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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Pornographer, Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;). IG: Lashoegal

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Spent all day doing laundry & cleaning my loft all while wearing my cute apron @missdanidanielshttps://t.co/T9RffGgge5
Spent my day doing laundry and cleaning. I always feel more realized when my loft is clean and organized!@SARAHakaANDY @RachaelMadori I live on 6th and main for like 8years!@SARAHakaANDY @RachaelMadori looking to buy or rent? I know all the buildings down here.@abbyleebrazil I'm around all week:)@abbyleebrazil then come downtown soon and hang out:). Lolshe was consumed by 3 simple things: drink, despair, loneliness; and 2 more: youth and beauty
Retweeted by StevieeWhen I can't sleep I play in my shoe closet;). These have always been one of my favorite pair., I… https://t.co/yWM8c5xIGS@SARAHakaANDY what??? And you never call. Goober. I ah e all day tomorrow off@SARAHakaANDY I miss you. You sick these days;). Lol@MissEvaLovia I know the feeling! I've been at work at the bar since 9:30am! Just finally got home. Busiest day in sports. UghI've been working at the bar since 9:30am this morning , it's bed time and I'm def sleeping in tomorrow. Exhausted
The dnobar is standing room only for this fight! https://t.co/0RmRQEhycB@Abella_Danger haha! Sure... You just decided most people bore youI finally broke down and watched 50 shades of grey
I'm sitting at the courthouse waiting for them to let people in & I'm looking at Twitter & realize my whole timeline is all porn pics! 🙈🙈🙈When you come home tipsy and play in your shoe closet;). Shoes=cuddle buddies:) https://t.co/LmSgQY4r1p@DJPROPHET you did it every Thursday;)@MissEvaLovia btw. ... Your daily dose of "shoe porn" Christian Lacroix http://t.co/5bhVqIBTKr@MissEvaLovia why there? Lol middle of nowhere@MissEvaLovia wait, why are you up!!!@MissEvaLovia cause it's only , well almost 3am in LA and I just came home from a night out of randomness!Watch #Catfished starring @MissEvaLovia   #DPstar #Dpmovie http://t.co/IuFWj694sA http://t.co/xVI5cYH9Ap
Retweeted by StevieeI hate you and your frosted flakes addiction. @kaylani_lei why oh why!!! Lol@Abella_Danger I'm off Sunday;)@Abella_Danger I'm thinking pool day and shopping soon;)
By @kaylani_lei It's getting messy! At the #Factoryfornication #Artopia event for #LaWeekly in #dtlahttps://t.co/IcSpGp70SC#Aquarians are usually very genuine. They're sometimes the only people you can truly rely on when it comes to something important.
Retweeted by Steviee.@kaylani_lei gets bound and fucked in #FLESH #DPseries http://t.co/y9CN9F6b59 http://t.co/o87E3xo5ku
Retweeted by StevieeIt's getting messy! At the #Factoryfornication #Artopia event for #LaWeekly in #dtla with… https://t.co/KnHkVrKawu
Retweeted by StevieeArtopia happening in DTLA right now. @kaylani_lei getting her booty painted:) http://t.co/mGfAJCQ0yE***New Scene*** out soon...for #DigitalPlayground dpxxx xxx movie #FLESH my scene drops may9th https://t.co/vjKp6IiIqG
Retweeted by StevieeOf course the obligatory selfie at lunch today:). https://t.co/yik9WGDBltFabulously relaxing lunch today with these amazing ladies;) jessicadrake @sawacide https://t.co/MztMy8nu9cLadies (ish) who lunch. @sawacide & @lashoegal - thanks, y'all. 😎 https://t.co/hUeXAQrjhk
Retweeted by StevieeSecret lunch spot today. It's amazing and I will never tell:) thank you jessicadrake https://t.co/2Zn4HW2dVsMy morning. Relax place. No filter needed. Dtla living. #rooftoppool https://t.co/ajcPLCL7HBThe kinda pictures I send to @missevalovia Girl porn;) #shoeaholics. https://t.co/0c9O8RkQ2RGoing up to my pool for a couple of hours to sneak in some sunshine before meeting one of my favorite people for lunch today;) 😉I know the way to really turn @MissEvaLovia on. I just randomly send her pictures of hot shoes. I think that works quicker then a hot man!#Casadei ❤️❤️❤️ I need to stop!!! Last pair I'm adopting for a while @lashoegal is not helping me… https://t.co/zhzcrZxVQx
Retweeted by StevieeThe reason I use the name LaShoeGal, it's cause I have an abundance of shoes! Too many & most I've never even worn! Yikes! Spring cleaningSometimes i just like to watch all the movie trailers on Netflix or Amazon prime and never really watch a movie:)@davidlordxxx @GIGIALLENS @thejessicadrake maybe it's time for a BBQ at my rooftop:)@NaughtyLauraD @InbredMrTed @TinyDogBigBrain @mrpetexxx @TheDaisyHaze Ted loves Zeus cause Zeus lets him jump all over him. Haha@Abella_Danger pervert! Haha. Ih trust me there's a pic a few of our crew have of my tan lines from last year! 🙈🙈🙈🙈@NaughtyLauraD @InbredMrTed @TinyDogBigBrain @mrpetexxx @TheDaisyHaze besides I got a big lap dog to deal with! Want me to send you Zeus?@NaughtyLauraD @InbredMrTed @TinyDogBigBrain @mrpetexxx no! Haha. I was already wrangled into unicorn shenanigans yrs ago, dogs are all you@NaughtyLauraD hahaha! I bet they do and God forbid all the other visitors you end up with:). HahaI spent 3 hours at my pool this morning and now have major boob tan lines. Ugh. I just wanted the natural tan.@davidlordxxx @GIGIALLENS at least someone's feeding you!!! 🙊🙊🙊Dear @kaylani_lei , your frosted flakes are evil! Why oh why! 😈❤️ https://t.co/CJqzv54k9M
It's that kinda morning... Quite, relax. https://t.co/a5R9unOaosBottle of water, strawberries, coconut oil, iPod, sunglasses and my pool. That's where I'm at already today.My evening ends with ice packs on my elbow in bed with a movie and the dog. And maybe some European… https://t.co/gXpmpyfPnj@thejessicadrake I'm self medicating until my insurance starts. I got lots of European pills, now if I could just read what's what:)This whole elbow thing is just hurting worse and worse each day. Ugh.
I think drinks are in order tonight ... Hmm... 😈 https://t.co/NpjNl0ITw5Quinoa with ratatouille and shredded pork stuffed peppers. Just trying something different. https://t.co/DXgDm9LZ3AMaking quinoa and ratatouille with shredded pork stuffed peppers. Something different.So I found out why so many bums have cell phones in Dtla. Guess there is a government plan that you get a free cell phone for lifetime!
@BillyVisualXXX @wickedarmstrong I got some great video & Brad can still cut a rug himself! Haha
@DannyMountain10 @MiaMalkova bowling? Miniature golf? Gun range ? (It's by my loft! Haha!)@DannyMountain10 @MiaMalkova I like going for the friends , beer and cursing and yelling. Haha. Ok we need to find something fun to do!@DannyMountain10 I ain't that short! Well , yeah I am. Damn you. Lol well when ya get back!! You guys like baseball???gonna spend my evening relaxing on my couch with a movie and my dog and icing my elbow cause i have to work at bar tomorrow.Sex isn't sex without hair pulling, ass grabbing, neck holding, lip biting, neck sucking, pillow biting, back scratching, etc..
Retweeted by Steviee@MissJessaRhodes that color works on you though!On the set of #MagicMikeXXXL A Hardcore Parody from @WickedPictures #RaininMen http://t.co/KuI06nU4BE
Retweeted by Steviee@theandyappleton it's all In the name of art department. LolI like when a boy pulls you in and kisses you gently on the forehead.@DannyMountain10 it's been forever since I've seen you or the misses! We should all grab dinner or something sometime.@DannyMountain10 jerk face;). LolSince I posted so many pics this week from on sets that were mainly all men I figured I would make up… https://t.co/aslyDOyGNDZeus, my giant lap dog:) https://t.co/BiVaAShcNsGetting attacked by my puppy! When will he realize he's not a lap dog;). Pitbull love;) https://t.co/2E5ue5Kpu8Sunday... Brunch and relaxation. A much needed combination https://t.co/4x76JOwB4eThe things you see in Dtla. Wtf! Hahaha. https://t.co/TiCvViTr17So proud of the boys! RobPiperXXX @TonyMartinezXXX #MagicMikeXXXL killing it! #ladyslayers #bitcheswentnuts http://t.co/xK526zzfSC
Retweeted by Steviee@ryanmclane it did a great job yesterday! You were perfect for that role!By @theandyappleton Today i literally saw jessicadrake buff up the box of a life sized Ken ( ably… https://t.co/LQDnDr0ZyMI like work days that I get to spend with people I enjoy being around! @thejessicadrake @AsaAkira @davidlordxxx @wickedarmstrong
By jessicadrake Alright alright alright! Dallas AKA @ryanmclane #MagicMikeXXXL wickedpictures https://t.co/hWvAr0uZZFMagic Mike XXXL for wickedpictures. With @thedpierce as Magic Mike! https://t.co/rzKD7w08c0Magic Mike XXXL @thedpierce for wickedpictures https://t.co/ZbQxQuzYmcAnyone need a doctor! @ryandriller Magic Mike XXXL for wickedpictures https://t.co/kUcT8Ksh8GMagic Mike @thedpierce doing his magic thing! Magic Mike XXXL for wickedpictures https://t.co/cKhx9MFyDXRide a cowboy save a horse! @sethgamblexxx as "The Kid". Magic Mike XXXL. wickedpictures https://t.co/VVUkuxGWLeBy jessicadrake THE Magic Mike himself @thedpierce #MagicMikeXXXL wickedpictures https://t.co/EZkMyPciYFThe officer ... Tony Martinez. For Magic Mike XXXL. For wickedpictures https://t.co/QLOVKDOWIqBy jessicadrake "The Kid" @sethgamblexxx #MagicMikeXXXL wickedpictures https://t.co/ZVXaTZj8zTBy jessicadrake Our very own Ken Doll @ryandriller - #MagicMikeXXXL wickedpictures… https://t.co/i9nMKnTDBtBy jessicadrake Sound off! #MagicMikeXXXL wickedpictures @ryanmclane @sethgamblexxx @thedpiercehttps://t.co/opybEdsw9g@davidlordxxx @ryanmclane @wickedarmstrong @WickedPictures 🙈🙈🙈🙈@davidlordxxx @ryanmclane @wickedarmstrong @WickedPictures I see you let him borrow stuff from your closet:)@thejessicadrake it had been two weeks. Hahahaha@thejessicadrake @AsaAkira you two will be proud of me! Not only did I finally wash my hair tonight I did my roots;). Haha! I was a mess!
@StevenStCroix1 @DPxxx early burt! Haha.@StevenStCroix1 @DPxxx omg your a giant dork!!!! hahaha! btw... So mant people think you make a great Burt Reynolds:)@StevenStCroix1 @DPxxx photoshopped? you werent photoshopped in these pics!
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