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Watch music lovers hunt for vinyl on #RecordStoreDay: http://t.co/OXtFkqzxnq http://t.co/O5Iy8BEsWfR2-D2 delightfully plays with young 'Star Wars' superfan in wheelchair. Watch: http://t.co/5wzWdjmkHM http://t.co/zeC0ziLGUfMashup of Disney villains falling to their doom might ruin your childhood. Watch: http://t.co/P0JvytzMKe http://t.co/RHSmFdpKqyKeeping the needle on the record: Vinyl's unlikely comeback. http://t.co/XeOGV3ijh8 -@ConversationUK #RecordStoreDay http://t.co/pViIjFNawUNHL player Jarret Stoll arrested on cocaine, ecstasy charges in Las Vegas. http://t.co/s6vma2CFzQ http://t.co/gXe6YOvuyj'Orphan Black' preview: Breaking down the male clones of Project Castor. http://t.co/cX4HmiuIUW http://t.co/J9lvXmKpKBHow beloved broadcaster Jim Barnett's surprise return made this historic #Warriors season more special than ever: http://t.co/MwAJ1mGwaKDMX surprises Coachella with 'Ruff Ryder's Anthem' and Walmart visit. http://t.co/NCl8FnRGQ3 http://t.co/RUexMkLAglSpark your wanderlust by looking at these 12 unique record stores across the world http://t.co/hUKP3Lv0tU #RSD15 http://t.co/gFq8c9eIgwMusician rocks out with dinos in acoustic version of 'Jurassic Park' theme song. http://t.co/H7GsNzfiEA http://t.co/yOTiqRGMd712 gorgeous record stores worth raiding on Record Store Day http://t.co/ufK97scbMP #RSD15 @recordstoreday http://t.co/tOCjfnGPpB
Every major 'Full House' character ranked by haircut: http://t.co/vn6tRjxQiu http://t.co/qTSd25JX1nColorado: You can smoke pot while gaming, but not driving. http://t.co/PIE0QeWd7ySpanish-language variety show 'Sabado Gigante' is ending after 53 years on the air http://t.co/MQv8GQdvznWe got a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated 'Star Wars Battlefront' game. Here are our first impressions - http://t.co/HqiovsMSfqDestiny: Xur's Exotic Gear For The Week of April 17 http://t.co/7ezax8RMye'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' trailer leaks online. Watch: http://t.co/rDlpCXoDIn http://t.co/UkeCxDvKYsThese LED wristbands will rock the @ACMAwards. Watch them in action: http://t.co/ZkrtIi53L1 #ACMawards50 http://t.co/8WLpRXbsuw'Louie' Season 5, episode 2: Pamela's back. Read @neeeda's recap. http://t.co/FerXTlhc6W http://t.co/Kg8U8TiovCWomen make up 33% of @TribecaFilmFest's feature filmmakers this year. 9 to watch for: http://t.co/VuTvcjv0fc http://t.co/lw9QDKhWP4'Scandal' recap: (spoiler) may have just paid the ultimate price http://t.co/vq6aGYnbbR'Louie' tackles poop and Pamela in tonight's episode of @LouieFX: http://t.co/hZ4Pt5dzNS http://t.co/wF0Gmn9ey7
Tonight's Lip Sync Battle Winner: @AnnaKendrick47. http://t.co/V7aAWwS4VN http://t.co/7Ck9KfUmHC"Grand Theft Auto V" running in virtual reality ... gee that didn't take long: http://t.co/2x3ixHi5ag http://t.co/pd3BUbi7HdESPN suspends Britt McHenry, the reporter who acted like a terrible person in a leaked video: http://t.co/iK69pL5zTr http://t.co/KrjDhFJ53dThe amazing new #StarWars #BB8 droid is *not* CGI -- it's real. So how does it work? http://t.co/vP1dTpJbM0 http://t.co/g0lSbVXnkBSee every Godzilla monster wreak havoc in this new gameplay trailer: http://t.co/mmcmMG5L0Z http://t.co/U2yr0MsnuKHey girl, Ryan Gosling is in movies again with 'Blade Runner' sequel http://t.co/EuSLbHCqDm20 perfect nerd freakout reactions to the new 'Star Wars' trailer http://t.co/bhZzaq2kuX http://t.co/8btUbMml8mEx-Globetrotter flies solo for 2015's alley-oop of the year. Watch: http://t.co/4i6Qm6JdOFThe new 'Star Wars' trailer: A scene-by-scene analysis http://t.co/wHZrrNLpgE http://t.co/J5A68ySezIThe new 'Star Wars' trailer is here http://t.co/1NDhSGT7jU #starwars #SWCA http://t.co/sspdC9yAnz
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWe're posting now... https://t.co/lNBDMOWJkTSay hello to the cast of #TheForceAwakens: http://t.co/yjRkprRgqu http://t.co/cPQdac3ws5
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentMark Hamill thanks the fans: "My entire adult life I felt such love from you. You're more than just fans. You're family." #StarWars #SWCAThe real C-3PO, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia #StarWarsCelebration http://t.co/F33gKYj4bW
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentThat's Luke & Princess Leia at #SWCA http://t.co/Xl1tGI8sacThe new Stormtroopers spotted at #TheForceAwakens panel. #SWCA http://t.co/BWSqvK5l0IQ: How are you going to please every last #StarWars fan? Abrams: "We just will." Huge laugh. #SWCA
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWelcome to Twitter, @JohnBoyega! #stormtrooper #SWCA http://t.co/hte2nl0uGp
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentBoyega: the way Finn reacts to the danger affects his life in a very unique way. Won't say if he's a Stormtrooper. #SWCA
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentStars of the new Star Wars are in the house: Oscar Isaacs, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega #SWCA http://t.co/2PhdXaOQ4jThe force is with these new Star Wars emoji for Twitter: http://t.co/7xHGdTVNun #C3P0 #Stormtrooper #BB8 http://t.co/UR0yJ437EgWatch live: J.J. Abrams at the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' panel: http://t.co/YPAr818EU8 http://t.co/M0ZHephwzg"I've got to take my headset off. I just have to be a fan." http://t.co/hCeRBPWgW3 cc @nba @warriors http://t.co/horpvia5XqJimi Hendrix was such a bad tenant, Ringo evicted him http://t.co/QpMgy7rwIB ht @theretronaut http://t.co/lUnyTegnb9
'Guitar Hero Live' reimagines the series for a post-Spotify world. http://t.co/YE6kkJf4cP http://t.co/ay6QKZpgqRPaul Walker tribute "See You Again" from 'Furious 7' breaks Spotify records. http://t.co/2zF5pM99K4 http://t.co/saJmc62KVhHow a 'documentary for the senses' left me blindfolded, barefoot and lost - http://t.co/jrbSDhzAfuHow beloved NBA announcer Jim Barnett sweetened the @warriors' dream season: http://t.co/119uHpOGAP http://t.co/uiRtnOrAdjThe first Wonder Woman concept sketch is up for auction online: http://t.co/04MoAjj5sq http://t.co/08vkkjAc2B'Orange Is the New Black' gets renewed for fourth season. http://t.co/NMYkNgMXQ1 http://t.co/NuPwd1ydZUThe golden voice: How an NBA announcer sweetened an overdue dream season http://t.co/jR7qxLfS0y #longreads http://t.co/dNkQ9JHVTl'Wonder Woman' lost its director, but these 12 female filmmakers could step right in: http://t.co/7MdVQDU0bH http://t.co/ROQhxOTqwMA frontrunner was eliminated on 'The Voice,' and we are not pleased http://t.co/CGaLCyjcsr http://t.co/fm352oD2CuFrom @reedmorano to @natalialeitepm, here are 9 female directors to watch for at @TribecaFilmFest: http://t.co/fpBoEnHcmpEvery episode of 'Game of Thrones' rated and reviewed http://t.co/3nbUoXpgyM
Jaden Smith raps about dad, Harry Potter and Iron Man in his new song: http://t.co/TWrdRf0Sfq http://t.co/5HBqE2OowQ"Avengers: Age of Ultron": Highlights from our livestream of the world premiere in Hollywood: http://t.co/qpdJ65GBnD http://t.co/FP9Vx8U4viYou'll want a shower after 14 minutes of 'Mortal Kombat X' fatalities http://t.co/SWLBJFWkfQ12 female directors who should helm the 'Wonder Woman' film: http://t.co/5kNpzHbhGo http://t.co/NW0lw0JOu3You probably won't get zombie outbreak answers on the 'Walking Dead' companion series http://t.co/MMUsdQVt19Many of Walt Disney's visions are realties in 'Tomorrowland.' Take a look in this short film: http://t.co/U836SB0IWlGuess which character "Star Wars: Battlefront" is teasing on Instagram http://t.co/oA5iGfPPnp http://t.co/BB1MWnMGrq'Destiny' fans enjoy easy pickings with the latest set of weekly challenges: http://t.co/gIA6eqoVapRita Wilson shares news of breast cancer, encourages second opinions http://t.co/zFXHNIEpkO http://t.co/ZxeLLtmImRActor honors Robin Williams' memory with 20 spot-on impressions: http://t.co/EwVZeF6RO6'Guitar Hero' is coming back to life, with some new tricks up its sleeve http://t.co/IvDEjrp2oo http://t.co/IPZ5s6q9A4Google's Pony Express Doodle is a playable game: http://t.co/l5Na0AnAlh11 diverse podcasts you need in your life: http://t.co/vOF2wQKp1d http://t.co/5J4XJ36rxPFinish him! 'Mortal Kombat X' is the bloody next chapter fans deserve http://t.co/HT7oSLZh0bThe Top 12 performers on 'The Voice' just blew us away - http://t.co/mlTqBd6AhY
Mumford & Sons slams Tidal, calling its celeb owners 'new school f*cking plutocrats' http://t.co/eggREd2VFNVote for the most impactful video game in the Games for Change awards http://t.co/aBTQ8FXOiAIf you fall asleep listening to Ed Sheeran, you're not the only one. http://t.co/PdVvvZrrheFrom the White Stripes to Run the Jewels: The essential Record Store Day releases of 2015 http://t.co/QxSKsXC7H7'Destiny' lets the dogs out with 'House of Wolves' expansion, set to arrive May 19 http://t.co/rWL1imOJz3If 'Girls' took place in HBO's 'Silicon Valley' http://t.co/E6NPHlO7Rp http://t.co/yqKswba0p4Time zone magic gives U.S. gamers 'GTA V' on PCs a few hours early http://t.co/lx9YzUYQ4jFirst full 'Ant-Man' trailer reveals a tiny, badass Paul Rudd: http://t.co/ASk6zI3aTs'Silicon Valley' Season 2 premiere recap: Mo' money, mo' problems. Read @neeeda's recap: http://t.co/yMz1Qnmuax http://t.co/jJcuNcT6w5Listen to Stephen Hawking's beautiful cover of Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song' http://t.co/hdAYc7kMjWNew vinyl charts launched in UK as format sales soar by 69% year-on-year http://t.co/Tda0pmtYw1Move over, Britney Spears: Madonna kisses Drake onstage at Coachella http://t.co/89KccRTIoJ #Coachella http://t.co/3AJpMhDZfC"Mad Men" episode 8: The divorce may be settled, but it's never over: http://t.co/2mcVhtqTzb http://t.co/TUxhopMRsEStreaming Game of Thrones on Periscope? You may get your account closed http://t.co/iN5isa6RmB http://t.co/mb7EC2T6EcAnnnnd, tears. http://t.co/8HWayAzLUr http://t.co/m3L1irWM3P'The Good Wife' recap: Did that just happen? http://t.co/UwZJRGY4hM http://t.co/9dF6WmJve2Kanye West tries to walk on water at surprise concert in Armenia http://t.co/e8nY0vZ8uh http://t.co/8WilC0U8pQ
The beautiful moment a father hug-tackles his soldier son. http://t.co/7d4kqazr3k http://t.co/LTbosSIvrWShailene Woodley's MTV Movie Awards speech is a beautiful lesson on being yourself. http://t.co/KJL7CNo0hp http://t.co/CPqXcZzHRNWarning, Spoilers Ahead: ’Game of Thrones’ season 5 premiere recap http://t.co/1OHuT2Dhbb http://t.co/3tN5VRpaVCSpoiler: Roger Sterling's mustache lives on. http://t.co/hwT1z4AoE6 http://t.co/A9nvKESafE'Silicon Valley' doubles down on dick jokes and cameos from tech bigwigs in premiere: http://t.co/Jy2ySMLqzr http://t.co/Zoxl9Ay3GBAww, Shailene Woodley. http://t.co/t167XEBU7x #MTVMovieAwards http://t.co/LiKvYAxaYcWhen you realize you have to wait a week for the next #GameofThrones. http://t.co/xn3RcD45PAFor a refresher before tonight's Season 2 premiere of 'Silicon Valley,' read @neeeda's recap of last season's finale: http://t.co/or6YcdujGzAccording to Coachella, twerking is so dead. Here's what's in now. Video: http://t.co/hqM5sQjzyN http://t.co/aXIt6ygrwvFor a refresher before tonight's Season 2 premiere of @SiliconHBO, read @neeeda's recap of last season's finale: http://t.co/nQ0Vs1ZUYBCoachella's biggest highlights, according to Twitter: http://t.co/9B4LSLvN1d #Coachella2015 http://t.co/IUmJL6qkQ8
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