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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. Lover of possibilities. Believer in people. Indulges in imagineering.

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Nothing like a country lane for a slow ride! #italy #italy2014 #cloudporn #tuscany http://t.co/yffFxSjMLlNew post: Congratulating Sifteo and 3DR! http://t.co/cXyr2zRmA0
Retweeted by Om MalikWrote this weekend column. What do ya think? Science is the new cleantech in the Valley but without the righteousness http://t.co/RxIzL1w5Mu
Retweeted by Om MalikOur fourth annual experience design conference Roadmap will kick off on November 18 and 19. Join me & @Katie fehren http://t.co/JQcrE3S8YAAs design becomes the fabric of our connected experiences, it becomes invisible http://t.co/dGV4vAoyxT@om @dickc more out of the loop than lazy.
Retweeted by Om MalikSo CNBC is so damn lazy/out of loop that they need #askcostolo to help them with Q&A for @dickc. My question: why is @dickc not verified?@arctictony or perhaps they have learnt the polite art of dissuasion by flattery and charm.@arctictony you are a standup comic now?Foursquare App Store Reviews Pre-Swarm (4*) vs. Post-Swarm (1.5*). Overwhelming requests to revert in the comments. http://t.co/d2M0saRkQO
Retweeted by Om MalikLooking out of the car window, Tuscany looks like a series of postcards moving at high speed. I love… http://t.co/lWLcvjBWB2
It's Chianti time #tuscany #italy2014 #italy #beauty #photooftheday #igphotooftheday @ Chianti, Tuscany http://t.co/D5fm7SCAFZZillow + Trulia for $3.5billion. Real estate tech has arrived, now let's see if the incumbent industry can catch up. http://t.co/9ndlXGiyNk
Retweeted by Om MalikFYI, @KarlTheFog is on an Italian vacation....here is proof over on @storehousehq #italy #fog #tuscany. http://t.co/ExUaoPH7my@slobotski lamy studio is my go to travel pen. Otherwise franklin Christoph #3Write Stuff http://t.co/BPrViMUGkfThe fog hugs the hills of Tuscany! #tuscany #italy #italy2014 #fog #photooftheday #beauty #igpickshttp://t.co/E2LKyh1vfH
@sposth name?Another postcard from Tuscany #italy2014 #italy #beauty @ Castellina In Chianti (Si) http://t.co/hhJfDHN1fq
"Lost time is never found again." Benjamin Franklin #quote #startup #life #advise http://t.co/88qrkSWmiT(new blog post) Intention and choices we make every day http://t.co/YbuoW2pqDC
Retweeted by Om MalikThe Tuscan Blues -- clouds came, so did the rain and just like that greens went into hiding. #tuscanyhttp://t.co/6HmvbS3Xa0Many shades of Tuscan Green #tuscany #hills #beauty #photooftheday #igpicks #italy2014 #italy @ Chianti http://t.co/FDZQmKbOyuThe @Vimeo iPad app is a hipster revenge on normal people. It is frustrating & a perfect illustration of minimalism gone horribly wrongEnjoying "Off-roading in Kashmir" by Sajid Ahmed on @storehousehq http://t.co/6eWLAcakn6
@rstephens words on blog and visuals on storehouse tell the whole story!@rstephens for now it is a manual process :)@AndreaTj email me ;)Dead end!!!! I think this is the final picture of the day. It was also the end of a street where I… http://t.co/N7KHG7hqqhThe art of equilibrium – Salvatore Ferragamo http://t.co/o2eERzF8ZNAmazon's estimated revenues for 2014: about $91.5 billion. Apple's estimated revenues from iPhone alone for 2014: roughly $ 99.4 billion.@paolo_barberis @maxciociola @NanaBiancaItaly :)"We must not act as a trailer park full of strangers here in post-Constitutional America" http://t.co/o9LISHfTTk@maxciociola @NanaBiancaItaly that should be fun -- next time I am in Florence aka next week will be in touch.I went to the Museum of Salvatore Ferragamo and learned so much about the brand and the man, how he… http://t.co/tiH8f8TIUESome bits of yesterday in Tuscany #italy2014 #italy @ Chianti http://t.co/D1hKaEkVbJ
“The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” Classy. http://t.co/ywBhwKtaCN
Retweeted by Om MalikWallStreet must be popping to much Xanax. Otherwise can't explain why they r deviating from old routine: "$AMZN loses money & stock goes up"Florence is a celebration of polymaths; a reaffirmation that science, math, art, beauty & divine are necessary for humanity's advancement."More amazing Xiaomi and Apple design coincidences" by @gruber http://t.co/fxiT0d06aSSo where are they popping champagne bottles -- @TheVerge or @Bloomberg"more than 9.7 million homeowners with a mortgage still remain underwater" @zillow http://t.co/FekgYESOUq http://t.co/tnQCiCkENu"You know, from my point of view, I'm the luckiest cat on the planet." Hugh Hefner! #cat #tuscanyhttp://t.co/BEDpP7q6k4I have just discovered the "de-nerdify" feature on @quip -- cute! Cc @btaylorReflections. Whether real or philosophical are a window into our real self and sometimes we need to… http://t.co/uFr0WjphAP
@jamesproud @kashhill wouldn't expect anything less from you James. Do us Proud!@siamakmasnavi @KevinCTofel not it is he who picked us :)@Sams_Antics three days :)Florence #italy2014 #italy #florence @ Historic Centre of Florence http://t.co/xelVVOaovS@ericvishria @bgurley @mattcohler @peterfenton @mitchlasky congrats Eric and to rest of @Benchmark team -- great get. Eric rocks!@KevinCTofel I love you brother :) thanks for the support and great memories! Now switch to IOSOh snap. I missed my 6 year Giga-versary yesterday! Been a fun, fun ride so far @om :) http://t.co/K5tBw3PqmD
Retweeted by Om Malik@peterpham @jamesproud @kashhill paranoid? Get real amigo - it is a pressing issue of our times & it is hard to grok in a tweetDespite my interest in Sense, I would like @jamesproud to come out with "terms of trust" around the data collected. Cc @kashhillChanging your logo is the new press release.
Retweeted by Om MalikWhere's the outrage on Foursquare's new logo?? The world's so one sided. http://t.co/p7qX0nQo14
Retweeted by Om MalikI have to say @nuzzel following too many people worth it -- better @twitter discovery and you can also tell who shares it before reading!Next phase of Foursquare begins - http://t.co/XTV0SZ77MB. Big question is are you still using @foursquare since end of checkins?Making Sense of sleep - new @kickstarter project by @Jamesproud is worth looking into :) Better zzzz make you happy! https://t.co/r8vJho09jsNow just sit down and listen…. http://t.co/LawdQ4pWbbHey Wall Street analysts -- I can't tell if Apple had a good or a bad quarter. Why don't you guys make up your mind? Also @asymco thoughts?I think annotations and messaging are two premium features our pals from @Pocket should think about implementing.Xiaomi says it doesn't imitate @apple. @daringfireball proves otherwise. It is quite fun to see John be @gruber http://t.co/T00OXxa4rnNow this is what I call cloud cover :) #tuscany #toscana #italy2014 #italy #beauty #clouds @ Greve in… http://t.co/g6NJGPnMYb
What's wrong with everything! Wonderful comment on reality of modern times by @Lefsetz - http://t.co/iyuEIdzbLi@SG where you moving to? OaklandSunset in Toscana #tuscany #italy2014#italy @ Castellina In Chianti (Si) http://t.co/W2TPenvZjxHey @oneplus how do I get one of your devices? http://t.co/8qcpx4aLIhLiving By The Bay http://t.co/EftGC6Idyp
Coming home :) #sanfrancisco @ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) http://t.co/0lFtGPGdVoYahoo has acquired Flurry. To bad none of the founders (it was merger of two companies) are around to partake in the festivities. #startups@Simonkhalaf congrats on the deal. It is a smart move by Yahoo and gives a big leg up to their mobile ad plans. Also great work by you!Purple is the new black http://t.co/qpUi3qO6aN
Retweeted by Om MalikWell at least SF housing situation hasn't reached this point... NYC Building Will Have a Separate Door for Poor http://t.co/MYFm0T5zXU
Retweeted by Om MalikBirds of a feather - or should I say Sky alliance 😜 #vacation @ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) http://t.co/KdzW38hflrAmOZies from @canva are doing "design for the masses" right. More than 600k users, 3.5 million+ designs of which 870k created last month.@craigmod that' because @waxpancake has a great website that I can visit and find good stuff to read every day. #nobeef"Kindle Unlimited: it as a lost opportunity for Amazon and a reason for them to go back to the drawing board." http://t.co/qrILuRTnhW@TheRomit Given Amazon's history of strong arming publishers, it might take a little longer than most people think."Behind the scenes of Aquion Energy's battery factory & the future of solar storage" nice #feature by @katiefehren http://t.co/HCXkhQYkyEKindle Unlimited, Uninterested http://t.co/aFPkSmHrkqNice story by @gigastacey: "Could this battery-powered, Wi-Fi camera show chip startups how to find a market?" http://t.co/VGeHEBBu32That skyline is something else, don't you think? http://t.co/5LMc45GPGO
Now for that other #sanfrancisco bridge @ Under The Bay Bridge http://t.co/r9E61ArEhrHappy Birthday @monteiro let the reversing of your age begin in earnest.“never trust a prediction revealed after its outcome” —@waxpancake https://t.co/xh3u6ukGHFWhat I am reading today http://t.co/LQ8Jukxkic"What I am reading today" A collection of 10 must reads for this weekend. Enjoy & share! http://t.co/SsOiwyXxbmLove this: Should you be #writing right now? http://t.co/511Boj23
Retweeted by Om MalikVisual Web is the next battlefront. “WebP & How Google wants to speed up the web, one image at a time” by @jank0 http://t.co/gpOAai6jKK
@Om “@nytimes: On Baseball: Derek Jeter, Like Tim Duncan, Makes Routine Extraordinary http://t.co/LuRjGXnfpp
Retweeted by Om MalikHey you sight for the sore eyes #sanfrancisco #photooftheday #igpicks @ Lands End Hike http://t.co/9BPgb0RYIhAfter all these years, still lovely and beautiful #sanfrancisco #icon #goldengate @ Golden Gate Bridge http://t.co/y6EePWAHvA@anildash @craigmod @jeffjarvis and the reading experience is torturous - now I have stopped reading it though occasional stuff is worth itBill Campbell on Tim Cook http://t.co/LchRrxDgb0
XoXoXo Friday it is :) #sanfrancisco http://t.co/PEKZh3Psan@JasonHirschhorn at least you are not an Ohm. :-)@JasonHirschhorn stop blaming the machines for your inabilities. Machines are always right :-)"I hesitate three beats before clicking on a Forbes link" says @jeffjarvis who doesn't trust the brand. +1 to that. http://t.co/TvFqF8ZrWCThe relentless (and annoying) pursuit of eyeballs http://t.co/WfMvUVWbbl #great #rant
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