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@camsoper What can we say, OneNote is a way of life! What is your favorite OneNote feature?@LarsvonS We always appreciate feedback. You can send it to us here or at http://t.co/WmOgvUDDPZ.@yefpie Please vote here: http://t.co/xTEXmqjUab. We appreciate it.@wibralo Hehe... we saw that conversation. #nocomment 😉@e_verno We're also excited! Let us know how it goes, we love hearing from educators!@LarsvonS Yes, syncing is a good thing! Did you also download the OneNote mobile apps?@hilga007 Please continue to vote and suggest features here: http://t.co/8V4t7KIMk8.@hilga007 We're happy we can help keep you organized across your devices, Eric!@jacobhenenberg Thanks for looping us in, Jacob!@ActivateLearn We're here to help if you have any questions. 😃Who’s using #OneNote to help plan their Thanksgiving meal tomorrow? #Thankful@AndyJackson1992 Thanks for your kind words! How long have you been a OneNote user?@micdousmi Great article, thanks for sharing!@L0VE_ROSA Awesome! You can download OneNote and get started for free here: http://t.co/arsfYkmc7B.@LarsvonS What do you think so far, Lars?@dkobbi Which device are you using OneNote on?@Pfdsotm We're always working to expand OneNote functionality, Andy. Please submit your request here: http://t.co/7gBUuQuOBt.@viralber How exciting! Please let us know what you think, and don't hesitate to DM us with questions, we're following you.@iamharsha_ You're welcome! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.@TrulyTherese Please let us know if this article helps, Therese: http://t.co/Dnz5SRmdND.@RoughBoy05 Great! That's what we're here for :)Time to get #organized. Create page groups to order your notes exactly the way you want. #OneNoteTips http://t.co/YrNx8WVSbJParlez-vous français? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Don’t worry, the #OneNote translator can help. http://t.co/Hn0xS4mFBq #OneNoteTips
@snowboarderusa Thanks for posting in our forum! Check back frequently for a response.@Heplinger Sorry again about that. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.@its_karim You can, although we do recommend syncing with OneDrive. OneDrive will recognize changes in notebooks and sync only the changes.@its_karim Download it and learn more here: http://t.co/48fgamsniw. 2/2@its_karim We may be a bit biased, Karim :) We're happy to answer any questions. OneNote is free and you can start using it right away. 1/2@likeOMGitzNICH We welcome your feedback! Please suggest that feature here: http://t.co/vTCy91Jk7f.@sobczakt We're glad to hear it! How do you use OneNote?@Heplinger We're sorry about that. Please let us know if this helps: http://t.co/0qkybxYs2m.@ClaireMcComisky That's awesome! We're happy we can help, Claire. Do you participate in NaNoWriMo?@LarsvonS Is there anything we can help with, Lars?Easily keep track of when your notes are made in #OneNote. Press ALT + SHIFT + F to add the current date and time to your post. #OneNoteTips@dannymack We're happy to answer questions if you need help, Danny!@gibson__girl For sure! Here is a helpful guide to get you started: http://t.co/twcx3Y9Swd.@tingmopa89 Plus it's free! Get started here: http://t.co/ERvoZDK892. 2/2@tingmopa89 OneNote is a notetaking tool, but it's also much more. Use it across all your devices, record audio & video and more.1/2@gibson__girl Yay, we're glad we could help! Do you plan on using OneNote more often?@kezugo We're sorry you're experiencing that issue. Our engineers are working to resolve it: http://t.co/uoNtknLDq6. 1/2@kezugo Please DM us if you continue having trouble. 2/2@robkmil Awesome! What do you think about it, Rob?@ellennnnr No difference at all! You can learn more here: http://t.co/9kHu6taApw.@gibson__girl We're happy to hear that, Laura! How do you use OneNote?@TheBassmonkey Rad! We're glad we can help keep you organized for whatever comes your way.@MrMalcontent WOW! This is a true work of art! You're doing van Gogh proud for sure, Barry.@Auguste3k Great idea! Please suggest it here: http://t.co/38zcmGgXKr.@kelly_gingrich Did you know OneNote can even record audio and video notes? Take a look: http://t.co/ErDL6i4R8g.@kelly_gingrich Awesome! You can learn all about note taking with OneNote on our blog: http://t.co/nRvWV2TcHY. 1/2@TheBassmonkey You've been busy! Did you use OneNote to help you plan?@pyrotim2000 We hear you! You can keep up on any news with that here: http://t.co/ZPOTpnmQsf.@PixelRise Aww, we're blushing! What do you love about OneNote?@snowboarderusa Would you mind posting this on our support forums so our engineers can take a look? http://t.co/KOhtNU5cQM.@Paul_Norrie You're welcome, Paul! How long have you been a OneNote user?@iamharsha_ We're always trying to make OneNote the best it can be. You can request features here: http://t.co/wbebbwzyIm.@jagill That's what we love to hear! What subject do you teach, James?@Craig_Harvey Wonderful! Please DM us if you experience any issues in the future.@AndrewNRoxanna This is a great blog post. We're proud that OneNote is such an important tool in your teaching!@NewEnglishBlog This is so cool to see. We're glad we can provide the tools to make this kind of feedback possible!@kelly_gingrich What can we say -- we're quite lovable! What's your favorite OneNote feature?@ZolbayarSays You can submit feedback and suggestions here: http://t.co/e6JFwgU7IO. 2/2@ZolbayarSays Thanks for your honest feedback. We're always working to make OneNote the best it can be. 1/2@SachitaJEETA Thanks for spreading the word!#OneNote can help you prep for #BlackFriday. Organize stores’ deals and hours in one place. http://t.co/vEe0IvNnFC http://t.co/e9cladiGgX@OBhiyao Welcome to OneNote, Hardik! Follow our blog for OneNote tips & tricks: http://t.co/uokBdVydfE.Using #OneNote on the go? Pin important pages and notebooks to your Android home screen. Here’s how: http://t.co/uFsrgrpwN6 #OneNoteTips
Here are 12 things to do before you start any presentation. It’s no surprise to us #OneNote plays a pivotal role. http://t.co/MeQEzHeqNh@SDVDR Awesome photo, thanks for sharing!@kimmynz Wonderful, thank you!@InsomniacGeek Thank you!@gokul__m It's a very cool project -- we're glad we could help make it possible!Before the holiday season becomes too crazy, we just wanted to say THANK YOU to our #OneNote fans! We ♥ you!@jadedtreebeard We're sorry about that. Please post a thread in our support forums so engineers can take a look: http://t.co/JbF7H13vQB.@LizUK Great, we're glad to hear it!@HashRaygoza Wonderful! We're glad to hear it. We're always here if you need support.@optom27 Great to hear! We feel very fortunate to have such a passionate and active OneNote community.@LizUK Hi Liz, have you had a chance to play around with OneNote?@IAmGabrieleR Awesome! Did you know OneNote can record audio and video notes too? http://t.co/owBPrtNfqB.@SDVDR Do you use OneNote on your personal devices, Sean?@mfosa Thanks for the feedback -- we're listening! You can leave your feedback here: http://t.co/4Nx587TSou.@jadedtreebeard Please let us know if this work around helps: http://t.co/LaymufgZOX.@iamharsha_ Sorry we missed your question, Sri. Were you able to find an answer?@KatiTiainen That's very exciting! Have you seen our OneNote for Teachers resource? http://t.co/kVbi7bUlZP@daz621 We're glad we can keep you organized! How long have you been a OneNote user?@InsomniacGeek Sorry about that! Please post the screenshot and details in our forums so our engineers can see: http://t.co/ihwtbfHpqA.@kimmynz Excellent question! Please post a thread on our forums so our engineers can help answer: http://t.co/bHA4sEISiu.@HashRaygoza Sorry about that, David. Are you still experiencing issues with it?@MrMalcontent Awesome! Let us know how it goes.@tecknotot OneNote is free and works across devices, Henry. Get started today: http://t.co/40mjexiSJo.@sfrench21 We're happy to hear it, Shelley. What is your favorite OneNote feature?@TeneciaNicole Great photo, thanks for sharing! We're glad we can keep you organized. :)@gokul__m How did you go about doing it?@gokul__m Wow! That sounds like a huge undertaking, but how fun to be able to search through all of it now. 1/2@sstranger Very cool!@robomuppet We're glad you're loving OneNote, but we're sorry about that. You can vote for that feature here: http://t.co/NcdtT957TP.@etiennefroment Unfortunately not at this time, but we welcome your feedback here: http://t.co/tVNQawuXCw.@Craig_Harvey Yes! Please let us know if you still experience issues, Craig.@jrazavian Do you mean you are able to open password protected sections with the free version, Joseph?@sstranger Have you seen the OneNote channel on IFTTT?: http://t.co/jCyHJ2icMw.@ajlemm Wow, what a great use of OneNote! How has it helped you, Andy?
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