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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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The power is out in half of Fayetteville…
Fayetteville… Kunta is in the house!Good Morning, Y’all…
With Bill & Wendy on WGN Radio… http://t.co/07UHlbLyMxAt WGN… for the Bill & Wendy Show LIVE #bydhttmwfiCome see me! MT @WindyCityLIVE: YOU can meet me TONIGHT at 7PM in Naperville at Beebe Elem. For more info… http://t.co/Yx3hagFc9bBackstage @WindyCityLiveRT @AndersonsBkshp: @levarburton @readingrainbow TODAY @AndersonsBkshp at BeeBe Elementary in Naperville at 7pm!Good Morning, Y’all… from Chicago!
RT @BNSantaMonica: We have signed stock of #TheRhinoWhoSwallowedaStorm Call us at 310-260-9110 http://t.co/KECUzbCnevBehind that preposition you left hanging! #bydhttmwfi RT @LiquidTime: @levarburton where you at?Chicago… Kunta is in the house!!!OMG! RT @KateLatak: LeVar Purrton is ready for Halloween and ready to fix your warp drive! http://t.co/cjOw8flnDxEarly morning flight to Chicago… #roadwarrior
Hey @andrewlomas COOLANT LEAK!!! “barrel rolls under closing door”Hope you enjoy! MT @scrabtree: 1st in line for @LevarBurton @ReadingRainbow event @SMLibr! http://t.co/0nI3YynxK5Savoring some sushi sustenance before heading to @SantaMonicaLibr to READ & SIGN #rhinobook at 3pmHappy Saturday, Y'all…
MT @SantaMonicaLibr: Check out @levarburton on KTLA 5 yesterday. We can't wait for his visit 2 #MainLibrary tomorrow. http://t.co/0CTpuWw4XEATTN West Side LA… I’ll be @SantaMonicaLibr TOMORROW, 10/18 at 3pm, READING & SIGNING #Rhinobook You coming? #SantaMonicaSo excited! RT @wdwmagic: LeVar Burton and Edward James Olmos complete the 2014 Candlelight Processional line-up http://t.co/UvgoZvxEPxGoing on Kai with @tamronhall in 1 minute… @newsnationOn my way to do an interview with “mah gurl”, @tamronhall on @newsnation… #RhinoBook
As am I! RT @BNEvents_Grove: @thegrovela SO looking fwd to your 7pm #Rhinobook reading/signing at @BNEvents_Grove! 323.525.0270ATTN: Angelinos… I’ll be @theGroveLA TODAY at 7pm, READING & SIGNING #Rhinobook You coming? @BNEvents_Grove
Hey LA… Are you watching @ktlaENT? Gong to be on w/ @samontv at 8:45 #RhinoBook
RT @SantaMonicaLibr @LeVarBurton reads/signs new book THE RHINO WHO SWALLOWED A STORM Sat 10/18, 3pm #MainLibrary http://t.co/R6Ug8Lzm7SHey LOS ANGELES! Join me @BNEvents_Grove on THUR 10/16 at 7pm for a READING & SIGNING of #RhinoBook. Who's In? http://t.co/QtMK2Z47CUMorning, Y’all…
Back home in the City of Angels…It’s the last day of #NYCC14… Who’s coming???Good morning, Y’all…
Last night’s dinner destination… The meal was surprisingly superb!!! #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/gbXOXRdeGJ http://t.co/L3is3WqCbLGood Morning, Y’all…Ha… I do!! RT @unclemacosx: @levarburton remember this? ;-) http://t.co/hEYUWBxuZw
@Givingtree223 @TheiMums @readingrainbow I think that's Camels…@readingrainbow fans check out our review of @levarburton's new Kids book - The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm http://t.co/teuqbvRXwY
Retweeted by LeVar Burton20 mins to #Showtime @BookendsNJ … #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/8gQW2FvrhRDecided to do a reading of #RhinoBook at tonight’s signing @BookendsNJ Who’s in?ICYMI MT @PattyNeger: @levarburton talks to @RobinRoberts about his new children's book & @ReadingRainbow on @GMA. http://t.co/PRLQmdPpgzPlease do… RT @BookendsNJ: Excited to have @levarBurton today at 4:30 signing #TheRhinoWhoSwallowedAStorm. Come on over and meet LeVar!#TBT Ali & me… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/s0ieKjKwZS@levarburton 👏👏👏👏👏 ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊 http://t.co/2Z52IPBuSu
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonReading to kids on @GMA this morning... http://t.co/6So6OTDfaBOn the set Of @GMA with @RobinRoberts… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/MW4t7cwWPYMT @RobinRoberts: . @readingrainbow is back! @levarburton is live @GMA to tell us about his brand new book: #TheRhinoWhoSwallowedAStorm.Seeing @levarburton on TV in the morning is like being a kid again and waking up with @readingrainbow. #GMAReadingRainbow
Retweeted by LeVar Burton@mommyleesays Goodnight Moon...#bydhttmwfi. is joining us for a twitter chat now! Tweet us with #GMAReadingRainbow http://t.co/6ZVPJ3Fkox #jp86
Retweeted by LeVar Burton@kemp_travis @readingrainbow @GMA Wow!!!!! So many... But I'd have to say "'Hill of Fire", when we went to Kileua volcano in Hawaii!@Starkman88 @GMA You never know... #bydhttmwfi@EdTechCaitlin I was just there two weeks ago...@FlyInStilettos @GMA No Child Left Behind caused the show to e cancelled in 2009... #bydhttmwfi.@levarburton is joining us for a twitter chat now! Tweet us with #GMAReadingRainbow http://t.co/sPV59FkI30
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonGood Morning America, Y’all… #GMA #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/xT9a4hcCNE
Set your DVRs! @LeVarBurton will be on @GMA TOMORROW at 8am. Ask questions LIVE at 8:05am (EDT) w #GMAReadingRainbow!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAbout to do my first reading of the book tour! @BankStreetBooks #RhinoBook #bydhttmwfiTHIS! RT @readingrainbow: Attn NYers! Come to @BankStreetBooks TODAY 6pm for a READING & SIGNING w @LeVarBurton! http://t.co/92HptwjqcyAmazing meal at #Yuba in the East Village. Ask for George, he’ll hook you up!!! http://t.co/E66bJkNpXvREVIEW… MT @rjfrasca: My thoughts on @levarburton's new book "The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm" #RhinoBook http://t.co/TS7LBypV8qSitting down with John Tejada for @Adweek… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/OF7DK6sAqRMaking the rounds for #RhinoBook #TRWSAS http://t.co/wqXgtt3MCOREAD! RT @Adweek: What's on @levarburton's reading list? http://t.co/NKPXYEKVwa http://t.co/78z2qobI1ORT @BankStreetBooks: SO excited to have @LeVarBurton coming to read and sign his new book today! The reading is full, but signing is open!Are you in Manhattan? I’ll be @BankStreetBooks today at 6pm & get a SIGNED #RhinoBook! #NYC http://t.co/xHd4TDYkhSGood Mornin’, Y’all…
Yup! #bydhttmwfi RT @Cocoanilla: Are you coming to @NY_Comic_Con ??? 🙏NYC. Kunta is in the house… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/HoEzMMALLkYES! MT @marywhiteroom14: @levarburton We are buying your book for our second grade classroom! Can't wait to read it! ~Second GradersBut you don’t have to take my word for it…!!! #bydhttmwfi #RhinoBook #GoodRead http://t.co/eCeZpCFXxdVIDEO: Out today… THE RHINO WHO SWALLOWED A STORM http://t.co/0paCcLZANN #LeVarBurtonBook #RhinoBookATTENTION! “The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm”, is available today everywhere books are sold!!! #RhinoBook http://t.co/nrUK7OA0xS
You just did! MT @BookendsNJ: Let your fans know you will be signing your book here on Oct 9th @ 4:30pm. They need to know where to find U!The perfect Martini! #london #lastnight http://t.co/EL5a6gnVFEOnly 2 days until my first children’s book, The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm, is released! #BYDHTTMWFI #excited http://t.co/82xdmhDeLEREAD! MT @SouthwestTheMag: New issue of #SouthwestMag is on @SouthwestAir now! The 1 & only @levarburton! http://t.co/GrvIWlT6fXMy last full day in London. I really wish I could stay for a few more weeks! #runningoutoftimeMT @canicas: @SouthwestTheMag @readingrainbow @SouthwestAir @kickstarter: I Flew SW on Sat. and read the mag--I thought: I am part of that!As am I… MT @BNEvents_Grove: Looking fwd to 10/16 at @thegrove for your reading/signing of #TheRhinoWhoSwallowedaStorm @readingrainbow
Good Morning, Y’all… from London!Love this snap! MT @idilsukan: The hottest thing to come out of #DST3 is that flat-caps are BACK. http://t.co/TVSJq1t8ox
Check out @southwestmag for a good piece on #crowdfundinghttp://t.co/4e3dRrQt4i #bydhttmwfiHappy 22nd Anniversary to my beloved @StephanieCozarthttp://t.co/ZpUE1JbG4e
Mr. Data loves his fish ‘n chips… http://t.co/IwdC8JdlRSPub lunch… #london #coventgardenWho you gonna call…? #london http://t.co/4u9hTvdj6r
Good Morning, Y’all…
Breakfast at… #london http://t.co/BxWaXBa6G5
Lyle Waggoner seems to be having trouble sleeping too… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/7f0lAZzb7EApparently, Lyle Waggoner is on board this flight! He’s sitting across the aisle and keeps giving me the side eye.Sorry WW…! Airline wine… #mypatheticexcuse RT @wilw: @levarburton @StarryNightpony @BrentSpiner HEY! I’m right here, you guys.@levarburton in case anyone was wondering how much further you and Mr @BrentSpiner had got... http://t.co/3UxZDRTX4D
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonDitto! RT @Mark_Morales_II: @levarburton @StarryNightpony @BrentSpiner @wilw Just kidding; love ya' Will!True! RT @StarryNightpony: @levarburton @BrentSpiner could be worse could be stuck with @wilwTurbulence… for the next 20 minutes! Thanks, Captain…! #theregoesmynapCurrently plotting how to ditch @BrentSpiner as soon as I clear La Migra!1000 points to everyone who responded to the pic of @BrentSpiner with a reference to “life forms!”Ding, ding ding! RT @Davemallam: @levarburton would that be Flight AA100? (I'm playing guess the flight on flight radar!)I have officially achieved a new personal low… Now live tweeting the airplane’s progress! #morenewsasithappens http://t.co/tMrjXSTLIoIf I end up staying awake all night, I will be both disappointed & delirious!
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