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Alison Denham @paddymaid Wellington, Somerset

wants to be a hermit (with laptop), woman, Irish, once told by a manager didn't 'play the game.' So there you go. Arsenal fan through the bad times.

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@RichardPBurr You are such a gem xxDon't we all tone nicely together. #GBBO http://t.co/FxLECQXEQ1Students take part in a nose-blowing class, Toronto, 1913 http://t.co/GfNGLePkjP
Retweeted by Alison Denham@helloitselliot Looking perky xxWelbeck is the 3rd #Arsenal player to score a CL trick. The only others to do so are Thierry Henry and Bentdner. http://t.co/CRA7C51hod
Retweeted by Alison Denham@FaggotLuke_ Blame the dog? xxWelbeck 4 Falcao. 0 #justsaying
Retweeted by Alison Denham@Arsenal DANNY BOY!!!!! xxGOAL FOR ARSENAL!!! http://t.co/L2h89nHWMZ
Retweeted by Alison Denham.@Arsenal get us back underway. COME ON YOU GUNNERS! (46) 3-0 #AFCvGAL
Retweeted by Alison Denham@tkingdoll @MooseAllain Its a very relaxing activity. xxOur response to this week’s announcements on the NHS by the Conservative Party: http://t.co/JxqpWeLfny #cpc14
Retweeted by Alison DenhamCassetteboy. Cameron's Conference Rap https://t.co/6QjnhJCNhb@shaunfy13 @IHPower @MacBojangles @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning all. How goes it? xx
How to fight #homophobia in #Uganda (And everywhere else in the world, too!) - https://t.co/txdW5nYyqjYes, that headline is real. http://t.co/NVqHZNYnTV http://t.co/x18zAaRO3a
Retweeted by Alison DenhamPolice called to house in Northern Ireland after neighbour 'thought EU flag was "Arabic"' http://t.co/JZEU360WjD http://t.co/Gw88jZTZUY
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @IHPower @shaunfy13 @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Can't promise xx@MacBojangles @IHPower @shaunfy13 @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 I have risen but can promise am shining. Morning all xx
Missed opportunity by Evan Davis on #Newsnight if you ask me... http://t.co/ZJ6UiRlKTZ
Retweeted by Alison DenhamIf you feel you have to moderate the name "Conservative" with "compassionate" you've probably already lost the battle. #newsnight
Retweeted by Alison Denham@ChrisBryantMP He twists & turns like a twisty, turny thing. xxThink what's clear is that Cameron is a complete bullshitter. #newsnight@CardinalPhink Nearly there xx @carlpetermy mom has been smoking for 22 years so my sister wrote up an agreement.. if i can get 10000 retweets she will stop 🙅 http://t.co/k5Mw8bVmGC
Retweeted by Alison Denham@LeonAndJune 😃 xx@LeonAndJune Its the 46 I query. You look beautiful in your wedding photo. Leon looks quite good too xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Well done. xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Am at that age where I get excited about electrical appliances xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Have lovely new shiny machine. Shiny shiny xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Sludgy xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Have you seen the state of the Tone?? xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 I had already so nobody noticed 😉xxAll those immigrants... all those scroungers... oh wait - what!? Yeah, lose the ignorance! http://t.co/yYUL3HEjKK
Retweeted by Alison Denham@LeonAndJune The 'Me & You' piece in the Observer - June could never have been 36-24-46!!! Love to you both xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 2/2 since new machine arrived. Two weeks without one not recommended xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Damp but warm here. That might just be me. Interminable washing since 1/2@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Afternoon all xx
@Graeme_McDowell Well played fella. Lovely play xxIt is extraordinary that man with these views was appointed Environment Secretary by Huskie-hugging Cameron http://t.co/utP4T6CCeF
Retweeted by Alison Denham@Alex_OxChambo Good on ya Nice goal xx@Alex_OxChambo XxKieran Gibbs hails Arsenal’s ‘fantastic’ Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain http://t.co/PDH6R2OVSW
Retweeted by Alison Denham@McIlroyRory What a cup. Well played fella xx #RyderCup2014Congratulations to Team Europe – Ryder Cup champions #RyderCup2014 http://t.co/L3GAvBbbQq
Retweeted by Alison Denham@mattleys Pretty x@MittenDAmour Hahahaha xx@MittenDAmour You add something to the game xx@shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Agternoon. Hope you're all hale and hearty this fine day xx
@The_OlaJordan is fab. #StrictlyComeDancing@DefenceGirl I know. Feeling the @AljazSkorjanec love xx #StrictlyComeDancing@julianhuppert Thank you for voting against. Oliver Miles in today's @guardian puts the arguments well. http://t.co/r65rt7i89kGlenn Patterson @guardian It was 6 into 26 won't go. Just saying.@pow_rebecca please attend the #Con14 conference event on #RealRecall. Details here: http://t.co/IYmAcdD8od@shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning all. Bit of gin, bit of whiskey, bit of a sore head xx
43 votes against the third Iraq War
Retweeted by Alison Denham@AFCRhys Well Happy Birthday to you xxWe are all repulsed by #IS, but an illegal & ill-conceived bombing campaign is not the answer. http://t.co/9XC2roKNdi http://t.co/m74LW8eTg4
Retweeted by Alison DenhamFor the #tories the purse is always empty when it comes to building affordable homes or funding education but never for war #IraqAIRSTRIKES
Retweeted by Alison DenhamThe First 'War on Terror' Was a Failure - Do We Really Need a Sequel? Mehdi Hasan making sense of the argument. http://t.co/Ba1SreE5fVBees are facing massive die-offs from neonic pesticides. Join the call for a ban to save the honey bees: https://t.co/Nzp03D898q@shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning people. It feels autumnal xx
Well, that was splendid. #Marvellous@samwollaston Well, Marvellous was rather wonderful. xxYesterday I said #KeepYourMittsOffMyNHS - looks as though Britain agrees! http://t.co/ZJtqwSwHsA
Retweeted by Alison Denham@Harryslaststand Hope you're having a restful day after your sterling speech. xx@FreebieBean @rejunevated You know him then? 😃 xx@rejunevated @FreebieBean Butting in here but husband rubbish at both but is an artist. 😗 xx@habarosen @shaunfy13 @IHPower @MacBojangles @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Afternoon. Apologies for my tardiness. The day got away from me xx
@ms_molly_vog @DaftLimmy Worse than 'voice like a corncrake?' xxYeah @PaulHollywood, baked 30,000 but how many have you eaten, eh! #GBBO"It's more of a ganache than a mousse". Try saying that in a Merseyside pub after dark, Paul. #GBBO
Retweeted by Alison Denham@ms_molly_vog Don't worry. She will have seen worse. xx@fiatpanda Well, that looks rather good. xxHow do these people bake whilst being asked 7 MILLION QUESTIONS. I CAN'T MAKE COFFEE IF SOMEONE ASKS ME HOW I AM THIS MORNING. #gbbo
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 I didn't go - school at 4 yrs 4 mths. xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 My youngest, who is the most sociable being, hated nursery - loved school@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 That must be reassuring for you both xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Sure Tobias will thrive xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 That is quite a nice number. Not overwhelming xx@MichaelPDeacon He's boogying on down. xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Change of routine. Children don't like it. Is he making friends? xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning all. Misty morning. How's nursery going for Tobias, Mac? xx
@camsell59 😀 xx@camsell59 How did I miss the fact that you're on here. I miss reading you in the Guardian. xx#Dragon heading to #ISS. Target arrival: 7:04a EDT today. Watch live: http://t.co/5zlXroPSMN #ISScargo http://t.co/7JmwIztqwg
Retweeted by Alison Denham@habarosen @MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning all. Bright & not so breezy here xxA British girl has been held for 85 days without charge in Iran - she must be freed #FreeGhoncheh Please sign --> http://t.co/kk2wwc3qgr
Avaaz - Biggest Climate March Ever https://t.co/4zJoqBq7Qu@RevRichardColes I have a cat with the condition. Also OCD. He requires steroid injections because he causes such skin irritation xxHahahahahahaha stop it. http://t.co/ZgoV9fPn0w
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MelodyMetcalf What have I missed???? xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @habarosen @jut1972 Morning all xx
@MacBojangles Hope it all goes well xx@MacBojangles Having fun. Lovely pic xxVideo: '#PeoplesClimate March. That. Was. Awesome.' https://t.co/IcULjaPKTz
Retweeted by Alison Denham@AndrewGrahamDix @LocLocatelli Look forward to it xxInspirational 91yr old in tears at #Lab14 as he remembers the workhouse & calls on people to defend social solidarity http://t.co/4gOxXUVvKs
Retweeted by Alison Denham@shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @jut1972 @IHPower @PeasOneDay I plan to go back to sleep. Have good days ya'll xx@shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @jut1972 @IHPower @PeasOneDay This mornings wake-up call was the beautiful sound of cats yowling.
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