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AMAs winners list: One Direction, Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry dominate http://t.co/QKl9UwFkYy #AMAs2014 http://t.co/3sWqph5QsS
Everything you missed at the 2014 American Music Awards http://t.co/qcVTuPhPK1 #AMAs2014 http://t.co/mgh3sj0YSiThis is the most insane touchdown catch of the season http://t.co/H6fRxVNcn2 http://t.co/s29UwRkNtIWhy is the average pop song only 3 minutes long? http://t.co/22rmxXanLc http://t.co/u7IQwSeC1I10 professional athletes dish on their favorite restaurants: http://t.co/iV3NOiSVJg http://t.co/gEHf7Xmi3zBill Cosby breaks silence on rape allegations, friend drops bombshell. http://t.co/xYzv3Ia05x http://t.co/RXXo7Jap0XStoner Woody Harrelson sings "Kumbaya" in 'SNL' digital extra. Watch: http://t.co/uYZoRvJ2K4 http://t.co/5lrHCHxR86'SNL' cold open spoofs immigration reform with "Schoolhouse Rock!" Watch: http://t.co/GT6xUvuHfC http://t.co/TkhFaueDFLThank 'SNL' for your new Thanksgiving anthem: "Back Home Baller." Watch: http://t.co/LROan8huZi http://t.co/79APzODWE0
Listen to Jennifer Lawrence sing a haunting tune from 'Mockingjay': http://t.co/E9UTPDHuym http://t.co/QeO9rr8SzV'Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games' is a bloody new game for your commute. http://t.co/o9FcD4Khrl http://t.co/mI0vWwQmWeBeyoncé has super-silly, pants-less hotel party in surprise '7/11' video http://t.co/ComD92MOCb http://t.co/QWEfWpHMAa
Bill Cosby gets standing ovation amid mounting sex abuse allegations http://t.co/XYWfSGev70 http://t.co/7D2gnuitnxNetflix scoops up Tina Fey's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' http://t.co/XgCEFkrjojA behind-the-scenes look at how the creepiest and coolest moments on 'Constantine' come to be: http://t.co/r6NxDgmD6M http://t.co/zOyrHsfnk6Radio hosts offer Bill Cosby's crowd $1,000 to heckle him mid-show tonight: http://t.co/wNqmdtqU3RNo other film will open against 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' this weekend http://t.co/FaA53oolsZ via @bwOh Friday, it's Joy: Amy Poehler brings the 'Inside Out' feelings together. http://t.co/7ZIYEHDuD4 http://t.co/y5fipqrgMgWhat the "E.T." Atari game dig documentary filmmaker was freaking out about: http://t.co/kXc4nHo6Hs http://t.co/1RaYpwasLdOne Direction's 'Night Changes' video will make you swear off dating http://t.co/ZN5MybtU7hIn which @MarkRuffalo and @StephenMerchant play boozy musical chairs: http://t.co/91DEcKu2tJAn arsonist threatens hipster wonderland in 'Portlandia' Season 5 trailer: http://t.co/XuVKLY1h55 http://t.co/vEH5WgZ951Two new Beyoncé songs were leaked online. This is not a test. http://t.co/OwYwUI7lGl http://t.co/wnGM7lr2kzEvery important midseason TV date in one calendar: http://t.co/Vxj6GRhvjZ http://t.co/WuKnSHXUwp'Sunset Overdrive' fans will pick the game's next goodies http://t.co/T88vHOtTUTSnowed out in Buffalo, the Bills head to Detroit http://t.co/YEAhkz0uxX http://t.co/hpuPcVtaIOExclusive: @TaylorSwift13's YouTube views doubled after she removed her music from Spotify http://t.co/4OYSfbzxz1 http://t.co/Dq3mHSD1ze
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Taylor Swift's YouTube views doubled after pulling music from Spotify http://t.co/UkylhupvTlShe's baaaack: Tiny Sam Gordon still dominates at tackle football http://t.co/iFqIjDmEeaWhat domestic abuse crisis? NFL games dominated fall TV viewership: http://t.co/hvPJpFaaY9 http://t.co/F55JUjFpRJComedy Central retitles @LarryWilmore's show, slots it for January start. http://t.co/w9NU2jGBhL http://t.co/pN2BsubEVAThis virtual reality app puts you next to @paulmccartney on stage - http://t.co/zt4z1wrAMLEver wanted to stand next to @paulmccartney on stage? Now you can, thanks to a $10 virtual reality app - http://t.co/FBK7ebvwKRImmigration reform: What's happening and why it matters http://t.co/SENOCTownn http://t.co/lWeGeTwF5OBill Hader as Fear: The fourth character from Disney/Pixar's 'Inside Out.' http://t.co/VnM5RuZZVY http://t.co/24arbHWUx1The football star who quit the NFL to farm crops also became a makeshift midwife to his baby son - http://t.co/59rUHIoHuIThai protesters channel 'Hunger Games' three-finger salute. http://t.co/gY8oVnBqPK http://t.co/BlrPq5pLDdLady Elissa Forrester: The newest face in the 'Game of Thrones' kingdom http://t.co/r7FrTWdrSY http://t.co/LifqkOMAtB'Dazzling,' brilliant,' 'thunderous': 14 films and plays from iconic director Mike Nichols http://t.co/AaBGNkdxSa http://t.co/0Jyr4CpVZxThis new 'Peter Pan' trailer is a song-and-dance with Allison Williams & Christopher Walken: http://t.co/QlqYHmODuh http://t.co/T2p8KPo5JQFirst 'Pitch Perfect 2' trailer hits all the right notes. Watch: http://t.co/mB9guspjXj http://t.co/1En3h8cxeyBill Cosby asked the @AP to 'scuttle' this interview footage: http://t.co/fKkro0dHrpHBO Go finally comes to Xbox One: http://t.co/HqB27bzscUThe Internet loves it some @serial. 7 more thrilling podcasts for when Serial - hiccup - ends. http://t.co/H5q6AVWYD9 http://t.co/r2WiQSKNMeInterpol band members tweet their tale of survival amidst New York snowstorm http://t.co/7ycwghqN9LThe final scene in 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' will crush you http://t.co/bDcZz7QSTd #AHSFX http://t.co/9vzdUVbg6C
Merv Griffin made $70 million in royalties from the Jeopardy! music alone. http://t.co/z10XN0Z3LD #5factsBillboard 200 chart changes include streaming music for rankings http://t.co/jqIWUZRLNH http://t.co/r30IswWWhxCarolina Panthers' Cam Newton is #backfromthehack http://t.co/NDdQq8jNiZ"Hold on to My Love" singer Jimmy Ruffin dies at 78 http://t.co/nw5XMU809r'The Fast and the Furious' franchise could go on past 7 movies, without Paul Walker http://t.co/WAGTzDaZ3B via @cinemablendBrennan and Booth step it up as soon-to-be aunt and uncle in exclusive 'Bones' sneak peek http://t.co/sC51iqcQ2cBono's Central Park bike crash injuries are worse than we thought - http://t.co/JMbf3tY84jRobbie Rogers, an openly gay player, is excelling in Major League Soccer. http://t.co/KjmToZQWDz http://t.co/4hWJ4sOkgEOur first-ever animated mini documentary is all about the history of drones. Watch it here: http://t.co/xYnJLbPhmnWatch the video for Meghan Trainor's new song 'Lips Are Movin': http://t.co/cFwtxXe4bm http://t.co/bq950BjFGY'Super Smash Bros.': a game so nice, Nintendo released it twice this year. Here's our Wii U review - http://t.co/VaPuxqFmBERage out to the third character poster from Disney/Pixar's 'Inside Out': Anger. http://t.co/zxxkojWn7S http://t.co/N9r2hjOIopApple may forcibly put Beats Music into your iOS update next year. http://t.co/Ac0esSp662NFL player declared dead by Wikipedia wakes up 'in heaven' http://t.co/Ergs0NjRL5Disney's first 'Cinderella' trailer fulfills all your live-action fairytale dreams. Watch: http://t.co/lbaTjMaZU6 http://t.co/lMeTtYipwDBill Cosby's NBC comedy has been axed -- and with that, he's got nothing coming up: http://t.co/QLHBhywX5V http://t.co/xJP8QSOW5Y'SNL' cast member Cecily Strong announced as White House Correspondents' Dinner host. http://t.co/fFoAGYvvE1 http://t.co/CXRmU3UMMjPart of Beyoncé's new song "7/11" leaks days ahead of box set release: http://t.co/0NHdS96OLD http://t.co/sRTVuwtXglUber investor Ashton Kutcher doesn't see a problem with investigating "shady" journalists http://t.co/B4FJaoMxZ7CNN anchor Don Lemon tells Bill Cosby rape accuser how she could have prevented her assault. http://t.co/XTsgmTHitoIt's not certain if Tracy Morgan will ever be "the Tracy Morgan he once was" after his brain injury, his lawyer says: http://t.co/J2KzFEvtc7Jason Collins is retiring from the NBA after making history as its first openly gay player: http://t.co/D9EjYdxNVX http://t.co/fQ1rTJxj5nChecking in on the NBA: 4 truths we've learned already. http://t.co/fPmmJoT50W http://t.co/5YUVIz1pAmAussie actor Chris Hemsworth named People's Sexiest Man Alive http://t.co/u3teUE9xdbBill Cosby Netflix special nixed after Janice Dickinson accusations http://t.co/hFWKdCUfLqTwo singers gone, one saved by tweets: 'The Voice' narrows to top ten http://t.co/zQ1lskELJF
Nielsen will hack streaming viewership from Netflix, et al by eavesdropping on TV audio with its home-based meters: http://t.co/oI0Kp9DkNhWhite men can't what? Here's the best dunker you've never heard of http://t.co/7c1mydEMmPPittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell to fan on Twitter: "Kill yourself." Followed by social-media suspension: http://t.co/MDklHzWsDi"Baby It's Cold Outside" -- but cozy inside for a mini Menzel, Bublé duet: http://t.co/QbgQpDZqVJ http://t.co/5fgJItdiOnThe world according to Nick Cannon: The "CES Ambassador" on his 3 phones, Tinder and bringing up new entrepreneurs: http://t.co/nsRoriDfTLAdrian Peterson's suspension: A clumsy solution amid a bigger mess http://t.co/nLzKgahW9R by @samcmlaird http://t.co/ryoucItWXe'Grand Theft Auto V' first-person made changes Los Santos entirely: http://t.co/c9R0KVSZiP #GTAVBilly Eichner will soon go from "Billy on the Street" to Billy on Hulu: http://t.co/jVuzZ1woSF.@Soundgarden is giving away a song for free if you finish this puzzle: http://t.co/2QmU5GedwP http://t.co/Qd4JHvh697Natalie Dormer explains how she hopes to die on 'Game of Thrones' --> http://t.co/O8o2hrGTb8Messaging app Viber wants you to eavesdrop on chats with celebrities - http://t.co/1mpq7jcfRuMore goats. More simulator. More microwave? http://t.co/w8VDtXtFsq http://t.co/wMgPPk7xO1Join our #StoriesGoneScary Vine challenge to get a free copy of the first #MashFlix film: http://t.co/zXVOy3zhn8 http://t.co/3myGUOj390Alison Williams teaches Jimmy Fallon fly like Peter Pan [VIDEO] http://t.co/GNkm5L9NKgTaylor Swift is returning to the #VSFashionShow, alongside 3 other artists: http://t.co/vpwQxUwTwf http://t.co/Uco4DMFxxyGood grief! Snoopy 'leaks' first official 'Peanuts' movie trailer http://t.co/0BvsL2vFrSFirst full trailer for 'The Peanuts Movie' is coming Thanksgiving Day http://t.co/VL9yXCKl1E'Dancing With the Stars' Week 10 Recap: A sad but expected elimination http://t.co/F0o6pRcN66
NFL star posts a selfie to Twitter to correct a Wikipedia entry that claims he's dead - http://t.co/0HDT6pTxh7Those Atari 2600 games found buried in a landfill, including "E.T."? A bunch just sold for $37,000 http://t.co/HrFLt97L4VLittle League star Mo'ne Davis is releasing a memoir http://t.co/UA2G2mwj7kHow a (TV) superhero inspired a (TV) angel's latest charitable move: http://t.co/nudnDTRePj http://t.co/gNPRbdxUa5HBO picks up "Westworld" series starring Anthony Hopkins; Jonathan Nolan ("Interstellar"), JJ Abrams exec producing: http://t.co/EgdOw1UR45Is the $34.99 ticket for unlimited 'Interstellar' viewings a bargain -- or just brilliant marketing? http://t.co/8gWD4V3dxQ"Game of Thrones" dish from Natalie Dormer: Peter Dinklage is just like Tyrion, Ser Pounce is quite the diva: http://t.co/DL75EKjchHMarch Madness will get its dignity back in 2016, when the first round will once again be the first round - http://t.co/5w20BTqMweThe first character poster from Disney/Pixar's 'Inside Out' will cure your case of the Mondays http://t.co/ZCUBDDK88G http://t.co/gwfIsbXQ4o"Arrow" star Stephen Amell says what we were all thinking: "Flash" movie announcement "could've been handled better": http://t.co/Vlqjo5rpmC
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