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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. http://t.co/3q3MCMmyuu & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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What to read this weekend? | Here are 7 stories that I think are worth reading (and not just saving) #longreads http://t.co/QNDxSmSvWnI hung out w/ @ZioZiegler in his studio & took some photos of his @VANS_66 A visual story https://t.co/5Jrsgq3Xl4 http://t.co/HcI5d7qsWuSome stuff to read for Sunday morning deliberations “F**k Pattern Recognition” by @MJB_SF https://t.co/DvZRrtYFqLApple spent $2.2 million on Apple Watch ads in April issue of @voguemagazine http://t.co/rLK51DpqXh http://t.co/poiZinV1wA
The feeling of luxury in a product’s experience is more important than it’s outward luxuriousness.
Retweeted by Om Malik20 years of craigslist, a reflection by an old-school nerd http://t.co/udw8wWdShB via @nuzzel"advertising causes mixed incentives... it is crucial a search engine [be] transparent." - Larry & Sergey http://t.co/dRPyQXje5V
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Friday night is being spent editing my next @ReadPico chat with none other the incredibly talented @jennydeluxe. Can't wait for it to drop!This @Quora thread about the future of San Francisco is one of the best way to spend an hour or so! http://t.co/XXwZBVaOu9@owenbrainard did u need that?I just got rid of ton of stuff. Here is why & how. Thanks @helena @moveloot & @twice #minimal http://t.co/IAB2crOUQN http://t.co/vtZmaPm0WNThank you Leonard Nimoy for great television, great memories & also making it okay to be nerdy. You will always be our Spock! RIP!.@simoncrosby @twice @gigaom dry cleaned and everything Simon :) also proceeds go to charity @UCSFNow you can shop straight from the closet of @gigaom's @Om Malik! http://t.co/azbPWMLSxM http://t.co/3CL8l1DO6g
Retweeted by Om MalikEverything that's wrong in one story #viral #publishing http://t.co/FgTTyrRG4E
Net neutrality's next chapter: How experts saw today's milestone and next steps https://t.co/nOAjMIyp9e via @gigaomOne thing is for sure @Marlowesf isn't going to win any points for hospitality, service and efficiency. And food isn't that great either!“@nytimes: Bits Blog: http://t.co/bx9p3uzZP9 Start-Up Hires Sony Electronics Executive http://t.co/YwVh18y4g5”congrats @PhilMolyneuxI made a graph of AAPL price & consensus analyst target for that date, 12-months earlier. Fun with predictions. http://t.co/u4b9qOPxpr
Retweeted by Om Malikhey @Match stop confusing my friends by copying my twitter icon - same color and same font. Seriously, i know you are old, but be original.Google & SolarCity partner on $750M fund for rooftop solar -- Interesting closeness between @elonmusk & @google https://t.co/toL5cZWhopNet Neutrality - legal mess is only getting started. Don't worry, more story lines for reporters to mine! 😀 https://t.co/OIeeKbj4twFCC votes for net neutrality in partisan spectacle https://t.co/zk4cazGYuk
Retweeted by Om Malik@McAndrew it is on both sides of the political spectrum :) Dems are equally bad@McAndrew well said. @AjitPaiFCC is a lobbyist waiting to happen! @FCCNet Neutrality day is here: a guide to today's vote (@jeffjohnroberts / Gigaom) http://t.co/1u27OcI14u http://t.co/tL7FbLiihk
Retweeted by Om MalikBook Publisher Makes $1 Million Charitable Donation to Jill Abramson -- great headline @hamiltonnolan http://t.co/mQJU9W2UQN"modern runways r often followers of trends rather than leaders with smaller independent brands doing the innovating" http://t.co/MZtviwafOF
Totally clued in piece about how "messaging" is the interface to everything - especially on mobiles by @libovness http://t.co/bRBad0D8lV@shorris agreed - there needs to be more controlled. What apps are killing you?The morning rush! #SanFrancisco #streetcar #sonyA7m2 #Leica #iggersf #photooftheday @ Embarcadero https://t.co/ysNZgEa8AhMoney will speak whn House Communications & Technology Subcommittee discusses about @FCC proposed #NetNeutrality reg http://t.co/8YvyfEZbx1Juniper Research: Number of apps downloaded to mobile devices is expected to rise 28% this year to over 235 billion! http://t.co/ge4j8ZOP2MWow! @WWE had over 4.2 billion video views on @YouTube in the last 12 months ahead of NBA, MLB, NFL & has more than 5.2 million subscribers.
Facebook clocked 3B daily video views with 65% coming on mobile & accounts for 21% of total mobile time spent in US http://t.co/WoaEOtSi8FAnatomy Of A Fake, Viral Story: The Priest Who Met God ... http://t.co/0dA58z5jol
Retweeted by Om MalikPWC: Half of US CEOs believe a competitor is emerging or could emerge from technology sector vs 32% of CEOs globally http://t.co/VTiWYMH87xPWC: 46% of US CEOs are ‘very confident’ of achieving revenue growth this year a 5-year high http://t.co/ZaIbUbC9rR http://t.co/meylnZEoRw"Total Internet time now 40%+ of overall media consumption and mobile 60%+ of Internet time and growing" @JPMorgan http://t.co/Wo9IEdji85
@ahalam @UnPerroDeSuerte @chetansharma I think it is VoIP but more importantly data-driven services are more useful for people todayDuring 2014 mobile voice revenues declined by 15% and mobile messaging revenues by 16% according to @chetansharma http://t.co/YnkJ3eiJgI"Mobile accounts for more than 50% of @YouTube watch time and ~75% of overall views." @JPMorgan #mobile #stats $GOOG http://t.co/lzpmhu1lFRSees like @Wikipedia as the epicenter of the new science of computational anthropology! Interesting research! http://t.co/h7ZAjmdgZWMuch like Microsoft of the old, Google buys its way into a new business - mobile payments! Not that it's wrong! http://t.co/o5xTCcklj82015 will be a good year for advertising ecosystem, especially digital companies, according to @JPMorgan $FB $TWTR http://t.co/xjfJKo0v9sApple will spend €1.7 billion on 2 data centers in County Galway, Ireland & Denmark’s central Jutland & powered by 100% renewable energy.Hey there beautiful! Good morning! #SanFrancisco #photooftheday #instaphotos http://t.co/tlzC86Eomy
What is love? You need to be at the top of the hill to find out. “36 Questions” on @storehousehq cc @thebolditalic http://t.co/mHn4HBTZl6Dear Twitter people, can you suggest some "lists" that provide good editorial links on following topics: word of design & features/longform?
Hill(y) Street Blues! A great house I saw when walking around Bernal Heights. The light filter is… http://t.co/11lamyUONbRemember when machine learning was hard? That's about to change - Gigaom http://t.co/JlTpnaDbL8 by @derrickharris“@harper: "@BUZZFEED. They are a YouTube thing. " - dude on the phone at the airport” aka truer words have not been spoken about the futureJust published “By the Bay Bridge” on @storehousehq http://t.co/GeqGoR56Ko
It is the unseen which sometimes is more important than what the eye is seeing. #photoofthedayhttp://t.co/ktbnMedsN1This from my chat with @offscreenmag sums up the Indian dichotomy in the 21st century in a weird sort of a way! http://t.co/mucM6Wdq8o25 years ago Photoshop began its march. Now we can get its functionality on our phones, thanks to apps such as @usedarkroom by @jtaby.@WhatsApp was different from early on & with more than 700 million on its network & still is. I need to update this http://t.co/7UTKuTneL8@dpatil let's do that. Instead of the PR memo - how about 10 things I will achieve in next 18 months! How does that sound?@davepell you are mostly funny but this time you could actually use a weekend@nicolewong I would like to know the deliverables in next two years or however long that position remains in place@neilthawani it is not clear from anything I have read. It is a ceremonial appointment to show the "tech with it" nature of White House@anildash isn't that what are doing - conflating?To be clear this "data manifesto" from @WhiteHouse is no more than a press release with few actual/realizable goals! https://t.co/TLAEVtBPqpU.S. chief data scientist is nothing more than a smiley face on top of our nation's addiction to collecting data! https://t.co/TLAEVtBPqpIf you love @lego then you must check out “LEGO exhibit” by Randy Flaum on @storehousehq. Fantastic creativity! http://t.co/WPqG516p4A
Excellent @storehousehq event tonight. We got a sneak peek of @vincentlaforet's AIR San Francisco helicopter shots. http://t.co/xFokW1Um45
Retweeted by Om MalikEnjoying “Going Viral” by Eric Smith on @storehousehq http://t.co/yJAfUiAvz1Don't let AT&T mislead you about its $29 "privacy fee" - Gigaom http://t.co/7jnZujrzRE via @nuzzel by @gigastaceyFrozen in New York! ❄️❄️❄️💤 #newyork #winter #iggers #9finds #makemoments #bestoftheday #iphone6plushttp://t.co/lCDJA2uQAfHere is my latest column for @FastCompany - @Medium's Secret Weapon, where in @ev & I discuss my shoes! http://t.co/mKFhnvYEXuViacom, the TV Industry’s Canary in a Coal Mine -- short, sweet piece that makes a lot of sense. http://t.co/WXegp616Mi
Random family talking shit about @snapchat at a Manhattan trattoria & marveling about some "Asperger" dude who was an early employee!@getwired @fxshaw @nickwingfield not for more than a year - switched to Google Hangouts@nickwingfield @fxshaw no @quip is exceptionally good & more native mobile/cloud product than anything MSFT has built.@fxshaw @nickwingfield have willfully uninstalled Office from desktop in favor of @quip & other tools. Even Excel doesn't feel special!@fxshaw @nickwingfield not one Microsoft App here! And I used Msoffice till 2 years ago! Let's not get carried away. http://t.co/W7ghz3oVulOnly a phone company would offer $30 premium for privacy instead of offering it as a part of the package! http://t.co/hsDrCLNX3PWho Learned the Most from the New Yorker's Jonathan Ive Profile? http://t.co/NRW8SPD6xm & yet no one noticed that the man is extended thin!Bernie Williams has a legacy worth remembering. http://t.co/tMqukJ8NYU via @SportsonEarthIt's arrived: The evolution of clean power & data centers https://t.co/7vJ3OfRerb via @gigaomThe sun shines not on us but in us. You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
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It doesn't matter who speaks on behalf of @nytimes - owner, editor or ceo - not one of them can inspire much confidence in its future!@Jason too *often*Dear @jason if you use "I" too offend, then you can't use "humility" in your charts. Love and hugs!@levie you didn't really write that blog post, did you? Anyone who tweets like you do can't be this droll 😜@jeffstaple especially shoesFirst comes the snow, then comes the slush and then comes the sunshine! #manhattan #newyork #winterhttp://t.co/iHmcjT8UKF"I don’t need any more negativity in my life to make me work harder." @kanyewest #quote http://t.co/OjKdLbrY30
Yet another @qz article with a headline that over promises and under delivers! Editors put some more meat here! http://t.co/d2qo7jabsuMeet The "AAPL Trading Guru" Who Blew Through 99% Of His AUM, Ending With Just $32,362.84 | Zero Hedge - http://t.co/UwKXWGR4lN $AAPLJonathan Ive and the Future of Apple -in @NewYorker Wow! One of the most complete & articulate profiles! #mustread http://t.co/rUDqAl9gcF
Disrupting reality: Silicon Valley is busy ignoring the real world - Gigaom http://t.co/hpMTDPWt8X via @nuzzel by @jank0@ryandawidjan thank you :).@om is one of the best personal curators of content out there. high signal every time http://t.co/cPbFTRfbjc http://t.co/tCVxNJUrbu
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New York, Valentine's Day! http://t.co/oIqLTkkZqg@forsie great victory for hallmarkSituation is bleak in California! “When the Snows Fail” by Peter Essick on @storehousehq http://t.co/GxImB84xkFThe critical 1 min lecture to understand independence, antifragility, f**you money, selfownership: http://t.co/qVCuJss6Z8 via @gpanterov
Retweeted by Om MalikPerfect boyfriend/husband according to many scientific studies is.... http://t.co/Dh2TTQhPTA
Hey @bchesky I appreciate your ability to reflect & course correct. https://t.co/r9L6uGDuNx
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