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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@beardedstoner why would you need a clip? #EatAllTheChips@Karoli except for freedom from harassment & threats from stalkers using the Internet@Karoli bet they #standwithrand too, throwing women, immigrants, the poor, LGBT & minorities under the bus@Karoli @Green_Footballs @Shoq @bobcesca_go @chezpazienza @Mr_Electrico I take it as their application for omidyar &/or koch funding@Shoq EFF should have asked their teaparty friends if 4th amendment privacy rights applied to Arab, Muslim or immigrants@GlennF but he did think anonymous leakers should be 'shot in the balls' http://t.co/RqI6SKCyLQ@RiskyLiberal 24yrs living Las Vegas has taught me not to trust LVMPD &/or the elected sheriff@RiskyLiberal @theonlyadult @WhiteHouse That's sheriff gillespie w/bundy http://t.co/kTJzEBaP6a@theonlyadult @WhiteHouse DoJ/BLM could ask the Fed judge to bring criminal contempt charges against bundy@theonlyadult @WhiteHouse Tough to do when the governor & the local sheriff side w/the thugs@monicaisliberal the voices in their head... http://t.co/ZRSoM3LdcX@monicaisliberal they'll need to decide which will be TX Gov & which will be US Sen@monicaisliberal for a minute I was confused & thought you meant Dan Patrick, the former ESPN guy ;)More appropriate http://t.co/mb5YrNZwTB RT @sherifffruitfly: america to @joshromney : https://t.co/9h1gz51k43a bad photo-op RT @emokidsloveme: Mitt Romney's taxes are probably like a thousand pages long, What was he mailing?someone dared to favorably compare kim kardashian w/ Aurdrey Hepburn… #HULKSMASH!!@Queenofspain: The ‘Note to the Left’ is sure to really piss you off… #Detroit http://t.co/oijmJl3tynThese people are threatening the entire foundation of this country, they are NOT ‘patriots’ http://t.co/NBXzDgVgJScatholic church isn’t alone in hiding child abuse.. http://t.co/ECVcijyPOM@monicaisliberal http://t.co/rYmk925V3m
@paulcarr no need 'they' will take care of it for youListening to "Influx" by Daniel Suarez.. I can't recommend it highly enough ..@QueenofSpain @alanajoy Bet the kids would like this :) http://t.co/XV4VDu5GU6BLM made things worse by backing down in dispute with law-breaking Cliven Bundy. http://t.co/yGnXYuZXLg
Retweeted by lvdjgarciacitizen united, mccutcheon & now add a *weakening* of tax rules…#WhyWeLose http://t.co/JjTpqybCizGuess who's on Hannity tonight?! Cliven Bundy! Let the @SenatorReid conspiracy theories fly. Sidenote: "The Five" may be worst show on TV.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIf you can’t see how dangerous bundy is, I suggest you ask Myrlie Evers-Williams & John Lewis about Byron De La Beckwith & Bull Connorbundy is advocating dismantling federal law enforcement #anarchy http://t.co/PZG5fsAF5jScience & Faith can coexist, indeed they did for years; this is an important read http://t.co/2W20jvcPEf #ClimateChange
@OsborneInk @Kansas_Ninja Bundy's father never claimed ownership/homestead of the grazing area in dispute & paid grazing fees until 1993@daisy RT @darth: this little guy i mean seriously https://t.co/ITNhyB5HUp via @tim_oneil@lrozen @alimhaider @Crystal_Ball1 @JeffersonObama I assume it was academic rather than voyeuristic interest@bobcesca_go One of the great things about hashtags, is most twitter clients let you mute them. Too bad people don't use them often enough@root_e I bet he's doing all business w/cash & if IRS goes after him, then he becomes an anti-tax martyr..I still think they should do it@johnYSchen http://t.co/KpaD1gHY0Z@Karoli RNC is screwed; if they bow to adelson & bring the '16 convention to LV, this NV GOP would be the hosts https://t.co/fk32I5k80J@Shoq @Unionalley if the shooter had been 'Arab looking', it would've replaced the missing plane coverage@akmcquade Alison, are already starting w/the 'it's too hot' tweets? :)@root_e not NV Homestead statutes protects his ranch/property w/a few exceptions. BLM has been stymied by NV pols siding w/bundy too oftenHow long until Twitter's filled w/people bitching about HBOGO not working, using a friends credentials b/c they don't want to pay for HBO?@root_e BLM has a court order to seize the cattle for payment.Ladies & Gentlemen: The NV repub party, which would 'host' a 2016 repub convention held in Las Vegas https://t.co/fk32I5k80JCarson City GOP stands w/Bundy, wants the whole thing probed, inc. every conspiracy theory on the web. #GOPmachine http://t.co/sz22p4vfIo
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@sherifffruitfly go ahead & laugh https://t.co/p29CWS0uvv@theonlyadult Western states are filled w/these anti-govt types; claiming to hate 'big govt' while demanding govt subsidies.@mckaycoppins @chrisgeidner does this sound like a person who 'accepts different viewpoints'? http://t.co/GgyjouLWHt@Shoq The ingraham hire is another example of news orgs bending over to seem "fair" w/the usual results http://t.co/fHZgUu8i19Will was "deactivated," fired, as an uber driver the day after attending a meeting supporting for-hire drivers #union http://t.co/47uS8sIuvg
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaWhen I grow up, I wanna be Sam Elliott & marry Katharine RossGlenn, Intercepted: Pierre Omidyar’s quarter billion dollar journalism project seems to have stopped publishing http://t.co/rJ6UZnUj0C
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@monicaisliberal if you get a chance, 'Advise & Consent' (1962) is another great Fonda film & still relevant@sherifffruitfly I see 49er fan trolling in the near future@beardedstoner bar I was at yesterday had college lacrosse & spring football games on..If they made this film today, there'd be an 'evil' govt/military type trying to sabotage the project.We were once optimistic about humankind@Radlein 1st time back home w/my now exwife, we went to dinner w/family & the waitress was a girl I'd dated in high school #awkwardThe arrival & turning of the mothership in 'Close Encounters...' always gonna be AWESOME@sass_n_ass @LegallyErin it's the ones w/the 'permanent make up' tattoos that scare me@Shoq you read this? http://t.co/bFh6QkqfqL #google@Shoq New fox media docu: 'Liberal Media Watch', moderated by howard kurtz, featuring attkisson, judith miller, bernie goldberg@root_e yup..& that's when I moved my files off their servers@jkfecke @60th_Street @Gus_802 I have seen bieber's future & it doesn't look good http://t.co/JORZOTPM2n@Shoq @brianstelter @CNNReliable Franken was seemingly the only one speaking out against comcast's purchase of NBC universal@paulcarr glenn at The Intercept cantina http://t.co/imhK1teeSx@monicaisliberal ZZ Top 'Party on the Patio' http://t.co/DWQ7VEhJE2 #BeenThereDoneThat@Gus_802 @jkfecke 'army of god'@paulcarr @jaylett obviously glenn was given a choice http://t.co/l4mVFqAwbN #Izzard@Gus_802 @jkfecke 'operation rescue'@jkfecke Closer to home #whiteterrorism #okc http://t.co/kOg5x3iVJ2Watching 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'...been years since I've seen it.@Green_Footballs the Harry Reid name drop makes it easy to tell who the alex jones fans are http://t.co/NPum8V5wEmShades of judith miller RT @TPM: Sharyl Attkisson: CBS, other outlets too "shy" to challenge Obama administration: http://t.co/oQGlLQKDMj@elonjames LVMPD (sheriff gillespie) doesn't have a history of being so concerned w/protecting people's rights http://t.co/0CBx4qzXwcit pays well...RT @sherifffruitfly: It must hurt deep in one's soul to be wrong as much as @ezraklein has been@shoq half expected greenwald/poitras to make a sojourn to #bundyranch@flargh Don't forget the iTouch..The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed http://t.co/Ed8qYR49op http://t.co/lV8BXYhcBb
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia.@Shoq ruby ridge -> Waco -> Oklahoma City… bundy ranch -> ??@Shoq https://t.co/rCaS94Rf5n #nutters@OyVegas Remember the days before we could get out of following the rule of law by inciting fear of violence? I miss those days.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaMy commentary on various Republican politicians shooting their mouths off about #BundyRanch instead of being quiet: http://t.co/BnrPBmL9Kj
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaHey, geniuses cheering end of BLM roundup at #BundyRanch, it was halted because of fears of violence. If you consider this a win, well...
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSo after riling up anti-BLM forces w/previous statements, @GovSandoval and @SenDeanHeller are telling everyone to just calm down. Excellent!
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaYo, people tweeting at me about #BundyRanch: BLM may have handled poorly, clumsily. But had legit purpose. This does not make Bundy a hero.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Shoq So very angry at sandoval/heller/gillespie; they abdicated their responsibility & leadership to armed thugsNo, this is not creepy at all <sarc> #google http://t.co/bFh6QkqfqLStrange that I haven’t seen a #BoycottSamsung hashtag http://t.co/jZBMtoHJPi
@kettermobile @Shoq armed thugs unlawfully obstructed enforcement of a lawful court order, bundy & his son should be in jail@kettermobile @Shoq then you should know bundy has pulled this bullying act before & has lost every court case@theonlyadult LVMPD Sheriff doug gillespie sided w/bundy & the militia thugs over the BLM.@kettermobile @Shoq I've lived in NV 24yrs..I know more about bundy's bullying & the militia thugs than you.@kettermobile @Shoq not very good at making logical arguments either..fyi: bundy has his many days in court, lost everyone #RuleOfLaw.@Green_Footballs LVMPD should have been assisting BLM, instead sheriff doug gillespie sided w/bundy & the militia thugs #cowards@Shoq @kettermobile by citing Sharpton's taxes he's admitting Fed Taxes and the $ bundy owes in grazing both legitimate debts@ohheygreat a proper twist (no pith) makes everything better@ohheygreat Bombay Sapphire w/a whiff of dry vermouth & queen olives stuffed w/almonds?@Shoq list of keyboard shortcuts http://t.co/Ya8CO9OB3Z not sure why cmd-opt-M wouldn't workWatched GI Joe: Retaliation...calling it a 'shit show' would be too complimentary & an insult to shit@Shoq Go w/Skitch & take a close look at Evernote too@monicaisliberal What, no donut pics?@LibertyBelleJ he's trying assert himself to you & your kids, it's a classic bully maneuver, used by the most immature of kids
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