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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area-?

Business guy specializing in Strategic #Marketing and Product Strategy. I ask questions.

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"@johnpeltier: Chipotle's Permission to Raise Prices http://t.co/FqiW7TmUm6 by @rags #prodmktg""Religions aren't growing in numbers but in volume(loudness)" - DennettCensus says restaurants are trillion dollar a year business. Even if 30% is delivery, at 10% take @Grubhub revenue opportunity is $30B@wimrampen cutting up is free but upgrade to sew up?@nickdemey I agree except on the point that it is unfair to small busineses.@grayj_ @hnshah all predictions about about how problems will be solved turn out to be wrong,@mattwensing keeping sanity alive
@hnshah fwiw my iPhone prediction in 2005 http://t.co/YxLXo6nGLt@mattwensing but you just told me"You can have the best steak, but if you asked for fish, it isn't the best steak." #prodmgmtPermission to Raise Prices http://t.co/NakUGTUCuINot faster horse, not Model T but this http://t.co/s8bn3LxDxg"If McDonald's could raise burger prices by 40% without losing customers, it would have done so already" http://t.co/CTJpQFWkfi@nickdemey other say it is 80% hustle etc. if we add them all up it is going to be some 800%
RT @rshevlin: @rags I need no consolation. After 7 years of blogging, I'm well accustomed to being ignored.@Kellblog that's some twisted logic :)@rshevlin @dmgerbino Sorry Ron :), if it is an consolation even I don't read my own blogIn negotiations or innovations asking questions opens up so many new possibilities that grow the pieDid you RT the famous Chipotle video and download its game? That was all about this -#pricing http://t.co/xMjAIqp5LNCompeting on price alone is dangerous... #innovation http://t.co/Py3Hc1GHVO Competing on price is dangerous. Even if you succeed in b...
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@StrangeLoops what if there is a ravine in between?@avinash tht was likely sunk cost so @marissamayer decided not to worry so much about it vs. value unrealized
The noise you are hearing is all those businesses just beginning to scratch the surfaceSue Townsend, Creator of Adrian Mole Books, Dies at 68 http://t.co/o0u0BeR2TF I enjoyed her books as an adult
"Dear First Degree Connection, As we are 1st degree connections on LinkedIn I’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself."@Nudgeblog @jschrep let us see if the habit sticks :)@lukew @mims apathy? there is also sampling bias of not reaching those who are not on twitter or seeing this tweetTwitter VP says "Gnip has only begun to scratch the surface" - can we ban this phrase please? http://t.co/Lx66PywLxI@lukew @mims are people who never used it answering no and skewing your results?
A pity. Strategic thinking often takes the backseat - behind a ton of immediate, urgent operational stuff that needs to get done...
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@grayj_ i see what you mean, involvement is different from enablementParental Involvement Is Overrated - evidence contradicts conventional notion http://t.co/UCDYU12CH9@Pv @pmarca well it isn't same even without tweet storming is it?@avinash I hope they based it on some solid segmentation study@mitrakalita branding and positioning to get customers to pay premium price. Positioning it as roadside chai does not serve the same purpose@wimrampen i never will doubt mankind's ability to deploy creative ways to hoodwink and sell snakeoil@RodBogart @mims more like example not proof. one could argue you found a cylinder, sphere and cone that fits the equationRaise your hand if you think polling your twitter followers suffers from significant sampling bias #stat"It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality" - #KILLBILL -- does rationality drive these out @r_thaler @Nudgeblog?@wimrampen you can guess where I stand from my labeling in last tweet :)What does it mean when someone says, "I am a @quora power user"?@wimrampen this person's gratuitous use of x and y reminds me of Euler's proof of god@wimrampen wow, you are taking on the social media scientists with all these doubts you raise@wimrampen are you just calling into question this sloppy research or design thinking witchcraft as well?Cry havoc and let slip the COGS of price war http://t.co/8CLF4QejDA via @wimrampen #pricing
I am a time keeper at swim meet, in plan live tweet every minuteHow low could $TWTR and $FB fall? http://t.co/Fm3bnWOao8
6 Things Shy People Can Teach Us About Success, but won't because they are too shy to share http://t.co/plZqWsYYuQRT @WSJ: Amazon is preparing to release a smartphone in the second half of this year. http://t.co/G1oaNbtIA0 #pricewarWonder why Google set a price for the one day sale of Glass and did not do some form of Dutch Auction. The latter would've exposed WTP curveWhat does it say when food delivery enablers are valued more than food businesses themselvesxkcd: Heartbleed Explanation http://t.co/jUvlzo73Kc When anybody can code"those who love writing code, sometimes end up making more money than those pursuing money as their main purpose" http://t.co/7E39yO9WFvIf blog are going to tag some links as "pay wall", they should tag other links as "free junk opinions"@walternatez what, are you a rational utility maximizing automaton? :)"The more verifiable information, the better" http://t.co/AXnV1vEGRCPay $2500 in cash and get a .05% chance to win $400. Pay with CC and settle for 1% cash back from your bank. Which option would you pick?There's No Such Thing as a Styrofoam Cup http://t.co/743z0Ge6tq
There're only so many liberties you can take with flour and water http://t.co/lq488DuBQ1@bhc3 this is when I feel there should be a twitter feature that certain tweets to not show up in followers timeline and only thru hashtags@mattwensing I am starting my apprenticeship in Guru-dom, so just making things up :). (Ans: value distribution)Looking to do things that don't scale? Did you know that charging for the value your product delivers by definition does not scale?@mims :) I knew that.@mattwensing had we positioned value to begin with we need not get to this
@JustinWolfers @ShlomoArgamon i think i will blame them for making their $ on the back of autism sufferers@emeyerson @ChoreMonster credits? i am thinking 5@mims which part?Using @ChoreMonster to assign "creat a startup and get it sold at high valuation"Just because you give it away, doesn't mean you'll get 5 million customers http://t.co/vgA1djTA9D <- This vs. This -> http://t.co/OxllJqzfh0
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mims school is disrupted already, I hear Thiel is offering money for those dropping out of 3rd gradeSending kids to entrepreneur class is the new piano class by @wsj http://t.co/Ygn8786BK9Every time I try to leave they pull me back in with generalized #freemium recipe for success http://t.co/SzFS2F0zc4
When you quote Dropbox as success story of #freemium look at their segmentation strategy http://t.co/Sev8Rnmek0Please help make this my last post on #freemium http://t.co/SzFS2F0zc4“@WSJ: People wait for cronuts at the re-opened Dominique Ansel Bakery http://t.co/YCk6s9F02R http://t.co/9jrq7bS4KC” damn the rodents!@RaquelHirsch and you would notice my argument is on generalizing that advice for all@RaquelHirsch and Dropbox, Evernote for freemium@RaquelHirsch and I made an attempt at pointing out those errors http://t.co/SzFS2F0zc4When you can't think of any other way you should be scared and seek out those who can http://t.co/FMK8TzSQYS #freemium#BigData hype vs reality from @NYTimes http://t.co/YmtEq44wGk some very good points to keep expectations grounded. http://t.co/ChV1dJVLN2
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanJust because you give it away you can't hit 5M customers: http://t.co/YM8uR8XLyQ via @rags Love this article about the #Freemium model
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@mattwensing "it is not complicated" http://t.co/SzFS2F0zc4Just because you give it away you can’t hit 5 million customers http://t.co/qvQY7yDv5U@Nudgeblog I have one for Decoy Effect (or Asymmetrically Dominated Alternative) http://t.co/bVp8ZBeFJN@Nudgeblog not to mention the Economist example could easily be a user errorHere is what I think is the effect of leader - what do you think? http://t.co/S8xQrCLaVc@rabbigreen @MoneyUnder30 @GilStudent huge lurking variable here - one should not attribute causation@gerardodada price likely communicates value - most times price is wrong because the customer segment and #jtbd is wrong@WendySLea this is why i think marketers should focus on "net promiscuity score" vs Net promoter score. Some level of disloyalty is expected@gerardodada let me guess - better segmentation and positioning?If Amazon's Kindle Fire past promotions were any indication, you should expect $79.99 deal on #FireTV before #MothersDayWe're different from the 18th and 19th century citizens who paid to watch people eat and walk http://t.co/KT0HXP4D3i #socialmedia
@leighblue business is the categoryWhat is the product? http://t.co/8CIgssdZoxA question in @quizup asks about Endowment Effect - this is great #behaviorEcon@caneel @webb is that a parody?Listened to Poor Economics audio book during the hike - Incredible analytical rigor in treatment.@rags Power of brand. Didn't have to do free ever necessarily but can't walk in new and expect the same result either...
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@AlchemyAPI @ShlomoArgamon does it have to work and avoid race conditions too?
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