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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

Kansas Jayhawks basketball fanatic & father of @mariannapalka -- instagram at http://t.co/4F7f5wvxxX

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@lesleyarfin so intense for him
Human interaction is fraught with imprecision of meaning. Seems best to not cultivate a habit of latching onto one's first interpretation.@jondaly spank it against a blank canvas for 2 minutes and sell it in a pop up art show in DTLA@CisFenwick sounds like a highly controversial claim@jondaly DIP THAT SHIT IN INK BRO@CisFenwick they told you that?@what_Rosa_said Solid.@what_Rosa_said (we're talking about pubic hair, yes?)@what_Rosa_said GRASS@DesiJedeikin BOObad guys win@swhite731 Rock Chalk@EvanAlmelien It's ok. But go KC!@EvanAlmelien True.@_CrisGil agreed@stephsimbari haha good xo@stephsimbari SAME IN REVERSE LOVE, GUYS@davidalangrier GO ROYALS@parkerehret @ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG No I don't think he deserves direct criticism from me.@ALEXBEH @BattingStanceG @parkerehret ha I didnt mean to tweet that at him. Didnt see he was in the original tweet. He's just a harmless fan@literallyafool @AraAstourian yeah that sucks. but it does sound like he should be okay after healing, which is good to hear@GillianJacobs Go Clips!@AraAstourian @literallyafool yeah I hope so too@AraAstourian @literallyafool that sounds promising though@literallyafool @AraAstourian he'll be back though probably right?@SarahSoWitty @naanking wherever i reside, i am always here for both of you.@SarahSoWitty next year@SarahSoWitty Not me.
@paisleynotplaid @PistolShrimpsBB TAKE IT EASY!@nickwiger such fucked up bad luck..watch my friend @elizacoupe 30 mins till @BenchedUSA airs on the West Coast! Watch it now! Or DVR it! Or watch it online! Do it!!!
Retweeted by Luka JonesMy dad's mom was a lifelong KC resident. She'd turn off ball games due to STRESS .. Baba would be jazzed for game 7 - http://t.co/zbK0RQDSYAPart of me wishes that I were a kid growing up in KC right now so Lorenzo Cain could be my sports hero.@roryscovel alright, Rory. I will take you up on that challenge. Gonna head to the library tomorrow. To be continued...@roryscovel I disagree, Rory. It seems like it would be better to not have jewelry on when playing sports. Not a very practical choice, imo.@naanking I like that one better actually@girlwithatail I've witnessed it several times. (And I dont make fun of old people really, but youre right that it's a common comedic move.)Why do older people so often incorrectly put 'the' before terms like 'Twitter' or 'Instagram'?@Dave_Horwitz you know those are probably automated..@johannesschmitt @literallyafool no its a dumb running gag I'm doing about college vs pro basketball. makes me giggle for 2 secs@literallyafool @johannesschmitt sooooo college bball is the best then?@johannesschmitt and it taught me what a synecdoche is@johannesschmitt yeah he seemed to love it too@johannesschmitt Synecdoche, New York -- http://t.co/lfqMypov6iEverybody should watch CARNAL KNOWLEDGE at some point. Full rental available here: http://t.co/PKeLmiGIrxthis is the ending of CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, one of my top 2 films all time. -- "It's up ... in the air" -- http://t.co/pDhvTjTu8N
@elizaskinner @erockappel @film114 @jonahray @katespencer holy shit@bradmorris773 fuck yeah m*n@RealTomHankz I like how this could also be the tweet of a resentful religious conservative@ParksMatthew at the very least@film114 more than okay@jonahray @katespencer @film114 I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?@meellisday this upsets me@jonahray @katespencer @film114 Suck my fat one, you cheap dime store hood!@what_Rosa_said those sound awesome and sexy@jonahray @katespencer @film114 I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck, Jonah!!!@katespencer @film114 Wonderful actor. Was very sad that he died.@SaraJBenincasa @BostonGlobe i KNEW it!@what_Rosa_said also that's hot@katespencer would be dope if you'd named them like that@jackiecarbajal weird!!!!! :)@katespencer @film114 kid me thought he was the absolute coolest in Stand By Me@what_Rosa_said ahhh well Aya is a female but yeah lots of openness and sexiness I agree :)@brianglenney KISS has some tight songs BG@what_Rosa_said I can't decipher that. What's it mean?@BostonGlobe @SaraJBenincasa cool chocolate butt plug@jonahray @NelsonFranklin but seriously I can't wait to lactate though@zoeinthecities yes but that's always true of me, my adorable Benjamins@ParksMatthew suit yourselfI'm telling you fellas, involve your own nipples. It's a motherf*cking game changer.@NelsonFranklin @maybeAyaCash Big time, Nelson. Big time.@andrewgurland @maybeAyaCash I meant poop a baby out, but yeah lets eat!@maybeAyaCash I know.@SamFoxenBoyd I WISH@trickaduu and equally profound@SamFoxenBoyd thanks buddy, gettin pumpedfeeling bored maybe I'll have a baby@NiaVardalos completely agreeMore please. RT @lukajones: @NiaVardalos was fun making jokes with you
Retweeted by Luka JonesOlive Kitteridge airs in one week on @HBO. Incredibly proud to be a part of this fantastic project. Tune in. 9 pm Sunday and Monday.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@zoeinthecities sure thing. the 2nd link (from the independent) seems to have more info than the 1st link (from the guardian).Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction review – the sceptic chuckles http://t.co/6afP3xfeen
Retweeted by Luka Jones@zoeinthecities yeah i worked my way thru some stuff on that too. definitely super interesting.@zoeinthecities http://t.co/VbNckC2rN1 http://t.co/UTpcAQ3oW7@zoeinthecities article on Grey Gardens led me thru links to stuff on poor RKJoe Kennedy Sr. had Rosemary Kennedy, his daughter, horribly lobotomized at age 23 for her mood swings and hid her for the rest of his life.@JaymeLynn_Evans @dana_patrick Dana took some of my first headshots years ago. Excellent photographer.@KimikoGlenn sending good vibes@jenmorrisonlive howdy JMo@literallyafool Okay, it's agreed then. I win!@literallyafool Nice. But how does this relate to college basketball being more beautiful than pro basketball?@smellyi warrior
@NelsonFranklin @timothycsimons even in that case I feel like it's an example of bad behavior@NiaVardalos was fun making jokes with you@timothycsimons numbers either don't exist at all or are abstract objects that exist but not in space-time: http://t.co/u49cyXGqBLthe number 3 does not exist in space-time@timothycsimons yeah probably so@timothycsimons drewski5098 is behaving badly@ChelseaVPeretti She looks beautiful.@AuntieQs i don't dig Halloween and can't remember what i wore as a kid sorry
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