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My pretty (and prettily priced) summer slides http://t.co/bOGRtg9D5s http://t.co/mhYrfcjV4RAnother blow to the struggling newspaper industry. http://t.co/jzxNMxGXNs
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikAt more than 2 dozen companies, the CEO and the CFO went to the same school http://t.co/NXH4ziR98t
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"Most newsrooms are more than 60 percent men, whereas 73 to 85 percent of PR professionals are women" http://t.co/5TdJpsj9DLReady for the next round of designer shake-ups? Because it's happening. My take on @Fashionista_com: http://t.co/qyuwU6Qi6Z
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikIntroducing Save on Facebook: http://t.co/7b8sneFU2U Ability to bookrmark content for later viewing.
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhy some digital publishers like to brand themselves as "magazines" http://t.co/niNdutpWw0Tiffany CEO to retire after 15 years; president will succeed him in April - http://t.co/0M2jhHNAmN
@Drrramina aw, feel better
Gotta tip my hat to the Fox bookers on landing what is basically their viewers' cartoon image of a union worker: http://t.co/yqy7eu1Jry
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikThe appointment of Marc Jacobs's new CEO underlines once again how vital Asia experience is in the luxury industry http://t.co/yR7O9lfcfY@lapresmidi oh yesEssex held a contest to find the baby that looks most like Prince George http://t.co/l6f5QQsayTSo signing up http://t.co/Ff4qTF7YGV
@rrichard09 @JackMarshall @MiriamElder but that headline is completely misleading. not to mention, insulting to the subject material.Is this a good idea if you want to be taken seriously as a news organization? http://t.co/rBbuaAof9E
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikOne of my favorite British brands, motherofpearl, introducing bags (satchels and clutches) for the… http://t.co/5Q7cU0rsRmGlitter makes everything better motherofpearl http://t.co/QnTnRPgpRp@MikeTheStandout eek, thanks!No word yet on what a new Marc Jacobs CEO will mean for Robert Duffy http://t.co/uRiCnj6gPA
@sapnam who says they want it?@voguemagazine has this: http://t.co/bCpPkGZuj3 @Cosmopolitan has this: http://t.co/i8Kz1GURXd Just sayin.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@peretti says that copying BuzzFeed "in general is not a good strategy" http://t.co/bmDvYF5DL6Kate Spade's forthcoming swimwear line promises to be adorable http://t.co/Ow5Vv38e6o http://t.co/xbqNbeOGPJ
Journalism *should* be hard to get into, says @carr2n. It's as much a caper as a job. http://t.co/gzbVQRw8Rj
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikYou never know what you're going to get on the front page of the 'Daily Mail' http://t.co/S9dQ1ZFFV6"Exclusive images are available upon request for print publication only."Ever wonder who actually shops at the Kardashians' store, Dash? We went and found out: http://t.co/omyBiCrI1F http://t.co/9jg5fxxsWM
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@eliza_pb reviews Tory Burch's Fitbit collab and finds it wanting: http://t.co/ugCdSXLxy8
Public School named first menswear winner of U.S. Woolmark Prize to many cheers & little surprise http://t.co/ifjNqSYXxd#woolmarkprize submissions from @nonoo_ny, @rosieassoulin & whit make a pretty picture http://t.co/c1lsaat2jNBeautiful laser-cut pattern on the back of this @Nonoo_NY coat #woolmarkprize http://t.co/GFYdSe03iIFor the first time, the #woolmarkprize is accepting menswear submissions. Here are the U.S. entries. http://t.co/shuegLvm3lNYT traces D&D's influence on a generation of writers -- from YA authors to 'Atlantic' editors: http://t.co/vaiNnDeFzVAre fakes back in fashion? http://t.co/rFLUy7e8dD
LinkedIn: 40% of journalists leave profession by the end of their 3rd year; 70% switch by 8th year http://t.co/Q2MEE5pph8
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhere's Waldo, the @JaredLeto / fall fashion campaign edition http://t.co/6uWSp1GEJX& http://t.co/9MdLGqgfdlShareholders reject Christopher Bailey's pay package as Burberry CEO - http://t.co/2T498dcMQk
Great story outlining the AA saga and highlighting the most important point: it was never making much money http://t.co/KW2JoCdd3e
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@ghamma i find it safer to go for the more common usage, even if tech incorrectThe data doesn't lie: people actually are spending more $ on less goods: http://t.co/0TkZnhBIGG by @lapresmidi@katierosman how exciting! big congratulations. looking forward to reading you over there, too.
The sound @steff_leopard & @alyssavingan just made when the Gosling baby was confirmed was the saddest one I've ever heard two people make.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@alneuhauser if tory burch takes over the journalism market, j.crew might go out of business@DougSerton popularity of similarly preppy, sometimes similarly priced brands among rappers - ralph lauren, hilfiger, etc.@laureni kanye used to go to her presentations. was crazy.
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikOffice debate about whether Tory Burch will become big with rappers when she launches menswear.
Can a children's clothing brand evolve into a full lifestyle brand? @Bonpoint will soon find out: http://t.co/1djDz9IbGc8 designers to watch this #LFW: http://t.co/YynKwP6jOtThis New Yorker cartoon accurately sums up the psychology of people who leave comments on the Web. http://t.co/tvYdjkEb6p
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
Fendi's set to make a pretty penny on those Karl Lagerfeld dolls: http://t.co/ECAwEf4oCd@_polymetis_ here you go! http://t.co/vQcsmVljEkNewest desk mate. (Yes I spent money on this.) http://t.co/MTxb3SeOJCLovely little essay - Giambattista Valli's guide to Italian style - http://t.co/5gYykHELCI via @eliza_pbA colorful interview with Steve Madden about sneakers, copying & his portrayal in "Wolf of Wall Street": http://t.co/RC3r5fR2LJ
@AnnStreetStudio congrats you two! v. inspiring.@eiffeltyler double smug because it's not even sunny in NYC. lucky you!
A brand that sells all-American elegance has a Gatsby story to match - http://t.co/oYyxrQv4Oe@MusaTariq what i meant is that i don't understand the demand. it's expensive + does not seem terribly useful. or attractive.@MusaTariq don't get it@evachen212 that is hilariousThanks, twitter http://t.co/3EXgIdMpM9"Stuff" magazine finds that removing scantily clad women from its covers actually improves sales - http://t.co/THy350wR60and they just did all that hiring RT @Poynter: 20-40 layoffs reported at WSJ: http://t.co/tqTquvh8FX includes "veteran reporters & editors"Interesting critique of what LVMH has done to the once-iconic Miss Dior fragrance http://t.co/uilPONw3jS via @AdweekFive years ago, Amazon sold 12 out of every 100 new books. Today it sells 40 out of every 100. http://t.co/EZfI73aIr8
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@rachel_arthur rachel it looks so good!!
The days before Ramadan are big for shopping. Enter "Ramadan collections": http://t.co/KV4PUcKl0KI can't get into marketing that masquerades as a movement http://t.co/U8SjI1yQNz27 magazines shut down in the first half of the year - http://t.co/5R36nz4Wdz & 75 were launched
@terminalave @beastfashion the fact that that's coming up as nsfw is also making my daylook of the day RT @beastfashion: What were you thinking, Steven Tyler? http://t.co/DR7qoGPhLG http://t.co/5rafWFxngPMy summer alternative to the tank top @everlane #edpick http://t.co/Gpjh4sMOOl http://t.co/cbJ5psPOQJResort is shaping up to be a good season for coats http://t.co/U0G9jwd9gz http://t.co/FYEej05lRTGlad '80s-style fantasy covers are having a comeback. And that I'm on this press list. http://t.co/N9vU35AdpT"Not to cover [the business] side of fashion is to miss half the story." @VVFriedman on her new role at the @nytimes: http://t.co/GJbMJ6UdkxRT @lapresmidi: How jumpsuits became a big moneymaker for fashion brands, from discount to designer: http://t.co/QGsAsDvrsQ
.@lapresmidi closing out #fashionistacon with @loefflerrandall's Jesse Randall http://t.co/W5cuJPQqpRWarby Parker fav this if you want me to apply for your social media job
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikA bit skeptical we're going to see a lot of exits in the "fashion-tech" startup space soon, but what do I know http://t.co/OR6r1eAyvq@dkny YOU were fantastic! thank you!Many thanks to @AmyTAstley @ArielFoxman @robbie_ELLE for some very real career advice at #fashionistacon this morning http://t.co/1zTSzny5yQ
Can I take this home? http://t.co/nXsUD6MesQCongratulations to @isabelcgonzalez, who after 7 years at @InStyle is joining @billboard as deputy editor http://t.co/KxrZf0mbPi
"Gus has been putting in ten-plus-hour workdays" http://t.co/XBL1thtCgp
Salzburg #latergram http://t.co/4O0VDZXMu2Missing this place @ Park Hellbrunn http://t.co/hrmp5hYj8FPR tip: It's rarely worth pitching a reporter the same story they've just published.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@LizziePaton go you!Dear everyone wanting to write for a website: Do not start your email off with "To Whom It May Concern." Don't. #PSA
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@noraleighx calls for the return of the wrist fanny pack: http://t.co/BWbc1pSgwx http://t.co/rMiuqpqAcOIn #NYC 6/27? Get career advice from @Robbie_ELLE at @fashionista_com's #fashionistacon! Info: http://t.co/ASeaf7Ueyk http://t.co/1hNN1lO4iO
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@jbruin i definitely read that as "cat-sharing" and clicked@benparr not particularly educated here, but think this is a play for a better severance dealDov Charney threatens to take legal action to get reinstated as American Apparel CEO: http://t.co/gRmVd3Jt0l nice get @LizziePatonOn Target's decline: Staffers were dinged in performance reviews for not being 'fun, fast and friendly' enough. http://t.co/bXqFAZnpto
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikLike other flash in the pan retail concepts, American Apparel's heyday is well over, argues @lapresmidi: http://t.co/CbHnrqLAeD@MegDincecco yay! first trip?Back from an 10-day vacay and so happy to welcome (a day late) @steff_leopard back to@Fashionista_com http://t.co/L1fmBpKAmp
Salzburg is as pretty by evening as by day @ City of Salzburg, Austria http://t.co/yqdDvVNqul
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