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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@sherifffruitfly why I'm slow to jump on bandwagons; too many times that 'band' turns out to be an embarrassment #nickleback"This guy's a welfare cowboy. He's not a victim. He's not a hero." -@RalstonReports on Cliven #Bundy #inners http://t.co/5ugPnHmfKE
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaLikely the only time I'll say dana loesch is 'right' https://t.co/wvQ8wTMB99She's right RT @PersephoneC: According to Dana Loesch the only diff between Paul Ryan and Bundy is Ryan has better media training #inners@shuggilippo if it last longer than 4hrs.....also, I assume you saw this http://t.co/d0dlktJU4j@hardaway Have you read @dannysullivan's take on today's news? http://t.co/K4Qu4ZdMFVI think this 'immediate' resignation of Vic Gundotra is portends big changes w/G+ http://t.co/BjbBX4WcETGoogle+ Photos as Google's own Instagram; Google+ Feed returns as Google Reader. Imagine…. http://t.co/hT8ZoJDJPj
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@rolling_2 yes, do you read http://t.co/OhPlMpM92i &/or http://t.co/7Nc8l8MlzF? @gruber (@daringfireball) & @jdalrymple are wired into Apple@shuggilippo my cue to repost this...https://t.co/XQzZZRf8L0@rolling_2 Buy before 6/2, not b/c of the split, but b/c 6/2 is also the WWDC keynote. I expect big news.. :)@rolling_2 announced on earnings call..7:1 based on # shares owned on 6/2 & upped share buy back by $30bill & announced a dividend increaseTomorrow fox news will be wall to wall BENGHAZI!, with brief interludes of IRS!..And that, kids, is why kerning matters. RT @WanderingGaia Sign displayed on the Wig & Pen pub.... http://t.co/XSNjYXed1D
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaCliven Bundy just repeated his racist comments in his press conference http://t.co/ol9GdBEzpF #BundyRanch #lvrj
Retweeted by lvdjgarciabundy meant to say 'the blahs' #HannityExcusesFrom @jdesmondharris "8 Sneaky Racial Code Words and Why Politicians Love Them" http://t.co/eyrkomb5K8Dog whistle (politics): http://t.co/86w1NSTXIGWhen paul ryan, rand paul, ted cruz etc say 'culture of dependency', they're agreeing w/clive bundy http://t.co/CZeb4sYu5k@joshtpm did you see bundy added larry klayman to his team? http://t.co/5UGaKzL4McA year from now oreilly will be placing every Obama admin foreign policy decision at Hillary’s feet http://t.co/PpOuXn8AsUIn which #bundyranch show off their extremism by hiring larry clayman http://t.co/5UGaKzL4Mc
S1E16...in which 'the Hoff' is embarrassingly bad at playing a smarter version of himself #WestWingExcept, being *at* Starbucks...RT @hujane: In Starbucks, there is no such thing as shame.@WeeLaura they must be hung like squirrels..CANNOT UNSEE: the Brazil 2014 logo has been criticised for "looking like a facepalm" http://t.co/9BjXegCyew
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaS1E15...in which Josh does the bwiefing...& it doesn't go wellFCC vote will be May 15. Will tech community mobilize to oppose them, or just complain? http://t.co/QstjLVUwuoFor those who want to blame the WH/Obama re net neutrality http://t.co/J7vEAdHKfMFacebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc, should have spoken up for Netflix & against comcast, when their peering deal was announcedTech community was silent when the Comcast/NBCUniversal deal was up for review & silent now re Comcast/Time Warner merger #WhyTechLosesTechies regularly disdain politics & the political process, then wonder why they lose against politically engaged corp interestI'd have more respect for your outrage IF you stayed politically engaged year 'round instead of only when *your* interest are threatened@GarnettLee they did similar to Sea/SF, the play wk 13 & again wk 16@PirateWench because 'freedom'?@monicaisliberal the decanting awaits #wine@daisy also weeks 12-16 are all west coast games, which could be helpful late season@daisy that's messed up, you play Sea week 13 & 16 http://t.co/AOK09RoGLj@Shoq A table project.http://t.co/slTOmqaXfP@sherifffruitfly @Kennymack1971 Looks like 5pm west coast time for the release http://t.co/nKnEdYdb7O@Kennymack1971 NFL makes it tougher every year for me to be interested in the NFL@Kennymack1971 Please tell me this isn’t true…http://t.co/jBDBO6yMYBI'm sorry, but I can't get behind this IRS agents getting bonuses while behind on their taxes story. It's just too stupid.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@SaraLang I see his future marriage to a Russian mail order bride going very badly for him...
@Shoq just think of the DMs you can now send@sherifffruitfly #WWAAS (What Would Admiral Ackbar Say)@blogdiva @Lord_kolping in fairness NYPD swears their foot had a gun...S1E11..in which we meet the mercurial (ie usually drunk) Lord John Marbury...Golf w/@marcoarment? RT @gruber: Those of you in SF for WWDC: keep Tuesday evening open.@sherifffruitfly Razr phones don't do swyping...@sherifffruitfly wait 20 min...you'll be hungry@danbenjamin @5by5 'love show'? Beatles or Haight-Ashbury?It's GAIL the goldfish!!! #WestWing@VegasJessie @MathPolitics @varonacuba few things anger more than successful people w/an "I got mine, screw you" view of the worldReally? Ben Carson? http://t.co/NnerL1fhgt @MathPolitics @varonacuba
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@monicaisliberal watching The West Wing, about to meet Admiral Adama/Mendoza :)@monicaisliberal Wake up call w/room service coffee scheduled 10min later....#protipMy life has meaning now http://t.co/widZIfwZE7
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@ohheygreat Eu de Tollhouse #5?@Shoq when *aren't* cats lurking?S1E9: in which Admiral Adama is nominated to SCOTUS@sherifffruitfly You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish...@Nupe117 @JeffersonObama it's one of my favorite lines from 'The American President' & I come back to it often"How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can't stand Americans?"-The American President #bundyranch.@Nupe117 @JeffersonObama "How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can't stand Americans?"@Shoq @Gus_802 it's a step up from @bobcesca_go arguing twitter eggs...not a big step, but....bad news: cenk thinks you’re gonna get fired.. good news: nobody cares what cenk thinks http://t.co/bO93F3xCXd@owillis Trick question: mike allen only accepts paid for gossip.. #DCnDWhen conservatives ban ‘legacy admissions’, then I’ll think they’re serious about equality in college admissions@kungfupussy If you needed a work reason to come to Las Vegas..http://t.co/aIKr7CDiKlted cruz rallys House repubs..http://t.co/DlxbIfhsZT@Shoq Immediately thought of Animal House http://t.co/NqkqYuLkhWI assume everyone going to Taco Bell after 9pm is drunk…http://t.co/thf6bpHtUkGOP lawmaker arrested after he allegedly ran a red light leaving Taco Bell drunk: http://t.co/PsHcxIjKKc http://t.co/TdVRKideFd
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI don't 'hate' david gregory, I hate the DC pundit/press who anointed him.. http://t.co/IbKYOeCi2i
@gte @cabel @NomdeB nope..murray's been saying similar things for quite a while http://t.co/8rdEtcftfB@marcoarment I prefer my bytes to be small batch, artisanal & locally producedS1E4...In which stoned Bartlet is stoned..."I wasn't supposed to take them both?" #WestWing@scottjohnson no, but they've done a terrible job w/Cyclops since the 1st film...& omitted entirely in 'First Class'@monicaisliberal they get politics, they just don't understand civics/government@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly http://t.co/PsDUsa8ojl #DanceForrestDance@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly I'll just leave this here http://t.co/PSwV7OThiuUnsurprisingly, it's easier to use "racism" or "sexism" as mere cudgels if you don't believe they exist or care if they do.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@marcoarment @siracusa Big pharma spends more on marketing/lobbying than R&D...& it's tax deductible@monicaisliberal @blurbette :) http://t.co/GbBB33Bbn5S1E3...in which we meet Charlie & Bartlet acts like a dick to him..#WestWingComic book industry & too many of its fans, make it tough to be a fan http://t.co/RXu3iws44uThems fightin' words... RT @gte: @jdalrymple I'll buy you a Guinness this weekend.Bartlet: Do you know when we lost Texas? C.J.: When you learned to speak Latin? Bartlet: Go figure. #WestWing@sherifffruitfly Que? RT @AdamSchefter: Raiders traded QB Terrelle Pryor to Seahawks, as @ProFootballTalk reported.Although I wouldn't mind more Mallory :DWish there was an edit of season 1 w/o Mandy...'until then, you can get your fat asses out of my White House.'...Do not f*ck w/Pres Bartlett's grandchildren..Watching #TheWestWing@GlennF Translated: We coverup you being an ass, you resign & you won’t sue us@Shoq Here you go..http://t.co/zm2jfRrupW #TreadmillAppsClever HBO GO commercials… http://t.co/6gBVwzbdFi@joshtpm She’s still going at it?? http://t.co/dU5U42n58S@monicaisliberal You mean the ones drawn 2” above where they should be?Can’t we just cancel ‘crossfire’? https://t.co/esNS1G7v2F@Green_Footballs didn’t the guardian say it was provided to them by the ‘press freedom foundation’?
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