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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@owillis Batman always winsFUCK OFF HOWIE! RT @downwithtyranny: Hillary's ignorant hatchet man trying to prove he'd be a good VP nominee? that cost extra in Pahrump…or so I’m told@rolling_2 Master trolling of the half term nit wit family by POTUS..@HollyGoDarkly @Legopolis It’s a tribble w/eyes & a nose…& that’s just *wrong*@Lib_Librarian My condolences don’t forget celine dion & justin briberJust saying: some Dems are waiting until they know the IranDeal is a lock before voicing their opposition.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaElections are about GOVERNING, not ‘sending a message’Wonder how many of Bernie fans were also supporters of ‘punishing Dems’ in 2010?Filed Under: Judging @chucktodd by his journalism I bet there's more than a few Canadians who would be grateful to have less Americans crossing over tooWhile I agree, there needs to be a new DNC chair, I don't think the person who ran Al Gore's campaign in 2000 is the way to go
@Green_Footballs Rivers in mid-season whining mode…@Lib_Librarian resistance is futileBlood of my enemies RT @Lib_Librarian: Favorite red wine varietal: syrah. Yours?Tequila RT @Lib_Librarian: Favorite white wine varietal: Pinot grigio. Yours?Trump & Sanders have both been called ‘populists’fewer words have been more misused & abused in politics than 'populist'@Keethers and you just know the @GOPTeens account is run by a bunch 40yr old white guys@rolling_2 @Keethers Biden knows Bernie can't win a national race & he'd hurt down ticket DemsYup, I'd tap that... football seasons start soon which means people will stop bickering about politics & start yelling at each other about sports. Win?@txvoodoo You concur? RT @siracusa: No. with a casserolesReminder: Democratic Party Iowa caucus is Feb 1, 2016.Filed Under: Sad Puppy is sad #HugoAwards@rolling_2 Pundits say IA is important b/c the winner gets more coverage by the pundits who then justify coverage by saying IA is important@rolling_2 also, yes caucuses are stupid.@rolling_2 NH & Iowa in no way are representative of the U.S. population & they are given far too much importance by DC press@rolling_2 @DWStweets she's also tried to block Dem challengers to repub Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for years & refused to campaign for themESPN2 Showing Texas HS football...wonder if this bar serves Frito Pie?@rolling_2 Reminder: Idiots Out Wandering Around@robwolfe @Shoq @SandaBlue The industries changes but the arrogance transfers w/the $$ (see steel, mining railroad & auto)@theonlyadult right after he’s inspected & counted the gold in Ft Knox@tomcoates Wish list? Also hooked into HomeKit@SandaBlue @Shoq Cops, firefighters, doctors, soldiers etc etc..Every industry thinks they should be running the world..Tech is no different@Shoq Short answer, yes. Tech world is full of pseudo-libertarians who ignore who believe they’re part of a meritocracy, despite reality@robwolfe @Shoq I’m *shocked* 2008 McCain campaign almost imploded in the same way as the Jeb!, difference is, the press *likes* McCainJeb! campaign entering the finger pointing phase w/anonymous blaming phase creeping in you have to *want* to be President..if you have you to be talked into it, don’t run@Shoq @morganwarstler @lessig let me guess: Über, but for govt..Another snowden-ista talking point busted @bobcesca_go @Green_Footballs FYI something like this? telling people what they need to know Ratings- telling people what they want to hear@Shoq right up there with ivory tower academics launching vanity political campaignsSuper special weekend planned: Saturday- 8am take car for scheduled service Sunday- 12:15pm Genius Bar appointment #VegasBaby@sfpelosi almost a creepy as an aquarium at a sushi place :)We’ve seen attempts by the press to rewrite GWB/Cheney 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq failures, so the NOLA/Katrina rewrites aren’t surprising@eclecticbrotha moved back in w/parents?
@QueenofSpain apparently it is streaming, or would be, but the site has crashedNever trust anyone who says “trust me.”
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@GlennF …and if they say ‘in all honest’, they’re lying@QueenofSpain for the LOL Geico commercial is spot on about golf announcers Bravo to Utah “We”? I don’t recall Sanders ever running as Democrat until this year, much less doing much for Dems in 2010 or 2014@Green_Footballs Utopia- Feet Don’t Fail Me Now :)Bernie shunned being called a ‘Democrat’ for years & now he wonders why the DNC gives him the cold shoulder? #NaiveOrStupid@RobinCook …it took so long to bake it@tootwistedtv I’be been dealing w/Xmas merchandise since mid July..#bahhumbug #retaillifePSA: Wasabi Ginger potato chips 👍@goldietaylor I’m sensing a trend in his client list See also: invasion of Iraq.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Ihnatko same here..the science was great, the drama compelling and the humor, especially the TV & music asides, were hilariousTranslated: Ratings > Journalism RT @chrislhayes: .@Karoli he's gonna be done very shortly, I think...Trump is what happens when news organizations decide ratings are more important than JournalismLEAVE @OWILLIS ALONE!!! RT @Keethers: This guy at the bar wearing a Redskins tshirt. Poor sap.All of them..RT @Karoli: How many lies can @realDonaldTrump tell about #IranDeal before this is over?@Keethers league must investigate the team’s handling & possible violation of the concussion protocols@JennS79 @bynkii @macshome NFL should investigate the team about this..The team has been placing games about RGIII’s concussion@JeffersonObama for future use… we’re doomed…Day started w/unloading 40' container w/450 cases @ 40lbs each ...How's your Friday?@ritaag it's fodder for the folks on right AND left who read only the headline@ritaag it's a non-story..all requests were forwarded to State, even those Clinton had no intention of accepting.
@Lib_Librarian Graham Chapman Memorial Service #MontyPython@Lib_Librarian knew I felt a ‘presence’ RT @AmyJane: @PBones In Vegas we’re drinking inside. With noodles.@rolling_2 fav Newt pic saw them on Paradise Theater tour…@rolling_2 let’s not forget, while pushing for Bill’s impeachment, Newt was cheating on wife #2 w/wife #3@OsborneInk I understand Zimmerman is known for going of half cocked and too soon@hujane We started sending XMas merchandise to our casino shops 3 weeks ago…@LibertyBelleJ watched it Tues night & was pleasantly surprised@QueenofSpain Happiest baby you’ll ever see
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