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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. Lover of possibilities. Believer in people. Indulges in imagineering.

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Forty-Four Years of Earth Day featuring @darlin http://t.co/qfOieoI7ydQuick thoughts about The Upshot http://t.co/I8fODJ8UnOSome thoughts about the new The Upshot http://t.co/Ng7qfNpjVV@paleofuture @mathewi it's Vox so it must be explanatory, not accurate.@jbrodkin dude it is scott moritz. he has been missing the story for a decade nowMy former boss @dchurbuck is angry about all the spam he is getting on LinkedIn. Oh boy! http://t.co/NtaZynEozO
Walking on the wild side! Just another evening in San Francisco #california #photooftheday @ The San… http://t.co/h9mRyvNAuHCouldn't be any prouder of @rsarver than I am right now #BostonStrong http://t.co/SfU88dujr6
Retweeted by Om Malik@rsarver congrats dude. Good work and way cool way to show the city you love so much.@bijan nice work. Proud of you my friend - a photo would be nice though :)An Indian, an Ozzie and a Texan walk into a coffee shop, smiling! You won't believe what happens next.… http://t.co/pJNxFrKDrT@davepell in your case procrastination = editing. #justsaying@EvelynRusli don't have enough data or insights to contribute. Some folks with British accent were complainingOH @Sightglass "so much of the VC blogging is marketing and posturing. So little in terms of actual help." #opportunity"User experience is your business plan" @aral on why experiences matter more than features. http://t.co/EYCGBMweT1 #design #awesomeOn Twitter Usage http://t.co/PrwDr3057yHere is a correction for the @Twitter usage via @comScore. Too short for tweeting. Linked. http://t.co/JFAhIjEtfC.@comscore @twitter Actually it is "Twitter reached 91.5 mn monthly unique visitors in March" Not MAU. My bad. http://t.co/z0sbhYtVwf@comscore it is from Goldman Sachs report from this morning based on your data. see graphic."We make the whole widget" Steve Jobs. http://t.co/UjVTHqBgJm@aral I always enjoy your videos. Fun and thought provoking.According to @comScore, @Twitter had 91.5 million monthly active users in Mar'14 up +216% yoy vs Feb 2014 43.2mn MAUs http://t.co/SlafdbHOchMobile time spent on Twitter reached 9.9bn total minutes in March according to comScore, growing 54% yoy - @comscore http://t.co/MdRPfYYFULCheck out this "[Video] The Age of Experience" by @aral http://t.co/7iySexIGB9[Video] The Age of Experience http://t.co/1DNqNIyPXo"Companies die when they stop wanting to improve or stop being aware of the needs of their customers" Bruno Cucinelli http://t.co/ETOjqzIenv
Running a business is very simple http://t.co/8G0mWA3E30Enjoying "Legend People." by @far_back on @storehousehq so so good. http://t.co/V5IgdP1iMTEnjoying "Hot & Smelly at Lassen" by C on @storehousehq http://t.co/B7UCc8kA5b@todsacerdoti @BrightRoll @SFBusinessTimes congrats tod. And to think I knew you when we stood in the same Starbucks line"In some ways music has lost a lot of its value & emotional bond that you would have with a record" @robgarzamusic http://t.co/W6tQqQCOSS@SaraCsit awake after 3 hours of sleepSleepless in San Francisco http://t.co/2WyE8KMylO
I analyzed more than a million bitcoin tweets. Here's what that looks like http://t.co/2MFDH7zHSH via @gigaomThe Gigaom interview: Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza on how “we live in a streaming world” http://t.co/KfPiQdn7y3@davewiner yup, you got that right. It is all about who can line the pockets for helping win the next elections.White House Hosts 'Next Generation' Young and Rich. #oligarchs http://t.co/mJ49BXlyQL
Retweeted by Om MalikThe Ferry Building clock tower in the evening glory. #latergram #sanfrancisco @ San Francisco Ferry… http://t.co/6lRPh0NQ2J“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.” —Eric Schmidt, Google. In 2010.
Retweeted by Om Malik"When u run a small independent label at a certain point it becomes like trying 2 squeeze a dry lemon" @robgarzamusic http://t.co/RHdxN0cWBO
@christopherbmac @goodoldben @Nike they need to make it cheap, accurate and invisible default on every show.@goodoldben and they should embed that into every shoe as a default not as a special $20 add-on. Tech is here for them to do so cheaply.So @nike has a wearable - it's a shoe. All they need to do is figure out how connect it to the phone. That's their unique value proposition.@rachmew @naveen @TaskRabbit you mean to say that this is normal activity on taskrabbit? :)Nice work @AlexSalkever: Three Super Angels (@timferriss) are responsible for 64.5% of committed syndicate capital https://t.co/2JVTj3X0tT"In some way's music has lost a lot of its value & emotional bond that you would have with a record" @robgarzamusic http://t.co/W6tQqQCOSSNow I have seen everything .... @taskrabbit http://t.co/TR0qfXZ7KyAereo's CEO on the future of Netflix, TV sports and the public airwaves http://t.co/r262rFIajo@jbruin I would have been more likely to use it as a reader for my Facebook network instead of updates. It could be really useful.@jbruin I would argue that they should have started without all the friend updates and instead kept it as a reader :)@WillOremus lolGabriel Garcia Marquez, R.I.P. http://t.co/BFxIjgmtPC"The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, R.I.P." http://t.co/qkNL43BpdaSingle Author Blogs http://t.co/YTvyCFdSQQ"You see all these sites coming out that are basically just recreating the old model” @monkbent tells @mathewi http://t.co/DHU01vwcBhThe @Gigaom interview by me: Thievery Corporation's @RobGarza on how "we live in a streaming world" http://t.co/KgKRirvGujDrones 101 and why your August smart lock hasn’t shipped just yet http://t.co/WVKZ5E6r3CThe price of being webscale: Google spent $2.35B on infrastructure in Q1 2014 http://t.co/qbGdk0s7PT
Best part of the day - group hug with my homies - @katiefehren & @lizgannes celebrating Katie's birthday early. Happy b-day KFdear @joshk will you promise to reveal your real age this year or do you insist on being timeless. either way, happy birthday ex-neighborhappy birthday @djrekha and thanks for keeping it real by spinning the real #bhangra Lot of memories there. Hope it was a good day for yaMy definition of media? "Anything which owns attention." http://t.co/ZHVBi7Ae8s"Super Bowl related ads on @YouTube have been viewed over 300 million times" Google says. $GOOGGoogle in Q1 2014 had 50,000 employees. Microsoft ended 2013 with 100,000; Apple w/ 80,300, Cisco w/75,000 & Facebook w/ 6,337 #techstatsno one knows IBM better than @SteveLohr: "IBM's challenge: how fast does the future come? http://t.co/5sIUGEUPFD #BigData"media industry continues to feed a myth to consumers that foregoing privacy is necessary cost of free content on Web"http://t.co/tLDxUO1N5UComcast will disclose on its website political contributions to candidates, parties, committees & tax-exempt orgs http://t.co/Faw3S7k9lkWe are launching a new way to promote mobile apps to 1 BILLION devices, both on and off-Twitter https://t.co/56RX2p6tdK
Retweeted by Om MalikMedia continues to be under the influence of deflationary forces of the internet. http://t.co/KiG2qtTRc6Facebook like all big companies doesn't have the luxury of a singular focus like a startup http://t.co/JO3tiqZXiv http://t.co/sRBFmdfpoO@om It’s a 9-inning game now.
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"4 of 10 pay-TV households would be likely to cancel their TV service & replace with Aereo" http://t.co/J96MaM6mmf http://t.co/WfOBmoVZgFWow, all these years later, Pink Floyd is still magic. Taking me back to a different time and place in my life. Comfortably Numb, so awesome@gruber I know. That sweep was pretty awesome. I really do miss Mo. Like the Tax Man, he was the only sure thing in life :-)Watching @yankees game with a raging migraine without Mariano is an act of self flagellation. I wonder who Joe Girardi does it every dayThe day before Structure 2014, team @gigaom is holding a special event to support for GLIDE in San Francisco https://t.co/GkPikSOD2HA few accumulated thoughts on media http://t.co/DJnUjcwuqBA few accumulated thoughts on media http://t.co/3GRHJtATG7 a column I wrote for @gigaom. #media@TomAnthonySEO @dannysullivan @dr_pete do no evil, but get paid if you do:)Only 2 of 18 (11%) results above the fold aren't paid, in this search by @dr_pete. Google would flip if I did that. http://t.co/JRvuGBxLrE
Retweeted by Om MalikMark Zuckerberg on the shift to mobile and the Great Unbundling of Facebook by @mathewi http://t.co/qIzHado3s9 via @gigaomThe Great Facebook Unbundling http://t.co/20wwI2qq4k@boredelonmusk wait till they have hipster coffee shops.@johnmaeda thank you for being such an inspiration. Appreciate the time spent together.Scripting News: The press isn't getting Heartbleed. http://t.co/sPogtVBWwT
Retweeted by Om Malik@bernardgolden well known to whom? And no he doesn't speak for the valley this kind of FUD is idiotic/shows doesn't understand tech at allThis is total bullshit hpiece by Forbes about Silicon Valley approved Comcast Deal. Never heard of this joker before http://t.co/kK8gZ1mr7iVerizon: Gosh, We Just Can't Afford to Maintain Copper Networks #liars http://t.co/2RFm0rcsuW
Thank you @arctictony & john for hanging out and talking about attention & media. Of course we won't tell @mathewi what we talked aboutCongrats @ryanbbabenzien Greats wants to do for men's kicks what Warby Parker did for eyeglasses: http://t.co/BYziqRNOlZ byThe design decisions behind the tech industry's beloved anonymous Secret app by @katiefehren http://t.co/keAQzcEGNX via @gigaom@aweissman @arctictony good idea except not a huge fan of crowds :)@arctictony hang out with me of course@garyvee @hnshah periodWow @danielgraf just took on the toughest job in Silicon Valley:Twitter VP of product. Can he avoid the fate of his predecessors? Good luck@MikeIsaac were you wearing your 666 badge? #justcheckingWhat I am reading today http://t.co/U333IkAbtaI am still looking for a rational rationalization about @twitter buying @gnip. Not justifications that sound like a wee bit nonsenseMichael Kinsley on Front Page 2.0 http://t.co/Kwer8Kes2W + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/pYQKhiOlt7Pfiouu… It will NEVER happen. Who's this guy again? http://t.co/8FbHj2vZOO
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