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Some people call OneNote “an add-on pack for your brain.” Love it! Check out beginner’s tips for teachers—or anyone. http://t.co/AAoe9rUJNcTurn your stylus into a highlighter. In the Windows Store app, select “highlighter” on the handwriting menu. Way better than messy markers!Can’t find time to meet for that group project? Share your notebook on @OneDrive and collaborate in OneNote anytime.
@hsiao_yun Have you suggested this on our new feedback site? http://t.co/A0SJPFKoLJProductivity tips from the creator of Calvin & Hobbes. Clip it to OneNote for inspiration: http://t.co/ereKe433nUIf you have a OneNote page you use all the time, try creating a template. It’s easy and you’ll save time. http://t.co/lCu3BkJRRtTo succeed, set low goals. Like: Open OneNote. Write 1 word. Then another. It’s about building momentum. See more: http://t.co/IcayV7ApSW
What inspired you to try OneNote in the first place? What keeps you coming back? #MyFirstOneNote@bergdaniel We're glad we can help you out, Daniel. Have a great weekend!@Dale_Vile We're so happy to hear that, Dale. Let us know if you ever have questions, we're here for you!@RiddhiiiiP You just made our Friday that much better! Thanks for the shout out, and have a great weekend.@a57737 Anything we can help with?@TheLastGentlemn Please submit feedback directly to our engineers here, Anthony: http://t.co/wdbGHsMe4h.@harshatalla That's what we like to hear! Thanks for the shout out, Harsha.@hsiao_yun Is there anything we can help with?@mjawaids It's a great feature! Thanks for the love.@Averroda We'd love to help you out. We're following you now, would you mind sending us a DM with more details?@lil_Wakefield Sorry about that, but we're glad to hear you remembered what you needed! Have a great weekend.Do you clip web pages before you read them, or do you read and save for later reference? #HowDoYouClip#FlashbackFriday to OneNote Mac: The Song. http://t.co/GwP2V0rSbc http://t.co/8Bum7nDVDOCurious about OneNote, but not sure where to start? Our Quick Start Guide has you covered. http://t.co/Y3ESxebsEB
@EricRovtar Sorry about that, we're following you back now.@lil_Wakefield Please let us know if this helps: http://t.co/IMpKDveSxV.@Ran_Duhhh Sorry for the frustration! Feedback is important to us, so please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/dQHyVoiQYA.@Ran_Duhhh We hear you, Miranda! That's why OneNote is free! Get it here: http://t.co/kKcYxahuzn.@theyoungwon We're ready to help out! Check out this blog post full of great tips on how to use OneNote in class: http://t.co/tHepHWDFr8.@ferenct0th Are you still experiencing this issue?@jimmgarrido Think of it as practicing your organizational skills!Tap. Boom, your email is saved in OneNote, thanks to @CloudMagic. http://t.co/ntLRDwcQZa #EvenEasierThanPieIf OneNote is already awesome, then what could make it even more stupendous? @IFTTT. Check out these handy recipes: http://t.co/89l1tVDMY4
@aktm1407 Thanks for the shout out! Let us know if you ever have questions or need help navigating features or functions.@groven1023 That's fantastic, here's to a productive new school year! Let us know if you ever need help, we're here for you.@groven1023 Just checking in to see how your first day of school was! Have you been able to use OneNote to help you take notes in class?Try keeping a list of books you want to read in OneNote. It makes trips to the library fast and easy. http://t.co/P9fV7L7vw0Check even the biggest items off your to-do list with OneNote. http://t.co/pOIRr0WXKeWhat OneNote features are you clamoring for? We’re listening: http://t.co/6Is008vteNWhat’s your most-used OneNote tag?
@sudhapragi There is no news at this time, but keep your eyes on our blog for the latest updates: http://t.co/YXeVsfigta.@gnowenegue We've routed the issue to our support team to see if they can help. Sorry for the inconvenience Eugene!Answer to #NameThatShortcut: When you hit CTRL and T in OneNote 2013, it creates a new section. Way to go! #OneNoteTips#NameThatShortcut: In OneNote 2013, what happens when you press CTRL and T?In just 15 minutes, learn everything you need to know to make the grade with OneNote. Join us at 9:15 AM PDT: http://t.co/917YOurZbB10 reasons OneNote is the ultimate note taking tool for schools. Students & teachers love OneNote! http://t.co/RDNrUMjoQI via @jonathanwylie
@MattParkerOSU Let us know if this helps, Matt: http://t.co/1WByVfKlhW.@BoobBoo If you're still on the fence, you can sign up for OneNote for free and start using it immediately here: http://t.co/Rk39UPdHGV.@eblgtrk Office Lens is like having a mini scanner in your pocket! You can learn more here: http://t.co/LiOXae7dND.OneNote’s always been great, but combined with the @Surface Pro 3, it’s downright magical. http://t.co/aiVKajH9CNWhat do you use Office Lens for most: Saving whiteboards, photos, or documents?@chrispoteetpro Have you encountered issues when using Lync? Tell us more detailed information so that we can offer relevant suggestions.I use OneNote audio notes to _______________.
Interesting: Handwriting is best for memory recall. OneNote can help with that. http://t.co/nyKCUa3u9n http://t.co/VfbiCHbATaWant to work better? Email less, flow more, track your success in OneNote. http://t.co/fKO8a6LASf #Productivity#ICYMI, we’ve been pretty busy making OneNote even awesomer. Check out all this week’s updates: http://t.co/cRJg47SdWXCheck out 5 ways to use OneNote at work. Have you tried these? http://t.co/8hUmOJWBXQ
@Bob_Allan1 That's great to hear, Bob! Have you heard about these other great OneNote features?: http://t.co/d2iOcmSTr2.@SpiderBones420 That's great to hear, David. What devices do you use #OneNote on?@TashasEv That sounds fun, what a creative way to use #OneNote!@VirtuallyMarisa That's what we like to hear, Marisa! How do you use OneNote?@heeyLINA Thanks for the love, Lina! Here's a post with a few ideas on how to get more out of OneNote in class: http://t.co/MUydhH66dg.@daniel_slick We're happy to hear it, Daniel!@koosk47 We don't have any updates this time, but please leave feedback for our engineers here: http://t.co/oxXwfP1cPq.@gevenmeteffect We're always happy to hear we've helped with productivity, Erik! Have a great weekend.Remember, OneNote isn’t just about productivity. What are you favorite ways to use OneNote for fun? #WorkHardPlayHard@etapix We're always happy to hear we can improve the productivity of people and organizations!Who out there has used OneNote to plan their wedding? What’s one tip you’d give to other lovebirds doing the same? #OneNoteTipsWithout OneNote, I never would have _________________.Jot a note on paper with your @Livescribe 3 smartpen and automatically send it to a specific notebook in OneNote. http://t.co/MJsX5QlZtM
@NikolayAngelov We're glad you're enjoying it!@finleycookERP We're glad OneNote floats your boat, you've got us singing a happy note!@DanaManciagli Thanks for the shout out Dana, great article!@mena_le We recommend using the Office Web Apps which provide the best Office experience on a tablet: http://t.co/rcSe2Prxgm . 2/2@ErzaCorpGames We're happy to hear that, thanks for the kind words!@mena_le No news yet. Keep an eye on our blog for updates: http://t.co/kLElJfJx2C . 1/2@Obarie Awesome, those are all great things to love. You can leave feedback for features you'd like to see here: http://t.co/Rs8SZiXnbc.@simplyNawal Wonderful! We're glad we can help you be more productive anywhere and everywhere!@haleyhana We're honored! We think it's the start of a beautiful friendship.@BNDarticles We're excited to see so many people sharing the news about our OneNote for Android update! Thanks for sharing.@SPProctologist We're sorry you ran into this issue. Please post more details so our engineers can look into this: http://t.co/1nrJTDFn0X.@mgoulmy Thanks for the love, Michel. We're excited too!@Charlesknight Definitely not! Did you get it to install and run correctly?@brianfagioli Thanks for sharing the wonderfully written article, Brian! Glad you're enjoying the new OneNote for Android tablets!@jon_whiteman Happy customers make us happy, Jon. Thanks for the kind words!Zap! Connect OneNote to all the services you rely on with @Zapier. Get Internet superpowers: http://t.co/OlNbiE1fTT http://t.co/2FwjURwPDAJust in time for back to school, the OneNote Windows Store app lets you print, insert PDFs, and highlight notes. http://t.co/BBeIxzV9JdNo computer needed: Just hit the big orange button on your @NeatCompany scanner & watch your docs appear in OneNote. http://t.co/sp6kWFN6egFeed your curiosity with @Feedly. Find, follow, & read your favorite content, then annotate & save it all in OneNote. http://t.co/q42AHIv1yu
OneNote is an author’s best friend. See how @AOwenBooks keeps her literary life together: http://t.co/TUW8GYCWzCWhat one OneNote notebook can’t you live without? Your school notes? Your list of million dollar ideas? #IndispensableOneNoteWhat’s your favorite way to clip to OneNote: me@onenote.com, Web Clipper, or Web Clipper for Chrome? http://t.co/XPJzgn72e7@scottcate We like the way you think, Scott! :) Have you tried using me@onenote email feature? http://t.co/3Cg6TeDwBW@echoopera We don't have any news at this time. Follow our blog for the latest release information and updates: http://t.co/YL5NOrskC0.@tomsywt That's music to our ears, Wayne! Here's a few references to use in the classroom: http://t.co/shVbmFdWAB & http://t.co/3T1k3IdK1P.You may know about handwriting for Android, but did you know about the improved formatting? Or the new interface? http://t.co/20ZLxffUjd
@geekwire Thanks for spreading the news! What do you think so far?@TygrScott We're so excited, thanks for spreading the news!@williamsager Thanks for the love, William! We're very excited.@JessieHWriter Better late than never! :) What kinds of things are you clipping, Jessie?@woodsjs We're happy to hear we can help, Jason! :)@emjimw We don't have any news at this time. Follow our blogs for OneNote updates for iPad and iPhone: http://t.co/E2QuTtOFGZ.@AleixTrull We're happy to hear it! :)
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