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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The New York Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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Just going to go ahead and lay here on you for a bit if that's cool. http://t.co/R5fHekOGk3UK vinyl sales surpass 1,000,00 for the first time since 1996, boosted by Jack White, Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd http://t.co/uQHWmCwisz
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@bessyn Indeed. I hope it made people go back and check out all their music. They really are a wonderful band.Finally giving a first listen to the new @TVonTheRadio record. Pretty fantastic.Future Islands fear 'Letterman' performance will be 'the bane of our existence' http://t.co/bBkKSLpdC7
@wblakelives Your new prof pic is pure gold mate..@Canada's now on Twitter, eh! http://t.co/OQAAYohuwL
Retweeted by Paul RyanVery classy of Tampa fans to boo a guy who won them a cup and spent 13 years as the face of the franchise
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe two dudes calling this Islanders game are way more passionate about Billy Joel's music than I can be comfortable with.Photos of Wild Beasts at the O2 Arena in London | The Line Of Best Fit http://t.co/nEJnQvS3Cc via @bestfitmusicThe complete guide to Instagramming your Thanksgiving dinner http://t.co/gV4i61ZQU7Hey @TheSandyWalsh great catching up yesterday. I think our Windsor Junction - Waverley Lunch Club is officially a thing at this point.Defensemen @cal_dehaan & @thomas_hickey14 are back in the lineup as the #Isles look for their fifth-straight win! http://t.co/pTZuMy6Rl0
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@cuatlantic Thanks. Excited to be on board.@Equals6CEO Thanks Andy. Couldn't be more pleased.@martinclinton Cheers dude.@LaissezFlair Thanks. Also, for reminding me it's not Here! Here!@rankinthomas Thanks man.@gradontripp Left banking 5 years ago, after 15 years in. We were definitely separated at birth.First day back to commercial banking is officially in the books as they say. So pleased to be part of the @cuatlantic team. Quality people.#Halifax, we're hiring experienced and entry-level commercial positions! Interested in joining our team? http://t.co/bcs9rVGJtk
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@Greg_Beau I would pay for that@toLinds The 401 could use some roundabouts, no questionHRM transit committee meetings: "People are upset about being backed up at these lights" "Okay, rip them out and put in a new roundabout"Up your holiday game with one of our bow ties $25 off the holiday tree #Dartmouth #Halifax #Style #menhttp://t.co/yB27OE5q4L
Retweeted by Paul RyanAre You Reading This in a Meeting? http://t.co/uEia2aUa22Saw someone do three complete revolutions in the Fall River roundabout earlier before exiting. I respect that level of commitment to anthing@BoutiqueBodega @Greg_Beau sure thing, sounds fun"I love your new haircut, but wow look at all that gray in your beard" This is how I get chirped by my Mom. Passive aggressively.@Greg_Beau @BoutiqueBodega Duly noted :)Pretty sure I am the only person in this Canadian Tire not dressed up like the woods.@rockitdev @grantisagrant Brayden Schenn is playing solid hockey this year. Like where he'll be in 2-3 as well.@rockitdev @grantisagrant That should have been about a 6-0 game. Mason was amazing.@PurcelliRaptor @gahanlebon @crystaljoyful "Here Is The House" from Black Celebration.@grantisagrant Ridiculoushttps://t.co/BEPrTPAHD7
Retweeted by Paul Ryan😍 http://t.co/POkkY6owjw
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@gahanlebon @PurcelliRaptor @crystaljoyful It me be a bit more #NewRomantic than #NewWave but Lexicon of Love by ABC is a perfect record.@PurcelliRaptor @crystaljoyful @gahanlebon When I think fave #NewWave it's Power Corruption & Lies by New Order for me. Well today anyway ;)@TeamAdam76 Yeah, nice to see a young band like Queen get a shot at making it big.@rankinthomas haha, mistaking Talk Talk for Bon Jovi is worthy of a sentence worse than death.@LaissezFlair I wasn't even there, yet I was somehow aware it was happening and I cried also.@sack_vegas Absolutely.@sack_vegas I'm a huge Talk Talk fan, so they were treading on pretty sacred ground, but there have been much worse covers for sure.If you thought "It's My Life" by Talk Talk was a No Doubt song, please do me a favour and try harder.@martinclinton Not yet ;)
@connysellshomes Ha. Credit Union Atlantic actually.@martinclinton Thanks Martin.The Islanders are so good. This is a thing I can't overemphasize enough and will repeat for the rest of the season until everyone gets it.
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew Geico commercial with Salt n Pepa made me smile http://t.co/cxY7Xep12V@pitcherplantnl Very cool. Thanks for the share!@Hooberbloob We should probably meet up for a beer over the holidays mate, so you can take a pic of us together for situations like this.@grantisagrant @Hooberbloob Close. I am actually Mystique from the X-Men, but without ever having been married to John Stamos.Excited to be returning to a commercial banking role on Wednesday, hopefully a bit wiser from five years of working for smaller companies.Why does it seem like the next season of True Detective is looking more and more like the next Wedding Crashers movie?Xmas lights are up. #NailedIt http://t.co/daNTnugz00@jerryleewilson I'm pretty heavy into the Queen catalogue right now, but you make a good case mate.Pat Quinn made such an impact on me and our group at the '09 World Juniors. I'll never forget the presence he had #RIPQuinner
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@monochromegod I like his Genesis stuff too, although I can't say I ever feel the need to listen to any of it.@monochromegod Not a fan eh? Not even his first bunch of solo records?@huskermould Mine is in black and has more sparkly shit on it.Watch Peter Gabriel perform new song "What Lies Ahead" in concert - http://t.co/0DNaoNSuvV http://t.co/z3A2YVvDYz via @uncutmagazine“Keep Yourself Alive” by Queen (@QueenWillRock) is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/qkV4vCiWBTStar Wars set at lunchtime. http://t.co/12KwRpUCOP
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis might be the most creative use for Buffalo's 6 feet of snow we've seen yet: http://t.co/JDzsd1hXvb (by @Burkie716, Hamburg, NY)
Retweeted by Paul RyanGreat seeing local Hali businesses like @middlespoon @Halikids @Limoncellolife @BosoBamboo @WorldTeaHouse @TurbineFashion in @SunnysideMall@MargaretChapman That's cool. I'm in the process of nailing down my fave records from 2014 and I'm due to give that one another listen.Without ever watching either, the American Music Awards seem a lot like the Nickelodeon Awards, but with fewer talented people.@fasterbonniekat enjoy@MargaretChapman I like it okay. They sound way more like Dylan and Springsteen to me, but there are some solid songs on there for sure.
I have so much new music piled up to listen and write about, but all I want to do is listen to Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry solo records.Vegan #Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up: http://t.co/Uy2VLxdQGA http://t.co/AIm7BbZEOJ
Retweeted by Paul RyanWax nostalgic with @ObitsBand's Sohrab Habibion and revisit 80's DC punk scene with this rad @Pitchfork feature. http://t.co/M62ZNIX01T
Retweeted by Paul RyanComing up next on Sportsnet Tonight with @TheRog590, @DFriedmanOnNYI joins us to talk about the red hot #Islanders!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Hooberbloob @meganfluevog Canadian or US Netflix?How To Resign With Style http://t.co/17TpltdNDy
@grantisagrant Still a lot of hockey left, but yeah, I've earned this.The Islanders are the real deal.#ISLES WIN! The Islanders defeat the Penguins 4-1 to sweep the weekend & have now won eight of their last nine games! http://t.co/M6d8iek81P
Retweeted by Paul RyanThere’s no better way to polish shoes than by yourself: http://t.co/KVOykhN0Wu http://t.co/vJWhsT4nz5
Retweeted by Paul RyanPatio party!!! @GarrisonBrewing #crazykids #Halifax #yournovascotiaisshowing http://t.co/cyIfINupqu
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're moving in, #Halifax! Looking forward to revitalizing Barrington Street with our new neighbours and community very soon.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@ajlburke That's a fantastic pointRoxy Music's "Avalon" is 32 years old and still sounds just as stunning as the first time I heard it. #vinyl http://t.co/pz98FdwdTS#StrongFamilies #cdnpoli http://t.co/hR3srG9SeH
Retweeted by Paul RyanSeminal novel The Hockey Sweater celebrates 30 years http://t.co/0mIJ1B5mHZ http://t.co/tOxnTH3a0M
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#Isles Hall-of-Fame Goaltender Billy Smith addresses the media on the morning of his Mini Locker Night. http://t.co/KHnQw31TNh
Retweeted by Paul Ryan“There are so many people who want to give advice to startups, and so few people who actually give good advice.” https://t.co/Lo5mbkj84E
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe most stylish movies of all time: http://t.co/7EMitXvbYb http://t.co/7siKV36var
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@bessyn I heard. Very cool@TheSandyWalsh @brightwhite man, I don't know@brightwhite a lot of the vinyl I buy has that smell@nicolacourtney haha, highly likely. Damp basement with a dash of video game sweat.@grantisagrant ha, nice one@jeffmacarthur thanks manDo any of the fragrance brands offer a "Damp Basement" scent? If so the dude who just walked by clearly gave himself a solid spritzing todayI feel like all Yosemite does is repeatedly ask for passwords and change my desktop background without asking.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Why You Don't Want To Be The CEO http://t.co/9KUrriPT3iWhy your Uber driver hates Uber http://t.co/yARq2g1d0hNice goal by Van Riemsdyk. Kid has great hands.
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