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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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"@anotherfathead: My 8 yr old wants to be a writer! Did you get anything for Christmas that inspired you to write?" Books.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneCan't believe this is actually an issue. Chill out people; there's nothing wrong with watching porn! 😂 http://t.co/lWvrCrPq3d
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWork day, with poinsettia. #writerslife http://t.co/52qRCwGHQh@susanorlean May your re-entry be gentle 😊The Girl in the Road is one of the best books of 2014, according to @bookthug. Thank you, guys :) http://t.co/IDFDiRoHaYfili is underrated, hotness-wise@StephenAtHome would've had a field day. "There's only one kind of Catholic! We still get forgiveness the old-fashioned way--we buy it!"So sad @StephenAtHome ended The Colbert Report--my sister @JulieByrneHUCS won't get to talk about her upcoming book The Other Catholics!@fakedansavage Also, I would be completely terrified to go head to head with him. I would just laugh and make starry eyes.Watching this made my day. Congratulations, @fakedansavage, he got so-o-o-o-o flustered ;) http://t.co/hH1aH27uga@jimchines Yeah. That stuff is hard to get right. I'm writing entire tracts in Belizean Kriol right now, and it's challenging.@jimchines Oooh. What's the accent?@afnewton Biggs is such a handsome devil.@ECthetwit Oh, that is lovely.
@scalzi @AScalzi98 Alas, I know neither. (Or maybe....not alas.)@AScalzi98 Uh oh. Are you watching X-Files?Obama Just Made History by Ignoring Men for an Entire Press Conference http://t.co/fodhXO9Qm9@nkjemisin That's such a useful attitude. Thank you.Monica Byrne blog post on transreal & strange tales. http://t.co/Sy9cNu1T7R
Retweeted by Monica Byrneanyone threatened by a time in which marginalized voices have more power than ever before is just signaling which side theyve always been on
Retweeted by Monica Byrne'outrage culture' is a an improvement on the silence and impenetrable networks of protection around abusers, the outrage is overdue
Retweeted by Monica Byrnefinally being a bigot carries some threat of consequence and we're supposed to regret this as an era of outrage?
Retweeted by Monica ByrneAwesome! Long interview/discussion between me and Monica Byrne about transrealist writing, on Damien Walter's site. http://t.co/UOUwM1Vspf
Retweeted by Monica ByrneAll I want for holidays is to help out @helsinkiin2017 & international fiction the next 6 days. https://t.co/apuHfV7xFz Cld use RT please?
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@helenewecker ❤️Maybe because I am terrified of commitment.Staring at this and yet scared to just pull the trigger and register. I wonder why. http://t.co/zXdpZOt0En@RaymondMcNeel @model_minority Maybe in your definition.@linnieVII ...so we have to trust others to see for us, like Sofia's pointing out in her essay.@linnieVII Well...that's exactly the point. White women have difficulty seeing the matrix of privilege in which we're embedded....(1/2)@model_minority Because they generally are the ones with the money.@model_minority Yeah, and a very specific kind of audience: wealthy, older, white.Theater productions are generally so boring, that if I wasn't a theater artist I'd never go.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@model_minority I wish I could program a virus into theatrical institutions. Like with the Borg, or in Inception. Instruction: "dismantle."@model_minority Also this: http://t.co/N7jGThFugw@model_minority http://t.co/Mg3d0ZPsddWhy is theater boring? Mostly white ppl issues, POC only struggling, theater that looks like tv, revivals, over produced plays. Oh well.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneIt's not theater that's boring. It's produced theater. There's a diff. Playwrights & plays are still great. Going to theater? Not great.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThere was a time when theater productions would incite riots, make ppl burn theater down. Like Clifford Odets. Now, it just makes me bored.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@model_minority See: my tweet about institutions. Hang on...@indyweek Right, because movies about women can only be compared to each other, no matter how different they are....@PKhakpour, @lenadunham, and @helenewecker. So if an opportunity comes up, think of me, yeah? Gracias.Attn Anyone/Everyone: I love interviewing writers. On wish list: @Nnedi, @Nalo_Hopkinson, @haszombiesinit, @SofiaSamatar, @pushinghoops...@rmarg516 Or the Buddha comfort food. If you come across string cheese in the road, kill it.@rmarg516 More like the Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior comfort food.@rmarg516 a great comfort food IN ALL SEASONS OF LIFE, ROBERT@JoshuaACNewman @damiengwalter Nah, go read 'em. No anxiety of influence! :)@damiengwalter @JoshuaACNewman Wait. Am I in the arena now? IS THAT A LION!?@JoshuaACNewman @damiengwalter You can answer, Joshua! I'd be interested to hear what you think."I asked both writers the same question: whether everything in the universe is knowable via the scientific method" http://t.co/LXBAcOrEZf
Retweeted by Monica Byrnei finally looked at Slate piece re: outrage in 2014 cuz OMG Andrew Goldman. but in10 pieces on 2014 outrage and not 1 mention of GamerGate
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@zackwagman "Think-tweet"...what if we all have replicators directly hooked up to our brains in 2046.@zackwagman Pair it with a pickle of similar length. Heaven.me and string cheese go way back@scalzi You're napping, aren't you?Also, tip: if your polite invitation to coffee is politely declined bc of busy-ness reasons, thank them for responding. Sullen silence = :(Here are the top searches for my blog in the past week: "wave barrel" "selfie nude iran" "fiber optic virgen of guadalupe"Realists of a higher reality, @monicabyrne13 and @rudytheelder discuss the transrealist revolution : http://t.co/lpRZ5NcQ2w
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThis week I've said "no" 9 times. No to coffee. No to drinks. No to "brain-picking." I must guard my time. It gets easier with practice.I had a dream that Stephen Colbert ended his show by bringing in another Stephen, Stephen Liminal, who was a spoof of his spoof.@ManbitesTheater Just bought mine! See you tonight! :)New post: Let the strangeness in. http://t.co/DkYSvon5pp @rudytheelder @jeffvandermeer @damiengwalter #transrealism #weirdfiction@annanorthtweets @janetmock Nice. Her memoir is at the top of my reading stack for 2015.@theStake_org Going to see it tomorrow. Excited and apprehensive.I interviewed @rudytheelder on Transrealism, "the first major literary movement of the 21st century." It was awesome. http://t.co/eG5wNegXq3@KatWithSword Oh geeeeeeeeez. So beautiful....! :)
@petebuser I've only seen Dogville so far, which blew my mind. Now I'm on a binge.@afnewton Though without the getting married part, which is the whole point (so far).@afnewton I keep thinking, if I had that dress? That cake? At that golden castle? I'd be crying with happiness.@scalzi Nymphomaniac Pts. 1, 2 are next.nothing says Christmas like Lars Von TrierWatching Melancholia. Wow this is painful. In the good art film way.@scalzi ❤️@KatWithSword Oh WONDERFUL! Snuggle in, sister! Both you and @gretamjohnsen making such big moves today...However, as the book is New Perspectives on Human Sacrifice and Ritual Body Treatments in Ancient Maya Society, I am SO excited. #Novel2@nkjemisin I often wonder about the distinction between confidence and delusion.I just bought an ebook for research...$67. Ooof. #research #writerslife #taxwriteoffWhatever the solution to the state of American theatre, it's not institutions, which institutions don't want to hear, so we go on like this"This book moved me in indescribable ways." http://t.co/rd3r64acvP@David_Dobbs @mjrobbins Oooooooh. Transatlantic dis.@mjrobbins I was just asking for a screen shot of Bora's "apology" on behalf of a journalist. Got it right away :)@edyong209 @David_Dobbs @aatishb @mjrobbins All in good time, Ed 😊@aatishb @David_Dobbs @docfreeride @mjrobbins ...well look at that. A true Gentleman Twitterer. :)@docfreeride @David_Dobbs @aatishb You didn't happen to be a swimmer growing up, did you?@aatishb @David_Dobbs @mjrobbins Yeah, I saw "19 captures" at the top of that page...@David_Dobbs It does. :)@aatishb @David_Dobbs @mjrobbins Hooray and thank you, Aatish! Good Internet trick--I should learn it!@docfreeride @David_Dobbs Oh, brilliant. Sending to the journalist now. Thank you very much.Thanks, @David_Dobbs....I'm asking on behalf of a journalist who's writing a longform piece on the incident. Thank you. (2/2) @David_Dobbs @aatishb @mjrobbinsHi all: does anyone have a screenshot of Bora Zivkovic's "apology" blog entry on Coturnix, now deleted?...(1/2)@enkymion Mamnoon. :)@jeffvandermeer @goodreads :) ....people usually have questions when they finish. Very burning questions.Oooooh, I've turned on my Ask the Author feature on @goodreads. Got questions about The Girl in the Road? Shoot. https://t.co/RB8zYpjAXEi come with a pickle@ARASHPARSI200 :) Lovely.@paulboccaccio ....before explicit vowels were a thing@paulboccaccio ayatoLOLahI feel like I've learned as much as I can from seeing art that I feel obligated to see versus art that I really want to see.#TBT: That time there was a 90s photo booth at my uncle's birthday party. Dad is holding a rubber… http://t.co/bJ8W83YQQJ
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