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Larry Hryb @majornelson Born New Englander. In Seattle now

Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006. I like games and tech. Instagram http://t.co/fT4Uo3zlPw & Married to @thehappygirl

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A phone Companion app (+ Cortana) for @Windows 10 is coming to iPhone & Android http://t.co/Gv4v2XV4nS19 more days until #xboxe3 http://t.co/Wc1s0cSUnmWhen it’s Tuesday morning, but it actually feels like a Monday morning.ICYMI: LEGO Jurassic World avail for digital Pre-order on Xbox One. Includes Trilogy Pack #2 http://t.co/N8js85dGYM http://t.co/p6aSumWGGO
This week's Deals with Gold & Spotlight Sale features a number of @CallofDuty titles for Xbox http://t.co/aCFO98Bw3a http://t.co/1fOUYFG5IrEnjoying one of the many beautiful views in @witchergame http://t.co/1DjWhDfQcyLEGO Jurassic World now available for Digital Pre-order on Xbox One & includes Trilogy Pack #2 http://t.co/Q3POH0knQd http://t.co/EVmYvJDp4vAs a thank you, active duty members, reserve military personnel, and veterans receive special discounts. http://t.co/OAvx9cQwR7
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@Veronica Not even close to what’s going on in Seattle right now http://t.co/Q2Ck2pwqiI@Ma55acre1080 @GodOfCyanide I guess you missed my tweet from earlier today? https://t.co/je7xz8M545@chobel_gaf @Steverulez Welcome@chobel_gaf @Steverulez Then you’ll miss all the tweets and posts I put up about ID @ Xbox games (and others) http://t.co/bXG7LYgylUHappy #towelday http://t.co/LMlwVUQVb7Take a moment this #MemorialDay to remember those men and women of the service who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you.
Bronn is my my favorite @GameOfThrones character - so many good lines.THAT was a busy Sunday. Now for @GameOfThrones
@Dark_Maturus Thanks!@jordanco @TreitandTrue @litheon That was my favorite part :)@XboxQwik @TreitandTrue @litheon THAT is what I want to go see next.@DisabledgamerJH @TreitandTrue @litheon It was a bit Pollyanna for my taste…but fun none the less.Just saw Tomorrowland with @TreitandTrue and @litheon - loved the opening animationI’m watching people in a line, & they mechanically pull their phone out, unlock it, poke at an icon, refresh. Put phone back. Repeat.@JamesOverholt exactly. Oh the days of singletsIs there a name for the nervous twitch like behavior of constantly playing with/ checking your phone when standing in a line? We need oneFAQ: You can watch the current and previous “This Week on Xbox” episodes in this YouTube playlist http://t.co/ECUNN1UGL4@winger1785 Yup. Head over to this YT playlist http://t.co/Z7s20EzSIf (currently no way to see past eps on the console. Working on that)Head to the ‘What’s On’ section of the Xbox One Dashboard for a new episode of “This Week On Xbox” (or watch it here) http://t.co/Kp5MEQXico
It’s time to start the weekend (and a Holiday one in the US) what every you are doing, have fun and be safe.New podcast is posted with me, @lauralollipop and @litheon - download / llisten to it here http://t.co/m9yJsqPennProbably the most accurate tweet about it I've seen in a while https://t.co/ECOKQKE1Y0@ClassicJeremy :) Glad you saw it. Great job on it.Didn't win The Witcher III: Wild Hunt in #FreeCodeFriday? You still might. Details here, but hurry - ends soon http://t.co/R4xxJoGCfGThe Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One. http://t.co/XIcA3O8lJD http://t.co/plGWmyN7WZ@SyberGeekSLEAK Thank YOU for being apart of the gaming community !@BigturkMcgurk Thanks!@TankS60 We mix up the time of day we do it to give as many people a chance as possibleThis Week On Xbox – Episode Three out now and available on Xbox One (What's On) or at my blog http://t.co/Xil7m8NpaI http://t.co/ZDYsAfyc9vCongrats to @MooreSaiyan, @LMae13, @BlackieChanXBL, @fireman_djb and @skawtiep – they each won a copy of "The Witcher III: Wild Hunt"#FreeCodeFriday is now over. Randomly choosing the winners now.#FreeCodeFriday ends in 30 mins http://t.co/UOQVwJS5qD#FreeCodeFriday time. Read this and you could win a free copy of "The Witcher III: Wild Hunt". Good luck. http://t.co/7oEe1bcn7F…WHY AM I YELLING...#FreeCodeFriday kicks off at 11a ET/ 8a PT - DON’T MOVE IF YOU WANT A CHANCE AT WINNING A COPY OF THE WITCHER 3To celebrate Pac-Man’s birthday, own a copy of Pac-Man CE DX+ for Xbox 360 for 10 quarters http://t.co/BOVtziblmG http://t.co/8RGPsMJdtoHappy Birthday to Pac-Man who turns 35 years old today http://t.co/w4ZvMN0kTj http://t.co/AOPtGAGefEYour chance to win a copy of "The Witcher III: Wild Hunt" happens in one hour with #FreeCodeFriday#FreeCodeFriday - today after 11:00a ET/8:00a PT - Not sure what that means? This FAQ will get you started http://t.co/uCUaTIEZCvCongratulations @UnfinishedPixel on shipping Spy Chameleon. Interesting concept. http://t.co/QcqTuKeSu1 http://t.co/lFm6bNNZUNWorld of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition adding Chinese tanks. To celebrate, the new recruit kit & currency bundle on sale http://t.co/sHgf1WwJWr
@jsjodoin88 Thank you!ICYMI: New features for Xbox & Xbox App on Windows 10 now available for Preview members http://t.co/FKkdoghpbl http://t.co/WMR85YwH2CTwo chances to win The Witcher III: Wild Hunt tomorrow: #FreeCodeFriday & the CE giveaway http://t.co/aEYl7VCkpE http://t.co/QtwmQw1B2QSpy Chameleon, the arcade-puzzle game from @UnfinishedPixel, is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/mgmLZjXUEc http://t.co/JgmhhQXHJnYour @Outlook .com email is getting new features http://t.co/xzlY0kpqRLUse #RedNose25 and @gatesfoundation will donate $25 each time it is used. https://t.co/BWHNawq6fA@Popogeejoe @aarongreenberg I have not even seen one of those yet!My unread count would indicate we are about a month away from #XboxE3 http://t.co/iGK4RxB1y0Getting #FreeCodeFriday ready for tomorrow. Your chance to win a copy of @witchergame :)New features for the Xbox & Xbox App on Windows 10 now available for Preview program members (including streaming) http://t.co/aZoIaG5vvQ@ACTIN_PRIMITIVE @AceyBongos yes!Portal Pinball releases next week, so we have a brand new trailer for you today! https://t.co/oOQpnBg62Y http://t.co/0P2Scqz5DZ
Retweeted by Larry Hryb35 years ago today, the best movie of the Star Wars franchise was released http://t.co/t7jDvKdaEy http://t.co/W00cXldmD0
@ReclaimerRob The Top 10 was great - wasn’t it?Watched the last @Letterman show - and thus ends another chapter in broadcasting history. Thx for everything Dave https://t.co/ie7ESSB7ts@RealTajD @stingernlg Intellivision - oh those little discs and how I had sores on my thumbs from Football.Details on the Over-the-Air TV Tuner available today for Xbox One in the U.S. & Canada http://t.co/uJdA6uiebp http://t.co/aVrnXsu9egICYMI: Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle coming to U.S. http://t.co/7dfqngjefI http://t.co/yxZYw2IwymWorking on some cool stuff for the free Xbox FanFest at E3 next month. I hope you can join us http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@StingerNLG @baloomus @ExploderMouse OOOHH COLOR! I had a TRS80 that had 80 full (gray) columns of text!@StingerNLG @ExploderMouse At least Star Raiders was on a cart - and that loaded pretty fast. And oh those graphics http://t.co/N8bUVbHAgl@StingerNLG @ExploderMouse Did you have a Happy Drive ?@ExploderMouse yeaaaaa@irishfansam @spike @geoffkeighley @XboxP3 It will be available on Xbox One as VOD..yes.ICYM my post about #XboxE3 next month. All the info you need to know is right here http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@GoodGuyJoeyy http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@DannyLewis77 http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@TSTLSOOM http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@xevilrobotx @HauppaugeHQ We don’t have it in now..but I know it’s a big fan request :)If you can't catch the Xbox E3 Briefing on Xbox One or online - you can also watch it on @Spike https://t.co/sgtFoLCJfD@HurtPotatoes when I know, I’ll be sure to share details.The @MicrosoftStore has the Xbox One Special Edition Halo: MCC Bundle in stock. Order it here http://t.co/QfW5fHPgYM http://t.co/IHxMwKy09XAnnouncing Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle coming to U.S. http://t.co/ubcy3odUpF http://t.co/aDC6xJod0Z@cybrmnky303 OTA only.@NewWombat Indeed. All the details are here: http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFn@Ukumio #XboxE3One more thing re: E3, as has happened for the past many years: I will be tweeting a LOT from the show. Adjust notifications as you see fit@CanadianGnasher This may help http://t.co/YCeEaQktKe@XboxQwik No pressure or anything…….You can see the E3 countdown I created at the bottom of this post http://t.co/yuAGr8oEFnI made a countdown clock for the Xbox E3 2015 briefing. If you want to use it on your site, grab the code here http://t.co/UHjwHrj0NPDon’t forget: I’m giving away the last "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition” - want to win it? Go here - > http://t.co/EyOSchG5rMDestiny Expansion II: House of Wolves is available for Xbox One - have you played it yet? What do you think? http://t.co/id3iiCGQqP@evilangela Arggh…too early. not enough caffeine. I was thinking about the Atari 800 - one of the first systems I programmed on.The manual from an old Atari 800 cart at the office. One stick. One button. The ultimate in simple controls. http://t.co/rOanuY4rXOIn case you missed my Pro-Tip for #Witcher - I found it to be very helpful: https://t.co/dOgRsKA5YBWolfenstein The Old Blood is on sale today for $19.99 (Digital) http://t.co/1OUWduhNRf http://t.co/GkEbu5uaILCongrats @BigPixelStudios on shipping Mega Coin Squad for Xbox One. Get those COINS! Intense http://t.co/QLd8cmlOWY http://t.co/eAI5aINE20Details on the Over-the-Air TV Tuner that is now available for Xbox One in the U.S. & Canada. http://t.co/4nzExTr4li http://t.co/euSGdkgy6l
My #WitcherTip: Press and hold MENU to go straight to the map.@HRRDLRY No. Just decided I am in a Witcher mood tonight.
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