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Ask Hohokum's two creators to describe their game, and they actually get kind of stumped. http://t.co/SHMHR68sEbRejoice, Seinfeld fans: The show may be coming to Netflix. http://t.co/EbOZoWc2D216 Books to Read Before the Movie Version Comes Out http://t.co/WYwwN9BkRg'Penny Dreadful' creator reveals new antagonist for season 2 -- and she's a familiar face. http://t.co/L2vWfIi0yv http://t.co/dMouYvofAkThe Cute and the Crazy: 32 Scenes From Comic-Con Day 1 - http://t.co/Xm25mArxVN
'Teen Wolf' renewed for Season 5 http://t.co/UEoxAOal0BPedro Pascal, aka the Red Viper, tells us how Game of Thrones "broke my heart" - http://t.co/S9TlKQW8M0 #SDCC #GoTYouTube star Michelle Phan fights back against multimillion-dollar lawsuit http://t.co/UKnTQkOcF2Paramount brings "Interstellar" -- McConaughey on a watery ice planet! -- "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to #SDCC: http://t.co/NDT1fPbyuFLinkin Park's Joe Hahn debuts film about mall shooting at Comic-Con http://t.co/OjRlDU6i20 #SDCC"Community" panel short on new info about its resurrection on Yahoo, but the message from Greendale was clear: http://t.co/sUxnhgyWBhThe Insider's Guide to Comic-Con http://t.co/Ex3v5iyAYV #SDCC http://t.co/Er5h6BA792Comic-Con is underway with DreamWorks Animation's "The Penguins of Madagascar" panel -- and Benedict Cumberbatch: http://t.co/zTCvXVUBnqStart a prank war with Cartoon Network's latest iOS game http://t.co/dDEl0QX6Fo via @appadviceNorman Reedus of 'Walking Dead' talks Comic-Con, 'Game of Thrones' and Emmy snubs http://t.co/GqU609QFwe #SDCC http://t.co/qPyZrQ1h3S.@Mike_Vogel gets #UnderTheDome for an exclusive Mashable interview. Next up, the panel! #sdcc http://t.co/9HVxBaG6yh
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment'Extant' episode 3 recap: The secret's out. http://t.co/zDwRzvlz61 http://t.co/3HQZhDTGTnSnoopy and his sister join the feel-good social network 'We Heart It,' which has some 30 million members. http://t.co/lr0DNPJMJ1The first '@Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer is here. You're welcome. http://t.co/UeNWKEiDhe.@JimmyFallon and @RealRobinWright turn and face the music: http://t.co/toZs4IrL6T http://t.co/qWK6Pz7W0fInside Comic-Con's Preview Night: http://t.co/aMNaFYzSEs #SDCC http://t.co/dIYGE6hLXJPhilips Hue lights react to 'Sharknado 2' for bloody cool effects. http://t.co/Y2jmOugxLf http://t.co/vUA33Jmhia
The 10 most disturbing things about 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.' http://t.co/B6J2Ybi83v http://t.co/a83X1GRkdeHere's why MOBAs are taking over the gaming world: http://t.co/qkOZLld5QQ http://t.co/QUlfklvXFrWatch this exclusive sneak peek from 'Love Child,' HBO's documentary on gaming addiction: http://t.co/BUCBz2b1Gr http://t.co/AOtSpiGdaR'Gotham' promo urges people to "take back" the city. Watch: http://t.co/x1rK7fQzcA http://t.co/pnqQsJlYjdICYMI: This is the @iHeartRadio festival lineup http://t.co/ZTS3B0QwVE
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment20 pounds thinner, Jake Gyllenhaal works butt off in 'Nightcrawler' trailer. http://t.co/7cOzolZ6Fu http://t.co/ZwUtR0gz53'No Man's Sky' generates the infinity of space with an algorithm http://t.co/94LB47YJI5 via @techreviewA Michigan sheriff is changing inmates' suits because orange is now "cool." Thanks Netflix. http://t.co/z7NUCZFNV4 http://t.co/mp4mPe5H4mThe most audacious Comic-Con stunt yet? Fox is bringing drones and letting you fly them. #SDCC http://t.co/41AlTSDjXZ20 Nintendo facts to blow your 8-bit mind http://t.co/X3TbpYz2rp http://t.co/LsWX7ii1QK #5facts"The Amazing Spider-Man 3" delayed until 2018, but "Sinister Six" gets fast-tracked -- as does the "Uncharted" movie: http://t.co/CGEYKeyQx5.@NewYorker cartoons as quick mini-plays: http://t.co/aMULVLuw2CWeird Al Yankovic is No. 1 -- 8 videos in 8 days earns his first chart-topping album: http://t.co/lEBXHZQ3x8 http://t.co/h4pmzC0zGoThe 'Guardians of the Galaxy' team will blast into 'Disney Infinity 2.0' http://t.co/hows74XtEr http://t.co/wNBjha6Q1sLouisiana passed CA, NY in film production for the first time. When Hollywood leaves Hollywood http://t.co/xbT4ijiihn http://t.co/jtaeGKnbz5
Think you know @comic_con? Think again, nerds http://t.co/fzaoHjFFYAFacebook's new app for celebrities just got slammed by @WilliamShatner - http://t.co/IPsZgQxrv5@JuniorRoberts We're answering it now! #SDCCLIVE: @NotoriousJLD, @TheSandraG and @futureboy share their craziest Comic-Con stories http://t.co/60DImnPXq9 #SDCCLIVE: We're talking COSPLAY at Comic-Con! What are you expecting to see this year? http://t.co/60DImnPXq9 #SDCCLIVE: @thesandrag talks buzz around TV at Comic-Con http://t.co/B8J2cmIQlg #SDCCLIVE: @NotoriousJLD shares what to expect from movies at #SDCC http://t.co/ke0fEtA8hkDo you love or hate Comic-Con? @NotoriousJLD, @futureboy and @TheSandraG share their feelings about #SDCC: http://t.co/60DImnPXq9LIVE: We're talking all things @Comic_Con 2014 in a Hangout on Air. Join us: http://t.co/DbU9piXyId #SDCCFirst Mashable Google Hangout coming your way at Noon PT! We'll be talking Comic-Con 2014. Join us! http://t.co/0pXE3pHbio via @mashable
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentOur live Hangout previewing Comic-Con 2014 begins in one hour. What questions would you like us to answer? #SDCC http://t.co/LzlAC8VQYPWe're hosting a live Hangout to preview Comic-Con 2014 at 3 p.m. ET today. What questions do you want answered? #SDCC http://t.co/jXVUtiTKu3Weird Al understands your feelings about annoying buzzwords. http://t.co/P8fw3RmFdoIt's possible to implant false memories in others, but like Crazy Eyes' experience in #OITNB? http://t.co/eNBwNHi8Pr http://t.co/K0LWQFeCAC6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Replace Your Entertainment Center http://t.co/wUZ8rLOmvu"The Guardians of the Galaxy" premiere -- what the lucky few who saw it are actually missing out on: http://t.co/QeFO6HVHYv
Watch Benedict Cumberbatch crack the Alan Turing code in 'The Imitation Game.' http://t.co/pY5iaCEVEe http://t.co/qgXjXJOhql'Sons of Anarchy' creator still having "serious discussions" about prequel. http://t.co/nP06CkFhA3 http://t.co/2WEAsltP26๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ˜ป *heart melting* This husband woke up to his wife's sweet social media surprise on his bday. Then he quoted Kanye http://t.co/9fPczj5kdP
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment'Fargo' producers reveal details on Season 2. http://t.co/QLUCHsgAdp http://t.co/VKDrchClEGJessica Alba shines through her facial scars in this 'Sin City' poster - http://t.co/cRBluBjVUlDaniel Radcliffe teaches you how to flirt ... using bacon: http://t.co/kN45s0uZeB.@McIlroyRory's dad cashed in on a $171,000 bet after his son won the British Open http://t.co/8CcyX97sow http://t.co/jnWKSWS5ih32 irresistible pieces of musical junk food. http://t.co/T3vAIubtXS #MusicMonday http://t.co/1Ni6i1bY6iThe 8 most-Gaga things Lady Gaga said on her tour (like "put your f----- cellphones away"): http://t.co/FehDM732qm http://t.co/fAO4YGJnS1Oh gosh, this is great news: 'Fargo' and 'Louie' have been renewed for another season at FX - http://t.co/zHSNKUzJl5Get a full preview of this year's @Comic_Con during our live Hangout tomorrow at 3pm ET: http://t.co/toISKATV2u #sdcc'Teen Wolf' fans, you can stop scouring Tumblr for fan art now. http://t.co/JkAyeY9F4A http://t.co/HIONH4RNZ3New 'Star Wars: Episode VII' video unveils the 'real' X-Wing http://t.co/Td4kljZZrL http://t.co/xaUzSsOHb3Pharrell, Maroon 5 to Perform at 2014 iTunes Festival http://t.co/KuvlvLIH6TWill 'The Simpsons' Kill Off Krusty? http://t.co/MOmLKDCu6w"The Leftovers" Episode 4 recap: Baby Jesus goes missing: http://t.co/wKdqeD10LY
The producers of the Batman prequel 'Gotham' aren't sweating the lack of superheroes http://t.co/8sDoonWTFM http://t.co/CkEEhO2wbWJames Garner's new antihero gave us Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones. http://t.co/QENw94AXHv http://t.co/erPCRB5XGNWeird Al released a video for "Sports Song," an original track that explains why he hates your favorite sports team. http://t.co/mRremgVz40This unexpected preview of the "Fifty Shades of Gray" movie is brought to you by... Beyonce? http://t.co/o9tK2cKGwG http://t.co/tBRrJW3KuBLegendary actor James Garner dead at 86. http://t.co/JnwtC5hGfU http://t.co/BksqoGAVy2
LeVar Burton recalls Reading Rainbow's $5.4M Kickstarter raise in this emotional video: http://t.co/G1B7yKVZj1 http://t.co/fExa48prD3
Female badass CAPTAIN MARVEL is a big part of @NotoriousJLD's prediction for Marvel's "expanding" cinematic universe: http://t.co/pZXEBEfUnoNetflix tests privacy feature to help hide your embarrassing viewing habits http://t.co/h1BmDrE0LYGot a secret to get off your chest? Singer Mary Lambert will snail-mail yours to a stranger: http://t.co/OpG5NOhdOo http://t.co/mR0oEHjWCKAaand the first person to 100 million fans on Facebook is ... (drum roll please) ... http://t.co/SquUMZGK8a"Homeland" producers nearly set Season 4 in Israel -- "All I can tell you is that we're very happy we didn't." http://t.co/Fx2u0mHmRQThe problem with "Sex Tape" is that the whole "cloud" mishap just isn't plausible: http://t.co/r8j6a1lGwT http://t.co/v6z7306O35First 'Legos', now a 'Space Invaders' movie? http://t.co/643vEUzxA8Wentworth Miller, 'Prison Break' alum, will play Captain Cold on 'Flash' #ComicCon http://t.co/fyAz2ycd7o.@Mashable has revealed the 2nd piece to the #V album cover. Head here- http://t.co/e7HKsNQa9I to see the next piece of the puzzle!
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentEx-dictator Manuel Noriega has sued Activision over his portrayal in 'Call of Duty' http://t.co/6o6sGxSotvMaroon 5 unveils new album art like a puzzle: Here's the second piece http://t.co/IUE8nAz7Jf http://t.co/yRFCf4sxak'Dota 2' championship The International streaming live on ESPN 3 represents a big step forward for e-sports http://t.co/48e2dO8NoKSee all of #ComicCon 2014's official bags http://t.co/fqOm7rdKWh'Boyhood' by the Numbers: Hours Filmed, Inches Grown, Hairs Cut http://t.co/4TmQZUPhg5
Looking Back on the 'Grimy' East Village With The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser http://t.co/bWsKSQAbtl #TBTLooking Back on the 'Grimy' East Village With The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser http://t.co/IJK0ZEARzY #TBTFinal season of 'Sons of Anarchy' gets a premiere date: http://t.co/5VWR065NZL http://t.co/P54yjzgVPrSorry 'Lucy', but this Hollywood myth is busted. Humans use far more than 10% of their brains http://t.co/G82jgtGh5S via @theatlantic.@JasonBiggs made an insensitive joke about the #MH17 crash. Not many laughed. http://t.co/p6W79IivxZ'The Late Late Show' could be very different post-Craig Ferguson, according to CBS president http://t.co/M17fyiyyaDXbox will shutter its entertainment branch amid massive Microsoft layoffs http://t.co/EyhnDTsDZvRIP Elaine Stritch, Broadway icon, Emmy winner & Jack Donaghy's mom on "30 Rock," dead at 89: http://t.co/rU7uvxgDMN http://t.co/gTXACV8Q0f"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live." -@StuartScott at the @ESPYS http://t.co/zXfcgQz1lQToday in snubs: 10 stunning music videos ignored for MTV #VMA noms http://t.co/3vNXlnL7qm http://t.co/aGIi3gbXPIPlayStation 4 brings a brighter, better 'The Last of Us' http://t.co/JuF8pwUiOj http://t.co/a3dlaAVniu
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