstand and somehow I end up with paint even on my boobs! Wtf. Haha @DIRECTV @ATT cause my building to have them you have to pay a 3rd party company extra money every monthif you take the money out of my bank account then put it back the way you took it. only fair. @DIRECTV not a good business practicebut now when i call them out for charging me for something i should not be charged for they want to refund me with a visa card. @DIRECTVI cancel my account I had for 7 years with @DIRECTV & they decide to bill me & automatically take an early cancellation fee out of my bank@DavaFoxx me too! i go to Mykonos once a yearIt's bed time. your in Greece? I live that country. I have so many friends there. I go once a yearThis is what happens on a Monday night in my house. My dog and @kaylani_lei And maybe wine. Lol
I've known this guy pretty much so since 1st grade! So .. 1976?! Haha. jason.bagby
"Somebody come get her she's dancing like a stripper". From this past weekend. asahole forgot I… excited to use these things tonight! Home from San Diego it was a good weekend's been great with @AsaAkira in San Diego. And big thanks to Dino at @ExposeSD for having both of us all weekend! we are done San Diego! Time for asahole to head to the bank:) it's been great! that happen when asahole dances, boob signings;)
The day has come, ASA AKIRA is performing tonight at 10pm and midnight at #expose <3 we hope to see everyone out...
Retweeted by StevieeIt's my LAST NIGHT San Diego! Come see me at 10pm & Midnight at @ExposeSD!!
Retweeted by StevieeBy asahole San Diego! It's my last night here! Come see me at Expose, Ill be on stage twice: 10pm… asahole So @lashoegal and I hit it big in San Diego and are rich now. We are running away.… you @DejaVuMidway for having @AsaAkira tonight! San die his been good so far. that happen at end of the night in a strip club with asahole
This is how @AsaAkira waits as she's getting ready for her first show tonight at @DejaVuMidway faces that asahole makes as she waits for her first set in San Diego tonight. is the coolest clothes hook I've ever seen in a dressing room. I love All Saints stuff. people clothes. The addiction is real. This is not what I should be doing right now. LolGood night San Diego. And don't miss @AsaAkira either tomorrow night or Saturday night in San Diego!!!
By asahole San Diego! I'm so excited!!! This weekend!! Two shows each night, ill be bringing movies,… to SAN DIEGO today, dancing this weekend at @LittleDarlinsLG, @DejaVuMidway, & @ExposeSD! Hope to c u there!
Retweeted by StevieeWent to the Japanese grocery store today. Got snacks for tomorrow's drive to San Diego! Lol. 😂😂😂
I love my rooftop. This is gonna be my night along with laundry. Relax night before heading to San… is so yummy! I've been craving this! Little Tokyo. that's where I'm gonna be all weekend:)
It's true! @sawacide Big day for video releases. My @djquik video for Puffin the Dragon premiered on MTV…
@AdultFilmFestLv I don't work for Rodney anymore. Haven't in yearsHmm.. I spy Jameson behind me!! You can find me working noon to 4pm the next couple of days at The… well we should do lunch or something soon! I've been down here 8urs
@CarterCruise you moved to dtla didn't you? i think speigler mentioned that to me!@kaylani_lei I wanna see that other movie now. Haha. There's always my couch, I got snacks!!!!Reakxing Sunday. Started with farmers market , then brunch and movie with @kaylani_lei Ted 2 was super funny. Perfect rainy day movie@Amber_Raynexxx he won't move so I can't move. I'm trying to get the dog off my bed! Haha@Amber_Raynexxx well at this point I am motivating to the shower so maybe I can motivate out of the house. Haha@YuriLuv exactly! And I live in Dtla. No one judges you down here!@YuriLuv girl Of you think o wouldn't walk out to grab food in my pajamas you better think again! HahaTrying to decide whether to order breakfast delivered to me or get up and go get something out? Hmm
@weiser_man exactlyOf course it's raining and gloomy when I finally have a sat night off! But I do enjoy the rainWorking at the bar now so that means tonight I finally have a Saturday night off! Yeah. But man I'm tired this morningHome from set, showered and in bed. Goodnight 🌙 home from set at 2am when all the bars just let out in Dtla is defiantly entertaining. Man people are drunk out.@thejessicadrake @AsaAkira @WickedPictures I couldn't help myself! You looked so good and had that cat ate the mouse grin;)so @LaShoeGal took this pic of me tonight...that grin is b/c I had @AsaAkira for dinner. #StarMaker @WickedPictures
Retweeted by Steviee
Those legs..... 😍😍 jessicadrake looking hot at always on set of Starmaker day of @wickedarmstrong Starmaker for wickedpictures asahole ( asaakira ) really does all day on set, twitter;) LADIES & GENTLEMEN JOIN OUR @aidswalkla TEAM! Inbox us or @thejessicadrake for details or sign up directly:
Retweeted by Steviee@DJPROPHET some of us had to be up early on set today. Lol@DJPROPHET it's not that good of a time cause I'm not there;)
Today was a very creative day on set Really enjoyed everyone I worked with and @JennaSativa was so fun to play dress up with;)@FlashBrownxxx I think I should say hi neighbor to you. I've been told you recently moved into my building! LolSo true..... 👠👠👠
And more from @nicolinaroyale is this awesome steampunk necklace and bracelet. Love her stuff! up some cool new pieces today from @nicolinaroyale for a shoot tomorrow! Live this lime green… last night....
Worlds laziest dog. All he wants to do is lay in bed.
I've worked 4 days in a row and finally tomorrow I can sleep in! Now time to just relax on my couch… and all crawled in bed after a long but good weekend on set.
Ugh. Need to fall asleep. Instead I'm online shopping on groupon. The pain pill made me do itAfter 15 hrs on set I come home to this! Asshole dog.
Cutest dog cookies ever!
So once again I've teamed up with @thejessicadrake and Team wicked for another year of Aids Walk La. You can donate day he may understand that this is my bed too. Until then I guess he will sleep however he…
Day dreaming...
By @kaylani_lei v Dawgs of #DTLA #babytaio and #zeus 📷: @lashoegal and the city. Took him for a nice long walk tonight over to grand park. travel is to live ✈ #letsgo
Retweeted by Stevieeafternoon couch time with my pup.
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