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michael lazerow @lazerow NEW YORK CITY

Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CEO/Founder: Buddy Media, http://t.co/c9Fv8ZPWRC, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Consulting.

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Al Michaels reflects on his “Miracle on Ice” call more than three decades later. http://t.co/OhiVM7wEwa #LNSM http://t.co/y6U2BhJy3U
Retweeted by michael lazerowA gem from @aweissman on looking more closely. http://t.co/D3KU8litwzI just cried reading this. (Puts our @Cycle4Survival work in context.) http://t.co/RN5vFbYJJB (ht @kasslazerow)What we’re learning from this terrible Bill Cosby situation - solid overview http://t.co/hSbtCK6rx8 via @hellogiggles
Retweeted by michael lazerowSeth has a couple of things to say about Uber. https://t.co/ow1nc1YMsb @sethmeyers http://t.co/n08ZQgZ97J
Salesforce beat analyst expectations for a fourth straight quarter, but shares were down in after-hours trading: http://t.co/BAv4YBWhhe
Retweeted by michael lazerowI spoke to @Benioff. who says you won't find another enterprise co. with 30% growth and $6.5 biillion in projected revenue for next year.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWall Street Journal http://t.co/Yd5dzedQhe reports 29% revenue jump! $CRM http://t.co/tfcGWeVh2w
Retweeted by michael lazerowSalesforce is the 1st enterprise cloud computing company to guide $6.5B for our FY16 Fiscal Year. http://t.co/FhaNy408JR
Retweeted by michael lazerowAmazing demo of Wave, the @Salesforce analytics cloud, by @sbuscemi in NYC. Watch live: https://t.co/xOl2DX4Hc3@Salesforce Tweaks Social Studio - InformationWeek http://t.co/ad16AzKtwx via @InformationWeek
Retweeted by michael lazerowI wish I was in New York City with @KeithBlock --- he's doing an amazing job! Watch him at http://t.co/Z26UHDZAYd http://t.co/ug7wPt2UXN
Retweeted by michael lazerowGuess who is singing LIVE right now at the @salesforce World Tour event in NYC? Watch here: https://t.co/xOl2DX4Hc3LIVE(STREAM)! FROM NY! It's @salesforce Live! Tune in NOW for keynote! https://t.co/xOl2DX4Hc3 http://t.co/I0UHed7id7#SalesforceTour IMO Social Studio inside the 3 Clouds (sales, marketing, service) cld help reduce org silos and help collab btw grps
Retweeted by michael lazerowOur vision is to treat “social as a horizontal layer to everything we do.” Mike @Lazerow http://t.co/gScNZdBD5A @techcrunch #SalesforceTour
Retweeted by michael lazerowSalesforce Revamps Social Studio, Integrates With Sales & Customer Service http://t.co/vtT1F5BJ1x http://t.co/Vg7p6GJpSg
Tonight: @SHAQ, Eddie Redmayne and wine tasting with @garyvee. Also classic video games on Jorbus! #LNSM
Retweeted by michael lazerowTune in tonite. Will be great. @garyvee + sethmeyers = TV gold. #latenightseth http://t.co/kM5fERZGDJhey @sethmeyers u ready for me tonight? I am bring straight WINE THUNDER! Set your DVR's everyone
Retweeted by michael lazerowCounting Down to the Salesforce World Tour NYC http://t.co/wBNM5wWw95 http://t.co/Mto4qj5zzb
Retweeted by michael lazerowHere's @ElleKingMusic on @LateNightSeth last night. Pretty awesome ... http://t.co/k5hLNjgtJ4Three of 4 of those murdered in a Jerusalem synagogue today were Americans, reports @FoxNews The fourth was a British national.
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Investigative journalism - and @BuzzFeed - at its best ... a con artist exposed. http://t.co/P9pGiLph64 http://t.co/PKbSNC5fml
That makes it 2 straight in South Bend for the Cats!
Retweeted by michael lazerowThey're going to overtime in South Bend. Notre Dame fumbles w/ under 2 minutes remaining, Northwestern recovers and hits FG to force OT.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWishing a big Happy Birthday to, @djskee!! http://t.co/MkCOo062en
Retweeted by michael lazerowLet's work together to get the #NYC area fed for #Thanksgiving! Join @Benioff & come can-in-hand to #SalesforceTour: http://t.co/fOMpgeBmil
Retweeted by michael lazerowSeems a good time to tweet this @lazerow column again: Calm Down. Facebook Is Not Screwing You cc @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/tLAYQuicnS
Retweeted by michael lazerowFlowchart to help you decide whether to use a QR Code http://t.co/8P4tGDhynF
Retweeted by michael lazerow
Thanks @CynopsisMedia for awarding Fuisz 2014's Best Digital Video Ad Platform @LererHippeau @startupman @RichBTIG @lazerow @Dr_Daniel_Leff
Retweeted by michael lazerowI've watched @sethmeyers & @petergrosz make magic for 20+ yrs & it never gets old. This is BRILLIANT. http://t.co/HgZ56JYAwn
$TUBE hitting new all-time highs in after-hours trading. Up 14% on this big earnings beat -> http://t.co/W2AMjZAJ1T
Retweeted by michael lazerowWatch punk trio @exhexband rock Studio 8G with a live performance of “Don’t Wanna Lose.” http://t.co/GoVW6rtebI #LNSM http://t.co/EPEWgHPPsr
Retweeted by michael lazerowGiving Back Increases Teamwork http://t.co/nwChGvQbpZ
Retweeted by michael lazerow"Marketing is getting rewired for technology. More than ever, the customer is at the center." @lazerow #audience2pt0 http://t.co/VH97flKw7o
Retweeted by michael lazerowSelling $853 million of contemporary art, @ChristiesInc NY made auction history last night http://t.co/AAP0MK27q9 http://t.co/X82Jwi8J02
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Fascinating graphic: The Buddy Media influence http://t.co/NpSbjKaOoz http://t.co/KNBsx2m71bStunned that @doubleclick @AppNexus & @BuddyMedia have influenced 400 startups in NYC. (That makes me happy.) http://t.co/NpSbjKaOoz___NYC tech___ • $14B invested • 2200 cos • 53k jobs • 336 exits for $18B http://t.co/NpSbjKaOoz http://t.co/reOhFgjvAzHow twins from Pittsburgh survived the Battle of the Bulge - great story about Al Davis @RiverdaleCS faculty member http://t.co/HtSXI1HBON
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Don't ever forget to look at the bright side. Thank you elewrockjazz and @profgalloway. Epic. http://t.co/dvqfNFVDXoSweet Home Alabama by elewrockjazz. The boy's got mad talent. Thank you @profgalloway. http://t.co/jWncjPv110
My date for the evening ... Hot!!!!!! kasslazerow http://t.co/hMuYlHBs4R
"See. You can't trust anyone. The first time I let a girl in my life, she tries to eat me." - ColumbusKids these days. http://t.co/WfVMlwqqgD http://t.co/pyzRutMGTeLove this juxtaposition ... Thank you @joybauer for making the world less obese! http://t.co/Cvjoe77tppI'm really excited to spend tonite w/ Amy Poehler('s book). Yes Please! http://t.co/iDXQMdh6JZ
@sarahforce wow. You are too kind. Seriously. I need to optimize to get the # of clicks to 1 or below. :)81% vote @Benioff Fortune's 2014 Business Person of the Year. Cast your vote here: http://t.co/kDKTQXzzSQInsane Graphic: iPhone is the culmination of human intelligence http://t.co/wg2L4jgcXd http://t.co/WqDHNAIc0lDC peeps & @CowboyMouth fans! Bayou. Tonite. Great cause for a great dude & his fam https://t.co/UT1fZh7V6x #landon #mollysarmy
Brothers Venturechuk @ajv & @garyvee are the single best scalers of unscalable stuff in the world. #VRSEFSMeet the Venturechuks! Watching @ajv & @garyvee inspire VaynerRSE portfolio cos at #VRSEFS. http://t.co/ppxLeWeyAD
In video programmatic w sku & features as data point ; Corey of @fuiszmedia, @DigitalHwood https://t.co/8GFWDOU7wa @lazerow @RichBTIG
Retweeted by michael lazerow@cindygallop "The top of this industry is a closed loop of white guys talking to other white guys about white guys." #3percentconf
Retweeted by michael lazerow"Choose happiness." @lazerow hits the keyboard after a weekend of Phish and delivers an opus on life, love and work. http://t.co/IOMQM6dfGy
Retweeted by michael lazerowthx so much! “@AdamBraun: Great piece by @lazerow, "My Indebatable Hope for All Dudes" http://t.co/KDZYgRZEaeJason @Zengerle restores our faith in democracy http://t.co/xX3WP8eTUq (too bad both can't win!) http://t.co/fPjt86y8rnAnd then this happened ... Drone boning. Wow. http://t.co/f3cRhnJvZUMy Indebatable Hope for All Dudes http://t.co/KDZYgRZEaeLOVE! "It’s Monday AM, 'Tela' and 'Wilson' are being paged in the LV airport, and all is well in the universe" http://t.co/JASSxXV9T9UberX econ 101 http://t.co/O4wFAl6Vft @MediaREDEFTrue love. http://t.co/NUkItwpN51 http://t.co/LIfeFDIQDA
And now Suzy Greenberg seems to be lost in the Vegas airport. An artist she may be, but a genius she's not. #phishVegas airport just paged Marco Escuandolas!!! #phish pranks make me so happy. http://t.co/Cf06IkLkV9 http://t.co/xa6K49aOwpThank you @_BigBen7 for helping me beat your - and the Steelers' - biggest fan. Sorry for sitting you last week. http://t.co/vade0KpWvbI'm free! #phish http://t.co/Y6LEY4OgYs
#ocelot #phish http://t.co/uzte1XjRoa#runawayjim #phish http://t.co/K4aaeZrD7ZFan for life for this tweet. RT @taylorswift13 "Oof.Taylor Swift. She's always wearing, like, a 1950's bathing suit" http://t.co/foAdUL3vMU
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Mirror, mirror. #halloween http://t.co/s9XMYa1kP6phish to cover a 1964 Disney album tonite. Duh! http://t.co/qAuRYbvGDj #PhishVegas http://t.co/WxTsekKKvaScary. #halloween http://t.co/BPhtUytqepAmazing. http://t.co/JLRnnuGpcz #phish #SFGiants
Excited. http://t.co/LkA6nvvntu #PhishVegasInformative and interesting talk by @KevinColleran tonight on digital, social media, and the future. #fbforward http://t.co/PvXkWewmYA
Retweeted by michael lazerowFuisz CEO in @adage re image-recognition tech as the next frontier http://t.co/T09KovHDLJ @MetamorphicVC @lazerow @RichBTIG @LererHippeau
Retweeted by michael lazerow
BREAKING: Madison Bumgarner named World Series MVP, NL MVP, NL Cy Young, AL MVP, AL Cy Young, MLB commissioner, Governor of California, Pope
Retweeted by michael lazerowThe Royals’ 29-year wait summed up in one image: http://t.co/xYVi2Qxuhn http://t.co/PJYQT4AbCU
Retweeted by michael lazerowGuess who is 41, single & pregnant? @rachelsklar! Congrats and mazel tov! You'll make a great mom. https://t.co/gglz2y1SpqHow large companies in traditional industries are using digital to gain strategic advantage http://t.co/6BiEOz2G8x
Retweeted by michael lazerowCamera love #dashradio strangemusicceo #independentgrind http://t.co/srThSmKaAn
Retweeted by michael lazerowNice to see @djskee in first row behind plate in #WorldSeriesGame7! #WorldSeries http://t.co/9mJkm2ZYdG"Less is more. Sometimes less is less, but in general less is more." @lazerow -- #loveit #RoarSummit
Retweeted by michael lazerow"Instead of looking at marketing as a funnel, let's look at it as a customer journey" @lazerow #rebelsummit
Retweeted by michael lazerow“It’s not about winning the moments, but about winning the moments that matter.” - @lazerow #RoarSummit
Retweeted by michael lazerow@andreaharrison scary-son, your new Halloween name is both scary and Japanese-sounding. Thx for today!Best panel ever! Thanks @lazerow and @sminero We definitely won the moment. #RoarSummit http://t.co/VOODw5bfVo
Retweeted by michael lazerowExcited to be attending #RoarSummit today, hosted by @teamreboot & @rebelmouse. Join me live at http://t.co/qKXM3LQrZM“@phish: Halloween costume contest in Vegas and general costume guidelines at venue: http://t.co/m76lxYRqvT
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Thanks, champ @peconlon MT @davidwkenny "Peggy Conlon of @adcouncil is made a champion by @TitusONeilWWE @ apella http://t.co/Nl1QHHvQ3v"
Retweeted by michael lazerow@Signaturec1 It's not an opinion. Just a fact. A 9-0 three hitter speaks for itself.@lazerow you don't know jack #LetsGoGiants!!!!!
Retweeted by michael lazerowThe #KCRoyals have heart. The #SFGiants left theirs in San Francisco. #SFvsKC #Game7If you asked Seth and I eight months ago our dream episode we'd have said Amy Poehler and George RR Martin. Watch that show tonight.
Retweeted by michael lazerow“@Marlins_Man: Goodnight everyone. Big day tomorrow” I see you in your hotel room. #window http://t.co/Jq5c6cvHLO
Retweeted by michael lazerowThe @Marlins_Man left his seat behind home plate. The #WorldSeries just isn't the #WorldSeries without that orange jersey. Where did you go?10-run rule? #WorldSeries#SFGiants don't want a Game 7. Home team has won 9 straight Game 7s. Last team to win on the road was the '79 Pirates vs Balto.
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