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@reinman_mt it is, but I have Google and thumbs up@reinman_mt HELLO SIR DO YOU SELL VINEYARD VINES?LOL WHITE PEOPLE WEARING WASPY CLOTHES.... It happens, get over it.@BootymanNYC it is the opposite of true detective season 2Started watching Narcos. One episode in. So far, so awesome.Volcker puts nix on secretive practices that let desks park unsold CMBS | Reuters
Retweeted by ___Cats are the worst #verified right to the email from Aaron. It is pure gold. the name John Gallo in the terminal and all I can think of is 'Jerry Gallo! The big attorney.'What in the FK. language is...pretty dramatic: Sept 17 "is their date with destiny." is at a seven-year low at 5.1%:
Retweeted by ___Payrolls up 173k v 217k est with prior revised up to 224k. UE at 5.1%, right in the middle of Fed's full employment proj from June.NFP the Friday before LDW is the ultimate "come on, son"
#NSFW can't be the only one who thinks it's odd when people choose to shower exclusively at night vs in the morning before work.Are home prices too high? Nice write up on the study by Allan Weiss of Weiss Residential Research. | Munich to set up refugee “training camp” as humanitarian crisis deepens across Europe
Retweeted by ___@SBarlow_ROB @erinscafe that has to be one of the most badass pictures on the internetCosmic Jets troll near guaranteed as this undermines their disciplinary 'standards'Heyo, Draghi expanding QE and ECB cuts GDP forecast for 2015-17Nice to go back to a 1.5 day week after a vacation.
Exec at center of first TARP bank failure gets 8 years in prison #hw
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I completely support the 'stop the knot' campaign. | @pete_wells, I adore you.
Retweeted by ___Finally popped the Nando's cherry. So good. That was a long time coming.
@ShanersMD as an Arsenal fan, I was beaming on the inside. AmazingLondon, I am inside you.
@ShanersMD @dfledderjohn still the best clickhole article to date@KWALRULES @k_ved it's the new bitcoin. I know it@ShanersMD yes actually, going to Chelsea-Palace Saturday. Look for me on TV@ShanersMD vacation in a long time begins now.LRT: That is the perfect GIF for sending someone a slap via the InternetSomeone left their GoPro next to a bear, and of course the bear SLAPPED IT:
Retweeted by ___The world's longest tunnel is almost finished
Retweeted by ___@CFMcG that was def a pleasant surprise. I'm looking forward to seeing him interact w his environment. Some stuff was tough to visualize@CFMcG the authenticity was great. You really felt like he was a guy just trying to say sane by cracking jokes. Damon may be too serious@CFMcG re: martian? loved itPick up The Martian for $2 via Google Play, it's worth it
Retweeted by ___ICYMI: Lionel Messi photobombed Cristiano Ronaldo last night.
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@k_ved @ItsTheBrandi this is one of the greatest YouTube videos ever...THE greatest actually@k_ved want to take a look at this chart in my terminal. Look at my Bloomberg terminal. LOOK INSIDE MY TERMINAL.Wonder if there's some internal pressure to sell terminals @ Bloomberg. What with everyone on the network saying "my (Bloomberg) terminal"@jessebrightman @qz sometimes I want a double cheeseburger and be able to wash my ketchup-stained shirt with my abs. Not too much to ask@ShanersMD @intelligencer oh man, I wish I had. Glad to see there are some people out there fighting the good fight@k_ved @dfledderjohn actually, the ALT + F4 shortcut to drop into the options menu is the best way to find itSounds like a polite way to say "chauffeur wanted" to advance from the UEFA Champions League group stage, according to ESPN's Soccer Power Index:
Retweeted by ___Premiere: Hear @RAC’s perfect end of summer jam, "Can't Forget You”
Retweeted by ___@ShanersMD @Dutch_Book if you need someone, I'm in@KWALRULES I remember seeing the Ares3 crew in the trailer and thought, wow what an uninspiring lot. Really is a shame, hope in proven wrong@KWALRULES I'm pissed they replaced the Indian guy. Venkat is now Vincent. Ridley Scott is clearly biased against brown people@KWALRULES the rescue is going to be crazy. I'm also int to actually see how he interacts with airlocks, etc (esp the one that rips off)Saw this guy putting a banana peel in front of the Segway.
Retweeted by ___@dfledderjohn drinking the milk of another species is one of the more bizarre human norms@dfledderjohn honestly, what's the point of having cows on your property if you're not going to turn them into food?@groditi building my shifty language thesaurusThis is the best kind of news. 'IK Enemkpali once punched man he thought was a woman' | two % are gen in line. So that could be a genuine drop in demand, or, a greater share of borrowers coming from less creditworthy pplFor ex, medium credit borrowers (FICO bw 700-750) currently represent 30% of the purchase market vs their share of the gen population (34%)Worth noting is the recent shift in credit scores of those who take out purchase loans. Moving to include less creditworthy borrowersHousing is kind of just petering along. Not really improving but not falling off. I have so much on my plate. I want to rip through ready player one and devil in the white city before cracking into Dune@BossLNS I don't get emotional@BossLNS I've seen references to it for years and finally decided to get a clue. What am I in for?Just acquired the entire Dune series. Goodbye life.
Qi charging seems like a 'nice to have' but it feels like magic putting your phone down and picking it up with more batteryNot surprising. Why should women have to deal with thirsty guys online when they can do it IRL? we'll see. It'll be interesting to see how everything shakes out after the hike is behind us@naufalsanaullah not doubting BS runoff's effect. But EOD, the prime rate is determined by spreads on spreads, starting with gov curve+ff@naufalsanaullah it impacts demand/px for MBS which influences the rate that the consumer is offered. May not be direct, but the link exists@naufalsanaullah wage growth of late has been better, which in a perfect world, would take care of your down paymentsHome prices are within 7% of their peak values nationally. And that happened w rates being where they are. Sooo yeah, huge driver of the good news in housing has been wage growth. What happens when rates increase? Are people ready for 5% mtg ratesPx indices in many markets are at their all time highs, and with rates this low, homebuyer affordability has had a nice support.Have a feeling that once the Fed raises rates, all this "good news" in housing we've seen lately will quickly go *poof*I wrote this after the Aurora gun massacre. Unfortunately it remains relevant after each new gun massacre
Retweeted by ___To the guy whistling 'hava nagila' since the AM 1) who whistles in public for a sustained period of time? 2) we don't work @ Bank Leumi"You can't change people. Evil is everywhere. Guns are only a tool." *ignores rate of gun deaths in basically every other developed country*
Retweeted by ___"Do you know what ROI stands for?" "Return on Investment" "Radio. On. The Internet." tragedies like this, it's tough to think of anyone who vehemently opposes gun control as anything other than a ticking time bomb.MBA Mortgage apps +0.2% (6th consecutive week) after a 3.6% rise last week. Refis down 1% after rising 7.2% last week.
California may ban drones from trespassing over private property
Retweeted by ___A reminder, from 1849, that getting whipsawed by markets is part of the cycle of life #WSJ
Retweeted by ___The most useful PSA you will see until winter. I hope the newborn pandas get eaten by their parents. Maybe that's what it will take for people to stop fighting Darwin@k_ved @GrandBanksNYC @ShanersMD Those hats have been on my list since they debuted. How soon is soon? (ballpark)@BenDWalsh no better way to have frites@edsbs Bruh
Retweeted by ___@edsbs I almost threw my controller at the TV this past weekend because of FIFA. Ended up needing a new TV I wish I hadThanks to a new FEMA grant, plans to revamp @SeaportMuseum are moving forward.
Retweeted by ___Here's what your food would look like if it wasn't genetically modified over millennia
Retweeted by ___LIKE A BOSS. a language sounds like so much fun.
Sweet mother of god... think blame, not sure. This is like a guy who keeps saying he's going to go talk to a girl but keeps making excuses not toAgree with this. If Fed keeps waiting for perfect eco conditions to raise rates, they will never get to hiking.
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