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Princeton Study: "U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy" http://t.co/VeQkjyJwDv via @TPMThe Xbox Wire team dives deep into the cruel world of @Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs http://t.co/h3otDi0lbq http://t.co/RLTtW5ZNejReplaced the @Nokia 1020 I dropped last week with a Lumia 1520 - THE SCREEN...IT'S SO BIG! http://t.co/dhR3AXDoFKFan favorite Fulgore has been added to the Killer Instinct roster http://t.co/nMY83hpjd4@jeffrubenstein @apadamson Hopefully we'll see you!If you are joining us this Friday or Saturday at the events...let me know http://t.co/j33SkkMDgLGetting things in order for the (historic?) trip that @jeffrubenstein and I are taking to New Mexico this week. http://t.co/j33SkkMDgLThe Xbox One will launch in Japan on September 4. http://t.co/iZeoIZXlOT http://t.co/H8CAEeQReh
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@nerdinreallife VERY nice!Defense Technica is now available for Xbox 360 http://t.co/zP3U0KX2du
The free to play game "Warface Xbox 360 Edition" is now available http://t.co/auOphfOnLCPeggle 2's new add-on Peggle Master arrives today for $1.99 http://t.co/FGCZSkj0Zf
Retweeted by Larry HrybRain. Sun. Rain. Wind storm. Sun. - The last 7-minutes of weather outside my office window.NEW Customization Items are on @Xbox! Check out 6 Personalization Packs & the Soap Legend Pack- which will you equip? http://t.co/JFrVVDqa4F
Retweeted by Larry HrybGet a copy of Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC for $36.99 (while they last) http://t.co/hW6eWC2MEW http://t.co/KLM2Fz4ZA3This weekend join us in uncovering videogame history http://t.co/j33SkkMDgL #NewMexico"Warface Xbox 360 Edition" is now available http://t.co/RNGX0LlQmAThis Week’s Deals with Gold are now available. Save 50% on Need for Speed Rivals and NBA2K14 (Xbox 360) and more http://t.co/BqM59YQm04@caseyjohnston I've always wanted to try DVORAK - How has it worked for you on your mobile devices? http://t.co/1OkWJ1IHtD@AceyBongos Congratulations !Lytro changed photography. Now can it get anyone to care? Inside the company's new plan (also, CAM IS INSANE) http://t.co/vHIsntohlR
Retweeted by Larry HrybToday Only: Save 38% on Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC. Get your copy for $36.99 http://t.co/RgPFcPAg5I http://t.co/OU8Eh4NtJlRemember: "The earth is what we all have in common." - Wendell Berry #EarthDay http://t.co/gHrKnIvB5i
Details on the ET dig this weekend and how you can be a part of (uncovering) history http://t.co/xLPTdYjOmA"Business Cards for 16 of Hollywood’s Greatest Characters” http://t.co/vUl1AIZuXb via @Wired http://t.co/8AM7k0lsUYThis is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. http://t.co/MNOIFoVngU <-wow!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@Jasonlamontagne We did. @jeffrubenstein and I had a great lunch there!Attention Windows Phone owners: many @EAMobile titles are discounted through April 24th http://t.co/fpoDlma1UiAstronauts install a new circuit board on backup #ISS computer in prep for Wed's spacewalk: http://t.co/pFpdVJ6Ne5  http://t.co/oxpd1oUvYz
Retweeted by Larry Hryb"Defense Technica” is scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday http://t.co/9E0pq3z0NWHere are the 10 most eggcellent reasons why you should tune in to today's White House #EasterEggRollhttp://t.co/PROuvSEGYd
Retweeted by Larry HrybFirst American man to win it since 1983…American Lisa Larsen Weidenbach won it in 1985Meb Keflezighi is first American to win Boston Marathon since 1983 http://t.co/a1CNxCVzL0@ABWashBureau @M_C_Klein Agreed. That is a huge problem that we need to solve.@ABWashBureau @M_C_Klein Good stuff. I love seeing data presentations like that. A bit morbid, but interesting none the less….“How Americans Die” A visual look at the data http://t.co/aBnrTqSb8t via @BloombergNews `Monday Deal: Get a copy of Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) for $7.99 http://t.co/08Pc9hBjKf http://t.co/xowdeQoYgQLater this week I’ll be in New Mexico on the hunt for those millions of ET Atari cartridges. You can too http://t.co/O3vpWFzm68NerdTrivia is back! Follow him for hourly fun!RT @NerdTrivia: For 10 points:What forest do the Ents live in, as seen in LoTR:The Two Towers?
Retweeted by Larry Hryb
Wrapped up my weekend with the latest @GameOfThrones episode - kinda wanted the trio of Dragons to make an appearance in the last sceneA look inside the "XOC" - The 24/7/365 "Xbox Operations Center" http://t.co/CnbBDZrkW9Enjoying a quiet, sunny Sunday morning with @thehappygirlI interviewed the inventor of video gaming Ralph Baer. Hear what he has to say on the latest podcast http://t.co/vtuhVHXYjRWhat does it take to run a global gaming service like Xbox Live? @thevowel talks about it in this article: http://t.co/xgKH0IvGbR@litheon @jeffrubenstein Good games guys!
Late lunch at @Five_Guys with @thevowel and @litheonWhat are you doing next Saturday? Join me in New Mexico and let’s dig up video game history http://t.co/vcwXmyYpVS http://t.co/nWIKpuJPMsFeeling lucky? @drewbrees is holding a charity raffle and the prize is the #SB48 #XboxOne. http://t.co/cpOoaGcXj9 http://t.co/zqttzjTFOK
Retweeted by Larry Hryb
@metalicaasher http://t.co/D1IvheThBH Second Q and APlay games and have a great weekend everyonePlaying Xbox One this weekend? A system update went out earlier this week that you should know about http://t.co/JJRALCUXnC@jeffrubenstein @iocat Just be careful.... https://t.co/fy25JbyktBYou can hear the entire interview with Ralph on this weeks podcast http://t.co/l44yYkDDcWI got to visit w/ Ralph Baer & interview him for the podcast. One of my fav pics I took of him during our visit http://t.co/KC2cBs9NK4New show! The entire gang is back for an almost 2-hour podcast. Hear about KSR, PAX & the inventor of video gaming http://t.co/l44yYkDDcWWe're excited to announce Killer Instinct for @xbox will be featured at #MLGAnaheim. Passes will go on sale Thursday, April 24 at 5pm ET
Retweeted by Larry Hryb#FreeCodeFriday Winners @Pixolator @LukeCoooper @stevetweeting @BrandzBennett @RpLayy Check your DM's you won a copy of Trials Fusion#FreeCodeFriday over - randomly picking winners nowOnly 30-minutes left in #FreeCodeFriday http://t.co/aorKNTpGXeSave 50% on "Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack" (All platforms, $32.49) http://t.co/91L7UK8azw http://t.co/qQDL0v7mA3Yea...it's an easy #FreeCodeFriday this week.#FreeCode Friday time. Enter to win a copy of "Trials Fusion" for Xbox One. Good luck http://t.co/r4aKKfZJcMRead this if that means nothing to you http://t.co/y4F0gfGyWJ#FreeCodeFriday starts at 2p ET/11a PT (about 15 mins from now)@thevowel Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays - on a Friday.@tordavis I live..........dangerouslyWell I *DID* want to pick up a 1520....so I guess that helps accelerate that decision@hydroninja9 It fell out of my hand and landed face down on the concrete floor in the Xbox parking garage :(Phone vs. Concrete flooring in the office parking garage. Garage floor wins.I hope the rest of the day goes better than it has so far... Grrrrrrrr http://t.co/ULvL2VKEcpLot's to do in the next 52 days . . . http://t.co/RtFchEjOqdAn early morning start means I start Friday with a manageable inbox@jeffrubenstein @litheon @TreitandTrue @RChaply @drewbenz ...in a wind storm
Titanfall time with @litheon @jeffrubenstein @TreitandTrue @RChaply and @drewbenz@Tecknomano A prompt just popped up when I went to my profile and asked if I wanted it.Playing around with the new Twitter profile design.Get a copy of "South Park: The Stick of Truth" (Xbox 360) for $39.99 - Save $20 http://t.co/BhNJXgKED0 http://t.co/DZc71Z9oPECongrats @Respawn and @EA - #Titanfall on #XboxOne was the #1 Selling Game in March according to NPD http://t.co/Q80iCtpjew
Retweeted by Larry HrybMarch #NPD's are out http://t.co/IyswqJ0vseThe meeting room I am in smells like the lobby of the @venetianvegas - very floralOk, I can cross this off my To Do list. For now cc @thevowel http://t.co/MCpwkC3lZ9Act Three: http://t.co/pPtuch3mYi http://t.co/pZYpjg6Md3
Retweeted by Larry Hryb"Dynamic Global Illumination in Fable Legends" http://t.co/3hWVJzbmHQ (Warning: Super Nerdy read) via @LionheadStudiosBooking travel to go to Alamogordo, NM. To go to a landfill. Yup... you read that right http://t.co/vcwXmyYpVSServers are recovering. You should be able to connect back to Titanfall now.
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@jeffrubenstein @thevowel @bruercoffee Yea....@thehappygirl loves her iced coffee. We may need to get one.@notwen Great news! http://t.co/n2Is47em8k
"Trials Fusion" is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360 http://t.co/unjYvxq6xk http://t.co/Djr1VXFJQEPLOWING through my inbox. Only 273 emails left to read out of the 821 I started the day withPredict the @metacritic for Summer's Biggest Movies http://t.co/gi0PXKMgTmPrivate Match (Beta) has arrived for Xbox 360! The update is rolling out and will be available globally in a few hours. #Titanfall
Retweeted by Larry Hryb[Video] What happens when an Elephant looks in a mirror for the first time? http://t.co/tSqyyxyTXS@AVPreports Glad they tried to make it right...but I need to find out who he is so I can get him an Xbox One. Do you have contact info?@thevowel @jeffrubenstein AgreedThe Final Hours of Titanfall now available on multiple platforms: http://t.co/2ASe4BncBE
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@bromanzier @thevowel http://t.co/unjYvxq6xkAlmost had a few toss the controller moments in Trials Fusion. But at least I'm ahead of @thevowel on most of the maps I've played.Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download Deadlight for free through April 30th http://t.co/zYiUOPxrP8@slisstic414 The work never stops......Trials Fusion is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360. Find download links and a hands-on preview here: http://t.co/mEB58mOqS8
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