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Save 50% on Tech Training - Don't miss our Cyber Monday Sale! Spend More, Save More – 60% on orders over $100 http://t.co/EXTdHjtuDZBitcoin’s road to democratization lies in decentralization http://t.co/ke6PepL6Zt @lisperati on landscape & evolution of bitcoin/blockchain
Mastering Vim by Damian Conway explores 2 dozen effective ways you can immediately improve your Vim environment http://t.co/XBQQoT2tBNPrivacy is a concept, not a regime http://t.co/WaGjuxOAur New @Radar podcast w/ @GiladRosner on data privacy & @aallan on the broken IoTBitcoin and blockchain use cases won’t be sexy, but will be essential http://t.co/3nJHQFWTRf @ofnumbers on blockchain's potentialMetastable Failures, Static Python Analysis, Material Desktop, and AWS Scale Numbers http://t.co/xiSAmFwUu1 @gnat Four short links#Bitcoin for the Befuddled: @lisperati & Chris Wilmer discuss decentralized transactions, digital sigs + more Dec 3 http://t.co/0eZz5v8h0jDesigning a brand story is not optional http://t.co/iNKTufEwhb "Lean Branding" excerpt > make a case for your product.Future of #Bitcoin: A Data-Driven Perspective Wed Dec 3 http://t.co/EOjPJSchc4 Kieren James-Lubin on where Bitcoin might be in a decade
Future of #Bitcoin: A Data-Driven Perspective - Free @OReillyMedia Webcast Dec 3 w/ Kieren James-Lubin http://t.co/EOjPJSchc4RT @jfgm: Love this. Turn Boring Vegetables into Spaceships and Race cars with Le FabShop’s 3D-Printable ‘Open Toys’ http://t.co/RmlZOvk3vZRT @mikeloukides: CERN opens some LHC data: do your own experiments! http://t.co/fEL6Pxh3aWLearning #Agile: Understanding #Scrum, XP, Lean & #Kanban by @AndrewStellman & @JennyGreene http://t.co/Tma0uYAVXrCopyrightability of Java APIs revisited http://t.co/MUj5lTQAG2 @PamelaSamuelson > "The stakes in this case could not be higher."#Bitcoin for the Befuddled: @lisperati & Chris Wilmer discuss decentralized transactions, digital sigs + more Dec 3 http://t.co/0eZz5v8h0jNSA Playlist, Open Access, XSS Framework, and Security Test Cases http://t.co/eTEeYq2dZ6 @gnat Four short links
Live coding is tricky. Even trickier? @jonathanstark will be redesigning his website to be responsive & mobile-first: http://t.co/XhamiP5DvqThe Continued Existence of #Bitcoin, Altcoins, Appcoins & Commodity Coins http://t.co/zbBkeyxtsG Free @OReillyMedia Webcast Dec 2 @ofnumbersInteraction and industrial design team up to serve the IoT http://t.co/WJn7AmqyRU @MaryTreseler talks w/ @marcharlierMagic Leap, Constant Improvement, Philanthropofallacies, and Chinese Manufacturing http://t.co/qATpVAXGlt @gnat Four short links
“Hackers” by @StevenLevy - 30 years later - http://t.co/pfIyAjQ4Dp (On > Sale until Nov23: http://t.co/PSiMHFVlgv)RT @danfrost: The physical web arrives – here's why it will change your life | Web design | Creative Bloq http://t.co/j7QS7BHC4bToday’s designers are solving business problems http://t.co/VdZZTYNvWy @NickLombardi482 talks w/ @tomgreever about evolution of UX designThe Internet rallies to rewrite Barbie's "I Can Be a Computer Engineer" book http://t.co/bnevugwiwS via @bmac_oreilly & @rroumeliotisIt's finally here- 2014 #DataScience Salary Survey: Tools, Trends, What Pays & What Doesn’t for Data Professionals http://t.co/2ZLbYMo8RMRT @mikeloukides: Crypto basics: stuff you need to know. Understanding Encryption – Symmetric, Asymmetric, & Hashing http://t.co/ps3MxjhScnSignals from Strata + Hadoop World in Barcelona 2014 http://t.co/nfdshTZBSK Key insights, from the IoT to data-driven fashionFitbit data to be used in court as evidence http://t.co/RQjDK7cDGe via @flowingdataPower Assist, Changing Minds, Inside Index, and Poop History http://t.co/MMh4LELsMg @gnat Four short links
#StrataHadoop Announcement: 2014 #DataScience Salary Survey is out. Find out tools, trends, what pays, & what doesn't http://t.co/2ZLbYMo8RMFree O'Reilly content for US K-12 students via @safari? Done: http://t.co/k7AdoUKT5C Proud to partner w/ConnectED & @OfficeofEdTech.Uber is breaking bad http://t.co/KpswuYUYbL @mikeloukides "If this is Uber’s vision of how the world ought to be, leave me out."Rebels at Work - A Handbook for Leading Change from Within by @LoisKelly + @milouness http://t.co/Qh68d2Vo3RThe science of moving dots http://t.co/UtyKVzZLsd New O'Reilly Data Show Podcast launches w/ @bigdata & @RajivMaheswaranPostmortems, Cloud Triggers, IoT Desires, and Barbie Can Code http://t.co/LQ99BMZwGr @gnat Four short links
Bitcoin and Beyond: Is It Possible to Demystify the Coin of the Digital Realm? http://t.co/AY6S6qU7W6 @GlenWM5440 talks w/Kieren James-LubinThe intersection of data and design is equal parts art and science http://t.co/nFpZ5vT1xx > Excerpt from "Designing with Data"RT @flowingdata: Tracking global fishing boats through satellite data http://t.co/4SiM8Fv8VFAn Introduction to d3.js by @alignedleft - start training for free: http://t.co/FTFmtFQNDp http://t.co/QZUJqniHZJIntroducing “A Field Guide to the Distributed Development Stack” http://t.co/jYuqmbQy6c New framework / living resource from @odewahnCurrent Software Practices, Future Science Practices, Javascript Typechecking, and Microservices for Scala http://t.co/KNO1hxDIkj via @gnat
To understand #failure, we need to understand our reaction to failure. @allspaw suggests a better way to #learn http://t.co/b1rSuYJHtQA Worm Mind Forever LEGO Voyaging, Automatic Caption Generator, ELK Stack, and Amazonian Deployment http://t.co/nUAU5mx2Kb via @gnat
Signals from Velocity Europe 2014 http://t.co/XkDud7ihg5 Performance narratives, design processes, postmortem complexity & moreThe future of design: stay one step ahead of the algorithm http://t.co/s1oJIiGWUO @odannyboy on future-proofing yourselfTut Tut ISPs, Distributing Old Datastores, Secure Containers, and Design Workflow http://t.co/pLpekvClnC @gnat Four short links
RT @globalmoxie: On-wrist advertising is a particularly virulent form of data rash. Nasty. http://t.co/dWG9aXrA3mSolid 2015: submit your proposal http://t.co/vbFielloAE Solid will return to San Francisco on June 23-25, 2015 -- reserve your ticket, too!Unlock the API to a new economy. This book is your key. Mastering Bitcoin by @aantonop http://t.co/hrUv9eTvvtRT @mikeloukides: Blockchain used for identity: very interesting, and could be a great solution. http://t.co/jaNPo3raCgDesigning the enchanted future http://t.co/6YlMgPxfs5 @MaryTreseler talks w/ @davidroseThe infinite hows http://t.co/ZmFWRT8pXe @allspaw argues against the Five Whys and offers an alternative approachCompleting Maps, ChatOps, Career Design, and Data Privacy http://t.co/TRMoOOmtmM @gnat Four short links
Material Design, GitHub Communication, Priority Queues, and DevOps Learnings http://t.co/pGVuiffRIY @gnat Four short linksHolistic experience design http://t.co/K0DvTjKLLu New @Radar podcast w/ @marytreseler on design and @trinachi on typography & visualizationSolid 2015: submit your proposal http://t.co/vbFielloAE Solid will return to San Francisco on June 23-25, 2015 -- reserve your ticket, too!
Great user experience + clear value proposition = value innovation http://t.co/4HeYtK7dq2 "requires changing the rules of the game"Take complete advantage of modern Java APIs w/ Java in a Nutshell by @__DavidFlanagan + Ben Evans (@jclarity) http://t.co/qv7XJFHQEFRT @mikeloukides: Build a coalition around net neutrality/access liberty: this isn't a left vs right fight. http://t.co/3OLodLXFU4Material Design, Inflatable Robots, Printable Awesome, and Graph Modelling http://t.co/p3d53YNzd0 @gnat Four short links
RT @zephoria: Net Neutrality is sooo much more than access to the “tubes” http://t.co/mRxpOrhAJg (blog post by moi)If you’re a software architect or an aspiring one, do something good for your career today and stock up now. http://t.co/Op5HcuxOuc @neal4dWe need open models, not just open data http://t.co/mqR1awK5iX @mikeloukides "to understand the effect data is having, you need the models"High-Volume Logs, Regulated Broadband, Oculus Web, and Personal Data Vacuums http://t.co/O7AypVHI8w @gnat Four short links
New @OReillyMedia Early Release by @mjkirk: Thoughtful #MachineLearning: A Test-Driven Approach http://t.co/tHqN9uDUeXRT @jafurtado: What is Fairness? By danah boyd @zephoria /apophenia http://t.co/vXASlomHE7Metascience, Bio Fab, Real-time Emoji, and Phone Library http://t.co/H1Yj9UrfID @gnat Four short links
New from @OReillyAnimals: the story of Sensor Fish, a smart proxy helping engineers design more fish-friendly dams http://t.co/pvjhmwq7vzThe robotic worm http://t.co/i64o5r5RZk @interintel on new research in reverse engineering nervous systems of animalsAnnouncing the inaugural O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference. CFP is open, details here: http://t.co/Eg7qCJwniC #oreillysaconRT @joshsimmons: Defining Isomorphic Javascript – The Pastry Box Project http://t.co/1wErfSglfOThe complexity of the IoT requires experience design solutions http://t.co/5mZ5qFI1id @MaryTreseler talks w/ @clurrRT @robotenomics: New educational robot helps kids learn coding through music @vivekman0 via @Robohub http://t.co/3brMeOQJCKTwitter Emoji, Immersive Cinema, Bitcoin Regulation, and Internet Sovereignty http://t.co/hFgAZKMaEy @gnat Four short links
Be among the first to be certified for Spark http://t.co/VjaBoMvzSw Sign up for cert exam at #StrataHadoop Barcelona 20 NovThe Once and Future SVG http://t.co/xQlUXtUC3H Plugin-free vector graphics are now easier than ever beforeJavascript Testing, Dark Data, Webapp Design, and Design Trumps Data http://t.co/Y2W6XTAbVF @gnat Four short links
The future of food http://t.co/BK5W6I4IKO @RyanBethencourt on how tech will revolutionize the food industryExperience design aligns humans and tech, it aligns digital and physical. Learn more http://t.co/StXL2Y9k9JRT @jafurtado: What is Empathy?by Seung Chan Lim | UX Magazine http://t.co/BoY3jVIcuePrivacy and the cultural impact of models are significant issues in the data landscape - @bigdata explains: http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QVMT @mikeloukides: Another good article on AI: Google isn’t the only company working on AI. It’s just the richest http://t.co/o2psU1eb6xHappy to announce that @infiniteskills is now part of O'Reilly: http://t.co/1WDTdfPIOM Check out their great videos: http://t.co/XKrndpOhl2If it weren’t for the people… http://t.co/aWLOwwhjPI @StevenShorrock on a humanist approach to automationRT @joshsimmons: New Clock May End Time As We Know It : NPR http://t.co/JRo3Joo48xFailure is inevitable; Success is learning from it. @mdaoudi @catchpoint keynotes lessons learned #VelocityConf http://t.co/blYtJyXzrqMT @globalmoxie: People will want smart appliances if they work better. But appliance makers are solving wrong probs http://t.co/SMqh6xmfYNHow is UX for IoT different? http://t.co/TYlSFu7ETL How embedded device and networking tech shapes UX > from "Designing Connected Products"RT @mikeloukides: Important: Google releases open source Nogotofail network traffic security testing tool http://t.co/H7jY5FuTktRobotic Microscallops, Fluid Touch, Brackets 1.0, and Robot Bodies http://t.co/0qyXp6GJcc @gnat Four short links
The #IoT creates new challenges for experience designers. Stay in the loop with our weekly design newsletter http://t.co/VCQnwPAGNj“Data-driven” organizations excel at using data to improve decision-making - @bigdata explains: http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QVMake Data Storage Hassle-Free with MariaDB - Maximum performance with minimal stress http://t.co/mZPnYtQKAuThe problem of managing schemas http://t.co/tn9PKuyWug @gwenshap on benefits of Apache AvroAI: summoning the demon http://t.co/yrQGlvGZDB @mikeloukides "The problem isn’t the tool; it’s the application of the tool"Saul Griffith: build soft, not solid http://t.co/ahZfTNyPty "Griffith advises that many machines would do well to skip solidity altogether"3D Shares, Autonomous Golf Carts, Competitive Solar, and Interesting Data Problems http://t.co/M5tz39g86Y @gnat Four short links
Smart businesses put experience design at their core http://t.co/StXL2Y9k9J @marytreseler is watching this spaceRT @mikeloukides: Bitcoin Mining as a service. On a supercomputer http://t.co/WpAoFTrT0oHow-to for fast learning, install & config @CloudStack. 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack by @sebgoa available now! http://t.co/J6v5oGjOz1
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