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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@hungerf9 I got the creeps from the NFL even before all this bullshit went down.The moment when I step off the plane into Belize air is always magical. My whole body knows I'm there. The air smells different, richer.@shaenasaurus Two months! Belize, Iran, and the Philippines. But I'm hung over from the sendoff last night, so too sleepy to care :)American football season has started. What a perfect time to leave the country.Whoa. I've been at the Durham bus station for half an hour and already encountered two preachers preaching about the unreality of this worldGood morning, world. I only got two hours of sleep. And ohhhhhhh I was having a dream that wasnt even RIGHT #mmmmmGoodnight, @pushinghoops.tonight i had a party to say goodbye and lots of people came and i wore a bright blue floofy tulle skirt with mary janes. the end. amen.Post-sendoff 3am shopping. Travel size saline. Travel size toothpaste. Bus snacks. http://t.co/0vEZd1Jt14
@damiengwalter @JoshTabard ...what Damien said.@Iagreewithjoe THE STEER HAVE GUNS!?@JoshTabard @damiengwalter Um. Yes.@Iagreewithjoe I was hoping a longhorn had appeared in your front yard.ALL RIGHT, APARTMENT. You are about to get CLEAN* *-ishmy kingdom for a packet of creamer@monicabyrne13 ah, mi amor, estás lista. Next milestone, cussing somebody out in Spanish, and not realizing it until afterward. :-)
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWhen packing to circle the globe, pack only essentials. Ie nine books plus a Kindle. ;) @CrownPublishing @zackwagman http://t.co/DtNWN4UWQrThe staging area. It looks like @REI vomited all over my couch. #travel http://t.co/Ar4w9scLGCHmlt: last dance, last chance. Tonight 8pm ECHHS. http://t.co/mJR15qPi5h
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI'm about to circumnavigate the globe. Anyone have tips for minimizing jetlag? @neilhimself?@KatWithSword Thank you, dear. I will.Shoulda cc'ed @everettharper on that last tweet...Also y'all: I SPOKE SPANISH IN MY DREAM! For the first time! Just "Que es su nombre" but stilllllllllll!@damiengwalter Being abroad in one place doesn't preclude jealousy of being abroad in another place. So I've learned!@damiengwalter Belize on Monday, Iran on October 3rd. Will be tweeting early and often. ;)@damiengwalter @mahveshm Thank you. :)@mahveshm @damiengwalter Why thank you :) I have ten Berber scarves from Morocco and am finally getting to wear them!@damiengwalter I'm just going to bring a basic black one and then buy the rest when I get there.@damiengwalter Here's one for you in return, that I just took last night... http://t.co/Bhy72EV4pR@damiengwalter Nice.@susanorlean I'm so sorry.1:07am. Packing. Jeff Buckley playing. https://t.co/Mw25fIbXBU@sparrowpost Oh my God.
@sparrowpost Aw NAW what'd he do now?So procrastinating on packing. Making silly faces at my phone. http://t.co/kbLDUn8Y5ytake a wild guess how good this peanut butter isExperimenting with a headscarf. #iran #wanderlust http://t.co/BFGNDAcoBSi love burts bees but their blueberry dark chocolate lip balm tastes like creamed ass on toastGod I love playing with makeup. Smeared lipliner on my eyelids tonight, so they have a red tint. http://t.co/8fcTVL5SN0@christopherzf :)@mahveshm 90% of books, I don't say anything to anyone about. The other 10% I am shoving in their faces.New post: Why I Joined @SFWA. http://t.co/cKNiDF5Xff (Thank you to @tinytempest, @MaryRobinette, @jimchines, @scalzi, @KameronHurley, more.)...& that the true nature of everything is utterly other than it appears to be & can only be uncovered through a great quest taken alone....I mean, Jesus. No wonder I grew up believing that creation is healing, that stories are more real than real life...Well, I just cried my way through a screening of The Neverending Story at the @carolinatheatre...Artist date: candy corn, and Neverending Story on the big screen. <3 http://t.co/iyjga5gIC7"Sexual violence isn't just a crime—it's a civil rights violation." —President Obama #ItsOnUs
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@mahveshm Yes. This is one reason I'd be so fail at it.My Op-Ed piece in today's @nytimes: "Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem" http://t.co/SBpXJCaFa0
Retweeted by Monica Byrnehttp://t.co/VzOcCDjeCnSiri is posting this tweet for me@mahveshm I mean, I do it all the time via Twitter. My friend @damiengwalter is in Chiang Mai right now and...mmmmmmm.@mahveshm For sure! I'm back in the States on November 20th. Believe me, I'll be tweeting from wherever I can tweet, the whole trip :)Packing begins. All of the above has to fit into the two bags below. This is why compression sacks. #travelporn http://t.co/CzvBsiSj2R@mahveshm Oh HELL yes. I would love that! Just ping me!...maybe because the screening would happen whether we were there or not, so we merely witness it. Whereas a movie at home, we control it.We generally say we "saw" a movie in a theater, but "watched" a movie at home...why is that...@sarahdellorto Stay very, very still. They can sense motion.
MEL GIBSON DIED IN VAINAnd guys. My ass is definitely getting bigger. Which is a long-term goal of mine. #squatsBlurg. Second time I've come close to fainting at the gym. But I know just what to do: lie down, breathe normally, go on.@mahveshm Haha I meant *black scarf. But "sick" works in the slang sense...@mahveshm And YES I DID! I fly out of DC on October 2. Gonna bring one sick scarf for the Tabriz airport, then pick up more at the bazaar ;)@mahveshm @helenewecker ;) Kee kee! I like that kind of reaction! Spent all night discussing it w/ two friends last night...same reaction.@monicabyrne13 Also forgot to say, I read your book & DUDE.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneEast Chapel Hill High School tonight at 8pm, outdoors, beautiful weather, Hamlet! 500 Weaver Dairy Rd, Chapel Hill, http://t.co/Km2jkDSs1n
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMy Dad with his first grandson, Niko. http://t.co/dVicaTscA8@zackwagman I'll blurb YOU! Will that help? :)@scalzi Oh, train travel is my very favorite. Enjoy.A really beautiful dispatch from polyamory-land. http://t.co/jyUGIwM3De@lizmaestri I hate that I know this, but mouse corpses smell...saltier somehow.Something in my apartment smells like tuna. It's not tuna.
@neilhimself Or sign a professional email with "Love."o my gash am so sweepyi can haz sweeping bag, i can sweep in desert outside garmeh, huzzah http://t.co/wU6PyDOPK3Still recovering from "The Girl in the Road" by @monicabyrne13. Rich, complex, and challenging to read.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneShopping for Iran. Long sleeves, tight collar, cover butt. http://t.co/Z8yKvaSjLeSLEEPY BAG SHOPPANG #Iran #travel #countdown http://t.co/CQqBW4kI1ZInternational traveler porn. http://t.co/1aIaBdUbRc@dirtysurface NICE. I love it!@dirtysurface Marvelous. Did you see this post? LMK if you want to be the photographer for Nekkid Novelists. :D http://t.co/Qe3aMkjbTHAnd now: the Great Travel Shop. HENCE TO @REI. On the list: 20F sleeping bag for camping out in the desert outside Garmeh Oasis, Iran.A sidewalk stage, no set, & 2 flashlights to light the show. Results: @OLittleGreenPig's unmissable HMLT. ★★★★1/2. http://t.co/V8cRISNgyC
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMy little makeshift compost attracted a beautiful visitor. http://t.co/IT6tAkvZm6@dirtysurface Thank you. Life is very excellent. I'm about to head (back) to Belize on Sunday to keep researching Novel #2. :) You?@wellesleyunderg @alifeofgreen My thoughts exactly.i am an adult-ish@damiengwalter Indeed it is. :)@damiengwalter Aitutaki, The Cook Islands. http://t.co/DNLRmPhv0t@damiengwalter Rarotonga, The Cook Islands. #footie http://t.co/aK1v3wSpZN@damiengwalter Wayasewa Island, Fiji. #footie http://t.co/VePJxfpu7Q@damiengwalter Lalibela, Ethiopia. http://t.co/WMmlwdWooc@ECthetwit or "haderach'ed"@ECthetwit Whatever is Fremen for "you just got p0wned"God. Such a homoerotic scene somehow. Does anyone know what word Paul speaks at the end that makes Sting's chest break open?And now let us all join together and watch Muad'Dib defeat Feyd Rautha in the most badass way possible. https://t.co/I564oRov20@ardalby71 Or because you're a great example of exactly the problem I'm talking about.What is with this notion that emotion somehow diminishes an argument? Some of our society's best debates have been full of rage.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@ardalby71 Not interested in engaging with you anymore. Bye.Hell fuckin YES my theatre company @OLittleGreenPig whips it. Again. @indyweek http://t.co/6LE4zb5Y0g
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