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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women and my Smart Car. Employed by @CBSSports

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Freaking XBox One locked me out for putting my password in wrong too many times, I just want to play FIFA man damn 😡RETWEET if you think that Real Madrid can win their 10th European Cup! http://t.co/VyNxQ3Zt8A
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLadies y'all follow my cousin @CDC2212Real Madrid (1) Bayern Munich (0) #HalaMadrid http://t.co/utAchG2jcYWow what a save by Casillas...Lmao 😂😂😂 RT @StaxxFifth: follow my uncle @ochocinco he helped me get through my breakup wit da false sense of instagram security lolI love you too, so call me maybe? RT @ButtercupRuns4U: @ochocinco Love you so!!!!Call me, Real Madrid has this game won babe. RT @i_amKAY: @ochocinco alright alright alright sex📧🍫👴👨Equal opportunity peen my love‼️RT @K_Dot_Aleesha: In convinced @ochocinco doesn't care for black women.. Only them mixed Breeds 😔"Slow Clap" This is the mind set of the new generation ---> RT @Tramatic4217: @ochocinco just making me famous on twitter today tho 😂😂😂You got me RT @i_amKAY: @ochocinco noooo they got youSo broke I have a mini island in my back yard RT @Tramatic4217: “@ochocinco: #WakeUpNow” damn you that broke bra http://t.co/k4s7Rqqp9kShould I go back to sleep?#WakeUpNowThat was beautiful ⚽️Blessed‼️ http://t.co/J2GJ8ctQL0You know the drill! JOIN my FANDUEL MLB league tonight, 1st place wins $2,000! Dinner date for the 85th entrant: http://t.co/Kxh0bXCZRn14 hrs to be exact RT @Spider_Mannnn: If @ochocinco can lose almost everything in one day and still find a way to be happy so can everybodyHeaded to the gym...Is Fifa still installing even though the tv screen has gone black?So have to install FIFA before I can play?Use my gamer tag to sign in with Microsoft account RT @JuicyMoosey_: recover your gamertag that you used from your 360 and it'll work@ochocinco Join us on the 10-day green smoothie cleanse! Better sleep, digestion, energy... you'll feel like you're getting a "second youth"
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonThey're forcing me to verify my email address by making me create a microsoft accountTrying to get online on the Xbox One, I'm stuck on the verify email-microsoft account part?I love you @ochocinco but more importantly the one with the power to make changes loves you and that's GOD. You have to listen to Him now.☺
Retweeted by Chad Johnson@ochocinco I love you because your photos always bring a smile to my face and you are an awesome football player.#WishUWereASteeler
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLmao RT @fabkara: This made me think of @ochocinco http://t.co/tFuA49KPlxWhat about my lack of discipline, promiscuous ways & acceptance of anything outside da norm? RT @nancechrissy: I love everything about you💋Are you looking to detox your body with a cleanse? Talk to @JJSmithOnline, author of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonThere are many people who don't like me, can you please relay an "I Love You" via RT, text, email or phone call, make your delivery sincere.Perhaps the 8 hour gap with no tweet activity duh RT @Ambeeezyyyy: @ochocinco do u ever sleepYou're gorgeous so it evens out RT @SimplyMedgie: Wish I could say the same about NY... RT "@ochocinco: Another gorgeous day in Miami....”Another gorgeous day in Miami....
Smh RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco 😂😂😂 i don't need your money... yet@ochocinco NOW!!! http://t.co/zILWUGy1pD http://t.co/v0JT0fOe9V
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI do love you but you only tweet me when you need money so how much? RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco http://t.co/6WxxLEzLHDHow much you need? RT @Jicyraa_Carter: dad. @ochocincoShe loves to hear anything that's aesthetically pleasing...My truth is ugly...😍😍😍 RT @SheDidThat919: Nails for @ochocinco #PhotoGrid http://t.co/4Em7A2TzDJI love you 😍 RT @SheDidThat919: @ochocinco is definitely ok with me 😉👌👍I wish could love all the females like @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWe both love animal print maybe RT @aries2kmvm: @ochocinco chad..why do you and my 14 year old daughter have the same zebra blanket?@ochocinco Celebrate #EarthDay w/ Huge Concert for Orca Freedom https://t.co/Z37toe20JZ Free live stream: http://t.co/zILWUGy1pD #Blackfish
Retweeted by Chad Johnson@Miss_K_63021 I love you tooReading @ochocinco tweets always cheers me up & helps me sleep,he is just too hilarious and honest. Loving you all the way in South Africa
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI started this 1st RT @nypost: Forget the Porsche - guys who really want to attract women should be driving a Prius http://t.co/4jFMJ1lmdoLast Xbox One being installed in the movie theater‼️ http://t.co/Q9m7qeDPZSWhy? I'm gonna mess it up when I get back in. RT @iAM_AngieAng: @ochocinco make your bed Chad!Last Xbox One being installed in my bedroom then I'll be ready to continue my dominance in FIFA‼️ http://t.co/LQkDlDFRksFinally getting my Xbox One installed‼️ http://t.co/DMckxZUNzlProbably won't be on the beach anymore... RT @SirEto: @ochocinco what will you do now that David's Cafe is closed?Being a single parent is tough I don't care what y'all say...
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonThanks guys RT @30for30: 7pm ET on ESPN RT @ochocinco What time? RT @JM7835: @ochocinco Chadwick, don't miss tonight's @30for30 on MaradonaWhat time? RT @JM7835: @ochocinco Chadwick, don't miss tonight's @30for30 on Maradona. A true classic!Hope the Madrid/Bayern Munich game is more exciting than Atletico/Chelsea was today...That's the way to be optimistic, I love you. RT @missbrookeleigh: @ochocinco @SexReIationship depends on how you look at it.... 😏Ask your ex's it's not rocket science babe RT @missbrookeleigh: @ochocinco @SexReIationship So sex is dating temporarily? Lol 😕Sex duh RT @SexReIationship: When I date someone, I think long term. What's the point of dating someone if you only want them temporarily?Feel like getting dressed up to go to dinner tonight...Great ball movement by AtleticoDon't ever leave with polish over your cuticles like that my love. RT @LexxxTrillogy: @ochocinco nah. Small college town nail shop. SmhBe honest? You did those yourself huh? RT @LexxxTrillogy: Cocaine mani for @ochocinco 💅 http://t.co/DYlBE1UVtfThe nails/feet are connected to women duh RT @LaceHerUp22: What is ocho cincos obsession with girls manicures? I just don't get itThe curves in your back ground pic 😳RT @Xo_Emzii: @ochocinco all white? 👀 http://t.co/tbVMgIfsIK😍 RT @MAG_alicious: Fresh mani for @ochocinco 💅 http://t.co/ccbR6BnSxOChelsea/Atletico x 3 http://t.co/mWOzHR2iBVMatte & gold tips 💯 RT @Fifie1020Love: So I heard @ochocinco knows a thing or two about nails 👀 http://t.co/ijKb3HmAokEtta James RT @laniford: I would rather go blindChelsea's black kit is awesome...Chances are she'll leave when it is RT @BabyJCarter15: @ochocinco what if your plate isn't empty, and she still sits there? Then what Chad?If she'll sit at your table when your plate is empty... RT @domimicana: @ochocinco how do you know someone is your soulmate?Incentive based " I Love You's"I've been sleeping with optimism unprotected for years‼️Do you dread birthdays as they can be a reminder you're not where you want to be❓Most times you think you're happy until somebody comes along and shows you different‼️Soulmates become soloist‼️I have to work out to take the attention off my sub par facial structure RT @rock9449: how do you motivate yourself for gym every week?Geometrically perfect but facially challenged...She wants the possessions & I want the experience‼️I have to try this... RT @Fact: Male Sea slugs cut off their own penis after sex and grow back a new one before next mating session.Basically paying for sex RT @Fact: Studies show the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions.Salute!!! RT @IGGYAZALEA: @ochocinco thanks for the support!Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea...No head gear needed if you can't be hit‼️ @soultrainboxing http://t.co/sfglRKfQw4Jumping for joy‼️ http://t.co/TsumTazbjd"Impossible is Nothing"Kelis also released an LP entitled "Food" which is also on ITunes...Iggy Azalea: "New B*tch"I've seen 2 people fall off a jet ski though. RT @CoupleFact: Relationships sink when they have too many passengers.Listening to Iggy's new album "The New Classic" it'd be best if you all download it as well...Thank God for another day to love the masses 🙌
One day I'll be able tweet: Everybody pack your bags we're all going on vacation...This is hilarious 😂😂😂 RT @TheBrianGrimes: @ochocinco My wife follows the No Sex After Marriage rule...It's pointless if penetration has taken place in the past, let that twat be great. RT @keepupwithle: @ochocinco me I'm celibateCounter it with love as I do... RT @_shirdkevia: @ochocinco yo fans so damn annoying 😤 damnnnnn 🔪What % of the population abides by the "No sex before marriage" standard?How do you know if you're sexually compatible with your him/her if there's nothing to compare it to?My love isn't based on incentives so it never stosp even if I never utter the words. RT @ToyaMac_: @ochocinco do you still love me😩😩
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