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We're celebrating international Record Store Day with the Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp homemade audio circuit: https://t.co/Q1GI1Be36c
Nate and Jon Schatz, 13 and 10, had fun with our Raspberry Pirate Radio project and even made a RaspPi radio ad: http://t.co/Heaa17WLedShare your most innovative camera hacks, mods & tweaks and enter to win a @NikonUSA 1 V3 camera+3 lenses+accessories! http://t.co/TmooXTnpSaThis thing will go anywhere! "Build an Omnidirectional Holonomic Robot from Lego" http://t.co/RgXJbMWtFt“Venture math is a harsh mistress.” —@rachelchalmers #vcfunding Maker Pro Newsletter http://t.co/30RyYbKITCThe EYES have it: Hacking the @LegoEV3 http://t.co/9YiNCxtwKq New from 'Basic #Arduino Projects' author @mrdon219Quite the mashup. Eric Schaepler's 3D Vector Graphics on a WWII Radar Tube with Arduino: http://t.co/x1vfPMU9Bw via @make
Retweeted by MAKEMT @MakerCon Remember #HIW? #MakerCon turns it up to 11. http://t.co/1BAMD2Xbid 1st conf by + for #makers | #IoT #robots #citizenscience10 tools and techniques for creating amazing shots like this "firewall" by pro Barry Elder: http://t.co/MRVnZWq3c4 http://t.co/1izAwYWBjcHow-To: Homemade Dark Chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs | MAKE: Craft http://t.co/GtJ9UlyYhW @Make
Retweeted by MAKE3D vector graphics on a WWII radar tube with Arduino: http://t.co/Ou3wHlTZgJHow Lasse Lauesen got the coolest job in the world, as a Lego Designer http://t.co/0WaxYPEFmJ
Retweeted by MAKEThere's a special place in our heart for local Maker-Friendly hardware stores http://t.co/yYPhCi54Gj via @make
Retweeted by MAKENeed a fun weekend project? Build this vinyl digitizer & take your records on the road. @make http://t.co/lN7Fo0N2Mf http://t.co/kYvMltvS8R
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Make the Shot: We want to see your coolest, most creative photos, and you can win some sweet Nikon gear http://t.co/FRbpVqrBgU #nikonusaBuilding the Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp project is a great way to celebrate #RecordStoreDay2014 this weekend! http://t.co/zgwFVZj6PJRT @MakerCon The Only Conference By + For Makers: #MakerCon http://t.co/vwbbilZNE8 Early bird reg ends 4/20; call for prototypes is live!
Build $10 bike panniers from 5-gallon buckets with this project by @liseman from MAKE Volume 38: http://t.co/sWEa6R6mLDWhat if there were a body of makers who vet all of the new hardware offerings posted to crowdfunding sites? http://t.co/pa9LueRaIXSpotify list of robot-themed tracks from MAKE staffers @JeffreyBraverma and @whyisjake. Enjoy, and send additions: http://t.co/EHESXtxGxLMaker Faire Shenzhen a Seminal Event for Makers in China: http://t.co/ZMbFKM9O6E by me via @make
Retweeted by MAKEHow I Got My #Job as a #Lego Designer http://t.co/DLe8e6bi55 Via @Make
Retweeted by MAKEMaker Faire Shenzhen a Seminal Event for Makers in China: http://t.co/zYwmvZYkOI by @dalepdRT @MakerCon Pitch Your Prototype! #MakerCon wants to give you $5k + @Makerfaire exposure. http://t.co/DMdz5mCNDU Deadline is 4/25Inspiring story. “@EoinNield: Awesome piece on the path to becoming a Lego designer http://t.co/eL1S4C7weA via @make #dreamjob
Retweeted by MAKE"After seeing the cost for my CT scan, I decided to build an open source desktop CT scanner..." http://t.co/qvLkrqW9Sj via @make
Retweeted by MAKEAwesome piece on the path to becoming a Lego designer http://t.co/NV4sb1CWSa via @make #dreamjob
Retweeted by MAKEThe @TXInstruments #SensorTag, now with added #iBeacon, http://t.co/Yjuhoef9NQ. http://t.co/4hgw9Cltju
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We’re on Make Magazine today for their DIY Space Week! We picked 5 cool participatory space projects to highlight: http://t.co/DrcLLZMWEh
Retweeted by MAKEIs the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set boy-centric? And if so, what can we do about it? Great insights from @marziah: http://t.co/ejS9kNRGBVAfter seeing the cost for his CT scan, Peter Jansen decided to build an open-source desktop CT scanner: http://t.co/4g9RPcGRfQHow I Got My Job as a Lego Designer | MAKE - http://t.co/GWCSyiY2iN
Retweeted by MAKEI need Cardboard and my paintball gun :) Building a Fully Animated AT-ST costume: http://t.co/UJm26om5J4 via @make
Retweeted by MAKEIf you're in Scotland this weekend, check out the second annual Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday, April 20: http://t.co/WA7mCPi31wComing up this weekend: Cedar Rapids Mini Maker Faire at the @crsciencecenter. Check it out on Saturday, April 19! http://t.co/L3nn9yIu4iDit. Verhaal. Droombaan! "Hoe ik LEGO ontwerper werd". Man! http://t.co/gZeRnPY0cn Check de filmpjes! #makered (via @make)
Retweeted by MAKE#Dream #job #story. “@make: How I got my job as a Lego designer: http://t.co/7ru7RhEY54
Retweeted by MAKEYeah @akaziuna! #make your own damn standing table. @make @AtFAB_co @betaspring http://t.co/ETsasIvWun
Retweeted by MAKEHow I Got My Job as a Lego Designer: http://t.co/C0xsbJcDnR via @make
Retweeted by MAKELego Technic + House Beats = Play House! Rad musical automata by @alexallmont: http://t.co/d5VZXYh4rk House music on @make? Yes please!
Retweeted by MAKEDream Job. HT @make @ctostam "How I Got My Job as a Lego Designer | MAKE" @jatostado http://t.co/xLaagUmSJ3
Retweeted by MAKE"How I Got My Job as a Lego Designer | MAKE" @jatostado http://t.co/xafzX8E47u
Retweeted by MAKELego Technic + House Beats = Play House! @alexallmont tells us how he made this rad musical automata: http://t.co/LhdoepVWxmRT @MakerCon #MakerCon Early Bird Pricing ends Apr 20. http://t.co/1BAMD2Xbid Save $100 on this conf by and for #makers!How I got my job as a Lego designer: http://t.co/ffeacC6SxA#the5: Wearables might indeed be the next thing for everyone. Take a look at MetaWear via @make: http://t.co/7GkNvuNdtU
Retweeted by MAKECharles Platt's Make: More Electronics is now available as an early release ebook: http://t.co/DV40e0q1Gn Get it before it's hot!
Retweeted by MAKE#amenbreak #scarf #shetland #wool http://t.co/nEbfvsqSb9
Final hours of the #MFkiosk Design Challenge. Just over 4.5 hours to go. Looking forward to those final entries! http://t.co/UDAqzjn0R2@giga_macro show you how to produce a 100+ megapixel macro image with a basic digital camera and photo software: http://t.co/EHG8XBZmjv@Maker_Kids is one of the world's only makerspaces for kids. Insights on how making with kids can remake the world: http://t.co/1NnwdcrZvCHey, neat! Sam Scheiner over at @make upgraded my secret knock gumball machine! http://t.co/kNXY5uW0qI
Retweeted by MAKEMy next mailbox http://t.co/HOHNZZcaXz via @make
Retweeted by MAKEWish you had your own book digitizer? Here's how to build your own using Lego Mindstorms and Raspberry Pi. http://t.co/nHhvNppJBdSkill Builder: Foam Sculpting, Surfacing, and "Sugru Skinning": http://t.co/2YyEzNSIas via @make
Retweeted by MAKE#SLOMakerspace Featured in @make magazine's blog! http://t.co/CNUc5iVIm4
Retweeted by MAKESLO Makerspace Opens "They really want to make the space accessible to kids." http://t.co/hvt7H4jtA4Beehouse number 2 /cc @make http://t.co/QLY7tOpeam
Retweeted by MAKEJust finished making the Blinky Grid from @make http://t.co/csO1o6QJSV
Retweeted by MAKEGoing to a talk on this MetaWear board for #wearables on Thursday - so excited! http://t.co/IlYQe2Rynm via @make
Retweeted by MAKEHow the success of @NASA_Phonesat @planetlabs help @NanoRacks & @SpaceflightInc ensure Makers' access to space @make http://t.co/7GNhL03u8z
Retweeted by MAKEThis looks awesome!!! The Return of the Secret-Knock Gumball Machine: http://t.co/0VkXLNqjAB via @make Can't wait to see it!
Retweeted by MAKEWill the new #MetaWear board make wearables the next big thing? http://t.co/AiqlZyUXqo via @make
Retweeted by MAKEI just backed Maker's Alphabet on @Kickstarter http://t.co/yeiMkpBfvA Unstoppable cuteness!
Retweeted by MAKEMakers countdown! Entries for the #MakerFaire Design Challenge are due TONIGHT at 11:59pm PT: http://t.co/UDAqzjn0R2 - Good luck to all!Will the new #metawear board make #wearables the next big thing? I interview @laurakassovic for @MAKE, http://t.co/luHgEf515e.
Retweeted by MAKEWill the new MetaWear board make wearables the next big thing? http://t.co/ruK9qd0Xgl
Did a Caley glider workshop, based on @wmgurst's how-to in @make issue 37. http://t.co/OpyYnr92NE
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What's your favorite neighborhood hardware store? Here's our look at 4 independent, maker-friendly hardware stores: http://t.co/j2SO8LQKUP
In Thorsson's latest ED-209 build installment, we learn vacforming. Also,that this thing is going to be HUGE. http://t.co/XDFQtXB6VA@macfreak109 Is this the Solitary Bee Condos project?Check out my interview with @spacemansam about the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project on @MAKE! http://t.co/kAXMnYNrjQ
Retweeted by MAKEWe're hanging out with @eepybird in the Lab right now — join us! http://t.co/grxMxD27GnMars Rover Art Car: How the Desert Wizards of Mars brought space to the playa. Read our interview to learn more: http://t.co/ytGXQc89rJ
Make use of the space under a staircase and get pro with your painting by building the clever Stairwell Spray Booth: http://t.co/Fwpo7T9U4xScope pro snowboarder Mike Basich's DIY off-grid mountain cabin and see him speak @makerfaire http://t.co/Z5LlZeMADZ @GoPro @FLOWsnowboardn“We’re in the awkward teenage years of technology.” —@carladiana_ Maker Pro Newsletter #IoT http://t.co/wohkXNGCyH@iliketomakestuf @pweditors @JimmyDiResta MAKE's Michelle Hlubinka recommends 99% Invisible — http://t.co/cUbMB6ij75 http://t.co/S3bt5yD72EYou know it'll be pretty rad when @NASAPrize wants to setup a Challenge named LAST CUBESAT STANDING http://t.co/pduPIiR4ij #DIYSpaceWeek
Retweeted by MAKEWhat are you breathing right now? @timsdye has some answers for you and a #CitizenScience call to action, http://t.co/0uzw12GEwP #IoT
Retweeted by MAKEOn the topic of Build-It-Yourself spacecraft. "Makers in Space: What Was Old Is New Again" http://t.co/yyivyswMaX
Retweeted by MAKEROBOTIS: DARWIN MINI Dancing Team: http://t.co/ZV3o7dZqvq via @make @robotis @make @makerfaire @makerfairekc #make
Retweeted by MAKEThe Diddley Bow: http://t.co/q7OAmZC8XX via @make I WANT TO MAKE ONE SO BAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA #need
Retweeted by MAKE@ENJOwithLeea @vegetarianmom @Todaysparent Our version uses (silent) chattering teeth but could chime too ;) http://t.co/gl5VYgWYD0At #MakerCon @MarkHatch will discus the new rules for innovation in the new world of crafters, hackers, and tinkerers http://t.co/PBNM5PJd5GMakers have been asking, so here's a Q&A about our #MakerFaire Design Challenge presented by @SketchUp: http://t.co/wqEs0Liqum - Apply Now!
Interested in photographing small objects? Get great macro shots using this inexpensive hardware and software setup: http://t.co/s9ZTmT95RCHelp make Maker Faire happen and pick up some useful skills: 6 hours gets you a day pass & exclusive giveaways! http://t.co/MyNwgbicEQKerbal Space Program: Now with More Asteroid! http://t.co/jANyHuvV3eOur full breakdown on how to make breathtaking moving-sky nighttime time-lapse videos on your own: http://t.co/JzhbuBgT0j5 fully functional 3D-printed cameras — which one will you print? http://t.co/A76gWQeXx2We just sent out the Make: Newsletter, and it's all about MAKE Volume 38. http://t.co/ynpNajhCdY Subscribe: http://t.co/B4vPu26XZKMy 1st @NASAPrize @Make article in summary: Mars Ascent Vehicle = Robots + Rockets + Playing in the Dirt = Fun http://t.co/R3n7oDQPNs
Retweeted by MAKEWe’re looking for early stage startups and cutting-edge products to exhibit in the Innovation Showcase at #MakerCon http://t.co/GZqnxNuGoIPeep this unbelievably informative post on @make by @seanragan on joints using 2D stock. Amazing primer/brain food: http://t.co/RxbpyH37lj
Retweeted by MAKEThis week at @Make is "Space Week" — projects and tutorials to inspire your cosmic interests: http://t.co/CtfYYC4qVr
Retweeted by MAKEFeast your eyes on 21 works of art inspired by the cosmos, from welded metal to crocheted yarn: http://t.co/UoXmHIr84mSubscribe to #MakeZine to lift your spirits. Join a very successful community.
Retweeted by MAKE@rtlsdrblog That's great!
“Makers need to keep satellite design simple. Skycube probably shouldn’t have had deployable solar panels” http://t.co/GdPpxv38Pm
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