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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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@mndnr @GovMarkDayton Please look at this. http://t.co/jk5ZViFdVRWhy is MN relying on the company that engineered #MountPolley dam to review #PolyMet EIS? http://t.co/rueGxi6Be1 http://t.co/noJUFByZzl
Retweeted by John Munson@winnerbowzer sometimes I think we forgive hoping that we might also be forgiven@DanWilsonMusic they are glorious and will be the best thing on the record. When I first heard them I was blown away. And continue to be
@DanWilsonMusic Dan, that shit is hot. It is SHIT HOT SHIT! And I can't wait to hear it tucked very inconspicuously into the song. (-;@mayda SAP... for LIFE!@MaryPickford20s @munsongs His facial hair is like an invading army, mine's more of a lingering house guest.
Retweeted by John Munson@johnmoe @MaryPickford20s You guys are putting me in a moustache state of mind. Could happen is all I'm saying...@DanWilsonMusic are you letting the cat out of the bag over there? Those BVs are impressive though, in spite of running cats.I love national night out.
Birdbath + Birdfeeders = Bird Party. Everyday is now better.@Gizmodo @RobByers1 that's a bong. #shopclassI like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot better after it snaps into shape....around Heavy Metal Drummer. I guess I am a sucker for forms"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" feels like such a two sided record. You must be tempered by sadness before you get anything bright.Tonight @DakotaJazzClub @LucyMichelle 7:30. Wonderful band. Mellow times. Dancing if you want it.Man... "Are You Experienced?" Remains an incredibly trippy awesome record. Creating all that insanity analog took devotion.
Sunday night at @DakotaJazzClub with the delightful @LucyMichelle last time was a treat. Come on down.
@dessadarling @andywho Andy is the best. And so are you. So it should be amazing good luck!!@hotdogwhistle @RadioK @RadioKRNRO @besolberg you'll be shocked to know that hearing myself is but a tiny part of radio joy.Discovery is keyHow I know summer is winding down: I'm looking into having a snow drop made for The Holiday Show. So it can look snowy, yo?@radiok is a necessity. 100.7 on your FM dial in St PaulMpls. Also other places. It's fun.
@daveanton @musicinmears @BulldogLowtown sounds good.
@dpodoll68 @FrothyGopher @FromTheBarn it's really quite a common name. You must be from Poland. (-;
@SlingshotAnnie this is going to earn you a lot of new fans. Unless it's all pregnant pauses.Off to Creation Studios to gather up the newly digitized masters of Trip Shakespeare's Appleheadman.Getting em ready for remix possibilities
It's okay. Just lie down. In the shade. Or drink some ice water. This won't last. And soon it will be winter again.@coreyschreppel this is the best sex I've ever had Corey. Please don't stop.@coreyschreppel @TheCurrent don't you know what to say? Yes the radio compression on 89.3 much more music friendly IMHO. Every inst speaks.
@JasonIsbell @amandashires @wits that truly means a helluva lot from you. No doubt. Every time I listen to your music I am refreshed.So thank you @Roehmeo @JosephRSavage @richardmedek @winnerbowzer @coreyschreppel and @larissaluu for making the music work on @witsJust listening to @JasonIsbell and @amandashires on @wits and loving my Witnesses. Every time I hear em I feel so fortunate.
@abywolf is there a golf bag emoticon in there?Or The Cialis Blues Band? Also great blues. Nothing like "The Lack of Erection Lament" when those guys really dig into it. @TheCurrentCould you hits please play a song by The Viagara Blues Band as featured on Tee Vee? @TheCurrent #bluesmusic
@juliaschrenkler @TheCurrent the ribald aspect was momentarily hidden to me. And then I pressed send.I win! @TheCurrentItchykoo @TheCurrentH2 on @TheCurrent reminds me of the fun of rolling into New York back in the day.., not in KS anymore. Nice!@Erikvargas113 @larissaluu what could it be?
@abywolf @richardmedek @chanpoling Betcha Fucking A Holy Oh My SHIT! (With apologies to The Stylistics) http://t.co/ldsyzQEJ2b@coreyschreppel Ryan was Bob M's protege when we made the Semisonic records. We got acquainted then. He's a beautiful human. Big ears.The flip side of kids summer camps: TeeVee decompression times.I love making music with @abywolf @richardmedek @chanpoling and co. Even for a little gig. Great musicians.
I remember when I could eat so many cherries I got sick. That was a long time ago.@munsongs I work for Hennepin County Library and feel the same way. Our programs are better because of these funds.
Retweeted by John MunsonThe Legacy Amendment is making a difference in people's lives. It's making MN better. I am grateful.I'm feeling immense gratitude to the state of MN right now for granting me and my @newstandards pals funds to play all around the state.@wits I love my captions. Thank you for making me say those things.attention: @munsongs has a message for everyone http://t.co/mrplSPiidd
Retweeted by John Munsonalso, this love note from Wits and @munsongs http://t.co/pmlTxcURE0
Retweeted by John Munson
Will we see you at our 3rd Sunset Stages concert, featuring The New Standards?! Show starts at 7:30! #csbsju #stcloudmn cc: @munsongs
Retweeted by John MunsonTough to get stuff done around here. http://t.co/mYUaPtQWUH@munsongs that’s in “Self-Help,” aisle 3.
Retweeted by John MunsonEmbracing the miracle of me!@nataliealovejoy @andywho and you have made something special. I'm happy to be a part of it.
As one who lives in a low area I find myself rooting for the Oraanj.
@Erikvargas113 tell me the guests and I'll figure out the song.Check it out! Via @nprmusic: First Listen: Trampled By Turtles, 'Wild Animals' http://t.co/EAckTsl3XT
Retweeted by John Munson
Bernese Mountain Puppy 😍 http://t.co/RIR85fM5pI
Retweeted by John Munson
Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Because I'm definitely getting my period.I don't necessarily think what I thought.It will be what it's gonna be, but it will be a little less good than it would've been otherwise. #rememberthat@stevenelsonmn bacon waffle at Al's. It's got bacon built right in. Also the Bittmann overnight waffle is worth making.
@richardmedek it was a strong soulful effort by the Coffeemen. Hope your head high!
@Instinctavity who are you? Why not tweet at him?Thinking about @richardmedek as Columbia takes on Brazil later. Fun fact: Richard is 1/2 Columbian! But today: All Columbian.
@wits @bobmould I have to say that sounds great and is probably the best thing that ever happened. Thanks Bob! So happy you did the show!!Have you experienced @bobmould playing 'Hardly Getting Over It' with @munsongs + the Witnesses? #huskerdu https://t.co/NMhVjhMeJ0
Retweeted by John MunsonHurricane Arthur coming in on the winds of Chris Cross. If you get lost between the moon and New York City, then back to see with ya.So glad I can stop acting like I'm interested in World Cup #dyinginside
Hey, did anybody see that The Saloon has opened a St Paul location? It's in the old Buttery space. You can't make this shit up.
Enjoying hearing @BarackObama telling it like it T I S in Mpls. Keep on the straight talk. They can't fight it.@arburnside that is many years away, but doing what I can. Only the hair can tell.I'm working on a new hair thing. Could turn out hag or wizard. Gonna let my hair surprise me.Extra long jams with @JakeRudh tonight on @TheCurrent could also be themed "extra good jams"
Saint Paul!!! ( & Minneapolis friends) :) we are so excited to play the Fitzgerald theatre tonight!… http://t.co/qhni9pWNWy
Retweeted by John MunsonChelsea Baker! What a great role model for women/girl athletes! Thank you for your example.Breakdown is the central theme of GenX. Makes it hard to make things and easy to be skeptical. @KerriMPRPlaying some midsommmers golf! The shadows are long and the night is light!!
I and I are very happy for @jmessersmith decision!@jmessersmith doing an all reggae set for #RTG today!! Heard him rehearsing. JAH!!! @TheCurrent #shangoyarespect@aimeemann and @PFTompkins HITTING SOME Taio Cruz!! #dynamite #wits@jcpmcs @MotionCityMusic if you're staying at the Pachy-house say hello to the ghost from me. And don't worry. There's no one behind you.Last show of the season. Number 50 overall. Feeling sweet sorrow. #wits@thewombatt slow jamz. Are you ready #tenderoni ?#wits
“@kumailn: Minneapolis! One more show here. 8 pm @wits w/ @johnmoe & @TheValerieJune! Come on out!” St. Paul too!Oh man. @TheValerieJune and @munsongs and the witnesses are already giving me the chills at rehearsal. You'll be so glad you came to @wits
Retweeted by John Munson@donnelly612 @winnerbowzer so far so good.@munsongs it means a lot to me that @winnerbowzer favorited "moist".Moist enough for you?@thewombatt @wits @HarMarSuperstar I'm really appreciative of where you're going David. But savage determination is more my thing.Anyone remember what happened after No. 6 on our top 10 countdown? Hint: http://t.co/sWZIng0Ea0 http://t.co/S0BTSAMKZU
Retweeted by John MunsonHere's a thing you can do to help young MN musicians go farther faster and be less dumb than me. https://t.co/YNjJLVVaYmOn tonight's @wits, the debut of Wikihow Theater. And @munsongs's jingle for it, his earwormiest jingle yet. Tix available.
Retweeted by John MunsonLet's try to avoid creating more "forever pollution" sites in Minnesota, like #PolyMet http://t.co/mSF44oEHE2
Retweeted by John MunsonHave you ever tried poached human? You don't want to miss this delicacy!! Being served all over southern MN this weekend.Karaoke machine birthday present delivered. Project: Insanity Now! is underway. #InsanityNow!Hey LA check my bud @DanWilsonMusic at @LargoLosAngeles tonight with a host of talented help (not that he needs it)!@HarMarSuperstar cuz what you going to do? They say "destination" I say "in transit." I also say have another.@winnerbowzer @johnmoe barely even have to try
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