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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@GlennF shouldn’t that be #RuinAWeddingNightIn5Words?@sherifffruitfly @txvoodoo NY: we’re tough, we’re New friggin Yorkers! TV: It might snow a lot NY: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!Nobody’s letting him loose, right? RT @ritaag: Who trapped Don Lemon in a car? 👀@akmcquade A: What is ‘crap monkeys’?RT @Oatmeal: How to tell if you're about to make a really bad decision http://t.co/ybcbmytXhA //@sherifffruitfly @Lib_Librarianboehner’s claiming ignorance in timing of bib’s speech & Israeli elections https://t.co/4XS3aagFNv #GoWithYourStrength@HumanityCritic Trying to decided whether or not to go to the bar Sunday. Super Bowl in LV is nuts, bars fill up by 10am@HumanityCritic so, the usual?@GlennF ramen expires?@QueenofSpain http://t.co/f7IkCvepkrYour ‘liberal media’ & its ‘lean forward’ cable network http://t.co/WqfGYbVljE@MikeGrunwald @daveweigel @LOLGOP in the repub primaries, he’ll be reminded of those words when he touts Texas employment numbers@andreagrimes I think this is why http://t.co/mNlBaMM9yt@joshtpm have you ever seen ‘A Face in the Crowd’? http://t.co/1dQWMe2uvz palin = Lonesome Rhodes@beardedstoner I feel your pain, 67/46 here..I’m looking at parkas http://t.co/i5ku2uqTfc@LOLGOP Are repubs realizing they were Patricia Neal to palin’s Andy Griffith? ‘A Face in the Crowd’ http://t.co/1dQWMe2uvz
Crossy Road NYC? #snowpocalypse http://t.co/AbK0JwMHJU@ohheygreat Step 1: make sure your tweets are artisanal@sherifffruitfly https://t.co/u0h4RerG8T@monicaisliberal buy a red shirt & throw the tank top in the washer w/it… :)@Shoq Thinking I should stock up at grocery store in solidarity w/#snowpocalypse victims http://t.co/NYai9dPX0aDoes anyone truly believe jeb & mitt ** didn’t ** discuss 2016?@speechboy71 I hear chuck c is working on a takedown piece on how the blizzard is a fraud@kungfupussy looks like pepperidge :(@kungfupussy Tim-Tams? https://t.co/bBbbqchPBZStill can’t find it, even w/a map.. RT @GradyMarion: @_youhadonejob http://t.co/Jii3yaJutH@monicaisliberal 80% of convos: 1- What do you want 2- I don’t care, whatever 1- How about <—->? 2- No, I’d like <very specific>. 1- ???#IronyIsDead part (?) https://t.co/Vtuz8fBh2a@Green_Footballs love seeing people who rant against ‘trial lawyers’ & for ‘tort reform’, constantly threatening to sue people@jkfecke it’s a title of a Yoko Ono single from ‘72@Dirk2112 Did you see @WilliamShatner’s reply? https://t.co/027axZlyFnglenn’s working on it.. RT @MattMurph24: Can Scahill possibly come off any more pompous?Watch for more fluff pieces coming about kasich.. http://t.co/RWnqrS11J2 #PoliticoPrimaryhuntsman 2012 never got out of beta RT @word_34: Huntsman: 'Technology Has Not Yet Been Developed' for Mitt 3.0 http://t.co/qAgJfDtSFXpolitico has ZERO mentions of the former Alaska governor’s debacle in Iowa.. http://t.co/UKJzq8yeZ8Good morning #BayRidge. Hot sticky toffee sticky buns just came out of the oven. Pic of them out of… http://t.co/OwlNcfFSa7
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@GoodGirlRoxy I’m thinking, bacon & egg b-fast tacosStumbled upon this post about google/youtube new music service from @zoecello http://t.co/aPj50uuSn0Dear Sunday news shows: if you’re un-ironically doing a segment on footballs being deflated, turn in your ‘news/journalist’ cards@ScottyBurberry yes it is & I’m sure he does.. LOL..
<puts hand down > RT @GoodGirlRoxy: Is anyone on my TL NOT drunk right now??The Interview is what The Great Dictator could have been if Charlie Chaplin wasn't funny or smart.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Green_Footballs you know, @ChuckCJohnson must have the worst CMS ever, it takes him forever to post his ‘take downs’ & most get ‘lost’@beardedstoner ..and then Chet ruined everything http://t.co/8f9SZexXYG@jsnell played in high school..basic then advanced. Our DM explained it by saying 2 max level wizards fought & changed the world..(1978-81)So funny seeing a ‘D’ list rwnj being p0wned by a ‘C’ list rwnj & her fans https://t.co/oFvTfKrnkOSo belichick is using the George Costanza defense? http://t.co/dVkqpJwH01 #DeflateGate@ScottyBurberry send him this pic http://t.co/bdrGPTOtSN@Green_Footballs I’m no more surprised than I am at the number of ‘liberals’ who give woody allen a pass@dannysullivan recommendation from @thewirecutter http://t.co/IfjpK9JufNIt broke google’s derp -> English translation algorithm RT @anamariecox: Does anyone have a more official Palin transcript yet?Britain (Putin’s money launderer) & Germany (Putin’s biggest customer) won’t address his Ukraine aggression, what more can US do?@JulieKuehl blame Apple Maps? ;)@Green_Footballs @lawhawk didn’t she sue to get out of her contract w/breitbart?@WeeLaura not true #truelifelessons@Green_Footballs chuck c right now http://t.co/dSFosM4AQCNo fan of Sharpton, but he’s, no worse than hagee, perkins, robertson & many other WHITE right wing politicians/preachers courted by repubs@JulieKuehl technically not even the Las Vegas Strip is in ‘Las Vegas’ (it’s not in LV city limits)@txvoodoo @Gus_802 How dare Poland incite German invasion! (Katrina V 1939)@Gus_802 I was a subscriber for years, but after she took over it became a parody of a ‘leftist magazine’Amusing how CBS sports shows the LV Strip in the promos for UNLV/UT St game, when UNLV plays so far off The Strip@ScottyBurberry rarely has a surname been so appropriate ‘turd-son’ http://t.co/4ZlTwOnMur@ArrghPaine Depends, are presidential campaigns allowed to file bankruptcy to screw creditors? @realDonaldTrump🎶 the weather outside is frightful…RT🎶 @MaggieJordanACN: Winter Wonderland My Ass…. http://t.co/VZg8F60fSf@GlennF @margarita @pbump are you tut tutting King Tut?@HumanityCritic Seems reasonable RT @flargh: http://t.co/cUzoA5Ek2vMost ridiculous thing about my Iowa tweet? It took 1 internet search & less than 10sec to find the info, which every DC pundit has access to2013 Iowa received $1.3 billion in USDA subsidies…some ‘socialism’ is a little less bad than others?.@Green_Footballs 2013 Iowa $1.3 billion in Federal subsidies http://t.co/3x4zlApFg1…& there goes the ‘snowden effect’ narrative http://t.co/TnMaKgCYr6@rolling_2 http://t.co/egyG3N0USmPrediction: chris christie will be the phil gramm of 2016@QueenofSpain 😈 http://t.co/4fbLNot4gw@txvoodoo the voice in rick perry’s head http://t.co/RhA7chvckwIron Sky 2: Hollow Earth, lizard people, nazis & palin http://t.co/RWWEkiwidiCan you be hungover if you’re never sober? RT @sherifffruitfly: Is she hungover?@AntheaButler LOL…I saw that film on Netflix! ..did you know there’s a sequel http://t.co/POqChRDtUS@goldietaylor yes, on the Outdoors Channel@beardedstoner you mean The Lady of the Lake?@LOLGOP Tan suit….ALERT FOX NEWS! #RINO@Karoli w/ Mecca, Islam innuendos..@flargh If they get Mathilda May to do Siri on the watch, I may not mind@EricOnSportsLaw @Gus_802 more likely, Joni Ernest because she knows more about pigskins@jemelehill @eric_adelson @ArrogantDemon New from CBS this Fall.. PSI: New England@Green_Footballs Looks who’s joined the fun http://t.co/s8IfcF102T@QueenofSpain @Green_Footballs More like Spy vs Spy http://t.co/I1qcK8tUDK@rkref Cialis & Viagra commercials writing themselves@thejoshuablog …and that is why I cancelled Hulu+There"s an unbearable lightness of being quality to boehner. He does not seem to care so much about these issues per se, for better or worse
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThere are members of congress who have shown strong interest in US Mideast policy. Boehner not one of them, ever, to my knowledge.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@MotherJones @DkChoco add bolton to the repub LOL list http://t.co/HDvTI3x6iRTigger was asking for it! RT @Gothamist: Times Square Winnie The Pooh Arrested For Fatal Deli Stabbing http://t.co/IcX5slIHj1#schadenfreude RT @Green_Footballs: It's Christmas time in January. RT @ChuckCJohnson: I'm going to publish the truth about Dana Loesch.@queenofspain https://t.co/XM1ZodqJKK #schadenfreude@donmelton @gknauss I get the ‘kill grandma’ part of development, but what is ‘kill mom’?
RT @jkfecke: Godspeed, Mr. Cub. #RIPErnieBanksMy childhood has officially ended https://t.co/MaHsMilauu RIP Ernie Banks #MrCubs@Lib_Librarian I prefer whisky over whiskey@Lib_Librarian only reason?@reneritchie @gte except, I’m sure the bug will still be there
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