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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;)

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@davidlordxxx ah!!@davidlordxxx who?@davidlordxxx hate to tell you but your feet have always stunk:)@davidlordxxx oh hush. Lol@KeiranLee @Brazzers @jakodema @BillyVisualXXX @justinherazo @theandyappleton and your wiener;)Top day on set for @Brazzers with @jakodema @BillyVisualXXX @justinherazo @theandyappleton @LaShoeGal & co.....
Retweeted by StevieeFrom dpxxx upcoming Sisterhood mini series with @missdanidaniels @omgitslexi http://t.co/AKwwaEQNiY@LondonKeyes me too!#Aquarius like long term relationships and epic love affairs.
Retweeted by Steviee@sactownCandyMan it's super yummy@industrybyrick @thejessicadrake yeah:)Anyone who donates $50 or more to my Aids Walk page I will send a copy of Adams Family XXX or Breaking Bad XXX. http://t.co/O5kurJlCFNI've teamed up with @thejessicadrake & Team wicked for another year of Aids Walk! Click here to make your donation. http://t.co/O5kurJlCFNIt's nice having a noon call time. Means I have time to get biscuits and gravy for breakfast!!!!Tired. It will be nice to be able to sleep in a little in the morning.
Finally unpacked my suitcase from burning man. The small of the playa dust makes me miss it@theandyappleton with a cherry on top. http://t.co/6LBZDcukWu
Retweeted by StevieeSeptember 16th at 1pm I will be taking over the @DPxxx twitter to answer all your questions about Apocalypse X! 😈💣 http://t.co/fjbqEjSHKW
Retweeted by Steviee@Kirsten_Price you are a mom now! MILF
Just because... http://t.co/sYpguiG28d
Some people really need to learn how to park in LA! http://t.co/HtfMzJhm89Well @theandyappleton had his cake and ate it too! http://t.co/nv0sYaTram@StevieShaeXXX @theandyappleton @shylarcobi @kylieireland @justinherazo @sethcardigan @BillyVisualXXX @RichardManwin crew of misfitsBBQ this afternoon w/ the Sparkle Pony crew @shylarcobi @kylieireland @justinherazo @sethcardigan @LaShoeGal @BillyVisualXXX @RichardManwin
Retweeted by Steviee@thebonnierotten we need to hang ASAP! I have a friend in town from Barcelona. It makes me miss Spain.
@justinherazo @kylieireland my friend got here from Spain and brought me three boxes! I know what I'm doing tonight;)@YuriLuv no you girls were the easiest group I've ever had! It was kinda like. Real sorority by the end! Haha@justinherazo @kylieireland I just hit a delivery from Spain of my favorite codeine pills, those fix everything!Watching SOA. Makes me miss my @thebonnierotten Come home soon;) and mark said no Dutch flag tattoo! Hahaha@kylieireland and can you believe they complained to there agency about our crew. Lol. Extards for sure.@kylieireland haha! Extards! I like that@YuriLuv you were a doll to have on set this past weekend! All the girls were.I was groped more in the past few days on set by @OMGitsLexi and @MissDaniDaniels then I have been by anyone else in the past few months.@MissDaniDaniels @DPxxx @jakodema @shylarcobi @BillyVisualXXX your were such a pleasure to have on set. As was all the girls! So fun too!That's a wrap for #sisterhood ! So awesome! Thank you @DPxxx @jakodema @LaShoeGal @shylarcobi @BillyVisualXXX for having me! 🙌💙
Retweeted by Steviee
We got a lot of ho's all up in this place. @omgitslexi http://t.co/lwh8RFaxCa@Elipter @OMGitsLexi @AshHollywood it is an 8 part seriesToday is a day where I could use coffee but I don't have time to stop on way to set.White trash party enjoyment http://t.co/nBAqGlk1dy@StevieShaeXXX @tyler_nixon @DPxxx you know that made you laugh:)@AlexChancexxx @StevieShaeXXX @MsLezleyZen @tyler_nixon @DPxxx yep , twitter rapers on our sets:)Redneck girl at heart;) @missdanidaniels http://t.co/pOoWlw965UIt's that kind of party! @missdanidaniels and tyler_nixon http://t.co/nqWQY02Snt
At least tyler_nixon is a good sport http://t.co/263uBQ04gj@OMGitsLexi @MissDaniDaniels we need to find something else to keep your mouth occupied today with!@MissDaniDaniels yeah I had a sugar overload too! Lol well tomorrow we can both be tired together. Lol@MissDaniDaniels I was trying to be good and didn't go have a drink but now I realize I would have been better off!Need to fall asleep. Ugh. Tomorrow we have a busy day on set with an enormous cast and lots of entertaining wardrobe changes!@venomxxxmovies @OCModeling @Wreckit_Russian lesson learned, never get on wardrobe dept bad side;)I was so busy on set all day that I just finally got to see the score of the Alabama game today, 41-0. That's a good way to start the seasonI've teamed up with @thejessicadrake & Team wicked for another year of Aids Walk! Click here to make your donation. http://t.co/O5kurJlCFN
Great group of girls on set today! @MissDaniDaniels @OMGitsLexi @AnikkaAlbrite @AshHollywood @MaddyOreillyxxx @keishagreyxxx @YuriLuv & moreHere you go motherfuckers YOU WELCOME👍😈🎥💣boom! http://t.co/PaPMZlSoVt
Retweeted by StevieeI dr what girls so in set all day.,,, seems @MissDaniDaniels likes to lay on tables while @OMGitsLexi spanks her http://t.co/f4wgKtivXvAlice Cooper eat your heart out. dpxxx @jakodema @shylarcobi @theandyappleton @kylieirelandhttp://t.co/XVVmfEd1WM
Retweeted by StevieeIt's about to get rapey up in here. @tyler_nixon 😂 http://t.co/vITqpldchT
Retweeted by StevieePorn really is like a sorority house at times! Today's set. @omgitslexi @ashhollywood and more http://t.co/WX3uaFN4x9Every mans fantasy! A sorority full of hot horny girls. Coming soon from @jakodema @DPxxx http://t.co/tUhNUcGhKl@Kirsten_Price @KeiranLee I do and he looks just like keiran! HahahaCongrats to @Kirsten_Price and @KeiranLee on the birth of their new baby boy:)
#FF @DPxxx @jakodema @justinherazo @BillyVisualXXX @shylarcobi @ATMLA @sethcardigan @KyleGoldie @theandyappleton @LaShoeGal
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dnobar's photo http://t.co/zp0X90cjSd
Happiness at burning man. http://t.co/h7ERGtjsajRemnants if burning man, playa dust covered flip flops and my amazing medallion gift;) http://t.co/iw0MdwqUwvNews from Burning Man. Haha our good friend won this contest. How funny! #speedboner http://t.co/59Hl6SDTJZ"
Retweeted by StevieeSo happy to be back in the Twitterworld :) And as a free model! Contact me directly for bookings now :) <3
Retweeted by StevieeHas an amazing week at burning man! Thanks @shylarcobi @AshHollywood @ItsMichaelVegas @PrincessDonna @sethcardigan @jade_nile@BillyVisualXXX we had an awesome week. Didn't want it to end.@BillyVisualXXX it was by default! And FYI..... Ask him the story how he ended up with his ass crack super glued:)
Sat night watching the man burn. Burning man 2014 with @ashhollywood http://t.co/8Q24AIup9sWell it's been an amazing burning man. It's our last day and time to pick up to head home tomorrow.… http://t.co/bpkENByIWf
Sunset over playa http://t.co/65olYntPJ4@TravisVarjak @AshHollywood we hit the go ahead. We get to go in in second group at 8:30pmThe waiting game. Burning man 2014 http://t.co/mP3kVuJVpTBeen awake since 10:30 Sunday morning! Ugh. Delirious and dirty. Burning man http://t.co/YRQK6hlJPKMe and @ashhollywood still waiting roadside for when they finally open the gates to burning man and… http://t.co/jBaQhfeU4aBest way to spend the day. http://t.co/xDy0r0OzUsSitting on the road in our car for the next 3-4 hours until rain stops so they open the gates to… http://t.co/nQ6CXNO1b0
In the road with @AshHollywood and we are driving to burning man! Be back in sept:)Just finishing packing then off to burning man for the week! http://t.co/Gsb7bYcvGW
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut! " Working @thedownandout until close!
i really need to start packing for burning man!!!! ugh@undeux im headed to burning man sunday !
finished online traffic school in 30 mins skipped straight to the test and only missed 1!@AshHollywood @XTiffanyTylerX @OMGitsLexi actually my boobs have been wel behaved lately, ok well at least this past week:)And goodnight. http://t.co/feFMIzKCbzWhy is it that every time I see @XTiffanyTylerX or @AshHollywood or @OMGitsLexi I always end up with my boobs being groped!
@theandyappleton @KeiranLee @kylieireland I did not ask for them! He high jacked @Kirsten_Price phone! And it was 8am in Greece! Lol@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland I've seen your balls! Unfortunately pics if them have been sent to my phone! 😭😭😭😭@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland I would know if I had done a porn before. Lol. I've never been that drunk@theandyappleton @KeiranLee @kylieireland that pic had nothing to do with porn! That's was personal use and someone just happen to find it!@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland no there's not silly! Lol@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland but I'm not "in" porn remember!@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland why you asking me? I don't know the answer either. Haha!At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.@StevieShaeXXX and that's exactly what I'm contemplating doing right now, thinking about going to get a drink, with a different boy!!!@theandyappleton @kylieireland and i assume that all have humongous tits!@theandyappleton @kylieireland Everyone that has tits in general! lol@StevieShaeXXX yep thats when i just say your loss not mine! lol@ralphlongxxx you just love my boobs:)
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