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All your notes on all your devices.

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@EmmaOltmans Check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@EmmaOltmans Would you mind following us so we can send you a DM?@calliegaskins That's great, we're glad we can help. How do you use OneNote?@ceesar We're glad you're enjoying it. It's a great function! http://t.co/WMyhY2Vhjl@miqdadamirali We'd be happy to answer any questions, Miqdad. You can start using OneNote for free today!: http://t.co/MqgozJ0yRm.@cindy_arabella Very exciting!@Agiersch1804 Nice! How do you use OneNote?@alekszorzut Keep your eyes on our blog for updates: http://t.co/FYNCj9Ro8S.@aly786shivji Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/xZZgOIFFVM.@calebhays Thanks for the feedback! Please let our engineers know directly here: http://t.co/AdpwRrqbb1.@Christianhoff95 Awesome! Do you follow our blog for more tips & tricks: http://t.co/f9ubzpc1dT.@EmmaOltmans Did this start happening recently, Emma?@burntwine9 You're welcome, we're happy to help.
Check out these lists from famous historical figures. Any overlap with your OneNote lists? http://t.co/dtqRnHkfAF http://t.co/KXlo79ZcnWBefore you head into a group brainstorm session, jot ideas down in OneNote first, then come together and collaborate. http://t.co/03ufXHBbLFSort your OneNote to-do list using firefighter color codes. Have you tried color-coding your notes? http://t.co/8jdwz89Y6M #productivity
@markgholloway We will continue to evaluate & prioritize additional content types for future releases: http://t.co/NygIf6VUUl.@stephenconroyPE Please take a look in our community forums, Stephen: http://t.co/5yeu0Pkk6t.@PAONOW Thanks for sharing! Have you seen the full list of shortcuts?: http://t.co/m1vVH1IEt0.@DebbieSitler We like the sound of that!@Tevong Thanks for the feedback! Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/LdaTl6Ezqc.Still using whiteboards for ideation? Learn how to use OneNote to share sketches fast in meetings. http://t.co/HpWTT1vulj@kimmynz You can request the functionality here: http://t.co/cYiFaCYm7n. 2/2@kimmynz We're sorry about that, Kimberly. Please see this thread: http://t.co/HC5gtdKhKM. 1/2@kathf48 Fair enough! We're glad we can help you plan regardless. Have a great weekend!@kathf48 It's never too early! Who says you need to wait until after Thanksgiving for Christmas excitement to begin? :)@burntwine9 So helpful! Have you seen the full list of shortcuts: http://t.co/b9FsbtXSD8.@cindy_arabella If only! What did you study, Cindy?@ArmandoTechOne Thanks for sharing! Have you seen the full list of shortcuts?: http://t.co/xCr6uxb8Sh.@SwethaSan Thanks for spreading the news! We're very excited. http://t.co/VePAiVJFaa.@inekeMcG We love this idea! Thanks for sharing.@Kialesse We're got all kinds of great tips on how to use OneNote on our blog. Take a look!: http://t.co/ibZ26Zmfrl.@tomgrissom Insightful post, thanks for sharing Tom.@TheCrankyCanuck You rock!@TheCrankyCanuck Have a great weekend!@TheCrankyCanuck It's a great way to stay up on all the ways OneNote can help you stay organized: http://t.co/4Q8MQNbcwY. 2/2@TheCrankyCanuck Those are big tasks, and we're glad we can help! Do you follow our blog? 1/2@TheCrankyCanuck We're so happy to hear that! Do you have a big day ahead?My favorite OneNote shortcut is ___________. #OneFastTip@jacobhenenberg Thanks for the kind words, Jacob! Thanks for being a great OneNote advocate, and have an excellent weekend.@yuudunnit Check it out: http://t.co/wOrtksjWLK. 2/2@yuudunnit Phew! We're happy to hear that. Did you know that if you back up your notes to OneDrive, you'll have them wherever you go?@youarethenight Thanks for spreading the word, Ariel!@JBiserkov Hopefully you can still find a use for it! http://t.co/0ghxARdKp0@yuudunnit Oh no! Are your notes safe?@juancodes Thanks for the kind words! How do you use OneNote?@IsabellaMJulio We're sorry to hear that. Please let us know if any of these suggestions help: http://t.co/KBUFTXq5Sz.@PhoenixOliver13 Thank you!@tarun_ Or visit our blog here: http://t.co/rWwiSXT7eb. 2/2@tarun_ We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about OneNote, Tarun. You can learn more here: http://t.co/mESMtIOgwa. 1/2@tuur1974 You can also request the functionality here: http://t.co/uHh9EMEBhd. 2/2@tuur1974 Please see this thread: http://t.co/5J98qmzxvn. 1/2@EilidhB40 Thanks for the love! How do you use OneNote?My wife uses @msonenote to log her #homeschooling activities. She shares it with me and I see it real-time at work. Brilliant! @Microsoft
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@kidzbopyaoi Ooh, must have been a good dream! What happened?@wezen_ball *jumping in* We would also be happy to answer any questions! http://t.co/jN1OT65Mx1@amandadiaries Glad to hear we have a new friend! How do you use OneNote?@landontech Great article, thanks for sharing!@dennisrvogel Please see this link, Dennis: http://t.co/oYiJix8SRb.@PhoenixOliver13 Please post about what happened in our community forum: http://t.co/0oJg8eyjX0.@a_ridley Thank you!
@AILebedev Have you tried the new Share Extension for iOS 8?: http://t.co/3LT6iPTPJu.@stringbox Excellent, give it a try: http://t.co/o9USQVgnHa. We're always here if you have questions!Emailed receipts. Critical business docs. Adorable cat photos. Just tap to save emails to OneNote with @CloudMagic. http://t.co/06DGKxEDag@sbisson Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@KL_Elliston Of course! Well we're very happy we can help.@stringbox Awesome! We're glad we can help. What devices are you using OneNote on?Introduction to the #OneNote Class Notebook Creator - a @sway presentation https://t.co/S26DK2EK6O #gotsway #Office365
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@DarrellCWebster Kudos on your first Sway, Darrell! We always appreciate the great work you do.@stringbox We're blushing! Thanks for the kind words. How do you use OneNote?@KL_Elliston We're glad we can keep you organized. What are you working on?@tsionssecret How do you use OneNote?@themausman Oh, very cool! Thanks for sharing!@dverwolf You can learn more on our website: http://t.co/U1lsCIojd1 or our blog http://t.co/bf9XldwOyy. 2/2@dverwolf We'd be happy to answer your OneNote questions, Dan. 1/2@AllanMcDougall We're sorry about that. You can vote for OneNote on Blackberry here: http://t.co/906WVGNYY2.@Windows8fanboy Wonderful. Let us know what you think.@kathyschrock We're sorry about that. You can request to see the add-in for other platforms here: http://t.co/Q4WeynVxll.@themausman It's a great way to stay up on OneNote news: http://t.co/YvXZAjp45X. 2/2@themausman Hooray! We're glad you're enjoying the add-in, Maurice. Do you follow our blog? 1/2@HilbertSTO We don't have an update at this time, but you can suggest the feature here: http://t.co/qVOtMNWftq.@shaisaint Welcome to OneNote! Here is a nice little roundup of exciting new things for OneNote on Mac: http://t.co/sIe0tiOCrj.@dhanuja369 Playing Pictionary with OneNote? Great idea!@a_ridley Not at this time, but you can vote to see the feature here: http://t.co/N7bqHSg35u.Turn OneNote into a math machine with the Microsoft Mathematics Add-In. Graph in 3D, solve complex functions, & more. http://t.co/YIXVCTpq5p@SEBOregon We like it! :) Let us know when you run across an interesting article.5 study tools we wish we’d had as students. RT if your grades would have been better with OneNote and @Livescribe! http://t.co/KHfV2Qb9ejDon’t be limited by the size of your whiteboard. Capture it with Office Lens for iPad or iPhone, erase, and repeat. http://t.co/fwDLcL4TaI@AllanMcDougall You can also vote to see OneNote on Blackberry here: http://t.co/wyfswNnfWM.@ejschmieder You're welcome! Thanks for being a loyal OneNote user.@wktong2012 You can vote for that functionality here: http://t.co/M8jueZdAGv.@Waazzupppp Of course, that's our goal! Have a great week, Ron.@therachaelway Welcome to OneNote, Rachel. Get started here: http://t.co/0NSwmIsjZ7.@collegeprepster Thanks for the love!@cosmindinu Fantastic! We're glad you're enjoying it. Have you tried Office Lens?: http://t.co/wXB0ZGAagd.@Pre2Ries A whole family of OneNote users! That's what we like to hear.@M_Schultz80 No word at this time. Watch our blog for updates: http://t.co/79DBoqkAYy.@PhoenixOliver13 We're sorry to hear that! Were you able to recover them?@SEBOregon That's what we like to hear! Do you follow our blog for OneNote tips?: http://t.co/HqAvB95neE.
@BeastSpencerG Sorry for the delay, Dina. This is not supported. You can do this using OneNote 2013 on your desktop.
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