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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@Shoq just think of the DMs you can now send@sherifffruitfly #WWAAS (What Would Admiral Ackbar Say)@blogdiva @Lord_kolping in fairness NYPD swears their foot had a gun...S1E11..in which we meet the mercurial (ie usually drunk) Lord John Marbury...Golf w/@marcoarment? RT @gruber: Those of you in SF for WWDC: keep Tuesday evening open.@sherifffruitfly Razr phones don't do swyping...@sherifffruitfly wait 20 min...you'll be hungry@danbenjamin @5by5 'love show'? Beatles or Haight-Ashbury?It's GAIL the goldfish!!! #WestWing@VegasJessie @MathPolitics @varonacuba few things anger more than successful people w/an "I got mine, screw you" view of the worldReally? Ben Carson? http://t.co/NnerL1fhgt @MathPolitics @varonacuba
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@monicaisliberal watching The West Wing, about to meet Admiral Adama/Mendoza :)@monicaisliberal Wake up call w/room service coffee scheduled 10min later....#protipMy life has meaning now http://t.co/widZIfwZE7
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@ohheygreat Eu de Tollhouse #5?@Shoq when *aren't* cats lurking?S1E9: in which Admiral Adama is nominated to SCOTUS@sherifffruitfly You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish...@Nupe117 @JeffersonObama it's one of my favorite lines from 'The American President' & I come back to it often"How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can't stand Americans?"-The American President #bundyranch.@Nupe117 @JeffersonObama "How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can't stand Americans?"@Shoq @Gus_802 it's a step up from @bobcesca_go arguing twitter eggs...not a big step, but....bad news: cenk thinks you’re gonna get fired.. good news: nobody cares what cenk thinks http://t.co/bO93F3xCXd@owillis Trick question: mike allen only accepts paid for gossip.. #DCnDWhen conservatives ban ‘legacy admissions’, then I’ll think they’re serious about equality in college admissions@kungfupussy If you needed a work reason to come to Las Vegas..http://t.co/aIKr7CDiKlted cruz rallys House repubs..http://t.co/DlxbIfhsZT@Shoq Immediately thought of Animal House http://t.co/NqkqYuLkhWI assume everyone going to Taco Bell after 9pm is drunk…http://t.co/thf6bpHtUkGOP lawmaker arrested after he allegedly ran a red light leaving Taco Bell drunk: http://t.co/PsHcxIjKKc http://t.co/TdVRKideFd
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI don't 'hate' david gregory, I hate the DC pundit/press who anointed him.. http://t.co/IbKYOeCi2i
@gte @cabel @NomdeB nope..murray's been saying similar things for quite a while http://t.co/8rdEtcftfB@marcoarment I prefer my bytes to be small batch, artisanal & locally producedS1E4...In which stoned Bartlet is stoned..."I wasn't supposed to take them both?" #WestWing@scottjohnson no, but they've done a terrible job w/Cyclops since the 1st film...& omitted entirely in 'First Class'@monicaisliberal they get politics, they just don't understand civics/government@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly http://t.co/PsDUsa8ojl #DanceForrestDance@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly I'll just leave this here http://t.co/PSwV7OThiuUnsurprisingly, it's easier to use "racism" or "sexism" as mere cudgels if you don't believe they exist or care if they do.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@marcoarment @siracusa Big pharma spends more on marketing/lobbying than R&D...& it's tax deductible@monicaisliberal @blurbette :) http://t.co/GbBB33Bbn5S1E3...in which we meet Charlie & Bartlet acts like a dick to him..#WestWingComic book industry & too many of its fans, make it tough to be a fan http://t.co/RXu3iws44uThems fightin' words... RT @gte: @jdalrymple I'll buy you a Guinness this weekend.Bartlet: Do you know when we lost Texas? C.J.: When you learned to speak Latin? Bartlet: Go figure. #WestWing@sherifffruitfly Que? RT @AdamSchefter: Raiders traded QB Terrelle Pryor to Seahawks, as @ProFootballTalk reported.Although I wouldn't mind more Mallory :DWish there was an edit of season 1 w/o Mandy...'until then, you can get your fat asses out of my White House.'...Do not f*ck w/Pres Bartlett's grandchildren..Watching #TheWestWing@GlennF Translated: We coverup you being an ass, you resign & you won’t sue us@Shoq Here you go..http://t.co/zm2jfRrupW #TreadmillAppsClever HBO GO commercials… http://t.co/6gBVwzbdFi@joshtpm She’s still going at it?? http://t.co/dU5U42n58S@monicaisliberal You mean the ones drawn 2” above where they should be?Can’t we just cancel ‘crossfire’? https://t.co/esNS1G7v2F@Green_Footballs didn’t the guardian say it was provided to them by the ‘press freedom foundation’?backpedaling as fast as they can #snowden http://t.co/H0N4bk5AzA
and you're no Mimi Currie RT @beardedstoner: Your no Alfred Einstein.Was gonna watch The Trilogy this weekend, but I think I'll wait & watch it 2 weeks from todayWatching 'The Terminator' & having '80's bad hair, bad fashion flashbacks..I concur .. RT @sherifffruitfly: @Lib_Librarian may as well get more buzzed then, if she's gonna be mad anyway@txvoodoo :) RT @scrapunzel: A dog-sheep. I win at internets. http://t.co/oAL8qQRCOU@monicaisliberal that reminds me, this is now on #Netflix http://t.co/udVA0QL8o5@mostlylisa you've been hacked@goldietaylor repubs have the edge this year & '16 favors Dems, but if Dems underperform in '16, then I can see one or both bolting@monicaisliberal we use it at work. it does have a *distinctive* aroma :)@monicaisliberal or, you buy more clothes & extra luggage in DC.. Advantage: extra baggage fee only on the return trip ;)@Shoq maybe greenwald/chomsky can join this firm: http://t.co/ri20Yafcp3@Green_Footballs When glenn met eric... http://t.co/gEOvHwQag1@Green_Footballs @Gus_802 @joshtpm @TPM he gets away w/it because he careful selects who interviews him, knowing they won't challenge him@acedtect the asides are well done they add just enough humor to make Matt 'real' & someone you root for@Green_Footballs this is what she thinks of the voters: https://t.co/aWmQyaREypI guess monica wehby has never met ben carson http://t.co/GASqTW2BoJ http://t.co/iPovD0kCI4@Shoq @johnmcquaid Trick question: Being wrong about everything is david brooks only talent@Shoq @johnmcquaid if david brooks says something & nobody cares, does he still get paid?The one thing worse than DC gridlock is grandstanding..cruz is guilty of exploiting both http://t.co/6tDeRWsgYfSens McCaskill & Gillibrand now taking on colleges lack of accountability regarding campus rapes http://t.co/7fSLdR5ppJ@owillis 'deference'? The DC press' favorite repub, john mccain, wasn't very deferential http://t.co/emJo33Za76
A) it's a cat...#nothingfollows RT @kshountel: Hello, 911?!!!! http://t.co/QC5AbrzpcP@sherifffruitfly still talking, but not saying shit...correction, all she's say is BULLSHIT!@AmyJane asking for miracle whip didn't help...Damn autocorrect is ruining some really good snark ;)@CheriJacobus @CarlNyberg312 @eclecticbrotha @AWiseLatina @DCCyclone you use 'raise bait' few more times ,you get a custom made white hoodI really want a Nick Fury film.......and then there's ScarJo in a black body suit...<sigh> #BlackWidow@Shoq out of scotch? And you call yourself a 'professional'?@thejoshuablog and Sony owns Spider-Man, so the grand Marvel unification is a long way off...@thejoshuablog I know, but we can dream....A XMen/Avengers film would be every comic nerds dream...Not sure how the could've gotten ScarJo in tighter dresses...#IronMan2@monicaisliberal holy things? i.e. brisket?Easter 1969..rockin' the red pants :) #McAllenTx http://t.co/7iNaIRvMJwEaster 1964(?)... http://t.co/VQh0GFGTmg@Shoq @ScrewyDecimal Artisanal contentMarvel did such a great job of casting their films...never underestimate the power of casting the right actor in the right role@monicaisliberal <innocent look> http://t.co/uhPSi9A86k@monicaisliberal I may have just left a bar w/a similar (i.e. exact) name...Bill Hicks on Easter http://t.co/e3LRmfPZR9 (cc:@monicaisliberal) ....I really miss Bill...Dear darrell issa: Hail Hydra!! (You know you want to)@Shoq I get going after @joshtpm to raise her profile, but me? If she feels I'm a worthy opponent, it's a sad indictment of her
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