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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;)

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With my little buddy sethgambleps http://t.co/qwKJ4Jex1YI will always live me some @thejessicadrake one of my most favorite people ever;) http://t.co/OrxfmdVKYuMe and @ninaellexxx. Love her http://t.co/XRHRYk6P9T#Repost Me & @lashoegal (Apparently it's @thejessicadrake 's fault!) ...But i just blame the tits! http://t.co/IrZ0xWZSib
Retweeted by StevieeThis is all @thejessicadrake doings! @theandyappleton http://t.co/lYqgLJmCtT
In the event of a water landing, flotation devices are located on my chest. #halloween2014 http://t.co/FtyV2QLhmz
Retweeted by StevieeAt some point I'll get a pic of tonight's outfit but it's Aphrodite.Home from working at bar. I feel like I've already had my Halloween!Since I have to work at the bar until 5pm today beer wench and pigtails it is;) http://t.co/qp6efBlb26Working at @thedownandout until 5pm today. Pigtails and all:) http://t.co/tA3wajqj1dhttp://t.co/qWbybuyyOv
Retweeted by StevieeAfter a long 4 days on set it's time for grilled cheese and tomato soup in bed with a movie;)
@AvaAddams @KeiranLee @davidlordxxx @fclousotxxx @shylarcobi oh you didnt see this did you? haha! our sets get very gay!home from set. the last 4 days have been long but good. lots of great talent & nice to be back with production family!@EliciaSolis @BrazzerYancee @KeiranLee @Brazzers @makeupbypeggy @DPxxx @jakodema @NicholeMcAuley1 glad you had a good time;)@EliciaSolis @BrazzerYancee @KeiranLee @Brazzers @makeupbypeggy @DPxxx @jakodema @NicholeMcAuley1 it was a pleasure having you on set;)Just want 2 say a BIG THANK U 2 @BrazzerYancee @KeiranLee @Brazzers @makeupbypeggy @DPxxx @jakodema @LaShoeGal @NicholeMcAuley1 #AllAmazing
Retweeted by StevieeI may just kidnap @stevieshaexxx little wiener:) http://t.co/PYvVr45P59This is what happens when @DannyMountain10 inhales to much smoke! @JodiTaylorxxx http://t.co/uPkTl8kTDSSometimes our crew needs to learn a lesson @kylieireland @theandyappleton @shylarcobi @BillyVisualXXX @RichardManwin http://t.co/Gd0NqrveyIApply to be the next #DPSTAR and WIN royalties to your own .@Fleshlight mould! Your fans will appreciate it, and so will your bank account!!
Retweeted by StevieePrey for the Dying is HERE!!! Just in time for #FrightNight Watch it now http://t.co/2rHKgsqVJJ http://t.co/Wf2J5N6dfy
Retweeted by Steviee.@nikkibenz .@JaydenJaymes .@ChloeAmourxxx .@Karliemontana .@miamalkova .@stevieshaexxx .@KeiranLee @ERIK_EVERHARD @DPxxx Prey for the Dying
Retweeted by Steviee@davidlordxxx @shylarcobi @KeiranLee @fclousotxxx and then the humping started. http://t.co/LGhmXztPqmToday for @DPxxx and @jakodema we have @HELLYWOOD4EVER @AvaKoxxx @JodiTaylorxxx @KeiranLee @SethGamblexxx @DannyMountain10Seems @KeiranLee is cheating on @davidlordxxx & @fclousotxxx today with @shylarcobi Man cuddles:) http://t.co/weJM2aUkNxToday we have hot airline stewardess @HELLYWOOD4EVER on set for @DPxxx and @jakodema http://t.co/z5leunAPMGI'm totally that person when driving alone I. The car sings loudly and dances with no fucks given if someone sees me;)#Aquarians are friendly to whoever gives them good vibes and a lot of people may mistake that for flirting.
Retweeted by Steviee
@MissJessaRhodes @bankofamerica @WellsFargo smart girl;)@JessaRhodesXXX @bankofamerica @WellsFargo I love my credit union. Been using them for years and never have issues@JessaRhodesXXX @bankofamerica @WellsFargo use a credit union. There the beat banks ever;)In tonight's #Halloween #review "The Addams Family" @BrandyAniston & @AlanahXXXRae get in a very pervy scene! http://t.co/1z8eMdkK9n
Retweeted by Steviee"The Addams Family XXX" is gonna be my #Halloween #review tonight! Check it out & #WatchUnlimited!!! http://t.co/WqKhXSU19m
Retweeted by Steviee#Halloween #Review tonight "The Addams Family XXX" with @MsIndiaSummer @Thecharleychase @MissTylerXXX @RichiesBrain http://t.co/PcmFaTLJNE
Retweeted by Steviee#Halloween #review tonight "The Addams Family XXX" with @DickChibbles & @ninaland. Don't miss it! #WatchUnlimited. http://t.co/IJMYTNBfyd
Retweeted by StevieeUncle @BarryScott_xxx Fester & @MissAuroraSnow get it on in "The Addams Family XXX" #Halloween #review tonight!!! http://t.co/BQFS0SucqJ
Retweeted by StevieeThe main course of "The Addams Family XXX" @Evanstonexxx & @MsIndiaSummer are superb! #Halloween #review tonight! http://t.co/WY0S5Q1PU4
Retweeted by Steviee#Halloween #review The Addams Family XXX @MsIndiaSummer @Evanstonexxx @BarryScott_xxx @BrandyAniston #WatchUnlimited http://t.co/LllyOLHphT
Retweeted by Steviee@EliciaSolis see , I know your type;) lol.@EliciaSolis I told you today would be a good one for you:)@CourtTaylorXXX def🍹🍸🍷🍻!@EliciaSolis it was nice to meet you and have you on set the past two days!! Hopefully I will see you on Halloween:)@TexasSpeedDemon yes I have worked for a few companies the past 20 yrs editing, directing but now doing mainly wardrobe@TexasSpeedDemon @DPxxx no I do wardrobe!In "The Addams Family XXX" @SethGamblexxx & @Amber_Raynexxx gave a sizzling hot performance! #Halloween #review http://t.co/LS5Uvl3vbd
Retweeted by StevieeToday on set for @DPxxx we have @EliciaSolis @SamanthaRone @Ross_Antonio @SethGamblexxx @ryandriller and more!!! More great stuff for y'allI could walk to set today except that i have a car full of wardrobe i need to dress everyone! i love when our shoots are that close to me!@CourtTaylorXXX it was a pleasure having you on set today and your a good sport for such a long day!
@SovereignSyre @PaisleyParkerXX did you see this yet? http://t.co/txvmlTKv1vAfter 12 hrs on set guess it selfie time:) http://t.co/9kHJTEBClEWell after 12 hrs on set guess it's selfie time;) http://t.co/F2MgfmN68HThis month, get 50% off a monthly membership at http://t.co/HhOiA6gFOP
Retweeted by StevieeThe Freaks are out this #Halloween at http://t.co/Thtu6FMvpD http://t.co/N1tXZ9Ef4N
Retweeted by Steviee@kaylani_lei work whore! Haha. Gotta pay the bills😜@kaylani_lei there's a few places but I'm on set!!!!“@TrueevoL: do u ever just wanna go up to someone and http://t.co/O2SnFvN5Qw” kinda funny!@kaylani_lei I wanna go;( 😪😪😪😨This is #Halloween at it's finest👍 @DannyMountain10 @MiaMalkova @ChloeAmourxxx http://t.co/QG7upoOuqJ
Retweeted by StevieeNow this is pretty awesome! You won't wanna miss this movie! @jakodema: Prey For The Dying Trailer .boom 💣🎥😈 http://t.co/zApI4aqYi6”.Here is the official trailer for "ROLLERGIRL!" http://t.co/5enCeAI2Co http://t.co/yF4T8Lp3f6
Retweeted by StevieeHaving a dirty mind makes life much more fun.
Retweeted by Steviee@DannyMountain10 @tyler_nixon @tommygunnxxx do I wanna even know what cotton buds are? LolI love when we have some of my favorite boys on set who are so easy to work with! @tyler_nixon @DannyMountain10 @tommygunnxxxcuriosity that killed the cat, no fear of diving into the rabbit hole & not afraid to dance with the devil...Today for @DPxxx another great lineup @CarterCruise @VeronicaAvluvXX @EliciaSolis @Glamchowdr @addisonryderxxx @DannyMountain10 @tyler_nixon@HYPOX1C it's something so simple that can makes someone else very happyI live in Dtla close to skid row. I will never give money but I will buy someone food or give clothes or blankets.I look out my window & can see homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk but it's cold tonight & 1 had no blanket so I took one to him.@davidlordxxx that's true. You has old man bones for awhile!!
@davidlordxxx I have my windows open it's feels nice out! You getting old man bones!@NinaElleXXX girl fun;). Y'all are like my barbie dolls!@NinaElleXXX always a pleasure having you on set:).@irish_can aww. Thank youCrawling in bed and my newest tattoo healing pretty quickly! http://t.co/dH3hb7bK9UGreat day on set today with the @DPxxx crew, @jakodema @BillyVisualXXX @shylarcobi @RichardManwin @justinherazo @lashoegal & Kylieireland
Retweeted by StevieeLife is short. break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, & never regret anything that made you smile“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones” ― John Lennonthis song is my new addiction.. I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies-Take Me To Church: http://t.co/uHXd5SKqBZ via @YouTubehome from set, walked the dog and gonna climb in bed with a movie:)@fclousotxxx @KeiranLee omg you guys are dorks!@DanielHunterxxx @DPxxx @AvaKoxxx @mrpetexxx @NinaElleXXX @tyler_nixon @WhitneyWestgate it's an amazing house though! LolGreat lineup on set today for @DPxxx @AvaKoxxx @mrpetexxx @NinaElleXXX @tyler_nixon @DanielHunterxxx @WhitneyWestgateIt's nice to be back on set today with the production family!
The look of trouble:). http://t.co/BhqT3VmQ1PSome of us are just born with booty:) http://t.co/USzscDoXGSAre you ready to be frightened this Halloween? #PreyForTheDying is coming soon http://t.co/1Rjv5pMF0y
Retweeted by Stevieespending my day finishing shopping for all these scenes next week! so much stuff!@Amber_Raynexxx @XCorvus777 that was suppose to say song!“@tn69chevelle396: @LaShoeGal you are so beautiful” thank you
@Amber_Raynexxx @XCorvus777 the dong is older then him!@Amber_Raynexxx right? I love it. I'll never forget first time I turned @XCorvus777 onto it by making him listen to albums!!! HahaYour cruel device. your blood, like ice One look, could kill.My pain, your thrill. Your mouth, so hot Your web, I'm caught. ...This song:)@SARAHakaANDY come to bar assholeNever trust a big butt and a smile;)@StevieShaeXXX @AaliyahLove69 there my thing! I'm a southern girl:)@christianxxx1 @NaughtyLauraD @LexiSindel wait Laura can cook?!?! I don't believe it. Make a cocktail yes, but cook? LolThe first glass is a sedative, the second a psychologist, the third glass an excuse, and the fourth a lobotomy. Working @thedownandout@StevieShaeXXX @AaliyahLove69 I just live living in my flip flops. Lol. Well and cowboy boots.@StevieShaeXXX @AaliyahLove69 sweaters are not a good look on most people! Lol. Y'all can keep those for yourself!
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