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#IoTChat on #Wearables Thu 4/24 http://t.co/zs0j8b8hf0 Join @grapealope @JonBruner @jstogdill for #Misfitshine giveaway: 4pm ET/ 9pm LondonMicroscale 3D printing, genome editing & agricultural drones on @techreview 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2014 http://t.co/8Mtqv18EOZ#Ebook Deal/Day: Android Hacker's Handbook - $24.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/uBaxxEaHGXRobots in the lab http://t.co/86Vlg6siTU @mikeloukides on #BioCoder and hacking lab equipment / new BioCoder is here: http://t.co/0vcZTAAU6BRT @mikeloukides: Optimizing for wireless: a study of latency on WiFi and 4G. http://t.co/bfTFYE9Mv5RT @aallan: Interesting Q&A exchange between @elonmusk and Michael Gass from the ULA, http://t.co/oL1HRuIiKC. (via @jeff_foust)Mobile UX, Ideation Tools, Causal Consistency, and Intellectual Ventures Patent Fail on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/PiPMlfFS0URT @OReillyMedia: You might say 3D printing is the "hello world" of digital manufacturing. @timoreilly, http://t.co/flDMSvqxl8, @reddit_AMAiBeacons, privacy, and security http://t.co/QipiYPJds0 @MatthewSGast: iBeacon tech is at risk, "We are at a critical point for end users"
#IoTChat on #Wearables Thu 4/24 http://t.co/zs0j8b8hf0 Join @grapealope @JonBruner @jstogdill for #Misfitshine giveaway: 4pm ET/ 9pm LondonRT @marcharlier: "Hardware is Very Hard": Why Wearables Aren't Working (Yet?) http://t.co/79XV2bLI3F via @LaurenGoodeMT @OReillySolid: In 30 minutes @reddit_AMA: Ask @timoreilly Anything on #IoT & #OReillySolid http://t.co/RMKE4UAuMCRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: MySQL High Availability - $15.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/BONosuhFrKRT @OReillySolid: Ask @timoreilly Anything on #IoT: @reddit_AMA hosts live Q&A Today 1pm EST http://t.co/RMKE4UAuMCMagnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for Advanced Manipulation Applications (video) http://t.co/NUTsataDhM #OReillySolidA Dropbox for the Internet of Things http://t.co/vY8T4ihF6V > Ford is experimenting w/ Freeboard on Open XC #OReillySolidIn-Browser Data Filtering, Alternative to OpenSSL, Game Mechanics & Selling Private Data on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/VjbjMgBYoJRT @mikeloukides: Data on the farm. Agriculture looks to data science http://t.co/R1aToLIQkeThe crowdfunding conundrum http://t.co/2iseDb3p6r @GlenWM5440 talks w/CEO of @dragoninnovate on crowdfunding hardware startups #OReillySolid
Ask @TimOReilly Anything on #IoT: @reddit_AMA hosts live Q&A Tues April 22 10am PT http://t.co/RMKE4UAuMCGoogle Wants to Patent Contact Lenses That Can Snap Photos http://t.co/4JtYAOM4oe "snap pictures simply by blinking" / via @sinanaralAsk @timoreiily about the IoT on Reddit http://t.co/3Qf8kNFCmj - Join Tuesday's AMA on hardware, manufacturing, design & intelligent devices#Ebook Deal/Day: Make: More Electronics: Learning Through Discovery - $9.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/ULFnCFoPDqMT @OReillyMedia: Do you have questions for @timoreilly? Get them answered at his @reddit_AMA Tues April 22 1pm ET http://t.co/RMKE4UAuMCToward an open Internet of Things http://t.co/9GkbgaJa8H @mikeloukides: "we won’t build the Internet of Things without open standards"
Huginn http://t.co/PpRVVTEwWn "Think of it as Yahoo! Pipes plus IFTTT on your own server."Interview Tips, Data of Any Size, Science Writing, and Instrumented Javascript on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/U4mnvTh82GMT @OReillyMedia: Do you have questions for @timoreilly? Get them answered at his @reddit_AMA Tues April 22 1pm ET http://t.co/RMKE4UAuMCM2M, IoT, and the invisibility of ubiquity http://t.co/KVUGQaitsu @jstogdill: that’s why we’re having such trouble w/Internet of X monikers
Amazon and Google are in an epic battle to dominate the cloud http://t.co/xbUjVPcRQn "outcome determines...who will control the internet""Tiny robots that work together like ants could lead to a new way to manufacture complex structures and electronics." http://t.co/zZYPpp0neCMT @OReillyMedia: Today's the last day for #OReillySolid Early Price http://t.co/JsYHIjOmh9 #Robotics, 3DPrinting & #IoT May 21-22MT @OReillySolid: Have Qs for @timoreilly? Get them answered at his @reddit_AMA (Ask Me Anything) April 22 1pm ET http://t.co/Bzybe5sa38"Google is refocusing I/O to highlight a topic beyond software engineering: They want to talk design" http://t.co/iYap5yKFgPForesight and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer IoT, and Gender Disparity on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/ZbffOKCIN7The design challenge of wearables http://t.co/IIqtBFdi2N "user interfaces with a holistic approach, thinking out of the screen box"#Ebook Deal/Day: Building Web Apps with WordPress: WP as an App Framework - $13.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/7vmzLTndNVDisposable architecture? http://t.co/QzcVHoc3VE @JennWebb: technology is now outpacing innovation, fostering a culture of disposabilityTime Series, CT Scanner, Reading List, and Origami Microscope on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/xtTu3lp59DMT @oreillymedia: Interested in the biotech revolution? Want to write about it? #BioCoder is looking for material: http://t.co/cGfffSUreYRT @mikeloukides: Soft robotics gaining momentum: a different way of thinking about machines http://t.co/q4DlXRh6irBiomimicry in the real world http://t.co/S5VydF8HRF @mikeloukides: nature has clues on how to do a good job—can it also help w/web design?
#IoTChat Tweet Event: Join @tpanzarella @jstogdill today at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET for @Romotive giveaway http://t.co/4GubMyZ1nd...RT @velocityconf Traditional recruiting is broken. @mindweather suggests we apply #DevOps principles to hiring: http://t.co/XFEAxrZgOmMT @mikeloukides: The Spring 2014 BioCoder - download your free copy http://t.co/vGafKBWiLc Fungi; DIYBiomimicry; Hacking Lab Equip + moreDid you get your ticket for #OReillySolid yet? Early Price ends Thurs April 17. Check out the program & get your spot http://t.co/JsYHIjOmh9MT @ddjournalism: Tow Center's new report - reverse engineering algorithms for investigative purposes http://t.co/2pI0GN9BE9 #ddj #data#Ebook Deal/Day: Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition: Theory and Practice - $59.98 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/qTCh4nVlzfLaws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology http://t.co/ARjKm5OrjB "happening in every domain that technology touches"RT @mikeloukides: Interesting: humans replacing robots at Toyota plants. http://t.co/JxtTLw0nQt#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans http://t.co/D5GwHDzN1a @timoreilly - humans & things cooperate differently when things get smarter
Don’t wait too long to register - Early Price for #OReillySolid ends Thurs Apr 17 http://t.co/mGBVgK4pQu 100+ spkrs, #IoT in action & moreRT @arstechnica: Aging surveillance drones become flying Wi-Fi hotspots http://t.co/iayepDV26I by @josephbsilverOpen Access, Lego Scanner, Humans Return, and Designing Security into IoT on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/nlksh2sNKzThe new issue of BioCoder is out! @mikeloukides outlines the edition: http://t.co/uJsJemJANy Download it here: http://t.co/0vcZTAAU6B
RT @JonBruner: Friendly reminder! Early price for @OReillySolid ends on Thursday. Buy a pass now to save: http://t.co/chtfyu4bvCRT @MaryTreseler: SmartWalk Turns Any Surface Into A Subway Tracker By @shaunacysays http://t.co/eiiijzezx4 via @FastCoDesignRT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Webmin Administrator's Cookbook - $13.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/InYeREW4vRdategrep, Agile Signoff, Feedback Speed, and Modern Dev on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/IwnxWndLWE
RT @OReillyMedia: Deal/Day: Save 50% on Lock Picking Ebooks and Never Be Locked Out Again http://t.co/HGtEQRwHJZRT @jafurtado: Eugene Kaspersky Discusses Cyberwar,by David Talbot | MIT Technology Review http://t.co/Ym6Bs4hf3rRT @mikeloukides: Internet Of Things will fail without open standards. http://t.co/iT57jY55dmTons of great stuff brewing for #OReillySolid - check out the growing list of Showcase participants: http://t.co/gkFCf1iQsUSecurity and the Internet of stuff http://t.co/8eB7e5Oe8o @jstogdill: I don’t think industry is taking the security realities seriouslyRT @jstogdill: We announced our Solid fellows program. http://t.co/Y8ZX3Gf0bO Great group. #OReillySolidLeading by example: two stories http://t.co/Il376P0atn @timoreilly on standing up to health care institutions charging outrageous prices
The evolving purpose of design http://t.co/bdjHCLfT0M @GlenWM5440 talks w/ @curiousoctopus about moving past "form follows function"RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java - $12.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/WaWKpgQvFBRT @newsycombinator: Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding http://t.co/436IZEhshLRT @mikeloukides: Is a car a "service" or something that you own and hack? Cars as crucibles for personal autonomy http://t.co/abbF9DiBNaFull-stack developers http://t.co/2vnYES1xSs @mikeloukides: "Full-stack development is about exposing yourself to a broad range of ideas."Many Devices Will Never Be Patched to Fix Heartbleed http://t.co/LOUsloK8JU Home automation systems, networking equip unlikely to be fixedRise of the Patent Troll, Farm Data, The Block Chain, and Better Writing on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/u2hUUbTu7h
Make Way For A More Flexible, Business-Focused Raspberry Pi http://t.co/Fj1X66yARX "aimed at businesses and industrial users"MT @OReillySolid: ... All #IoTChat attendees receive 20% off w/ code IOTCHAT20 http://t.co/JsYHIjOmh9RT @OReillySolid: Q10: How can the Internet of Things be used in #healthcare? #IoTChatRT @jonjohns65: If you like the conversation happening in #IoTChat Check out the O'Reilly @radar blog ;-)RT @JonBruner: A8 Designers of practically anything now need to think beyond the screen--think of interactions holistically #IoTChatRT @timoreilly: A8 We need to think about the design not of devices but of workflows and systems of interaction #IoTchatRT @OReillySolid: Q8: How will IoT disrupt the design process? #IoTChatMT @OReillySolid: Q7: Which is more likely to succeed in consumer IoT: a vertical approach like #nest or a platform like @Android? #IoTChatRT @OReillySolid: Q6: Will the IoT be won by startups, or by established companies with lots of resources? #IoTChatMT @OReillySolid: It’s half-time for #IoTChat w/ @timoreilly. It’s not too late to join in #OReillySolid for #IoTDay http://t.co/JsYHIjOmh9RT @OReillySolid: Q5: What do you think is the biggest opportunity in #IoT that no one has commercialized yet? #IoTChatRT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects - $13.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/Z67Sw5TlLQTODAY- 9am PST/ 12pm ET: Join #IoTChat for a chance to win a free #OReillySolid pass & chat w/ @timoreilly http://t.co/CVfAv7mPwd #IoTDayInternet of Listeners, Mobile Deep Belief, Crowdsourced Spectrum Data & Quantum Minecraft on @gnat's Four short links http://t.co/pJQYJnd2Cr"by fostering open hardware innovation...Google believes it could gain footholds for its software and services" http://t.co/r1mZbXhOZHBiohacking and the problem of bioterrorism http://t.co/8tnkxicxGM @mikeloukides: "we will desperately need citizens who understand biology"RT @mikeloukides: Data in Agriculture; a big business. http://t.co/6QpDgmKvX7Business models that make the IoT feasible http://t.co/8OqYrkGlZm @praxagora on what's driving tech improvements in IoT #OReillySolid
RT @JonBruner: Great piece by @nicoleperlroth on the unintended consequences of integrated systems http://t.co/8DV9AvOeetYou're invited: #IoTChat by #OReillySolid kicks off 9am PT April 9 http://t.co/zs0j8b8hf0 > attend to win a free pass to Solid!RT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Computers as Components - $42.48 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/OesnfEkAWUThe backlash against big data, continued http://t.co/BlM1cSLjw4 @mikeloukides: "Ignore the hype. Learn to be a data skeptic."Our Robot Future, Embeddable Pi, Behavioural Economics and Public Policy & Halide on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/H4DrkQACoJPersonalizing hardware with data? Personalizing people with CRISPR? http://t.co/QYTrf44jFU Podcast w/ @jstogdill @JonBruner & @mikeloukides
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Head First JavaScript Programming - $19.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/cQXx9wx4hANavy Drones With a Mind of Their Own http://t.co/zkDstYxfhq allows helicopters to choose their own routes, take off & land / via @jstogdillAuto Ethics, Baio on Medium, Internet of Insecure Things, New Unlicensed Spectrum on @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/QkWoq9pbe9
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