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Just dropped notice. Fire up the countdown to freedom.A college degree still pays for itself—and in a lot less time than it used to http://t.co/UwTKjHKNZT
Retweeted by LfHs@k_ved @dfledderjohn I can be your hero, daleYou get a striker! And you get a striker!: A roundup of the big moves from yesterday's transfer deadline day http://t.co/bt5CI8ihvm
Retweeted by LfHs@BootymanNYC more of a hypothetical, as in imagine you play in the NFL, etc. Got a chuckle out of potential reactions of some of our buddiesYou are a professional in the NFL. You are playing the new Madden. You discover that the glitch has made you the 2" player. Your reaction?More on the 1-foot-2 player glitch in Madden ‘15 http://t.co/0Q91nsvNtZ
Retweeted by LfHs@LadyFOHF that gif is fantasticBSE to Introduce Daily Incentive Scheme for Equity Derivatives http://t.co/UFwVe9cmEC
Retweeted by LfHsNICE: @MannyPacquiao and @ChrisAlgieri ring @NYSE closing bell Thursday. @HBO #boxing
Retweeted by LfHs@k_ved my clothes are literally stuck to my skin.Days like today are why I love winter.The term “debugging” was first used by programmer Grace Hopper, on removing this actual moth from a computer in 1947. http://t.co/deDtq0TeNm
Retweeted by LfHsDude... | http://t.co/CnLuzpmH8I
Krunic is an animal. Tiny little girl who's just ruthless.Welbeck. Not bad.Welbeck to Arsenal deal agreed in principle http://t.co/YnGLMn1ev5 #afc
Retweeted by LfHsThis may be the Madden glitch to top all other Madden glitches. https://t.co/iNq4dNr7J2
Retweeted by LfHsReally messed up this LDW by not playing scotch pong.
those nude photos of me spreading across the web are real & were stolen from my hacked iCloud. it was a frigid day if memory serves.
Retweeted by LfHs#Dennys@jvposter also not able to pick up social cues, like clearing out a 20` radius everywhere you go just my sitting downThis girl sitting behind us smells like the BO that a gym sock would have. How can people be this oblivious about their own bodies?My Daughter Struggled With Algebra For Years. Here’s Why I’m Still Not Putting Her Up For Adoption http://t.co/5ovvjofDLY
Retweeted by LfHsGreat graphic of countries (+al Qaeda) putting aside disputes to unite against Islamic State http://t.co/MbboJP2bfp via @WSJGraphics
Retweeted by LfHsHow big is Africa really? Much bigger than it looks on most maps http://t.co/ipsn8KVc15 http://t.co/LNuyv5I6et
Retweeted by LfHs
NEED. "@HistoricalPics: Elephant mounted with a M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun, WWI, c. 1914-18 http://t.co/2gSNLyVdIP"@KWALRULES @k_ved yeah that crossed many linesOysters on a boat with a beer will never get old.Bad day to be from Manchester.Very interesting read on the possibility of supporting Assad in the fight against ISIS | http://t.co/RxUSYi46PsCraving pizza now. Thanks, architecture. http://t.co/mXlYFs3XFY http://t.co/kWjzOeZ6Fw#ManU RT @Goonerz1886: What a vine! #aha https://t.co/8G5ibXzm2t@CharmAndDecay send me that link when you do. I need that.
#FF @TinderBateman$20 for a fuckin popsicle. Get real.Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is that you’re a terrible person and had it coming.
Retweeted by LfHsI'm told Korobov & @trboxing have signed their contracts for the @KIDCHOCOLATE fight. Quillin camp has not yet. #boxing @CarlMoretti
Retweeted by LfHsAll I'm going to do this weekend is drink outside/on a boat/barge and work on that watch strap tan. #thuglyfeGood lord this weather is perfect.Russia waging war in Ukraine and hacking America. Putin really DGAF.woww MT @Matthew_Winkler JPM hack said to start months ago exploiting multiple flaws http://t.co/OCbjPyNhHH @jordanr1000 & @MichaelRileyDC
Retweeted by LfHsHaving dreads is asking for it. "RT @PFF_Sam: Being tackled by a 300lb man only by the hair had to hurt: http://t.co/lMAGF9CrCf"Amazing story of a Russian sumo wrestler trying to break into the NFL. | http://t.co/WfSBHEYgwK
How to swim: a guide from 1587 http://t.co/ai5280KEzt
Retweeted by LfHsBadass. "@UPROXX: The First Trailer for Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’ is Here, And It’s ... Better Than Everything Else http://t.co/U4XxAEOWnq""When we go to the mosque, they order us to [watch] heads cut off, lashings or stonings" -- life under ISIS http://t.co/8NyfDdOgSM
Retweeted by LfHs@lastbadasstion this is what that reminds me of | http://t.co/a6wrlrInpm@lastbadasstion WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT'They are a Billy Joel song in football team form' "@drewmagary: "Our 2nd best wideout is Al Toon." JETS SUCK 2014. http://t.co/hOWZzuDndl"@dananicolehuss FEEL YOUKnowing I'm going to leave this place shortly, that afternoon wall that everyone hits is when I shut it down. http://t.co/LGEuECRSyySo the Ray Rice Fallout continues with a new domestic violence policy. Six games for 1st offense, lifetime ban for 2nd.
Retweeted by LfHsAmazing. "@UPROXX: Here’s The GIF Of Pete Campbell Falling Down The Stairs Set To ‘I’ll Tumble 4 Ya’ http://t.co/IGk9DFxqxe"ESPN was dumb, but Michael Sam's showering habits do matter: http://t.co/DnPuQKYs97
Retweeted by LfHs@k_ved @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD I'm taking the over, but just for the time kved spendsWhaaaat "@ESPNFC: Group E: Bayern Munich, Man City, CSKA Moscow."@k_ved @ShanersMD @BootymanNYC great line@BootymanNYC @k_ved @ShanersMD a frat house dispersed across downtown Manhattan@TBrodes let it ride. Always.@Cthursby @k_ved They should leverage that to air drop Narragansetts from one end of the boat to the other@k_ved did you know that GB has its own drone? | http://t.co/Iioevz45FmLIfe in ISIS-ruled Mosul is horrific. Stonings, amputations, lashings in the town square. http://t.co/aLrPfQ2qp7 via http://t.co/puIU32gWPc
Retweeted by LfHsIf you have a suit and tie on in your avi, you are automatically approved for a loan at most banks. It's a fact.
Retweeted by LfHs
Holy. Crap. The views from 432 Park's crane, 1,375 ft above Manhattan, are amazing. http://t.co/SJH0pMeghq http://t.co/zWCoI42R6v
Retweeted by LfHsOffer letter hit the inbox #boomFor that price point...done. "@InsideHook: Custom-fit shirts in minutes, via your smartphone: http://t.co/LWuI7H6qtM http://t.co/aaxtMql1y3"DAFUQ. "@CNBC: Zara pulls controversial shirt after social media firestorm: http://t.co/zpKJIJcLdU http://t.co/LNBoMipeYH"I would be stoked if my child could discuss fantasy football with me #sadoldmantweets | http://t.co/ZvuZEhTvwzKudos to the NFL for holding firm on Josh Gordon's horrifying offense of being near marijuana. Can't wait to watch Ray Rice in week 3!
Retweeted by LfHsI stand with Josh Gordon and women everywhere. "@NFL_ATL: Browns’ Josh Gordon suspended one season http://t.co/twqDrcHoDB"And Ray Rice gets 2 games for treating his wife like a heavy bag...I'm a fan of that disclosure rule. In spirit. Implementation may be a little tough...getting people on board and all.SEC unanimously approves rule requiring more loan-level disclosure for RMBS, CMBS, auto loan and lease #securitization
Retweeted by LfHsAfter the Internet bared its' fangs, ESPN now "regrets" reporting on Michael Sam's shower habits http://t.co/mllrKABYxH
Retweeted by LfHsThis might be one of the greatest reads on the Internet #antipanda | http://t.co/HV8sqo9JIdReason #524 we should let these things die off. "@digg: Panda 'may have faked pregnancy' for more buns, bamboo: http://t.co/NkSmg5cax2"
@dananicolehuss I will take a pup off your hands if you want. Assuming you want to relinquish ownership.Oprah Will Play ‘A Cruel And Abusive Lady Pimp’ In The Richard Pryor Biopic http://t.co/29knYQGrSo
Retweeted by LfHsCurrently sitting next to that jcrew gingham shirt. That account is the realest.Are there rumblings of firing LVG yet?Real match that really counted: Manchester United 0, MK Dons 4. http://t.co/XagRm0lxsG
Retweeted by LfHsThat ManU score is priceless.@dfledderjohn that frenchie was looking like a BOSSGoPro goes to the dogs with its Fetch camera harness http://t.co/WFXtkFjVXQ
Retweeted by LfHsHis thought process was flawless though. "@Gothamist: Man Robs NYC Banks, Blows Stolen Cash In Atlantic City http://t.co/V47JHlAVzn"@k_ved but it's being used on areas that really need it, like where malaria and other mosquito borne diseases kill people@k_ved being done. Male mosquitoes are bred with a disease that impacts female's fertility then released into wild to sabotage pop growthToday is a good day.Coming out in a few hours: Instagram's "Hyperlapse" - http://t.co/pxoGsaz77N. It looks pretty neat!
Retweeted by LfHs@jabriella welcome home! #mericaA disclosure rule I agree with. In spirit at least. | http://t.co/LSj1Lzy6ph
Gonna start rocking the tux sans stocks. That's a LOOK.By its nature, war is polarising. The situation in #Gaza is no different. But both sides consume fantasy news http://t.co/4wQ7Ia8tY9
Retweeted by LfHs@k_ved it's best to update while you are seething. Think you're primed and ready to go@k_ved prep the rezyToday, I have proved that the majority of my team is redundant.Local Man All But Sure Dollars Will Be Worthless In 28 Months http://t.co/OuoXQPA1HB
Retweeted by LfHsBeautiful Nature: The Portuguese Man-of-War — http://t.co/kXEYnezwJG http://t.co/2D9eDS3NSx
Retweeted by LfHs@jabriella they have a history of wearing kid gloves with their extremist citizens which is why I ask. Silly brits.
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