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Larry Hryb @majornelson From New England. Seattle now

Trying not to waste your time w/ my tweets. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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It costs $2B per year to send water to the Internatonal Space Station http://t.co/egnwTlSNo330-minutes to make my connection in Minneapolis ? Sure.@Boogie2988 do the barn find side missions. You get some fun cars with them - I’ve got a VW bus I pimped out. It’s a rocket now.@Boogie2988 yeaaaaa. Sorry about that. Great game otherwise. Right?The highly-touted Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is now available for download on Xbox One http://t.co/qxNykHjy2RHeading to the Syracuse airport to catch my flight back to Seattle. This is going to be a long day.
NBA 2K15 can be preordered and predownloaded now so you can tip off midnight on launch day next week: http://t.co/fAhK1x9XQIOne of the strangest (and scariest) @TheSimpsons couch gags I've ever seen http://t.co/LeS4BDPmKJShadow of Mordor launches in about 12 hours - watching this 6-part Making Of series will get you that much closer: http://t.co/d3zId1Ov60Here's what to expect in Screamride, coming next Spring to Xbox One and Xbox 360 http://t.co/WO9h1NClMf@inkjetpowered @NewhouseSU thanks !@KillerApp23 @ajbk4life yup I am hereIf you are on Ello you can find me here http://t.co/2X13oSCaWIWas able to sneak in to the brand new classroom/set/newsroom opening today @NewhouseSU http://t.co/QpzBG0RkvkXbox One Launches in China http://t.co/s3xyEXwKZb
Retweeted by Larry HrybMy view from the #fdmedia panel I am on at @NewhouseSU Streaming now here http://t.co/5JJwh2PvqY http://t.co/BxYZDpuHRVExcited for the @NewhouseSU event today @SyracuseU - it's great to be back on on the hill. http://t.co/Q2xNL2ojSV http://t.co/BUdF3sgytwI need to get an invite to Ello - or do I?And another part of my childhood dies. RIP Saturday morning cartoons http://t.co/LEeJCi7hXj
Hello Syracuse@mread In that same spirit....I’ll go into more of the "dogs on a plane" story on the next podcast. This is one that you have to hear to believe.@thatrobguy You would have thought it was. But alas, I think this was driven by hunger.Nothing like a mid-flight dog fight to wake the cabin up.@tomwarren in a bag no less! There were two. IN A BAG!The person sitting next to me on my flight to Atlanta had 2 dogs in a bag under the seat. I found out 2 hours in when they stated fighting@dalfoa For the @NewhouseSU event tomorrrow http://t.co/cu0zMKAMTh@aleedw nice meeting you ! Safe travels@bklynknightz about an hourIn #Atlanta waiting for my final connection to #Syracuse -I have the new “windowless window seat” option on my flight today. http://t.co/Xsy3RrcHPU@uselessSABOTAGE love to, but I am on the road for a few days and won’t have time. Good luck !@JuIMdama you should submit that idea to http://t.co/1FfDcTlLEk.@simyo3in1 one day only.Long day of travel ahead as I head to @SyracuseU for the event tomorrow.
@Bruce_Breezy Good game !FAQ: I am heading to @NewhouseSU to be a part of the dedication ceremony Monday http://t.co/HHbcqnhEtN (with @Oprah )Spending the morning rebooking my flight to @SyracuseU tomorrow since I my original flight through Chicago was cancelled due to events
@ColtFloyd I try to read all my @ replies… But I can’t respond to ever single one. Sorry.BTW: Trying a new approach w/ the link bundle thing…let me know what you think. Is there a better way to share a bunch of links?A bundle of 10 links that will catch you up on the Xbox news of the week with just one click http://t.co/XLL1Ij7dSqI’m not a cat video gut but how can you disagree with "Assassin's Kittens Unity” http://t.co/sb8ZCJyQNr cc @GreatWallofChinNew Podcast this week. Join me, @lauralollipop @jeffrubenstein and special guests @litheon & @AceyBongos http://t.co/QOu1px7HcF@WinObs Congrats!#FreeCodeFriday Winners @KJBombDotCom @Halo_Alba @MrSaibat @Ramtard1 @WinObs Check your DM's you won a copy of Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One#freecodefriday is now over - winners now being randomly chosen.Have questions about the various pre-order incentives for #NBA2K15? Fear not, read here http://t.co/QohNYAA8J2
Retweeted by Larry HrybOnly one more hour to enter #freecodefriday http://t.co/9AGmp6r11wHere's what @MicrosoftStore has planned for next week's Forza Horizon 2 launch http://t.co/49QeI6zWDQHere’s the untold story of the least noticeable car in the new Forza Horizon 2 ad http://t.co/EqQsGI5OfMDon't forget to reply using #freecodefriday#freecodefriday begins now. Read this and you could win a copy of Defense Grid 2 from @HiddenPathEnt http://t.co/325Q3NVcAl@thevowel cc @airandspace@jeffrubenstein @godfree @thevowel I warned you ! ;)The Xbox office elevators have received an update for the Holiday https://t.co/3dA53DUNEqI'll kick off #freecodefriday today at 3p ET/12n PT. If you are new to #freecodefriday read up on it here http://t.co/y4F0gfopIBLIVE NOW: Watch @OMGitsAliA stream #AdvancedWarfareMP gameplay! http://t.co/F7KQ6cVz6o @EGX http://t.co/f2KkYvfWe9
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@marc_potvin Weekly. Or as close as we can get to it.Working on the show for the week, and a #freecodefridayHey @DestinyTheGame Miners, it looks like you are back in business http://t.co/AvBM7V7JfNKickBeat Special Edition, an @ID_Xbox title, is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/EJp85DUY84@majornelson Now THAT was a great night...
Retweeted by Larry HrybWearing the perfect sweatshirt for a cold, rainy Northwest fall day http://t.co/jqSFlzbcvONew Far Cry 4 trailer just dropped http://t.co/lAIvwVx9osSave $20 - Get a copy of Madden NFL 15 for $39.99 (Current & last gent) http://t.co/8l5pr9PKDJ http://t.co/S194zC6CoF
@thevowel Have fun!@InputForJohnny5 I try to read all my @replies…but can’t respond to everyone. For support, hit up @XboxSupport"KickBeat Special Edition" from @zen_studios is now available for download http://t.co/TIvclRevFa http://t.co/W6jmfNC4JlGet a physical copy of Destiny for Xbox One for $49.99 (while they last) http://t.co/T30mDn04dK http://t.co/b9yoLKbtZq@putermcgee @CheapyD It is thermal, so to say it is warm in that thing is an understatement.@CheapyD Thanks! And yea, FH2 is a ton of fun. Warning: My Driveatar is a bit aggressive.@gogreen18 Great video on the YT pranksters. Thanks for calling it out and taking a stand.The #FUT15 Mobile Companion App update is now rolling out on the @AppStore, @GooglePlay (EU) & @windowsphone (NA). http://t.co/fJ9hC8sQxt
Retweeted by Larry HrybХа! Очередь за Xbox One! http://t.co/nReeVrUuEk
Retweeted by Larry HrybRIP Destiny Treasure Cave [2014-2014] http://t.co/nUN5waMUet
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@arabftd83 @AceyBongos @TannerFoust @Xbox (inhales) yesThe suit I am wearing belongs to Mattias Ekstrom - Three time winner of Race of Champions. He may want to burn it now though.Back on the @Xbox campus for the #Forza Car Fair today. Had a friendly competition with @majornelson on #Horizon2... http://t.co/RmwBXPGbX9
Retweeted by Larry HrybTitanfall's 3rd map pack, IMC Rising, is here: http://t.co/QfhQGkZDrBUnfortunately, Seattle weather has presented technical issues for today's Forza stream, so we're going to have to reschedule. ☔️IMC Rising is now available on Xbox One & PC. Drop into Zone 18, Backwater and Sand Trap. http://t.co/yeTlTfAPH4 http://t.co/7lSBRcUsvl
Retweeted by Larry HrybShould I wear this for the #ForzaHorizon2 live stream today? http://t.co/8c9UYCSF8tJoin me for a live Forza Horizon 2 broadcast at 2pm East/11am Pacific from Xbox HQ - @tannerfoust will be dropping by http://t.co/Ve0jCkEiGZThe fact that this was a Virign flight makes the headline that much better (May be NSFW) http://t.co/LVqnTJMqI4October's Games with Gold include the Xbox One debut of @FrimaStudios' Chariot http://t.co/Hj4lUP38xzMoscow Park to install benches that will display the sitters weight http://t.co/FyRUerJkpk I don’t see this happening in the US anytime soonLot’s going on this morning, but I am going to see if I can stream a bit of Forza Horizon 2 later today.
Fun evening of driving in Forza Horizon 2 w/ @jeffrubenstein and @TreitandTrue. Although it was more like bumper cars at times.@JohnVignocchi @HOBBITZOMBIE @DisneyInfinity Totally down.Thanks to @JohnVignocchi for the incredible @DisneyInfinity care package that just landed on my desk https://t.co/ROiMiYzuZ9If you're an @WatchDogsGame Season Pass owner on Xbox One, the Bad Blood DLC pack has now arrived.@litheon That looks pretty damn good. Just need an espresso.@Stepto Well done! #RidingTheRailsFrom meme to survival horror game, Slender: The Arrival is now available for Xbox 360 http://t.co/NnUa3QQCm1@Eskuhbro One of many reasons I don't prefer the late Fall/WinterTower defense + a brawler + multiplayer... CastleStorm – Definitive Edition is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/qi0NoZZc5dNot a big fan of the sun not coming up until hours after I am wake up for the day. Thanks Fall/Winter
Discussing Space Bass acoustics with @litheon while playing @DestinyTheGameDefense Grid 2, a real-time tower defense game from @HiddenPathEnt, is now available for download on Xbox One http://t.co/AWgvkkGTmkSave some $ w/ this week's Deals with Gold include Contrast, Amazing Spider-man 2, & 1001 Spikes for Xbox One http://t.co/QFdL8PSkUQ
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