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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. Lover of possibilities. Believer in people. Indulges in imagineering.

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"4 of 10 pay-TV households would be likely to cancel their TV service & replace with Aereo" http://t.co/J96MaM6mmf http://t.co/WfOBmoVZgFWow, all these years later, Pink Floyd is still magic. Taking me back to a different time and place in my life. Comfortably Numb, so awesome@gruber I know. That sweep was pretty awesome. I really do miss Mo. Like the Tax Man, he was the only sure thing in life :-)Watching @yankees game with a raging migraine without Mariano is an act of self flagellation. I wonder who Joe Girardi does it every dayThe day before Structure 2014, team @gigaom is holding a special event to support for GLIDE in San Francisco https://t.co/GkPikSOD2HA few accumulated thoughts on media http://t.co/DJnUjcwuqBA few accumulated thoughts on media http://t.co/3GRHJtATG7 a column I wrote for @gigaom. #media@TomAnthonySEO @dannysullivan @dr_pete do no evil, but get paid if you do:)Only 2 of 18 (11%) results above the fold aren't paid, in this search by @dr_pete. Google would flip if I did that. http://t.co/JRvuGBxLrE
Retweeted by Om MalikMark Zuckerberg on the shift to mobile and the Great Unbundling of Facebook by @mathewi http://t.co/qIzHado3s9 via @gigaomThe Great Facebook Unbundling http://t.co/20wwI2qq4k@boredelonmusk wait till they have hipster coffee shops.@johnmaeda thank you for being such an inspiration. Appreciate the time spent together.Scripting News: The press isn't getting Heartbleed. http://t.co/sPogtVBWwT
Retweeted by Om Malik@bernardgolden well known to whom? And no he doesn't speak for the valley this kind of FUD is idiotic/shows doesn't understand tech at allThis is total bullshit hpiece by Forbes about Silicon Valley approved Comcast Deal. Never heard of this joker before http://t.co/kK8gZ1mr7iVerizon: Gosh, We Just Can't Afford to Maintain Copper Networks #liars http://t.co/2RFm0rcsuW
Thank you @arctictony & john for hanging out and talking about attention & media. Of course we won't tell @mathewi what we talked aboutCongrats @ryanbbabenzien Greats wants to do for men's kicks what Warby Parker did for eyeglasses: http://t.co/BYziqRNOlZ byThe design decisions behind the tech industry's beloved anonymous Secret app by @katiefehren http://t.co/keAQzcEGNX via @gigaom@aweissman @arctictony good idea except not a huge fan of crowds :)@arctictony hang out with me of course@garyvee @hnshah periodWow @danielgraf just took on the toughest job in Silicon Valley:Twitter VP of product. Can he avoid the fate of his predecessors? Good luck@MikeIsaac were you wearing your 666 badge? #justcheckingWhat I am reading today http://t.co/U333IkAbtaI am still looking for a rational rationalization about @twitter buying @gnip. Not justifications that sound like a wee bit nonsenseMichael Kinsley on Front Page 2.0 http://t.co/Kwer8Kes2W + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/pYQKhiOlt7Pfiouu… It will NEVER happen. Who's this guy again? http://t.co/8FbHj2vZOO
Retweeted by Om MalikThe Truth about GoogleX: inside Google's secret lab http://t.co/FkpojNV7Le + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/ffVaif5h8IWill climate change mean terrible food? http://t.co/V15doi597B + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/CUYQVxyi1mTim Harford on What's next for behavioral economics http://t.co/HQIkgZphnh + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/c7NwjPI0rWDesign for curation by @Stammy http://t.co/LutxIQZrcA + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/0pK6bYtMQ810 Must-See Coachella 2014 Moments You Can Watch Online -- good stuff and perfect page for procrastinators http://t.co/HCOcSgPoq4Here's why the Comcast-Time Warner merger is bad http://t.co/YjG2rUkkEy + 9 other must read stories today http://t.co/zudxdV5TfVLet's go sailing #latergram #blueskies #california #sanfrancisco #bay http://t.co/vFrQXHPSyt
A Must Listen Podcast: Tom Ford in conversation http://t.co/smxF72XIW6Check out "A Must Listen Podcast: Tom Ford in conversation" http://t.co/ekkzYpwzSTThe Bay (bridge) has the blues #california -#sanfrancisco #blueskies #latergram @ Pier 14 http://t.co/FIRxsqpecT
@mathewi finally another one joins me in my somewhat unpopular opinions :) and it is no less than great @carr2nHello San Francisco #blueskies #california @ Pier 14 http://t.co/TxxmdmIqv8My internet is super fast. Is yours too? No Comcast or AT&T or Verizon in sight -- independent ISPs rock! http://t.co/jxyDxaz90c"In general I think we did not react to the data" on turntable http://t.co/DDFRHCBtvn this is a great interview with @fredwilson by @ajs@SystemMagazine are you available for sale in the US?Why I quit writing internet standards by @hellovidya http://t.co/8dACW6Bkgk via @gigaomIn Good Company http://t.co/NRRYjl7c66
@nabeel @uber is in the time arbitrage biz. They do it better. Do it at scale. Not lovable. Neither is Google https://t.co/THvk6oU7vAHedge fund exposure to stocks in US is “actually at the lowest level since August 2012" Jon Kinderlerer/Credit Suisse http://t.co/1wLFV0hcx2Happy birthday @gigastacey hope you are having fun. Keep on rocking."You can choose the radical path you have never thought about" @johnmaeda #quote #life #startups http://t.co/EnU98cK6haBasically when you urgently need @Postmates it is not available. It is @Uber opportunity -- more real time/more on-demandEnjoying "Balvenie Distillery" by @jacobsurber on @storehousehq http://t.co/EkFoQ4MgUpLast tweet was a result of my belief that experience is design & extends beyond the pretty looks & to little thing http://t.co/qJigx1BzOiOK @Airbnb is chasing policies. For a customer, "new" (not 1st name) is thoughtless & not expected experience design http://t.co/yPRqRqnuaJNew Gilded age, Mad Men, David Letterman, Kevin Kelly, Bill Gross & more: 7 stories I recommend you read this weekend http://t.co/FsCjfvnkTZ7 stories to read this weekend http://t.co/BXiQeoOYtW
High Performer: "A personality that is curious and can un-learn and re-learn according to new environments and realities.”
Retweeted by Om MalikIn case you haven't been paying attention: 1. Everything on the Internet is compromised. 2. The govt is a virus that has infected everything
Retweeted by Om MalikI think it is time for us to use @BeaconReader to find/support a journalist who looks into @mayoredlee & SF's planning bodies.Hey @mayoredlee do you have any explanation/solution to incessant traffic jams & chaos created by poorly planned city expansion? - sfcitizen@fmanjoo sharp 4k monitor is the best that there is for that resolution@fmanjoo are you joking or really want to know/don't know the answer?Now that's cloudy! @Benioff congrats on the new deal. http://t.co/2G8jY2J2v9 But why does @mayoredlee get credit for a deal two businessesCongrats everyone including @satyanadella @sundarpichai @vkhosla @Padmasree for inclusion on @guardian list http://t.co/REIFReUkxrthanks for a great chat this morning @FrankClegg - learned so much about leather goods and how to buy the good stuff. Hope to stay in touch
MT “@donmelton: “Memories of Steve” http://t.co/2nj9JbmNtB ...” very touching read and all too familiar.
Retweeted by Om MalikReporter: so heartbleed is the biggest bug of the last couple years? Me: nope, that'd be SQLi Reporter: I never heard of that Me: exactly
Retweeted by Om Malik@liatmord @twitter nope. Just wrote about them forever :)@ConversationAge @om here's my @bigthink post fr yesterday on the same topic! http://t.co/YmLXUaE8WE enjoy!!
Retweeted by Om MalikIt is strangely weird to visit @twitter new office for the first time and to have a flash back to the weird little office they started from@stevesi I bet even smaller. Right@virtualrc @stevesi @technicalhumans it was a compaq server I thinkResend scale comparison: web servers circa 2004 vs circa 2014 ( cc @technicalhumans @trueventures portfolio company) http://t.co/KzADJETYccWeb servers circa 2004 and circa 2014. Cc @technicalhumans (@trueventures portfolio company) http://t.co/fLJTIshgf6Just Another Day http://t.co/Fyj1BGp710In praise of handwritten notes http://t.co/HBfcJQJFIvU.S. interactive advertising revenues for 2013 hit an all-time high of $42.8 billion, according to the IAB. http://t.co/fI0qyk5QmEEBay, Icahn reach truce http://t.co/VFRLA9RqjN
Retweeted by Om MalikInteresting visual from @economist on the Chinese IP theft. http://t.co/aYP36SrMB7Blogs make careers, help discover hidden talents as @workinggirlesq shows. Great taste helps too. http://t.co/rG6S4nHMaZNot only will Comcast be your mobile phone company, but you'll be giving them the bandwidth. http://t.co/2vEcv0avGx via @gigaom
Retweeted by Om Malik@digiphile my buddy @timyoung has been using that phrase for nearly seven years@ovonhauske pretty extensive and ranges from @modernfarmer to random books to designers blogs.Pearl Jam's Dropbox hypocrisy. http://t.co/n7bJIteUqpI never thought I would say this but @frogdesign is utterly predictable in its information diet, thus in its output http://t.co/sjjs7G9xF1The Boston Surprise http://t.co/d0DEypZMOu
Retweeted by Om Malik“That’s the danger in this—it’s not all love and kisses and cheesecake dessert.” Bill Gross, PIMCO, http://t.co/aGdpH43JCc
@Lock @Jason @felixsalmon all of you are actually much older than you look on the internet - who knew!!!So cool #sanfrancisco @ Palace Hotel San Francisco, A Luxury Collection Hotel http://t.co/VYUFlncbEe@sarahlane sounds like a plan. When?In this game of coffee thrones, I am back. Cc @sarahlane #wars http://t.co/nXAKIbdykySo excited for what’s next with @Longreads and @wordpressdotcom. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the #longreads community
Retweeted by Om MalikMichael Bloomberg: You can’t teach a coal miner to code. Take that Mark Zuckerberg. http://t.co/UZYAOm4nc7@SplatF @fromedome I would stay away from the phrase OS -- a Dropbox environment is more like it. Otherwise spot on@ryanchris on pretty much all levels and in all spheres if life: work, business and personal.The uber drive with an investment partner to pitch an idea as founder seems just plain weird. This would be my pitch. http://t.co/DgY8a5uK9d
Retweeted by Om MalikChurchill club is hosting a panel about usability/design that includes LinkedIn, SalesForce, Mine & Google. FYI April fools day is gone!The bridge that inspired a billion photos (or more) #california #latergram http://t.co/PllQ1PjeCaHighlights from the 20,000+ maps made freely available online by New York Public Library | The Public Domain Review http://t.co/jQQqy8tGul★ Rethinking What We Mean by ‘Mobile Web’ great piece by @Gruber in response to a piece by @Cdixon http://t.co/PFYhjuCGqx
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