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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Just another set of California Blues! #sanfrancisco @ Pabu SF http://t.co/iHxAff0blFJoin the CEOs of Sonos, Jawbone, LogMeIn and more at Structure Connect - Gigaom http://t.co/io4OfjV2De via @nuzzelAviary & Adobe - congrats @msg @avimuchnick http://t.co/kED6DF31RD
Retweeted by Om MalikFunny no mention of founders in this report about Aviary. Cc @msg congrats amigo! http://t.co/zzR8dQHh6HWhen it is said that "people don't read on the Web" what that means is "most of the writing on the Web is not worth reading"
Retweeted by Om MalikIgnore the previous tweet. Sent the wrong link. @CaseyNeistat Documentary on iPhone 6 is pretty damn good. Watch it http://t.co/xJKOtlsk1RCongrats from us @trueventures to @ericsson for teaming up with @Apcera & @derekcollison for their cloud future http://t.co/Zb91Y5YYWFApple has a great weekend http://t.co/aO6iD9LzTnSo looks like Apple had a nice weekend. http://t.co/pyHrFcMNhEhas 10M of anything with an ASP of >$700 ever sold in 3 days?
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@rohit_x_ @aneel I don't have a problem with delays.mi have a problem with the failure to inform their customers despite asking for updates@mike_enos still waiting :-)@hazelvizion I am okay with delays, that's life. Failure to do their job -- aka give a heads up about the delay is more annoying.@VirginAmerica i just need to get back home, so the DM won't really help unless you promise me a seat on an earlier flight :-)I have 3.15 hours wait time on @VirginAmerica so maybe we can make #virginamericasucks a trending topic. RT if you wanna help!As far as I can tell, Virgin America is just as crappy as anything else except you can order from your seat and there’s mood lighting.
Retweeted by Om MalikIt is worse kind of let down when quality at a brand you like @VirginAmerica starts to degrade slowly. Maybe time to rethink airline choicesHey @virginamerica welcome to the "you suck" club. 2.5 hour delay & no notification, but your spammy false ad-emails never skip a beat.Oh baby this pig is a roast! http://t.co/zmvbEqtOxPBrightest minds are not making ad platforms. Instead they are focused on gif keyboards. http://t.co/G8zWRusm16Apparently Journalists are addicted to coffee. http://t.co/bfwtFzAODk
Our top app picks for #iOS8 are the new @StorehouseHQ, @Pinterest, and @1Password. See them here: http://t.co/yIIFv0vjsJ
Retweeted by Om MalikJust published "Shadow Play " on @storehousehq http://t.co/mfvtfUm3To@cpen i am just making sure you feel at home soon.A lovely day in Manhattan! #newyork http://t.co/dch5GJONumI walked to my favorite shoe store (@leffot) today w/@naveen instead of Christopher St. we ended up in London. With a sight of Kevin Bacon!@Leffot lol/"You registered on http://t.co/U2q3Fhjiyh 9 years ago!" Thanks @WordPress @photomatt & all the awesome people @automattic for looking out!Enjoying "San Francisco B-Sides" by @helena on @storehousehq http://t.co/pxR4uMbBNU"Brands that might have 150,000 followers on Instagram, but they're still making less than $150k a year in sales" http://t.co/rWXSviJevJ10 Weekend Reads http://t.co/cgO73C5gTl $$
Retweeted by Om MalikWhat does the rise of brand journalism mean? For one thing, it means journalists have to up their game http://t.co/dTon2vwIYE
Retweeted by Om MalikWhat the launch of the #iPhone6 looked like worldwide http://t.co/y2OTUBNfRM http://t.co/j1YbBacvv2
Retweeted by Om Malik#Apple fans and resellers line up for the #iPhone6: http://t.co/69J5JiSMMj
Retweeted by Om Malik
Just look at these cookies. Perfect for$baba boss Jack Ma http://t.co/yvkdlVKHjdHear from @yvesbehar @elleluna @johnmaeda @veen @smfrogers @MatiasDuarte @om KK Barrett & more on design & tech https://t.co/WoBGb5xfEH
Retweeted by Om MalikLive blog: What's happening with Alibaba's IPO? https://t.co/016txAcTXK via @gigaomThink different about local news http://t.co/E7JJbb1ZvyBrand Journalism is sort of nonsense, argues FT in this piece. Makes a convincing argument. cc @steverubel http://t.co/ZxbWwECPzBiPhone 6 morning to you... Just saw nearly 700 people outside Apple Store in Soho. #iphone6 @ Apple… http://t.co/HggdL7TmJDThis story has a surprise for u: it is overstated & sans details."U2 & Apple are working on new digital music format" http://t.co/k705DYtVIw
In July 1999 I wrote about Concur & Steve Singh. He wanted to keep SAP at bay. http://t.co/SwLe52us7x SAP just ponied up $8.3bn to buy itOffice with a view! Visiting @gigaom NYC and checking out awesome Manhattan skyline. http://t.co/OHn5A0mIgWGoogle and Apple are stocking up design talent as a design arms race breaks out reports @Katie fehren https://t.co/3Gvl7jp9MISilicon Valley's Contract-Worker Problem http://t.co/fD36kB5VbB great piece by @krooseApple's 'warrant canary' disappears, suggesting new Patriot Act demands - Gigaom http://t.co/utnbBKwpcC by @jeffjohnrobertsMade in New York ft. Derek Jeter. Damn this ad made me cry. Sad to see captain go. Sadly time never waits for nobody! http://t.co/9HJumtM6f0@gruber http://t.co/b8AriKlhtW new Jeter ad.
Retweeted by Om MalikThis just in: People love @SwiftKey on iOS & have surpassed 500,000 downloads in less than 24 hours. #1 free app in US. #exclusive #newsHaters will hate, but "In 2014, US adults will spend 7.1% of their daily digital media time listening to @Pandora" says @eMarketer"US adults will spend an average of 21min each day on Facebook in 2014. Roughly 2.8% of time w/ all media" @eMarketer http://t.co/Std0UdakvcAt Content AllStars Conference talking Trust, Privacy & Native Ads w/@Borthwick @steverubel @anildash #fireworks http://t.co/FRiWqyx5vW@ejacqui .....So that's why they call it a redeye.....What a drive through Italy got me thinking about Google, Uber and our Future. http://t.co/IuA0BNSrEt
@joyce @chrismichel @NehemiahBlair @elleluna @nickbilton @msg @lizgannes if only I could take my original tweet back instead@joyce @NehemiahBlair @elleluna @lizgannes damn didn't realize the were only looking for dudes. Shame they miss out great candidates.A New York landing #hyperlapse @ John F. Kennedy International Airport http://t.co/EMoOtvbdsi@nickbilton the big question is how many people will actually read. The culture of reading and thinking about it has eroded a bit.“@daringfireball: One More Thing: http://t.co/O81mHoLovc” sweating these little details is why @gruber is best Apple writer.Amazon's new luxury e-reader starts at $199. https://t.co/QqcOWURxht Its new tablets are 1/2 as much https://t.co/amEeFnsfqo
Retweeted by Om MalikNew York has Donald Trump. Silicon Valley has __________ #crazy #billionaireI wonder if @google @facebook @twitter @apple & #techstartups will allow NYC to take a day off and march in People's Climate March?Well done! Sept 21 @patagonia 's NYC stores will be closed for business until 3pm so employees & friends can join the People’s Climate March@davidu you are very kind to make time during you packed/busy deal. thanks buddy.Damn #swiftkey is a trending term. It is a smart mobile keyboard startup I wrote about in my @FastCompany column http://t.co/x7lp8Mxli5So @wired thinks @storehousehq is "the slickest app for sharing photo stories." All of us at @trueventures agree! http://t.co/fulECm5zgMWhy Google's autonomous CarOS will need some soul http://t.co/3LPkKFh25B http://t.co/F63o1Nv4bZ@NehemiahBlair @chrismichel @elleluna @nickbilton @msg @joyce @lizgannes are my normineesMo + Om or Om + Mo. Either way flying to NYC is going to be pretty fun with @mokoyfman #lottery #ticket #buyFlying back home: awesome. Being seated next to @om: priceless.
Retweeted by Om MalikNow that's a real beauty! #vintage @ Sightglass Coffee http://t.co/DhYR1x2XoTWhy We Invested in Renovo Motors http://t.co/egu7d4VSqS via @nuzzel thanks @jcal7 @trueventures @tonidotorg #investorThese guys need to get some coffee #sleep @ Sightglass Coffee http://t.co/UH7BygQTaBCan we engineer joy of discovery & serendipity in our soon to be a data-shaped society? #BigData #Google #Maps http://t.co/bBmvZZKMZt40 Kilometers http://t.co/dBvMC6DCJCMy friend @anand_raj is making the "Big Data Course" he teaches at Stanford open to the world as an online course. http://t.co/yirnFBkE5kWhy this is the only Apple Watch piece you might want to read and save. @gruber :Initial Thoughts & Observations http://t.co/RBkEDI4FNyHappy birthday to the second craziest man on @twitter -- @howardlindzon who is no officially one year from total senility. #kidding@om this undermines a whole lot of his credibility - and is quite offensive
Retweeted by Om MalikForget what Peter Thiel has to say, I question the media who just take his word for gospel and are too timid to challenge his arguments.Peter Thiel who recently joined Twitter, has formed a "soundbite" opinion about Twitter sans facts, thus proving success makes you a clicheSony will take $1.7 billion charge in its Mobile Communications unit. Another tell tale sign of declining influence of Japanese phone brands
@sampullara @gaberivera @monkbent especially if gabe is picking the tab. especially since he using irony to mock us.@rickbreslin i try and use it carefully and actually mean it, but its like shouting in the wind :-)Yes, your 2015 Apple Watch will work in 2115 https://t.co/HtoU4i54tB //cc @om @gruber would love your thoughts
Retweeted by Om Malik@monkbent that is a good idea. we should do a curmudgeon podcastFavorite is the "let's meet up soon" of online social gestures -- no emotional cost, not really real and somewhat pointless.It is no surprise that when it comes to iPhone 6 reviews there are no surprises. Not even the adjectives are surprising.Rackspace takes itself off the block, names new CEO https://t.co/jOqgZUveFWAs a writer, I think the written word is superior. But a lack of focus on verbal skills too is a kind of disconnect http://t.co/8rbk3tyIa2My SF pals from @PIECExPIECEsf are finalists in @MarthaStewart Made In America competition. Let's help them win it. http://t.co/XDCySswPqmCloud darling Docker gets $40M in funding to push its container technology - Gigaom http://t.co/eXusaq21Z5 via @nuzzel thanks @gigabarbI woke up thinking about my visit to Modena, Italy. It wasn't to shop for a Ferrari (someday) but to… http://t.co/dz4ac9xupcLanding soon: the five most stylish new airports in the world - from British GQ http://t.co/TNkEvE51sa http://t.co/WHpNEbCcL8
"Having the quality of your music trumpeted by Tim Cook is like having Ed Sullivan say your tunes are good" @Lefsetz http://t.co/OpoF6DaRte@johnolilly i am working on a longer set of essays and will roll them out later this month.@johnolilly is what i wrote earlier this summer http://t.co/NwboLFslSo@johnolilly it is time for SV firmament to understand the role it is playing shaping the future. Separate entitlement from enlightenment@johnolilly i don't disagree. i think this cyclical expansion is only just getting started and frankly, we need behavior modification here
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