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2014 NFL Schedule: More flex games means more fun: http://t.co/u4UpPOthP9Star Wars Episode VII's budget is $175 million to $200 million, making it the most expensive Star Wars ever - http://t.co/r7Hx06FhxxMeet the NBA player who covered himself in emoji tattoos - http://t.co/VWj3UuE1OI10 careers Barbie should tackle in her movie debut http://t.co/buix2W8LCVThey're stitching together a third 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' movie: http://t.co/1yaR4gUcIwWhy was Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' music video yanked from YouTube? http://t.co/skBaXWJPQUBefore YouTube, NBA fans lived for the 'Slamadamonth' -- and as of today, it's all archived online: http://t.co/HbzU1Pb7IiMashable has been nominated for @TheWebbyAwards! Help us win Best Cultural Blog by voting here: http://t.co/FVN19Ef5zPWatch the first 50 seconds of 'Orange Is the New Black' season 2: http://t.co/Tt9w7fhSDhMay lineup for #SNL: 5/3 is Andrew Garfield and Coldplay; 5/10 is Charlize Theron and Black Keys; 5/17 is Andy Samberg and St. Vincent.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentCrazy Cat People: This Video Game Understands You http://t.co/WBldKV7FD4Jamaica Soccer Team's World Cup Dreams Need Huge Crowdfunding Save http://t.co/Q1noEVorXgThe NFL playoffs are coming to ESPN! Wait, the NFL playoffs have never been on ESPN? http://t.co/49L0duKdI8
'Breaking Bad' scene got way too personal for Bryan Cranston http://t.co/Wj7d3iXQqU #TFF2014Stephen Colbert drops by Letterman -- very much as himself -- tells Dave, "I'm going to do whatever you've done": http://t.co/AP44GwhvKABoots, the producer behind Beyoncé's latest album, has released a new song of his own that features the superstar http://t.co/oce7BDW70sJoin @bjnovak for a #MashReads Google hangout this Friday at 6pm ET to discuss his new book, "One More Thing" http://t.co/tw9NMHqauQDiscovery Channel is turning the scrapped Everest Jump Live into a documentary about the avalanche http://t.co/TQKah5L1ZkGeorge R.R. Martin on 'Game of Thrones' rape scene: Book had 'different dynamic' http://t.co/C3JVAiyt18Austin City Limits lineup: Eminem, Pearl Jam, Outkast, Beck, The Replacements ... here are 100 Songs to Celebrate: http://t.co/qMMFU0faH3
English Premier League soccer team Manchester City is the best-paid sports team in the world, according to new data. http://t.co/N8oTEU66f3Listen to these 22 Songs to celebrate Earth Day: http://t.co/hF9HqXLdzv #MusicMondayAaron Sorkin dishes on the Steve Jobs Film: He's part hero, part anti-hero: http://t.co/u25aC2S3ovDoes BART secretly support the Seahawks? 49ers fans think so after seeing its train redesign. http://t.co/pSawZlAbBx http://t.co/MIcBBDcF1d"Nothing but capitalism drives decision-making in Hollywood." ~ Aaron Sorkin, spitting the truth at #TFF2014 #FutureOfFilm
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSorkin on his Steve Jobs film: “It’s not a biopic. ... It’s something much different than that. ... He’s part hero, part antihero." #TFF2014
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment“I love @HouseOfCards, I binge-watch it like everyone else," ~ Aaron Sorkin, calling @netflix's series the anti-West Wing #TFF2014
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSorkin on HBO's Newsroom: "I didn’t want to make up fake news." i.e. upcoming Boston Marathon scene, which is filming now #TFF2014 (2 of 2)
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSorkin on journalism in HBO's Newsroom: "I did not set the show in the recent past in order to show the pros ... " #TFF2014 (1 of 2)
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment"Some of the best theater is on television, particularly on cable." ~ Aaron Sorkin, referencing antiheroes like Walter White, at #TFF2014
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSorkin's parents inspired his writing. They took him to plays. "I loved the sound of dialogue and I wanted to imitate that sound." #TFF2014
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentI'm gonna scream Leo DiCaprio movie quotes until Aaron Sorkin addresses the rumors about Leo being cast as Steve Jobs #tff2014 #FutureOfFilm
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentAaron Sorkin is my date tonight at #tff2104. He's gonna whisper sweet nothings about #FutureOfFilm to me http://t.co/QHca69ChQX
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentHBO knows how awkward it is to watch HBO with your parents http://t.co/OxgzRejkS2 http://t.co/rSh5kHsuY1Bryan Singer accuser names 3 more, alleges widespread 'Hollywood sex ring' http://t.co/4KfbcgjMf4'Half-Life 2,' 'Mirror's Edge,' 'Red Dead Redemption.' Which games do you wish had sequels? http://t.co/t6e2bbkib1Important: A Complete Ranking of Deaths in 'Game of Thrones' http://t.co/bphO0T9Us5First 5 minutes of 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' come online, courtesy of @DWAnimation: http://t.co/nxOOZf16PtJust in: HBO has renewed @VeepHBO for fourth season and #SiliconValleyHBO for a second season.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentFirst scenes revealed from 'True Blood' season 7: 'There's no one left' http://t.co/d6F5mUBk7t http://t.co/7MQcW6B8eMThe connected fashion empire of Victoria Beckham http://t.co/c2dDcW8mLk http://t.co/hGbWj3dHrvMarvel Universe Live: Take a first look at the traveling superhero circus http://t.co/SAe0ZT58Ly'The Voice' takes tailgating to a social level. And you're invited. http://t.co/SLaOkW4xYY'Silicon Valley' episode 3 recap: stupid name, smart satire http://t.co/gWGg8d95nr http://t.co/K2dqwaBl4KKiller Cyber-Puddles Attack! And Other 'Transcendence' Tech That's All Wet http://t.co/5Cnb4bGkD5Quentin Tarantino to Rework Leaked Script for 'The Hateful Eight' http://t.co/AqcbJwGpFgHow 'Minecraft' is Transforming Developing Cities Around the World http://t.co/MBeMRGvlfhSPOILERS AHEAD: 'Game of Thrones' Episode 3 Recap: 6 Big Clues in the Westeros Whodunit http://t.co/DTBN5yXrwX
Must reads: The #Longreads you missed this week. http://t.co/PorEsFJVCBRubin "Hurricane" Carter, the boxer who was wrongfully convicted of murder, has died at 76. http://t.co/aLTlWSncIz http://t.co/bwM4exUJrTU.S. soccer star @JimmyConrad transitioned from the pitch to YouTube. Here's how he did it: http://t.co/zJp0TSirwP http://t.co/1xIQuZlsfREaster Egg hunt! We found the year's best hidden pop-culture goodies: http://t.co/j7lBkBW87U http://t.co/sBofKmAWebA-sides and B-sides: Record Store Day lives on. http://t.co/ADxZo6oIRB http://t.co/nWieGOZnFC
Toronto @Raptors already won the @NBA trolling championship. Here's why: http://t.co/Gp8hDfflAg
Who's afraid of a robot planet -- and is Artificial Intelligence prejudiced by movies like 'Transcendence'? http://t.co/pmjHOqpAmLGet well, Craig Sager: 5 of his sweetest suits http://t.co/WuCdKyyAQi http://t.co/tE9B710bGJThis fan-made Spider-Man web shooter really works: http://t.co/8up91xHbTUThis NBA superfan's 'Mount Spursmore' haircut belongs in the Louvre: http://t.co/xlp3HrQKymOne Direction has a new music video in which the guys' faces morph into each other: http://t.co/F4wuUAcULOMicrosoft has sold 5 million Xbox One consoles: http://t.co/76L1diIatOThis Oculus Rift Game Will Scare the Crap Out of You http://t.co/rogS7YhSFy
How 2 animators recreated Pixar magic - without Pixar http://t.co/8Z62uVxo2F http://t.co/F4JbKPZ1QnMetallica and the NHL playoffs: A match made in hardcore heaven http://t.co/lQSnV6Fv0C11 Reasons There Can Only Be ONE Mrs. Doubtfire http://t.co/tOfpCfSjgfOh. http://t.co/7LD8MIhucg http://t.co/Nb0tWgBnKlNot in 'Twilight' anymore: Robert Pattinson battles lawless outback in 'The Rover' http://t.co/HxGp1kZ91B http://t.co/t2wqpUVBRH'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 Trailer Promises 'Next-Level Crazy' http://t.co/mgEPoqGYzhPlayStation 4 Sales Top 7 Million Worldwide http://t.co/TLgr1uXrGT http://t.co/4Z82AwB97n30 'Star Wars' Facts You Didn't Know http://t.co/BNyNNGzXSp7 Mobile Trivia Games to Challenge Your Brain http://t.co/rVxNOQM2fdJourney designer @JenovaChen says games should have the variety of movies and novels to appeal to a broader audience http://t.co/sBKXqUERNqA lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' director Bryan Singer drugged and raped a teenage boy. http://t.co/pNeGMPiFSE
NFL Star @JJWatt helped one young fan prove their friendship with this adorable video: http://t.co/oDuwb6wtRw http://t.co/j4KupSwHbiSpider-Man and the X-Men -- together at last on the big screen? Well, sort of. http://t.co/DMOdY1lsHp http://t.co/Jk6FcpeKlKInstant karma of the good kind: Barry Gibb chooses band that serenaded SXSW crash victim as his tour opener http://t.co/CMTgf647ZZHere's where NHL fans' playoff loyalties lie: http://t.co/9DUvDR6A1Z http://t.co/B4J1OwyA8KWatch Aerosmith honor victims & survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings with an emotional rendition of "Dream On" http://t.co/pTZfVFGGYgDo Beyonce and Jay-Z have a summer tour in the works? http://t.co/Z8mfKGQwkO http://t.co/kIFAIsROEoThe next generation of Twitch Plays Pokémon http://t.co/Cqb2QFjmepAn exclusive first look at the documentary 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin': http://t.co/8YQMn7UokNLandon Donovan talks World Cup dreams and that legendary, viral goal http://t.co/3ZcRkfjhxg http://t.co/QXTSjGTG4iWatch the 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' trailer: http://t.co/fRPAMSsUMY http://t.co/4ztPJlhQ8FHow Well Can You Recognize Famous Film Locations? [QUIZ] http://t.co/V4VUY2cIWZ6 Video Games That Wreak Havoc on NYC http://t.co/SZ6ysfhAA9
Muggles, rejoice: Hogwarts is now offering online classes. http://t.co/3ntskgT2GA http://t.co/O63v2sGoMSPaul Walker's brothers will fill in the gaps in 'Fast and Furious 7' http://t.co/BrKJ09PmKNNBA star Damian Lillard manages to offend living legends from multiple sports in a comical new ad for Foot Locker. http://t.co/67X0tkVzvjStephen Colbert will drop by 'Late Show With David Letterman' next week http://t.co/1ahn13YMoXNBCUniversal is the latest traditional media giant to jump in the online original programming pool. http://t.co/7ndnE1F2wGPhilip Seymour Hoffman appears in 2 posthumous movie trailers http://t.co/mD7prFmumC http://t.co/uYoEPE1cRoPhilip Seymour Hoffman appears in 2 posthumous movie trailers http://t.co/5WURl0ElzOThe Donald wants the Bills. http://t.co/CVJpFP0gROBe the hulking monster -- or the hunters trying to kill it -- in the new game 'Evolve,' a huge hit at #PAX: http://t.co/Ma5F5dbMjUAll 5 Boston sports teams sent the same heartwarming tweet at the same today today http://t.co/Uv0IDh0S2x http://t.co/DKpIFOR23cExclusive: Watch a deleted scene from 'Ride Along' with Kevin Hart http://t.co/xWPiKTR4cz
Watch these 11 'Game of Thrones' characters react to the Purple Wedding: http://t.co/91FyRnJTji http://t.co/B6B5MuMGyoA diabolical genius remade The Masters as a mini-golf tournament -- and the video is glorious. http://t.co/ufAr0IfYCf http://t.co/0PFIZl8CfnShailene Woodley revealed a new clip from her upcoming film 'A Fault in Our Stars': http://t.co/DojFqGqpUS http://t.co/8HKdrlb8LY.@NASA tweeted more breathtaking photos to complement the sixth episode of 'Cosmos.' http://t.co/8AP9pGvRSa http://t.co/5r4UfGFBRRWatch the opening battle scene from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past': http://t.co/ZUPGIgQQLq http://t.co/CFF9YHrH5O
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