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Ryan Bates @rbates Southern Oregon

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@DeivinsonTejeda maybe some day@qrush reminds me of the classic Oatmeal comic: http://t.co/QlEE4WMHzd@sarahmei experienced devs also struggle with this. Sitting down and coding makes me realize how incomplete/inaccurate my intentions are.@DesignUXUI @envylabs however that is probably due to poorly designed mobile sites that are too vertical and even limit functionality.@DesignUXUI @envylabs I may be alone, but 90% of the time, on mobile, I prefer browsing a desktop designed site over a mobile designed one.@alecslupu I'm not sure if there is much others can do, thanks though.@faraazc I am just back on Twitter for now.
@meetdom not yet, just trying to catch up currently.vim is now on github: https://t.co/yOPWjWUVnx :q :q! :cq :qa :wq goddamit
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@paul_okeeffe @drnic I took a break from web development for a while@qrush so they woke up for a split second only to be put into permanent sleep? Haha, man I want to play now. What level are you on?@qrush good luck.@bfischer1121 not at the moment but thanks@searls it's like free refills at a soda fountain.
@TheChangelog thanks!@steveklabnik @JEG2 I believe it. ;)@pashka4281 no plans yet, just getting a feel for things.@JEG2 my favorite was Sim City 2000, good memories playing that with my family.@JEG2 man I almost bought that game twice but was afraid of what it would do to my time. Sounds like a ton of fun.@mattetti @jimweirich @ezmobius @jamesgolick I heard. :(@johnlindquist @eggheadio nice, and congrats!@GoHard_EveryDay I am not committing to anything at the moment. Time will tell.@sippndipp @rmurphey that will be helpful, thanks!@olivierlacan @mattetti sounds like Matt now has a good analogy for explaining concurrency in his next talk.@happynoff @leifcr I do miss TM snippets@happynoff TM2 was only half baked a couple years ago. Is it pretty polished now?@benjaminwood http://t.co/N3UISfj6su for managing Smash 4 streams on Twitch. Quite a few use it.@agwallace @hotgazpacho the main reason I don't use IDE style editors is their speed. I haven't tried RubyMine in a while though.
@thejamespinto was that surrounded by a lot of heated discussions and drama? If so kind of glad I missed it.@DenisBosire I needed to take a break from it.@benjaminwood ironically I did work on an IRC bot that is used quite a bit.@MilesForrest @miksago I won't make it to RailsConf this year, but a juggling meetup would certainly be fun sometime.@AstonJ @dfyx @jasdeepsingh I'm not doing any interviews quite yet. Going to get up to speed with the community first. Thanks though.@tenderlove do I sense a blog post? :)@AstonJ @dfyx @jasdeepsingh thanks for the offer but I am already sitting on a few alt domains. ;)@dfyx @AstonJ @jasdeepsingh if I were to start up another screencast series the name would be framework independent.@BarnettLKlane @schneems @tenderlove @ryanbigg @Bugcrowd for me it depends on the complexity of the condition. Usually "code if condition"@neo4jrb @OpenSourceChris I'll check it out@ryanbigg everything but web development. ;)@tenderlove I missed your cat.@IamTheEddy we have different motives for taking a break, but yeah, similar in a lot of ways.@craiccomputing now I want an editor that coughs, for some odd reason.@wl_hunter @JEG2 @natedicken I have played a couple of those. Very cool!@ideasasylum have you seen much discussion on using JS frameworks for multi-page apps?@AlyBadawy @mikey_p most of the reasons I could see for using PHP are related to deployment or mostly static content.@JCutrell thanks, but I will be taking some time to get back into the community before doing interviews.@JCutrell not doing any conferences this year.@bphogan thanks for the clarification. I should have said static then.@jamonholmgren it didn't show me, perhaps because it was on a new machine.@jrmehle thanks, I saw the survey yesterday but missed the text editor question.@jeffweiss thanks. I don't head up to Portland very often but will definitely consider if I'm in town.@andyjeffries I haven't yet, but will at some point.@estebanfeldman it's on my list to check out, sounds amazing.@steveklabnik thanks, I saw the survey but must have missed the question about text editors.What about editors? When I left, Sublime and Vim were the solid choices. Is Atom popular for Rails dev? Or IDEs?@mikey_p I was a PHP developer before Rails, I can definitely see situations where PHP is a good fit.@mkompanets good one. ;)@kuba_suder let's standardize this by making another manager. https://t.co/ZosW2USZmJ@timtyrrell I was here for the rise. Two way binding seemed so great. I guess too good to be true.@teflonted I remember it as the same as cp... Right? Or maybe it is opposite. Wait let me check... Yep, same as cp.@JoshDoody would you include Ember.js in this? Do you think it is on decline?@steven_yue ironically I've been playing around with IRC bots a lot, made a bot that is used by some large Twitch channels.@bphogan aren't there some hybrid dynamic/static approaches which would still be considered strong typing?@bphogan I intentionally said strong typing because (from my understanding) it is a little more broad than static typing.@ryanstout A few others have mentioned Volt, sounds cool!oh my god my weekend is officially going to be lost; http://t.co/HlC8kmQTR1
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@spicymagpie that's great to hear! :)Let me get this straight. Dynamic typing is old stuff and strong typing is the cool new thing? We change faster than the fashion industry.@steveklabnik :(@steveklabnik I find this hilarious. :)@spicymagpie do you mean the number of frameworks available or how many developers are actually using them?@plexus @itchyankles if JS requirement is very light, say < 100 lines, do you think Clojurescript is still a good option?@plexus that sounds very cool. I must try it.@plexus do you think Clojurescript is widely favored over CoffeScript?@calebthompson That makes sense. PostgreSQL is very powerful and can even handle non-scheme data if that is a requirement.@PragTob do you think concurrency is a big reason for the language switch?@calebthompson that is interesting. Do you think PostgreSQL is the database of choice now?So, what do you consider to be the most significant change in web development over the past two years? What have I missed?@davidgawhite only a minute? I must have been in Narnia. ;)@barelyknown thanks for the offer, I need some time to get back into the community before going on podcasts or interviews.@StephenOrr1981 @JEG2 I haven't tried Unreal. Maybe some day.@digitalocean thanks for being a wonderful host!
@fablednet Happy birthday!@j3 *applause*@ugtastic thanks, but I'm not doing interviews at the moment since I need some time to get caught up with the community.@JEG2 Besides Unity, I have been really enjoying the Corona SDK with Lua. It has a lightweight feel, and the plugin for Sublime is wonderful@drnic hello to my favorite doctor!@JEG2 James Ryan Gray Bates II?@sarahmei thanks!@laserlemon hey! Good to see a familiar face, or should I say lemon. :)@esparkman I am back. On Twitter at least. :)@bryanrite cool! it may be a while before I can dive into the open source projects.@mikeymurph77 that is awesome to hear, congratulations on the job!@shvetsovdm doing well. I am feeling things out before making plans for the future.@namnumbers yep all is ok!@gavinlaking doing well thanks, excited to be back.@katebalducci glad you found it helpful!@spicymagpie all is okay. :)@WebShopApps agreed, this community is awesome!@cmaxw thanks! Good to be back.
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