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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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-1 #Dowabunga RT @WickedGood: Sorry, @Georgia_Dow. I'm back to judging Canada again: http://t.co/T09fhxJcfYonion...RT @sherifffruitfly: (peeks around, warily)@akmcquade fyi; MGM Springfield http://t.co/gnCmouK2NT
(waits for the next shouty tweet from @sherifffruitfly)@sherifffruitfly ...and caramelized onionsBrussels Sprouts.. RT @sherifffruitfly: at some point i should find out what's inside those things. mebbe i shoulda asked before buying.@Lib_Librarian a new USB standard has been approved which is reversible too USB Type C http://t.co/OibxZfl5fM@Lib_Librarian Done...http://t.co/FOvsb1a4Y2@sherifffruitfly or Crom http://t.co/nyYnjQToYv@Spacekatgal @jsnell Voyager-A?@sherifffruitfly a 'call back' #MySpecialtyNext to the onion...RT @sherifffruitfly: WHERE IS MY PYREX@PoliticaILine @Shoq that we know of...@monicaisliberal I have work from 6am to 2pm...and then I'm off until next Wed...😈Alright everybody, repeat after me: CHICKEN! RT @sherifffruitfly: Shit I forgot the food I want@sherifffruitfly see http://t.co/2TxpP1Juiz@Shoq @thejoshuablog <insert evil laugh here>@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/glaISKhtScI got a harassing email today, and decided to respond with this letter. Feel free to RT. http://t.co/ut96HqxkCJ
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaTommy Bolin- Post Toastee http://t.co/pJ7gM7pCyO@akmcquade RT @brian_bilston: Board game idea: BONOPOLY: like Monopoly but where the streets have no name.The Party of Personal Responsibility RT @TPM: Rick Perry: State should have paid my legal fees http://t.co/PCDIQiRqQx@BenKuchera nope, tomorrow's my Friday & I'm off until Sept 3..@beardedstoner 'Smoke on the Water'?Of course they are, are they from Canada too? RT @sherifffruitfly: The eyelashes I mean. The girls are real. #AnaphoraFail@sherifffruitfly Aren’t you glad twitter search sucks?It cost extra in Pahrump.. RT @Shoq: If I said someone was "flat fingering," what would I be describing?@eclecticbrotha They want to make video games too. http://t.co/v1oBZOMnf3@sherifffruitfly PBR & chardonney
TOO..MANY..GUNS!! http://t.co/aL00DyJZUAThey cut the last line; "nah, fuck it"I don't believe chuck todd can make MTP 'edgier', but reverting to original format is a start http://t.co/oCylkHIwoq http://t.co/nVM8klUDsbCharo did it better...RT @owillis: please sofia vergara, never lose that accent.Dear Nerds: Yes @SarahKSilverman is Rain Robinson from Star Trek: Voyager (Future's End S3E8 & 9)@childfreediva RT @GammaCounter: Hello Kidney. http://t.co/i4lmFLEwYQI have the #Emmy on #Mute...WTF is going on!@lvdjgarcia @Only4RM @txvoodoo https://t.co/QLtvlGQolU
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaJust came from the Prom RT @txvoodoo: Did Matthew & Woody coordinate their tuxes? #EmmysIs Bryan Cranston doing a Douglas Fairbanks bio pic? #pencilthinmustache@darth http://t.co/3b2rM8CB4hA great read...http://t.co/XlPpPAgG3G ^@kottke@rolling_2 Want an even bigger LOL… http://t.co/v1oBZOMnf3Redbone- Come and Get Your Love (Live) https://t.co/WrjnsfmupE@SaraLang Maybe this’ll help http://t.co/vBgDjJAWiy #puppiesReo Speedwagon- Golden Country https://t.co/LEpDqriRPCThunderclap Newman- Something in the Air https://t.co/UfBTA2aKmjSmall Faces- Itchycoo Park https://t.co/gCPaFtEXXfThe Sweet- Little Willy https://t.co/2h0NMmaLs9 (@sherifffruitfly Your jam?)Eagles- Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks https://t.co/S2DmNwoYZxRT @TheObamaDiary: Funniest. Tweet. Ever. http://t.co/oo5MzfNToD // http://t.co/pUFW5ZVbiJAerosmith- Train Kept A Rolli’ (Live) https://t.co/gQxNWDxJ8OAerosmith- Mama Kin https://t.co/cLBQJT1lz9Oh My!..@siracusa gets a Q&A w/Columbia Journalism Review..Congratulations! http://t.co/Z8UlLWwBxo@LibertyBelleJ Response from NYT Public Editor @Sulliview http://t.co/eXPIQtIrtO@shoq @Green_Footballs Interesting photo,especially the guy in the back http://t.co/vIugflIZWf@tootwistedtv No worries, just remember how you were at that age… :)What's the best area in Seattle to stay in for a couple of days of relaxing and milling around?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThe @emilyslist Comms team is looking for some awesome interns. Want to help elect Dem pro-choice women? Join us! http://t.co/mwngMm3RAB
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@ohheygreat from personal experience: not yet@Georgia_Dow @lbutlr @Isometricshow Abso-Dow-Lutely@lbutlr @Isometricshow @Georgia_Dow CORRECTION Step 2: @Georgia_Dow- <Dowabunga>!
@monicaisliberal It's a friggin vanity awards show, people get STUPID protective of *their* celeb & attack others aren't reverential enough@karoli RT @darth: these pugs say good bye weekend with a smile RT @andresdavid: @darth yes, goodbye weekend http://t.co/XOC704CqD6@beardedstoner 'Come and Get Your Love' really sets the tone@beardedstoner Guardians film review?for those who wonder how/why heritage foundation became a DC power http://t.co/sVO4L5cBQS@Shoq fixed itMT @Shoq: If someone doesn't tell me what @taylorswift13 said or did right this minute, I am going to hold my breath until I turn white(ER)RT @sherifffruitfly: People should say please // http://t.co/yqRjjLprn6Wow, kid rock sure has changed his look RT @CLINT: all denim is happening http://t.co/7OLTCtBO0k@Karoli talent?Checks Wikipedia for Taylor swift's age....yep, I can legally look at VMA pic@sherifffruitfly 'We'?@Green_Footballs @seanjones11kbw @jeremyduns unless you're a 'verified' (read: celebrity) account...they will protect celebs@sherifffruitfly Copa Cabana?...and Ford just pardoned nixon <spit>@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/4u6Fm1bKOH 😇@BenedictEvans @lybberty anti-GMO, like anti-vac is not a mainstream left issue, unlike climate change, which the left believe exist@Kennymack1971 bet they don't flag green bay for their leaps@Spacekatgal follow @retheauditors, she does excellent coverage of the finance/business sector@BenedictEvans The right is filled w/anti-science policies, the left has consistently promoted progress w/o abandoning peopleLast night I suffered a fairly life altering experience because I "Fit The Description" - https://t.co/UMqzopKUrq http://t.co/R8WBIINEFU
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThere never was an #Israeli-#Palestinian status quo, and now it's gone. I explain @theprospect http://t.co/MVQekWMzWB #Gaza @chrislhayes
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaUh oh...the village has (finally) noticed the silence from HRC on #Ferguson http://t.co/fazNM4o77Y@dwiskus nobody wants those csi black lights shined on their iPads/iPhones ((shudder))@sherifffruitfly chargers not looking much betterRT @karienbez: This one is for you @jessevondoom. http://t.co/Q0ni3TuGfQ //@Karoli@Gartenberg I learned to drive in my Dad's baby blue '76 Pontiac Catalina ..the big blue whaleSF v SD a game w/two well matched teams...not *good* teams or entertaining, but certainly well matched@Gartenberg now adding them to iCloud account?So the man v food guy does commercials for walmart...I feel ever better about not like either of them@macgenie my 1st comp sci textbooks http://t.co/UtHedpo1VaRT @mortreport: Rams QB Sam Bradford is out for season after MRI shows he did tear left knee ACL, per sources. Rams will announce later.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@billprady sometimes difficult for them to judge whether the account is parody, reverential or deliberate impersonation@Shoq @brianstelter @CNNReliable this new fangled tech-know-lo-gee can be difficult for the <cough> older generation@gte RT @jarpad: It's official! I am hereby confirming that Jensen Ackles IS now on twitter. U R welcome :) @jensenackles@monicaisliberal needs more bacon@SaraLang @akmcquade for you gif library http://t.co/H6wgID42A7...and karl rove makes an appearance #bastard http://t.co/vhFpYeAsmx@danielpunkass wonder why the racks didn't have supports bolted between them to minimize/eliminate sway
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