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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;)

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btw.. @KeiranLee be forwarned next week i will be seeing you 4 days in a row! paybacks a bitch:)Always my happy place. Pool break over and back to editing http://t.co/qJ7Rve7gKJjust being outside on my roof by the pool for even an hour puts me in a relaxed mood for the whole day. and gives me a nice little glow:)Relaxing by my pool for and hr or two to get some sunshine then back to editing.It's sad day in porn world to loose such a good man @EvilCSM RIP. My condolences to his family.#Aquarius cherish and guard their independence, and are a strange mixture of caring concern and cool detachment.
Retweeted by StevieeCrawled in bed with my puppy and trying to find a movie to watch but seems to be nothing good on. Maybe I'll read instead
Things found in my phone from last night with @kaylani_lei http://t.co/RwYho9g5ADThe dnobar crew. Love them. dnobar @ozziephoto http://t.co/fGohCks0Dd
Oh Lordy tonight has been filled with shots and @kaylani_lei @AshHollywood @XTiffanyTylerX Love my dtla girls;)I love that in dtla i can just get the big bags of dog food delivered to my door with a phone call:)So much for getting some pool time in today. The weathers overcast and some jerk broke glass at my pool so it's closed for today.
@thejessicadrake we need lunch soon! so much to catch up on.@WildeHarper i kinda wanna do the same and move to spain or greece!Something in the way she moves Attracts me like no other lover Something in the way she woos me...... it's a Beatles kinda nightSometime i just like to cook! Marinated English cucumbers with Israeli couscous and pollock with… http://t.co/pYe25yF5PA@davidlordxxx you need a dog like you need another hole in your head! lol@AshHollywood there have been a lot more good looking men downtown latelyWorking @thedownandout today from 12-4pm. Time for a little lunch time day drinking:)
@mrpetexxx it rained in LA earlier today for like 30 mins and stopped. it was the oddest thing everIt's a Sunday. I've been in the mood to cook. Grilled some steaks and veggies and baked potatoOver thinking kills happiness, insecurities kill self-esteem and lies kills trust.
Retweeted by StevieeI'm so thankful my childhood was filled with imagination &bruises from playing outside, instead of apps &how many likes you get on a pictur…
Retweeted by Steviee“@funnyorfact: http://t.co/J0aFT9Exfq”. This is true@thebonnierotten we need some fun time. We have some catching up to do. Lol@thebonnierotten so I still have us down for August 1 btw. Hahaha.@thebonnierotten it may be come January. Lol@thebonnierotten seriously we should just move there. Lol.@WildeHarper maybe soon I can. Now my bar schedule has changed and somehow I have like 4 day in a row off.@WildeHarper @MissTylerXXX haha. Shame on you@MissTylerXXX so many words we already a use slang or shorten people just need to stop being lazy@thebonnierotten can we just run away to Europe!@MissTylerXXX haha. I keep seeing people use that word too.@TsTempest yeah I like to cook when I canWell since out if nowhere it started raining that ment time for me to make biscuits and gravy. Sunday mornings southern style
Our Dj tonight is really good and playing a lot of funk. Which means I find myself dancing while bartending!@davidlordxxx only you:)Slingin drinks all night until close @thedownandout@Kirsten_Price @TFLN haha. I think I drank a few bottles for you this week. I've been on a roll of bad behavior“@TFLN: (256): As of this morning, vodka still has the other side of my BFF necklace. She treats me right.” Sound familiar @Kirsten_PriceLove living in dtla and being able to walk to everything. Like a last minute hair apt right now! Lol. Need to fix this mop“@CraziestPeoples: Close enough. 😎 http://t.co/yaok036Tzw” @Kirsten_Price HahaPlaytime is over for me. I've had 2 whole days off but today gotta get some editing done and tonight I work at the bar!@TashaReign I wish I was still in Greece. I know you must be having so much fun.It was nice having a Friday night out last night. I know I drank a ton but besides just being a little tired today I feel great.I'm so southern I just made fried green tomatoes with a watermelon and mint salad at 6am. Lol http://t.co/fGz00tUWOKkaylani_lei's video http://t.co/xWHZzgDfaUThis is how we roll in dtla. Me and @kaylani_lei are important http://t.co/TpRMzLlLqKWow I think my phone is drunk it has just sent the same text to 5 different People that I sent it to one 3 hrs agoOmg it was really that big!!!! That's what she said @kaylani_lei http://t.co/ywQYHCLVof
This makes me laughs. @kaylani_lei and our neighbor Phillip. Shots of Jameson. Ugh http://t.co/D2tbaekZMKWhy does every wierdo love to hit on me when I'm just relaxing at the bar chatting with friends. UgjThe middle finger originated in Ancient Greece as a symbol for anal intercourse.
Retweeted by Steviee#Aquarians have an unmistakable stubborn streak,but when left to be themselves,they make unusual & endlessly interesting people to be around
Retweeted by Steviee@HYPOX1C thank youSpending a Friday night with @kaylani_lei doing some dive bar drinking:). Love our neighborhoodAt one of my favorite bars dtla the falls. And all the usual suspects are already here. And I just realized I never ate today! Oopsie!1st time in forever I've had a Friday night off from the bar. & I've spent my day relaxing by the pool. So time for the naked dress & drinks@MrChristianCage yes I have boobsSeems I defiantly got some sun today at the pool!! Lol http://t.co/CNKYGoCJPgDef getting some color today:) http://t.co/n9VRurSV8u#FF #SexyTwitters @CarrieBrooksx @PbBritBrit @hiBONSTER @AlenaShishkova @NikiSkyler @honeybea420 @ParisLovely_ @LaShoeGal @DeannaBanana90
Retweeted by Steviee@industrybyrick @Kirsten_Price Please don't ever rick! Haha@mrpetexxx or getting caught! Otherwise it would be no fun. LolWhen I get to spend the day by the pool it makes me a happy girl and makes me very pleasant to be around. Lol@Kirsten_Price @StevieShaeXXX I found that pic on the internet and thought if you.@thebonnierotten me too@davidlordxxx don't forget:). I'm around all day gonna take it easy tomorrow@davidlordxxx you never called me back today. I tried you twice!!!Check out the SFW trailer for our new series #GirlsOfSummer @AaliyahLove69 @StevieShaeXXX http://t.co/zyv6atzcbk" Directed by myself. #RT
Retweeted by StevieeTomorrow I'm gonna take another relax day and spend some time At my rooftop. I love it up there and need my Greek tan back:)@BrandyAniston just eat more pills. Haha.@StevieShaeXXX @Kirsten_Price it's so bad!!!!#Aquarius quietly does everything they can to help out their friends because friends come first.
Retweeted by Steviee#Aquarians may act as if they are heartless people,but deep down we actually are caring and loving people.
Retweeted by Steviee@Kirsten_Price ridiculous. http://t.co/cN9RCQH0IS http://t.co/QDjvujTOZUAfter a nice long hot bath time to crawl in bed with the dog and a movie... http://t.co/MIeUeta9bg@theandyappleton but you get lots if boobs at work!!!@danadearmond I do that too! Or use my dog:)@theandyappleton you just like looking at boobs at work:)@theandyappleton I guess you will be raiding the set wardrobe soon too!
Making homemade baked feta just like I had in Greece. It's one of my favoritesGonna loose myself in my iPod for a little while by the pool. Best way to make me a happy girl;)Marinating some steaks to grill tonight so for now gonna relax on my rooftop by the pool! http://t.co/wUgOtbeFXO@StevieShaeXXX anytime you want:). I live grilling on my roof@StevieShaeXXX and now my fridge has food again. But seems everything I bought is ment for grilling, so I know what I'm doing later:)@StevieShaeXXX I never forget! Haha. Today I'm even finally going to the grocery store. I haven't done that in like 3 months. Haha@StevieShaeXXX I needed it. Been working so much with random weird hours it's messed my sleep upFinally I have a day off from all jobs so I spent most my morning being lazy in bed with the dog! Lol
@Kirsten_Price @sluttygrlprobs I'm about to have a bottle tonight!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹🍹🍷🍷🍷“@sluttygrlprobs: I need a drink, and by drink I mean shot. #sluttygirlproblems” @Kirsten_PriceAlmost done on set. Then time for a few days off;)Your shitty attitude messes up everyone's day. It takes more energy to be mean. Just saying.
Retweeted by StevieeI guess it's appropriate I'm wearing pigtails on set today since we are shooting school stuff all day. Lol@kylieireland @thebonnierotten damn phone and autocorrectFinished some editing tonight when I got home from set. Now time for my guilty pleasure..... Fashion magazines;)@kylieireland @thebonnierotten it's defiantly not possible! 🙈🙈🙈🙈My dog thinks it's his bed. He may be right. http://t.co/EcnCR9XUP5
@thebonnierotten exactly:)@DahliaSkyx it made us laugh on set today too:)
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