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RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Professional Tizen Application Development - $23.25 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/COcyK6SoyuRT @mikeloukides: Bluetooth-enabled frying pan, with sensors. So you don't overcook things. http://t.co/2y7WvqpbHCA working car has been 3D-printed out of carbon fiber plastic http://t.co/TTqyeamMxX HT @ginablaberRT @peterc: Cool writeup of how a subscription box company went from a $4K site purchase to $100k revenue in 6 months http://t.co/C4lNydsjlSRobots That Learn Through Repetition, Not Programming http://t.co/JDHRF1Sh7j "more like training a dog"RT @mikeloukides: Disrupting Finance: can we build a really digital economy? http://t.co/6A5iB8PdyLOS X Javascript, Social Key Party, E-Fail, and Microservices Testing http://t.co/DeMoRr025G @gnat Four short links@scotthurff Absolutely!
RT @scotthurff: In case you missed it, I analyzed how new iPhone screen sizes will mess with your designs: http://t.co/JAzKkUbflURT @mikeloukides: CSS Audits: the time has come. http://t.co/RKF1osRmXQRT @kauf: A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet http://t.co/BMt2tTNjKjAvast, ye scurvy bilge rats. Fer Talk Like a Pirate Day, take yer cutlass and slash 50% off R ebooks http://t.co/MSOvmGGPTFLogitech Aims To Control the Smart Home http://t.co/3uMleRwEtX "The hardware is typical, but the app is impressive" // HT @TimOReillyRT @Souders: Great #VelocityConf article in @Forbes by @TheEbizWizard. http://t.co/mJIUNZDosoHow Google’s Autonomous Car Passed the First U.S. State Self-Driving Test http://t.co/UveczV9m9T HT @alexismadrigalMultipeer Connectivity on iOS 8 with Swift http://t.co/sl1TMRm65v @parisba on how to discover, connect, and transmit data between devices.RT @ForbesLife: Is this the first truly beautiful example of wearable tech? http://t.co/AiY7DwPX5W http://t.co/5IO4lf5MDKDeep Learning Bibliography, Go Playground, Tweet-a-Program, and Memory Management http://t.co/Bz0qEHS8ZQ @gnat Four short links
The promise of Promise Theory http://t.co/nYL3WqONWQ New @Radar Podcast features @markburgess_osl & @geoffreyamooreRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Save 50% - Celebrating 19 Years of JavaScript - Become a #JavaScript Mastermind http://t.co/ykBncA7v93What every Java developer needs to know about Java 9 http://t.co/ksCrIzn6Gm @kittylyst on updated HTTP client support & JSON API integrationRT @wikifactory: WirePrint: 3D printed wireframe previews speeds up prototyping by 10x http://t.co/xMPA9FOUh7New Swift language shows Apple history http://t.co/fpvIzlJyFW @praxagora highlights iOS oddities that might slow down programmersAnnouncing Spark Certification http://t.co/ZfMJKzSshr @OReillyMedia & @Databricks team up to offer certification & training in Apache SparkWriting Testable Code, Magical UIs, High-Performance ssh, and BASIC Lessons http://t.co/SQhWnveXja @gnat Four short links
Be a squeaky wheel, but always bring oil http://t.co/IgeT0Wrtx2 @skamille on becoming a “multiplier” rather than a manager #velocityconfFaster and more flexible AngularJS - Shyam Seshadri charts the progress towards Angular JS 2.0 http://t.co/dZKfjViyLJRT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Responsive Typography - $10.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/3ySdLHCp25Master the New iOS 8 Developer Tools + Save 50% on new #iOS8 ebooks & video training http://t.co/NNLv5B7BrL #swift #swiftlangBubble Talk, Pants Build, HTML Processing, and Use Regulation http://t.co/pM65FvOrSZ @gnat Four short linksIt’s time for a “commitment escalation” http://t.co/N15Ck87xRt Mikey Dickerson on rethinking how we allocate our engineering resources
#Ebook Deal/Day: Data Insights - $17.48 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/JqI7pp2o2RPrepare for change now, and you’ll be ready later http://t.co/jRcy3fr3E3 @firt on the future of mobile & the importance of embracing changeIoT Struggle, Embedded Tools, Download Accelerator, and Comms Smog http://t.co/mhz42hnmD6 @gnat Four short links
RT @techreview: Silencing Genes to Stop Disease http://t.co/EJxFYP4mkm By @KevinBullis #longreadsMT @timoreilly: There is a big opp in gov transformation RT@codeforamerica: Why the Govtech Fund is a Really Big Deal http://t.co/QnsctbZwGg#Ebook Deal/Day: Three.js Essentials - $9.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/KOAENxNjwjWeird Machines, Libraries May Scan, Causal Effects, and Crappy Dashboards http://t.co/tDqJmMBVhP @gnat Four short linksThose who can, do – and teach http://t.co/82zXAidbVC Natalie Kuldell on challenges of bringing biocoding to the classroom
The internet is getting too big for just one kind of Wi-Fi http://t.co/U6wzXHffBD "the Wi-Fi Alliance is working on two new specifications"RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Version Control with Git - $15.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/mIyn5Rf2ZZReprogramming Government: A Conversation With Mikey Dickerson http://t.co/aX3NmYqlFp HT @timoreillyMT @mikeloukides: Intel Edison v Raspberry Pi: another interesting board for prototyping (I don't see I/O capability) http://t.co/VTD19CvoCZSue My Car Not Me: Products Liability and Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles http://t.co/EWq2ymincq HT @alexismadrigal‘Solid light’ could compute previously unsolvable problems http://t.co/k6dJkRHU2t > transforming light into crystal (HT @sarawinge)Knowledge Graphs, Multi-Language Declarations, Monitoring, and More Monitoring http://t.co/v6VtqB9nYa > @gnat Four short links
Stephen Hawking And Intel Just Announced They've Developed A Connected Wheelchair http://t.co/Q86YS98Ye3 HT @SuzAxtellDevOps in the enterprise http://t.co/EkU9I7lV8v Follow Nordstrom's journey to continuous delivery and a DevOps culture.RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Agile Data Warehousing Project Management - $24.98 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/Mw7dARhhlSUnderstanding network neutrality http://t.co/mreIHmK73g @mikeloukides on fast lane upcharge: "That’s not competition; that’s extortion."MT @nycmedialab: .@nyupoly's Jonathan Viventi is putting sensors directly on brains. http://t.co/EYb7otiuoM Via @TechnicallyBKWorking like a startup at IBM http://t.co/N7F8H75DLB @BillHiggins on how a small team managed to shift a business on a short timeline"flexible electronic gadgets—w/ full-color displays that wrap around a wrist or fold up—may be just a few years away" http://t.co/hwOCU266AoWin98 Retro, Glass as Sensor, Theoretical CS, and Code Search http://t.co/ImAxp2hxnT @gnat Four short links
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Getting Started with Impala - $12.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/ttPY2qixYzOne man willingly gave Google his data. See what happened next. http://t.co/rPqtVm79hr @legerdemain on the value of @Google's quid pro quoA New Concept for Shape-Shifting Architecture That Responds to Heat http://t.co/mtLVtit8nr HT @sarawingeDandelion Dispersal, Future Weights, Networked Docker, and How Apple Pay Works http://t.co/tm9dLEPqJz @gnat Four short links
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Big Data - $19.98 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/KzUJs8wStBGo Text, Science Consensus, Broadcast Fallacy, and In-Browser Swift http://t.co/mkY5o0IoB8 @gnat Four short links
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Social Media Security - $24.98 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/88aoELN3ZgLast Chance! Save 50% on *All* Ebooks & Video Training - Back to (Tech) School Sale http://t.co/XAJjMjOZmO #backtoschoolSynthetic biology on the cusp http://t.co/Uypw2GeL9P > @OliverMedvedik on the grassroots future of biohackingRT @mikeloukides: Interesting: IBM Watson APIs (not public yet). AIaaS. http://t.co/bM9tweLunvSmall brains, big data http://t.co/nP1L8KxcTp Jeremy Freeman (@thefreemanlab) on synergies between neuroscience and distributed computingRT @globalmoxie: A few of my thoughts on good and bad design in smart watches and other wearables: http://t.co/dWG9aWAMFaGlasshole Wiper, Complex Failures, Mail Startup, and Digital Media Disappointments http://t.co/srUfKHGaJO @gnat Four short links
UCLA, Cisco & more join forces to replace TCP/IP http://t.co/83A4T1lYaWLast Chance! Save 50% on *All* Ebooks & Video Training - Back to (Tech) School Sale http://t.co/XAJjMjOZmO #backtoschoolRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: The Enterprise Cloud - $18.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/vk0H2nZ6PGMT @mikeloukides: What’s Neutral about the Net: Doc Searls (@dsearls) http://t.co/jrK1j2KpRUPragmatic Ventures?, Pictures Vanishing, Vertical Progress & Visualising Distributed Consensus http://t.co/zc4eGHNG37 @gnat Four short links
New @Radar podcast: Innovation requires a new mind-set http://t.co/eaeLTpFnU6 Featuring @timoreilly & @carlbass, along w/ @astrotellerRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Even Faster Web Sites - $13.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/8zczyHaoFpRT @techreview: Data Mining Reveals How Social Coding Succeeds (And Fails) http://t.co/uS8CfrQlQVMakerspace Libraries, xkcd Author Profiled, On Victim Shaming, and Generated Covers http://t.co/vAAw1oEolT @gnat Four short links
Fixed linked! RT @flowingdata: Showcase of open journalism projects on github http://t.co/vohKbBCvDxYes: http://t.co/3uImjtgYoH RT @haddadme: @AlexSalkever I believe this is the link you're looking for http://t.co/Hw2wx9vwYbWhy We Should Encrypt Everyone - @PopMech Talks to Ladar Levison @kingladar about encrypting email http://t.co/AlxqeVNI99 via @OReillyMediaRT @flowingdata: Showcase of open journalism projects on github http://t.co/Hw2wx9vwYb#Ebook Deal/Day: Network Security Through Data Analysis - $21.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/DWcHt3FC0OWhat is Privacy? http://t.co/0aLXyI3na2 @zephoria > "privacy isn’t a state of a particular set of data. It’s a practice and a process"What is public? http://t.co/lDQNFMOsG2 @anildash > "what we do exists on a continuum that is neither clearly public nor strictly private"RT @oreillymedia: The folks over at @sidgtl have hacked their ping pong table, and it is awesome. /JJ http://t.co/DICNOtklLADistributed Systems Theory, Chinese Manufacturing, Quantified Infant & Celebrity Data Theft http://t.co/jwxPMdp3iA > @gnat Four short linksGoogle launches Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab http://t.co/ecstOJlIRh > collaboration between Google, NASA Ames & USRAHave a question about Strata 2015 trends & CFPs? Submit to #DataHangout for @acroll @rogerm @bigdata to answer Sept 5 http://t.co/YQVPQpoW0t
Learn how to submit a killer #Strataconf speaker proposal at #DataHangout Sept 5 http://t.co/YQVPQpoW0t Tips from @acroll @rogerm @bigdataRT @mikeloukides: .@allspaw on Systems safety, web operations, and #velocityconf. You need to be there. http://t.co/ySr52UUCdPHow a new HTML element will make the Web faster http://t.co/FIm8zmSXjBAntilogs, Waitbots, Interactive Interactive Visualisation Book, IoTbot http://t.co/1B26qRvFTe > @gnat Four short links#Ebook Deal/Day: Introducing GitHub - $10.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/LfJlMJkSHv
30+ papers for "understanding databases and building new data systems" http://t.co/lKiCda3J7r List curated by @rxinPassion and mission: How @todd_park is recruiting "the best people on the planet" for gov IT http://t.co/mm03psPpxNSave 50% on *All* Ebooks & Video Training - Back to (Tech) School Sale http://t.co/XAJjMjOZmO 8000+ titles #backtoschoolReview Ninja is trying to provide "a clearer process for code review in GitHub" http://t.co/qzkbYvuw3JDelivery Drones, Database Readings, Digital Govt, and GitHub Reviews http://t.co/jVkvralasE via @gnat Four short links
Remember the coffee pod DRM (http://t.co/dwUBazBvEW)? It got cracked http://t.co/wNiUXf1j2QA UK newspaper is playing typewriter "clatter" in the newsroom. The pace quickens as deadline approaches http://t.co/HIau6Qd9MXDiscourse 1.0 -- an open source mailing list + forum + chat room -- is out now http://t.co/kiWlJckeZu
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