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Come for tips on using OneNote for storing info about your pets, stay for cute puppy pics. http://t.co/pUi2znZrgJ http://t.co/YBm1b17XRYForgot your password again? Keep it safe in a OneNote 2013 notebook. You can even password protect it. #PasswordInception@jamiet Jamie, thanks for sharing this concern and photo with us. We've sent it to our engineers.@maxbauske Hey, Max! Yes, it's us, on Twitter. ;) We LOVE your picture. What are you liking most about using OneNote?A teacher’s life is hectic. Use OneNote to keep your grading, lesson plans, and personal life organized: http://t.co/ZXXQay74Ie #edtech@AnotherBurrito We've heard of it.... We'd love to hear what you love so much about #OneNote, if you don't mind. :)@samuelmcneill @Tameey Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Sam. :)OneNote Office Online update: You can now print your notebooks! Just use the PRINT tab on the Ribbon. More: http://t.co/EI4MIKLvR4Authors @JamiGold and @JennyHansenCA reveal a writer’s secret weapon. Psst, it’s OneNote. http://t.co/yNJXF308wB #NotReallyASecret
Get creative with your OneNote lists. http://t.co/WB8CJRcKpn #ListsListsAndMoreListsNow that you can print your OneNote Online notebooks, it’s easier than ever to use OneNote your way. http://t.co/zhynAkOOQgGet the reading and editing space you need with our updated multi-column navigation for OneNote Online: http://t.co/M469wkmTFjKeep your notes in line with ruler marks. In OneNote 2013, hit CTRL, SHIFT, and R at the same time to turn them on or off.@ghadzhigeorgiev Haha. Yes! So glad you like it. Another one you say? Interesting...@chrispont Okay, good to hear. We're sorry you had an issue though. Reach out anytime. @MicrosoftHelps@LayOn_OverWhale We're looking into this. In the meantime, will you post your question to our community? http://t.co/ADJgb7nFF8. Thanks.@igrali The music just swims through our veins. ;) #GrammyPlease Thanks for sharing, Igor!@evergreennri Thanks so much! Very happy you liked it. :)@mnstpdu08 Learn more about creating page templates here: http://t.co/gLBS9CXgTs. We hope this helps.@yesmynameissumo Simply lovely is simply wonderful to hear - thanks so much! Glad you like it. Way to be productive!@GreeneMBA Thanks for the request. We've shared it. You can also directly leave feedback at http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4. Top right corner.@ghadzhigeorgiev We hope that's a "wow, I absolutely love it" type of "wow." *fingers crossed*@HeyCrescent That's fantastic - exactly what we love to hear! Aside from easy access anywhere, which features help you out the most?@SukritRajpal Hey. Right now we have no news to share, but stay posted at our blog, here: http://t.co/BAfLnuDy2Z. Thanks!@brettski111 Thanks a lot, Brett! What have you been working on?@chrispont We're going to loop in @MicrosoftHelps on this too.@chrispont Sorry for the delay, Chris. Has your issue been resolved yet? When prompted, are you also having problems actually logging in?@dylthiessen Great to hear! What are some of your favorite OneNote features?@connor_p_obrien Thank you...? Pretty notes are definitely a good thing. :)@edwardsdna Thanks for sharing, Donna!@SThorpeLong Glad you like it. :)@tomcosa If it works for you, we're happy. :) Thanks for sharing!@MarcTowler How about this? "Oh my gosh! Those guys are so cool. Music just pours through their veins!" Or whatever... ;)@wlai Thanks for the feedback, William. We have passed this along to our engineers. :) What else can we do for you?@gulshanur Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Do so anytime. :)Spice up your notes by choosing a new page template. #FancyNotes http://t.co/pQ4G8R4fGKWine blogger @benitowine has a new tool for writing his blogs - OneNote for Mac. http://t.co/zAdLsZm6XwYou asked for it, it’s here: Print your OneNote Online notebooks! Learn more: http://t.co/bVVSfydc80
OneNote’s improved multi-column navigation interface makes it easy to get the reading and editing space you need. http://t.co/oBbZx9OKUG@WhatsNewSaes All excellent things, Seth. (Yay for puppies!)@yesmynameissumo Thanks so much! What are you liking most?@ResearchLaw That's great!Working mom of twins @ruthm says drop the pen and paper and get digital with OneNote. http://t.co/wsEtqRG99f #DropItLikeItsHot
Warrior Writers blog explains why OneNote is a great organization tool every writer should use. http://t.co/4b4DxPZKqF #WarriorsUseWeapons
5 ways to make your creative life easier using OneNote, courtesy of More Cowbell. http://t.co/wsOeI3lmNd #BestBlogNameEverMake a note and show this to your boss: Unlimited vacation time creates healthier, more productive employees. http://t.co/P5LUXvi2nHOneNote for Mac + a popular musical + most passionate product team ever = http://t.co/7ThrTmg9vK #OneNoteSongHey writers! Want a more organized writing process? @JennyHansenCA shares how OneNote can help make it happen. http://t.co/r30tna88u4One(Note) productivity tool to rule them all. Great tips for balancing work and life—with help from OneNote. http://t.co/e6ffAx8w7A
In case you haven't heard, we’ve been makin’ noise! Let us know what you think of our Les Mis parody, “OneNote Mac” http://t.co/vM9uiXjR7WWhat are you working on in OneNote today? Planning a fun weekend getaway or already looking to next week? #WorkHard #PlayHard@SmartiePantsMe Solid choices. Solid uses.@KellyRigotti Unlike a John Hoynes Vice Presidency. #NailedItUse ink to handwrite notes on a Windows 8 device & use OneNote 2013 to convert them to text. http://t.co/hY4R2lCAFX http://t.co/jdT13zqfgX@Ultra_Prism Music to our ears, Adnan. :)@laurenmorotti That's terrific. You're a OneNote master!@KellyRigotti Oh, absolutely. Much unlike Zoey and that Jean-Paul disaster. #TeamCharlie@paterfamilias Great! Thanks for the tip. Want to send feedback directly to our engineers? Go to top right corner at http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.@jamilhaddadin Smart words. :)@ShadowMakerSdR Thanks for the suggestion. We have passed it along. :)@michaelcoltham Michael, our engineers are always working on future updates. Stay posted here: http://t.co/nQgoJAI9UT.@WalterBobrowski Hi, Walter. What device are you using?@MLCarter1976 You're welcome, Matthew! Getting lots done with OneNote on your Android?@virtuarch Haha. Don't want to get bogged down in the details? What are you liking most about your OneNote for Mac?@kshrimpton We hope you got as much enjoyment watching it as our team did making it. :) Thanks for spreading it!@AlmirMustafic Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!@patelc75 We're hoping for the better. ;)@notificareme Hi there! At this time we don't have any news to share, but you can always keep posted at our blog: http://t.co/UDCavxbKBe.@jettisonned Hey! So happy you're enjoying Office Lens on your iPad. We've nothing to share on an iPhone release at this time.@dennisguzy We like the way you're thinking, Dennis. :)@laurenmorotti Happy to hear it, Lauren! Are you now constantly (you know, almost constantly) using OneNote?@Linds_Hall Aww, thanks so much, Lindsey. :) Glad you enjoyed it. #SingOn@KellyRigotti Too kind, Rigotti. Is this a "how Jed loves Abbey" sort of love or more of a "how Leo loves Margaret" variety?@the_ginger_g0d We appreciate feedback. Mind leaving more details for our engineers? Just go to http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4. (Top right corner.)@_Radjin We hear you're feedback and are always looking ahead: http://t.co/30aJ6jnF5y.@aileenchen Gotta love the sync. ;) We're thrilled you like it. We're always looking ahead to future updates. Stay posted on this channel.@EssoNet Hi there. Check out the keyboard shortcuts for OneNote Online here: http://t.co/GGq4EHeCAN. Does this help you out?@aphemani Thanks for sharing!@nghyp Thanks for the feedback. We are always working on future updates, across all platforms. Keep posted here: http://t.co/YHC58hFhF0.@nwhsbusiness We like the way you think. :)@TAJou Joel, we don't have a solution for you at this time. Take a peek here to learn more about what you can do: http://t.co/myFkspYr5e.@amattb This is awesome to hear. We LOVE hearing from our longtime, loyal users. Which features have you grown to love the most?@SThorpeLong More kind words, Stephen - thanks!!@DustinJez Great pic, Dustin! Thank you so much for sharing with us. This kid gets it. :)@AssistTech Looking good. Some very solid cursive too. ;)@ghadzhigeorgiev LOTS of things - we love it! Way to get things done! #productivity@Ultra_Prism Very cool. What sorts of things are you finding #Cortana to be useful for?@Bleak_Morn That's excellent! How long have you been using #OneNote to stay organized and get things done?@FrankLMoralesII Sounds like productivity is in full bloom whenever you and #OneNote come together. ;) Any favorite tools or features?@tomcosa 20, you say? Very cool! Which features are most useful for you?@groven1023 You sound awfully busy, but it's great to hear #OneNote is such a useful tool for you!@dylthiessen Dylan, you da man! What won them over and got them so excited to start taking notes in #OneNote?@pantsyrev A man with a plan - a smart plan at that! We're digging your style. ;)@0880HM That's great, Hannah! Thrilled to hear you've found something that works for you. :)@zoomba Sounds like you have a busy brain there, Michael. How are you enjoying OneNote for Mac?@jrusinek Gotcha. Is this often?@SQLife We know the feeling, Thomas! Haha.Besides OneNote, what’s your favorite @Office application? Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook? #InquiringMinds@pantsyrev A very fine choice. :) @surface@erictravers LOL. Someone found a loophole.... Nicely done. Kudos to you, sir.
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