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Creative maker, internet geek, bionic chef, clean eater, brooklynite. Head of Design+UX @yipit. Formerly @nestio, @techstars, & adjunct @mfadt.

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HI BOAT! (@ Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas - @oasisandallure w/ 6 others) http://t.co/8qTTjV0SA3
@rubicantekid Glad you're okay! If I can help at all please let me know.@rubicantekid Oh no! Are you guys okay?So excited for @sarahmcsimmons new adventure - Bird & Bubbles. Two of my favorite things. http://t.co/OQPtoj2XkNDO NOT TEASE ME, MR. WILLIAMS! - Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works. http://t.co/JQQITaL0Vg@jwegener But to where, Jon? TO WHERE?I was told that this bird sounds like me and I'm okay with that. http://t.co/otHnd1Rvou
@joshmateo http://t.co/Iqn8MoOHgW@joshmateo http://t.co/r6UPU7fVhJI have my best ideas at 4:43 PM.New startup idea: Savory Fun Dip.You know that red stick that came with the crackers and cheese? That should have been edible. Like a pepperoni stick or something.The Condiment King is a DC Comics villain who makes use of various condiments as his weapons. http://t.co/QKFqfmdfI0
@femmebot LONG LIVE AIM!Every time I write '!important' I wish it was 'important!' because I like yelling at my CSS.I saw two people on their phones walk right into each other this morning. It's going to be a great day.
For @MaybeJP's birthday this year, God sent him a blood moon.
You might think that two tasting menus in one weekend is too much. You'd be wrong. Dead wrong. I will kill you.Dinner By Chef @Nina_Compton!!! (at @TheSaintAustere w/ @lexyapostolou) http://t.co/FQTSxvzvlT
@gabrielstuart BEES???@ianwestcott @citygrit @linecook It's also the best kimchi juice I've ever snuck into a bar and poured into a beer.
Retweeted by mattRaoulWhen I least expect it, my friends remind me how awesome they are. My friends are awesome."it's not Adam and you, it's Adam and me" - eve breaking up with Steve
Retweeted by mattRaoul@jwegener DOT DOT DOT
Were eating amazing and all @lexyapostolou can do is hug this lady. @ City Grit http://t.co/AfzazNuPLGYESSSS!!! (at @CityGrit Culinary Salon for Chef Richie Nakano w/ @jsnsck @mikeocool) http://t.co/ryNZqN3sRe@mikeocool [redacted]Crossing my fingers for bathtubs full of broth. RT @mikeocool: I'm pretty ready to put @linecook's food in my belly tonight at @citygrit.Finally, someone made popsicle stick jokes just for me. http://t.co/uphyYUsM2a
@asmith83 "Is that somebody throwing something at me?"I wonder if after flat design we'll go back to wicked worn. Those were the good ole days… (cc @cameronmoll)I think we can all agree that Nan is great. http://t.co/M3fOAO04IG@nm_forms DONE.@usefultheory I think start eating from the beginning befogging finishing and then create and endless loop or consumption/creation.I'll just leave this here. http://t.co/6WuzUQQs7n
@femmebot Gives a lot of context to iOS7.you try to make something sexy and the fact-checkers always have to ruin it
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This is about to be a rock concert. @ Death By Audio http://t.co/3v1OsLjOGDI'm pretty hip. (at @DeathByAudio w/ @dangertam @ianwestcott) http://t.co/AxYOaWLkOu@awgross I have no idea what is going on but it sounds pretty dramatic so I'm on board.@femmebot I am going to adopt this new spelling. Nice to meet you Fébé!
@RickWebb Have you even seen this yet? http://t.co/eBFBjmgKGe (via @spulec)There may or may not be a cat in the shower I'm not sure. @ http://t.co/aFuiA2o4Lo HQ http://t.co/FNJT5hKXP0
My bacon tumor is cured!
I like how at-will employment and arbitrary termination become crises when they happen to a wealthy executive.
Retweeted by mattRaoulHow I skew split tests: "The 8th most popular query among the control group is 'potato'."Starting to think my salmon colored shirt is actually just pink and now I want to go home…@jwegener Another. Another. Another. Another.
@kristenhengst This has me questioning everything we believed in… http://t.co/SqCtI1fmCo@asmith83 TRUTH OR DARE?Brendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO: http://t.co/QYLZL9h29T
Retweeted by mattRaoulOur #McCutcheon AMA starts in 10 minutes, if you have any questions. http://t.co/D4p6cz09Cv (Before you ask: one horse-sized duck)
Retweeted by mattRaoul
@asmith83 I'll be the one trolling you.Get excited: I'll be taking questions on #McCutcheon and money in politics tomorrow at 3pm ET in a Reddit AMA. I'm adamsmith2013 on Reddit.
Retweeted by mattRaoulToday I asked an old lady if she needed help crossing the street. It turned out to be an old man. He told me to fuck off.Current Status: http://t.co/feaOIUqif1 #EMBARKATION@sztul I think you need to do more user testing.@joshmateo Me too. Wish they just took out 'our picks'Was up all night thinking about my new business idea: Cat-flavored water for dogs.@joshmateo @nytimes WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?@joshmateo @nytimes But interactions are really solid, and I love the action bar at the top of the article vs the bottom.@joshmateo @nytimes Love the simplicity. Sometimes confused about where I am, and I'm not clear on the different sections.
This goes to brooklyn, right? (@ Staten Island Ferry Boat - Guy V. Molinari) http://t.co/wWTbbvwYMoThis city helps. http://t.co/SmmdopdWYV@garychou You seemed to have had much better luck than I did today!@lexyapostolou My emotions!@hollyoxen They'll replace it for $80, which is a total rip-off, IMO.And then I walked out of the Apple store with no solution and my phone battery died again at 80%. Salt on the wound.Constantly let down by AppleCare when it comes to iPhone issues. Is it crazy to think a $700 phone should last > 2 years?
TIL Shift+8 will not give you a capital 8.@flight404 Someone needs a nap!Read a sponsored BuzzFeed post. Went to the sponsors website. Made a purchase. I am now a statistic.
#AlexAndMeg2014 @ Richfield Regency http://t.co/7sbL6zTobO
@hotmesstess Peeping is one of my favorite pastimes.SOMEBODY GIVE ME A SITREP!Me: "Well, right now I'm making origami." @ianwestcott: "I'm looking at a map of Lebanon." #TGIF@flight404 WASN'T THAT GROSS?A lot can change in one year.If your redesign includes an instructional overlay explaining the redesign, then you're doing it wrong…@flight404 @rickwebb This all goes to shit and when you look at it in context and with caps-lock state. SHIT I TELL YA.@rickwebb Oh yeah that is unacceptable. I agree. Wtf.@rickwebb You're on a tear today.@winniemui Thanks! We're working hard to improve http://t.co/HBmtL3UXqm & your feedback is really helpful.
@winniemui Hey Winnie, any more feedback on what you like/don't like about the new http://t.co/HBmtL3UXqm?OH wait, he's the President. Never mind, that changes everything.I didn't expect to fall in love with the CEO of Taco Bell today… http://t.co/4dxeM7x3IuHubble telescope glitch produces modern space art! http://t.co/tldoHF6dh4
Timehop (finally) on Android! Abe and the robot are buddies now. Get it here: https://t.co/wYimGmyVzD http://t.co/qp1z5jMIZH
Retweeted by mattRaoulAccording to some interpretations of Leviticus, crickets (along with grasshoppers, locusts and katydids) are indeed kosher…Feedback comes from the brain. Reactions come from the gut.@bdotdub Benny, you're a delight!Visualizing light speed in Minecraft because why not? http://t.co/El4F94HOm8
Because @lexyapostolou and I have no self control and are not sorry. @ Rye House http://t.co/i3IBPD8DDW
Nightlife Performer @ItsToriScott Will Return to @54Below http://t.co/OlF2Etd67n
Retweeted by mattRaoul@flight404 The west coast has really changed you.I only want a smart watch because then I'll be one step closer to being Dick Tracy.from . import *
Decided to cook up beef bourgeon for my parents mostly so I could set some cognac on fire.
Spot the grown up. @ Erskine, New Jersey http://t.co/fDzTcSe8MrSt Patricks Parade! I'm already sober. (@ Erskine Lake) http://t.co/9JkxD106G8
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