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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

Kansas Jayhawks basketball fanatic & father of @mariannapalka

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BOUNCING ROUND THE ROOM #PHISH http://t.co/heyE0j1o6C@AuntieQs The Shining@twittels @adampally I liked the part in the middleFish at the Phorum with @womackattack!RT if you look at your toilet paper after wiping & fav if you don't@pwhauser I haven't yet, but I will check it out. Thanks.Shia LaBeouf is a super-compelling actor.@wyattcenac @morgan_murphy @netflix this looks very cool, Wyatt@missalisonquinn @DaveHolmes yeah we rocked it out
@DaveHolmes you too!@DesiJedeikin go to the one in Venice@thegynomite emo Latinos?I long for a return to the squishy comfort of my mother's womb.Don't fret my fellow travelers, the calmness of the great abyss awaits us all.@MrScottRodgers @bojnovak @twitter you said it bro@ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG @parkerehret this guyyyy@benner Right on, makes sense.@benner so this is a subtweet to Brian Doyle-Murray?
@CarolineEAnd @Maggie666 Thanks, Maggie! My feet are ticklish. :)@lukajones Hi Luka, I think you're very talented & handsome!! :) Can I ask a #FanQuestion? Are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where?? :)
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AraAstourian let's email about it :)@Lena_Hamilton it's a powerful imageTaken with my BlackBerry Q10 http://t.co/XJuYLQ3V8QKAWWWWW!!!! http://t.co/hAZTCXkQda@AraAstourian for instance, if part of one's sentence for sex assault is to undergo conditioning. Also, teaching kids is often conditioning.I would kill to play the Birdman super hero role that Michael Keaton's character has played in the movie BIRDMAN.@AraAstourian I hear you. Not me. Prison seems like a reasonable place to condition. I might mean something a bit lighter by the term though@AraAstourian Teach if they're open enough, condition if they're not. But I feel the distinction I think.@AraAstourian and maybe condition them to have more empathy@AraAstourian teach them what true consent looks like?@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG oh yeah, Royals generally worse than SF.@ALEXBEH @parkerehret @BattingStanceG @Cubs Cubs are lovable losers. Fans don't need to win.@ALEXBEH @parkerehret @BattingStanceG @Cubs at the most. SFG fans were uptight bc LAD started winning right after NY move but SF took 50 yrs@ALEXBEH @parkerehret @BattingStanceG @Cubs Cubs fans are a bit more laid back about it all in my opinion@andy_mays OU was incredible in both sports at the time. KU bball had the best player.The greatest basketball game ever played was in KC in 1988 -- http://t.co/OwoggTY9SLeverything is totally everything
@literallyafool those aspects affect the style of play in subtle ways imo. Spurs play like college team. but yes miles apart prob.@literallyafool but NBA seems way more about one-on-one. pro players more out for themselves, don't bond in same way w each other or coach.@literallyafool also i think i disagree w NBA being richer team interaction. at its best offense creates open shots for player catching ball@literallyafool NBA definitely seems more selfish. stats are more important to players due to contracts. coaches authority less respected.@dylanbrod yeah I don't like that aspect of college, but I do like that the players tend to respect their coachesCollege basketball tends to be much less selfishly played than pro basketball and that is why it tends to be more beautiful. #RCJH@AnnaDokoza you do have a point...@girlwithatail soo ... amazing..?@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG fair enough@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG I get being excited. SFG went like half a century before a title. Lots of pent up stuff there.@m_proksch love that you included the asterisks@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG but Go Royals, fuck the Giants@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG ha was ignoring twitter bc was starting late@ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG @parkerehret @Marlins just getting caught up ... can't live tweet, too depressing@ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG @parkerehret my dad, who was from KC, gave me a Brett Preparation H t-shirt back during their last great era@ALEXBEH @Marlins @BattingStanceG @parkerehret poor SB, the Cubs lost that game not him@ALEXBEH @trishayearwood I'm sure it was a gorgeous rendition, though.@ALEXBEH @trishayearwood damn ... DVR-ing it but #GoRoyals@KerriMPR @SamHarrisOrg It sounds, from the outside, that he has given a good and reasonable explanation for his cancellation.@jackiecarbajal a bit more appealing that time@jackiecarbajal yuck awful linguistic region putrid dialect@zoeinthecities or when you met meCHEERS was originally gonna be set in Barstow, CA with Sam Malone as a retired football player
@NelsonFranklin @jonahray SHE'S AVAILABLE?!?!@fisackerly @M_Blasucci I know. (Although it's not exactly the concept either. The concept isn't a day away.)@M_Blasucci Then that makes two of you wrong.Tomorrow is not always a day away, dumb Annie. It's a day away from today. After that it becomes the present for 24 hours and then the past.@literallyafool @jlsnedegar I agree@brianglenney I saw another article about how it was a hoax.Fox should give MULANEY a full season.@brendonwalsh SMART@ksnedegar @jlsnedegar me too probably@brendonwalsh Handsome selfie when/if you get a chance please.@vornietom (I've got it easier. I can just auto delete all my tweets bc they suck.)@ksnedegar @jlsnedegar It is an important topic. This is what we trained for in grad school.@vornietom manually delete all but those three@jlsnedegar I feel like he is way more the type of player who plays for a pure love of the game than someone like MJ. Do you agree?@jlsnedegar also if he wins SB this year, he is greatest of all time@jlsnedegar no wait, my guess is that he wasn't sincerely telling them to do it. Mistype@jlsnedegar maybe so, but my guess is he sincerely told them to do it. GO BRONCOS@brianglenney It looks like it's a hoax actually.@jlsnedegar He didn't realize they were actually gonna do it! #Broncos #BestQBsEver@brendonwalsh Sounds handsome!Show pitch - Mariska Hargitay and I play two lovers. We kiss tons. She holds me when I feel vulnerable and says everything is gonna be okay.@literallyafool Maybe. It's tough w his lack of titles. Easier to make the case if he wins one w Denver.@benmiller deep & nuanced
@benmiller Your view is false.(Elway > Farve) & (Manning > Farve)@gibblertron Weirdly, I use those exact terms with everybody in that type of situation.@BDayBoysMitch @rachelrusch @JoeLewis @seanoconnz Agreed. Love it. Keep us in the loop. (I tossed some jelly on my pancakes today btw.)@BearDownPodcast @mrmattwalsh As a philosophical expert, I would say no he shouldn't have. Should've been dealt w before the game if at all.Watch the first episode HERE: http://t.co/bPnUHOo2rS and see why I look like a train wreck in… http://t.co/M3yO6eAJwi
Retweeted by Luka Jones@seanoconnz @brendonwalsh "exactly"@AuntieQs golden delicious apples & pecans
Imagine someone asking to use your dildo for scratching their head. That is how I feel when someone asks to use my laptop to check email.@BearDownPodcast @mrmattwalsh Go Irish (so that when the USC Trojans beat them it looks better)@AnnaDokoza but the weather...@longlivescience i can't guess about the truth of that claim, but some of the stuff i've seen from him is bothersome@evanovix @cjwerleman agreed. consider that an inclusive 'or'@cjwerleman This is a really disingenuous tweet or you are seriously lacking in intelligence."It's the hard that makes it great." -me about my peepee@peteholmes It's a good thing, Pete!@kumailn Ok cool, I am so glad that you asked this question. Been wanting to get an audience for my answer on it for awhile. Dark mater is t
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