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Steviee @LaShoeGal Downtown LA

Smuttpeddler, world traveler & part-time liver killer. Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind and i get paid to use it;)

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finished online traffic school in 30 mins skipped straight to the test and only missed 1!@AshHollywood @XTiffanyTylerX @OMGitsLexi actually my boobs have been wel behaved lately, ok well at least this past week:)And goodnight. http://t.co/feFMIzKCbzWhy is it that every time I see @XTiffanyTylerX or @AshHollywood or @OMGitsLexi I always end up with my boobs being groped!
@theandyappleton @KeiranLee @kylieireland I did not ask for them! He high jacked @Kirsten_Price phone! And it was 8am in Greece! Lol@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland I've seen your balls! Unfortunately pics if them have been sent to my phone! 😭😭😭😭@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland I would know if I had done a porn before. Lol. I've never been that drunk@theandyappleton @KeiranLee @kylieireland that pic had nothing to do with porn! That's was personal use and someone just happen to find it!@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland no there's not silly! Lol@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland but I'm not "in" porn remember!@KeiranLee @theandyappleton @kylieireland why you asking me? I don't know the answer either. Haha!At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.@StevieShaeXXX and that's exactly what I'm contemplating doing right now, thinking about going to get a drink, with a different boy!!!@theandyappleton @kylieireland and i assume that all have humongous tits!@theandyappleton @kylieireland Everyone that has tits in general! lol@StevieShaeXXX yep thats when i just say your loss not mine! lol@ralphlongxxx you just love my boobs:)@THEPHILVARONE or any guys life! so true! ..feels good to be singleWhen someone tells you they are too "busy" for you, it's not a reflection of their schedule but a reflection of your spot on their scheduleWhen you start wondering if you can trust someone is when you know you can’t trust them.
Retweeted by StevieeStudies suggest that the key to happiness is spending money on experiences instead of possessions and material objects.
Retweeted by StevieeI love Mary Jane! @213Herb / Herb213 does too... tell them "Ashaholics" for 10% off http://t.co/jHnUCwYRJJ
Retweeted by StevieeEditing all day and night and being an insomniac make for horrible sleeping habits.
@BruceVentureXXX I dm'd you#Aquarius are open minded, but still can be stubborn when it comes to changing their mind.
Retweeted by Steviee@BruceVentureXXX could you follow me so i can DM you its about wadrobe for an upcoming digital shoot! i realized I don't have your number
There's something about #Aquarius that others find interesting and are drawn to their energy.
Retweeted by Steviee@PornoDan not for me!#Aquarius almost find it amusing that no one ever really knows how they truly feel or what floats around in their brain
Retweeted by Steviee@NaughtyLauraD @thebonnierotten hate yall! lol@PornoDan drinking on a sunday night to have a stress free monday@SovereignSyre @ardensirens @PhoenixAskani that's awesome butt selfies! i can only do the straight on from behind ones! big butt problems!
Oh shit look what I found in my phone from Friday night! Haha @kaylani_lei http://t.co/63tjc6JLyr@davidlordxxx that's funny.@thebonnierotten I ❤️you:). 😈😈😈@thebonnierotten hahaha!@thebonnierotten I need to find a way to turn it into work. Haha@thebonnierotten I wish it were that easy! I'm trying:). Lol@thebonnierotten its casue you need me traveling with you in europe! lolZeus and his buddy dougie @kaylani_lei http://t.co/ATDodrSq56Seriously how is he comfortable. Lol http://t.co/NhdKfLYIOBI wake up to this asshole trying to take the whole bed! This can't be comfortable. Lol. Dog life http://t.co/LXr5byZHSi@thebonnierotten you know it's bad if it is gross to you or me! Lol@thebonnierotten that's gross! HahaThe grossest thing I have EVER SEEN oh god http://t.co/bcfwj7UDQo
Retweeted by StevieeHelp me with my Burning Man camp! New items up now http://t.co/60dECvyHkw
Retweeted by Steviee
Silliness with my @ashhollywood http://t.co/QaoAtnNIpxLook what I just caught @ashhollywood Doing http://t.co/PMCxsR3WUB
Having Friday night drinks with my love @kaylani_lei dtla crew.Sometimes a girl just needs. Lollipop :) http://t.co/TdEIA8ceT0
Food truck food coma. This bacon Nutella waffle out me over the top. It was good but now it's time for sleep! http://t.co/0Wjz5yE489@TommyPistol @kaylani_lei @who are you kidding you still leave your number for random people:)@thebonnierotten sad face:(@AshHollywood a little over a week to go! Burning man.@thebonnierotten you need to beam to the seat next to me at the bar!It's artwalk in dtla tonight. Time to hit the food trucks in a few:)@davidlordxxx tell me about it. at least you didn't just buy a graduation cap and gown online at 1am! #setshopping
he looked at me funny, i just turned and said, a girls gotta make a living and smiled and walked out.i was in laundry room doing set laundry which at that moment was a bunch of neon colored stripper stuff & my neighbor walked in & .....@KeiranLee i heard you found a surprise in your boots yesterday?? lol
😂 RT @AshHollywood: “@AwkwardGoogle: Now you know: http://t.co/d3dzKzUwQH” Only dying laughing bc I’m thinking of a specific extreme sagger
Retweeted by StevieeGot a second wind tonight and finished another boxcover.
@thebonnierotten that looks painful! haha!My dog is snoring so loud! And taking up most the bed. JerkfaceIf you give #Aquarius their space and freedom, they'll give you trust and loyalty in return.
Retweeted by Steviee@StevieJ102 it's listed but no one ever ask how to turn it on. Haha@StevieJ102 I do speak with the people and keep in touch. So far it's been a great experience@StevieJ102 I leave it turned off. Most people I've rented to are hardly At my place for long cause so far they've all been in town for work@StevieJ102 Europeans have been doing it forever. I don't rent to anyone who lives in any part of CA. no kids. Single person or couple only@StevieJ102 I've had nothing but good experiences. When I was in Europe I rented my place out and I rented someone in Europe.@StevieJ102 I lock important things in my storage room. And I screen people really well first. So far I have only had Europeans and NYr'sCrawling in bed and time to read and break down the next script for next month.@StevieJ102 airbnb is great. I use it a ton to rent places and I rent mine out on it.
Truth. Lol http://t.co/LjkDiAdy4uthere are things i have had to see that i cant take back! my eyeballs hurt nowJust realized I really should start getting stuff together for burning man soon. It's gonna sneak up on me!@davidlordxxx @KeiranLee @wickedarmstrong good at being bad and ugly, all three of you!@thejessicadrake they do! you hit the block and they have an option to report for being annoying! haha!@kaylani_lei it was so bad!!!!!@Barrettbladexxx @ralphlongxxx @davidlordxxx says you all a bunch of old guys;)@Barrettbladexxx it's ok I'm still older then you!! Lol.@Barrettbladexxx just think, your old enough to be most the girls you shoot's dad. Lol.@Barrettbladexxx only 41? LolMore then a handful. http://t.co/YhLGMFHWQW
Helping people have sex one drink at a time! Working @thedownandout until close tonight.Are you a priority in your loved ones lives? http://t.co/UlYvFuKREe
Retweeted by Stevieeonce again my facebook is only for friends. not fans or talent that use there stage name on facebook. sorry if i don't approve your request🎧🎵it's my birthday I can drunk text if I want to🎶🎵🎶🎧
Retweeted by StevieeWords cannot explain this. Bar 107 @kaylani_lei queenblife josephfrank213 http://t.co/rT6qDS73H0Seems it's that kinda Friday night @kaylani_lei queenblife @traciemaywagner http://t.co/3YFNP4yVmlDtla crew on a Friday night. @kaylani_lei queenblife http://t.co/pC19PsxAsC
Loft is finally all deep cleaned! i really gotta get a new housekeeper cause that took me all day but its done for now@StevieJ102 @thebonnierotten and then , well we will see:)i dont like this cleaning your own house thing. well i dont like the scrubbing tubs and floor part. i need a new housekeeper.@RomeoManciniXXX even if your dream is strangling someone cause they annoy you? Lol@ryankeely @thebonnierotten @StevieJ102 oh def! Hopefully soon:). I need a night out@AnnieFuckinCruz well another day! i need to go a bunch! lol@AnnieFuckinCruz fyi im doing disneyland on the 18thSo looks like in about a week I will be having some company from Spain, @klaragoldxxxi need @thebonnierotten and @StevieJ102 time soon! i think jumbos is calling our name.....
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