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@SBarlow_ROB wow...Ray Rice was just a pretty good player. Imagine the role the #Ravens and #NFL took in the Ray Lewis murder case.
Retweeted by LfHs Surprise Long Island Iced Tea with my haircut. Not getting any more work done today, I guess.Amazing. "@Vine_Football: Liverpool fans to Daniel Sturridge. http://t.co/ZK15V9n6PO"
@donalderyan whenever you get drinks with everyone, I am joining@donalderyan you're in town next week, yes?Just spotted #thatjcrewginghamshirt. It is so real.Despite MTA's veto effort, a new anti-Islamic ad campaign is coming to a bus/subway near you http://t.co/omx43THF32 http://t.co/OdcaZbpbNi
Retweeted by LfHs @k_ved @Ryan_STT @KWALRULES that means To Be DestroyedInstagram of the day: Madison Square Park http://t.co/fKqBD56ZIt by @migeophoto http://t.co/Eaj58BlpL5
Retweeted by LfHs #sheeple "@_SidVerma: It's moments like this you realize just how precious life can be https://t.co/sgSVIJQKjI"NFL loses corporate partner for breast cancer awareness week: http://t.co/G0eVJxPOJn
Retweeted by LfHs It really bothers me when people say the computer is "thinking".CSAM prices market's fifth $1B-plus CLO of the year - Atrium XI - via Credit Suisse.
Retweeted by LfHs @k_ved @Cthursby @ShanersMD free money@k_ved @Cthursby @ShanersMD there are squatters rights, no? Squat for a certain amount of time and you assume ownership? We should do thatNFL fans prove they're exactly as stupid as the NFL thinks they are http://t.co/lvht4ul73O
Retweeted by LfHs @KWALRULES you won't order another one@anugandapug your mom sounds like she knows how to party@ShanersMD even I really enjoyed that oneWe'll never see another player quite like Devin Hester: http://t.co/ECzx1SbbgU
Retweeted by LfHs Lemmings waiting in line for the new iPhone. It's called the Internet bro, pre-order that thing from home. http://t.co/9M8SqYdoZW.@ShanersMD some inspiration | https://t.co/viyQKSBbSILast day at work, so you best believe I'm giving them the no sock treatment.
!!!!!! "@BroBible: It Looks Like Zoolander 2 Is Happening, With Will Ferrell Returning As Mugatu http://t.co/nLBJmhGvm6 via @BroBible"If you're getting a fake tan, just ask for the Mike Smith.This man speaks the #truth "@Deadspin: Steve Smith has some thoughts about domestic violence and elevators: http://t.co/TQwt28L4mD"You can't spell "Farm Bill" without "wow, that's an incredible waste of money" http://t.co/YK2IsMf1GM
Retweeted by LfHs #tinyhands "@verge: I don't need a bigger iPhone http://t.co/rHQYDnXJwn by @ohnorosco http://t.co/94k9PA4Dpk" http://t.co/Ks2ySODPwWGoogle Now suggests articles that I might like based on online account history (pages etc). Why do people hate data mining..this is great.Heavyweight champ Wladimir @Klitschko almost ready to resume training after injury. My blog: http://t.co/xKmM9NEPPg #boxing
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INCREDIBLE. "@FlashframeNYC: 'Artist Uses Female Body as Canvas in NYC Photo Series' - http://t.co/W8ZKz9OpTV http://t.co/3Jkvfz4Bcv"This would be a very 'Oblivion'-y twist to Destiny. | http://t.co/T0zi5mWMlRA new microbiome theory on why diet soda hasn't slowed obesity http://t.co/QY6PoNzeVV
Retweeted by LfHs Pulled duck confit for leaving lunch. | http://t.co/PJIKa1apDLYour ultimate guide to global economy and the Federal Reserve. #fomc http://t.co/cUD8kqYynM
Retweeted by LfHs @daykneeaj that's true too. The NFL has been pretty blatant in its 'support' of a good cause to generate a profit (eg selling pink apparel)NFL in October will be interesting as it is breast cancer awareness month and everyone wears pink everything to support women.......awkward@dfledderjohn in essence, it's burdensome to the user to extract value. The opposite of a good user experience imo@dfledderjohn it's an asymmetric effort/reward profile. Do everything yourself and maybe someone else on here will throw you a bone...maybe.Just scrolled through LinkedIn for first time in months..if there is any value to be had there, you need to wade through a ton of trash@SBarlow_ROB @volatilitysmile @maxabelson @zatapatique need buyers to have writers. It's all one big cluster when alls said and done@SBarlow_ROB @volatilitysmile @maxabelson @zatapatique what is amazing is how naked cds can be a thing w/o any terms to prevent..you know...@SBarlow_ROB @volatilitysmile @maxabelson in all fairness, they do have a legitimate purpose...the abuse the process creates problems.@BigInTheShire if there were a war on stairs, America would lose@KWALRULES so much alcohol will be consumedA surprising number of people in this city have chicken legs. Just realizing this...it's a little unnerving.
"@SportiveSayings: If you do the work you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life. -Michael Jordan" --gambles
Retweeted by LfHs Ha, BlackRock illegally shorted MetLife ahead of an offering. http://t.co/iY3p14CSqP
Retweeted by LfHs Reminder: These are the actual @ChampionsLeague theme song lyrics. http://t.co/7sNEhB9nQE
Retweeted by LfHs Chrome for Android tweak shows quick answers to questions in the auto-suggestions box: http://t.co/1aUV36fM8j http://t.co/HzdpKn9jkj
Retweeted by LfHs People buying umbrellas after they're already drenched: you lost. Deal with it.
@ShanersMD up there for sure. There is the small window of hope (blocking the shot)...but, man. PI is just a huge FU....not that difficult of a path "@darrenrovell: Radisson has pulled its Vikings sponsorship http://t.co/ciwX6PzOIS http://t.co/evG8DYErTb"Don't know if there is another penalty in sports more punitive than pass interference.He loves his kids tho.. "@SportsCenter: Adrian Peterson is accused of injuring a diff 4yo son to point of facial scarring. No charges filed"5 Ways The 49ers' Teched-Out Levi's Stadium Is Changing The Game For Fans http://t.co/scyPACPRgm by @JennElias6 http://t.co/QiBQTGEcVs
Retweeted by LfHs @DavidSchawel you're okay. I think it speaks to the avg age of the shot callers at Apple. "Who wouldn't want a FREE U2 album?!"@DavidSchawel my mother was stoked that she got a free U2 album. I've been giving her endless flak for itI guess that week where everyone in the NFL starts getting injured was moved up to Week 2.7 stories. 7 must-see films. Our friends @30for30 are back Oct. 7, and we'll be watching. http://t.co/wmDUsgbdgf https://t.co/XoXhEqd72i
Retweeted by LfHs Not quite taking adv of something you own, but tapping into the wild success of something produced specifically for your product. Unique.Microsoft leveraging a character (Cortana) from the most popular game (Halo) made for the system they produce (Xbox) is pretty incredible.Minnesota got stomped by the Patriots. That is why they are not taking disciplinary action against AP...to remain competitive. @Vikings'not rush judgement'. GMAFB. This is atrocious. "@Vikings: Statement from the #Vikings on Adrian Peterson: http://t.co/pDgU2jPLtB"Mayweather-Maidana 2: Nasty Money, by @rafeboogs http://t.co/g0NNaFWril
Retweeted by LfHs Well written piece. "@Slate: "Love" is not a defense for beating your child: http://t.co/EQGX18d40E http://t.co/Gfcmc4iEoP"@volatilitysmile @zerg_rush01 @k_ved apple should throw brides on the iTunes store. The mail order bride industry needs to get w the times@k_ved only logical way would be to link ez pass accounts to Apple acct. And I doubt people would want to see their ez pass charges thereLast week at current job. | http://t.co/QZAyWwc0eu
Grand Canyon. http://t.co/kzVOLkUkAc http://t.co/rMa8hmNE0A“@zags_12: @bustedcoverage we have some geniuses up in Green Bay today http://t.co/W78urdYcjQ” Love it.
Retweeted by LfHs @TBrodes ho.ly.shit.This week is already turning out to be a nightmare for every conceivable fantasy roster combination..I actually agreed with Jim Rome just now. First time for everything I guess.Boomer saying AP should never be allowed to play football again. I am inclined to agree.@Vox_Magoo 'views are my own and do not express the opinion of my employer'@Vox_Magoo someone was screaming "just don't say anything Ray, for the love of god" into his earpieceGreg Hardy de-activated. Way to take a moral stand Carolina!/cave to public pressure cause you couldn't make the right decision yourself
Retweeted by LfHs Always been my favorite analyst. "@SBNation: You need to watch Cris Carter's emotional thoughts about child abuse. http://t.co/sSsnhfzgLF"This poor girl was having none of it though. http://t.co/BXGk3p4iTpHoly weather. I missed sub-60deg temps.Indescribably emotional to see this. DC, Baltimore, NYC, Great Lakes just before #Sunrise http://t.co/0QCJH6V4Nc
Retweeted by LfHs This is why Twitch is worth $1b http://t.co/QwyrqpyaOI
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Watching the ramen episode of Mind of a Chef...need ippudo now.Floyd Mayweather is a piece of shit. Why support him by ordering his lousy, overpriced PPV tonight? http://t.co/UuNzdm5cvS
Retweeted by LfHs @fed_speak @DavidSchawel @DraftKings @FanDuel it's remarkable. I'm sure my curiosity will get the best of me before the season's over@fed_speak @DavidSchawel there are sites that write columns specifically for winning weekly fantasy matchups on @DraftKings & @FanDuel#TMT "@VicTafur: @Rachel__Nichols puts Floyd Mayweather on the spot for his history of domestic violence. http://t.co/tNweb5FgoX … TKO"Adrian Peterson indictment presents first test to post-Ray Rice #NFL http://t.co/lpdLu8WW4E http://t.co/vvdM1sY9rY
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Hit the productivity wall for the night. Good day.At this rate, an NFL player will be joining ISIS some time in the next two weeks.
Retweeted by LfHs Researcher: NFL players have double the risk for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's http://t.co/Mr12c7df9H
Retweeted by LfHs A New Yorker Expertly Teaches The Unwritten Rules Of Living In NYC In These Illustrations http://t.co/gwT8su1wcN
Retweeted by LfHs Sophies #coma@ShanersMD @k_ved definitely worth changing the handle for: @ShamersMDJ@ShanersMD you should great an active dad joke account and rattle these off with that“The Ravens and NFL were willing to embrace the man right up until public opinion made that a bad business move.” http://t.co/aAu3B2n7Ld
Retweeted by LfHs @DavidSchawel curious to hear your insight regarding why"I don't think it was a compliment, by the way."
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