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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@hmajd @JasminRamsey Will that include a lifting of sanctions?the laws of the world never stopped us, once, cuz together we got plenty superpowericymi: Iran side says political agreement or framework most likely outcome, claim extension not currently discussed http://t.co/Eg2PB1p9tK
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@neilhimself *tucks blanket under chin* Sweet dreams.@neilhimself Why aren't you in bed? :)@ditzkoff peanut butter and........chaoswhat is this bruno mars is this 1990 I don't like it
my most recent stream of consciousness: ooooh I wanna get Wordpress VIP I think it's time and I'm ready HAHHA $5000 a month cry gnash rend@bethwodzinski :) Certainly not without its tensions, difficulties and frustrations, especially now that he's ill. But still v wonderful.Dad is reproaching me for belching too loud. Which I had done, to him, an hour ago. This is our beloved routine.My Dad and I are about to watch Saturday Night Live. Let's see if either of us thinks any of it is funny.@PernArchivist Nope. Teleplay and story both by dudes.Also: damn, Keiko and O'Brien suck at marriage.@jen_wang I know! She was right to be so pissed, whether or not she was married. So inconsistent for her to cave at the end.http://t.co/0sVnfMYzGg
Retweeted by Monica ByrneAnd then the badass Dr. Leah Brahms is the one who "owes an apology" at the end? Oh HELL no.Ughhhh I hate the TNG episode "Galaxy's Child." Geordi is such a creeper. And then gives the whole "but I'm a nice guy" argument.@David_Dobbs @embeedub Who wrote this?my anaconda will consider it
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@vastarchive Right? Such melancholy.@vastarchive I knew it primarily through lens of Alexander; was in love w/ him growing up. Of course he is thought of differently in Fars.@vastarchive @Dr_Alex_Nagel Thank you so much. Place took hold of me & I'm trying to understand why. My pics here: https://t.co/xG0hXHaPrW@vastarchive Oh. My. God.@vastarchive Are there any reconstructions or illustrations thereof? Kept trying to imagine it in my mind...@vastarchive Ohhhh my goodness.@vastarchive Ahhh, you're a scholar of Persepolis!? I LOVED Persepolis. Spent hours and hours wandering there!@scalzi What does it say that I look at that cat and think, "That cat is made for Woodland Special Ops"@pedestrian Here's Abyaneh in October... http://t.co/5XWFotxMi2@pedestrian ;) Just makes me wanna go back. Soon soon soon.Speaking to many Iranians in past weeks, felt once again their spirt & hope for lifting of sanctions. They deserve a reason to celebrate.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@pedestrian You're killing me.The bird bears witness to the coming of fall: autumn in #Qazvin, #Iran. http://t.co/nT37X5Bdl9
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWhat greater pleasure than to do what one is made for?Yeah that'd be @petersagal. Shitty joke, man.Um hey male host of @waitwait...whether you'd get into a car with Bill Cosby might have to do with your gender. Tasteless joke.Iranians back home want a nuclear deal so they can get on with their lives (http://t.co/c8jRYaL5zP). Just imagine the anxiety in Iran.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne#IranTalksVienna http://t.co/UtJgJ5srgM
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@JasminRamsey *fingers crossed*Aiyeee. Praying for resolution of this. Come on, you guys. It's time. http://t.co/zmkC8ob7df #Iran #StoptheSanctions@GilbertLiz Awww, what a lucky doggie 😊@shaenasaurus HAPPY BIRTHDaY! Just from lil ol unexotic Durham, but I wish I could festoon it with hibiscii!
@mahveshm Better :) http://t.co/z8LXV0cyg7@mahveshm I was just thinking that! The lush silk scarves amplify the look somehow...@pushinghoops I made a ten-cassette series called "Recent Radio." Sadly expository.applied kohl for the first time since leaving #iran and it's just not the saaaaaaaaaame http://t.co/MIJukURE6rPEEEEEETUUUHHHHHHHH #mockingjaywhen "whatta man" comes up on my playlist i'm like http://t.co/hchZZn4nAv@shaenasaurus LOL. Fair enough. :)Atheists deserve better public figures than those dickheads.God, this shit is so satisfying. http://t.co/xTPdWVmDtj@EmilyGould Oh God I hated mine. At every break, I would seek the company of the dog.And the first thing out of your mouth is, "But what about false accusations?" What in the entire fuck is wrong with you?
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@pedestrian I have a tin of those exact Yazdi sweets in my luggage and I'm guarding it like it's made of platinum.@pedestrian lolBuy, peel, eat, repeat ... #Tehran Pomegranate Festival. http://t.co/wzIoek6Dw4
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@pedestrian I saw pomegranates for sale at my local Harris Teeter this morning and felt really sad.It's so predictable for older people to be down on younger people. Make the opposite choice. Let them thrive. It feels so much better.People were making fun of them? Honestly? Jesus, yall wish you were half this interesting. @diamonde http://t.co/uRK23Fe89EThis is incredible. "We don’t think a lot of the music out there is that cool. So we make our own music." http://t.co/uRK23Fe89Eugh dave chappell's intro of jill scott on the block party album gives me chills every time https://t.co/ZJHMQcaSDy@sheilacalla that is screaming "chicken pox" at meVirginia Governor calls for investigation into UVA gang rape frat http://t.co/EzuzXJwE8n http://t.co/etFgBDSwAZ
Retweeted by Monica Byrnei came back with less of a tan than that for which i had wished@glorioushubris @carmenmmachado @mkazoo @ariellewiton @benmauk @Thessaly @tithenai @Valya :D Thank you so much, E.J.!@hannahjwaters @rgay Whew.and how many cardamom lattés does it take to feel like I'm back in the Stateshow many white women does it take to exclude oneself from its insidious companysooooooo many white women in these here partsOh Americans. We are so strange.I AM GOING TO CRY I AM GOING TO LOSE MY SHIT DIANA OH IS ON http://t.co/T4NLUpiYjC SHUT THE FUCK UP http://t.co/ya7ZtgJcWk via @PEOPLEMag
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@scalzi 💞@halcyontony :)@halcyontony Also: I should clarify that I mean the national theater scene. My own company in Durham is the shit.@sajennings You know my heart.@halcyontony Oooooh. Thank you thank you. Gonna order it.@DurhamHealthNC Thanks. OK then I'll get there early on Monday :)@JessicaValenti @PKhakpour You know what would be awesome? Stem Cell Barbie.@DurhamHealthNC Thanks. Will be back Monday, I guess!@mserikasalazar Yeah. Just...what a silly scene.@DurhamHealthNC Maybe adjust capacity and/or be clearer about need to get there very early...?Hey @DurhamHealthNC! Your services are awesome, but...clinic filled up by 9am!? I got there at 8:30am, the reported opening time...We need this. RT @MissLiberty: I made this for the world. And by the world, I mean @RebeccaSchinsky. http://t.co/67d0fmhu1k
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@RebeccaSchinsky @KatWithSword @MissLiberty Oh, bless you.I know I can do both. But. The theatre scene just feels like a slot machine: feeding energy, pulling lever, getting nothing.Should I worry about whether an agent/AD of Fancy Theatre will finally take me seriously or should I dream of the towers of Yazd. GEE DUNNOLike...who gives a fuck about that shit in this world? American theatre is an institution with its head up its ass. Shrug. Move on.Two months traveling the world puts things in perspective. Like how petty, small, and dysfunctional the world of American theatre is.Spending my first morning home getting tested at @DurhamHealthNC. Did you know they offer free testing? Git it! Know your status! #Durham@scalzi Good morning!So very lucky. So very happy.Oh wow. Home study, home desk, home things. http://t.co/IK5Zs382vR@cruz_cambranes I had a subletter! But she left the place lovely and clean :)@caravanistan You're so welcome. Those places were amazing.
I love it when it's clear Colbert is truly terrified of someone and just barely making character.It's a day for literary goddesses. First Le Guin, now Morrison. http://t.co/yfznZabNxU@alliemullin Indeed, there are.... :) http://t.co/vmT73MirQMThere is something so, so wonderful about taking care of oneself.Came home to a near-empty fridge, but there's instant oatmeal, and frozen strawberries, and honey; so I have dinner.@ECthetwit OK I want this right now. http://t.co/aRtmB2DSY5@ECthetwit Ooooh, thank you. Checking out...
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