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I'm a senior writer at Gigaom. I have been the ninth caller and have won the weekend passes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.

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The Pedants' Revolt http://t.co/i81ggoxvBn
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAre you new to the internet? @fmanjoo: I'm all for freaking out, but maybe it would make more sense to freak out after we read the documentFCC chairman releases statement saying reports FCC is gutting #netneutrality rules is "flat out wrong."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI'm going to start a site that takes generally well-understood topics and buries them under mountains of jargon and gratuitous complexity.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramriiiiight MT @fmanjoo "There are reports that the FCC is gutting the Open Internet rule. They are flat out wrong." http://t.co/vGc22W5JD5
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWho among us could have predicted that a former cable industry lobbyist would deliver a victory to cable incumbents? http://t.co/raBxG2F1QF
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@P2chairman @sarahjeong: The courts have repeatedly disagreed, and they have done so for a reason -- in part because all art begins as theftFinally read that Felix Salmon post. Post-text, got it. And Fusion's "going to stay away from anything conventional." Cool story.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe simple fact is the telecom companies always wanted to treat the Internet like TV and exact a toll for content going through their pipes
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@P2chairman @sarahjeong: The term "intellectual property" is a misnomer. It is not property in any meaningful sense of the wordNet Neutrality dead at 45 http://t.co/XfBlYi6HXh http://t.co/8qcdqP1wvP
Retweeted by Mathew IngramCheck out @kashhill’s profile of @adamsteinbaugh, who is really truly fantastic: http://t.co/AxhyRKmVc0
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram#myFCC NYT: The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally...looks all but dead. http://t.co/MQEaCzmgKx #netfreedom
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGoogle and Facebook "have become the mass media, and traditional news organizations have become the niche" http://t.co/YoHDEocP3jI wonder when the news business will realize that what's going on with net neutrality is an existential threat to non-favored providers.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWith the FCC ignoring the principles of net neutrality it looks like I wasn't worried enough when i wrote this http://t.co/nH35Joji1t
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhat Aereo is doing feels extremely weird, but it feels weird not because they’re doing something wrong, but because copyright law is wrong.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"Bad content chasing bad ads chasing bad content." --> How Journalism Promotes The Internet's Shadiest Scams http://t.co/GESlDY4F4I
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIt was nice while it lasted. Bye www. Hello cable TV. MT @Timcast If you love the internet you should be terrified.. http://t.co/UCH4kfjBAg
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhy isn't it a public performance when residents of an apartment building share a big antenna?
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBetween the NSA, the FCC and the courts the US case for internet leadership/stewardship crumbles by the day. http://t.co/j1YmiwbEsX
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBoy spend a day off twitter and you have no idea what people are talking about.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@pkafka: Not sure what "renting" refers to. Is that like downloading?COMCAST BOSS: It'd be a real shame if something happened to your bandwidth. COMCAST HENCHMAN: Youse wants I should throttle him, boss?
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTake dating tips from Shakespeare: dress up as a guy, befriend your man, ask him about you. Take the guess work out of dating.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFelix Salmon is leaving Reuters for the Fusion network because he says the future of media is "post text" http://t.co/Vl8tuxt1aT.@fuzzybluebaron Funny - every Ezra Klein article I ever read felt like being lectured by my precocious nephew about dangers of Triceratops.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramEvery article about @fcc should mention that chair Wheeler is a former cable lobbyist. And former chair Powell is now a cable lobbyist.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramEveryone focusing on "post-text", but it's great that Felix is gonna get weird at a new place. Media needs all the experimenting it can get.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSo I see here on the internet we only get outraged at fake things. My apologies, I’ll see myself out.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram. @jason_pontin Silicon Valley bubbles follow Moore's Law - each new version is cheaper & more dense.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@HillaryClinton on the media: "Journalism has changed quite a bit in a way that's not good for the country, not good for journalism."
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"Kid," the old editor said, voice oozy with bourbon, "I can't run your piece. The emoji are all wrong, and the .gif is too familiar."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBasically, FCC Chairman Wheeler sells out the Internet: http://t.co/L36LzprC1P
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIf you've tweeted more than 100,000 times, don't bother leaving a suicide note. We get it.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@dangillmor @mathewi @mediamogul Univision News on its worst night delivers more viewers than 1000x Vox on its best night. @ThisIsFusion
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHave you heard? @mims is moving to the @WSJ http://t.co/s6RDFMKLC5 http://t.co/2yGSkkbDNi
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramnot one joke in HBO's Silicon Valley is as funny as the real photo of Scoble in the shower with Glass
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mediamogul text is still by far the most efficient way to absorb facts, but not data (or perhaps emotion, for that matter) @mathewi
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAll I can say is, if the future of media is "post text," then Vox and 538 and The Upshot are pretty screwed: http://t.co/9IDIN5PXlYI will continue to primarily provide in-text content.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@darth: I can only assume this was Felix's inspiration: http://t.co/SsdkD1cbWNFelix Salmon is leaving Reuters for the Fusion network because the future of media is "post text" http://t.co/9IDIN5PXlYA new media startup that runs nothing but posts by staffers announcing their next job http://t.co/1o30gYHYDf
Retweeted by Mathew IngramPrediction: @felixsalmon (whose journalism I respect greatly) will be somewhere other than @ThisIsFusion by this date next year.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramDylan explains his next move. RT @DylanByers: Why I'm Going Home Now http://t.co/Rc4v3nNtfX
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFusion digital content will be SO good that the youngs will pay for cable just to get the Fusion cable network. Hmm. http://t.co/YgOwrwjjjz
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIf you love the internet you should be terrified by this. http://t.co/LpaTCcyh4P
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWheeler's proposal is not #NetNeutrality. It's an insult to those who care abt the open Internet to pretend otherwise http://t.co/2JKwL0AiCh
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThrilled to announce I'm not changing media orgs and also I'm planning to air-blast my keyboard soon.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHappy 450th birthday, Shakespeare http://t.co/IYo9SzARzh via @PetriDishes http://t.co/XTtisOdcL4
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram[bullshit siren] http://t.co/n7zmqPfsia
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhy is it that whenever people you enjoy reading write about their next media job, the result is something awful to read?
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@nickbilton lazy. Specifics always better: "The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people install Candy Crush"
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhew! @felixsalmon is in good hands, producing post-text millennial-friendly content for platforms like Snapchat! https://t.co/1tJC91JWjd
Retweeted by Mathew IngramChrome app replaces the word “literally” w/ the word “figuratively.” That’s literally all it does. (h/t @Mediaite) https://t.co/cOa8CaHHg0
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@DylanByers @FelixSalmon yes but you have to admit “put everything where it works best” is an excellent definition/defense of promiscuity
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI like @FelixSalmon and fully understand the future of video, etc, but this "Text has had an amazing run, online," bit is a little much
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mat: Speak for yourself, HonanI predict (and hope) that @felixsalmon will be producing many, many plain old words yet. Still no more efficient way to absorb ideas & info.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramPhew! Vox filling that important gap between regular news & BuzzFeed: explains Shakespeare's sex jokes http://t.co/7UX3QCDfRW
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramsmoothie journalism: everything you need to be an informed citizen, plus blueberries and kale
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhy people good at legacy media defect to start-ups: They want to obey digital logic and see what happens. They can only do that by leaving.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis headline asks a great question about the Aero case -- one never asked about taxes, etc. http://t.co/bfRBJBtsGo
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI can see a bright future for Felix on the Fusion show "No, You Shut Up!" which is staffed primarily by puppets: http://t.co/4GxNwPLaPP!WOW. @felixsalmon going to Fusion. I visited Fusion Monday. Some damned smart folks. & this is a brilliant hire. https://t.co/TzXWZC1XqV
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRT @mollyesque: From now on when I don’t feel like writing I’m going to tell my editor “the core of what I do is post-text.”What @FelixSalmon will do at @ThisIsFusion: make "awesome smart digital content," mostly "post-text:" https://t.co/hT092BR5Kl
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFelix: "But the core of what I do at Fusion will be post-text." Post-text? Is this an interpretive dance job? https://t.co/d0qPgaKQh9
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@Medium: the place where the media explains itself to itself.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFelix says “the core of what I do at Fusion will be post-text... text has had an amazing run” https://t.co/zuXZMkYNOtA brief explanation of why I’m joining Fusion: https://t.co/MlFJiYXN10
Retweeted by Mathew IngramEmma Gilbey Keller has resigned from The Guardian: http://t.co/GakjjvEFJu Nice scoop by @SaraMorrison
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFelix Salmon lands at Fusion. He says he's looking forward to not having to worry about generating traffic. http://t.co/5ucjptA7Ph
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"“when Reuters Next died, my opportunity to do fun Internet stuff died with it.” - @felixsalmon
Retweeted by Mathew IngramOkay, of all the places I thought @felixsalmon might wind up, the Fusion cable channel was not one of them: http://t.co/6zdL8Oh72O1. First 89 days of quarter: "What is going on at Apple?!" 2. Earnings day: "Holy crap Apple is massive!" 3. Repeat
Retweeted by Mathew IngramLeonhardt: "When a business is changing, you don’t get to choose whether you’re going to be cannibalized." http://t.co/tokzTPPeqa
Retweeted by Mathew IngramApple going for some sort of financial engineering trifecta of Pay No Attention To The Absence Of New Products. Look, shiny things!
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"What readers have to say about the subjects [we cover] is just as interesting to me as what the writers say" http://t.co/F76V14xualTruly explosive growth here. http://t.co/QdvOGg2DWO
Retweeted by Mathew IngramDavid Ebersman will go down in history as running the most successful 'failed IPO' in history. $FB
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRepost: Apple is making a metric crap-ton of money, but a slightly smaller crap-ton than in 2012. Has $87 gazillion in cashApple boosts "capital return program" by 50 percent to $90 billion for stock buybacks, dividend increases etc.Most important Twitter fact, ever. RT @amonck: @mathewi Journalists' friends and sources are on twitter, not their readers
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow RT @mims: Apple LOVES its shareholders: 7 for 1 stock split, increased stock buyback to $90 billion.Wow. Facebook earns nearly twice as much per US user as it did one year ago. Apparently the ads are working. http://t.co/Ex50zwjoki
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@boyreporter @TorontoStar: A valiant effort -- but you can't mandate engagement. Culture has to change firstNYPD Failed At Social Media This Time, But They Reacted Like Adults To That Failure http://t.co/GxyybMO6FL
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi journalists' friends and sources are on twitter, not their readers
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFacebook stock is down a little on earnings, but worth noting that it has more than doubled in the last nine months: https://t.co/czMuxKSSIMYou know what’s cool, etc. RT @sfiegerman: Facebook now has well over 1 billion monthly active users on mobile http://t.co/38a8yX0r3Z
Retweeted by Mathew IngramApple is getting ready to report which means you can expect a stream full of the same tweets until the conference call is done.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIt's interesting that David Leonhardt wants to get his Upshot writers to spend more time on Facebook vs. Twitter: http://t.co/nPpBKwI6v3"What's upsetting about these sites is that you can't just sit down and read them in any useful or enjoyable way" http://t.co/LwnzbRkvBD@mathewi @Vox Tech story: Added 2 correx, said @Gizmodo is right, but hed/most of story the same. Herpes story: Not yet.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@WillOremus: Yes, I completely forgot about that whole period -- 2012 seems like a decade ago"In almost every conceivable case, firing someone for making a mistake on Twitter is an overreaction." http://t.co/of2dHQk7jM
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@heoj @Vox: And have they updated their stories to take note of that?@rhh: Yeah, I don't usually do that unless it is an outright screw-up on my part
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