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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Senior Fellow & Director for Europe at @CGDev. Economist. ex Treasury, DFID, No.10. Passionate about fighting poverty. Views my own.

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Pixar's amazing 22 rules of storytelling http://t.co/Z8Nqh55YC2
Retweeted by Owen BarderBlimey there are now 367 separate proposals for #SDGs in @odi_development future goals tracker on @post2015. That's a lot of ideas..
Retweeted by Owen BarderSome @owenbarder @CGDev influenced-ideas in my latest #FastSlow blog post: http://t.co/OeWJuJdG5E on changing how we do aid @theIRC
Retweeted by Owen BarderFlabbergasted that the BBC could do a piece on the world's top coffee cities without mentioning Addis Ababa. http://t.co/hkNzOp19QM@ElaMi5 You SHOULD be jealous. I've just been running along the Hudson River on a beautiful spring morning. @fp2pAndy Haldane on the 2014 TIME 100 influential people list – see @TIME http://t.co/v9O85panMH http://t.co/wSnazXmw49
Retweeted by Owen Barder@ElaMi5 Oh those. Perhaps @fp2p couldn't understand one of them because he didn't realise it had been scanned upside down?@owenbarder @fp2p @UNDP Any experts from the regular private sector joining you? Seems they're the best at it. It's most of what they do.
Retweeted by Owen BarderI'm looking forward to a lot of learning MT @fp2p: At @UNDP today for interdisciplinary chat on combining innovation, scale & complexity.@fp2p @UNDP there are background papers?
Piketty reviews are being produced at an unsustainable rate. Soon all English words will be talking about nothing but Piketty.
Retweeted by Owen BarderThis is an easy way to help contain your inbox: https://t.co/OTefxj1YRQ cc: @owenbarder (ht @pskenny - thanks!) @unrollme
Retweeted by Owen BarderAmazing to see #DevImpactBonds go from concept-> testing in very short time. Kudos @owenbarder @ritaperakis @SocialFinanceUS for leadership
Retweeted by Owen BarderFrom @owenbarder to @fp2p to @snowded, some "fierce minds" indeed, looking forward to it @tquinlan: http://t.co/JgAAbhZZGB (HT @ElaMi5)
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@davidjh should they have given him more time?@andreachiou Beware: if you don't show up for one flight sector, all subsequent sectors on the same ticket are automatically cancelled.@andreachiou indeed, companies are legally persons (hence "natural persons" in my tweet)@andreachiou I think it is companies, not natural persons, who pay that!@andreachiou Price Discrimination. http://t.co/SnDPcDJ4XW
US Global Development Council recommends #DevImpactBonds for more effective aid http://t.co/cYDIIfvLzN cc @CGDev @USAID @MCC #DIB #ImpInv
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Sign up now for @CGDev's annual Sabot Lecture. This year's speaker, Dani Rodrik on An African Growth Miracle? http://t.co/svmt5kvAHZ
Retweeted by Owen BarderThis by @governwell, on measuring governance, is so absolutely wonderfully right (HT @OpenBudgets, @ryanafynn) http://t.co/5AGB2XYn2C #OC
Retweeted by Owen BarderThis http://t.co/CGjO70q2Yh from @GYamey reminds me of @owenbarder's sage post... http://t.co/uCRP88K8zL the opportunity is within reach...
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@MaxBergelson no. Detailed proposal comingTotally wonderful XKCD, as ever. This time on free speech: http://t.co/sb0lYj1PDOOutrageous attempt by maritime industry to increase subsidy at expense of #food aid for poor countries HT @niawag2011 http://t.co/Epo2FJmuHT
Retweeted by Owen Barder@Mje51 I liked "Love In The Time of Cholera" but not 100 Years.My fridge uses 9x more #electricity than average #Ethiopian http://t.co/Ylc0v3sBYN http://t.co/KjsiIYvNp2 #energy #infrastructure
Retweeted by Owen BarderDe mortuis nil nisi bonum and all that, but I cannot bear magical realism.Balanced summary on techno-economic challenges of keeping 2C via @owenbarder http://t.co/KTVAXgfzVp My #IPCC summary: http://t.co/fYQ8GkXySV
Retweeted by Owen Barder@RichardTol @Roddy_Campbell well I am glad we agree on the policy conclusion.Oh dear. Judge for yourself here: http://t.co/Ew3H8T55rZ RT @RichardTol: @owenbarder poor stuffWe have to set a price on carbon, and soon. Blog post by Alice Lépissier and me http://t.co/Ew3H8T55rZAt some point the Board of @EBRD is going to have to decide if Article 1 of its founding agreement means anything. http://t.co/YMvOaZPCbq
Setting a Price on #Carbon Immediately Is Necessary to Avoid Dangerous #ClimateChange - @owenbarder & A. Lépissier http://t.co/LXoAkpRlC2
Retweeted by Owen BarderTwo DIB Pilots Will Test New Development Partnerships by @ritaperakis http://t.co/RSFPJKAgPL.@DFID_UK announces 1st development impact bond http://t.co/whI68pQhj5 Proud day 4 this former @CGDev (er) & current @TheENDFund (er) #NTDs
Retweeted by Owen BarderIdea for tech entrepreneur: make an alternative to Skype that doesn't suck more every day, and then don't sell it to Microsoft.@FareedZakaria @helene_gayle @bill_easterly Loved his debate w @owenbarder @CGDev Autocracy or Freedom?
Retweeted by Owen BarderA puppy dies each time someone reads their slides
Retweeted by Owen BarderIs it time to call time on social impact bonds? | Blog from @joerandall http://t.co/HVlvifPm5t @BigLotteryFund
Retweeted by Owen BarderDifficulties achieving effective #aid co-ordination can rise as number of activities goes up @BrookingsGlobal blogs: http://t.co/ADSCIrbSmA
Retweeted by Owen BarderI don't consider "militant atheist" a slur; it just means I've stopped apologising for my own sanity.
Retweeted by Owen BarderSome donors are turned off by evidence of aid effectiveness. #facepalm via @kopalo http://t.co/uUiytxsYTgNEWS: Impact Bonds & new Dev Cooperation Hubs will kickstart investment in frontier developing economies http://t.co/oBEvSFdQhZ #GPHLM
Retweeted by Owen Barder@plegrain the rookie did great!.@ONECampaign: the governor of the BVI should block a law that would criminalise publishing leaked company info http://t.co/kjlU2c01mc
Retweeted by Owen BarderOH: Cabin Crew "can I join you in the cockpit for landing?" Pilot: "I would rather you didn't. It is my first landing." (me: fastens belt)
.@DevCooperation & others at #GPEDC: curious about what are #DevImpactBonds? Check out http://t.co/UCfSe349WP or http://t.co/bMqfUbnZxO
Retweeted by Owen Barder@Thieristan I hope your talk went well! It was good to see you. Owen.@DFID_UK @JustineGreening announces will be bringing together actors to design & develop #devimpactbonds here at #GPEDC
Retweeted by Owen Barder#QTWTAIN @JohnRentoul RT @BBCRadio4: Could the creator of Grand Theft Auto be the modern Charles Dickens? http://t.co/E86DptFWDtNigerian Fin Min Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at #GPHLM: we must address supply and demand side of illicit flows problem
Retweeted by Owen BarderStrong words from @secgen on Need for DRM and need to crack down on illicit financial flows at both source and destination. #GPHLM
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK announces Development Impact Bonds #GPHLM https://t.co/n3zekg7QKZ@JustineGreening None of us can take this agenda forward alone, but we can change the world together #genderequality #GPHLM
Retweeted by Owen BarderWho was it who promised here on twitter to eat their hat if any donor agreed to implement a Development Impact Bond?My take on #GPHLM is that a meeting about everything is a meeting about nothing.@tompaulson oh yes.This article by @l_haddad about the future of UK development policy is the dog's gonads. http://t.co/YI8rQMIvIK@inkapibilova There is a lot of analysis of development impact bonds here: http://t.co/4LmrFS1pbe@inkapibilova We won't know whether or when they are more effective and efficient than traditional aid until they are tried.@inkapibilova No: I'm saying that your assertion that "it does mean that governments pay more" was not correct.@inkapibilova Not so difficult to say: you can price the deals to make the expected cost the same.@inkapibilova no. they would otherwise bear the cost of failed programmes themselves. on average the cost is the same.@inkapibilova Yes: the return for investors is approximately the risk of delivery failure.@inkapibilova why do you say that it means that governments pay more? cc @SolheimDAC @gibbulloch
Job searching? Apply to be @CGDev's new Program Coordinator for Migration! Details here: http://t.co/oDcKNz3ZC8
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe great @SolheimDAC totally rocking the discussion on partnerships with the private sector at #gphlm@owenbarder reminds us to beware of 'magic bullet' mentality towards innovative finance and warns that any scaling up should organic #GPHLM
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@owenbarder Let's reach scale by demonstrating success & learning what works & grow organically - at Grand Challenges Canada we agree!
Retweeted by Owen BarderIf you want growth, you should not subsidise existing firms. according to this by Acemoglu et al. http://t.co/TZXb66oKuJ@AlyosciaD @theIRC I can't repeat often enough my reminder that my forecasts are lousy. Caveat Emptor.
@JustinSandefur hah! And lest CGD does work on one of the few things people want to pay us to do ....@JustinSandefur No, I haven't. I really should. But I try to keep out of working on aid ....@AlyosciaD @theIRC Indeed. Don't just listen to them: empower them.Thankyou @theIRC for inviting me to speak today. The collusive humanitarian aid cartel needs significant reform - a job for the 2016 summit?China cancels human rights dialogue with the UK, because we go round, you know, promoting human rights. http://t.co/syZzMorr1e@radharajkotia It was good to meet you today Radha. I am sorry I had to run. Good luck to you and the @theirc
@florianeisele you are very kind. thank you.I know I shouldn't retweet nice things about me but I am absurdly proud of being praised by Frances Stewart: https://t.co/rxqtLf9J6VOne of the keynote speakers who will grace EADI's General Conference in June 2014 is Dr. Nancy Birdsall, Founding... http://t.co/yABtrtLv1t
Retweeted by Owen BarderTwo of my worlds collide: open data about London bike rentals may infringe the privacy of individual cyclists http://t.co/eNa9KuiNAyThinking about education, complexity and aid in Tanzania - interesting stuff from @IanAttfieldZim - https://t.co/BXtTWJLwnU@BOlawoore thanks. very kind."the Bretton Woods institutions belong to the world. From now on, they must be headed by the best people available." http://t.co/yKfxf4hhVY
@ScepSec that is a fair pointI got soundly beaten in my debate with @bill_easterly yesterday, according to a comment on my website. http://t.co/TRj3yIpdED@SumanKhadka14 all excellent points. Thanks.Though I am a bit sceptical about Millennium Villages, I do hope I am wrong and @JeffDSachs is right.Impressive performance by @JeffDSachs on @econtalker. Passionate, articulate, persuasive. http://t.co/71YdxHbbjL
So the pundits said ODA was declining and it wasn't. http://t.co/p5ebA0WgYW (pdf)@jameshaga @roachmary japan 36.6% increaseIPA (@poverty_action) ad on TV in my DC taxi. I sure hope an RCT proves this is $ well spent. http://t.co/dkkBjf7LcP
Retweeted by Owen BarderICYMI- watch the @bill_easterly v. @owenbarder showdown on aid, development, and human rights here: http://t.co/CqrCZ5ZkmC #devaiddebate
Retweeted by Owen BarderAmen RT @opengovpart: "I don't care if governments never produce an app. Just put out the data," says @EllnMllr @SunFoundation@alwalji have you got a link for that?#worldbank data suggests the primary reason projects fail is inadequate engagement w/civil society. Predictable and avoidable #opengovnow
Retweeted by Owen Barder@arathisrao @CGDev thanks. I hope so too. I will be happy to hand the speaker rostrum to one of my colleagues!@arathisrao (I feel a "but..." coming on!
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