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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;). IG: Lashoegal

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@jelenajensen @AnikkaAlbrite seems everyone had long days on set today!@Abella_Danger @BillyVisualXXX haha! Piglet;)@Abella_Danger @BillyVisualXXX I did. Haha. Someone else has to wear them tomorrow!!@Abella_Danger @BillyVisualXXX get a room you two;)1:30am sleepiness on set... 💤💤💤💤 http://t.co/ylVuShIKBiWell it's after midnight so it's officially @mrpetexxx birthday. Everyone wish him a happy one:).
On set with @MsAbigailMac @DPxxx #LockandLoad directed by @jakodema written by myself #setlife http://t.co/dqve9KdYYt
Retweeted by StevieeThings may be getting a little weird today on set. Poor @ryandriller http://t.co/n177EFs4sKToday on set for @DPxxx "Lock & Load" we have @AlexXxisAdams @Abella_Danger @ElaDarling @DannyMountain10 @ryandriller , been a great day!Well..... http://t.co/hGm1VNchSJSometimes ... http://t.co/NcWA7iYtRPSometimes I feel like someone's looking over me..,,, hmmm http://t.co/8zHLQXvfCySleeping under satan's tongue today. http://t.co/VL9oNmiwEQ@MissEvaLovia @DPxxx ready for a day full of latex!! LolCan't wait to finish filming my first series #LockandLoad for @DPxxx as their new contract star! This year will be amazing #teameva 🙌🙅💁
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Today's been a great day on set for @DPxxx @jakodema "Lock & Load" with @thebonnierotten @PetaJensen @MsAbigailMac @DannyMountain10 & more@DannyMountain10 I said even! Haha@DannyMountain10 we got 3 more days!!! Haha@DannyMountain10 well i could say the same to you! We can trade, I'm a sucker for a good foot massage you can have a back massage! HahaWell petajensen is giving @dannymountain10 a relaxing massage in between scenes ...hmmm... http://t.co/yopsewieZu@drivenbyboredom haha. Ugh. Lol thank youShoe goals http://t.co/bceHMXsbRY
Retweeted by Stevieeppl who are down for whatever are so attractive. like you wanna go adventure at 3 AM? sweet. You wanna lay in bed and watch movies? im down
Retweeted by Steviee"Lock and Loaded " for dpxxx with @officialevalovia and @dannymountain10 http://t.co/o5d80dE7NyDay 1 of @dpxxx "Lock and Loaded". With Danny mountain http://t.co/W3vcbuf3k3
Day 1 done of @DPxxx & @jakodema 's "Locked & Loaded" this is gonna be an action packed movie with lots of hot sex with the cast we have!Dpstar winer @MissEvaLovia with @DannyMountain10 in Lock & Load for @DPxxx http://t.co/xVrJREACdy
Retweeted by StevieeBefore vegas I spray tanned for the first time in years and seems it's still lasting. I prefer the… http://t.co/6FrQoAtTDdKrabi, Thailand http://t.co/Gnc3f0G3MG
Retweeted by StevieeIf I had $1 for everyone telling me @TommyPistol was the best @AVNAwards host they'd ever seen, I'd be rich. Congrats on a great job, Tommy!
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Saw this TShirt today.... So true. http://t.co/GUiaxuXvTDI have the craziest assortment of stuff together for this movie this week. It's amazing what I find in my magical wardrobe closet;)@fred_nice hello:).AVN this past weekend with these two crazies! @shylarcobi bfknaniston http://t.co/0royHmtTkOThis makes me want a puppy so Zeus can have a friend to play with all the time! http://t.co/w4XJRRgXmP@fred_nice it was nice seeing you at avn! Seems I only ever see you at awards shows anymore. Haha“@theandyappleton: @LaShoeGal @kylieireland @AsaAkira do we get an award for that?” Best molestation hoes to you for sure;)@Amber_Raynexxx @theandyappleton @kylieireland andys a huge molester.@LibertyHarkness thank you@theandyappleton @kylieireland @AsaAkira we definitely had the molestation corner of Vanity club last night! Haha@theandyappleton @kylieireland @AsaAkira it was pretty funny! And umm... Kylie wasn't so innocent herself;)@theandyappleton @kylieireland @AsaAkira Asa said she wanted it to be "that kind of party " which ment we needed one naked creepy dude.Doing some late night script breakdown so I can prep wardrobe tomorrow for this awesome movie this week! It's gonna be a busy week:)@theandyappleton @kylieireland and you also tried to hump my leg and boobs. Hahahaha.@theandyappleton @kylieireland oh you definitely were molesting people! You molested my boobs while @AsaAkira kept undressing you! HahaGood to be home in my own bed but now doing some late night script reading to prep tomorrow for this… http://t.co/ZBVgirJqwo@drivenbyboredom thanks;). Lol it was good seeing you though!!!@drivenbyboredom since you said you had a decent pic of me when you get around to them let me know! For some reason I only took a few pics
Nice to be home to this face;). http://t.co/D5GfMfU5bn@kylieireland and you looked very pretty!!Forgot to congratulate @jakodema & @BillyVisualXXX last night for their cinematography award. #AVNAwards #GoodTimes
Retweeted by StevieeSometimes it quite amusing going through airport security with my purse;). http://t.co/nUTeyokJnd@tyler_nixon @LaShoeGal @DannyMountain10 You love ALL titties haha... but those belong to ME! Don't make me find my label maker. Again.
Retweeted by StevieeLanded back in LA. And reading a script in a cell phone in a bumpy plane doesn't work so well. Lol.@tyler_nixon @DannyMountain10 you guys are goobers:)From last night after the awards. http://t.co/EXGmAeXXTQ#Aquarians can see a world of possibilities even when there appears to be none.
Retweeted by Steviee#Aquarians are prime example of people who practice random kindness. As long as we have it its not a problem to share.
Retweeted by StevieeHeaded home from vegas finally. Gotta long week of work.The only pics I really have from last nights awards as of right now. http://t.co/k61kyRsLRE@drivenbyboredom I know the feeling. LolThe rooms keys this week at the hard rock made me laugh every time I had to use it. http://t.co/st01xbdNZa@thejessicadrake @StormyDaniels @kylieireland @theandyappleton @AsaAkira anything for you:) ❤️❤️❤️Sometimes a girl needs a couch to herself :) http://t.co/UurpDa9ggWYou can dress a bitch up but there still bitches. Lol davidlord @wickedarmstrong http://t.co/VYnv7dPYUu@MissDaniDaniels @avnawards you know I adore you! 😘😘😘😘@MissDaniDaniels @avnawards I can:). You deserve themOh I almost forgot I did somehow ended up with a tag team motorboat from @tyler_nixon and @DannyMountain10 tonight! Haha fuckers.I didn't really take any pics tonight except for this one. @davidlordxxx and @wickedarmstrong looking all spiffy;) http://t.co/SjPCOEcOlk@KeiranLee .@shylarcobi - #poormansspeigler
Retweeted by Steviee@DPxxx we got some well deserved awards. Let's have another kickass year!!
Retweeted by StevieeIt's avn. Lol http://t.co/BCVkH9WWm2This is how @ashhollywood takes a nap, with a plate of food next to her! Hahaha http://t.co/7wCpBLQoJaHad a great avn awards tonight and thank you to @tyler_nixon for being my avn date;). Always a sweetheart
@Kirsten_Price there's been some really bad ones too!!.@BRAZZERS will probably get more BOOs than a Horror House at the .@AVNawards tonight #TeamDP
Retweeted by StevieeMore randomness from last night with @kaylani_lei @destinydixon http://t.co/2wx9KS1opQLast night with @kaylani_lei @misssaintxxx Vegas.... http://t.co/hMztP8lJxpNights in vegas with my @kaylani_lei http://t.co/vHlDlQYqLcShits going down with the girls tonight. Vegas baby. @kaylani_lei Jessie Jane http://t.co/9gOHry8Zpw“@MissSaintXXX: You ready for us #Vegas ? @kaylani_lei @jessejane @1OAKLV http://t.co/jvCNFmFDQW” the place to be tonight in #vegas 🙌
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Check out what’s going down with @Ashhollywood @VerucaJames LIVE from #AVNExpo2015 #Vegas http://t.co/BrzDIpysgz http://t.co/2c30twrw5U
Retweeted by StevieeWell duct tape is an outfit right? Lol seems for @missevalovia it is! dpxxx http://t.co/7RkeGbJeCPIf one more guy tries to hand me their phone number I'm gonna scream. Dudes, not Interested. LolYep in vegas and in bed way before 2 am. Not use to the cigarette smoking inside. Ugh headache. http://t.co/wxp3rtSACW
Eatin w/ the big bro @shylarcobi and @lashoegal 👍🍕🍔🍟 need food #NOW
Retweeted by StevieeAnd now I have left handprints on @ninaellexxx ass:) http://t.co/WEpRZLCtgFWell sometimes a girl need a to hide @thebonnierotten http://t.co/Wxt2CjoHOyI left my mark on @stevieshaexxx ass! Oops! Haha http://t.co/bmX4vmutMmA whole lotta booty going on in the dpxxx booth with @thebonnierotten @stevieshaexxx http://t.co/FZvHB7prXrVegas I'm in you. Let's do this.@ralphlongxxx @AEexpo on my flight to vegas now!!! You monkey:)@1MorganBailey :)@Amber_Raynexxx yeah awkward!checking in for my flight guy goes, headed to vegas for porn conv?, I giggled & said how did you know, he responded I follow you on Twitter!@DavaFoxx I will be walking all around the show floor today!!!On way to airport , next stop vegas!!!@SARAHakaANDY you gonna be in vegas at all?
All packed for vegas. I have an early morning flight so I will be seeing everyone sometime around noon!Ladies&Gentlemen you're new #DPSTAR EVA LOVIA @missevalovia Congratulations to her and thank you to… http://t.co/COaKUUJgtf
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