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We are heartbroken to learn of the death of our friend and mentor Sheldon Patinkin. http://t.co/qiTnzVP5rG
Retweeted by Luka JonesRIP dearest Sheldon Patinkin, my mentor.
Retweeted by Luka JonesRIP Sheldon Patinkin -- http://t.co/Bd2lP71Xn7@brendonwalsh @ChelseaVPeretti @JoeMande Blackberry 4evainsomnia = @byutv
@imnatecorddry @allisonfields @Cheesecake So we are talking Glendale here. That's my spot!SOMEBODY HELP ME FIX THIS NOW PLS http://t.co/jHHLm1Z58l@Bergmaster5000 RIP the Big 8 ... yeah they did - took Central Michigan down! RCJH@Bergmaster5000 still can't believe they're in the Big 10 now...@roryscovel GO USC (TROJANS)@NelsonFranklin @georgiamischak go put some more patchouli oil on you pinko hippiedigging the white helmets that the Jayhawks are wearing today - ROCK CHALK@georgiamischak SUCH a hippie@georgiamischak is this about Nelson again?@l_powell also, go Kings@l_powell not perfectly overlapping seasons. there is time! :)
@LizzieMolyneux you should not give away billion dollar ideas like that@l_powell & congrats on retaining the Bills, I hope you go to at least one game of theirs@l_powell me too!@LizzieMolyneux I have issues w that too. It's a calculus of anxiety.@kumailn doesn't work on Serbians@SaraJBenincasa I do think he is probably sorry, even if it's true that he should be replaced.20% of the time that I leave a drink of any kind unattended while going to the bathroom I end up refusing to drink the rest of it.@SaraJBenincasa haha maybe he just needs some self loveDo guys who just fuck and basically never masturbate actually exist?"It's scary to remind people you have a beating heart:"@JennySlate on success in our new issue http://t.co/N9nSaRyZ70 http://t.co/ehlanUBNpP
Retweeted by Luka Jones@mrbenwexler they are testing usWe are quite bad at explaining our own behavior even to ourselves.@robbelushi @JonBarinholtz You guys are in OKC? There's a solid Subway there near the Hyatt that I tried the other month just fyi.
@AraAstourian keep your eyes peeled@trickaduu racist bastard@JuddApatow This is awesome. Thank you for tweeting this. Loved your set at Meltdown last month.Check out and rate @jaychandrasekha's new Amazon show, REALLY. It's smart, dark, funny and naughty. Free link: http://t.co/7NARnEUZVz
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AngeliqueCabral @geoffstults i dig the width of Geoff's hat@DemetriMartin DONEI'll say it again ... I'd just like to meet an intelligent, strong, confident, funny, kind, and morally good woman with a super tight pussy.
@ChelseaVPeretti I like when you tweet to yourself..@jaychandrasekha's Amazon pilot REALLY is amazing. Rate it 5 stars! It's REALLY good although my pun is REALLY lame. http://t.co/zM1cyldONs
Retweeted by Luka Jones@HoumanShadab @RogerCraigSmith @MercedesJavid Thanks, Houman!@barryrothbart I FUCKING KNEW ITWhy the fuck does Arclight have seats that don't lean back at all?@CarolineEAnd poor Precious :(@paulbwelsh even if that particular statement ends up being true@allisonfields yeah i luckily caught him when he wasn't on a date@allisonfields His interviews are cool.@allisonfields I saw him and introduced myself at the Westside Landmark recently.
West LA http://t.co/6BwUac4uZP@billyeichner @julieklausner Ryan Eggold?@JoeMande @kumailn racist?@paulrust @lesleyarfin @GillianJacobs Congrats guys!@RyanFGaul yeah I got a guy, DM me for info
@RyanFGaul yeah the balloons for sure@jondaly I assume they looked at each other a bunch while inside her. Also men SHOULD share w other men.@RyanFGaul I don't get it :( :)@jondaly did he fuck around in the 3some w the psychopath self help guy or WHAT?!?!?!?!@davetheune great one, buddy!@AuntieQs BIG TIME@ericjedelstein Yeah, he could totally follow in the TV footsteps of the great Bob Uecker.
@jaychandrasekha You forgot Chicago. The spaceship the Bears play in is technically part of another planet. #TheyRuinedSoldierField@lenadunham sexygreensYou're going to want to watch the brilliant @SarahChalke 's new pilot on @Amazon called #REALLY. ... http://t.co/slbQLvp9U9
Retweeted by Luka Jonesthis ad made me think of you @ericjedelstein -- http://t.co/ngL3kxmZ9m@Yassir_Lester GO BEARS@elizacoupe I do get you. (See ... didn't like the way my last one felt.) (Back to therapy.)“@lukajones: @elizacoupe gotta get it right” Oh thank god you get me, Luka. (Steps away from ledge)
Retweeted by Luka Jones@elizacoupe gotta get it right@SamBronkowitz @robdelaney maybe, but I'm just responding bc I like Rob D@SamBronkowitz @robdelaney I would bet there have been individual animals that had a scrotum w no balls.the announcer of this FIBA gold medal game just compared the Serbian passion for basketball with that of the Kansas Jayhawks fans #RockChalk@SamBronkowitz @robdelaney the scrotum isn't the same as the balls, we can imagine a scrotum w no balls just fyi
@HeffernanRules @jaychandrasekha I play as many angles as I can at any given time. Strengthens my odds.@MattKowalick holy fuck@nikkitruckee you monster@jaychandrasekha @HeffernanRules I love his eyebrows, one of my favorite things about him. Sincerely.
@jackallisonLOL memes = HOTYo @HeffernanRules good running into you today. Let's just agree to disagree about @jaychandrasekha though. I think he's a really cool dude.@jackallisonLOL you mean sexuallyShit I just mistakenly fucked this can and now I gotta tear my eyes out :( http://t.co/bLQBs84V6i@Home_Halfway @kateberlant @vornietom @Rinemania @JaclynFleming @yoyoha @lazerdoov @danjan13 @cogentanalysis thank you, sir@davidiserson I thought that was a long-standing fact of our relationship already.@vornietom literally@annielederman @brendonwalsh @marcmaron @OddballFest this is a sexually exciting exchange, Annie & Brendon@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon figures@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon you are one crazy SKIRT@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon no those are lovely people who i would take big warm hugs from - unlike that dinosaur monster from Hades@davetheune i think a still from a movie, but i'm not totally sure - no worries if you don't feel like it buddy@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon for moi?!?! :)@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon exactly why i am glad the species is burning in hell@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon CHICKS/BROADS/DAMES@SaraJBenincasa @oldmanweldon interesting FEELING but Will and I are going off science and stuff@oldmanweldon glad its goneI was nominated by @katiedianne for the #cinephilephoto -- I nominate @WallaceYovetich & @davetheune & @davidiserson http://t.co/UvwUlbRhXU
@zoeinthecities no but the other ones areOne of our stars in our movie, “Director’s Cut” @hayes_macarthur is in this show. Please watch and VOTE FOR IT! TY http://t.co/WNim6KV6QK
Retweeted by Luka Jones@lukajones i thought this said Charles Barkley and I got very excited for you
Retweeted by Luka Jones@JoeMande oh man that would've been awesomeCharles Bradley rockin' the Santa Monica Pier! http://t.co/ae8zSMjcK7@vornietom #ApologiesSometimes I can't tell whether or not it's funny when unfunny people fail to be funny.@jennyslate bears are less accountable 4 their thoughts prob
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