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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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@MattWilsonMusic l am WITH YOU BABY!! Nothing but music.We came, we won 3rd place, we climbed on the sculpture! http://t.co/XSVnJ7Ffc6Listened to Bob Dylan on @RadioK this am and realized the rest of everybody ain't shit.VIDEO: The @newstandards remember Leigh Kamman - https://t.co/g0AalmCvpr | Celebrate his life tomorrow in St. Paul: http://t.co/neH2mBZ7CS
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@arburnside @Cialis may you never have had to do that. #curses@arburnside @Cialis it's a product for penis times with your mommy.Fuck you @Cialis for your horrifying, constant campaign to ruin my mellow family time.Beautiful temperate January day here in MN. #theendisnearThoughts about the impact of grieving on the #mnwild's season, with great perspective from Zach Parise. cc @munsongs http://t.co/IVXHrRAtLb
Retweeted by John Munson@RandBall thanks for writing that Michael. There are lunkheads who will push grief off as not worthy of factoring in. But they are lunkheads
Gotcha George! http://t.co/E7PGJVEXsvTRIP SHAKESPEARE - Applehead Man + Are You Shakespearienced? - http://t.co/G40DOoSSnQ via @shareaholicThis is a rather tragic name for any product. http://t.co/EC77b2gj3n
Major gravy event in Detroit Lakes this afternoon. Open faced meatloaf sandwich with one Imperial Gal. of brown gravy.http://t.co/Ov6yKFBdVHBrady: "to me those balls were perfect..." That's what.... Whatever@johnmoe @kwmurphy yep. She's the John G Munson alright.We are invading the property of 10:00 Coffee Club. http://t.co/sJMRMpRRlcHoar Frost on the way to Detroit Lakes. Desolation. Beauty. http://t.co/yBggUpa1D4
@holmestheatre @DetLakesHigh @newstandards We are planning to THROW DOWN ON THOSE KIDS! In the most polite and instructive way possible!We're looking forward to tomorrow's outreach @DetLakesHigh w/ @newstandards #chanpoling @munsongs and #steveroehm ! #dlmn
Retweeted by John MunsonOof. The drippy sincerity of Joni Ernst makes me feel pukey. @KerriMPR So phony. So stagey. So yuck.Get beyond the ad in this @duluthnews video and watch the John G. Munson end 2014 Twin Ports shipping season. http://t.co/AuYiUY3m4M
Retweeted by John Munson@CathyWurzer @duluthnews @akpix thanks for that Cathy. I like to know the doings and whereabouts of "my freighter."
Loving the Quadrophenia documentary tonight. Keith Moon... My god. Such a cool record. Rich brew. Beautiful images too.@MattWilsonMusic does "et tu" mean that I am betraying you? I hope not.
Love hearing other MLK speeches today on @MPRnews documentary. "I have a dream" is lovely, but hearing some others was great and moving.@scullerjimmy @portablephiloso @DanWilsonMusic #notdeadyet
I always try to remember my pal @portablephiloso words: "team, division, conference" at times like these. #toughtolove@coreyschreppel @wits @winnerbowzer @Roehmeo @JosephRSavage @jmessersmith I was enjoying Shocking Facts.Sounds like WikiHow is a cold shower@dVRG @richardmedek @portablephiloso yep. It's all about bathing.@richardmedek You should read my old band mate Jake's blog @portablephiloso It's not just for drummers. But drummers will appreciate it@andygifford @WentRogue "Chicanery" is a word that could be employed much more often, sez me.Hey @MattWilsonMusic are we done yet? Whaddya think?If this is life with a GOP not at war with science, I am fearful for the days when the battle begins. http://t.co/DQ1T8e7d97 @bwcorb @ASBMB
Retweeted by John Munson@johnmoe At least it's cheap! #SlinkySlogansI also appreciate Bob Shieffer's rheumy-eyed, wizened hosting. Nothing to prove there.I appreciate Michael Gerson's windswept presentation.Sunday morning cuddles are the best. http://t.co/qjB8c4GbkxIf you enjoy thinking about music and deepening your understanding of it, I direct you to @portablephiloso blog. That's my old pal Jake!Hello! As long as we are mentioning every stinking game played in the state what about #GWH beating Mankato 7-1 ya clowns. #HDM2015New @mnwild goalies nickname is Doobie! Love it. cc @johnmoe #HDM2015
Imagine you are gazing into your beloved's eyes and then sing the line, and see if it doesn't sound better and truer.Going to kick off #HDM2015 by grabbing a skate with some pals at Windom Park. My little is going to play goalie. No slapshots
Thinking Happy Birthday thoughts for all my pals at @TheCurrent ! Way to kick out the jams, you people!
@winnerbowzer @AliLozoff @johnmoe photo pants. They put them in a vault after the snap was snapped.@AliLozoff @winnerbowzer @johnmoe there is a picture somewhere that I must find from the day we played RFK stadium. With @mikedoughty and co@winnerbowzer @johnmoe One can only say: you are the sweetest then now and forever. My eighties hair, though, was my real pride & joy
@johnmoe way better than I expected too, by golly. And thanks for hair props. I was always at least half hair, some say 90 percentThe Starfolk are sounding great on @TheCurrent this am. Awesome tune Brian!! Soft rock with a heartbeat. My fave!Refs attempting a "green weenie" as my dad would say.Gophers have grabbed lead in final minutes. #voodooTV Timeouts have polluted college ball. and suck.Voodoo effective. Iowa losing grip.Prayer not working. Resorting to sticking pins in voodoo effigy of idiot head coach of Iowa, Fran McCaffrey.Psyched for my first Big Ten game this year at Williams against Hawkeyes. Also praying. #gogophers #RaiseTheBarn
Did everything really lead inevitably and ineluctably to THIS? This moment?! The answer seems to be, if seems means shit, "yes."@gabrieldouglas if we don't love our sports teams they are totally unlovable, so maybe we should go ahead and love them, yeah?@munsongs Try podcasts! They’ve rekindled my love for baseball and basketball, and are generally more nerdy than anything.
Retweeted by John Munson@matchboxheroes I enjoy the men in blazers for the most part. Great repartee and quippage. Happy to have them here on NBCsn@dave_s99 and tragically those sports are marginalized by these guys,for the most part. I have been a big proponent if #gwh on @TheCurrent@jbjohnbender don't usually listen except to games but sometimes it's on because of game the night before.@munsongs Ironic the 3 best teams in MN: Lynx, U Women's Hockey, U Women's Basketball!
Retweeted by John Munson@wjcstp yup. And sports are fun. So that's a shame. Right? I miss thoughtful commentary. But mostly hate sexist clatter.@nataliealovejoy I wonder....@ironchefmpls they are so proud not to speak only about sport but replace with call in which is like reading article comments, ie hateful.@billchilds @EdgeofSports thanks Bill@yavapieman unfortunately the station that broadcasts the games we love also hosts these clowns.@winnerbowzer I knew I was preaching to the choir over there, Janey.Sorry to rant, but I have two girls. Who like sports. And play sports. So grow up a little KFAN boyz. Please. Thank you.I hate this about sports. Sport can be so uplifting and beautiful. Why degrade it with moronic and sexist "commentary"...is just a bummer. Why is sport radio so relentlessly sexist and busy objectifying women as if women aren't also listening and interested?Everyone is allowed to do as they wish of course and we are not obliged to listen, but having to hear Rosen opine about some "rack" he saw..All this would be fine except for having to listen to the completely retrograde "humor" of the guys in KFAN while in the car with herMy daughter, who is 12, loves sports. She's very curious about the doings of her favorite teams and thus sometimes we listen to sport radio@_dpipojr @efetusmpls ask @OmnivoreRecords about that. "I hope so," is my answer.
@RandBall But I believe you have found your angle. I will see you on page one.@RandBall to quote a formerly great local sports personality whose shoes I am counting on you to fill.@RandBall yes. It's sort of appalling to read the ruthless eviscerating comments as the team struggles. Lots of "so called experts out there@RandBall yes. Quantifying would be tricky, but watching your dad die of fycking lung cancer... Brutal. Possibly debilitating for a time.Yo @RandBall why doesn't someone analyze the impact of grief in The Wild's undoing. There is a story there beyond memorializing JP methinks@efetusmpls I'll bring some by...@hrustar @efetusmpls well, I guess I'm the fool giving em away.@efetusmpls hey guys. I have some original "Are You Shakespearienced?" Posters over here. From the eighties. Beautiful 4 color offset. Want?@twindependent @emoeby @mprom48 perhaps because yr children are so sweet they need bitterness in food to be in balance spiritually?@rrjohnson because the pylons are so much bigger, meaner and mobile!@billchilds that just means it's not cold enough yet, Bill. Take off a layer and suffer like God means for you to. #minnesotaice@emoeby @twindependent @mprom48 time to try Brussel sprouts. Guarantee conflict.@billchilds the great thing about extended periods of extreme cold is that you stop giving a shit.LOOK AT THEIR LIL TUMMIES http://t.co/R1COljUt4W
Retweeted by John MunsonQuite shocking how little my family cares about my heroics in adult hockey league.@MandyLeveille29 thought you might dig this snap whereby you Posterize Pankowski. #gwh http://t.co/2DUahtHSoF
@funkomatic got luckyLeveille stones Pankowski in first shoot out shot against Badgers and that's all she wrote. Gophers win! http://t.co/BcwaAUeSkO@completelydark @martin_devaney @AdamLevyGanesha yes?Officiating crew resplendent with mullets here in Alexandria early session. #mulletproud http://t.co/BLu3u4tPoH
As a Gopher Basketball Fan when would be an appropriate time to start being concerned, @coachpitino?
@DangerManley @wits parents just don't understand.
@wits @johnmoe I must cop to having been crushed along with Team Munson by Team Beccany. I propose ice hockey next.@timothymonger I would say they have some similarities. Maybe kissing cousins?
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