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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Come hang out with us for a kickoff event and an after party at Roadmap 2014! #roadmap @katiefehren https://t.co/tQnEfYzojG3 things to read this weekend http://t.co/3sh4IWrtOdI am looking for a designer http://t.co/9SR0GE1nFo
Just published “Halloween Time at Gigaom” on @storehousehq: http://t.co/mOMyqXcCq0 So much fun to catch up with @gigaom gang! Love them!Enjoying “iPhone 6 and 6 Plus” by @jonathanhagans on @storehousehq pretty awesome story! http://t.co/AXDD8HkmDCSo this is pre-pre-Halloween crew trying to convince me to show up as a "blogger." I think George Clooney sounds good http://t.co/8PvueOptbe.@gawker says @Bloomberg nouveau web expansion is color/gender blind. Blind to all colors except white men. http://t.co/DtQrMt7Uq8Learn more about our newest app, #Intro. The easy way to create and send your digitial business card. http://t.co/dIxwrvLl9O
Retweeted by Om Malik"I am looking for a designer" for http://t.co/jigxKQdLBd http://t.co/FgrTzYCCoIIf you can't write like this, then it must be time to hang up your spikes - amazing bit of writing. http://t.co/iGIfDbFOyBNewsflash: an investigative reporter (lone wolf) is a bad manager. Someone do a kickstarter to buy common sense for @firstlook backers!Product placement/native advertising as practiced by men's/fashion magazines. http://t.co/7E8KsBNlU1A journey through 12 cities of creativity by @wesleyverhoeve is an awesome idea. http://t.co/jK98mQFHmh http://t.co/Rn2pbK6GJYHey @tim_cook you the man. http://t.co/KZdXrZJ4ekMicrosoft Health platform launches with payments-friendly, $199 Band wearable https://t.co/K2TWZnXu8q via @gigaomStartups lessons from Netflix http://t.co/nKPnq7e4qP@andrew88fields What is condescending? That they copy designs of Apple. I like @oneplus better & trying to be different for same demographicXiamoi is now the 3rd largest phone maker in the world. I guess being shameless copycats pays. In short term atleast! http://t.co/VVZHiiSuoj@ScottBeale @wesleyverhoeve timing is everything and also I feeli know him already through all of you guys.
3-in-5 @sfgiants let's just call what they have what it really is a #dynasty! They embody the meaning of team.@wesleyverhoeve @helena now you are just showing off.And now for a tweet this is not cranky and complaining about someone. :-) http://t.co/jK98mQFHmh cc @wesleyverhoeve @helenaHow not to try and design webpages and alienate a prospective customer. @chairish loss is @MoveLoot gain. http://t.co/eskvqXZ7XrOneofmany is one of a kind http://t.co/VsRneYlWvI@JohnLegere @TMobile @andyabramson john -- Brian and I are talking. No reason for you to sweat the details. Thanks for the kind offer.@kfitchard I wish those @comcast guys were as responsive as @JohnLegere who basically wants to make T-mobile work as best as it can@BrianBrueckman @andyabramson @kfitchard @JohnLegere can't DM you. The problem is at the last step when you add T-Mobile ID. I am post-paid@kfitchard @TMobile @andyabramson Apple SIM. Everything works till you hit the your T-Mobile ID and password. Shit hits the fan.Trying to activate an iPad on @TMobile is sheer torture. Backend software is dumb. I think @andyabramson was right! Hype & reality mismatch“There seems to be a lot of excitement around something that is… a yawn to me" James "Avatar " Cameron on Oculus https://t.co/0F5ItmgqBNMr. @kevinctofel has a hands on with the Nexus 6: A Nexus phone Google hopes is one for the masses https://t.co/mZpVEFwJys via @gigaomNew startup Poynt reinvents the counter-top credit card payments terminal http://t.co/WhiPSwRGIp #anotheronejoinsthemaddash@asymco @aten i disagree because I think your interpretation is through a very narrow lens. I have a broader interpretation of an ecosystem.What is a connected speaker http://t.co/kre82Hbgbu@asymco @aten Michelle Phan is another massive business, just doesn't look like a business as we know "business in SV http://t.co/nYDI2Yo79c@asymco agree w/ @aten YouTube qualifies by that metric. Look at Vevo, @justinbieber & so many more that are co-dependent.
If you look at this list you suddenly realize that iTunes App Store doesn't really have any new hits/stars. http://t.co/fzPN8vzCEdA lonely tree standing in a sea of sand, wondering..... #Carmel #California #candyminimal @ Pebble Beach http://t.co/SNCnINmXAa@tingilinde this is just sickening - so bad on part of verizon.FTC sues AT&T for throttling speeds of so-called unlimited data plans http://t.co/fiFH10qGJI
Retweeted by Om Malik@mrclng weird - it is working for others - try againThe utopian invisibility of design and connectivity https://t.co/2MrT7qZpUr - Join me & @katiefehren on Nov. 18-19 for the best Roadmap yetAnother day. Another Snowden interview in another publication. Instead, how about focusing & trying to find the next story worth exposing.If you missed it, my post from Monday. Facebook’s phony claim that “you’re in charge.” http://t.co/DKJjxIdxno (On the @nytimes FB coverage.)
Retweeted by Om MalikNice India startup exit. IM/VOIP company Nimbuzz acquired at 8x revenue, $250M valuation, 200m users, http://t.co/IajTXqqbih
Retweeted by Om MalikCompulsion http://t.co/MUjFfueBfg
Kicking off our annual @trueventures Founder Camp 2014. Fun night and day ahead with 175 of fellow founders! http://t.co/PfzH7gKCERCalifornia #blueskies are back again! #Carmel #California @ Pebble Beach http://t.co/J73LbFEXLXThe air part of @trueventures portfolio: Air, land, and sea at #foundercamp http://t.co/asdXAZrm8I @chr1sa
Retweeted by Om MalikJust published "Renovo goes vrooom vroom" on @storehousehq just took a ride in @renovomotors super car! http://t.co/IwsiTkWsQPThe original @digg was one big giant page view machine! #backinthedayBéhar, Maeda, Veen and Duarte. Four design experts who inspire. Get your ticket to Roadmap now http://t.co/t6iTgzh4SA #gigaomlive
Retweeted by Om MalikRegarding @VerizonWireless Tracking: How to opt out: Click https://t.co/TcUPf0Ryrw or dial 866-211-0874 & follow voice prompt.5 trends coming to the smart home in 2015 https://t.co/8jvWnpyTvj >> things I learned last week at Structure Connect.
Retweeted by Om Malik@drew moving to LA?In NY Verizon FiOS is offering free @netflix to new signups. “1st they ignore you then they ridicule u, then they fight you and then u win”Facebook is going to be Hotel California of media & news business. "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell" http://t.co/n4FjoQgPtl"Oh, we’re really making an AI" Larry Page in conversation with @kevin2kelly Great piece by him on AI cc @elonmusk http://t.co/3AhInNi7vq“You can’t think about tech as ‘tech’ any more. It’s in everything now” - @Om. good report on tech in @digiday http://t.co/linRQ9dzcr
Retweeted by Om MalikTime for some people to go to work #Carmel #California #sunrise @ Carmel Valley Ranch http://t.co/ST8tuLd4gw
Glad to see you calling it like it isFacebook Offers Life Raft, but Publishers Are Wary http://t.co/ZiSUL11TTP Only a matter of time before Facebook starts competiting with pubsHow Facebook Is Changing how Users Consume Journalism http://t.co/RdloOwB4uo It is good to see blogs-to-nytimes tradition is going strong.It . is . time. to. sleep. #California @ Carmel Valley Ranch http://t.co/F2DbA6SfY530 Day Blogging Challenge: Week #3 wrapup http://t.co/qvRQVideC4What? RT @YourAnonNews Tens of thousands of Hungarians protest against a #tax on Internet traffic #Hungary http://t.co/NhV6F1Xkpx
Retweeted by Om Malik“Public by default” is the future of professional communication — By @frontapp founder @collinmathilde #mustread https://t.co/k48ebpxtTkJetstream! Thanks @crump for inspiration. #lazysunday #SanFrancisco @ AT&T Park http://t.co/jNO6II1eo6So @WordPress is going to replace iRC and Skype Chat with @SlackHQ - I am glad they are :) cc @stewartHere we are ready for State of the Word with @photomatt for #wcsf14 - my ninth WordCampSF. Go @WordPress http://t.co/tO2j2OYcY6@monkbent what many people don't realize is that the consumer markets are not predictable and choices people make are not rational.@monkbent I totally agree -- I don't even make a trade off between X and regular @uber fundamentally for me it is about time arbitrage!It's hard to believe that nearly 1/2 the states have passed laws to make it harder to vote. But it's true: http://t.co/hFZgU9FPr8
Retweeted by Om MalikJust published "Drop it like its hot" on @storehousehq http://t.co/nggomOJnin
@gabekapler it is rumored that you are on the shortlist of candidates to be manager of Tampa Bay Rays. Will be great to see your energy!The Notification Network is part of a change in behavior inspired by smarterphones http://t.co/WjcB0ZwAey Now @padday extends the argument!@sundarpichai I will follow up with an offer to cook :)@darlin 647So @sundarpichai got a promotion to @google product czar. Congrats & proof nice guys can win. Though rapid reduction of odds of our dinner!The Notification Network http://t.co/jDY8ZKtOJU@stevekovach all right for all haters to come out - he is gone!Michigan banning @TeslaMotors or @CVS_Extra banning ApplePay is denying change. Progressives adapt/profit from change http://t.co/e4bmlTipF5Higher you go, the more you fall. #lesson http://t.co/cy5VtWk0SmXiaomi is under Indian fire http://t.co/T6RGpRrJT3
Retweeted by Om MalikT-Mobile USA's John Legere Makes A Claim His Company Can't Fully Back Up -- good piece by @andyabramson http://t.co/6dbb7jDPp5@wmougayar agreed / needing often leads to mediocritySwing & Scratch http://t.co/MGr2N24Wrm
Enjoying "Touring Simple.Honest.Work" by @blumenfeld on @storehousehq cc @simplescott http://t.co/JcOM10J57aWhere in @mindykaling is mistaken for Malala at Boom Boom Room in New York. http://t.co/diVFM53jhORoku could file for IPO soon, raise as much as $150 million http://t.co/xLvmedpIHm
Retweeted by Om MalikAn engineer parachuted from more than 25 miles up and broke the speed of sound on the way down http://t.co/eynnfC7SwT http://t.co/7gJ5iH8nWn
Retweeted by Om Malik@vmarks @instrmntlimited you should see the one I own :) It is so minimal and beautiful that it pains me to wear itPost #18 of the #30daysofbloggingchallenge - Facebook Rooms and Distribution Bets http://t.co/zTfLDI4hef cc @joshm http://t.co/OMTh9qYzQv
Retweeted by Om MalikHere is a little tiny look at @instrmntlimited watch. It is a minimalist's delight http://t.co/U5CMcYlFrUIn conversation with @katiefehren the U.S. Energy Secretary talks about energy innovation & Valley's role https://t.co/Rcxa5Weop5@mwolpin no . just going by the looks here :)Instrmnt 01: Minimalist Delight http://t.co/jw0NjJhupn
The only virus I am worried about is the one that is infecting CNN and other cable networks.Amazon Web Services... keep going, going and going! https://t.co/LRzXWZftFl via @gigaomAdvertising is content capable of providing a snapshot of the cultural zeitgeist. That's why @nytlabs built Madison. http://t.co/OExiuRmMEM
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