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Damon Albarn carried off stage after refusing to finish 5 hour set http://t.co/xPXDPkfRHp
America in 2015. Watch Abby Wambach share a beautiful moment with her wife after winning World Cup: http://t.co/kWeDMzlz6n'True Detective' Episode 3: We have another boogeyman http://t.co/i95v38l13i http://t.co/gTaerE4OHRAmerica reacted very American-ly to the World Cup win. http://t.co/apKADcencR http://t.co/ootcyu1nstThe Grateful Dead open 'Fare Thee Well' finale with a fine feline http://t.co/LuhpMfy5mP http://t.co/6MWdQooIjR12 fading TV actors who deserve to land another show http://t.co/9vYa9larkL via @cinemablend http://t.co/bvOamd75t8Here are the 10 most 'Merica things that happened at the World Cup final #USWNT #USAvJPN http://t.co/jPILC4UEtZ http://t.co/vQKSlSQoAVThe 10 most American things that happened at the World Cup final #USA #Merica http://t.co/fznvW8WgT6 http://t.co/d7S0ONv1H0
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWhat a win for Team USA! Great game @CarliLloyd! Your country is so proud of all of you. Come visit the White House with the World Cup soon.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSweet redemption! USA wallops Japan to win first Women's World Cup since 1999 http://t.co/ZtHVdxRKmn #USWNT #USAvJPN http://t.co/Mx9IwGzcJTWORLD CHAMPIONS! 🏆🏆🏆 @ussoccer_wnt defeats #JPN 5-2 to claim third World Cup championship #SheBelieves #USWNT #USA http://t.co/e7fda11OzGIwabuchi catches a yellow card. #USAvJPN #FIFAWWCFinal http://t.co/1dtp1Ha220
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentHere comes @AbbyWambach for her final go! Quite a capper to an outstanding career. http://t.co/bDI4prDwNE
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment.@CarliLloyd, American Hero. http://t.co/qGZULvfqjE http://t.co/jhWtXNN6mj
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentBOOM! #USA’s Tobin Heath answers own-goal, puts the @ussoccer_wnt back up by 3 goals, 5-2 #USAvJPN http://t.co/JHVWnnDDE8FLASHBACK: Check out members of @ussoccer_wnt - including @CarliLloyd - sharing insights on achieving greatness: https://t.co/kIjkhufvgvMissed the action-packed first half of #USAvJPN? Don’t worry, @samcmlaird has you covered. http://t.co/2dc3csdvBq http://t.co/KV2j5YgHxTAll hail Carli Lloyd, Queen of America: http://t.co/jxDlWgurv0 #USWNT #USAvJPN http://t.co/uWqUhhYBjXHALFTIME: @ussoccer_wnt leads 4-1, 45 minutes from 🏆🏆🏆 #SheBelieves #WWCFinal #USAvJPN http://t.co/aKqwvzTYyyDear @USTreasury: we've got you covered. #CarliLloydOnThe10 (by @anniecolbert) http://t.co/iJizfusNkJ
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentIt’s not over yet! https://t.co/DbEqh2N7bMtow you score a hat trick in the World Cup final http://t.co/b7PKquAAiVWhen everything goes your way… #USAvJPN #CarliLloydOnThe10 http://t.co/TEzbsvwfniARE. YOU. KIDDING. The @CarliLloyd WONDER STRIKE. #HatTrick #USAvJPNCarli Lloyd with the hat trick! http://t.co/mkq80AJjb0 #USAvJPN http://t.co/a4bTWK65ia3-0 #USA Let the eagle fly!!! http://t.co/XYsgKMN56WCheck out the second goal by @CarliLloyd, who will soon be seen on the US $10 bill. #USAvJPN #WWCFinal http://t.co/KV2j5YgHxTCARLI LLOYD, NOT A REPLAY! 2-0 #USA #USA #USAGOAL! #USA up 1-0 early on #JPN! Carli Lloyd, AMERICAN HERO. http://t.co/EYtHs0XJyiLet’s do this. #USAvJPN #SheBelieves #WWCFinal http://t.co/VpWVmFBssA10 minutes til #USAvJPN! Check out @samcmlaird’s preview of the #WWCFinal. http://t.co/9lRK8AF8q5 http://t.co/2WsoQEOtRh
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment"We've got to believe" - @abbywambach #@ussoccer_wnt #USWNT #USAvJPN http://t.co/M4m2IrpV0c
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment30 minutes from @ussoccer_wnt vs #JPN in #WWCFinal! RT if you’re rooting for #USA Fav if you’re rooting for #USA http://t.co/r5WIqwBB4hMusicians around the world pay tribute to the Grateful Dead's 'Ripple' in new video. Watch: http://t.co/1OeGvoctDd http://t.co/XDmgqyxJC9.@FooFighters' 20th anniversary show: Inside the rock band's triumphant extravaganza. http://t.co/qaljc4ey10 http://t.co/XZNqiDhBHmDiscovery wants science lovers to dip their toes back into the waters of Shark Week. http://t.co/dgedDnGyVI http://t.co/dJiuBZVcOuSome people take Shark Week REALLY seriously. http://t.co/UOiBq5F8M0 http://t.co/07FSVWA0PoDave Grohl performs first gig since breaking his leg — while sitting on a throne. http://t.co/Jo9Hndq8MW http://t.co/RPorF56ReGHere's how to recreate your childhood game library with the Internet Archive: http://t.co/VnpOMRJ9va http://t.co/5PVELACnoL
The @GratefulDead come out blazing in Chicago for 'Fare Thee Well' tour. http://t.co/lqbNxuexVN http://t.co/I2QpBBQmaVThe Grateful Dead's #FareTheeWell first-night attendance of 70,764 broke the Soldier Field record set by U2 in 2009 (67,936). #GD50Women's World Cup final: How the USA can write itself a perfect ending. http://t.co/qPEzzX2P4m http://t.co/gvKADet5onFirst look at 'Minecraft: Story Mode': It's an epic, star-studded adventure. http://t.co/CCYrIVaVtI http://t.co/zc9gVrLfe8Lil Wayne unleashes 'Free Weezy Album' for Fourth of July weekend http://t.co/eBQdvd09eM #FWA http://t.co/uuPFIlZW6U
Donald Trump's going-away gift to Jon Stewart is Donald Trump. http://t.co/9mGno26aVh http://t.co/lTi7synfbFWatch the @Summerfest music festival live stream right here: http://t.co/ar3D4IaHDj You can pick from 4 stages! http://t.co/WGzTngr4hxBlinded in Afghanistan, this Navy vet found his purpose as a Paralympian - http://t.co/Kq9KrsuGSpDeath metal 'Grease' is an electrifyin' head bang. Watch: http://t.co/Gtmj6QBGkQKit Harington's hair at Wimbledon gives hope to 'Game of Thrones' fans. http://t.co/8uMC59DCn8 http://t.co/hLzlJhALa8The dog days of summer (and the long weekend) are the perfect time to lose yourself in an involved video game. http://t.co/gOTrWiV49wHere comes sunshine, and humidity. A day with the @GratefulDead in 1977: http://t.co/CxxGEqtUK0 http://t.co/rrUJilas3fConfessions of a Deadhead as the trip comes to an end: http://t.co/3UHdcUa3Ga http://t.co/RnKMqLuXWC'Terminator Genisys' threat assessment: Is tech really coming for us? http://t.co/WjoxQQO3gE http://t.co/PlhrBue9QVDestiny's weekend vendor is now selling the game's most unusual shotgun. http://t.co/KrRrjqgcmQ10 groovy surprises the @GratefulDead could pull off at "Fare Thee Well": http://t.co/JqFIHE3WSM http://t.co/EefrryFBDi'The Daily Show': All its tributes to Jon Stewart, in one place http://t.co/7gZqNpaLOT http://t.co/oiCqCGoo9oHow does 'Halo 5 Guardians' make up for past mistakes? Just you wait http://t.co/BwCVBnZKUn
U.S. SALES IN 2015, SO FAR NOTE: -10 song sales convert into 1 album sale -1,500 streams convert into 1 album sale http://t.co/56pRES9DaZ
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentApple Music review: Loud, fast and out of control http://t.co/2p2PDRGuoW http://t.co/VXTJ3p2zG0Further proof of 30 Rock's sentience: http://t.co/UgleBAImy8 http://t.co/oxZBeeEmGeI'm proud to announce this morning that @Comic_Con will stay in San Diego through 2018. #SDCC
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentA new documentary called 'Straight/Curve' follows the plus-size fashion revolution: http://t.co/JlhpTUDXFo'Sesame Street' star Maria (a.k.a. Sonia Manzano) is leaving after 44 years. http://t.co/ZTcgpn9hSW http://t.co/PJjRyV21oD
Comic books + Lego = Brickin' genius. http://t.co/yoV6IOiIoX http://t.co/thMbjzvrxlREMATCH: #USAvJPN Sunday at 7pm ET in the #FIFAWWC final, a rematch of the 2011 final (#JPN won on penalties) http://t.co/7Xfv59uyWx#JPNvsENG kicking off now for the right to get served by the #USWNT in the Women's World Cup final on Sunday. 💯😎🇺🇸
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentJapan could be in position to play World Cup spoiler again for Team USA, if it can win tonight http://t.co/ElTF3ul7pr http://t.co/JH8lTWbrRiFrom damsel to hero: How Emily became Dishonored 2's new badass. http://t.co/EOJovK3jRGA Universal Music boss destroyed Amy Winehouse's demos -- and he had a good reason: http://t.co/ajI552HdjK http://t.co/8Y2ieZUxYkWB's #SDCC Hall H panel: Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and Gal Gadot.Our first extended look at Michael Fassbender in Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie: http://t.co/pgpMmc4bzd http://t.co/laRfjLMEALSteve Jobs looks good. I’m sure the film will be fantastic. Fassbender is a great actor. But he looks NOTHING like Jobs. Nothing.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentHere's Michael Fassbender playing Christian Bale playing Steve Jobs. http://t.co/w03t6sCyHN
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment.@IggyAzalea insists there's absolutely, positively no 'beef' with @BritneySpears http://t.co/3Qqai9pQop http://t.co/DjocQJzErd10 movies you would never believe led the box office at least 3 weeks in a row http://t.co/5ByaLduydB @cinemablend
Stan Lee wants Spider-Man to 'stay as he is': white and straight http://t.co/VSKKKOMTyo http://t.co/z7GjCKpwJtThe USA has found its mojo just in time for the Women's World Cup final. http://t.co/P3SAeMdWoR #USWNT #USAvGER http://t.co/RD0g7CIxWu'Creed' trailer is no schlocky 'Rocky' — this thing looks awesome http://t.co/Tz5RIYsuHj🏆 FINAL: #USA tops #GER 2-0, heads to #WWC Final on Sunday! #SheBelieves #USWNT http://t.co/nMUNZJ6Ugm
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentICYMI https://t.co/Q0SpCk7JCr
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentTone-deaf FIFA story focuses on USA star Alex Morgan's "good looks": http://t.co/J40FBVe1iT http://t.co/O8PHiKfyNSSO CLOSE! An action-packed #USAvGER semifinal is *somehow* at a scoreless draw at halftime. #USWNT http://t.co/s6o0jg9FapMAN IS IT FUN TO *FINALLY* SEE THE #USWNT WE WERE ALL SO EXCITED ABOUT BEFORE THIS TOURNAMENT THO. #USAvGER
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentBrutal collision! #WWC2015 #USAvGER http://t.co/oZrg7T8kfG
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentIf you've ever doubted how good women's soccer can be, put on #USAvGER now. World #1 & 2 in a super fun, up & down game so far. 0-0 21st min
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentBig miss for USA. #USAvGER http://t.co/i91lofvKOy
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentThat save… #USAvGER http://t.co/ReQLBAzDJkWhite Girl Iverson aka Megan Rapinoe with the nasty move but Angerer saves easily. Fun game so far. Fun fun fun. Find a TV. #USAvGER #USWNT
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentGood luck to the #USA women's soccer team. We're rooting for you all around the world. #OneNationOneTeam #USAvGER http://t.co/UwcwDVjOla
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentAre *you* ready? They are: @CarliLloyd @AbbyWambach & @_JulieJohnston_ on what it's like to play for #USWNT #USA http://t.co/ua5RFw5HJTHere's how to get started with Apple Music: http://t.co/Bl11Rw9z8h http://t.co/CEftmTm9IWApple Music's Beats 1 radio station is bleeping out all the bad words http://t.co/3YctyaRDeWLove is over: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner file for divorce. http://t.co/G6oKl6JURI http://t.co/OUgXOisggXFAA will crack down on Patriots, Giants and Cowboys for using drones http://t.co/NwjOj7wB3TThe first trailer for Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' is here, and it's moody and paranoid. http://t.co/k3OaXxwL1KAppropriately, Under Neon Lights by The Chemical Brothers is up now. St. Vincent is featured on this track
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentAudio on @Beats1 is very compressed. It really is just like Radio on the internet!
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentListening to the just-launched @Beats1! "To the early adopters, to those hungry for music ... this is your soundtrack." ~ @ZaneLowe #Beats1
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentiOS 8.4 available now: Apple Music is here http://t.co/KjyH0XgWC5 http://t.co/nXGg7sF45b'I Am Chris Farley' trailer takes you on an emotional journey down memory lane http://t.co/x5EaDNVExY http://t.co/hfWHbckTiz
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