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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@gruber Apple tried to ban cash only purchases in 2010 for iPads & got slammed for it. http://t.co/sA9h1it78A@kungfupussy have you ever been to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas?@debrahendrix must have gotten the final approval from the koch brotherspolitico reporter discovers fox news isn't 'fair & balanced'.. https://t.co/wB9wlZssYq ..Or perhaps just angry they weren't invited on fox?@Spacekatgal basically he's hoping Bane shows up?@danbenjamin @jsnell @siracusa http://t.co/H0erWpUZh1@sherifffruitfly wonder who thought that would be a good matchup for MNF?@Shoq @thejoshuablog Watch 'Listen'Sometime I lament not having cable & missing Monday Night Football...then someone mentions 'gruden' & feel so much better #grudenMute@johnYSchen http://t.co/oDbsQep6hyFEATHER! RT @rolling_2: FIN!An ass critiques NYTimes trend post on butts #PotKettle http://t.co/WRPNMTrGKeFrom @rands “The Song of the Introvert” http://t.co/8vBsYtv3kjShut ins..RT @monicaisliberal: Is there a term for people who are addicted to Internet drama?Nope…RT @greggrunberg: The scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science http://t.co/0UXtRKMC1QThe FBI should investigate this as a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 594 - Intimidation of voters http://t.co/EewEroo82F http://t.co/r0E0BFtI2Z@JoannaStern Is there an official or unofficial Dunch drink?@ryandidnt I remember Apple trying to eliminate cash sales for iPhones & they got burned. Perhaps U.S. Customs should step up@shoq @thejoshuablog You’re welcome https://t.co/TRYGHG4paxI suspect the WH is pleased w/the boggs nomination being scuttled. Now can the Senate end the ‘blue slip’ BS? http://t.co/7YYmJ1dnYo@JamilSmith stanley has a history of poor writing & a disregard for facts..she should have been gone years ago http://t.co/DKp5xW3vCN
Looks like I still have 25 vacation days to take before 1/31/15..@Lib_Librarian parents/family know the buttons to push b/c they helped install themAwful. Skipping @TWiT next time Morris is on RT @bleedingcool: Fox News Takes Sexism In Comics To A Whole New Level http://t.co/q1opP2nKyQ
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Lib_Librarian http://t.co/fhbSdf0MgN@Lib_Librarian the trick is to use it frequently to maintain flexibilitykeep getting @tootwistedtv & @sherifffruitfly football tweets back to back..same game 2 very diff perspectivesThe thrill of victory..The agony of defeat...courtesy of @sherifffruitfly @tootwistedtv http://t.co/TUvHdaxnYdWatch the pilot of 'Forever', very reminiscent of 'New Amsterdam' w/less mysticism & more crime procedural elementsWe all need hobbies.. RT @Moltz: BRB starting an Instagram war with my mom.I believe @monicaisliberal would like this http://t.co/IPpiXTgdVVRelaxing reading http://t.co/FkgzCzmMA6#Ferguson is not an anomaly, there is a #Ferguson in every city & town http://t.co/R2U0jIeiaY@ReignOfApril a bit of background on Alessander Stanley http://t.co/eWewYQvbviCarter was a flawed POTUS, but a decent man who has done more good *after* his presidency than reagan, ghwb, Clinton & gwb did during theirsOld enough to remember Congress Dems & DC press screwing over Carter & rolling over for repub reaganmain conceit of NYT/gary hart piece is Watergate made journalist hungry for scandal..8 years of fawning after reagan gives lie to the notionI have a special contempt for reporters who participate in rehabbing the image of corrupt &/or light weight pols as 'visionary'
gary hart was not going to beat george hw bush in '88, no matter what hart, his wife or a nytimes reporter enamored w/hart wants to believeFSU should have kept Winston off the field…FSU has gone out of their way to make a bad situation, worseSo Scotland had a little case of premature emancipation. It's okay. It happens. Doesn't make you any less of a country.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaHe asked b/c a bartender from old bar recognized me as ‘ShinerDave’ (they stocked Shiner Bock for me) but wasn’t quite sure #smallworldJust found out the manager of this bar is the same manager of a bar I used to got to 15yrs ago…@atotalmonet he was thinking he’s greater than FSU…& FSU is to blame for him thinking that@Veronica in Las Vegas we have no ‘humidity’ (or humility, but that’s s different story)CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! RT @sherifffruitfly: I guess I’m the only one for whom nekkid pics don’t exist. except as a baby. (shrug)In case you didn’t get it, I have nothing but loathing for gary hart. He was rand paul w/better hairOne of the great myths of American politics: gary hart as a legitimate presidential candidate@rolling_2 Wait..your questioning the polygs part but accepting the ninjas part?@tomwatson @joanwalsh Hart was overrated as a Senator, presidential candidate & pundit…center-right & undisciplined & reckless@rolling_2 WTF? https://t.co/90H5FvfQvT@natthedem am I wrong in thinking FSU penalized Winston more for yelling something offensive than doing something criminal?.RT @natthedem: Reminder: Jameis Winston is probably a rapist. http://t.co/AZIG7gmGjM@LibertyBelleJ looks up ‘android fragmentation’ ;)@WickedGood gonna have to convert that to metric for @gte to understandNope, Canadian RT @WickedGood: @gte COMMUNIST.@Shoq call it what it is: #RolodexJournalismBar playing ACDC ‘Dirty Deeds’ & I bet I’m the only person here who saw Bon Scott do it live #humblebrag.@Shoq @sarahkendzior Strikes me as a companion piece to @NickCohen4 piece in The Guardian http://t.co/U9VvqzMXbh@MaggieJordanACN those of us over 45(ish) do not discuss such things, just ask @WillMcAvoyACNRead this from @CharlesMBlow & explain why MoDo still has a job http://t.co/urlAhXtUB3@CharlesMBlow thank you..I cannot wrap my head around @siracusa being a Lady Gaga fan…@karoli #puglife RT @ElisabethRappe: My dog has a Spongebob smile. http://t.co/TWoDJxn41DI sense *sarcasm* RT @mallelis: makes some cogent points, gotta hear both sides http://t.co/uxfzPPaIBR@sherifffruitfly @janieo Anal Retentive Gourmet & Caveman LawyerBar Etiquette Pro Tip: Close your tab & tip out before new bar shift starts@sherifffruitfly @rolling_2 this is different from most Satudays, how? #trollingAnyone heard from @rolling_2? Her Utes are embarrassing MichiganDid you know Phil Hartman designed this ‘America’ album cover? http://t.co/yAbSlpsB3rLamenting the lost art of album covers…How could you not love this album cover? http://t.co/wPDVDkYgShthe gods bless Phil Lynott #ThinLizzyNeeds more cowbell RT @thejoshuablog: Lol RT @MatthewKeysLive: @brianstelter @thejoshuablog You just said it was!tamu winning 51-6 w/6 minutes left & still throwing…stay class aggies@JewelStaite That’s not ‘chili’ #TexanThose 2 SCOTUS rulings are among the reasons I take Presidential politics very serious‘93 Herrera v Collins: SCOTUS ruled proof of innocence is no ground for appeal if the original trial was ‘fair’ http://t.co/aH8euBz0Yn@flargh not..gonna..ask…don’t.. wanna.. know.@EdgeofSports saddly Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier rears its ugly head http://t.co/ooHXI46fWc@jesseberney http://t.co/0WUIv7Ny64Getting closer to my favorite time of year in Las Vegas http://t.co/Z2kiGBGyHd@scATX …and we’re all Clemson fans tooI now want Touch ID on everything@SimonMaloy your cat is channeling Tim Gunn?@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly Buscemi is that guy you want to party with, but only until it get weirdQB &/or place kicker.. RT @sherifffruitfly: ugh nothing more worthless than a wide receiver pretending to blocktamu rolling…perhaps last year it was the system not the QBSo do I "@metaquest: President Obama: "There are times when I'm watching the news and I'm wondering if they've been paying attention.""
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@sherifffruitfly opening scene of ‘Desperado’ is pure Buscemi@rjoseph7777 @ReignOfApril guess arpaio will just have to use viagraYup, Buscemi was always *that guy* RT @History_Pics: Steve Buscemi’s elementary school picture http://t.co/61MVWfh76HDel Taco : Taco Bell :: Dairy Queen : McDonalds #discuss@SaraLang @kweidleman State fairs need only 3 things: deep fried everything, smoked turkey legs & (not so) cheap beer@sherifffruitfly one day we’ll discuss that over copious amounts of drinks.. 🍺🍺6+ years of fox news/repubs, tcot etc calling POTUS a ‘usurper’, ‘traitor’ & more; you wonder why nutters are jumping the WH fence?@sherifffruitfly your point is true..personally, I think once you get within 20yds of a WH entrance, you’re going down…HARD@sherifffruitfly POTUS & family were not in the residence, I suspect SS would have tested more forcefully otherwise.@sherifffruitfly Well trained law enforcement personnel try to avoid needlessly shooting peopleyour ISIS opinion irreverent (see Iraq) RT @GrahamBlog: My goal is to keep the war over there so it doesn’t come here. #ISIS #ISIL
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