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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Microsoft says its cloud revenues are $4.5b. I want to know how much revenues do they have once you remove Office 365, cause that's cheatingMicrosoft rolls out a private Azure appliance and big freaking cloud servers http://t.co/yf4vRy0gHy
Retweeted by Om MalikCalling all beliebers: @justinbieber just joined Storehouse. Get our iPhone app to follow him https://t.co/Bu2p7f7Lsg
Retweeted by Om MalikCloudera on @Azure is now available says @mikeolson cc @awadallah #microsoft #cloud #event http://t.co/GBDWR6IceCJust published "A visit to a Parisian men's shoe store" on @storehousehq http://t.co/YBVnGZNBfMThe @Azure Cloud with a global reach - 19 regions -- twice as many as AWS & 6 times as many as Google Compute Cloud. http://t.co/Fcs4YoSfPy@golubbe daddy what is windows??Microsoft @azure will be available for data analysis for Ebola starting tomorrow -- I guess it is free? @satyanadella http://t.co/w5eL70gZjh"7 out of 10 people will live in cities so more elevators needed & good for thyssenkrupp maker of azure connected elevators" @satyanadellaWhat we are going to hear today -- the new Microsoft ecosystem and how it will evolve. Cloud is where it's at, people! #cloud @AzureLooks like @docker is coming to @azure #microsoft #cloud http://t.co/mXHHfy09QVAt @Azure event with @derrickharris @JonathanVanian waiting for @satyanadella to talk cloud and scale! http://t.co/IFvLpyZG5fEverything you need to know about Apple Pay. Via CardHub http://t.co/BAywULV0O9 #creditcard #AAPLLast day to sign-up for Structure Connect, the connected devices & IOT event curated & created by @gigastacey https://t.co/DGWgbNNcMk@ericjackson @TheStalwart so finally he is starting to think about it. on the other hand he doesn't really have a grand plan like you know..Some new stories on Storehouse http://t.co/lrx7iKfSJE30days of blogging: Week #2 wrap-up http://t.co/wXHlUKPEVD
This is the first intelligent and thoughtful interview of @pmarca by @kevinroose in a long time http://t.co/R6lXDwAgp5@tingilinde using it on MB Pro 15 w/Retina. It is the opposite of good. Not acceptable. I guess free means no more expectation of qualityHelvetica on Yosemite — are OS designers on vacation at Apple or did they lose some bet and we have to pay the price.The memory of New York! #newyorkcity #cloud #photooftheday #igphoto http://t.co/gSTF9CJt36@reneritchie too much obliqueness :)The magazine that puts @tfadell on the cover, publishes my column also publishes this. Not sure I understand! http://t.co/2X7mzJZ4x8@mathewi @jayrosen_nyu @dankennedy_nu @macloo isn't media criticism all hand wringing anyway. 😜This post makes me ask the question that no one including @apple has answered - why do we really need a smart watch http://t.co/2rBVVsZxpzSocial media has done one thing right -- killed modesty!.@wa8dzp given how much they are in the pocket of telecom/cable/wireless incumbents now it is time for @FCC @AjitPaiFCC to do this!Break http://t.co/tL56r8zYMLJust published "Bestetti & the art of beautiful shoes" on @storehousehq cc @Leffot http://t.co/COgnhV9gxE
Just published "Elle Side Story" on @storehousehq featuring @elleluna and a nice photo from @helena http://t.co/YfMuJ3R6Ax@ericjackson what is the data source?Some seriously brilliant writing by lovely @Kate8: What happened in Belfast https://t.co/K1qF3WgKFyThe WatchMan: @AutodromoMedia founder Bradley Price shared his story earlier this week - outlining how… http://t.co/nwXFmN74LKI’m partnering with @Quarterly to bring you a curated Holiday Tech box! Sign up now and be the first to know more - https://t.co/URssuOHFro
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3 things to read this weekend http://t.co/cGW22OQWawWondering if @Whisper PR/Marketing chief still is employed. I hear NSA is looking for someone to refurbish their global reputation?The many ways Apple could seize control from the carriers with its new SIM card - Gigaom http://t.co/oBIOevgeqeNo WhispERROR says @guardian http://t.co/rC6Twy8PZs or as kids say mic dropped!@JohnLegere @twitter come on john it's like saying @TMobile stop adding more big-fat-radios :)Apple & rise of the carrier antagonistic SIM http://t.co/nFjPFaOls0
Giantssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!The Internet in Real-Time! Damn that is some clever visualization -- the URL however.... http://t.co/j4PO3RmusGCareless Whisper http://t.co/knahXnlEzXWhispERRRNot a bad performance by Apple over past 12 months! Can it keep going? http://t.co/ysnSPFtrRsNo Apple TV! Seriously, when are they going to do something about something people actually want to upgrade #notipadWorld's highest resolution display. False. 8K TVs have 7680x4320.
Retweeted by Om Malik@stammy forget goals, now your life is complete.On behalf of big bodied iPads everywhere, I protest this obsession with iPadAir 2 #KateMossofTablets https://t.co/mVxt7f0DKw.@Apple comedy skit. Ughh! Stick to the day job guys, you are starting to look like guys you used to mock, you know @MicrosoftBrooklyn! Edited with #litely @ Brooklyn Bridge Park http://t.co/Z41F6AZ61XThe Risks of Cheap Water - A good column about climate change economic reality with context aka California drought! http://t.co/h0birv1f3qI wake up, scan @twitter for headlines get scared and it wants me to get back into bed. Or maybe I want to just sleep more. #Existentialism
Mimi Valdés Makes Happy http://t.co/NusIjJQEmS@lauraglu @abrams i suggest a coffee and F2F discussion. I will pay for coffee. Talk, listen, act. I love you both. #hugsSomewhere in Chelsea! #newyork #oldbuildings http://t.co/HXgbGtfyKWI learned at @FastCompany event today that #happy by @Pharrell has sold 11 million copies! To paraphrase Scully: Happiness is out there!@LauraGlu hey @abrams @nuzzel maybe you guys want to talk?If you want to subscribe to all the links I share on Twitter, check out @nuzzle which has a cool new feature! http://t.co/Chm0viygRT@daringfireball @gruber I think these are fraying of the edges as a result of increased complexity of product offerings/range!@cpen @everydaydude happiness is looking in the mirror and saying, hey good looking...It is always fun to listen to @johnmaeda inspirational and awesome insights on design! #fastcompanyHey @BillSimmons meet @peretti who might be building the next ABC/ESPN. You guys just are made for each other. http://t.co/6tYJxq4aKb
@gmc hokey one liners are fleeting too #justsayingCongrats @salimismail and @vangeest! #ExponentialOrganizations is a must read business books this fall. http://t.co/5aBpGbzxi3@tdonnelly party animal :)I think it's telling that the Gold Club facade was not ready for Oracle World but is ready in time for Dreamforce. http://t.co/JhJPsGjDjt
Retweeted by Om Malik@jbruin @Apple @tim_cook the laughing part is the thing which is a canary in the coal mine -- it shows signs of #hubris in rank&file.Blogged my Day #9 post for @om's #30daysofblogging challenge: "Do hard things that scare you." http://t.co/qZyHO2N1ZS http://t.co/u8peJrKZVr
Retweeted by Om Malik@jbruin @Apple @tim_cook Apple is about great design and great design includes great experience at every touch point. http://t.co/glyHstPUSr@GregCan still younger :) and now getting even more young. We need youth revolution @YankeesOctober baseball is a young man's game! Cc @Yankees management.Wait @apple employees laughing at prospective customers & iPhone fans? http://t.co/glyHstPUSr It is BI so skeptical, but still cc.@tim_cookThe Decline and Fall of the San Francisco Bay Guardian -- such a great obituary! Well done Will! http://t.co/YhQgPEmSSq@ryanjwill @neimanlab yes it should be, especially it should be part of Twitter app :-)@Philoushka walking and tweeting = bad ideaIf @NiemanLab is about the future of media, then it should offer its members/students lessons in search, proper sourcing and not be web-mazy@rozzy @NiemanLab yesIf @neimanlab is about the future of media, then it should offer its members/students lessons in search, proper sourcing and not be web-mazyDear @NeimanLab, don't be lazy. In your Vox puff piece note that @mikemonterio had this of daily evening email first http://t.co/otD4BqSlLH@up_hail look forward to your conclusionsI would love to get data from @uber @lyft showing how much more traffic delays due to #DF14 cost & indirect amount of carbon emissions #data@joshelman thanks josh :)Dreamforce is a nightmare. I don't know why anyone would be happy with this nonsense & productivity drain. Citizens pay the price!On Media & Growth Hacking http://t.co/0AWE6whVzOLong Day http://t.co/PDKK9AuwAk@iankar_ @nitashatiku @anildash @azizansari is he someone famous?@nitashatiku I am going as Jaikishen Brown! Cc @anildashAugust is a fancy lock that could make you ditch your keys -- review by @gigastacey https://t.co/1N7rr0thGb via @gigaom“So that's a computer? What do I @Kano” @storehousehq: http://t.co/r7WQoxLs9v inspired by a meeting with @alexnklein #riseofthemachinesAugust all year long-cute! Congrats @yvesbehar Glad to see @AugustSmartLock is available today http://t.co/6qt2gGJFOG http://t.co/FBbgRmfUoo
A wonderful interview with @NewYorker editor David Remnick & how comfortable he is with coexistence of print & online http://t.co/5XQFvlQQLfEMC buys Cloudscaling as the great cloud consolidation continues https://t.co/ZPu3yioB9Z by @gigabarb < makes sense; more if HP deal happens
Retweeted by Om Malik"We all have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one." —Confucius
Retweeted by Om MalikFacebook Anonymous App — I guess perception is reality http://t.co/j5ylb0WaMTJust published "Mission Art" on @storehousehq http://t.co/qII9HIxhkCI am looking forward to all these great people @gigastacey has brought together for Structure Connect: http://t.co/dVz4rdmreV Join us!Could Yik Yak be the real winner among anonymity apps? @carmeldea http://t.co/YP0ns9fDr0
Retweeted by Om Malikhttp://t.co/waL2egiFYf says technology doesn't get fashion. By same yardstick fashion doesn't get tech #potmeetkettle http://t.co/GL8aYYtQL9Why blame others: they are no responsible for our laziness, stupidity and inaction. http://t.co/TCMAyLRzar
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