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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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8:30 game at KSP tonight & I'll probably score once after tremendous improvement because of indoor the past 3 months...The FACTS account is incredibly accurate...RT @Fact: Having sex with @ochocinco only 3 times a week, has proven to make you look 5-7 years younger.Happy Birthday to the great Sean Taylor... http://t.co/k58y2QUPMPYes, it's important you understand how gifted I really am RT @Barbie_Bates_: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ RT @iBellaNIEMA: Bae would u take me back if I cheat on u?I love you people, it's almost 1 o'clock how's your day going so far?Ya'll gotta hear @wale album, use your weed money & go on iTunes & listen to the poet. http://t.co/q1ey3oAzIaApril Fools today, stay on your P's & Q's throughout the day...Gotta LOVE everybody no matter how they get it...Never heard it quite put that way in my previous RT...RT @KimiKouture: "I'm a bad bitch!!!" = "I'm a materialistic, bird, with a low IQ."It's going to be a great day because you're the sperm that won amongst millions, repeat in the mirror until you feel better about yourself.Good morning, I love you!!! http://t.co/AQWINpreII
Watching Argentina & Ecuador on @beINSPORTSUSA since I missed the match earlier...So peaceful throughout the day just loving strangers I know personally...I had so much fun...That sombrero & poncho celebration cost me 30k, @mlozano9 fault RT @ttimetimmyj: @ochocinco this is also great http://t.co/ypcuS9NqZWClassic celebration during Spanish Heritage month #VivaMexico RT @boltgang_: @ochocinco u know it http://t.co/oacVYHAa2VMexico playing very well...RT @vexedmentals: i can't believe how audacious ugly men like @ochocinco are on here.Don't forget to check out the homie @DeRayDavis tomorrow night good people.... http://t.co/yK449fVZP3πŸ“ RT @SydneysChoice: Best dressed award goes too my homie @ochocincoThis dude Wale verbiage verbatim on "The Pessimist" πŸ’―I loved 59 people in passing in Little Havana...Beautiful day in Miami today...Legend... ⚽️ https://t.co/nooGHSiJJkʎɐpoΚ‡ ʎxΙ™s ΖƒuΔ±lΙ™Ι™ΙŸRT @smartcarusa: We’re unveiling the all-new 2016 smart fortwo tonight @ 7PM EDT! Join us for the exclusive premiere. #meerkat #NYIASπŸ‘€ http://t.co/ygjMBPRhvzπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ http://t.co/7z7bTCGvGCThis phucking @Wale album is jamming, my grandma & I are on the front porch listening to "The God Smile" eating breakfast together...It's a good day to LOVE...
I love you people but I must sleep, tomorrow we rise God willing to LOVE again...Ask my manager @stephencbishop & my agent @actorbrianwhite RT @ladderboy_29: @ochocinco well when u gon make your flim debut playa?Remember that sit down w/ Daniel Day Lewis & Johnny Depp that's on my bucket list, add Edward Norton & Christoph Waltz as well...#Ochoism RT @fameovafortune: @ochocinco love ain't paying no bills!Love still floating around or ya'll tired?RT @UberFacts: The former CEO of McDonald's @ochocinco once lost 20 pounds on an all McDonald's diet.ZEN... http://t.co/GQDjoejDX9I'm gonna stop looking at the annoying qualities of women and love them like the OG @ochocinco taught me
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonBahama Breeze followed up w/ Starbucks... RT @Neemzy: What Does A Really Nice Date Consist Of To Y'all? I'm Curious, lolWhy you should always appreciate those who tell the TRUTH from jump. RT @k_afalava: Swear I find things out when I'm not even lookin to. πŸ˜’Women are slandering the male species on the timeline, men should immediately counter w/ LOVE, shoot your shot now...RT @JoellaDeville: Having swag when you broke like @ochocinco is a critical survival skill. Nothing wrong with that.Look at God πŸ™Œ RT @HuffingtonPost: McDonald's is about to test ALL-DAY BREAKFAST! http://t.co/0eSJGAdM7G http://t.co/jYKccQGt2MGoing to watch Venezuela vs Peru w/ @JuanPaGalavis tomorrow...Smooth goal by Kuwait, Falcao will answer for Colombia in the 2nd half...Redrum @GL_NYC http://t.co/xvucGSeNj8If it's beneficial anything/one is attainable...πŸ‘€ RT @BbKhaliah: In other news @ochocinco still is handsome well fineI want a peacock for my living room, every time someone enters the house his feathers spread as a greeting...I censored that word completely wrong purposely...Good morning you awesome motherf***s, I fuck*** love all of you & hope your day goes well...Fall back homie... RT @Tripl3A: I seen ya lil performance last night πŸ‘€ @rihanna
#Repost @hava_sole with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰Spring cleaning with @OchoCinco. Huge thank you for inviting… https://t.co/3ekvyDyxiJAnthony Hamilton albums are all classics, if you don't agree the ink on your birth certificate isn't even dry yet...Can I take 100 people to "The Crab House" for dinner again next week? I never had an entourage so you as followers have to fill the void.I really love you people...@ochocinco just did some spring cleaning today and donated all these kicks to @Hava_Sole! So incredible. http://t.co/rCRD6dQeah
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI look good today...Beautiful day in Miami, I'm sure they're having a blast at ULTRA...Picasso 🎨 http://t.co/yC3xyrgXeRI deeply love everybody. Shits crazy
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonBest soccer player in the world plays on ESPN2 at 2:30, I'm not here to debate you just here to LOVE...RT @AlbertBreer: Never trust a person who owns a selfie stick except @ochocinco RT @nypost: http://t.co/yWluOfkumH http://t.co/QsixJ4dPQd@Austin_Dotson10 Watch @OBJ_3 , @AntonioBrown84 & TY Hilton short & intermediate routes when they're pressed at the line...@Austin_Dotson10 Show em hard fade & come back underneath, Keenan Allen vs Sherman last season, that visual should help you.πŸ“ RT @Austin_Dotson10: slant against DB in press but as soon as the ball is snapped he hops inside and takes slant away, what do I do?Can we wish @dereksosa a happy birthday & hope today is the day he loses his virginity, if not may he stay blessed & pure...Random: I told so many people "I Love You" at the Youth Fair yesterday...Brazil & Chile... ⚽️HELLO ARE YOU PEOPLE UP?I love you good people, I prayed for all of you even though I feel everything is predestined but nonetheless I got your back...@BishopVTCurry Good morning bishop, tell 7 & 11 o'clock service I love them & to pray for me today, I love you boss.
Squad has fallen asleep, today was a success besides me burning breakfast, I love you awesome individuals & goodnight...Pepe ⚽️ RT @Habs_cool: On this day 4 years ago @ochocinco played a reseve game with @SportingKC Today they play NYCFC http://t.co/1X2V7u6drSOn this day 4 years ago @ochocinco played a reseve game with @SportingKC. Today they play NYCFC. http://t.co/qwLyJ2QsGo
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI won a gorilla & banana, what a got damn coincidence, Youth Fair was rigged... http://t.co/xnaUajsLkLI finally won a big ass rasta banana, no minion but they love bananas... http://t.co/CywrYxWKvII'm convinced these games to win the abnormally large stuffed animals is rigged at the Youth Fair, 4 hours & I haven't won shit!!!!Been on some @ochocinco shit trying to spread a lil love to everyone
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI'm having a hard time winning this life sized minion at the Youth Fair, I even offered to buy it but they won't allow it... πŸ˜”Grammar was horrible in that previous tweet... πŸ˜”I've reached the Youth Fair w/ the squad & we will turn up in 29 minutes after we visit the petting zoo...@Barbie_Bates_ While you lay there at home being lazy & rubbing your belly the squad is headed to have fun at the Youth Fair, you mad ✌️I look like a fly ass custodian w/ a pair of Yeezy's on...🚷 http://t.co/YH2zrrRxgRHeaded to Overtown w/ the squad to eat brunch at Jacksons restaurant, I burned breakfast, obviously not ready for full custody just yet...1 basket down, two more to go http://t.co/6UXa14bxaUHopefully the rain holds up today, headed to the Youth Fair today, I need an elephant ear & I must win a giant minion...In the grocery store getting ready to prepare breakfast for the squad & use the video as evidence to help me get custody...It's Saturday & some of you are laid up w/ your boo or side piece, maybe even preparing mentally for the walk of shame, I love all of you...What a beautiful yet chilli morning in Miami (no disrespect to neighboring states w/ frigid temperatures)
There is a God πŸ™Œ RT @LoniLove: Just got off work ...love Back C!!!! β€œ@ochocinco: @LoniLove I love you...”His Xbox is still in tact which is the most important part...Poor guy πŸ˜” RT @christywaffles: Don't cheat :) http://t.co/VcOmbeaDlNIt's easy, don't look at Mayweather's Instagram RT @jimmycantu2: @ochocinco wish I could find happiness in life the way you have, the peaceThe rain has ruined my plans to go to the Youth Fair w/ the squad, thinking of catching a movie instead, Will & Kevin Hart new 1 perhaps.@Barbie_Bates_ I don't follow you so I'm unsure how you keep popping up on my timeline let alone my tweets...πŸ‘€ RT @Barbie_Bates_: Watching the kids play/swim πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ http://t.co/EwT1hjlmPz
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