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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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Just cannot resist hangnails. Dammit.@tptRewire @nprfreshair MAAAAALLLLLLMMMMAAAAAANNNN!! I'm trying to be upset but... @DanWilsonMusic should check out http://t.co/jQpPstwvxn@MichaelSimon48 Seems a lifetime ago... which is long enough to give it a second look, eh?
@DJJasonNagel my wife worked at Chez for years. It was a solid date place, no doubt.@DJJasonNagel what about The New French? Or The Loring? Old Mpls Groovy. or Eli's before it changed mgmt?@FrostBrad What Would Brad Frost Do?
@WDFlooring @NWFA_WoodFloors what did you win for your trousers?
Pretty psyched to head in and buy some LPs today! Is all the good stuff gone? #RecordStoreDay2014 @efetusmpls@wits @winnerbowzer I feel like Bobcat was into the rubdown with Janey and them I showed up and spoiled it. I might have felt the same....So happy to have @BillCorbett back on @wits tonight! Could @kwmurphy be far behind?Vinyl sales are up 600% since 2007. @recordstoreday must be doing something right.
Retweeted by John Munson@johnmoe @winnerbowzer yes, it's new. #dreadingroom@miminnehaha @Roehmeo everyone is going to be wearing Doritos bow ties next year. Just wait.@winnerbowzer is dancing in the dreading room at The Fitz to Thompson Twins. It's going to be a great night. #wits
@Roehmeo wearing my Doritos Bow tie innovation! #wits http://t.co/ceMzMvLt4c@ganzmoby @mnwild right from the get go you had the feeling "CO Officials tonight..." Great game but would have loved different outcome.Trying to teach my daughter that professional sports losing is our great tradition here in MN and makes us strong. #notbuyingitTwo Wild players on their backs in front of the net.... What could possibly go wrong?Bobcat Goldthwait was one of my favorite guests on @wits in his previous appearance. Funny and weird. It'll be fun Friday.night.
Usually impervious to weather funk but this latest blast has got me down. #winterbegone
@KerriMPR could it be as cool as the Ming Tombs outside of Beijing?@WDFlooring @wits no stand up tonight. Wah! But the show MUST GO ON!!@munsongs Awesome trombone loop cover of "Happy." http://t.co/qRjmm6a6yH
Retweeted by John Munson@KerriMPR @stephcurtis @DearDara I'm thinking sea cucumbers, chou dofu, birds nest soup and regional specialties. All infused with booze.@KerriMPR @stephcurtis we need to plan a trip to China. We will make it a trip about eating weird food. @DearDara will also come. #yesLA is a balm to our weather worn spirits. I anticipate a rocking @wits tomorrow! And then... Back to the blizzards.
@delta has very thoughtfully provided 5 agents for their customers. Suck it @Delta!Definition of windfall: never as much as you hoped, but always more than you expected.I've just entered the NEW VS. EWW ceiling fan contest from Big Ass Fans. Vote for me! http://t.co/12LmI6zJnG
I'm doing a show with @margaretcho @PFTompkins @superchunk @okkervilriver @munsongs @winnerbowzer http://t.co/tvQm2jyGml WE'LL FIGHT ANYONE!
Retweeted by John Munson@KayKirscht So is that the Dalai Lama? It has a mind of its own this thing. It found its way to us and seems to move of its own volition!Anyone know what this is? Little medallion we found with Thai? writing on it. http://t.co/TF7ZlcF4P7
@escf8 @EastsideCoop quality. You just can't skimp.Had non-co-op chicken tonight for first time in ages. Tasteless and horrible. Never again.
LA! @Wits w @PFTompkins @margaretcho @superchunk & Will Sheff of @okkervilriver at @latimesfob SATURDAY!! Tix at http://t.co/rf70NtQoj3.
Retweeted by John Munson
Whoa. For lo these many years I thought Lee Sklar played bass on Tapestry (some of my all time fave shit!), but it's Charles Larkey in factFun to hear our little tribute to Sweet Lou on @wits today @larissaluu #sweetjane
Tonight @newstandards play http://t.co/dZE4cplWUX big shindig. Come on down!@devin_TYPHOON more honored than ancient then? Hmmmm.... The complexity deepens. "Thank you" works though! You guys are great. Fly high!!!@munsongs Been a fan since I was eleven. So great to meet and play with you!
Retweeted by John MunsonCan't express the mix I felt hearing from @weareTYPHOON that they listened to/loved Semisonic on their way to @wits Honored and ancient!@weareTYPHOON are just as great as I hoped they would be... #wits@wits @BarbAbney @jefe23 @larissaluu deserves props for saying "what about Papas Fritas?" We deserve props for listening!
Just in case you thought I was joking here's @wearetyphoon at The Fitz for @wits http://t.co/d5CaDNKLLRAlso three trumpets. Violins, guitars. @wits no place to even stand or anything. #awesomeGonna be three drum sets on stage tonight @wits Weird!@larissaluu you said "stop it" once already today so I'm just going to ignore that. But imagine my hand over my mouth if you would.The nicest band around, @CloudCultBand, are putting out a terrific new unplugged album: http://t.co/KiCT0GGXQv
Retweeted by John MunsonEventually I'm going to have to get out of bed and go to @wits where it is PJ day... If you want it to be.@PSusmilch @wits @kristenschaaled @weareTYPHOON @johnmoe with this weather you have your work cut out for you. Sadness abounds. Teary MN.@lowtheband @solace Little known fact: Hendrix played an SG from time to time. Which because of double cut away makes total sense. Hendrix?@larissaluu @coreyschreppel Because Elevator Music.@larissaluu @coreyschreppel We could call the record -- The Witnesses: Going Down@lowtheband Angus Young's?@coreyschreppel @wits Yes! Contact the authorities. I was thinking of calling it "ambient music" but let's call it for what it is.@wits @DangerManley I am going to make some recordings available down the line... probably through some dedicated witnesses site...Come to @wits tonight at 8!
Retweeted by John MunsonMy acoustic show at @hennepintheatre's New Century Theater is tomorrow. Here's the scoop on the new venue & format: http://t.co/MRXy5XoWsg
Retweeted by John MunsonThanks for watching Season 3! What did you think? If you haven't seen all the episodes check everything out here: http://t.co/Up9ut3IyQx
Retweeted by John Munson@DailyCircuit @webertom1 falling snow no road to sing again until our white blues melt away #winterhaiku@munsongs I could end winter by fixing my snowblower
Retweeted by John Munson@ironchefmpls kill me. Normally I would not care but this winter has me begging for mercy.@winnerbowzer ...and cue the hard asses. Come over here and shovel my driveway, hard ass #wussyinthenorthland@davesimonett I live here so I can whine freely. Whine free or die! It's our state motto.MN do not look out the window. Or go outside. Stay in bed for 48 hours. Pretend. You. Don't. Live. Here. #worsethanIbelievedpossibleOh Gophers! You did it!! Great win for the program. Building blocks. #NIT
Sorta can't wait to see @kristenschaaled on @wits again tomorrow & @weareTYPHOON are going to blow your mind. All 11 members are coming #11
@larissaluu @SFSketchfest @wits I shouldabeenthere!
But don't think I've been sucked into your evil "vote for music" scheme. @TheCurrent (-;Making it hard not to vote Zep with this song choice. #dancingdays @TheCurrent
@ka29ra you are the best. I'm sure the page got more traffic than it had in ages from that space jam tweet!Why would you NOT want to hang in LA with me @margaretcho @PFTompkins @superchunk @okkervilriver @munsongs @winnerbowzer unless u r a dumby?
Retweeted by John Munson
“@mspmagarts: Is http://t.co/CGZiQo4Fxj the Space Jam of band websites?” it would appear so. Fan love is hard to manage. Thanks Kara!I shouldn't be surprised that Edina has a dedicated yoga pants store called Yoga Pants Alone. You should be sure visit! 50th & FranceIt's times like this where one doesn't necessarily like being known for singing a song about snow. #snowdaysbegone
What a great year. Tough loss though... #GWH Clarkson played a great game. Ultimately good for women's hockey. But... Sad.NCAA Women's Hockey National Championship game live stream on (it's hard to find, so here is link) http://t.co/4ojwrnQOGJ
Retweeted by John MunsonFun fact about NCAA Womens HOCKEY champ game today: Clarkson entirely Canadian except for two MN players! Could this be REDEMPTION?! #GWHIt would be great to see @kstc45 or someone step up to the plate and provide a television broadcast with real announcers. #GWHGreat go see Gopher Women's Hockey above the fold in today's paper. Way to go @StarTribune and @JoeCStrib give the girls their due #GWH
@bobsansevere @MNWomensHockey Where can I watch it besides a computer? TV Broadcast for our champs. Color TV too. Not b&w #GWH@MNWomensHockey will Championship Game be broadcast anywhere in our 1000 channel wonderland? C'mon @NCAA c'mon somebody! TV the game!!
@pnkrkgrrl @mg_lasquadra I do love bow wow wow thoughOverjoyed that Lady Gophers powered through the Badgers. One more to three! C'mon !!! #GWH@pnkrkgrrl @mg_lasquadra and.... You are right! I stand corrected.@pnkrkgrrl are you quite certain about that Mand?Gopher Women v WI at 4:00 central.Streaming on http://t.co/A4ivXMErZD I hope or hockey daughters will be in furor.#GWH make it three ladies!@jvpeezy @dVRG @harrychalmiers You're keeping those clubs nice and warm there, I see.@mg_lasquadra Hmmm... that would have to be Adam Ant for style and XTC for music. I feel like Adam Ant grabbed his thing from Bow Wow Wow.@mg_lasquadra great article! In my case the hi fi was flat broke so I'm hearing music in the house = good! And vinyl still rules!@coreyschreppel eico hf 87 was the problem. And now the solution.Call me old fashioned but I love solid fundamentals when it comes to basketball. UW Milwaukee may lose but they cut and pass real niceStuck with it. I got my tube hi fi rejiggered and it is now producing the living room rumble that makes me smile. Vinyl still rules.
@DeRushaJ Please tell your bosses to turn off the basketball feed so we can watch some Gopher women's hockey Frozen Four Friday? #localangleC'mon local TV! Let's see our Gopher Women compete for a 3rd consecutive hockey championship this weekend!! First up: Wisconsin!! #GWH
@RippleEnt An early exit was nearly guaranteed. Let them have a good year next year... but yes... it is sad. Start following hockey!
Gopher ladies don't make me suffer. Put the biscuit in the basket a few more times in the 3rd! Currently 2-1 Gophers #GWHGopher women playing great against Boston U but game tied after 1 #GWH http://t.co/SFZYMUZlrOWatching US win sled hockey GOLD in a packed arena in Sochi. Unbelievable. So great to see these athletes. #teary
@miminnehaha No... you're right. No nudity. It's un-Minnesotan. Minnesotans are never nude.
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