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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. kansas jayhawks basketball fanatic. father of @mariannapalka -- instagram at http://t.co/KLmpeokqKR

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@NYKensington not an option@NYKensington who do you want to get the nomination?Just gimme one sports radio program in which the people aren't trying to be funny. Please.@AshleighByrne Stabler/Benson reunion in series finale@AshleighByrne I love Stabler too@opalthursday I respectfully disagree. Many ppl don't love their genitals, men and women. Sad stuff.@AshleighByrne no way he's great@opalthursday nah not some poor dudes"You're being a shitty friend by being jealous." -Louis CK to Marc Maron on WTF in 2010@jlsnedegar @literallyafool @billydunaway THE USA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH
I'm guest hosting TSINF Monday @ucbtla w/@caseyfeigh @lukajones & guests @zoeannejarman @frankieshawisag @M_Blasucci http://t.co/Fy28GJW9Ib
Retweeted by Luka Jonesi fucking love my dickIf you catch yourself generally trying to pressure harmless ppl to conform to your idea of what is normal, please reconsider that habit.Venice Canal Historic District in Los Angeles http://t.co/GE5W7PGj73This Show Is Not Funny is happening again this month at UCB Franklin on Mon 12/22 @ 11pm. Talented guests. Tix here: https://t.co/928s7cH6dz
@kellyoxford i cant help itit would be best if JK Simmons wins an Oscar@davetheune popularized by Kansas alum and former player Dean Smith & created by Kansas alum John McLendon: http://t.co/wSKm1jbjHJ@davetheune http://t.co/XxsnJXDjQ0@davetheune Four Corners@davetheune I would like more teams to run the Princeton offense.@kumailn I don't. Not me.
@brookelyons "the atrocity that is Daylight Savings Time" is the only thing in here that is undeniable from my povMy sister just asked to use my laptop. This worries me.@laurenlapkus bc a mouth is like a dirty butt@AraAstourian @anessweb @literallyafool seems like a neurosis at best@brookswheelan this is cool@anessweb @literallyafool (but only possibly)@anessweb @literallyafool yeah but possibly hot due to the transgressive nature of the entire mess@rachelrusch don't get stuck in the lift on the way up to their flat m8@BethanyDwyer similar with guys
@davidiserson thank you buddyodd how yelling "mommy!" during climax weirds people out
@TheRealFakeTim RCJH@lennonparham @parksandrecnbc @evilhag @prattprattpratt @Nick_Offerman @azizansari arguably the best comedy series of its eraAre there Lakers fans who actually think Kobe is as good as Jordan was?@NHLBlackhawks @M_Blasucci this makes up for the playoffs last season right? #GoKingsGoBRING THAT SHIT POSEIDON NEPTUNE WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS@jacobreed like English butts? Then I'm in
Walking into late night INHERENT VICE showing in sweats and slippers. Again, living out my clothing dreams.@DeannaRusso fuckin do it@vornietom @elizabethstamp I want one that says "Don't actually fuck me."
@davetheune I'm cutting back on the quesaritos. Got a bean burrito instead...I met Molly Shannon last night. We both shared about our love for THE AFFAIR on Showtime (@sarahtreem). These things are important to me.@someofmybest ageistJust did the Taco Bell drive thru in all sweats and slippers. This was truly a part of my hopes and dreams when I was young. I did it.@vornietom big deal@caseyfeigh biggest & lil!
@NelsonFranklin I was listening to an English person talk on the radio immediately before this@vornietom yepEnglish people, yes we know what you mean.@benner "Tell him it's Ponyboy and Johnny, man. He'll come."These guyyysssss http://t.co/rzgz9kFSOV
@erockappel so much stuff like that about me it's crazy@nickthune @ChelseaVPeretti rotfl@laurenlapkus THE WOOD
@MarkDuplass it felt like a mixture of Chet and his character from TWISTER@rachelrusch hey gabs@sethg2000 GO LA - first to 5 titles!The only good that comes from having someone go to a movie w me is having someone to tell me what happened when I return from the bathroom.@tuculescu i was there too. lots of moms.@seanoconnz @laurenlapkus The Wood was super fun guys!
@erinmallorylong it was funGuy in the bathroom of the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Forum has an NWA shirt on.@TheRealFakeTim went to school there
@allisonfields is that J Edgar? Dope lidYou know how new parents talk about how their baby makes them appreciate what's important in life? I feel the same about Kansas basketball.@katiedianne that would be better if soExtending your hand for a shake when the other person has clearly already presented their fist to bump is an etiquette crime.@kboruff yeah like those terms or even 'men' or 'women' .. 'monolith' like one big cohesive block. was a weird and vague tweet on my part.
watching college football analysts get stuck on the TCU-Baylor playoff spot issue reminds me how lacking in subtlety their thinking often is@AraAstourian @literallyafool anything that generates laughter in him@maybeAyaCash it's easier to take a poop during this@rachelrusch Congrats!@bakkedahl @timothycsimons @FrankCaeti @robbelushi Daley Sr. would send the cops in to beat you guys up for all of this CHI bashing!@timothycsimons @bakkedahl @FrankCaeti @robbelushi I feel like we got back on the rails. Old football players tend to not be serious ppl.@bakkedahl @robbelushi @timothycsimons most ppl outside of Miami-Dade County know the truth. :)@bakkedahl @robbelushi @timothycsimons (legit cool that you were at 85 CHI at MIA tho)@bakkedahl @robbelushi @timothycsimons One game doesn't prove. Otherwise CHI crushing NE proved CHI better than MIA due to their loss to NE.@bakkedahl @robbelushi @timothycsimons tough historical fact to establish that 72 MIA was better than 85 CHI though@robbelushi @bakkedahl @timothycsimons 85 CHI won 18 games, 72 MIA won 17. 72 MIA had easy schedule. 85 CHI dominated playoffs. 85 CHI = #1@robbelushi @timothycsimons I okay hearing what he thinks of football too. But he's not my favorite analyst..@timothycsimons @robbelushi but yeah, they shouldn't worship the guy like they do.@timothycsimons @robbelushi I think the main mistake is looking to sports ppl for intellectual views/statements. I just don't see the point.@timothycsimons he's a meathead. but Chicago will probably never disown him.@timothycsimons great football player and had a great few years as a coach. but nobody should put him on an intellectual pedestal.@AngeliqueCabral @robdelaney this is a super hot exchangeit weirds me out how bad the NYC area pro sports teams are rn@SarahSoWitty but she didn't want to. he arguably liberated her. felt pretty mutual to me, beautifuly loving even@SarahSoWitty i finally saw ATOE and the wife strays first@caseyfeigh then that's why i did it!@caseyfeigh I just realized other ppl did this joke before me. :(
@maybeAyaCash I went alone the other day.@melinkaTee GO PERTH
@someofmybest thx m8My favorite thing about my penis is how good it makes me feel.@campsucks @MissLeslieG this is an amazing exchangeHas there ever been an Aaron Sorkin character whose main character traits weren't primarily established by the content of their dialogue?@caseyfeigh i said the same thing to Leo just yesterday!@d_haggar I feel like my argument was sound
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