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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor - philosophy PHD - Kansas Jayhawks fanatic

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my favorite musical piece at one point during high school ... Geto Boys - Gangster Of Love http://t.co/yCVE0nTQc8 via @youtube@j_urban maybe but its worse to be one of these weirdos who mugs ppl with them@gregorcorp hot dog! just like we planned!@TheRobotard8000 GROSS@TheRobotard8000 the Pollack you made all over that park bench was art. The tape is porn@TheRobotard8000 I'll just send the tape we made in to the five 0the only reason i want Google Glass is so i can beat the shit outta one of these commies when he tries to steal my property@TheRobotard8000 its the perfect place where everything is perfect and I get as many tight vaginas to poke as I want@TheRobotard8000 KILL MY LYFE U EVIL MONSTER i do not care bc i get to heaven that wayHow shitty must it feel to engage in a full on extra-marital affair when you are married to a nice person?@TheRobotard8000 @OlaInteresting what the f*ck is the matter with you@thehumphreyker Go get 'em!@TheRobotard8000 pLEASE dO@TheRobotard8000 BEEN THERE DONE THAT@TheRobotard8000 btdt@TheRobotard8000 I have EVERY idea@TheRobotard8000 UR THOUGHTS R EVIL@TheRobotard8000 shhhhh shhhh shhhh sshhhhh shhh shhhhh shhhh sshhhhh shhhhh shhhhhh sshhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh just go into the darknessTHERE IS NO JESUS ONLY ZUUL@TheRobotard8000 I'm so sorry@jlsnedegar Satan forever@gregorcorp did those prostitutes ever come over?@jlsnedegar welcome to the club@NoahGarfinkel naughty boyChristopher Evan Welch died four months before his breakout role in Silicon Valley. A look at his career: http://t.co/hkY1yNZ9mO
Retweeted by Luka Jones@gibblertron tons more believable for me@jackdolgen ok sorry man, don't wanna make you feel that way. will just hang out in here w/o tweeting@gibblertron I believed u til 'Robert'@Krystenritter @AngeliqueCabral @amynadine I wanna be a desert girl@allisonfields Police Academy?@jackdolgen you caught me@jondaly coachella can be cooler than me but fuck the chella anyway@jondaly IM GLAD ILL NVR KNOW@shelbyfero @mattnedostup this is some femdom shit here
i love exploring my bodyThe 2014 NBA Champion @LAClippers? http://t.co/MwjTXUh8nG
Retweeted by Luka Jones@rachelrusch VENICE RULES@shelbyfero he also is still on FriendsterAmazon Prime Fresh is officially my favorite name of a corporate brand everClippers vs Brooklyn in the NBA finals would be choice@someofmybest thx for supporting my goals@someofmybest neat-o@someofmybest and thx for liking my lovers tweet. It's an important one for me@someofmybest ah I see. I kinda like that he's not corporate & safe life many ppl on his leveldear internet no more moving ads please@someofmybest how do u feel about it@nickkroll @gregorcorp I just wikipedia-d shark tank to see if Kroll was involved@Braunger @seanoconnz @BookofMormon @MrEmilyHeller I believe it@seanoconnz @Braunger @BookofMormon @MrEmilyHeller I still gotta see that@laurenlapkus @nickwiger It's next level guys
WATCH @lennonparham & @Jessica_StClair's new comedy @PlayingHouseUSA online before 4/29's TWO episode premiere: http://t.co/F8ryyymFMn
Retweeted by Luka Jones@ihaas banned in same places real cigs are@ihaas yeah, just read an article on it@SarahSoWitty its opened my eyes to so muchi am telling u man, the Armenian broads in Glendale are curvy & i DIG it@emilyfaye2 so bad@emilyfaye2 WHAT WRD CUD THAT B??@emilyfaye2 (my 2nd response is more amusing)@emilyfaye2 pus*y site@emilyfaye2 pussy site@emilyfaye2 thank god for that asteriski don't smoke at all, but this e-cigarette ban in LA seems absurdjust patted my tummy upon exiting this public bathroom not sure what that means@smickable who hasnt@Shorester nogenerally speaking, good ppl don't need to harm others in order to feel safe@secunda @BillyMerritt @ucbtla if this is true, you should sue the other members of your team@timothycsimons @ReidScott_ can't hear u from down here at non-freakish altitude (jk your height is beautiful)@timothycsimons @ReidScott_ seriously bigoted remark Reid wow (jk talls are totally freaks)super excited about sexism & racism being over finally yaycant decide if I should bring my big bottle of astroglide on this trip or just stick w the travel sizewould love to tag Marion Cotillard
@Hair_Creature @danobrienwriter another one!@mariannapalka finally somebody gets me@danobrienwriter @Hair_Creature easy on the vagina jokes guysBuy this cool book on free will by my philosophy professor buddy Mark Balaguer. It is accessible to non-academics. http://t.co/pFNQe3jo1M@BethanyDwyer i figured@playfultroy365 @shelbyfero do it SF@TheRobotard8000 yummy eat it@ricksavage i really dug itHANK CHINASKI http://t.co/VTBYtcEJZg@TheRobotard8000 @SarahSoWitty GETS ME RIGHT FUCKING HERE (pointing to my heart)@brandosornbo & they werent sexy issues?@SarahSoWitty cuz it is SSthe new Jarmusch film might be the only vampire thing i have actually liked since LOST BOYS when i was a kid@missalisonquinn <3
@missalisonquinn no heroin is still in full swingsomeone help me out here. had a stack of pancakes, 4 coffees, 3 slices of pizza, and 6 popsicles today. why does my tummy hurt?!@emilyfaye2 best guys care about personality too, you deleted your tweet (!)@emilyfaye2 the best ones do@Smethanie atta kid@psorum only a couple few classifieds@AngelaBlanken good point@hatethedrake yeah I feel that demo gets tons of attn from advertisers anyway@AngelaBlanken but you are engaged!very interested in women under 25 and over 45 for sex and good times. DM me for more info.@iammrmeehan the opposite actually@NYKensington You gotta do what you gotta do, buddy. I'm just glad you thought this thru first.@NYKensington I think gouging may be the only sensible option. Good brainstorming NYK@JoeMande ps was watching Jarmusch vampire film when u tweeted this
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